Trippy 60’s Sci Fi Art Poster Remix

RND/ To imagine large digital format, bio-psychedelic hyper-alien super future civilization, megastructural geofront oilrig art – in this case, a trippy 60’s poster remix of the awesome “I Drink Your Milkshake” by Alex Jay Brady: 6222 x 4080 .jpg Artstation: Alex Jay Brady // how to play big science  

H.R Giger studies

RND/ To consider various H.R. Giger based art studies: — Contemplative Xenomorphism 6144 × 3840 .jpg Remix via Zenomorph. — Giger Homage: Passage Triptychon 3195 × 1851 .jpg A different take on giger’s passages series. — HR Giger Money: “Xenomorphic Null” Virtual H.R Giger currency note Xenomorphic Null. 6144 × 2757 .jpg To consider the … Read more