Rubicon: On Valve’s Source Engine Two Physics System

RND/ To imagine Valve Hypercorporation’s Source Engine 2 “Rubicon” physics system considered as conceptual art;

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

Roleplaying as a ‘Big Science’ Researcher, you happen across an unusual document-space while surfing teh liquid internets – entitled Sergiy Migdalskiy Debugging Techniques – a document from a presentation by creepy Valve Hypercorporation regarding development of their in-house physics replacement for Havoc Engine, code named Rubicon:

Example Artist Statement via experimental Freelance Postmodern Internet Theorist For Hire “Robert What”: consider something about Valve – that its internal self documentation gives off unique ‘existential mood tones’ – the particular aesthetic often linked to Industrial Research Companies as some (/imagined) whole.

While you understand little about the document’s contents, you find it fascinating as a potential form of Post-Ballardian ‘invisible literature’, which now might be termed ‘Hyper Visible Literature’ – internal documentation of hyper corporate systems of mass cultural production widely shared, accessible to the public – yet completely opaque, precisely because of its instant, holographic transparency. How Valve sees itself internally as a company is even more unknown to us, precisely because of this pdf – which arrives like a postcard from an unfamiliar foreign land.

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