WW2 Digital Painting Exhibit: Day Of Defeat Source

RND/ consider a WW2 themed exhibit for “Day Of Defeat: Source” videogame Enlarged screenshots edited in Gimp to look vaguely like paintings https://www.flickr.com/photos/robertwhat/46114925465/in/album-72157700638190501/ Full exhibit at Flickr — // how to play big science

Enlarged BAOH anime screenshots

RND/ to imagine enlarged screenshots of classic violent anime “BAOH” from an old LOLtube video – notable for over the top expressions on the ugly faces of its crudely drawn characters – In which the word “BAOH” appears to mean ‘bow’, as in ‘respect due for such uniquely oldskool VHS crudeness’ — // how to … Read more

Hypertography One Exhibit: Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

RND/ To consider the notion of “Hypertography”: The state of ‘Videogame Capitalism’ and its existential threat of permanent, seemingly willing ‘funemployment’ – unceasing hard ‘playbor’ in the service of ‘ludocapital’; (an exhibit of) conceptual images + text expressing and highlighting such a state One of the net’s largest single artist curated & edited virtual photography … Read more