current r&d projects list

you know i got a little project..
– napoleon’s uncle rico

list of current research projects: contact rob today if you’d like to know more / help expand such Research & Development [bob at sitename dot com]

video game capitalism and its existential threat

“hypertography one” exhibit

conceptual new media studies (examples)

narrative research

  • biocyberneticus lexiographica: dictionary of big science
  • azt3k chronicles: the untold story of the uk amiga demoscene
  • satiated with hyperreality: postmodern literature collection
  • cheap sex, bad drugs and ambient music: an english university life
  • flickerscenes: flickr based narratives
  • wilder palms: extended / annotated
  • postmodern aesop fables
  • desert studies
  • prisoner of annexia
  • ghost in shell: roadshow
  • the unfortunate ring of b.s johnson
  • henry swansons emergency offline internet kit
  • the bukenaski profile: virtual forensic larp
  • covered in horde: real legend of chicago ted
  • alien man: the iron philosophy of henry rollins
  • how to stop being a writer
  • hey bruce lee: how to stop being a martial artist
  • old man hemingway and the information sea
  • so you wannabe ninja: robs hot guide to an awesome action lifestyle
  • world of naff: a disappointingly history of underwhelmism
  • offworld memories: 5 half hour webisodes / stories from blade runner universe
  • hooked up to capitalism: linked in parodies

post cyberpunk speculative fiction concept


  • neon kanji serpents hiss a rain of sparks
  • extreme deep invader beyond: black rainbow theory-fiction
  • impractical ballardianism (holographic literature / deeper urban theory / hyper condensed / re deconstructed post ballard)
  • fight jacking / ‘markour’ – martial parkour

electronic meditations

extended media analysis / cinematic deep dives

  • manhunter
  • american beauty
  • alien / aliens
  • they live
  • the piano teacher
  • the hours
  • videodrome crash scanners
  • the man who sleeps
  • sex lies / videotape
  • two moon junction
  • nine and a half weeks
  • final approach
  • death machine
  • stalker
  • fast / furious series
  • resident evil series

abstract encounters

modern interactive simulations: digital experiences / virtual media development / open design concept

  • a darker moon rises
  • mirrors edge vs hidden
  • escape from arborea
  • megacity oedo 808
  • death machine ii: hardcoded
  • like final approach on dmt
  • north amerikan scanner underground
  • hyperthrust mode
  • kane / lynch reboot elves
  • quarterback detective sim
  • frank marshall is deadsplash
  • this mod is dead: modding scene simulator
  • dark paradise: procedurally generated urban nightmares
  • bigtime television: max headroom sim 20 minutes into near future
  • .jam videoettes: single scene experiences w/out interactivity burden

film projects

  • systema the movie
  • wipeout hyper series
  • that weird kate bush movie
  • taxi driver japan

musical interludes

via ‘cockney voodoo beaver’ supergroup

  • hardcore biofreak removal operative
  • an endless cup of tea in the lands before nine – feat. dr orloff
  • users latest favorite colors
  • salad days

// how to play big science