Satirical Star Atlas Conceptual Crypto Gaming Failure Starter Pack

RND/ To consider a satirical, (conceptual) Crypto Gaming ‘starter pack’ for inherently failed ‘virtual gaming metaverse’ LARP “Star Atlas.” Virtual indeed!

That is, we here at BSZ Hypercorporation have supplied fellow Researchers all the initial (conceptual) means by which to get emotionally invested, in terms of any and all inherent and emergent Internet Drama concerning “Star Atlas.” A stand alone kit for Crypto / ‘WEB3 Is going just great’ based drama / fail cow channels.

Star Citizen as ARG-LARP

All copyright goes to the original uploaders of Star Atlas based ‘content’. This archive of deadpan hilarious ruggy B.S. has been compiled for purposes of cultural critique and historical archiving:

  1. (208.9MB)
  2. (793.5MB)

Some useful acronyms for dissecting The sick anatomy of Crypto-Metagaming rug pullers generally:

  • WSIW: Wow Slick Initial Website! (AKA top loading the Hype.)
  • WTB’s: White techno-bros (WATM: who the hell are these obnoxious munts anyhow?)
  • HOTCA: Heavy on the concept art.  Indeed, consider the whole project ‘conceptual’ ie. forever uncompletable vaporware.
  • LLVCC: Laughably Low View Counts Considering. We’re talking in the tens of views.
  • ‘Conferences’: That is, a bunch of white dudes alone up on stage in front some random stoners.
  • ACIMD: All Crypto Influencers Must Die. Take off from orbit now. Just to be sure.
  • PDECNA: Pretty, dead-eye’d Crypto-News Announcers. (Who obviously have no idea or interest in whatever it is they’re reporting.)
  • EMMIGSFR: “*bee-deep, bee-deep* Excuse my microwave, I’m getting some food ready” – a true crypto classic.
  • HEFI: Heavily Emotionally-Financially Invested: ie. TITF
  • TITF: Too Infested To Fail (a ‘radical desimulation’ as Baudrillard put it)
  • BSCAG: Bullshit Conceptual Art Gifs: smoke and mirrors, anyone?
  • NMAHBCBA: Need More Acronyms Here But Couldn’t Be Arsed.

In which the desperate clawing sadness and desperation of this archive and of the whole Star Citizen sorry Atlas can no longer be denied.