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Puke Milkshake: Alt Right Ricky Gervais, Fuck Right Off

RND/ To consider poor old obsolete Ricky Gervais. With that eminently punchable mug and clueless hyena laugh. Just another sad, toxic media sphincter lamprey, always desperately seeking attention for crude acts of mass public ignorance.

In which the only detectable talent such boring, un-flushable TV turds seem capable of expressing seems sociopathic self regard for their own alleged, unceasing funniness.

Consider Ricky the perfect name for some shit eating mutt; “Here, Ricky!” Go quietly chase a ball over the edge of the nearest cliff.. One could almost look up Roy Batty’s classic existential question in a modern encyclopedia – “Pleased with yourself, little man?” – and find Rick Deckard’s picture replaced with that of Gervais, beaming out at all the invisible cameras gathered like toadstools to greet a super-inflated ego. (A grossly distended sense of self and self worth that makes even Dan Dare’s comic book nemesis The Mekon feel humble by comparison.)

2796 x 2124 .jpg, edited in Gimp

Puke Milkshake (Alt Right Ricky Gervais Fuck Right Off)

What’s decidedly (non) ironic of course is how the two Venn diagrams of Pseudo Atheism and Alt Right Social Injustice so neatly intersect in the confused, low watt brain of a pathetic troll such as Gervais:

Pseudo atheistic.. because the underlying, convenient misunderstanding of society and their place in it, simply means devolutionary jerkoffs like Gervais see themselves as gods, speaking and punching down from the holy media mountain to spread the terrible news to their ditto-headed fans in the idiot’s choir – that “Acting like a tosser is OK, you guys!” (After all, nobody understands a fellow dickhead quite like a fellow stiffy.)

Alt right social injustice.. because making the direct, false Trumpian ‘both sides’ bullshit equivalence between the act of emptying a mere milkshake over disgusting, murderous and all too real fascists – and one’s apparently innate (ultra conservative) ‘free speech’ right to regularly insult and humiliate those marked out as lower than oneself, is typical of such wilful ignorance.

Note the snugness with which Gervais fits Right in with other media piss weasels like Sam ‘Islamophobia’ Harris, Jeremy ‘Fucknuts’ Clarkson, Louis ‘Me Too’ C.K., all with successful careers in apparently telling it straight and white – liberal, postmodern snowflake commie whatever torpedoes be damned.

One also simply has to note just how many outright fascist and conservative shit nuggets crawled out of the rotten internet woodwork to wholeheartedly agree with Gervais and his sour milkshake tweet. Heck, he and King Of The Derps (Pewds) should team up and do a ‘It’s Just A Joke *Wink*’™ comedy skit together.

Dear little Ricky, please remember you’re not being violently oppressed or remotely clever – you’re just a foul mouthed gobshite. Have a whole, healthy, free puke milkshake container’s worth of Fuck Right Off, courtesy of.. why, anyone with a remotely functioning Modern, Default Evolved Society Gene.

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“Cyberpunk Is Dead” Kitsch Gallery (Lord Edge Approved)

RND/ consider a gallery of Dead Cyberpunk Kitsch (the best of the worst of the long forgotten and also-rans) all officially (subculturally) approved by Lord Edge, bless. Images freely available via The Interblack.

Oh Lord Edge, oh Eternally  Mirror-Shaded One
We thank thee for more hot Post Cyberpunk Flavor
You who finally brought CP’s eternal undeath to ‘Lite’
You of the anti-ironic, sweaty summer leather jacket wearing masses
You who stands alone, rock hard, forever poised
On the hard, brittle precipice, and is only mildly afraid
Who willingly looses his shape forever Trying To Act Kasual
Just so we may bare the Neon Hyperreality Flesh raw:
“Neuropink is an amusing headshot [to Cyberpunk]”
– Prayer to Lord Edge (common, circa 2077)

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  1. Dark Synth Series: Images of Dead Cyberpunk-Vision Cities
  2. Wikipedia: Chinese Girl by Vladimir Tretchchikoff

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Dr. Disrespect Net Art: DMT, Aliens, and the end of The Virtual Videogame Truman Show

RND/ consider “Dr. Disrespect” (Guy Beahm aka Diarrhea Panic) based net.art

3840×2160 .jpg, screenshot via Twitch – featuring actual stream chat comments

Dr. Disrespect Offline

5760×3840 .jpg, edited publicity photo

Two Time: Portrait of Dr. Disrespect

3840×2160 .jpg, screenshots remix

Violence, Speed Momentum: Garish Dr. Disrespect 4K Wallpaper

To what extent can such a divisive Virtual AAA-industry Meta-Figurine / ‘gaming personality’ be considered a product of, (say) The [Global Videogame] Truman Show, DMT + Aliens (ie. by now standard social-media weirdness):

– To consider to what extent can Dr. Disrespect be considered a manifestation and-or entirely accurate expression of current toxic alt-right gamer culture – the loudest fifth wheel on the car headed over the cliff (according to industry pundits like The Mighty Jim Sterlingson)? What is such a personality exactly a seeming parody of?

– In modern social media terms, how do Pewdiepie [1] and Dr. Disrespect stack up psychopathologically, in their political aspects? To paraphrase Doc, after being asked when exactly he will run for presidency (president of what?):  “Why would anyone want to rule the country, when you could rule the world?” In another clip, Doc referrs to politicans as ‘roaches’, trying to represent himself as the outrageous, all-too necessary, ‘plain speaking’, anti-pc everyman (??) alternative to the ‘mainstream’ (which Orange Commander In Chief Baby Pig Trump – the very definition of centrist main-stream, where the largest turds float, does with manic glee.)

– Fans (more accurately, fanbois) of Disrespect seem to take his Media Personality at face value, ie. anti-unironically. This personality is always ‘just a joke’ – but one you are forced to always take perfectly seriously by the community. (Surfaces are all there is with such personalities, and represents their immediate truth – that which is presented.) Doc seems to stand in for a Jordan Peterson-like father figurine, psychologically hell bent on ‘winning’ (through the narrow lens of ‘git-gud’ gaming ideology) and all that implies in a wider sense – particularly financial success within contemporary Ludocapitalism. Doc regularly boasts of his multiple houses, water beds, that he ‘meditates’ in the mirror for 45 minutes every day about how truly awesome and inherently deserving he is, ala warped Émile Coué style autosuggestion meets 80s business motivation paperbacks. [2]

His tag line and personal mantra, “Violence, Speed and Momentum” seems to sum up contemporary Global Ludocapitalism – indeed, that anything at all is somehow ‘summable up’ in three small mouth sounds perfectly encapsulates Capitalism’s violence, speed and momentum when if comes to perfectly encapsulating / fragmenting reality into sellable chunks, cubes, units, microseconds of experience. Indeed the very platform Doc operates from mirrors the positively quantum scale of modern existence – the ‘Twitch’, the split second mouse-click decisions made by a world class master of Big Business. (That is, in Doc-speak, ‘tasting em’, ‘breaking em’, etc.)

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Pewdiepie For President! The Malignant Narcissistic Personality of Youtube and ‘Oopsie!’ Psychopolitics

RND/ to consider the co-incidental or algorithmic emergence of the (default, in-built) malignant narcissistic personality of social media platforms like Youtube, and the default psychopathological ‘media personalities’ (now there’s an insult) who preach there to ditto headed Stan armies with an ever louder political  voice

Gamers are pathetic!
– Dr. Disrespect

First a brief stable genius article, highlighting how when it comes to the modern political notion of Popularity, no fake news you’re at the center of is bad news:

Baby Trump Quote: “So popular..”

And now, the ‘King Of The Derps’, back in the news again. Gee, almost as if it’s his very (socioeconomic) function – a warning (3840×2160 .jpg):

PewDiePie and’Oopsie’ Psycho-Politics

It’s Always A Question Of Journalistic Ethics

Notice how this darkly fascinating ‘Pewnews’ spectacle precisely heralds the rise of the kind of global political platform in which the owner of, and power behind that very platform consistently states they themselves have nothing whatsoever to do with politics, are utterly apolitical and neutral (kinda like taste free beige cardboard) – continually denouncing the shadowy figure of ‘mainstream media’ and saying it’s no wonder ‘the [ordinary, just-like-me] people’ are turning away from its inherent (read: left wing) bias

All this is often mis-contextualized in the by-now standard form of the ‘apology-not-really’; obviously not an apology, because there’s always the blindly psychotic, champagne-media-bubble understanding one is far beyond simple good and evil – a new social media god, their own perfect creation, divorced utterly from society and politics, whose holy ‘third-way’ role is to repeatedly bring the terrible news of one’s own sinister innocence down from the “LOLtube” subscriber mountain to the masses, who (just like them) also always understand that ‘Nobody understands or loves you like I do’; two lightly cracked mirrors facing each other, a violently empty echo chamber – a fabulous, true, pure ‘Radio GAGA’

Scenario: in which it seems the biggest (anti-philosophical) draw for PewDiePie’s fans is that Pewd’s biggest fan is and always was himself; that, there’s never just one PewDiePie, but millions – all simultaneously dreaming of their own impossibly unique, untouchable Pewd-like (/leet gam3r) status, ie. as though permanently ‘acting up around the house when your mother’s out’

Easy then to imagine such a dense massing crowd of anonymous individuals lurching from one casually destructive politics-free campaign to another, all quietly saying ‘Oopsie!’ A desperate little age in which every dangerously, woefully naive, painfully ‘misunderstood’ (oh-so complex and mature) miniature violin-playing ‘who-me?’ shed-heel gets there 1.5 minutes; where one’s forever-young, internal adolescent / screeching terd, straight out of Charlie And The Adderall Factory effortlessly beams themselves right and center onto the world stage – future once and forever sociopathic billionaire leader of the free fisting world of (equally) super passive-aggressive ‘free speech’ chuckle-funk overedgelords

Like the private white tech-nerd fantasy ending of Lawnmower Man (no, not that one) – just with internet enabled printers

All hail (/heil) Emperor Pewds. Achtung, Bros – remember citizen, “It’s just a joke™!!”

Ur-Fascism is based upon a selective populism, a qualitative populism, one might say. In a democracy, the citizens have individual rights, but the citizens in their entirety have a political impact only from a quantitative point of view — one follows the decisions of the majority. For Ur-Fascism, however, individuals as individuals have no rights, and the People is conceived as a quality, a monolithic entity expressing the Common Will. Since no large quantity of human beings can have a common will, the Leader pretends to be their interpreter. Having lost their power of delegation, citizens do not act; they are only called on to play the role of the People. Thus the People is only a theatrical fiction. To have a good instance of qualitative populism we no longer need the Piazza Venezia in Rome or the Nuremberg Stadium. There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.
– Umberto Eco, Ur-Facism

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  1. New Zealand Gunman Says ‘Subscribe To PewDiePie’ Moments Before Livestreaming Shooting
  2. Dr. Disrespect net art

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Hypertography One Exhibit: the ideology of Minecraft

RND/ to consider the ideology of Minecraft as symbolic capitalism; the world as merely infinitely dividable [1] resource-cubes to be managed [2]

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ on minecrafts digital feudalism

to consider minecraft as user generated exploitationware

in which research play as just another word for work / research as whole nowadays too often just another job

countless unpaid human hours sunk into minecraft / x fan made quote user -discontent shares common underlying features with modern wage slavery / digital feudalism

in which there seems sense in which hard working resarcs -“hwr”/ need to wise up / demand to be paid in full -“pif”/ by large play space companies which casually exploit ir endlessly creative imaginative efforts on sly

– in which minecraft as good play only because of boundless creativity of unpaid research serfs working incredibly hard on / for notchs little -cash farm/ not because of any intrinsic qualities of x own

kinda like soylent green – consider minecraft as made from blood / sweat of people

queue video of ancient feudalism at work

now compare / contrast with minecraft

ask/ whose more actually – creating – real play here

note similarity with microsofts classic propaganda line – where do ir want to go today?

x as go anywhere ir want do whatever ir feel like – except x wherever ir travel / whatever activities ir plan take place on lands owned by fat feudal lord

sure ir quote free – but only to move -literally someone elses turf – act for someone elses profit – like certain kickable little nerks

minecrafts basic message/ shut up / keep digging -for ey

merely quote having fun or playing for / with quote social props as / perhaps should no longer be enough for modern resarc who as rapidly becoming more savy about ir rights to be paid in full for real hard work / countless hours ir plow into grindy video research – especially those like minecrafts cheerful little skinner box

for example – say ir built replica of entire mines of moria inside video research space/ x pretty awesome / must of taken absolutely ages to complete right

but so then why arent ir getting fair share of play spaces -huge profits

resarcs of world listen up/ x as new quest – into cold hard “ca$h4cubes

x as/ “pay4play”/ ir want ir to play but first hand over cheddar – then ey will talk innocent research fun

after all x creations like ir x are directly selling play to / for other people

indeed ir one really making quote research space – building x very structure – as opposed to these fat cat land owners who after all not even provide ir with pickaxe

difficult to imagine billions of times people have hacked away at hard digital wood / stone of minecrafts happy feudal kingdom

yet reason ir arent ir sitting pretty in ir own luxury offices like markus persson as because industry mainly sees resarcs only in terms of cheap labor free rat ir make -sorry user generated quote content – like styrofoam packing peanuts / perhaps ir blind willingness to click cows all day long in act of selfless voluntary suffering

queue image of famous minecraft cube processing units on loltube / greasy beard necked creepies continually fiddling with cubes

perhaps x high time for few more revolting digital peasants / resarc serfs to rise up / refuse work aka totally awesome permanent enforced fun – funemployment

rnd/ minecraft infographic poster

Minecraft Infographic Poster

in which minecraft sells 100 million copies – infographic poster remix

example ratist statement via internet theorist for hire robert what/ imaginary research scenario in which minecraft sure objectively feels like raw maximum fun™ multiplying walmart style infinite notches in heavy worn leather whipping belt – unchecked cool black tenticular ooze spreading globally

sing together now ye bright guileless man children / ir glove to micromanage tiny cubes inside ir little boxes

n feels like prison for mind

/ minecraft prison

what all of these theories constantly re-emphasize is the power exerted by environments upon individuals, or rather, the ability of environments to get inside individuals. like althusser’s theory of interpellation, and jameson’s concept of autosurveillance, panopticism is yet another means by which subjects are “programmed” by ideology. the distinctive feature of these systems is their ability to silently coerce individuals, to make them “willingly” subject themselves to relations of inequality. such systems are utterly conducive to the needs of capitalism in the sense that, under each of these regimes, there is often no need for capital to use direct force to constrain its workers. observation, oversight, and supervision of workers becomes individualized and internalized, so that workers are now made to work by themselves
– matt garite, the ideology of interactivity [3]

x just like x oldskool horror movie “cube”

/ house of ubu notch

Minecraft: house of Ubu Notch

– in which fellow resarcs feel left to mop up toxic synthetic tears spills of disingenuous melancholy billionaire ball scratchers again [4] who must own dull lead cubes for a heart

/ ubu notch manglefesto

Minecraft: Ubu Notch Manglefesto

– brief quote manglefesto concerning who precisely garmedevs develop for

question/ so apparently these people modern devs create for eh – damn

ir exist to help emergent radical play [5] – not make excuses to merely hang out / feel as rich / lite as bunches of smug posing munts

“Never Work” (for videogames)

flock minecraft

Reference Links

  1. Division Of Labor
  2. Paperclips
  3. Videogames and the Taylorization of leisure
  4. Toxic millionaire gamedevs
  5. Robert What, “Abstract Encounters”

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