Review: “Chronosis” comic book by Reza Negarestani is awful

RND/ To consider theory-fiction cosmic horror comic splurge “Chronosis” by laughably poor pseudo-philosopher Reza Negarestani (with Keith Tilford and Robin Mackay) as total bollocks.

My 3 year old daughter loves the drawings!
– Brian on Goodreads rated it: amazing

In whichi Reza Negarestani is an Iranian philosopher-hack and writer, known for ‘pioneering the genre’ of ‘theory-fiction’ with his book Cyclonopedia which was published in 2008. it was listed in Artforum of all places as one of the best books of 2009. Negarestani has been a regular contributor to crappy journal “Collapse” (oh the irony), as well as other theoretically dubious print and web publicationz such as Ctheory. On March 11, 2011, faculty from Brooklyn College and ‘The New School’ organized a symposium to discuss Cyclonopedia titled ‘Leper Creativity’. Sounds a bit shite..

Anyhow, later on in the year, Punctum books published a book with the same title that included essays, articles, artworks, and documents from or related to the symposium. In 2011, he co-edited Collapse’s issue VII with Robin Mackay titled ‘Culinary Materialism’. (I’d rather just have a burger.) In 2012, Negarestani collaborated with Florian Hecker on an artwork titled “Chimerization” that was included in the dOCUMENTA (13) exhibition. – Heard of it? Me neither.

After being associated with the utterly useless anti-philosophical movement / circle jerk of ‘Speculative Realism’ for several years, Negarestani is *mild yawn* currently lecturing and writing about ‘rationalist universalism beginning with the evolution of the modern system of knowledge and advancing toward contemporary philosophies of rationalism, their procedures as well as their demands for special forms of human conduct’. That’s right volks, in other word’s it’s flaccid sounding bollocks pulled right out of the dark arts of The Academic.

Chronosis the comic is laughably dreadful. The art is crude and badly drawn – and not in a good way. The ideas of the comic, such as they are, seem to have been formed out of the greasy conceptual material found on the underside of willfully obscure and unread Fashy blogs online. Nobody asked for it and few will care now that it’s here. It both advances and brings little to the philosophical table except the feeling that Reza doesn’t have much of a clue about either Theory (not that it even matters) or how to write for the world of Comics.

Sure, if you’re an ‘edgy’ publisher whose standard output consists of painfully obscurantist ‘theory-fiction’ nonsense, cynically squeezing out a comic book might seem remotely progressive and cool. But it really isn’t; Chronosis comes across as one of those random dimestore horror comics from the 50’s – just without the necessary high camp or the cool schlock. It’s just all so very disappointing. Just look at it:

Basically it’s a set of slightly rubbish drawings done by someone slightly sad with a mild head injury and a stylus, over which have been pasted torn out sections of wee-smeared text from some nonsense ‘theory-fiction’ book that could have been written on the back of damp beermats at 3AM in a Basingstoke pub toilet. It’s just.. a minor load of disappointing nonsense. Fumbling in the dark. Shit man, everyday comics without the cosmic angst and navel gazing regularly piss over Cosmic Edgelord publications like this without even try-harding. Give it a wide berth.

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I revel in bad reviews. There is this person who has been faithfully writing world-class bad reviews on anything I do. You think being stalked through your career is not rewarding? Well then read this gem
– Reza Twitter Thread

Dear Reza: Bite me, theory-boy. These may well be *blushes* world class bad reviews – but only because I’m reviewing a world class, low stakes, intellectual-as-pseudo bulesheet artist who gets high in public huffing his own stale intellectual sharts.

As for ‘being stalked‘ – are you really so incapable of imagining either of us don’t have anything better to do with our fucking time? The fact you ‘revel in bad reviews’ however is telling. Keep those painfully obscurantist, unaccountably cryptic, politically indifferent and uselessly arcane classics coming because they are deadpan comedy gold, baby *sips tiny tarnished silver thimble of bitter oppressed academic-theoretician tears*


Here’s Reza at alone home in a bath robe talking about something. Sped up slightly for satirical purposes (and to make it last less long):

// how to play big science

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