Seriously, Fuck Downton Abbey (A Study Of The Light)

RND/ In which you make a study of the fashy light in Downton Abby:

Both the program and its movies are raw fascist propaganda run amok. Racist, sexist and ignorant to it’s core, it actively seeks to naturalize class distinctions and make the UPPER CLASS as somehow inevitable as the sun. The servants are the biggest bunch of cap doffing classtards to ever grace the screen – and it’s all done with a cheeky smile and a mild ‘regional’ accent reeking of deference to authority.

The idle rich meanwhile are portrayed as laughably serious, endlessly weighty, their snobby concerns and their stuffed emotions so laden with gravitas and rich, blue blooded concern. Every cunt’s concerned out their uptight ass by the problems of the day – whether that be ‘red or white’, the position of the fucking cutlery, what the stupid slaves are doing in the pantry or what pair of brain dead cousins are currently fucking – and if one should right a stern letter to the Times as a result.

The opening scene of a recent movie is set in a church (obviously) – and the sea of smiling, swollen-headed faces shown in all it’s portrayal of lofty yet endlessly humble WHITENESS is enough to bleach Hitler’s eyeballs. It’s overwhelming and spirit crushing. Chrrrist on a stick, is Downton Abbey ever so fucking warm and fuzzy about the fact of it’s own perceived nobility. It’s own smug sense of innate righteousness. “This is where we are, this is who we are, we’ll be here forever, blonde Aryan God bless our inherent holiness.” You fucking what.

A coven of parasitic vampires, sucking all available spontaneous life and joy out of the world in the aid of their own soulless amusement, constantly waited upon hand and foot by so-grateful-for-the-opportunity-of-honest-labor-ma’am armies of toady sycophants, each allowed one whispered half sarcastic comment per day in strict accordance with modern liberal European guidelines. All these pathologically pompous, money grabbing rich bastards seem to do is ‘take tea’ and hang around marble garden features smoking conceited cigarettes in formal evening wear. Munts. Even Jeeves and Wooster would have found them tiresome.

Seriously, fuck Downton Abby – and every flag shagging halfwit which laps up such bollocks like nursey’s lukewarm tit milk. Let’s hope self congratulatory horse faces like this are resigned to the bargain bucket bin of history where they belong. In a time where the lives of Rich and Poor have never been more polarized (just how they love it), who the hell needs more White Dogshit rubbed in our faces?