Super Generic Corporate Stock Gallery

RND/ To imagine a super generic [1] corporate stock art galley:

What do such expressions say, what values do they signify – other than an endless self referential political blandscape of hyperreal corporate stock photos so generally generic their stunning obviousness hurts.

So generally devoid of artistry, being so utterly corporate in their unabashed consumerist presentation, to consider such images feel oddly undead, disconcertingly strange – if ‘strange’ simply means ‘extremely fucking boring.’

Featuring mostly super flat, willfully uninteresting lighting composition, garish color schemes and dim, constantly smiling corporate dipshits who pose for them – especially vile, violently happy middling class couples looking like something out of the Stepford Wives. (Wow, what a career choice.)

With their misogynistic portrayal of female bodies in stock roles, consider corporate stock photos real digital pits of dull flat art – now watermarked with a stock symbol as warning; careful not to stare too long into the corporate stock photography void – for the frozen synthetic soul of dull plastic stupefaction stares back out in hyper apathetic return.

In which such images satirically remix from cough large torrents of images readily available Online.

Example Reference Links

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