Robert What Abstract Conceptual Digital Gallery

//Scene – a gallery of conceptual-digital Research and Development art

rnd/ corporate aesthetics

Corporate Aesthetics

abstract video wall supercar sex luxury on hotbed of rapidly dispersing global rat capital pixels

rnd/ cosmic park bench


aka researching tables of appang lang/ where ir once sat with ir mental chess sets figuring out odds / oddity of ir lives

rnd/ dyson nihei megasphere collapse


to consider super collapsing dyson / nihei megasphere over dimensional parsec in diameter currently balanced on end of safety pin – awesome sight to behold

due to recent internal political changes in upper middle management official neo scientific archive records of loftleader industries will now show collapse not of megasphere elf but rather collapse of sphere into x dimension with ontologically terminal / fatally exciting ramifications deep neuro aesthetic resonance
– theorist for hire robert what

note x all subsequent blame! for x virtual event has now media blue shifted to bsz research development hypercorporation

rnd/ electron cavern


deep in electron cavern ir dived for lost archaeological information regarding missing scrolls

due to intense existential pressure ir descent into electron cavern as taking longer than expected

there are whole bodies of liquid data down here vast as any ocean

something beautiful unseen as down here with ir keeping pace – fundamentally challenging ir perceptions as n moves to loose rhythmic beat of strange dreams
– theorist fore hire robert what

rnd/ existential pizza

existential-pizzawhen no actual slice seems available but rather ey feel immediately sliced by x angular semiotic patterning formation

rnd/ galaxy map

galaxy-mapvisionary psychedelic projection taken from star map tattoos of passing roy batty down at help currently helping resarc henry swanson with ir project research development

rnd/ heat death

heat-deathwhen old joker young circus trapeze artist got together x one star crossed evening etched out ir unlikely chemical destiny on discrete torn section of circus tent

rnd/ homage to kandinsky

homage-to-kandinskyresarc robert what/ in which painter wassily goes shopping in town finds some old jazz records

ey strolls back home plays ir vinyl in background while ey sips glass of freshly squeezed juice oranges plucked from ir orchard x same bright summer morning

ey soon nods off/ dreams of strange cartoon creatures in wallpaper with laughing happy faces

rnd/ icelandic blood giants

icelandic-blood-giantsto consider sleeping blood giants of ancient future iceland/ now rapidly awakening due to anthropocentric climate change

rnd/ lady sumiko tree transforms

imaginary shoji print

lady-sumiko-tree-transformsresarc robert what/ while hiding from ir captors in ancient swamps to east lady sumiko calmly recites ancient spell of ir ninja clan enabling ir to turn into entangling tree

tearing ir clothes on sharp branches repeatedly tripping over x roots to fall into stinking mud/ ir cruel pursuers soon retreat back to safety of ir evil lords dark conspiratorial fortress

rnd/ long summer march

long-summer-marchn was another long weary march through smoking black kettle summer – through broken backwater foothills angry snarling overcast projections of research group holding sway over petrified romantic hearts/ bursting with scintillating heat / nonlinear emotional turbulence

rnd/ new york graffiti

resarc robert what/ francis dons rudeboy

new-york-graffitimary meanwhile dips ir remaining steel toes in slow steady pulse of warm reggae bacon soup

francis sees ir oblique attempt at inner smile bails – all synthetic morality spent with dripping hands of plastic anxiety x new york graffities / gratifies

ir remaining perceptual interests on foundational obelisk once belonging to dead cheech wizard eyeball high with heavily razored young bloods while artisan hipsters blanche

rnd/ north american hunting blanket

north-american-hunting-blanketrest assured completely authentic as verified by slowly nodding experts with acute unspoken history of unrestrained cultural violence

another hopelessly convoluted statement on artificial nature of representation symbolism

note/ to consider term indian has been deliberately left out of title

rnd/ optical color study

to rest at noon hour meditate on loves ecstasy
to return home at eventide with gratitude
then to sleep with prayer for beloved in ey heart song of praise upon ey lips
– from on love by kahlil gibran

optical-color-studyexample resarc statement via theorist robert what

soft tonal platelets – eye agate style / hypotrochoid like spheres suspended horizontally in quiet z plane

ever widening concentric squared spheres of gentle organic influence – oddly muted palate of strange wild flowers raised to cool spring air

for abc – only person who thought ey was ever worth damn/ ey feel with rotating globular existence now alive with soft fresh color blooms

rnd/ self dimensional portrait

self-dimensional-portraitresarc robert what/ x scenario with x delicate shadings finely grained textures lightly fishy demeanor once labeled mermaids sea clock

nothing too special or interesting n continued to mutate under subsequent ratistic experimentation through arbitrary idle accident another lion faced dimension began showing through

n has now little sadly earned x current title self dimensional portrait

impossibly ancient galaxy sized deep space sea astrolabe now manifests as swirling cosmic meta ego of one time professional miserabalist

n also somehow potentially serves as deliberately overt statement of advanced philosophical anti fascist-nihilism

rnd/ institute brochure

the-institute-brochurealternative to alternative reality games which have now long been default mode of alleged accumulation of knowledge here in lower 4th sector prime

rnd/ topological obscurities

topological-obscuritiescrossing by day across elaborately signaled texturescape while experiencing fractally conflicting emotional states of alternating comfort warm bemusement

rnd/ zen gardens by mail

zen-gardens-by-mailto watch ey manifest/ just add spring water ashes of thankfully long dead useless dreams

rnd/ z perfect postmodern image

z-perfect-postmodern-imageresarc robert what/ to consider mere notion of perfect postmodern image – some idealized conceptual simulacrum faded dreamy virtuality supreme utopia of image somehow perfectly encapsulating hyperreal weltgeist

side tilted verticality of x geotraumatic volcanic eruption at information sea points to disconcerting soft blue organic strangeness – permanently out of focus state of extreme modern being while mad virtual gulls spin wheel overhead on imaginary album cover mindset direct from theoretical deep invader beyond

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