Scenes of Psychic Devastation in Wolfen (1981)

RND/ To consider scenes of urban anxiety & psychic devastation in the movie Wolfen (1981.)

Dewey: You keep in touch?
Eddie: With what – the guy next door, my mother – with what?
Dewey: With mother nature.
Eddie: Sure..
– Scene from Wolfen

While generally underwhelming, Wolfen (1981) features remarkable scenes of urban anxiety & utter psychic devastation; New York considered as existential bomb site.

Naturally the Twin Towers [1] feature in the movie.

The film’s main shocking aspect is violent gap between pale city rich and brown skinned poor.

In which such images mirror sense of civil war and ruin seen and felt in films like Good, The Bad & The Ugly or El Topo – which makes them simultaneously Western / shallow cinematic experience of the deep Western existential void [2]

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