‘Salad-y’: People Like Human Versions Of Shitty Tao Lin Novels (Transcript)

RND/ To consider a largely unedited LOLtuber vlog transcript. What might be called ‘Existential Autistim as a lifestyle aesthetic.’

Hiding In My Room

This guy’s Content(R) is great. It’s like he’s a walking, talking Shitty Tao Lin Novel – a real life personification of Tao’s astoundingly joyless Alt-Lit, K-Mart autorealism – a broken, neoliberal individualist super-subjectivity. Tao Lin himself is what one might call a Wholefoods American Psycho; a fame-whoring social media sociopath-lite with organic alfalfa sprouts. Tao Lin: the minor irritation on your greasy little genitals that would heal and disappear for good – only it refuses to be ignored, and keeps on tweeting about itself.

And just like Shitty Tao Lin Novels™ and the ‘undeadpan’ drones which populate them, his guy’s totally and only into Himself – his own immediate internal thoughts and bizarre ideas. Completely self contained. Hyper-narcissitic, perfectly-imperfectly self absorbed yet completely bland and apparently without a working Irony Gland, he appears a flat, deadpan version of his own worst (generic) personality aspects. Like so much of that ‘New Sincerity’ shite, it’s utterly impossible to tell whether the / his whole thing is merely a giant (flaccid) put-on, an artless performance piece – and who would even care anyway, right?

That’s not really the point, of course – the point is that he’s really Out Here (with us), living the middling life, sucking the big Capitalist dream demon, perfectly dis.Content with his continual discontentment, designer low-key alienation and offhand Hikikomori-esque estrangement. Young, educated, healthy, privileged, culturally switched on, financially OK and deep into TV – and giving the strong appearance of existing totally without (eg.) shame, soul, future, genuine compassion or concern.

He’s violently unaware – of either his own well practiced passive-aggressiveness towards the wider universe, or the true degree to which he simply does not give a damn about the fact he comes across like a casual, psychologically-manipulative little shed weasel. Who’s also clearly some version of a woman hating proto Incel Hipster in the making. In fact all this is what his fans love him for, if they love him at all – indeed, it seems such people will watch literally anything, including this paint-dryingly dull little penis (literally, if one is to believe his ex wife.)

Such a person appears just slightly-more that smart enough to live in the airless plastic hyperreality of a super-saturated social media environment, but almost utterly lacking in genuine self awareness (yes he’s often depressed, but it only ever seems just another aspect of his self-misperceived social media lifestyle-performance, a ‘genuine fake’ mask, one amongst many – and none of them all that pleasant to witness.) Some internet wit in the Comments Section (I know, I know) said that, even hearing his voice was akin to ‘touching wet food in a drain’. This seems perfectly accurate. At some point he talks about his developed ‘muscles’ yet if you look at him in the video, jebus what a dribbling streak of wee – he’s so physically meager, you could already post him back under his own front door if you found him floating down the high street.

Not quite outright whiny, never quite happy – more like a human equivalent of prescription mood stabilizers (yet with a slightly angsty, nervous edge to keep it all PC.) Clammy, quietly neurotic, his idle thoughts and beige feelings come and go but never truly go anywhere except within their own safe, dim circle of minor concerns and hapless private illusions, never to be challenged – because that would take genuine change, or at least a strong sudden kick up the ass, and who wants that? A small-potatoes person, perfectly evolved for a trivial interior (hyper-consumerist) world of astoundingly useless information.

Such a human being feels somehow pathetically, almost cosmically limited and existentially circumscribed, IE. almost exactly like a Tao Lin novel. Intrinsically hemmed in by the Self. One wants to reach through the screen, lightly slap his blank little face and incredulously ask “Is that kinda crap all you really think about all day?” His thin, drab existence is filled with unhealthy snacks, dreams of international holidays, damp sex with ‘hot’ young woman, sticking sausages on / up his flocking hole, the stock market, and vague thoughts of somehow ‘making it big’ on LOLtube – despite the fact he can’t really be bothered to think of ways to ‘go viral’ (like, as he says, Jake Paul. Now there’s a heavy thought. Imagine if something like a Jake Paul actually existed.).

Notice how utterly unironic it is that the transcript of one of his livestream vlogs reads exactly like some / another standard-substandard Tao Lin pulp classic found on the floor of a toilet stall in some hyperreal Ballardian airport. Not that it should really surprise anyone that such beings – ‘People Like Human Versions Of Shit Tao Lin Novels’. Salad-y. Content with so little – not exactly outright smug, but certainly willing to take themselves along for the slow, quiet ride to nowhere, from nowhere. Ambien(/t) drift. Perhaps ‘intensely annoyingly-cautious’ seems the most generous summary for such a (Shitty Tao Lin) ‘novel’ individual.

Consider the sheer amount of banal and tepid jive one can thoughtlessly spit out over an entire lifetime. (For me, this endless lockdown, combined with my own ongoing existential depression and no friends means I haven’t spoken more than 100 words to any more than two people in well over a decade. I’m not kidding – I’m speak so little from day to day, I’m actually developing a speech impediment. Like an evolutionary vestigial organ, intense and prolonged social isolation is making my tongue shrivel in this empty skull.)

Super stonk gimp-boy here however never shuts up – he might not be capable. On and on he goes about this and that, a Duracell Bunny of vacuous dehydrated B.S. No topic is outside his remit. It’s darkly fascinating to witness. A unique kind of casual, vapid (yet perfectly paranoid).. feigned / strained casualness. Synthetic guacamole flavored detachment.

At the same time however you can easily imagine yourself as someone who once sat near him in class. Once every couple of minutes you’d reach over to lightly cuff the back of his head. Just once. Not out of genuine malice, not that you’re a bully and he’s a convenient victim – but simply because the particular reality this guy symbolizes is woefully inadequate. (You even clearly understand it’s not his fault.) Sure, he complains at you lightly ever time you cuff him – he even occasionally hits you back (his punches landing with the force of a spent pillow.) But even the teacher who looks on at you both doesn’t say anything, because the guy’s simply too goddam.. ‘Shitty Tao Lin Novel’ for anyone to bother doing anything about. ‘Salad-y’. Empty hot stock talk and hot girls and lonely ‘minimalist’ apartments full of disinfected hairless chicken parts. Stunt living. As I said – the living human equivalent of a default-shitty Tao Lin Novel; the walking equivalent of an infant’s single ‘waa’ noise over an intercom. Ultimately very ignorable.

I’d say more.. but I feel I’ve been existentially infected by reading his entire vlog transcript, which reads exactly like a Shitty Tao Lin Novel with its laughable fears, and pessimistic yet bizarre wide-brush takes. A needless intimacy performed in public. Perfectly luke warm, emotionally affectless yet slightly at dis-ease, yet confident in The Market, yet dreaming of ‘hotness’, yet proud of one’s muscle free muscles. Whatever; Clarkson’s on next. (Almost interesting that he loves that right wing tosser and sees absolutely nothing wrong in his brain dead role as a regular viewer.)

Cautionary note: Upon hearing about such individuals, we should exercise caution, less we too easily become Condescending White Pricks and cruelly laugh at another’s perceived inadequacies (while conveniently ignoring our own.) This is not to say however that this ‘Salad-y’ guy *doesn’t* appear to be an insufferable little turd – a generally unpleasant and / yet low-key way to pass some idle time. A ‘bad faith existential bedwetter’?

We feel free because we lack the very language to articulate our unfreedom
– Slavoj Zizek, Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates



[Music] down funny selfie stick welcome back to a new episode of sad and lonely welcome welcome it’s so it’s my first week in my new apartment I thought I’d make an update on how things are going everything’s great thanks for asking well I guess everything’s okay I wouldn’t say great I’d say not bad I feel like for an introvert your privacy would be a huge sacrifice number one I’m not actually an introvert I don’t know why people keep assuming I am I’m not I’m just shy and socially anxious but I hate being alone is so boring but I also find people very annoying so it’s difficult finding someone I don’t find annoying finding someone I get on with is pretty difficult and number two I couldn’t give a about my privacy if that hasn’t been made obvious already then I don’t know what you’re doing imagine me caring about my privacy no I couldn’t give a crap I don’t I still don’t get people who are like oh my privacy.

I’m a very private person oh I don’t like to make this private I mean public who gives a crap oh no random people on the internet are gonna know about my private life so scary couldn’t give a I mean I couldn’t give a crap about privacy but I got barbecue seasoning because people is moaning saying I don’t season my food so this should shut them up it’s got paprika parsley and onions and salt and garlic and mustard and cayenne pepper I got some chicken wings just went shopping today got a lot of stuff I’ll show it to you in a minute being alone is not bad sometimes being yeah being alone is okay you know sometimes but who wants to be alone 100 of the time 100 of anything is not good you want a balance of alone time and socializing and right now I have no balance which makes me sad and lonely if I was stuck with someone 24 hours a day every day then I’d be you know craving alone time because I’d be annoyed with this person being stuck with me all the time.

It’s always extremes with new people isn’t it you need a tv no my ipad’s good I got amazon I just figured out how to log into my amazon prime video and I’ve got so much to watching out oh my god I’ve got the grand tour I stopped watching the grand tour season two when I was in korea and now there’s season four and I got clarkson’s farm to watch and there’s like a richard hammond series where he shipwrecked amazon prime just got so good when jeremy clarkson and the gang rolled up onto it I also got picard but I got bored of that that was not good I remember I was in korea last time I was trying to watch amazon prime and I couldn’t watch it because they region locked it and all the idiots kept saying when you get a vpn because if you get a vpn and you try and watch stuff the ipad knows you’re using a vpn and then it disables video playback and people think they’re so smart don’t they you watch my why I hate living in career video everyone in the comments is just saying all the wrong things for my problems.

The vpn doesn’t work do you think I didn’t try a vpn when I was trying to watch amazon prime and then they kept saying what do you mean the internet’s bad it’s the fastest in the world I never said it was slow I said it just blocks certain websites which is annoying oh god youtube comments pissed me off so much and then if you disable comments people think oh look he’s such a coward he turned comments off I think youtube should just get rid of comment section like twitch does twitch doesn’t have a comment section twitch is so much better there’s no comment section full of idiots there’s no dislike button why the is there a dislike button on youtube get rid of the dislike button it serves no purpose it just makes me feel annoyed people abuse it and press it for no good reason it doesn’t serve any purpose apart from making me feel bad get get rid of it it’s completely useless it’s stupid get rid of the dislikes get rid of the comments get rid of all the idiots oh god twitch is such so much better for this stuff for like the mental well-being of the creator.

Twitch is much better yeah you can disable it but then people start you know calling you a coward for disabling it and then it looks bad because then they start thinking oh my god well this channel must be so downhill because he had to disable the dislikes ice beside and finally disabled his comments and dislikes netflix doesn’t have a comment section does it okay so I got everything sorted I got the electricity bill paid for uh they said it’s going to cost 13 pounds a month which seems too good to be true maybe it’ll go up they said it based off of the previous tenant the electricity bill was 13 pounds but I actually found out who lived here before me because his post came and I googled his name and it says he’s a doctor of nuclear physics and he worked in manchester university so maybe he wasn’t even at home most of the day I don’t know why a doctor of a university wouldn’t want to live here surely a doctor of a university with a phd could afford you know a big a bigger place than this place I don’t know what I just kind of spasmed yeah it’s weird.

Uh a university professor chose to live here I would live in a much bigger place if I was a professor of universities and um yeah maybe he just wasn’t here much so his electric bill was very low so maybe mine will be higher I don’t know do I use much electricity I’ve got my stuff charging pretty much all day I’ve got my fridge got my I use the washing machine maybe once every two weeks I don’t I haven’t had well I did one piece of washing just to test it out I don’t know how often I would do oh no it’s a seagull it’s so high up um [Music] oh yeah I got the council tax thing sorted out that’s a hundred pounds a month I get 25 discount because I’m alone so being alone has its benefits it’s kind of hard to talk oh it’s also I think I bit my lip I got a discount on the council tax because I’m alone so I have to pay a hundred pounds a month and that goes towards the police and the fire services and the public services maybe I do like a cost of living in manchester video.

I don’t know if people care so the bills are not really that expensive okay what should I do today well I’ve opened I’ve kind of made a mistake with my day trading today I opened a big short position on neo and it’s not doing well so I’m hoping that the nasdaq eventually like dies by the end of today and then I can at least break even but I did pretty big mistake ah I thought it was gonna go down and then it went up stupid thing that’s the problem with day trading it goes up when you think it goes down and then you either sell at loss or you just try and wait it’s hoping it’s going to go back down so you can break even at least or you could try and hold overnight hoping that it’s gonna go down the next day a bit annoying because I basically gave back all my profits from yesterday I had a really great day yesterday and then today it just kind of sucked oh well still still in profit since I started day trading day trading is pretty good.

Actually I made a couple mistakes two days ago but I managed to recover from it okay so let me show you what I got I got four beef quarter pounders and I’ve got this big big box of chicken we can cook this today chicken chicken wings one kg I think I’ll cook all of it eat half and then the other half can be tomorrow’s dinner I’ve got these protein pouches also my baidu 5x leverage got uh it hit my stop loss and then I got cancelled out of it and I lost 122 dollars stupid stop loss this is where I hate stop losses I didn’t realize there was a stop loss but etoro automatically puts one on and then the chinese stocks just tanked yesterday and then today they rallied so if the stupid stop-loss didn’t stop me out I would still be in it and I could make actually it’s almost back at where it was when I bought it so I wouldn’t have lost 120 dollars if it wasn’t for the stupid stop loss.

This is why I never use stop losses but if I want to get out of a position I want to do it myself not have it automatically done for me so I got this 25 grams of protein these are pretty good good for my push-ups 150 calories so yeah thanks to the stop-loss if I didn’t have the stop last night just carried on holding it it would be back at zero by now so never use stop losses bit annoying well good news is I put 500 pounds into alibaba now that’s 10 up so hopefully uh that would make up for it and I got some chicken strips I don’t know when to have those yeah wasting electricity I can’t waste electricity now every penny counts what else I might have africa what else should I have I’ve got chips or fries oh no even the bags is fries getting americanized now in england maybe it’s an american brand champion [Applause] see chips champion chips but these are fries because they’re curly curly whirly welcome back to cooking with daniel best cooking show on all of youtube [Music] oh no need to clean up [Music].

Ugh yes um what else do we need I think that’s it it’s been a whole year since I last made chicken wings oh my god you can’t believe how much money I made from my sausage up the bum video I think about 10 people have bought it now and I sold it for 40 dollars so that’s like 400 I made so much for only fans this month thanks to that and then I got like 20 new members joining for some reason I don’t know where they’re coming from I need to find a new way to try and promote my only fans I’ve seen people have bigger only fans and they don’t even have a youtube following or anything and they use subreddit so they use twitter to grow it I need to learn how to do that only fans is a gold mine I need to get more sausages yeah I should make a new video promoting it but I just don’t really know what to say could say one year on only fans my experience there’s also a way to win 5 000 pounds but you guys don’t want to sign up to stocks so I can’t get it I’ve only got one entry into the contest so if you use my link for free trade and deposit money and fit out the form uh we both get an entry into the contest to win 5 000 pounds worth of stocks but every time I try and promote it people keep saying you know it’s a scam.

It’s not a scam you can put one pound into your account and get an entry into the contest and the bundle you can win that has like google tesla amazon shares worth up to five thousand pounds yeah I know it’s not a very good chance of winning but you might as well try you never know there’s only I think there’s 300 000 people on free trade so you got a one in 300 000 chance depending on how many entries and then if you invite your friends you also get another entry but no one joins useless people like faze and ricegum managed to scam their fans with crypto I can’t even get money use my referral link I want to scam people too no it’s not a scam it’s an entry into a contest if you make one post per month what are you talking about I’ve been uploading like four or five videos every week why are people saying I’m only up I’m not uploading enough.

Have you not been getting notifications from my channel maybe that’s why it’s dead people actually think I don’t upload more than once a month have you even checked my channel recently I upload like 500 million videos this week I think a lot of people are not getting advice anymore you uploaded one video this week well I’m not talking about this week I’m talking about in the last week which includes the last seven days I don’t I don’t go from monday to sunday as one week I go from now until the last seven days that’s one week because then you could say oh on monday this week I haven’t posted anything yeah because it’s monday the week has just begun [Music] um I just found out that I’ve been going a really weird way to go to audi I keep going into the shopping center and then getting lost in the shopping center and walking around and around in the shopping center for like 20 minutes trying to find aldi and it takes me ages to find it and then I exit audi and exit exits you onto the street right next to the entrance of the shopping center so I don’t actually have to go into the shopping center I can just carry on walking forwards and turn left and aldi’s there.

Which is weird because I swear I go into the shopping center and I have to go up one floor to get audi but then when I exit audi it’s on the same floor I entered the shopping center it’s really weird very confusing but I think next time I don’t have to go into the shopping center I can just carry on going so that will save me some time just thought I’d tell you that oh I talked to the guy at the reception I asked him when are they going to start cleaning windows because I don’t want to be like naked in my bed in the morning and the window cleaners coming down seeing me he said you don’t need curtains because they can’t see in so apparently they can’t see into the rooms and then I stood on the street I stood down there on the street and I looked up at the building and yeah you can’t see into the buildings I mean you can’t see into the rooms I didn’t see any people walking sideways like up and down in front of the windows it just looks like a mirror so I’m assuming that you can’t see in from the outside but still I feel weird being naked.

And there’s like a guy swinging around cleaning the window he said they’re gonna start soon I don’t know I asked when he said so when soon is it next week next month tomorrow still be kind of weird that’s the only thing I’m worried about because I sleep naked and then I jerk off like three times before waking up at usually at eight and then nine then ten before finally waking up so I don’t know when he’s gonna if he swings by in the morning then I’ll probably be jerking off at that time it’s gonna give me a bit of a shock if I see a guy can he really not see me are you sure I don’t know how to test it and then people keep saying oh why is he embarrassed about being naked when he does only fans it’s not even the same thing you know in my last video I said I’m going to put a curtain up in front of the shower because I feel embarrassed people could see me naked it’s because look the difference is standing up on stage being naked in front of hundreds of people compared to taking a video when you’re on your own and uploading it to the internet.

It’s not even anywhere near the same it’s like right now I’m doing a live stream in front of 200 people I can’t stand in front of 200 people on a stage and do this that would be a nervous wreck it’s not even the same thing at all people make the weirdest comparisons I swear oh he does only fans so how come he doesn’t feel comfortable running down the street naked it’s the same thing no it’s not how can you even think that’s the same thing yeah hundreds of people see me naked on only fans but I’m not going to run down the street naked am I that’d be so embarrassing oh thank you nisse curtin money I don’t know if I’d get curtains I’d have to buy six of those rods to fit on each window and then I have to buy some kind of sheets for each one um I’m not sure what to do because I don’t want to stop jerking off do I yeah I started uploading to p hub as well because I think uh that could be good side income too because I’ve seen a lot of people get a lot of views on pub plus it’s good advertisement for any fans so I’m gonna upload a couple of my only fan stuff onto it to try and attract some people and who knows maybe the p-hub channel will grow too because I’ve seen some people they’ve only got like a couple hundred subs and they still get 50k 100k views.

And I think you get about one dollar for every 1000 views on p hub it’s not as good as youtube on youtube I get about six or seven dollars for one thousand views but the difference is on p hub it seems to be a lot easier to get views youtube is hard to get views unless you’re really lucky with the algorithm or you’re like super famous already oh you’re really good at picking trending topics which I suck at I didn’t realize anyone would notice because I made the p hub channel all the way back in 2018 as a joke and I uploaded one of my naughty topic videos where I talked about scx you know just for fun see what happened and it got about 6k views when I had a more active viewership and only about 60 or 70 people subbed to the channel and I don’t think you know I think they forgot about me by now I think they don’t really care about me anymore but that was actually the p-hub channel I made that resulted in me and hiro having our first ever massive argument because she didn’t find it very funny and then that was what led to the first ever walking out my wife live stream a history was made oh these chicken wings oh it’s hairy do I pluck the hairs.

Look I’m flying through the air can chickens actually fly I don’t think they can I’ve never seen a flying chicken then why do they have wings for me to eat that’s why idiot stupid chicken descendant of the t-rex oh how the mighty have fallen I think they’re so good look at them now in a plastic box gonna be in the oven top of the food chain to this how humiliating can’t believe this is what the dinosaurs became the most fearsome creatures on all of the planet reduced to nothing more but a kfc bucket mill that’s called karma [Music] it’s gonna cook all of it but there’s not enough room on my tray okay now for the seasoning yeah you just wait until another billion years humans gonna be in a kfc bucket too to our new overlord masters imagine the descendants of humans in a billion years time I can’t even imagine it we’ve already changed so much since the last hundred thousand years since we evolved from hairy monkeys look us now we’re so bony and frail because we don’t have to do anything we got the internet and technology imagine in a billion years time we’re just gonna be like a floating head in a jar probably with load of robots doing everything tiny little frail baby arms dangling because we don’t actually have to move like massive big headed aliens because we’ve got floating chairs and we can use mind control.

Yeah I don’t know in wally that’s what the future was but everyone was fat because they just floated around but maybe it’s not going to be like that maybe it’s going to be the opposite where everyone’s just really skinny like me because you go into space the astronauts have to exercise otherwise they become really skinny and frail because they stop using their muscle won’t it just be like that because people would be too lazy to actually move do I have a new girlfriend no but I got some potential prospects so there’s a girl in greece she said she’d like to meet so I’m thinking september head out to greece and then there’s I don’t know if it’s okay to say where she’s from maybe I’ll just say eastern european girl who goes to the university here who said she would like to meet I don’t know who else wants to meet explore piccadilly gardens no I went there a couple weeks ago and it’s horrible it’s just like loads of people just lying around smoking w-e-e-d on it full of you-know-whats I did not feel very safe.

There just people out of it like people drinking and doing drugs lying around it feels like going into a human zoo so I’m thinking when is the eastern european girl coming back she said august I think it’s august before september I hate having to remember these stupid roman names for the months japanese is so much easier when it comes to months because you they just call it one month two month three month for march uh july is seven august is eight september is nine oh so I could meet her before going to greece you can see her hair sticking out the chicken wing let me get my tweezers gonna get chicken juice everywhere should I pluck it out this is weird where is it yeah I can see a little hair why is her hair oh I plucked it out oh it’s disgusting it’s like plucking out your pubes oh my god I didn’t expect it to just pluck out like that I was going to grip it and then snip it pia saying she don’t know you on her chat I don’t know what’s up going on with pia she’s like pretending I don’t exist and then she messaged me ages ago asking me not to talk about her because her life’s in danger or something I don’t know what’s going on.

And now she has to like deny my existence oh I don’t want to pluck out the hairs this is gross but I don’t want to eat the hair I think I’ll just leave the hair on so I want to do where’s my I want to do some snippets so I can oh why what’s this liquid I don’t know what liquid I think it’s paprika juice I want to make snippets to make it crispier I need to get a knife they won’t let me buy a knife because I didn’t have my id they thought I was gonna go kill people without something they don’t have the knives on display in the shops anymore it’s just like the label the packaging you’ve got to take it to the cashier so she gets out the back because knives are like a really big problem in the uk people keep stabbing each other didn’t really have this problem in japan you can just walk into any shop and buy a knife but welcome to the uk we don’t have guns but we have rampant knife crime better bring your chain mail buy some chain mail you’ll be safe like the good old days bulletproof stab proof vest they should ban knives if knives are dangerous burn everything then people start killing each other something else like a frying pan and then ban frying pans too.

Okay now we get the let’s see what it smells like looks quite good hmm smokey excuse me my mouth is in pain because I was in a lot of stress a couple days ago because of a date uh I talked about it on twitch I guess I’ll just tell you again but I was supposed to go on a date on sunday and I was so nervous about it I wasn’t sure if she was cute or not from her pictures but she had a nice slim body so I thought I might as well go and I was pacing up and down for hours and hours trying to think if I actually wanted to go and then she messaged me I decided to go and then just as I was about to arrive she messages me and she says oh by the way my friend is also here and then I just turned around and went back home and unmatched her and I didn’t tell her because I was so nervous just about meeting her and then you’re saying have to meet your friend too and then what if your friend’s annoying or what if she’s really quiet and then it just makes me feel more awkward having to meet two strangers at the same time I couldn’t do it and then I felt really bad about it and then I got two pimples on my lip and an ulcer from the stress.

I think so annoying when they do that never bring your friend to a date please it’s just so stupid why would you bring a friend if I was going on a date with a girl I can’t even imagine bringing a guy friend with me it’s just so weird and what if you both like the girl and then the guy tries to steal the girl so unfortunately I guess girls don’t really think of it as a date they think of it as oh this is just like to get to know him see what he’s like it’s not really a proper date and then they bring their friend along to like give them back up or like help judge you because then when I go to the toilet she’d be like so what’d you think of daniel and then the friend would be like oh he’s kind of weird I don’t know maybe he should tell him to go away that’s what would happen I bet girls do that all the time they’d be like so what do you think of my new boyfriend or what do you think of my date what do you think of jimbo to get like backup confirmation from their friendship circle don’t think I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what’s going on I’ve studied female psychology for the last 12 years a spoon would be hard for trying to trap me in the coffee shop with your friend the only downside is maybe the friend could have been cute and then I could have gone on a date with two women at the same time and then maybe the friend would have liked me as well.

But what if the friend is like fat and ugly and annoying but what if the friend knows my channel or what if they ask me what I do and then I’ve got to come up with a lie don’t I can’t tell them I do only fans that’ll just be embarrassing I do cooking I have a cooking youtube channel I could say yeah I’m cooking now this is a cooking channel all about fresh meat so the great thing about this place is it’s really quiet I’ve been living here a week and I haven’t heard any sound from the neighbors so either the soundproofing is really good or the apartments are spaced out quite well or maybe my neighbors are just really quiet the only noise is when people use the elevator there’s like a ping pong sound that sounds like it’s from the 70s it goes when the the door opens it’s really weird that’s not gonna taste good why not it’s smoky barbecue seasoning how would it not taste good this is how you do seasoning really I should rub it on but I’ve got all these I don’t think you want to see my hands ugh my hands are like all dry and rashed up I don’t really want to get chicken bacteria into my skin I don’t know what’s going on with my hands but my skin’s all flaking and going red it’s disgusting I need to get some kind of kind of cream.

I think it’s eczema but I’m bit scared of getting infected okay so else oh we got chips oh how am I going to cook the chips there’s no space I’ll move it over [Music] hmm wash the meat no why did you have to wash meat you’re cooking it in 200 degrees oven people are so weird washing their chicken you know it splashes everywhere and then you get all of the chicken juice all over your kitchen surface ah and these supposed to be frozen do they have to be frozen I’ve got a freezer but it’s really small look at my freezer this is my freezer it’s like a little shelf oh thank you mark you pronounce squirrel like skivl no I don’t I pronounce it as squirrel I’ve never said skrill in any video so I don’t know where you got that from okay it’s also a bit hard to talk because I got this big ulcer on my lip so sorry if I sound like I’ve got a lisp it’s just a bit painful it’s corsair good stock to buy yeah I think so everyone’s buying it even my etoro copy trader is raving on about how great it is the good stock youtubers are going on about how great it is it’s supposed to be really undervalued put 700 pounds into it.

I want to put more but only if it goes down a bit more I don’t want to put too much all at once because that’s how I got screwed by thinking wow tattooed shirt for 24 put in 5 000 pounds and it drops down to like 15 the next month best if you want to buy a stock the best thing to do is say for example you want to you want 2 000 in a stock don’t just buy it all at once spread it out like buy 400 now and then 400 next month and then 400 the next month because you never know you might buy it now and then it drops 50 next week that happened to me so many times that’s what I do now you gotta be a bit cautious I really want alibaba but I don’t want to just put loads of money into it now so I start off just put 500 see how it goes kind of wish I put 1 000 now because it went up 10 that’s gonna taste bad no it’s not it’s gonna be delicious we got curly chips barbecue flavor chicken wings paprika I hate this towel look it’s so bad at absorbing moisture you have to wipe it 100 times before it actually gets dry well it’s still wet it’s just moving the water around not soaking it up I don’t get it you have one job to dry and you can’t even do that stupid cheap audi dishcloth.

There it’s a nightmare drying stuff with these towels so I spent 18 pounds on my food shopping this should last me the whole week to be honest look how much food I got but I’ve only used half of pepper I’ve still got half box of chicken I’ve got four beef burgers I’ve got two steak ties I got six sausages for my oni fans if you want to see some bratwurst I don’t know if these are good because they’re not really firm they’re kind of firm but the frankfurters were firmer well I still actually I broke the frankfurter with my sphincter oh thank you kirsty pronounced words how you won yeah I try hard to pronounce things properly but I still get people non-stop nitpicking at how I pronounce stuff and I’ve got a loaf of bread so that’s for burgers I can make hot dogs with the bread pies um this could be is this should I freeze this now these protein pouches got milk look I’m like a proper adult did my food shopping I paid my bills got my apartment aren’t you proud.

Got my pot noodle wow 500 calories got coffee I got cutlery dishcloths yeah not so hard doing it all myself I don’t need a wife everyone kept saying oh daniel can’t do anything without your hero yeah whatever I’m coping just fine by myself actually but all my life even my parents were never very supportive with me being independent there was like oh no daniel can’t trust daniel to do that oh we gotta do everything for daniel because he’s so useless oh daniel can’t cope on his own he needs someone to look after him yeah whatever doing just fine actually here a whole week and nothing’s gone wrong has it [Music] did my own laundry did my own cooking still talks about relationship ended three years ago actually ended one year ago and I talk about all my relationships even the ones from 12 years ago so yeah and I’m gonna carry on talking about everything until the day I die so if you don’t like that well what can I say oh I forgot my neo short position please I want my money back hell come on I’m minus 30 pounds on my neo short that some of them went green.

Oh my god I got minus 25 pounds oh thank you soju how tall am I I’m five foot nine I want to return to japan when it reopens but by the time it reopens I don’t know I feel like I quite like manchester and I’m quite comfy here it’s so stupid the nasdaq is going down why is neo not but neo is just kind of going flat I need it to go down below this yellow line come on wiped out all my profits look I had 1 180 profits now I’m down 20 pounds at least my nasdaq short is making money we’ve got one hour left in the session hopefully the nasdaq just kind of fades off for the rest of the day I don’t think there’s going to be a rally into the clothes look at that that’s a pretty clear downtrend look at that lower lows lower highs check back in half an hour so irritating I worked so hard day trading to get to where I was now I just blew 20 pounds on a stupid trade I found you on facebook memes oh really well you’ll be surprised to hear that I’m not just a meme I’m a human being I haven’t been a meme in ages I haven’t done anything meme worthy.

I guess well I’m not gonna get another sex though am I that’s just a massive waste of money and it’s so heavy and it’s so difficult to get rid of as well also I don’t recommend getting black for your bed sheets because the stains are very visible gotta wash that also you get little bits of dust from the toilet paper that floats every time you tear it and it all lands on the bed sheet and then it’s like it’s covered in dandruff what is this what is all this I need to get rid of all the dust on it I need to get like a mop as well get in my bed should have gotten like a white creamy color to match the stains I got these these rags I’m gonna make it wet and then just like wipe the floor japanese style you know in japan they kind of they bend over and they get on the ground they like clean the floor I want to do it like that I could get a mop but then I gotta go all the way to audi and then get a big mop and carry all the way back.

I was looking at the history of this building and the architects lives on the top two floors so maybe I’ll see him one day and it seems like a lot of people hate this building there’s so much hate for the building and the architect they say it looks ugly I don’t think it looks ugly I think it looks cool it’s like a big block of glass there’s so many of these traditionalists in england who hate skyscrapers modern buildings they want everything to look old like bricks and gothic style and then they don’t want anything modern they just want things to look the same it’s so boring one of the reasons I was so interested in asia and japan and korea is because of the buildings like the modern skyscrapers and the big huge futuristic buildings that we didn’t really used to have much here in england but manchester has quite a lot of cool buildings and I feel quite proud that I live in the coolest one even though a lot of people hate it the guy at the reception they said last night bolt of lightning struck the building because they have like a an antenna at the top of the building that attracts the bolts.

I didn’t even notice I wonder if they could use that to generate electricity like they could capture the lightning bolt to power something that would be so cool and it’s really cool if you zoom in wait let me zoom you can actually see the wind turbines in the distance oh thank you sean very kind look I don’t know if you can see it today but on a clear day today’s a bit cloudy where are they but you see those hills oh it’s so cool on a clear day you can oh look you can kind of see them can you see them you can see the blades spinning on a clear day no you can’t oh yeah you can look oh wait my finger’s making it focus oh no yeah you can kind of see them in the distance in the middle they look really cool and I could see the lightning in the distance from the front the thunder clouds that were all the way over there and they were just forks of lightning shooting down was really epic it’s cool because you can see the lightning and then a few seconds later you hear the crack that’s why they call it a flashbang.

So I’m facing north that direction is scotland where the scottish lives there’s scottish and then you’re just surrounded by hills that there’s a hill I think the peak district or whatever it’s called like the national park thing is maybe that way clouds look pretty weird today yeah really nice view it wasn’t raining very hard so I was a bit disappointed with the the rain clouds I was hoping for like big thick black clouds to slowly move in place but it wasn’t that it wasn’t it wasn’t that epic looking as I imagined maybe when there’s heavy rain but it’s nice because I can see all of manchester without actually having to go out and see it everyone always says oh you never go and explore you always stay in your airbnb yeah well I can see the whole city from my my home it’s not an airbnb by the way I paid six months of rent up front costs about including deposit six thousand pounds which I think is about nine thousand dollars or eight thousand dollars but I should hopefully get the deposit back if I don’t blow the place up oh look at that chicken sizzling.

So yeah I’ve made a six-month commitment to this place it’d be kind of stupid to leave now but still it’s pretty good price don’t you think I was in germany and rotterdam last year for six months I ended up paying about 20k oh my god I spent so much money last year on all of the airbnbs the hotels the plane tickets going to different hotels in germany and then I got scammed in rotterdam with the deposit I think I probably spent 20 000 last year so in comparison I probably won’t even spend half that it’s getting a bit stuffy you usually have to open this when you cook because it generates heat hopefully I don’t have to pay too much for heating in the winter because then just run the oven and that will heat up the place it’s just when the winter comes I’m a bit worried about electricity because in japan I remember in japan um at one month our electric bill was insane it was like 180 and that was probably because I was at home all day with the heating on all day which just is so expensive having the heating on all day long we had that little plug-in oil heater and it was freaking freezing in japan in the winter had it on all day couldn’t believe how expensive.

I don’t want to pay 150 pounds for literacy in one month I wish I could tip you but you’re a narcissist excuse me how dare you call me a narcissist I’m insulted why did you pay six months if you’re going to greece next month well not next month september and okay my logic is I don’t know if the greek girl is actually going to like me or not based off of previous history with other girls the likelihood is nothing’s gonna happen she probably won’t like me so it’s safer to just go there for a couple weeks and then you know see if she likes me or not and then figure out what to do because if I go there and she doesn’t like me then I’d be stuck in greece and then the longest I could stay would be a few months because we’re not in the eu anymore and then I have to come back to england anyway and get a place anyway so I might as well get the place first sort that out and then start thinking about you know where can I go who can I meet so my plan is just go for like a few weeks go on like holiday a few weeks trip you never know what could happen and it’s nice to have a home base you know I can still go and meet girls if they want to meet and I can still go traveling for a few weeks and then come back here rest and save up for the next trip.

I don’t have to be homeless and there’s just hop from country to country aimlessly to do that do I people go on holiday all the time they have a home and then they go on holiday and they stay in a hotel and they come back home it’s just japan would be trickier obviously when japan reopens I’m not just gonna go well I don’t know I could do a single mother again you know when a single mother messaged me I just went there for two weeks had sex came back home you know it was great could do that again you know get some japanese women lined up first otherwise I’ll just be you know sitting in a hotel in japan for six months twiddling my thumbs ideally it’d be nice if I could get like multiple japanese girlfriends then I would stay I would love to have like five japanese girlfriends at the same time and then just have a home base in japan and then like cycle them in and out that way I don’t have to rely on one woman then.

I would think it would be better to just ditch the manchester place and go and get a place in in japan and then I can go japan six months korea three months thailand three months back to japan six months or maybe if I can get like five girlfriends in japan I could look at getting a visa maybe a cultural visa I could sign up to like calligraphy school for two years calligraphy school is pretty cheap tea ceremony school get a cultural visa but yeah I’m not really betting on japan reopening soon everyone’s saying I won’t be able to go there until 2022. So I’ve kind of given up on japan for this year I got one japanese woman that I’m messaging she seems quite keen because I stopped talking to her for about a few months and then she messaged me again so usually women don’t do that usually if you stop talking to a woman they’ll just you know lose interest in you but when they hit you up that means they’re probably more into you than you are into them which gives me leverage so I feel like she’s quite a good one to um yeah I should carry on messaging her occasionally so she doesn’t completely forget about me.

It’s just tricky because usually I would message some japanese women and then I would fly out to japan as soon as I could but now I can’t do that it’s a bit too early to start collecting isn’t it okay what’s burning I might have to take out the paprika first and let the chicken cook longer unless I get a girlfriend here then I won’t even bother going to japan because why would I unless she wants to go to japan then we go to japan together then that could work as well I guess it depends what happens you never know turn the chicken over hmm sounds like a good idea yeah it’s hard to make plans when you don’t know when the world is going to go back to normal what do I do on the only fans um I get naked show off my sexy body put an assortment of random objects like my bum home they love that the food looks good now are you sure I’m worried the chicken might be raw wow wow wow wow I thought it’s going to blow up it’s getting like more and more like angry sounding I just I keep imagining it blows up like it explodes from the inside the glass door shatters and shoots out and there’s like massive shard of glass in my gut and I’m like oh guys remember me I’m dying I’m dying that would be a great way to get killed by your own cooking.

Jesus that’d be such a sad way to die your only dinner killed you would that even be possible if it blows up from the inside and the glass door shatters and shoots outwards a shard of glass I don’t know maybe the door’s pretty strong I should have bought sauce I got mayonnaise and I got turkish sauce taziki kebab sauce um is it turkish rapeseed oil my favorite kind of oil the turkish girl would know I’m talking no just kidding that’s not turkish I thought kebab was turkish greek already maybe it’s like a hint maybe the greek girl is the one the source is showing my destiny okay let’s open the oven I get scared opening this where does the heat go it goes up I guess it goes into the room look at that chicken damn I really want a beer but every time I go to the supermarket I don’t buy beer because it’s too heavy I have to talk to someone because they always check for my id so I can’t just buy it without being bothered and then I always go ah I don’t know it’s a waste of money it doesn’t really give me any nutrition it’s heavy I’m gonna have to talk to someone it’s kind of unnecessary and I end up not buying the beer and then I make my dinner.

And I’m like damn I wish I really had a beer now okay next time I go shopping I’m definitely gonna buy a beer and also the cans of beers here are so big they don’t sell the half can like in japan they’ve got the half can of beer which is perfect size for me they’ve only got the one pint cans and it’s too big I don’t want to drink so much beer where’s my fork I used my fork on the raw chicken [Music] no let’s get tongs because it’s really difficult taking stuff out so many things you need to live you need a can opener you need a bottle opener you need knives you need a chopping board your cheese grater you need tongs your spatula [Music] oh my god so much and then if I move out what do I do with it all I can’t take all that stuff with me I’m not gonna travel around with a can opener and tongs okay I’m gonna flip I should have taken this bit out and then I could have easily accessed it I want to flip it because the underside looks very white um maybe I’ll just take out the top bit oh it’s hot no I don’t have album gloves I’m scared I’m scared it’s stuck okay where’d I put it where did I put it oh it’s hot oh flip [Music].

Okay what about the chips are they done um yeah the chip’s done how do we get them out one by one don’t know maybe I’ll make a new discord server now the drama died down I had to delete my discord because bloody hero made a discord and then she was stealing my members to try and grow her channel and then people kept trying to steal my members over there but I heard it got deleted and now there’s not really any drama going on so maybe it’s safe it’s just annoying when there’s drama it always comes onto the discord but I’m feeling pretty mentally stable right now not really much going on what’s the worst that could happen oh this is taking ages you said you don’t like the people on the discord well I don’t really care who’s on the discord as long as they don’t annoy me as long as they listen to what I say I miss talking about stocks it was nice celebrating oh I should check neil oh my god it’s 12 20 20 27. What’s nasdaq doing come on neo please go down it’s not doing anything it’s still there the hell.

Ah still minus 30 pounds um I think I might take my profits on the nasdaq shorts that’s six pounds and then wait until oh it is dropping oh give me that big fat red candle drop you neo just go down look just drop drop drop come on look I opened a short down here all the way down there and there’s another one down there look how low I open the short I need it to drop all the way down here to make my money back oh it is dropping come on drop oh look at a big fat red candle now I’m only down I’m only down 20 pounds now oh I’m eight pounds away from breaking even oh oh I’m eight pounds in money on my nasdaq short I’m gonna sell that I’m oh eight pounds in oh I’m saying that I’m selling oh should I sell or maybe I’ll drop more oh what do I do what do I do is nasdaq gonna drop more in the clothes oh we’ve got 30 minutes left it might drop more the last nasdaq that is definitely a downtrend oh my god oh this is so exciting oh no it’s going back up I’m saying I’m setting for this okay I sold my nasdaq shorts I got a profit of I got profit of six pounds seven pound fifty seven pound 50 profit there now I just need neo to come back down oh it’s going back up no what’s that big fat green candle yeah go down go down come on it would be so great if I could end the day above 180 pounds.

Hopefully tomorrow is a massive red day I imagine tomorrow is a massive red day and neo just tanks I would make so much money if I hold these shorts overnight but I made this trend line it broke above the trend line it bounced above it now it’s just kind of going sideways why won’t it go down fibonacci is the gray white lines but I did a fibonacci level from this to here and um it’s like in between these ones we’ll check back in a minute but yeah nice seven pound profit on the nasdaq short I’d be up so much if I didn’t make that stupid mistake I can’t get these chips up why am I shorting because um I just thought it was going to go down basically I drew some lines it broke below the line so I thought well that means it’s going to go down and then it didn’t the line was useless okay chicken goes back in yesterday was a good day I forgot what I did now but I did some pretty sick trades I managed to make like 50 pounds.

It was so predictable because the fed the fed guy jerome powell was speaking every time jerome powell starts speaking or before he’s about to speak the market tanks so everyone sells off because they’re panicking about what he’s going to say so I shorted it predicted that sell-off made quite a nice chunk I lost a few on some bad trades but I made mostly a good chunk and then when he started speaking everyone was like oh that’s not so bad and I saw it going back up so I quickly bought some rode it up as well but then I gave back a lot of the profits today trying to short neo but it will be fine neo had a big rally today I reckon it’s gonna retrace maybe tomorrow and then I’ll make my money back the chips will be cold I’ll just cook the chicken for about another 10 minutes look at my kitchen lights very fancy have I been out much I only go out two times a week to go to audi and then I come straight back home well look at the sunset I go to the far away supermarket so I can get a bit of a walk.

Saw some cute asian girls around always nice to see some cute asian girls walking when do I think japan will open um I don’t feel like they’re going to open this year maybe spring next year for vaccinated people because summer will be over soon winter’s coming winter they’re gonna get even more infections from like normal flu normal infection stuff so they probably won’t reopen during that time winter’s always the worst month for any kind of virus well not for the virus it’s bad for us it’s good for the virus hopefully we don’t get another lock down I feel like we’re going to go back into lockdown after autumn I wouldn’t be surprised I guess it doesn’t really make a difference for me still just going to be at home anyway do I think the s p 500 will crash in a few months that’s what everyone’s saying I don’t think it’ll crash but maybe correct maybe a correction ten to twenty percent I might open the sp 500 short I can get the inverse sp etf put 2000 pounds because it’s going up and up and up every week it has to come down eventually.

Everyone’s predicting a crash which might make it become like a self-fulfilling prophecy whenever if everyone thinks it’s going to crash that might actually trigger the crash because then when the selling start everyone’s going to think oh no this is the crash we’re all going to sell too and that’s what crashes it but then whenever I see what everyone is saying then that makes me feel bit worried because when everyone was saying bitcoins going to 100k it crashed everyone said amc is going to a hundred dollars no it’s like stuck at 30 40 something now isn’t it funny though did you guys see that live streaming guy matt cause he was like huge during the whole amc thing he was getting 50 60k viewers every live stream I can’t believe how much super chats he was getting to he was just getting non-stop super chat super chat super chat hundred dollars fifty dots four hundred dollars people were throwing money at him and then after this whole amc thing died down but he barely gets 15k viewers now it’s like down to 10k viewers.

Sometimes people just completely lost interest this whole channel is based off of the amc short squeeze I wonder how much money he made but his streams were pretty boring he was just staring at the amc chart the whole time just saying oh it’s going down this is a buying opportunity I was going up and then he did some interviews but damn he milked that situation good you did milk it very well so what’s the next big thing we’ve had the gamestop thing we had the mc thing the bitcoin thing we had the big crash thing now what inflation is still going on about that I actually sold most of my bitcoin stuff when it rallied back to 41k because it’s just gonna drop again it always does this it rallies up to 40k drops back down to 30k and then it rallies back up to 40k I’ve only got about a thousand pounds now in riot mining and I’ve got about a thousand pounds in ethereum and doge so I’ve only got about 2000 in crypto I’m not gonna make my losses back even if it does a 10x or a double so if it goes back up then I’m going to be pretty pissed.

I’ve got to find a different way to win my money back now I’m looking at chinese stocks because they’re pretty low I put about a thousand into the chinese growth etf and alibaba I just need to find something else that I think is going to go up 10 10 and then sell when it goes up don’t hold it I’m just selling anything that goes up 10 20 I’m selling because I keep seeing things go up 20 and then I don’t sell and it goes back down again being job went up 30 and I didn’t sell a couple months ago and then it went drops back down like 20 I should have sold [Music] how am I going to make my way back up to 20k I’m currently stuck at around 11k so I’ve got another nearly 9k to try and swing trade back up to maybe just sell everything and put it all into chinese stocks better check my deal oh how’s it doing come on neo oh it’s going down it’s going down it’s going down look look look it’s dying.

Yes neo just die just die give me my money back come on no it’s trying to go back up no look at it it’s like a little worm come on I’m six pounds away from breaking even then I’ll get back up to 180 I’m at 173. Oh yes look at those greens turning green now I just need that one I don’t think it’s going to drop all the way back down to my first short look how low that that is no it’s going green again we’ve got 18 minutes until market closes I got super chat oh thanks shepherdson studios money isn’t all that yeah but it it’s fun making some money the trick is trying not to get addicted no I’m not addicted I just stare at it all day because it’s my job it’s my job I have to look at it all day these chips are very good chicken chicken let’s get the stock up that’s the stock chart where is it neo oh it’s going down going down slowly oh look at that nice fat red candle oh it’s going red I think it’s gonna go red oh oh look at that that’s the thing of beauty come on get down to this line oh look at that look at that bleed [Music] bleed neo give me money look at that yes I’m four pounds away from breaking even oh look at that I think I’m gonna sell before the market we’ve got 15 minutes it’s not coming back up look at that it’s way overextended.

Look at that it just went zoom like a floppy flop flop I don’t really know what I bought I just press the sell button and then I make money when it goes down I don’t know if that’s actually actually shorting it’s just like selling placing a cell order maybe it’s different oh no don’t go green no okay don’t look at it when it’s green I don’t look juicy chicken wings the finest meal for the king of manchester oh it’s going red this is gonna be good look at that perfect we got neo making us money we got delicious chicken wings and a beautiful view all that’s missing is a naked woman any volunteers we need naked women on the sofa and then this scene would be perfect no why is it going up I think you smell no I think there’s a trend line here it’s bouncing off this line you see that as long as it doesn’t break above this line it should carry on going down look at that it’s respecting the line [Music] we just need a nice big fat red one to end the day oh is that it [Music] whoa whoa whoa we’re at 178 come on I want to make some profits today I don’t want to just break even at least me get me over 185 about 178.

Oh wow look at that oh I’m at 181 I broke even [Music] now do I sell oh no no don’t go up oh did you see that oh my god look at it it’s beautiful look at this I’m now at 183 oh look at that this is I waited all day for this I predicted it I predicted this would happen with my fibonacci levels and my rsi divergence I just entered my short a bit too early oh I’m at 188. Come on 190. I think I’m just going to close here no no don’t go up no no no no I just want one more red candle please just one more red I’ll close at 190 no no we’ve got 10 minutes what are you doing where is the selling pressure imagine kathy woods buys like 10 billion shares right now and I just blow my account come on that is a what is it that’s a bearish pin that’s bearish that’s not going up that’s going down bro look it’s going down down down down that’s a bearish pin that’s going down.

Yes yes no why does it take so long I could have taken profits of 188. Oh oh two bearish pins what’s this line I put here I don’t know what that line is it’s probably gonna bounce off oh look there’s a support and that’s the support line that’s probably what the line was for it’s probably gonna bounce here is it gonna break through it if it breaks through it oh oh it’s breaking through it we’ve got eight minutes left oh he’s breaking through it should I sell I’m set oh I don’t know it’s going back up now uh we’ve got eight minutes I want 190 come on just give me one pound oh no it’s going back up no no no well I’m setting I’m setting I’m scared I’m setting all of it I’m setting I’m saying I’m sending I’m sending I’m sending I’m sending I’m setting I’m setting this is the last one so minus 15 pounds it oh yes oh did you see that now if it keeps going down now I’m gonna be annoyed but I broke even and I made a profit of four pounds today oh my god what a day what a day whoa jesus now if it carries on going down that’d be a bit annoying now the bad news is yeah we only made four pounds today but the good news is I didn’t lose like 50 60 pounds oh my god it is going down.

At one point in the day that neo short had me down about 60 pounds it wiped out all my profits from the whole week if I sold earlier I would have just been locking in loss but because I was patient I waited until this moment I managed to not only get rid of all losses but I broke even plus I made five squid yeah cause I was a 181 actually I started the day off at 175 and then I made like six pounds in the beginning shorting neo then I entered more shorts which got completely destroyed although it is going back up I think we made a good a good decision shorting it I mean selling it oh what a day that was scary I nearly lost all my profits from this week got one more day tomorrow trying not to do stupid things it’s barely even any meat on this chicken damn that was exciting did you see that big fat red candle drop that was good waited all day for that chicken’s pretty good and the smoky seasoning barbecue is very salty smoky and barbecuey exactly what I would hope for we’ve got four minutes left see what neo does.

I think I timed that pretty well look I sold right there and it’s not going down anymore if I didn’t sell that it’s going back on now oh I made a really good choice unfortunately we had to abandon the very bottom short but there’s no way it was going to drop that far no way look at that what a flat day oh I want a beer so badly why do I keep doing this why don’t I just buy a beer then I wouldn’t have this problem never drink horrible warm water oh look it’s going back up see and you guys don’t think I’m a stock pro look I sold that literally right at the bottom of that retracement you quite guys have to give me more credit where credit is due I hate chicken wings stupid bone gets annoyed there’s hardly any meat how do I even get the meat off it it’s just a bone and skin I got some there’s some meat look all the meat is in between the bone how am I supposed to get that hmm um I can’t get it out useless chicken wow I’m really pleased I sold we’ve got one minute to go look at that I sold it right there genius I knew it was gonna do that I just knew it was gonna flop towards the end of the day look at that that’s just beautiful.

You can see the trend line right there it was literally bouncing off it all the way down it couldn’t break it oh it’s going red oh we’re we’re done it’s nine o’clock mark is closed we’ve got one more day friday I really want to get 200 pounds profit in two weeks currently I’ve got 185. My second week of day trading if I could make 200 pounds if I could make 100 pounds a week that’d be great that’ll pay for my shopping well that was a day in the life of a professional day trader did you like it maybe we can eat by the window now that I finished working made five pounds today pretty good really I want to sit on the floor but this sofa is in the way it’s also a bit cold huh excuse me hmm they might just use my hands it would be easier I don’t like touching it I don’t want to touch it it’s sticky and wet and it smells funny you gotta like pinch the meat out like this not every day is like this yesterday I made 50 pounds day before I made about 30 pounds today was not good but it was not a disaster because I made my money back in the end next time I don’t know I just thought the market was gonna go down so I put a short on neo next time be more careful draw more lines maybe I just kind of guessed it was going to go down without really feeling confident it was gonna go down.

Wow it’s so difficult to eat this someone in the comments I said oh your rent is 1200 pounds so that means it’s 2k dollars I said no can’t you see the dollar sign in the title clearly says 1 200 dollars in the title people accusing me of paying 2k a month for this place I use dollars because number one most of my viewers are american only about 15 are english so why should I use pounds for like 15 of the audience when I think it’s like 40 american audience and then the rest of the world are probably more familiar with dollars than pounds so it’s just it makes more sense to me maybe I’ll do it in bitcoin my how much would one thousand dollars be in bitcoin would be like six million won’t it no wait I’m confused one thousand two hundred dollars in bitcoin would be like zero zero zero zero one bitcoin point zero two five bitcoin yeah my point two my point .025 bitcoin a month apartment oh wow look at the sun looks so so epic I feel like I’m in lord of the rings I don’t know why I’m dropping him oh I dropped it somewhere I definitely felt it on my leg oh I found it it’s got hair on it I’ll clean it in a minute.

So do you like my new place more than my last place I like this place more because if the sun doesn’t shine into the room it’s much more quieter as well the other place is really noisy even when people open doors could hear it banging should I tell you a secret I don’t know I was going to keep this a secret but I paid for cheesecake and I got it that’s your reward for staying in the livestream up until now I don’t know if I’ll talk about it in detail it costs 150 pounds and it was rubbish she smelled bad and she’d have stains in my bed sheet she had fake tan on and then it was really hot and she was sweaty and then the fake tan rubbed off onto the bed sheet and then the whole bed was like brown and I was worried that I wouldn’t get my deposit back because it wouldn’t wash out but luckily you know in my last stream why the bed sheets were on the floor because I washed them to get the fake tan out I was all over the pillow as well and then I asked her to finger me but she had nails and then she put her finger on my bum and it really hurt this is why girls should never have fingernails so but I was going to keep that secret because the manchester girl might be upset if she heard it but she doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Anyway oh thank you mark I don’t think a dildo would be the same I like the finger but not when she’s got really big nails yeah I don’t really care about manchester girl anymore it’s not it’s not gonna happen it’s been like a month she obviously doesn’t want to meet me but it was not good number one the website her picture was really nice said she was like 20 something she definitely was not 20. She was like 50. She was old I can’t get this skin off [Music] they never look like the picture it’s not even the same person it was okay but it’s not worth it I just want someone who’s not old and not fat it only lasted about 10 minutes and then she left when it’s not good I just want to get it open done with I don’t really want it to go on for too long oh wow just like the eye of sauron descending but after that experience I don’t think I’m gonna pay for it again it’s just a waste of money.

It’s not good and then even if it was good so what then I’d have to pay another 150 to do it again imagine it was amazing the best cheesecake you ever had what are you gonna do you’re gonna keep spending 150 every week gonna go broke I nearly finished my chicken this is really hard to do this with one hand I’d use my other hand to pull it off but I gotta hold the camera I get more wow wow it’s going really red and pink I can’t see it it’s to the left maybe we can see it over here can you oh you can see it more wow it looks like the sky’s bleeding oh it looks way more orange in real life than it does on the stream that’s the bad thing about this view the west facing view you would be able to see all that but then on the downside it just blinds you um I need my scissors I just put my phone down for a bit I hope you don’t mind because the meat is attached to the bone and it’s hard to pinch it off this is where I hate chicken wings.

Chicken drumsticks are better but the meat to bone ratio is too lopsided when you get a drumstick there’s just too much meat not enough skin the skin gives it flavor oh this is so much hard work no I can’t just bite it off because look the meats in between the bones how do I bite that out without biting into the bone I have to surgically cut it out using precision I need a scalpel I can’t bite around the bone the meat is in the bone oh it popped out the socket ah oh the bone’s coming out oh wow the sky can you see that the sofa arm’s blocking oh no oh I can’t get the angle [Music] whatever finish this still got half a box of it left I don’t want to eat it it’s too much work I think that’s it oh wait there’s some here hmm that’s your best oh here’s something this bits just bone okay I think I’m done quite full up [Music].

Wow let me zoom in don’t look at my face wow wow that is nice manchester apparently it used to be called magnusium it was a roman city conquered by the romans yeah pretty much all of the english big cities were originally roman settlements very nice [Music] and then after the roman empire collapsed the anglo-saxons came from germany took over for a couple hundred years that’s why it’s called england because it’s the land of the angles the anglo-saxons and then the normans came from france and then destroyed the anglo-saxons and then it took over oh yeah and then the vikings kept invading as well that’s why you know this street is called dean’s gate and a lot of the streets in manchester end in gate but the gate doesn’t mean gate it comes from the scandinavian word for street I saw that on a documentary.

There’s a lot of scandinavian words because of the vikings kept invading no it’s not darks the whole area is called dean’s gate I just watched a video on youtube the history of manchester I mean manchester mancest it’s like incest but with men oh I don’t want to do cleaning how much battery 47 pretty good yeah england is a funny country non-stop being invaded and conquered how many bloody times are we getting invaded why do I roll up my pants because it’s summer who wears trousers in the summer you’ll wear shorts or quarter length pantaloons oh I think I’ll do this later bit boring stream if I just do the washing I make coffee I want to try out my new coffee today I’ve got nest cafe gold well up until today I was just sitting around half naked because it was so hot the heat wave was crazy heat wave only lasts a week.

Thankfully I was so hot I had all the windows open I was just sitting around in my underwear oh man the last week last 10 days was just crazy the heat I’m so glad it’s over come on I want it to rain just rain please I want rain and clouds everyone says oh the weather in manchester is so grim no this is what I like I like this weather when it’s raining I hate it when it’s sunny I can’t go outside I can’t wear my favorite hoodie I can’t wear my layers my new coffee nest cafe gold versus nest cafe original let me do a smile test my rent for the apartment is 885 pounds a month it smells the same what’s the difference original and gold well I think gold has a slightly creamy smell original has a more bitter smell my mum always moaned because I didn’t tighten the coffee lid tightly and then she would say the smell is gonna escape and it’s not gonna taste like coffee anymore.

What are you talking about you don’t lose the taste of coffee just because the lid’s off and it’s not really tight so it’s saying oh look my orange is out that means that the smell is going to escape and it’s going to taste less like an orange a load of rubbish I never noticed any difference got nagged about every single thing what’s this water it’s not chicken fat is it why is everyone always moaning at me about everything oh you got to wrap onions oh you got to wrap the bacon oh you gotta tighten the coffee lid oh you you can’t open the new milk when there’s already one open oh my god crazy I can’t do this I can’t do that it’s don’t matter milk doesn’t last long anyway so what if I open a new one when there’s already one open the one that’s already open is going to be finished in a few days and then I’m going to open the new one anyway I’m not spending a grand a month on a bedroom we’ve got a kitchen I’ve got a hallway I’ve got a living room a massive sofa I’ve got the best view in all of manchester got the security of 24-hour concierge and security downstairs.

No haters getting in here you’ll get whacked they’ll break your arm I’ll smash you up vlog I’ve got peace of mind safety and security look at that view that is one beautiful view I think it’s worth it a thousand pounds a month including bills where’s my iphone message me my new lover wow my ipad needs to clean it’s a problem with an ipad you’re constantly touching it and then you always have to get smudges all over okay let’s see my profits oh that minus 15 is bad but at least it’s not minus 60. I made two pounds two pounds three pounds four pounds four pounds two pounds two pounds six pounds minus fifteen gives us grand through to ah let me calculate my profits for today ah this calculator has ads on it why doesn’t apple put a calculator app without having to download some shady one [Music].

So we started off the day pretty good we got five seven seven win then we got two thirty one and then we got two eighteen and we got a minus minus 16 a minus 53 and we got a 2 2 oh no I ruined it how do I go back start again stupid oh the samsung calculator is way better five seven seven plus two 3 1 plus 2 18 equals 10 26 minus 16 minus 22 uh plus 2 2 and plus it again okay minus 5 wait did I already do that one this is so difficult plus three nine two plus three seven nine plus three six three plus two four one plus two four three so we would have made 26 pounds unfortunately I made a big mistake minus 15 22.

Oh wait I made 11 pounds oh yeah that’s it that is right wow I made 11 pounds I thought I only made five pounds yeah because in the morning I did a good trade with that seven seven wait let’s do it one more time cause I can’t believe I made ten pounds five seven seven plus two three one plus 218 minus point sixteen minus point five three plus point two two plus three nine two plus three seven nine plus three six three plus two four one plus two four three minus this one and then this one wow wait why is it less now last time it was like 1096 what did I do wrong okay do it one more time this time I’ll do it backwards so we do minus 15 to 2 minus 3 4 plus 2 4 3 plus 2 for 1 palace three six three plus three seven nine plus three nine two plus two minus five three.

Wait something weird’s happening minus 16 plus 218 plus two three one plus five seven seven wait what now it’s more why is the number different every time I don’t know what’s happening but I got ten nine six and I got ten four one now I’ve got eleven four seven we’ll just round it up to eleven eleven pounds oh my gosh so difficult it’s really bugging me I want to know the number how much do I make should I do it again okay let me do it one more time I promise this is the last one okay yesterday five seven seven plus two three one plus two eighteen minus sixteen minus five three plus two two 392 plus three seven nine plus three six three plus two four one plus two four three and now for the pain fifteen the point yeah 10 41 again why did it say 11 I don’t get where that pound is coming from sorry in dollars that would be I’ll just say it’s 10 41. That means I made I made 14 ha ha suck it 14 profit from my day trading activities not bad [Music].

What’s live numbers how much more to break even um I’m still down eight thousand nine hundred pounds so that is oh twelve thousand dollars I still need to make back so if I can make fourteen dollars every day take me 871 days to make my money back it’s about three years oh damn I’m still down twelve thousand dollars well at least it’s not twenty thousand dollars anymore you’d still have 12k if you didn’t start at all can’t argue with that that is true if I just never got into investing I’d still be up 12k so it’s okay I’m I’m swinging my way back to 20k look my main portfolio down 8 900 but our current stocks apart from sofi is doing they’re doing well look buyer nano up eight percent china growth up five percent alibaba up eight percent it’s just this one was bad the bach company this is down ten percent and and so far is down 12 percent down 200 pounds I shouldn’t have bought so far what do I do on my only fans I touch myself I show my willy the money is good on only fans I think I made like 20000 so far.

Not only fans pays better than youtube I think in six months time should be able to get get back my losses by then um I’ll have the money for the next six months of rent and the next payment would only be five thousand pounds because I’m not paying the deposit again I already paid it it’s just the first payment was a bit expensive because I had to pay five weeks of rent which was a thousand pounds I think yeah so I had to pay that much first so the next big payment I have to make is going to be that which is seven thousand dollars which means I need to make 1 200 a month so I have to pay 100 council tax I think probably 100 for bills and probably 100 for food so that is one thousand six hundred a month we gotta make that in six months yeah I think 100 for food is good because I’ve already spent in the first week I spent 20 pounds so I’m guessing 2020 2020 probably 80 pounds for the whole month so how much did I make this month 572 572 left over after all of the rent and expenses paid for which is 400 pounds left over and that’s not even including my stocks how much so I’ve got a hundred and eighty five in day trading profit so far in two weeks that’s 250 dollars.

I ate all my orange but it’s hard to tell because I might lose it all tomorrow how did you even calculate the day trading profits because I could be I could have 500 profits now and then next week I lose 600. This nest cafe gold is much better than the original it’s creamier I could just lock my profits in now and then say I’m not gonna day trade again until next month hmm I don’t know my plan is at the end of the month I just take out my profits and I leave in what I use to day trade so I’ve got a 1 000 account I used a thousand pounds to make trades with and then I just take anything that’s above a thousand as profits oh yeah tomorrow is the end of the month but I didn’t start day trading until two weeks ago so I’ve only been day trading for two weeks that’d be so cool if I could make 500 a month day trading is it possible it must be people make tens of thousands a month trading if I place more trades I could have made more money I don’t feel like I need more money to make more money because I’m using like 2 2x leverage or 1.5x leverage on the trades and a thousand pounds is quite a lot you can buy a lot of shares with a thousand pounds and if you’re just scalping you can just buy like 500 pounds worth of shares and even if it goes up just 50 cents that’s like you make 50 pounds but then you could lose 50 pounds if it just goes down a bit well you don’t lose it you just hold on to it until it goes up again it eventually does.

I made two really bad trades and I’ve eventually managed to break even and turn it into profit just by waiting like this one look at the nasdaq yesterday was terrible you see that jesus I bought up here and it dropped all the way down there and I was like minus 80 it actually wiped out all my profits on tuesday I think it was tuesday yeah because I was up wait so I was up 120 no I was at 138 and then I bought a load of shares up here and then it just wiped it all out and I think I was only up by about 20 at that point I lost like 120 because of that but I held it overnight and then the next morning thankfully it rebounded back up to around here and then during that day I made other trades as well to to get back up I eventually managed to swing back up into profit and now I’m at plus one eight five so yeah pretty good hopefully tomorrow I can make 15 pounds and get this up to a nice fat 200 and not lose all I would love 200 wait I need to poop okay I’m back yeah tomorrow I want to make 15 pounds and then I’d be happy to end the month with 200 pounds pound profito that would be pretty good how about some good content like what I don’t know what to make I feel like making videos is a waste of time because people don’t watch them my live streams get more views in the videos [Music].

I feel like what what’s the point trying really hard to make a good video these days when people don’t even watch them anyway I don’t even know how to make a good video anymore oh it’s a stream I guess but if streaming is easier gets more views and makes more money then what is the point of making a video I guess the manchester girl video did okay 15k views oh of course I’ve got to just be happy about 15k views now it’s got 15.2 k views I can’t even get 15k views now all the other ones 13k 12k 7k last time I got 20k views was a month ago so sad well at least I managed to transition into day trading so make up for it yeah even if I’m doing stuff and moving around and meeting people the channel still dies I guess I can’t really save it I thought if I maybe moved around met a few people it might bring some interest back but people are just bored now they know I’m not going to change they know nothing you know amazing is going to happen because I’m a very cautious person you know.

Nothing mind-blowing is gonna happen I’m not bloody jake paul he’s gonna imagine I’m like logan paul and I bungee jump off my balcony or something crazy I mean nothing like that is going to happen so there’s no whiz-bang excitement to be had on the channel it’s just like me trying to make money moaning about how boring and lonely life is if that’s not what you want then I guess most people don’t want that that’s why they left people want drama don’t they I don’t have any drama I don’t even even if I wanted to give you drama there literally is none because I don’t have a girlfriend that I can abuse for content I’ve already done some drama videos look I did the manchester girl catfish thing I got rejected I got scammed that live stream got 15k views didn’t it it’s pretty good for a live stream yeah I don’t really know what I can do for clickbait.

When I was married it was so easy you know my wife cheated on me my wife said my dick is too small my wife is mastering the australian guy I cheated on my wife my wife gave me a cheese dick there’s so many things you could just out as content maybe I just do ex-wife videos out my ex-wife is I don’t know why I hate my ex-wife I don’t want to keep doing wife stuff because she’s going to get pissed off and then she’s going to take revenge on me by doing something that irritates me like vlogging with casey something that pisses me off vlog in chinatown I already went there and there was just one little block it takes about two minutes to walk it and then there’s just like some restaurants and a little grocery shop it’s pretty run down looking yeah I guess I could make some drama if I’d piss off to hero and then she’ll probably take revenge and then that’ll be funny won’t you I haven’t.

She’s gone quiet I haven’t heard from her in ages ever since the discord argument we stopped talking yeah I guess she got bored as well moved on I’m just wondering if this was 2019 daniel what would he make before the miele stuff happened I just don’t know it feels like 2019 there was there was so much stuff happening like my dad dying sleeping with pia turkish girl going to germany my wife getting angry trying to sue me the sd card then going back to japan there was like so much stuff happening in 2019 it’s just weird how there’s nothing happening now I guess it’s nice because it wasn’t nice you know having my dad die and stuff the thing is I never really made stuff happen things always just happened and then I just whipped out my camera and I told you guys what was happening they never actually made stuff happen they just kind of naturally happened I just got married I didn’t try and push her into marrying me so I could make videos it was just like a thing that happened without me really pushing for it.

Everything just kind of fed into place without me not really putting much effort into making it happen and now I don’t know how I go into a situation where nothing happens and I’ve gotta try and make things happen yeah the sex thought I did that for content and that was a big failure see you can lose money on youtube you can buy an expensive thing and then you don’t get the views you expected and then you don’t make back the money that you spend it’s not just stocks you lose money on you can lose money on anything you try and open a business it fails you lose money you go to a restaurant to review it for a video doesn’t get views you lose your money what interests you lately well stocks you know I’m really into stocks and trading and the economy because it’s the best way to make money right now without needing fame on the internet which is very fickle it’s why all these big youtubers scam their viewers because they know the viewers are not going to stick around forever so you might as well milk it whilst it’s there man.

If I could scam you guys for a million dollars I would never do that I’m the nicest youtuber in the world I would never scam you sign up to my free trade referral link in description guys would you blame me if I scammed you all for one million dollars did I ever visit a maid cafe no because it’s too awkward too much interaction also it’s just kind of cringy I’ve seen other people go to it and it’s really lame no one I don’t think I could even scam anyone because I don’t have a very young impressionable audience most of my audience are like adults who are not stupid so I couldn’t even pull off a scam even if I wanted to you need like a very young audience how would I scam my audience well I guess I could say guys I got sex tape on my only friends join now hundred dollars for my sex tape with my ex-wife I could probably scour a lot of people by doing that but then I don’t know I might get in trouble with only fans people everyone would start reporting me wouldn’t they and I might get banned on all your fans.

Only fans is my biggest source of income right now I need to not get banned on it I made like a thousand dollars this month on only france pay my rent just by showing my dick yeah sometimes I feel a bit guilty because it’s like everyone in the whole city working hard working 10 hours a day so they can pay their rent and then there’s me putting sausages up my bum hole and that pays my rent I swear like two thirds of my rent was paid by putting the sausage in my bum for a few minutes life is pretty good I have to say people out there laboring and grafting away 10 hours a day in the baking sun just so they could pay the rent I can’t really complain can I my next my next venture is p-hub I want to grow my p-hub channel I want to be the biggest gay porn star on the platform let me see how many views my p hub video but turn the volume off I hate pornhub when you get the ads what’s it called there’s like a really loud ad that plays have you tried jerk mates it’s really fun jesus why are you it’s like they’re trying to embarrass you.

What if you’re in public video manager oh 150 views I actually made I think I’ve made about five dollars on p hub and p hub pays you in bitcoin I mean crypto they’ve got like a crypto payment it’s not I don’t think it’s bitcoin what is it called payment methods that’s really cool isn’t it that’s how crypto is gonna become mainstream these big websites are gonna offer you payments and accept payments in crypto and it’s just gonna blow up I can’t believe p hub of all places offering payment in crypto look today pornhub accepts bitcoin bitcoin cash ethereum wow yeah trust trust the bloody porn website to be so enthusiastic about adopting crypto it’s all the shady sites like first it’s going to be pornhubs and it’s going to be like the mexican cartel and what the cuban government so all the shady underhand stuff very fast to adopt crypto aren’t they oh what I don’t know this pornhub xrp bnb usdc and doge to his payment options well there’s a payment I want payout methods oh my god spasm got excited oh oh I’ll probably just do a bank transfer though I don’t really want crypto because then you gotta make an e on it and then have the coins transfer to e wallet oh no I need to poop again damn it [Music].

Yeah so my next venture I want to try and grow my p hub channel because I think that I think I could make 50 to 100 a month maybe it’s that’s quite quite a reasonable goal to aim for fifty dollars a month on pub plus get advertised my only fans uh what else I want to make a video called how to make money online where basically I just promote all of my online income streams so I’d be like hey guys today I’m going to teach you six income streams number one is amazon affiliates you can use this if you click on my link and buy stuff then I also get money and next step um I you can design t-shirts here are some of my t-shirt designs you can buy if you click on my link to my merch store don’t you think that’d be funny because it can be like one of those I can’t get this stand to work it can be like one of those five ways to make money passively online and then secretly I’m just my own stuff what else can I do I can say number one you can make a channel where you talk about your hobby and if you keep making videos eventually you’ll build a community and an audience stop talking about making videos do it I can’t be bothered uh number one I got away into my bloody pimples go away so I’ve got two pimples on the top of my lip which looks horrible.

There’s two videos I really want to make it’s that one what should I call it five ways to make money online and then in the thumbnail I’ll put how I make money or I can put my six income streams because people keep going how can he afford this his channel’s dying how can he pay for his apartment as if they think youtube is my only job I’ve got other streams you know so I think people would click on it just because they’re curious about how I make money yeah I’m just gonna copy that ali abdel title he got like two million views from his one and then the second video I want to make is I tried day trading stocks for two weeks this is what happened I turned 1 000 pounds into 1200 amazing returns wait I don’t need to poo anymore when I stand up I don’t need to do it I can’t and then I can also say another way to make money is by trading stocks here’s my referral link if you sign up we both get a free stock great to get started with a free stock unfortunately I can’t use weeble because then like we could get four free stocks but I can use trading 212 and free trade I’ve gotten a referral link we get free stock each if you sign up plus if you sign up to free trade we both get a chance to win 5000 pounds.

How to make a million pounds on the stock market first start off with 10 million pounds and then make your way down how I turned 20000 into 12000 by trading stocks selling low and buying high or I could do my five top tips for trading stocks number one buy low sell high or sell or buy high and sell higher number two never buy high and then sell low number three um I don’t know what else is there always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing so if everyone is all raving about tesla then start shorting tesla because you know it’s going to crash I swear if I just did the opposite of what everyone was saying I would be so rich because everyone was saying oil stocks are gonna die they’re not there’s no future for oil guess what did the triple 2x since last year yeah oil stocks I could have doubled my money if I put all my money into oil stocks plus dividends over a year damn oil crashed so hard last year what happened with my airbnb ban I’m still banned and I can’t use airbnb anywhere not even japan.

I’d have to book a hotel apartment did I buy back into bitcoin no I actually sold off about 70 of my bitcoin exposure after it rallied to 40k still got a bit of exposure but it’s very small now I’m reallocating it to chinese stocks I think chinese stocks are going to blow up they’ve had such a massive overreaction to the bad news china doesn’t want its stocks to die china wants its businesses to do well they just you know they had to slap them on the wrist a little bit to keep them in line but in the long run china doesn’t want its big tech companies to fail so I don’t think it’s a really really bad idea to put some money into chinese stocks and I know you’re not actually investing in the chinese companies because legally you’re not foreigners are not allowed to own shares of chinese companies so you see alibaba and 10 cent on the stock market it’s actually like a shell company they’ve got some you know mysterious shell company set up on the cayman islands and that’s what you’re actually buying and then they buy the shares or something like that it’s like a weird loophole or you can buy the stocks on the hong kong exchange but I don’t know how to do that.

I’m up 10 now on alibaba and my chinese etf I should have put more see everyone was panicking about the chinese stocks that’s when you buy what else airline stocks yeah I’ve got I’ve got about 1 000 500 in american airlines it’s not really moving though it’s only up like one percent I can’t believe how well coca-cola did I should have just got coca-cola too coca-cola went up 25 since the beginning of this year damn all of the stocks that sound really boring ended up doing really well like oil coca-cola google facebook amazon jesus they blew up too have you seen facebook facebook’s gone up like 30 google I bought google last year for 1600 and I sold it for like 1 700. And now it’s uh three thousand something that would be so cool if I just put all my money into google and then instead of making my money from google adsense from youtube videos because my channel is dead now I could make money from the google stock which is basically going up and up and up because of the success of youtube youtube is google’s biggest income earner youtube even makes more money than netflix does it is laughing outside my door.

Yeah it’s just amazing google’s got so many products and services and just one of the products which is youtube makes more money than all of netflix google is such you know it’s just unstoppable I don’t know if I’d get google now I seem a bit high I guess you should get google facebook and amazon you’re good but they’ve already had huge rallies are they really gonna run anymore maybe wait for a pullback yeah I’m not really sure what else to invest in right now um I got alibaba around 182 so that was a pretty good price I don’t know what could I invest in now I really want my main portfolio to get back up to 15k I just can’t get it above 11k oh wow I’ve got 111 likes the magic number make a tutorial on how to day trade I don’t know if I’m ready because I’ve only just started to learn technical analysis I’m still you know a bit of a newbie myself my gaming laptop I don’t have one I don’t really feel like I want a computer actually it’s actually nice not having a computer because I don’t feel like I would if I had one I would just end up gaming all day but now I feel like I can be more productive plus having you know having this pressure of having to pay for rent kind of makes you want to save money instead of wasting it on unnecessary things.

I don’t even miss rainbow six I missed chivalry two a little bit but that’s it really I’m quite happy just playing mario kart for you know an hour or so maybe I can find a good game on switch I don’t really feel like playing a really addictive game I just want like a simple pick up and play game to kill some time don’t really miss having the microwave either I guess I could use the oven if I got a microwave burger I could just put that in the oven yeah I think I’ve settled into life I’ve managed to survive without having a computer which is great I guess I could get a cheap one you know gtx 1650 it’s only about 700 pounds and that’s even better than my home computer my home desktop is a gtx 1060 which is pretty old but still play games pretty well so even a gtx 1650 would be a bit better than a 1060 but I don’t really feel like I really want one get a steam deck yeah that looks interesting it’d be interesting to see if it’s better than the switch I think it’ll be heavier the battery won’t last as long and I think some games would just be rubbish on it.

I wouldn’t want to play rainbow six on a handheld that would just be weird unless it’s good I don’t know you know they have the steam trackpad thumb things I don’t know if that’s any good it looks weird chivalry 2 on steam deck would be good because that’s quite you know you don’t really need a mouse and keyboard for it I don’t know what other games I want to play I don’t really want to play any games really badly invest in weights well I’m doing push-ups I can now do 30 push-ups quite easily the problem is you get to a point where you get strong enough to do like 50 push-ups and then it’s not really making any difference anymore you really need weights then yeah I might think about getting some dumbbells oh yeah I abandoned the oculus quest didn’t bring it with me it’s at home I stopped using it I got bored of beat saber none of the other games are actually fun they’re kind of cool at first because you know you’re in vr and you can pick up objects and throw them and then after you’ve done that for a couple hours it just gets kind of boring and then you go wait I can just do this in real life look I’m picking up an apple I can do that in real life without having a headset the vr headset is just funny because people get all excited about being able to do things you can only do in real life oh look I’m touching the handle look it’s so real oh wow.

The only thing I used it for was porn but it was such a hassle setting up for porn and then after you’ve come it’s kind of awkward you got to try and take off the headset without getting the all over the place when am I going to sleep I usually sleep about 1am also I’m waking up earlier I feel like waking up earlier so I can get stuff done isn’t that a good thing before I was like really depressed I didn’t want to wake up so there’s nothing to do I just wake up at 2 pm before the market opens and I felt like crap to be honest waking up at 2 p.M it’s not great so now I wake up at like 10 10 a.M try and get my tasks done I have coffee do some push-ups um make the bed brush my teeth tidy up the kitchen make some food check out some market news and then by then I’ve done all my little jobs ready for trading trade a couple hours it’s nice having a routine having things to do I don’t like the vr because of my glasses it’s really uncomfortable pushes the glasses into your face leaves like a mark well imagine yeah I’ve seen people do day trading using a vr headset they have the vr virtual desktop and then they trade using that that looks really difficult they’re pretty cool devices but they’re just too gimmicky they’re too big you need to wait a bit more until the tech improves and they can get it into like a really tiny casing so it’s not really heavy so it’s more comfortable.

It’ll be great if they could make it really small like a smartphone and it’s not like a big massive brick on the end of your on the front of your face [Music] it’s very quiet tonight the streets seem a bit quiet compared to last week maybe tomorrow will be noisy friday night everyone’s out out and about I moved in on the friday night and it was a bit noisy a lot of music happening where do people even go I don’t think clubs are open yet where are people going on these nights out are they just like walking up and down the streets going to bars I guess if you had the confidence to be pretty easy to just go into a bar and start chatting to random people I reckon I could go to a bar and just stand there and people would come and chat to me a lot of people started chatting to me one when the italy versus england football match was happening and I was walking home at least four strangers started talking at me as I walked past maybe they were drunk manchester people seemed very chatty don’t really want to do it maybe there’s like a nice bark and just sitting all by myself like a loser wait until some someone else starts talking to me down [Music].

Don’t know where I want to go next where does everyone else go I feel like everyone else is so active doing stuff but the thing is I don’t even know if I want to have a conversation with people I don’t actually know what I want apart from sex obviously but to be honest I’d rather just sit and watch youtube or I’d rather watch grand tour I’ve got two seasons of the grand tour to watch I didn’t even know I could still log into amazon prime I completely forgot about grand tour I will watch clarkson’s farm as well that looks pretty funny I haven’t seen any of it it seems kind of random so jeremy clarkson bought a farm back in 2008 and now he wants to be a farmer so he made it he he started a series with the guy who worked who’s been working at the farm and he’s like a young guy then apparently jeremy’s like really bad and sucks everything and then the young guy shouts at him sounds entertaining.

I feel like I have to watch grand tour first because top gear was always top gear reminds me my dad and we always used to watch it and I was always used to think it was boring because I was in my anime weeb phase so I was like ugh cars that’s so boring I want anime and ninjas but it reminds me of my dad who’d always watch it after dinner the music is so nostalgic for me as well it’s like 90s brings back feelings of the 90s it was such a great show I it took me a long time to appreciate how funny it was because okay the reason why I didn’t like it in the beginning because it wasn’t always like a comedy show it started off very boring I remember now yeah before richard and james may were on it there were these other guys what are they called tiff needle and quentin black blake they were the other co-hosts and jeremy was one of them and it was just a boring car show where they just actually reviewed cars normal cars that was the whole point of the show in the beginning and it was just like tiff needle reviewing the peugeot 206.

This car is very economically efficient blah blah blah and then those two left they started a different show called fifth gear which carried on the whole boring car review serious stuff and then top gear they got richard and james and then it turned into like this comedy three men doing really dumb stuff which was really funny yeah I didn’t notice when that shift happened until it happened there were so many episodes I could never keep up with it and then oh yeah I remember jeremy clarkson punched that producer and then he got fired and then they had to replace them oh they got bloody joey from friends why is joey from friends the new host I mean they have to cancel the whole thing now didn’t they because it was getting such poor views and that chris evans guy everyone just hated him my favorite top gear adventure I usually liked it when they went to japan because I was interested in japan uh I don’t know there’s so many I recently watched the one when they went to vietnam on grand tour and they got boats that was quite interesting.

They just have a talent for making almost anything interesting they’re just such great personalities they’re funny they’re likeable you just can’t hate them they’re just they’re made for tv some people they’re just made for tv they’ve got such interesting personalities yeah I’ve got a lot of tv watching to do I want to catch up on all that I feel like jeremy could die soon he looks really bad he’s just aged terribly how old is he he’s like 60 isn’t he I wouldn’t be surprised if jeremy dies in his 60s he he doesn’t look very healthy uh it’s gonna be a sad day when all these legends start dying it’s like all the legends from my dad’s age era already already died I can’t even name a lot of them there was that guy with the the red monkey hat the comedian was his name tommy something he was like a big guy bruce forsyth is it for sights or forsyth he was like a big name he died and then the big talent of my my age would be like jeremy clarkson stephen fry that generation.

I think when I’m in my 40s they will start dying one by one and then who’s the next generation of celebrities oh no bill bailey is getting a bit old where’s the young talent on tv I don’t really watch much tv now up and coming stars in the 20s it doesn’t seem to be many of them I don’t know of them I guess they’re all on tick tock aren’t they like bella porch their approach daniel you’re a weirdo why not weird I’m just like everyone else can I do stream yard what’s that I don’t even know what that is because you eat chicken wings with scissors because I need to cut the meat out somehow if I just bite it off the bone I get the chicken sauce all around my lips and my mouth I don’t like getting food on my face it just makes a big mess use a knife a knife is hard to use because you got to use two hands scissors you can cut using one hand.

How’s everything going in my life um on the money front things are going pretty well I had an amazing june I made like 1 500 from my stocks in june july not so great with stocks but amazing with only fans jesus the sausage of the bum video smash it they loved it so I’m doing pretty good for money this month too don’t know about next month on the sex side pretty dry no sex recently hopefully things change in the coming months but I don’t know doesn’t seem to be any willing girls yet yeah I don’t really count the paid for sex and that doesn’t count as actual sex I think I made about 500 from the sausage video well it’s not real sex because it’s not a meaningful connection and relationship and I didn’t do anything to win it well I guess I earned the money to pay for it and I guess that kind of counts but I want a girl to to have sex with me because she likes me not because I paid her I want to feel loved and wanted and I want to feel like she likes me and she’s attracted to me otherwise what’s the point.

I just love it if there was a girl nearby and she would like message me and say hey daniel gonna come around watch a movie and then be like go shopping get food come back sleep together plan some kind of trip like we can go to this ski slope make a vlog people would love that going on a date with my new girlfriend at the ski slope bring my gopro come home watch netflix have sex ah my dream life I can’t do that with a prostitute yeah you can do like a dinner date but you have to pay five six hundred pounds so expensive and then they’re pretty ugly anyway I think the la girl I don’t know that la I checked my messages on instagram the la girl’s profile has gone blank it now says instagram user not found I don’t think she’d delete her whole instagram see this is why I didn’t trust her I told you she would be so flaky as if I think I didn’t go all the way to l.A to meet her I can’t even message her now see I knew it she was like oh yeah come to la we can do this stuff she blocked you why would she block me though I don’t get it.

I didn’t do anything to make her block me I don’t trust a single thing girls say you know they say they want to meet you and I’m like oh yeah that’s nice sure whatever I can’t trust a single thing girls say they say they don’t meet you they’re next they’re blocking you on bloody instagram I don’t get that la girl at all she’ll message me like saying stuff like oh I really like you here’s a video of me fingering myself to your face I want to meet up and then she just like disappears for a year and then messages me again a year later saying the same stuff that’s why I didn’t go to la I just knew she was not trustworthy and then so hard to go to america now I don’t think you could even go anyway and then so far and it’s so expensive thank god I chose manchester at least it wasn’t too much of a loss I’d never go to america it just looks so trashy expensive dangerous full of weirdos I know I never go I probably go to russia before I go to america the russian girl said she still wants me even though she found out I trash talked to her.

You remember I said the russian girl said she would meet me in korea but I looked at her photos and I didn’t really like it that much she messaged me saying she found out what I said I was surprised I didn’t think she was still watching she said she’s still watching and she probably always will be she said we could still hang out I said to her come to manchester and she said you come to russia because she has to get a visa and stuff if she wants to come here apparently russians have to get a visa to go anywhere apart from korea I don’t know if I’d want to go to russia I have to get a visa russia looks scary like they would get angry at you if you spoke english I’d pay for her to come here but I don’t think she wants to bother with all the visa stuff I don’t think she’s ugly I mean she looks nice but I don’t know it wasn’t exactly I didn’t really feel like instant attraction when I saw her pics maybe it’d be different if I met her in person who knows will I go back to japan eventually oh thank you sean I’m in usa is bad here um it just looks really expensive over there have I considered ireland.

No I don’t like ireland because all I can think of is bombs and ira and protests and people getting drunk and fighting I don’t have a very good image of ireland didn’t one of those ira bombs go off in manchester too I’m interested in czech republic and poland and greece czech republic should be cheap poland should be really cheap every time ireland was on the news it was always like bombing stuff 20 people have just been bombed in another bomb attack in a school in ireland so every time islam is on the news there’s always that or it was some you know irish politician whining about how much they hate england the island just seems like a non-stop conflict they got the catholic stuff and the protestant stuff the unions so they all hate each other and then they all hate the english I don’t know it seems like a big mess why are they so angry just calm down and my experience with irish people has not been good at all because we got gypsy camp opposite our house and they used to come to the petrol station I worked at every weekend.

They always make trouble shoplifting fighting shouting hey they kept coming to use the toilet and we kept saying it’s staff only and then they would like threaten to sue us for not letting them use the toilet they would start shouting did you know denying a pregnant woman in the toilet is illegal we’re going to sue you ah just here take the key use it whatever you cannot say no to the irish gypsies they will just fight you until you give up one time a whole gang of them came with cups glasses of beer and they all just started fighting in the pitch station they had to phone the police by the time the police arrived they were left and then the police had to try and chase them down for drink driving because they were drunk yeah that time back in january I was streaming and then there was this banging sound and some guy I think it was one of the daughters ex-husbands he came to through their place and then started destroying their car with a hammer and then he drove off and then the police came the police were non-stop coming.

Okay might have another coffee getting tired okay plans for tomorrow try not to lose more money try and make a little profit my goal for tomorrow is I want to make 15 pounds that would be quite good and then I can just say yep I ended the month 200 pounds profit not bad I’ve got a lot of food I need to eat before goes off okay I’ve got more chicken to cook bought too much chicken I think tomorrow for lunch I’ll have sausage sandwich and I put this rocket on it I have a rocket sausage sandwich and then for dinner I think I’ll have the beef burgers and chips I better eat the chicken quickly too um got too much food many calories in a burger purple only 120 oh these are skinny beef that’s for people who want to lose weight what I have two of these so that’s 240 calories that’s not much mcdonald’s is like 500 calories and this is four burgers how much is in one sausage per 100 grams and this is 400 grams so ah what can they put per sausage 300 calories per hundred so there’s one if the whole thing is 400 then how oh no it’s 540.

That’s so confusing help me how many grams in one sausage I need to do 540 divided by six hey siri 540 divided by six 90. 90. So round up to 100 so then one sausage is like 300 calories damn I made two of these that’s 600 calories oh my god forty percent fat just from one sausage has forty percent of your daily fat oh thirty three percent salt jesus these are not good for you but it’s got herbs and spices [Music] and then I got steak pie that’s 400 calories feeling a bit hungry now actually I don’t think I had a lot of calories today I might make a pie who wants pie how many calories I have I can’t be bothered to work out the chicken wings I had five chicken wings I cut the label off I probably only had because I only had a sandwich for lunch I had a yogurt thing I probably only had a thousand today so this would get me up to 1 000 500 maybe [Music] do pie in the oven did you see that landed straight in there okay timer we need 15 minutes what time is it it’s 11.

So quarter past remind me remind me in 15 minutes about the pie please it’s a steak a steak and a or pie hello hello they heard me england look at these buildings down there are they shops and there’s like a back addy shady back alley what’s this building northern way wailway northern I can’t see my eyes are so bad northern railway companies goods warehouse what do they sell there is it streaming I got a reconnected sign pop up maybe that’s a shopping center there goodbye stuff go for a walk in the night are you crazy I get beaten up crazy to think this was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and child labor slave labor maybe this whole street was funded by slave labor these buildings built by slaves we gotta burn it all down I think that’s the science museum that building there this is odeon so I can go to the cinema right next to my place living next to cinema I think they had lots of the first ever railway station really I didn’t even know there’s a rail station there.

I saw a tram going up and down I don’t know what those buildings are I know the town hall is over there that white that white one because it’s under construction [Music] now yeah don’t really know there’s a lot of museums and art galleries I don’t really care every time I talk to a girl and I say I asked so what where would you recommend to go and then they’re like well do you like music I say no not really do you like art no not really what do you like unlike naked women they always recommend an art gallery as if I’m gonna go to an art gallery last day I went on she said oh there’s art gallery over here let me show you I really want to say ah don’t worry I don’t like art so she showed me where the art gallery was so I didn’t go I really don’t care about music I don’t listen to music I don’t watch movies either I don’t watch or listen to anything that makes me feel sad or emotional.

Edit here.

I hate I hate emotions I accidentally search for james avery because I want to watch some uncle fill clips and then I accidentally stumbled across the james avery memorial video of the whole fresh prince cast like honoring him and it was so depressing jesus christ I was like oh my god this is so sad and then I don’t want to watch movies because they always try and invoke in emotion don’t they want something like grand tour because you know it’s light-hearted and funny I don’t want to watch anything emotional because it just makes me feel depressed I don’t listen to music because it makes me feel depressed I hate going outside and then someone’s like playing music loudly I went to the shopping center today and then people were singing there was like a live singer and then she was singing some really sad song and I felt like oh my god I’m gonna burst into tears just going to aldi I hate music this makes me feel sad.

I don’t know what song she was singing I think it was like adele you know some sad love ballad now that song yellow by coldplay always makes me feel really it’s so depressing I don’t even remember how it goes coldplay adele they always sing sad songs so do not like that noise why is it getting faster please don’t explode six minutes to go okay good job yeah so I don’t actually like anything that women like which makes it very difficult women like stuff involving people emotions art poetry music all the stuff I couldn’t care less about and then I like I like emotionless stone dead kind of stuff like stock numbers and charts emotionless machine driven I like documentaries about war and business and I like games that involve killing people brutally and then even gamer girls they don’t like that they like animal crossing and sims so there’s just gonna be no chance of me having anything in common with any girl ever because I’m just so opposite of what girls are girls have no interest in stocks.

So I’ve told every girl I matched on tinder I do stock trading not a single one asked me about it not a single girl showed any interest in day trading or investing and they said oh so what’d you do for living and I say oh I do investing and they’re like oh not a single one says oh what stocks do you trade how long we’ve been doing it the most any of them said was oh that looks complicated I have no idea about stocks lol that was it now if I said something like oh I’m a musician or I’m an artist they’d probably be like oh wow that’s so amazing what kind of music do you make or can you read me a poetry read me a poem can you show me one of your art pieces I love art being into stocks is like the worst if you want to get girls interested in you being into stocks is like the worst thing ever they could not care less I could be making a million dollars a day and they don’t even care exist but they’re really really rare you don’t have any groupies with 100k subs but they all got bored and they left.

2018 2019 had loads even 2020 had loads of girls who wanted to have sex now for some reason I just got none no one’s have sex maybe it’s also because of you know lockdown travel restrictions maybe there are girls who’d want to meet up but they can’t because there’s too much trouble trying to travel and then people don’t have jobs so they don’t have money girl sense desperation yeah but I don’t know what to do because if you keep messaging them then you seem desperate but then if you don’t message them enough they think you’ve lost interest like with the essex girl she was really into me when I was with mila and then I came home and then I started messaging essex girl more because she said we could meet up and she wants to air from this and that so I thought great I don’t know what I did to make her change her mind but she just kind of ghosted me and she stopped replying to me was I too desperate.

I barely messaged her was I not messaging her enough did she think I lost interest did she think I only wanted to meet her because there was no one else I don’t know I honestly have no idea she said I’m worried that you’re only interested in me because you don’t have anyone else but then what was I supposed to say should I say oh no I’ve got 10 other girls waiting you’re just like one of my girls is that what she wants or should I say no you’re the only girl I like right now but then it means that what she said is right I don’t know why do they make it so difficult why can’t we just meet and I’ll play these stupid games it’s not like we’re gonna get married and have kids so why are you making it such a big deal just me have sex if it’s good we’ll do it again if it’s bad we’ll just say okay forget about it it makes such a big deal about putting bloody sausage in the hole they make it such an over complicated thing when really it’s like not really a complicated thing at all oh I think we’re done with the pie two years teasing me that essex the problem is I am I guess.

I am pretty boring for a girl I just do stocks and I play games and I watch videos about stocks and the economy and then I do live streaming it’s not really exciting is it or interesting I guess my life was more interesting before I got into stocks and girls were interested in that they were like oh well daniel’s going to this country in that country who’s he going to meet next and it was like a soap opera kind of me some girls found that interesting they were drawn to it maybe and I probably got boring after I got into stocks I think a lot of girls thought I was all artistic into art and drawing and I was all poetic and then I kind of killed that part of me because I lost I lost interest in being an artist and then I got into something that girls just have no interest in it’s like getting into guns or something you know really masculine male oriented hobby I should have gotten into something like pottery painting.

Oh no I didn’t wash my plate how do I eat my pie I noticed most of the girls that used to message me were like very artistic types and then they would keep going on and on about how great my drawings were when I couldn’t care less because I’m not interested in drawing anymore I haven’t done any art since last year when mila dumped me let’s wash [Music] oh [Music] do I feel like the girls are mainly interested in the spiritual self-improvement artistic kind of version of me maybe even the travel part as well but they couldn’t care less about stocks and obviously they hate when I complain about women and dating that’s a big turn off I probably lost loads of female viewers from all of the in-cell kind of rants I do about dating that probably didn’t help dinner number two we’ve got beef pie oh wow I got three matches on bumble all at once is it okay to show the pictures I want to show the people I got matched with but I feel like that’s wrong I don’t know why it’s wrong.

I mean I’ve only got 200 people here if I show you a picture of a girl’s face then yeah 200 people will see it but then thousands of people have seen it on the dating app they can’t complain can they they can’t say oh I didn’t want hundreds of people to see my faces you’re on a stupid dating app there’s probably tens of thousands of people who’ve already seen it it’s bannable yeah I guess it’s kind of dodgy isn’t it I want to show you I want to show you the girls in manchester some are quite cute a lot of them have the same hair though that kind of blonde white dyed hair oh my god no no yes yes yes yes oh I matched her oh I matched her too let’s see what she looks like she’s 29 she’s five foot six um she’s spiritual what about the other one she’s 24 she’s pansexual I don’t even know what that means she’s five foot well that’s short she’s also spiritual she likes look at this is like every girl ever my interest arts makeup photography coffee and dogs all of the things I don’t like.

Well it’s not that I don’t like them I just don’t care about them I mean I like coffee I guess girls like boring stuff they don’t like star trek and they don’t like stocks uh I need like a I’m a guy kind of girl or I need to just be gay I probably would have better luck looking for a boyfriend but then I feel like gay guys would be more like girls and they’ll be all into arts and music I hate people in art and music so boring so maybe because I keep saying that girls don’t mess me anymore because 90 of the girls who would have messaged me are probably people who are into art and music and tattoos and stuff and I keep saying oh I hate art music and tattoos and then they pre hear that and then they go oh maybe I shouldn’t message him I mean I’d still bang even if you did like the stuff I don’t like doesn’t mean I don’t have sex this means I’m probably not interested in what you’re interested in what do.

I like I already told you a hundred billion times I like stocks and I like games where you kill people and I like listening about the economy now I’d love to just watch a one hour long video about the us economy and inflation and all that stuff they’d be like daniel can I come around let’s watch something and I’ll say okay and then they’ll say I’ll let you choose what we watch and I say how about we watch the chairman of the federal reserve jerome powell talk about inflation and the american economy does that sound good no no daniel that’s boring that’s boring I want to watch horror movie with scary man in a scary house I swear all women want to watch horror movies and they love true true crime documentaries about some psycho mass murderer why women like that very much is it because it’s all about people and the way their minds work I swear every girl I talk to they always say they love true crime documentaries even mida loved it she would watch like these netflix shows about some psycho where they try and find out how his mind works and why he does the stuff he does it’s not it’s not complicated.

It’s because their brains are not normal they’ve got something wrong with their brains that’s why they’re psychotic there’s something in their brains that makes them like that the way their brains were shaped they were shaped like that from an early age because they were probably abused or something it’s not rocket science it’s the same thing for everybody psycho they had a weird childhood where they were abused as kids but what else would cause it it’s the same story every single time how’s it interesting abused kid becomes an abuser when he grows up oh shocker I don’t really know what to say when they start bringing that stuff up it just makes me feel sad yeah there’s a lot of messed up people in the world and poor innocent people had to suffer like that story that lindsay hawk person the english british english teacher in japan that was a big story but it’s pretty you know it’s not nothing special as a story is pretty cut and dry cut and paste generic story weirdo guy who has no social skills obsesses over a girl stalks her traps her in his apartment does the dirty and then buried her so the most basic horror story ever.

I just don’t really find it interesting but the thing is women love it they think it’s so amazing and fascinating maybe it turns them on I just get more and more frustrated though it’s like my dad might was my dad interested in he was interested in mechanics and building diy gardening women aren’t interested in that stuff either apart from maybe gardening my dad loves you know tinkering and taking things apart fixing and putting back together talking about science physics women don’t give a crap about any of that you see that’s the problem you can’t expect men and women to be the same they like different things but then I feel like I’m constantly getting judged and bashed because I don’t like the things women like and apparently I’m boring because I don’t like women stuff and then I never know what to talk about to women because I don’t think they’re going to be interested and then they think I’m boring because I don’t talk about anything and then they don’t find me interesting so they find someone else and then I’m just single forever.

Why do I generalize genders because it’s true the generalization and stereotypes exist for reasons because it’s true yeah there are exceptions like 10 it’s like a small exception percentage of women who don’t fit the stereotypes that’s why it’s called a generalization it’s not a hundred percentization generalization just means like you know eight out of ten in most cases it’s not saying every single woman is like that it’s like saying the majority are those exceptions to everything they even even fat pigs poop in the woods okay looks like I got banned people ma meme calling me racist you’re banned touchy banner your band being face don’t think I haven’t noticed you who else needs to get banned cgm saying I’ve got nothing to offer women your band xx roma daniel likes hot girls when hot girls are not into that stuff I don’t just like hot girls I just like girls who are not fat uh do people call me a racist I don’t get that.

I had girlfriends of every race I had an asian girlfriend I had a half black half white girlfriend I slept with white girls how old does that make me if I was racist I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot barge pole I am the least racist person in this entire room I am the most racially diverse person in this whole building I’ve got racial backgrounds of five different continents I’ve got nine percent vietnamese I got forty percent chinese I got fifty fifty 50 european 15 french I got 1 sub-saharan african I got like 2 native american that my body is made up of ethnic groups all over the world calling me a racist I’ve got more racial diversity in my blood than in all of manchester combined call me a racist date a black girl I tried to I tried to date two black women from london they both ghosted me when they found my channel I had a somali girl I was gonna meet up and go on a date with and I had another black girl that I met on tinder and then they both found my channel somehow and then ghosted me one unmatched me.

I’d be more than happy to date a black girl just none of them want to date me so who’s the racist not me they’re racist I don’t know how people find my channel so easily how do they find it just knowing my name I just say my name’s daniel I don’t give them my full name you searched daniel like a billion daniels come up so one of the days said her friend knew my channel and told her about me I don’t know how the other one found it but I found out that she knows me because on my instagram stories I could see who’s looking at it and I saw her face and her name on on the list and she never even mentioned to me that she knew my channel so I don’t know if she was trolling me the whole time that’s how I like to see who’s watching me so I post a story I can see who’s watching I saw the essex girl checking out some of my stories essex girl’s still around she’s just not talking to me.

I saw her looking at my story she’s still interested should invite her to my manchester tower well as long as I don’t say anything about youtube they should have no reason to search me up on youtube but how many times you go on a date and then you just randomly search up your date on youtube I don’t tell them anything about my social media handles I just say my name’s daniel I trade stocks I only tell them about my channel if I think I’m not really that attractive anyway might as well well if they seem freaky then they might they might be into the facts that I’m a famous youtuber who’s spamming some stupid spammy I googled daniel stocks and you came up really wow I didn’t know I’m so famous damn tough life being famous man I need a new name I should change my name to nathaniel jonathan is a good name yeah being famous is really sucking my sex life didn’t think could be such a negative thing oh what I just banned him and now he’s back again.

What games do I play on switch I play mario kart uh my new video is doing quite well actually my monster hunter stories to wings of ruin I did a review it’s getting good views from the search results monster hunter bashing on monster hunt always seems to get good views I got like 40k views bashing monster hunter generations made a hundred buckarinos I don’t know why girls don’t like me oh my god he’s back again where’s my moderator where’s kerry kerry b saved me the spammers are here it’s that same person he has like a bot thing that keeps creating accounts although it’s kerry b that’s a fake kerry b because kerry b’s a mod she should have the spanner next to her name now people pretending to be my mods and my supporters the lengths these people go to oh my god if I nearly made him a mod what if I make the spammer a mod you’d end up banning everyone maybe a mod.

I okay I added I modded aya ayah but don’t ban anyone else just ban the guy who’s spamming I think that should keep him away now I can focus on the important task of my internal monologue I’m the real me wait is that the real character no you you’re tricking me kerry doesn’t donate in dollars the real kerry donates in pounds does she no way I’m getting confused now the real kerry should have a spanner because I made you a mod last time I remember when they pretended to be cesium and I thought it was actually him and then I realized oh the super chat’s in dollars him usually supercharging pounds because he’s english how’s my relationship with casey I haven’t talked to him since that happened there is no relationship you know what I found funny is casey backwards is chihiro kate that’s so funny.

You think that’s really weird I can’t believe it like the one person who pissed me off the most his initials are like the reverse of chihiro okay that’s so funny what a coincidence the cesium pronounced kcm I’m pretty sure it’s cesium not casium I have the same socks but why are you sad about it we can be sock buddies I like pink for my socks it expresses my feminine side oh someone called them ugly they’re not ugly I like how the hill has color too oh wow thanks kerry b seriously not joking what the f is going on ready is it the real kerry I’m confused now because I definitely did not unmod you how do I know it’s the real kerry though that’s the real kerry well no I made carry a model on youtube as well because the other guy kept spamming it is weird that someone would know what profile picture she has to copy although there’s another carry no I didn’t unmod everyone I made carry a mod recently my last live stream on youtube imposters we need a code word so we know who’s the real carry.

We should have a vote and the one who gets voted out we kick them out the door into space remembering among us was a big thing I actually played it a lot back in rotterdam it got boring really quickly would I study economics at university no I already know everything about economics from watching youtube I learned from wall street vets so inflation is when the value of the currency goes down which makes everything more expensive but I’m not sure what deflation is deflation is when isn’t it just the opposite so the cost of goods and services goes down I don’t know I get a bit confused actually about the interest rates and inflation inflation is going up because they printed so many dollars during the pandemic that’s bad because it means the dollar has less value so everything’s going to be more expensive and then interest rates going up is bad because it means it’s more expensive to borrow money but then it’s good for banks because they make more money if interest rates are higher I don’t know.

I learned all my financial knowledge from meet kevin and graham stephen graham stefan I learned all my crypto from tick tock crypto tick tockers my teachers what’s up graham is guys here smash the like button I should start doing that too shouldn’t I should say hey guys I’m gonna teach you five ways to make money online number one smash the like button and I’ll give you 100 pounds on paypal for each person who smashed the like button does it actually work I’ve done it before and I felt like it made no difference hey oh I hate when he does I always skip the first four minutes the first four minutes he says nothing he just first of all he explains what the title is and then he begs you to smash the like button and then he does like some kind of sponsored thing and it’s not not until four minutes into the video that he actually starts talking about what he’s supposed to talk about me meet kevin’s the same he’s always the first few minutes saying 40 coupon off my stupid course.

Yeah bold and harold never say that stuff and they’re always get getting virals and going into the algorithm I just wonder how much it actually helps when my channel was blowing up I never said smash the like button leave a comment to get the engagement up my channel just went viral even though I did nothing to make it go viral it’s just completely random I don’t even know why my video went by viral oh he’s calling himself becky williams now to do spamming yeah I didn’t do any of the stuff you’re supposed to do to make a channel grow I just randomly put out videos about any random thing that popped into my mind I guess it was just luck I have no idea why a video about not having friends goes viral but there’s so many people who did the same video and it all went viral there’s like this guy who only started youtube a couple months ago and his first ever video was something like I’m 32 and I’ve got no friends and then it went viral and he got like half a million views on it.

Becky’s back I just I’d bury my grandmother to get another viral I feel like I’m never gonna go viral again how do some people just non-stop have them and I only got I only got about four virals no I got five I don’t know six maybe it’s quite a lot actually I got why I have no friends why I hate living in japan why my girlfriend is the most boring person in the world why my girlfriend is ugly like like quartz of a million and then stop saying my wife is my mum or something um and then the sex style stuff got 200k and my chris broad videos is doing well it’s got 200k views so I think I’ve got six or seven virals if you consider 200k viral I think 200k is viral if you’re a smaller channel but recently I got nothing but actually it’s not true last year I got 100k views from my my hate career video why I hate living in korea has 110k views now and that was just a year ago simon martinez video has 44k views now.

It’s just the topics I’m picking are not good topics for virality stuff like oh manchester girl blocked me that’s not gonna go viral it’s not even gonna get search results I gotta do something like [Music] why you should buy crypto now or why sharla in japan sucks her videos are so boring and her hair is too blonde she looks like she smells of cabbage my rachel and jun video has a 130k views pretending to hate on people and stuff usually works but hating on the countries that you lived in what has worked every time even my why I hate living in netherlands video starting to ramp up it’s got 35k now I might get 100k in a year’s time I just don’t really have any beef with anyone that I care about I don’t have any genuine beef I used to have like a little bit of beef with nobody I had that tim scofield thing but tim scofield is also like a dead channel tim schofield doesn’t have like a big fan base who cares about him he has like a dead channel that randomly gets 100k views here and there depending on the tech he’s reviewing.

And I could trash talk tim scofield he’s not gonna have like a million fans rushing to his defense he’s like a faceless nobody who just does tech reviews why are you assuming I’m a guy because nine times out of ten weird people on the internet are guys this doesn’t seem like a thing a girl would do to like keep spamming and my audience is like 80 male so that’s why but thanks for the super chat yeah it’s funny the reason why my channel is dying is because I ran out things I hate well I guess I could rant a lot about women and dating but then people just call me misogynists and I just sound like bloody eddie roger going oh life’s not fair women don’t like me I guess that is kind of sad but don’t understand why women don’t like me I live in an amazing luxury apartment and I eat fine cuisine steak pie I literally live above all the peasants in manchester why doesn’t any girl like me look at me standing tall above all the peasants imagine king joffrey king joffrey would have been so funny if he was interested in girls the one thing about king joffrey was oh thank you carrie I forgive you daniel.

I know you have to be careful who you trust hmm do we trust her I still don’t know why you don’t have the mod because I made you a mod yeah the thing about joffrey was he was never interested in sex or women they even got him some hookers and he didn’t bang them instead he shot them with the crossbow one idiot they got him two naked hookers that he could do anything with and he decides to shoot them instead of banging them what I’m gonna say the other word maybe I can’t say that you unmodded me I don’t know now I’m scared if I mod you you might be a troll and then you ban everyone no I didn’t unmod all the mods I did that before I made you a mod but king joffrey could have been such an insult he was already like a really spoiled brat she isn’t mud because she isn’t the real me um yeah I know rio used to be mod but I unmodded you along with everyone else very tricky very tricky keeping track on who’s who especially now the trolls have kind of gotten into this thing of pretending to be people who are like supportive people the australian guy arc he’s probably married and has a kid now.

That australian guy had issues jahiro told me all about it this is ridiculous dm me on twitch okay you dm me on twitch I’ll confirm it where’s my phone yeah the australian guy apparently had severe issues of of what’s the word I think he was like really lonely and he couldn’t find a girl he really liked so he was just like on tinder all the time banging loads of women but he felt really unfulfilled and miserable you see that’s what they’re all like all these pickup artists playboy people right they’re banging all these women because they feel unhappy and they think that’s gonna fix the problem when it usually doesn’t it’s not gonna make you happy banging like 100 random people I mean I guess it’ll make me a bit happier.

But I’d probably still feel miserable in the same way I know his secrets you better send me your videos of you and chesh or else I’m going to leak all the secrets would you guys want to see your ex being banged by another guy wasn’t that to anyone or was it just me I also fantasize about that because I know he took jahira told me he took videos too because you know all guys like us filthy degenerates we take our naughty little videos I remember the first time I took my secret video of chihiro I didn’t think she noticed she said she saw me doing it she just pretended not to see it she said she could see my erection in the tv I didn’t realize a sneaker sneakily took the phone out from under the pillow thinking she didn’t notice she didn’t mind and then she let me film it properly afterwards and I set up the tripod and stuff we filmed it a few times maybe I shouldn’t say that she might get angry I think everyone knows already though okay let me check my twitch how many guys here have taken a video of you know.

What it’s not just me is it hey daniel is the real kerry b but how do I know this carrie b is actually the real kerry b what if this twitch kerry it’s a fake kerry b she’s got a little crown next to her name but there’s no mod badge shouldn’t there be a mod badge next to your name not just the prime thing guys join my twitch it’s better than youtube in case my youtube gets banned where’s my link here join me on twitch for more streaming oh I’ve got a golden name in the golden crown king of manchester go out of the room I already went out I went to audi walked around there was a big protest a couple days ago I think it was like an anti-lockdown anti-boris protest so many people and they went into the shopping center as I left that sign saying stuff like boris f satan or something make a video about being a minimalist yeah my room is pretty minimal I’ve got too much furniture though I feel like a minimalist we have no furniture it would just be an empty room aldi’s pretty nice they got cheap food I kind of wanted an unfurnished apartment that just had like an empty room with nothing.

It’d be pretty funny if I didn’t have the sofa I’d probably just get a bean bag and then sit on the bean bag in front of the mirror I feel like that actually would be better I was gonna phone them and say if I could get the sofa removed but too much work I wouldn’t mind just a bean bag and then a low table to put my coffee on to get rid of that table and chairs as well the place would be much bigger without all this I don’t want that corner table I don’t use it probably won’t buy a tv if I had the money to buy a tv I’d rather get a laptop greetings from japan hope you’re still going to stream for a bit uh yeah I think I could do another hour I’d like to go to bed at 1am it’s 12 now minimalism videos do well yeah but knowing my channel pretty won’t I think I’m shadow band I don’t really know what to say I’d say this is my minimalist lifestyle everything I own fits into my bag people always ask me how come you don’t have a laptop how do you do editing and trading and to that I say I do everything on my phone I just feel like I’d struggle to find something to say for eight minutes.

You can do everything on your phone these days you don’t need a computer you can day trade do technical analysis to investing on apps you can edit videos and photos on apps you can do banking on apps phones have just really advanced so much not just the phones but the apps the apps didn’t used to be this good I really have no need for a computer apart from a few video games I’d like to play computer it’s quite nice just you know having a couple phones and an ipad gets everything done two phones I feel like two phones is quite necessary especially if I’m streaming then I can do stuff on my other phone a lot of blonde women on manchester tinder never been with a blonde woman before that would be interesting blonde hair blue eyes never had that kind of girl oh I got a new oh I got two new matches I’m trans hmm [Music] I got a match 28 year old transsexual wow it’s got big boobs there’s a trans have a penis pre-op trans girl so unfortunately I still have it that saves you asking me.

Ah so she does have a pp should I sleep with her it would be interesting what if I can make a from banging the bum hole this just looks a bit chubby I don’t know maybe she doesn’t look like this in real life yeah I’m gonna like her back we will do it with a trans woman 33 in liverpool she likes video games camping stargazing piano and she likes socialism and feminism hmm I don’t think a feminist would like me much do you think a feminist would like me she’s also a socialist I don’t even know what that means I should put my profile racist misogynist can you remember that please I’m a massive racist please swipe left if you don’t like that put in my profile sex addict uh racist miss andrews everything ends in east lovely though hi my name name’s daniel I’m a massive racist nice to meet you then I’m going to swipe left yeah no she’s got a zelda tattoo.

Maybe I’m getting matches because weekend’s coming girls are lonely put in my profile famous youtuber stock and crypto millionaire trading stocks every day making millions did I get beer in the end no I keep getting lazy because my bag was so full from groceries and I didn’t bring a bag I didn’t feel like carrying a box of beer I really want a beer why could I have to make the beer so heavy pre beta male post alpha believes in communism hardcore communist and fascists well I don’t even know what fascism is what are the core beliefs of fascism what is fascism it feels good to say though authoritarian ultra nationalism characterized by dictatorial power sounds amazing doesn’t it sound like china though it doesn’t sound like communism and fascism are too different a strong regimentation of society who invented fascism giovanni gentile university of florence well I wonder how that guy feels for being responsible for the stuff to have in world war ii oh wow thank you carrie for my beer money.

Kerry’s being very generous tonight maybe it is real kerry I would definitely get beeru next time I go out but I got enough groceries to last me a week maybe I’ll pop out a few days later not tomorrow because I went out today oh wow oh no that’s his wife his wife died in 1944 how though killed by hitler and neo hegelian idealist I don’t know what that means well he died in 1944 that’s so weird the inventor of fascism dies on the day on the year that fascism died worldwide oh that’s so poetic didn’t world war 2 end in 1944 the end of fascism and then conveniently the inventor of it also died the founder of it says 1875 to 1944 was an italian philosopher and fascist politician he devised actualism the hell’s that but I put who it says who invented fascism giovanni genteel fascinating he looks evil that must mean he is evil I wonder what england was during the british empire were they democracy has england well I guess there was a monarchy before then oh wait they had a civil war about it didn’t they that was what the civil war was about to kick out the monarchy from power that oliver cromwell guy the parliamentarians they beat the king didn’t they and then they made the first house of parliament and democracy.

When was that the old civil war what what what was that called wore the roses no I don’t think it’s that one one of the roses was for the king control over the throne of england between france and england wasn’t it house of lankans lancaster house of tudor versus the house of york the plantagenets so much history very difficult remembering all the king stuff there was that king henry he was like the really famous powerful one in that movie on netflix played by timothy charlemage and that’s such a cool name isn’t it I wish that was my last name it sounds so sexy timothy is also a pretty cute name timothy charlemay I’d love to have that as my name yeah he’s french and he plays the english king and then robert pattinson is english and he plays as the french king which is pretty funny that was a good movie I quite liked it it was good I like robert pattinson’s funny french accent but that was like the king henry guy wasn’t he plantagenet I don’t know how that turned into the tudors because then his sons turned against him didn’t they ah very confusing all this king stuff king of england.

What am I looking for oh yeah the english civil war 1642 political machinations what does that mean parliamentarians and royalists I don’t know why but robert patterson gives me these massive troll vibes like he’s just trolling the whole time just having having a laugh was oliver cromwell arrests too 1642 damn imagine the people from 1642 if they can see the world now I’m living in a freaking glass box 500 feet in the air they’d be like wow what the is that they didn’t even have glass back then 1642 they had like wooden cups when was glass invented oh wait they had glass since 3500 bc maybe they did have glass yeah you just can’t imagine how just imagine what they would think if they could see today we’ve got phones look at this they’d be like what the hell is this I’d love to see their faces they could see I nearly got docks by a tower if they could see my building standing nearly 200 meters tall dominating the countryside they think it’s like an alien object wouldn’t they they think no way humans built this no way it looks like a massive alien obelisk just left here.

I just can’t imagine it imagine all this six in 1642 what the manchester look like it’s probably like a little tiny village with a wooden shack and all this is just countryside rolling hills with the old merry men marching towards the king to kill him charles first the first and only king to be executed in his country that’s so embarrassing imagine you become the king of england and you’re so happy and then you become the first and last king to ever be executed all the shame lord protector of the commonwealth oliver cromwell leader of the parliamentary forces but his son richard was forced into exile tough world isn’t it so much history isn’t there and now there’s like nothing when was the last time anything interesting happened in this country probably world war ii and nothing ever since world war ii nothing has happened now where’s the next civil war brexit that’s boring what about war of the roses the 100 year war the seven year war the crusades we need another good war do I like living at home or living out by myself.

I like living like this more than living at home living at home you know it’s not like it was fun and laughter all the time I barely spoke two words to my family I had to hide in my room almost every day because people kept coming around so this isn’t really much more lonely than it was living at home so I never even saw them anyway but all the wars are the same aren’t they it’s always the same it’s like a king is really successful and powerful he becomes a king everyone loves him but then he becomes egotistic and corrupted and then he becomes a bad king everyone hates him people turn against him they fight and then they have a war and then the king is overturned and there’s new king and then the same thing happens and then someone other person from another country wants to be king so they invade england and they have a war it gets a bit repetitive would I make a good king no because I wouldn’t give a about anyone and then I just tax them so I get all the money for doing nothing and then I’d probably just hate everyone because I’d feel like they hate me and then they’d turn against me and then I’d be like screw you then and then nuke the whole city like the mad king.

I’d be the most hated worst king ever and then I just have like sex slaves in a dungeon bang them all day long I’d have like 26 slaves taking taken from the poorest regions I’d be like king joffrey combined with the mad king combined with robert baratheon I’d be such a bad king robert baratheon was such a great king he just all day went hunting drank lots of wine and then he got killed by a ball he was such a great character season one of game thrones ah that’s such great characters king robert was my favorite I loved it it was a very sad tragic story he had though he was in love with that woman she was taken away from him then he had to marry that cersei just like me if I got a new girlfriend the true love of my life me taken away from me imagine I get a girlfriend and then I’m like waking up in the middle of the night crying over me like oh my god.

Imagine I got a new girlfriend we got really drunk and then I cried over meter again like I did with that other girl I can’t believe that happened it was a few weeks ago now I kind of forgot so I went to that viewer’s house to watch the football game I had way too much to drink and I just started crying about for mila an hour I got so emotional it was weird imagine if I did that with a girl a girlfriend yeah maybe that’s a sign I should not be looking for a girlfriend right now if you’re still crying over your ex probably means you’re not over them back when we thought robstart was the main character yeah I remember everyone was trying to figure out who’s the main character and then they kept getting killed off one by one I feel like tyrion was the main character ah the last season was so bad it just started getting so dumb daenerys just got more and more irritating and nothing she didn’t make any sense tyrion just became a complete idiot when he was supposed to be really clever they killed off that bold fat guy for the dumbest reason.

And then the fight between the hound and the mountain was so rubbish the whole seas the whole show everyone was hyping up uh cleganebowl they wanted to see a mountain fight hound and then when they did it was stupid because the mountain was like this emotionless soulless zombie who could survive being stabbed in the face in the brain and he was still alive and then the end of the fight they just fell out the building and got buried it was so rubbish the first fight was amazing when he was doing the jousting and then he cut the horse’s head off and then he nearly killed that pretty boy and then hound defends him and had that really short but cool fight that was so cool every fight scene with the hound was just epic you’ll know spammers back where’s my mod yeah it’s a shame because they ran out of book content and then they were rushing to finish it to get on to the next project I don’t know how they could have made it a better ending.

The ending was so lame and then bran it just felt like bran contributed nothing with even with his special magic powers and that epic adventure he went on to get them what did it do what did it do to help everyone it’s just so silly and all of the arya fight scenes was just lame little ninja girl such a shame but it feels like most tv shows have that problem they start off really good these eventually get worse and worse breaking bad was like one of the only shows that had an amazing ending didn’t drag on for too long oh thank you johnny I’m 35 chinese guy moved to mexico why mexico mexico seems scary how would I end game of thrones hmm also all of the battle scenes against the the zombies were rubbish because it was so dark you couldn’t see anything I wanted like a big epic battle I think they should have actually sent the lannisters to help because I would have loved to see oh that would be so cool I’m getting goosebumps oh great idea how about this the lannisters actually go north to help them fight and defend they have a massive epic battle against the zombies during the day so you can actually see stuff couldn’t see anything when the dothraki charged into them at night it was just a mess.

So they should have had like a massive daytime battle and it would have been really cool and epic and then the starks and the lannisters team up and it’s all like oh so great they’re teaming up becoming friends and then they managed to defeat the night king and then cersei betrays the starks and then like orders her men to kill off the starks and then I don’t know that seems a bit predictable though oh yeah I forgot about el camino I watched that too what happened in it yeah it shows what happens after jesse escapes I completely forgot what happens in it it wasn’t that great though but called better called saul was really good I watched it with your hero I watched all of breaking bad for the third time with jiro as well I just don’t know how they could have ended the series on game of thrones you can’t have the night king win because that would be kind of city if the night king wins and everyone just died people was coming up with such crazy theories like oh the night king is actually bran that was a good idea now what if bran the night king was bran in the future and and the whole show was like an epic showdown between bran and the night king trying to outwit each other like death note l versus kira.

That would have been cool all the theorists probably came up with more interesting ideas and actual um directors did oppa didn’t kirk what a funny name oh it’s odin kirk bearcorsol was okay slipping jimmy I prefer breaking bad I can’t believe it’s so old I can’t believe it 2008 breaking bad came out such a long time ago I didn’t watch it until about 2013-ish I was quite late I think I watched it three times I watched it first by myself and then I watched it again with my with some japanese girlfriend and then I watched it again with chihiro oh the new season of fair course wall is on is out I remember watching all of it with chihiro and then feeling really sad because it ended and we had to wait for the next season too bad our marriage didn’t last that was one good thing about being married watching a really cool series together nothing beats that because it’s like you on this adventure journey together with another person whilst watching this show you get to experience it [Music].

Together we watched a lot of stuff what did me and mila watch we watched some horror movie tv netflix series something haunted hill manor is about family moves into a haunted house and the kids get traumatized by ghosts the parents don’t believe the kids because they think oh it’s just kids but the kids grow up and have like ptsd and mental illness and then even into adulthood the kids are still like followed around by the ghosts it’s actually really creepy I mean getting goosebumps just remembering it I’m usually not into horror but this is the first time a horror ghost story actually gave me goosebumps it was creepy and one of oh gives me tingles actually so one of the little girls would have nightmares of a bent neck lady appearing from the ceiling at night oh this gives me tingles wow even my face is getting goosebumps and then she goes crazy and as an adult and she goes back to the house that was haunted that they grew up in and then she hangs herself and then the bent neck lady that she was seeing as a kid was actually her oh getting tingles I don’t know why that creeps me out so much and then the little boy has a different ghost that kind of follows him around.

He’s like this weird floating guy floating old hunchback man with a walking stick who would like tap the floor with it and then he gets addicted to drugs as an adult and then he would keep seeing that old guy with a walking stick and then the mother commits suicide or something I don’t know what happened to her I think she committed suicide in the house it was a pretty good show I usually don’t like ghost stuff but that show was good I really like how how each kid had like a different ghost haunting them and each ghost had like a meaning like it was linked connected to their future yeah very creepy show that was and then the guy the father the father moved into like his big mansion and he was trying to renovate it and then he kept noticing weird things like he could hear tapping from inside the walls thinking it was rats so he knocks the wall down and then they find a corpse buried in there from like the 1800s and then bit by bit he realizes the house is haunted and then he just like packs everything moves his family out I forgot the name the show I think was something like the haunting of haunted hill manor on the hill.

Haunting it was good yeah and then there was like the youngest child who’s had an imaginary friend and then he would always say oh my imaginary friends here and no one else could see it but it was actually like the ghost of the daughter of the couple that maintained the house and it was actually a ghost he was saying it wasn’t like his imagination yeah I think that’s the first time a movie I mean if a show ever gave me the chills I better not get nightmares tonight yeah living alone is nice the only bad thing is there it gets a bit alone a bit lonely at times but when you go from being an independent adult married in japan and also you know having your own place in rotterdam you can’t really go back to living with your parents treated like a kid because you’ve experienced adulthood you’ve experienced being independent going back to play being bossed around by your parents and then being told oh do this for me or else this and that or you live under my roof you do what I say.

Don’t know I’m a bloody 32 year old adult I don’t have to do anything you say you’re not my boss you’re not my owner if you want to be respected then you go treat me with respect as an adult not like some slave boy I’m not gonna let people boss me about and order me around and then threaten me just because I don’t want to do something so disrespectful and then they demand respect from you just because you’re you’re just because they’re the kid you’re their kid they think they can just demand respect whilst not doing anything to earn it the is that demanding respect take the piss you earn it you don’t demand it treat me like I’m a 10 year old jesus you can’t go from you know having an adult life and then going back to being treated like a kid is so depressing and irritating just because you give birth to someone doesn’t mean they owe you we didn’t ask to be given birth to did we we just brought into the world because our parents wanted to have kids and then all of a sudden we would be like oh thanks so much holy mightiness.

I just I don’t agree with it it’s just like such an entitled thing to say to expect saying oh I gave birth to you you owe me you little better make it worth my time giving birth to you so such a bad attitude it’s such a toxic way of thinking why do you think asia has the highest rates of suicide because that’s like asian culture isn’t it filial piety yeah maybe that’s why japan and korea have the highest rates of suicide and unhappiness because their families are like you better become a lawyer or else we’re kicking you out on the street and disowning you you shame the family own happiness is not important honoring the family is more important than your happiness stupid that’s what a asian society is like I just don’t agree with that ideology I don’t subscribe to that ideology man I think you should encourage people to find what they love doing and support them nurture them not like demand things from them and make them feel ashamed.

And you know all right if I had a kid I’d be like yeah find you gotta find what makes you happy you go to work to make it come true as long as you you’re not like killing people then I support you uh and then you know you gotta make your own mistakes you’ll just experience life you’ll let people make mistakes and let people experience the downs and the ups I don’t like it when the parents try to control or demand things well I judge you I don’t like to control people I’ve never been interested in like controlling what people do just do what makes you happy that’s what I believe [Music] um yeah pretty good stream today quite happy with it quite pleased with today’s stream I thought maybe I could do a mirror mirror streaming but I don’t want to sit here I sat here to make my last video the lighting’s pretty bad maybe I can maybe I can unhook this mirror and put it into the living room look do like a mirror stream wow my hair’s getting long well how long it’s getting at the back should I let my hair grow.

It’s been a long time since I let it get long um it’s like my muscles I grew them myself my push-up muscles look I’ve got shoulders now I didn’t used to have that bump but I’ll show you my push-ups see that 20 easy thirty did you see that 35 I think I did 34 or 33 but yeah I can do 22 I can do 20 fairly easily and then up to 30 is a bit of a struggle and then past 30 I just I can’t do anymore my muscle it’s just my legs are really skinny I need to walk to audi more maybe I do squats like this we can hear it cracking my legs so skinny I just don’t really feel like doing squats would make my legs look different oh thank you mark have I gained weight I don’t know I haven’t weighed myself I don’t really care about my legs because you know I always wear trousers you’re not going to see them anyway I guess you don’t see my arms anyway do you got muscle now look at my triceps I’ve got triceps.

Um the problem is my knees I feel like even if I did squats my thighs would get bigger but then you know this area is still going to be really skinny because it’s like the bone and the kneecap yeah it’s making this muscle tense or it would get this bit bit bigger I guess but then the knee area doesn’t have any muscles on it there’s nothing to grow on the knee and then there’s like no muscle on my calf it’s just flat hmm it’s manchester it’s just funny because like all the people on the street they don’t exercise they just walk up and down and then they have perfectly normal looking legs I’m pretty sure like the average joe on the street does not go home and then do a hundred squats and then ride a bicycle like the average jimbo probably doesn’t do any exercise and they have normal looking legs so how come my legs look like bloody toothpicks I don’t know yeah because they’re heavier I guess their legs are built to maintain the weight.

When I was carrying my luggage from the last apartment to this place I could feel like my my knees trembling because of the weight and how much I had to walk so I think if I just walked around with a 10kg weight in my backpack and I just walked around my legs perique strength and a lot I just hate exercising my legs I don’t mind doing weight lifting with my arms I like exercising my arms because you can see the muscles grow pretty fast I’ve tried doing squats before and then it just made like no difference and it’s way more painful doing squats than it is doing push-ups so it’s not really that excruciating to do some push-ups and lift some weights I think the problem is I’m just sitting down 90 of the day not using my legs end up like those astronauts floating around and the only time I walk is when I go to the supermarket which is why I’m kind of glad this well there is a sainsbury’s local I think it’s there but I go all the way to audi which is right over here that takes about takes about 25 minutes to walk there and then 25 minutes back.

So I get about an hour of walking I should be doing it every day supposed to do like half an hour walking every day on you strenuous walking the ability of traffic is depressing why because there’s hardly any yeah it is kind of interesting you go to tokyo seoul there’s a constant non-stop stream of traffic at night you can just see like cars upon cars upon cars and then I’m in the city center of the second or third biggest city in england and then this is the traffic it’s like two cars well it is 1am not really complaining less traffic’s less noise am I bored of manchester already yeah I guess so but I was never having an amazing time anyway straight from the beginning it’s just been a non-stop chain of disappointment I can’t believe I’ve been here a month now it came on the first of july I couldn’t believe that I actually came I didn’t think I was going to come but then that last argument with my mom just pushed pushed me over the edge so I was actually thinking of just staying at home.

I got a venus fly trap I bought a new gaming mouse I was kind of ready to stay at home for the long haul until japan reopens but then that last argument just like oh I couldn’t stand anymore and then I really wanted to sleep with that manchester girl because we’d been sexting for months now and I thought she wanted to have sex I didn’t think she’d be you know taking everything so seriously like oh he’s going on other dates he’s I thought you know she would just meet me when I came and then come and stay over and have sex because we’ve been talking about having sex for months years even and then I finally get here and then she’s like all sudden not interested so I was a bit shocked I thought she really wanted to meet me yeah staying in the first apartment was just a bit of a nightmare just weeks upon weeks of wondering if she’s gonna come at all wondering if I wasted my time coming wondering if I should get an apartment or just live in a hotel or a nightmare at least now I’ve kind of you know I got things sorted out got home sorted out but yeah I feel a bit relieved now things settle down.

Really what I’m looking forward to now is just relaxing living my life peacefully it’s not a nice feeling to be in a hotel or a short-term apartment cost two thousand a month if I was going to stay in the first place it would have been I think two thousand pounds a month it’s like three thousand dollars no way I could afford that so I had to look for an apartment I’m really glad I chose this one I nearly went for another one that was about 700 a month it’s all the way there and I went to see the place and it was okay it was bigger than this place it had a living room a kitchen and a separate bedroom and a balcony but the area was just I didn’t like the area it just felt kind of sad it’s like in the area where all the diy warehouse shops are next to some main road yeah it was near the other audi where I went to in the beginning um where was it and they wanted me to pay 12 months rent all at once that would have been like 9000 pounds.

It was an okay looking place the building wasn’t great it looked good on the outside but on the inside it felt like a hospital the corridors were just like completely white and bare it felt very sad in the corridors here it feels much different the atmosphere in this building is nice the reception guy is really friendly people create each other there’s like a nice city vibe because you’re in this city it’s not like on the outskirts behind some factory warehouse I like it here it was next to that area called anchors and coats is like a famous area for the textile factories they used to be there but it had like this bit of an industrial feel see the feeling of the area is important when I walk to aldi I’m walking down this main street and it just feels good the buildings look nice the people I seem like they’re in a good mood people don’t look all grumpy and miserable there’s a lot of asian people around as [Music] well also being in a more expensive area kind of filters out the unsavory residents who wouldn’t be able to live in this kind of area so you’re not just paying for the building and the view you’re paying for the area as well I guess.

I don’t know I say all that and then tomorrow we get beaten up on the street at 2pm better not jinx it I remember I felt like this in rotterdam I was like well we’re also I’m sorry nice to see it’s quite nice so far the next day I get beaten up on the bloody street that’s what you get for living in the ghetto area what’s that noise okay like a weird creaking sound well I can see your I can see my messages on the glass reflection how messaging me someone’s messaging me on instagram saying they can see the messages when they message me message me again on my glasses or on the window glass how much is my rent it’s 885 a month oh my glasses yeah you can can you I can’t see it because instagram pop-up blocks here it’s just weird it’s like floating ahead floating over a city imagine I’m like the big giant I could just crush each building with my finger uh yeah this place is more expensive no wait no it’s not I was paying 1200 in rotterdam oh my god I was paying more money in rotterdam to live in the ghetto in that horrible apartment that I’m paying here to live in this really nice apartment in the middle of the city.

I was paying 1200 pounds yeah so that’s like 1800 isn’t it and that was all bills included and here I’m paying 1 000 well 885 plus accounts tax and bill is probably about a thousand so it still is 200 cheaper still cheaper here it was 1200 euros I can’t remember I thought it was 1200 pounds 1400 euros yeah maybe it was 1200 euros which is about 1100 pounds but still it was slightly more expensive than here and the apartment was so bad it was on the ground floor on a busy main street the door was rubbish there was no sound proofing at all I could hear every single footstep the neighbors were terrible they were like some foreign family with 10 bloody kids running up and down there were two floors above me and they they had like families with kids running up and down then they’re like standing around outside all day in front of my door that apartment was so uncomfortable there was no bed there was no door separating separating the second room from the main road because it’s not actually an apartment it was actually a shop it used to be a shop so it had like the bay window display shop window.

I don’t really think it was for living in you probably lived on this on the second and third floor and then the first ground floor would be the shop I was so unhappy in that rotterdam apartment yeah this place is great I can’t hear a thing I’ve been streaming for six hours I haven’t heard a single I can’t hear a single thing from that side there’s nothing from that side the only sound I can hear is when people use the lifts but that’s pretty it’s not very un it’s not very common because people aren’t going in and out all day long I actually walked around the corridors and I saw about I think I saw about six six stores so maybe six other apartments which means there’s only six or ten people living on this floor I don’t know there must be more people living on each floor maybe there’s only about seven or eight apartments per floor I don’t know it seems like I thought there would be more people per floor but I don’t think there are yeah I could check how many doors I had to go around the back of the elevator to get rid of my rubbish there’s like a door and then there’s a shoot you put put it into the tray and you close it and it goes down the rubbish chute.

And then I saw about I saw one two three four five doors on that side maybe there’s another five on that side this reminds me when I used to do those silly videos in front of the mirror this is funny I can’t do those anymore I got some really bad news uh my wife wants to sue me because I slept with another woman she’s so stupid that was like my content for two years wasn’t it isn’t it funny since I stopped doing those my channel died so I swear if I just come up with some dumb thing to complain about and I just stood in front of that mirror I could probably get more views guys today I went on a date and then she expected me to pay for my own food how dumb is she we’re living in 2021 why can’t the women pay for my food why do I have to pay for hers what a that’d be like my troll content from back then the didn’t want to search for me how dare she I’m so fabulous and I live in a luxury penthouse how could she not like me look at my muscular arms I’m so handsome people don’t get that I’m trolling when I when I do that they think I actually think that but that’s what I gotta do to get people’s attention I gotta piss them off somehow.

I had the worst day ever she wouldn’t let me touch her bum on the first date what a stalker woman but the tone of my voice is so dumb sounding how could you not think I’m trolling you do it like this stupid hong kong guy slept with my wife I can’t believe it oh my god I just can’t force myself to do it anymore it feels really stupid people just start hating me because either people believe it which is what I want them to do so they watch it if they all don’t believe it they’re not going to watch it so I need them to believe it which means I need them to hate me well they’re gonna hate me if they believe it don’t they aren’t they and then no girls are gonna be interested in me because I think I’m like eddie roger version two make another I got a job video yeah I do another hey guys we got a new jab and then I got therapy and now I’m going to university of manchester to start learning welding I want to be a welder just like my great great great grandfather it runs in the blunder welding metal I just can’t be bothered anymore doing the whole trolling stuff it’s not fun.

It used to be quite funny because you know so many people would think I’m being real my apologies to the hong kong guy dear casey I want to I felt really bad about how I treated you and I wanted to make a video apologizing for meeting you I apologize for my stupidity in letting you anywhere near my wife I apologize for not having the foresight to be able to tell that you would stab me in the back that would be funny actually did in the hacker style and then rip off my shirt when japan reopens I’m gonna destroy you and then show off my new muscles I’ve been doing 100 push-ups every day to build these muscles to rip you to shreds and then I pour kombucha over my head that does seem like classic daniel content doesn’t it yeah I guess I changed maybe I grew up but I don’t feel like I can do that anymore I don’t really know what direction to take the channel in anymore.

It used to be about doing really dumb ridiculous stuff that didn’t really make any sense and then saying anything I could to piss people off to get them to click and then just blowing any kind of drama out of proportion exaggerating it I guess I still do it don’t I with the manchester girl made a video about her I could have done one about that tinder date that I stood up it’s kind of bothered when you’re making 50 day trading stocks you start to feel like oh what’s the point making a video for 50 embarrassing myself when I can just day trade stocks for the same or maybe even more money I kind of miss just you know being genuine not trolling not making up fake content just want to be me you know to talk about things that are actually happening things I’m actually upset about it gets tiring playing this character all the time really I’d like to shift my content from drama and relationship stuff too I don’t know more financial kind of stuff lifestyle kind of stuff I like those simple videos where people just talk about how much money you spend in a day how much money it costs to live in a big city tour of my minimalist department just simple stuff.

Oh yeah robin hood has a stock now I usually stay away from new newly released stocks they always seem to tank don’t they there’s roblox what else was that I thought there was a lot but I forgot them now I don’t really want to talk about I don’t want to make videos about stocks I think that would be a bit boring what would I say it’s like that humble trader video humble trader channel where most of videos are her just talking about what she traded in the day and it’s really boring it’s just like oh hey guys uh these are the stocks I traded today and this is what happened I first traded this and it went down and then they went up and then I made a good trade here because it went up and then this one went down this is really boring the only stock channels I want to watch are the ones where you learn stuff not where you hear about what they traded and how much money they made or how much they lost all the mistakes they made that’s like a diary I guess I could do that could make a new channel my stock trading journey day one I became a day trader I lost all my money or I could learn things and then after I’ve understood it I could make my own video teaching it.

So I could make a video about fibonacci because I feel like I’ve understood it now and I use it and it helps me so I could make a video explaining it how to use fibonacci levels to make money really I want to tap into the the gay or the gay audience and then promote my only fans that is a gold mine gay men have so much money that they’re willing to give out for pinot it would be great if I could like make some kind of video that really appeals to the gay audience geez the amount of money the gay guys give me on only fans is nuts they pay me like forty fifty dollars for my premium content plus the ten dollars a month just for being a member and then there’s some guys who are like oh send me I want more videos send me more I’ll pay you I feel like the best way to make money now is like the youtube channel try and get more gay guys and then go for the only fan stuff hmm I need to have like some kind of presence in the gay community maybe there’s like subreddits where there’s gay subreddits and then I could promote my only fans I could make a video like my experience being gay I bet loads of gay guys would click on that and then make it really relatable.

You’d have to be all fake though cause I’m not actually gay my experience being gay I first realized I was gay when I was 18 but I was too scared and ashamed to admit it I grew up in a very conservative family and the very homophobic background even the word gay was used as an insult at school yeah I already did but the thing is when I made the gay japanese guy video I wasn’t doing any fans then so I kind of missed the opportunity to promote my only fans to the 70 000 people who watched it I think I linked it now but now that it’s too late I could actually have gay sex this guy on only fans messaged me he said he lives nearby and he’s got like a huge only fans way bigger than mine he said we could collab I don’t know I don’t really want to have gay sex it just seems awkward the hell is that I think it probably would feel the good does that sound so I’m pretty sure it’s gonna feel good but then afterwards it’ll just be weird I’d probably just want him to leave afterwards and not stick around I’d be like so when you’re going and then it’ll probably smell weird perhaps to wash it after I do it with a woman but I’m completely okay not washing just having her smell on me.

But when I got the bj from the guy straight away I went to wash it because it just smelled funny I just didn’t like the smell there’s always a smell isn’t that when you do it with a person you’re not attracted to there’s such a strong smell it lingers in the room it’s like the smell doesn’t go away but then when you with a woman you’re really attracted to they smell great they could not shower for a week and they would still smell amazing it’s not the smell of of being unhygienic it’s just the smell of the person everyone has a smell it doesn’t you can have a shower you still have your smell do I still have only fans yes it’s onlyfriends.Com forward slash hiding in my room 10 a month amazing content and it’s got like a year’s worth of built up content that you instantly get access to for the ten dollars that I’ve created over the past year so signing up to our new fans now is way better than signing up to it when I first made it because back then there was nothing on it so you see my only fans page is like an appreciating asset goes up in value over time for not just for me but for you as well.

But then by that logic you’d be better off not joining now and then joining next year when there’s even more stuff um not great sales pitch when elizi remember elizi that british girl when she made a video reacting to my only fans I think about 20 people joined I made like 200 just when she reacted to my only fans and then her video only got about 40k views just imagine if someone has like 100k viewers reviewed it uh too bad no one else reviewed it as people were reviewing onision’s only fans and getting millions of views if only elvis reviewed it someone bigger just such a lazy hiding in my room she made two videos about me I can make like an update video I guess how much money I make on only fans a month one year later but on the bright side it’s it’s surprisingly good that my only fans is still doing really well people kept saying oh daniel’s only friends it’s gonna dry up no one’s gonna be paying for it anymore a year later.

Well it’s been a year later and I still have close to 100 people 100 members paying 10 a month and buying my premium content even though I haven’t promoted my only fan since last october the last time I made like a proper video about it last october and I’m still getting like a constant stream of people coming back because in the initial wave I had about 220 people sign up when I first announced it and then over time you know like another hundred so there’s probably three to four hundred people who have signed up over time and then they sign off because you know they they might want to save money or they might feel like there’s not much new content and then they sign they come back a couple months later check out this like new stuff and then it’s like a cycle of hundreds of people coming back to my only fans some stay subbed every month some unsub and then sub back a couple months later so it seems fairly reliable so far.

It’s been over a year when did I make it I think it was last year may last year april may am I making new content for any fans yeah I made loads recently in the previous apartment I made quite a few things my smash hit sausage up the bum did very well what else should I put I might get like a parsnip or a carrot carrot up the bottom maybe I could cook the bratwurst and then put up my bum let it cool down a little bit but put it up when it’s hot no I mean warm not hot that would be painful but when it’s like room temperature hot warmish it’ll feel like the warmth of a human and it’ll be meaty instead of raw and squishy will be meaty and cooked and firm and warm that might feel quite good am I proud of what I do it’s not really pride I do it because the money is good I don’t really enjoy doing it I’d rather not do it if I had the choice if I was a millionaire I probably wouldn’t do it because it’s not really something that interests me but it’s so easy to do and the money’s so good and unfortunately my youtube career kind of went down the toilet.

Not making 2k a month anymore from youtube am I it’s not like my youtube channel took off and I became a smash hit a youtuber which is what I was hoping for people just ended up hating me didn’t they I wanted to be like a quirky weird comedic commentary channel I didn’t expect people to dislike me so much I came into bit of a surprise a bit of a shock people were hating me even before the big scandals like the cheating stuff people hated me just for not having a job so it’s the stupidest reasons people would hate me for why is it so important to them for me to have a job I don’t get it who cares if I have a job or not so many people were obsessed with telling me to get a job non-stop it was just weird I never seen another youtuber where they just constantly get hate for not having a proper job it’s just the strangest thing oh I think one of the problems is I always want to have an opinion or a take that goes against what everyone else thinks so I always end up with an opinion that everyone disagrees with.

I like being a contrarian I think I always like coming up with reasons why the way everyone thinks is wrong and then argue the opposite case and that just results in people just hating me because I’m like this is why school sucks this is why having a job sucks this is why charlotte in japan sucks this is why insert the thing that everyone thinks is good is bad this is why japan sucks people don’t like that because I guess it’s like challenging the world view and they feel like they’re being challenged the world view is being threatened by this weird guy who’s telling them that everything they thought was the right things to do is stupid and done why going to university is a waste of time why only idiots go to college I mean I do kind of think going to university is done seems like a massive waste of money I would never go I think some jobs yeah you need university but most things you want to do in life you don’t need a degree the most things you want to do in life you can make your own business you want to be an artist then just get good at art and then make your own comic or something.

You want to be a musician just learn how to play stuff and then release an album on youtube you want to do cooking then just get good at cooking and then make a cooking channel so everything can be turned into a youtube channel and monetized and turned into a business you’ve got cooking channels art channels music channels channels are everything a channel is about how to grow grass properly if you’re passionate and interested in something then just make it a youtube channel having a job you’ve got the whole internet provides information for free I don’t know why you go to university my sister studied film studies at university and then she does nothing related to film seems like it was a massive waste of money and time to me but I guess she met lots of cool people had a good time and it was great experience in life I guess I missed that one.

Yeah I feel a bit sad sometimes because it seems like going to university it could have been a great opportunity to meet cool people make friends maybe even have sex in the dormitory learning social skills and networking skills that would kind of just wither if you didn’t go to university I suppose networking is a good thing it’s hard when you try and do everything all by yourself isolated I feel kind of sad that over the last 10 years after all the people I met and not a single one of them ended up becoming like a long-term friend or partner or something not a single one I just I guess I failed to connect with people and make lasting relationships I had friends in each guest house I had people I liked hanging out with but as soon as they left the guest house or I left just stopped talking to each other well the korean woman x she messaged me on my birthday so I guess it’s nice she she still masters me maybe I could message her 12 years later 11 no 11 years later she still thinks of me as nice we had a bit of a catch up I can’t believe it was 11 years ago.

I also feel kind of sad no one cares about what I’m up to not a single person from my real life messaged me saying hey dan what’s up what are you up to now what are you doing for money what what kind of job do you not a single person no one from school no one from any of the guest houses I met so that’s why I do youtube’s why I stream that’s why I don’t care about privacy and I’m happy to share all this personal stuff because no one cares in my real life no one gives a this makes me feel like I didn’t mean anything to any of the people I ever met the only way to connect to people that I have is by streaming and making videos just makes you think that you had such little impact on every person you met that none of them even messages you once that’s kind of sad to think did I message anyone I messaged loads of people message ben messaged max I messaged victoria message bunch of people from school that was a different victoria the one that I punched in primary school who was friends with chris broad eight percent battery.

I might go to sleep now oh my gosh nearly two I really should sleep now otherwise my sleep schedule gets messed up I like waking up before midday it’s nice another six hour live stream well done six hours 40 minutes probably stream again in two days on twitch I’ll do two tweet streams maybe three and then another youtube stream in a week’s time so I want to do twitch twitch twitch youtube twitch twitch twitch youtube twitch twitch wait let me link my twitch one last time before I go here’s my twitch [Music] I got how much super chat money got it says 69 11. So 69 is pretty good then bloody youtube is going to take like 30 uh I think 69 11420 nearly got a 1-1-1 it’s just 1-1 no one-on-one ones tonight I think I’m straying from my manifestation I’m straying from my spiritual journey now.

I get more donations on youtube than twitch on twitch I get maybe five or ten dollars sometimes 20 on a good day I made twenty dollars from a youtube live stream just from the ad adsense without any donations but people are much more generous with the super chats so really if I was gonna do it for money focusing on youtube streams would be better than twitch streams but I like to do the twitch streams because it’s like a more laid back casual feeling I don’t have to worry about the views I feel sad when I see the views so low on my channel but then on twitch I don’t really care as much well thanks for watching watch wash my teeth do this washing tomorrow okay see you next time or see you on twitter goodbye everyone [Music].

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