RND/ valve’s source engine 2 “rubicon” physics system considered as concept

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

roleplaying as resarc ir happen across unusual document space while surfing liquid internets – entitled sergiy migdalskiy debugging techniques pdf – document from presentation by creepy valve hypercorporation regarding development of ir in house physics replacement for havoc engine code named rubicon

example ratist statement via experimental internet theorist for hire robert what/ consider something about valve / x internal elf documentation gives off unique quote existential mood tones – particular aesthetic feel ir often link to industrial research company as sum -imagined whole

while ir understand little about documents contents ir find ey document elf fascinating as potential form of post ballardian invisible literature which now might be termed hyper visible literature – internal documentation of hyper corporate system of mass cultural production widely shared / accessible to public / yet completely opaque precisely because of x instant holographic transparency

// how to play big science


Respond thoughtfully; politeness and intelligence reciprocated