Star Citizen ‘Eyes of Gamedev Desperation’: A Satirical Painting

RND/ In which the closer you look, the more you can’t fail to notice the utter silent desperation behind the dead eyes of Star Citizen developers – a cringy, often darkly hilarious cross of burnt-out hound dog looks, rapidly phasing in between implied meanings such as:

  • ‘everything’s fine we swear’
  • ‘being forced to lie’
  • ‘utterly hating it here’
  • ‘making the best of it / kill me now’
  • ‘I just know they’re onto us’
  • ‘crunched to undeath’
  • ‘send help’

3840 x 1312 .jpg

“Star Citizen Eyes’ of Gamedev Desperation

Talk about an utterly thankless Sisyphean task. Eyes as seen in those god awful, oh-so slick and professionally produced fanboy cult-propaganda ‘extended ongoing dev cycle’ hype vids by ‘Dodgy Bob’s Space Industries. Deliciously, horribly scamarific..

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