Rentalism Photography: The Existential Misery Of UK Renting

RND/ To consider a photograph series expressing the existential misery of renting. Images via typically scummy UK aggregate Lettings Agency site:

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £2.5M in order to pay for the disgusting cost of a half decent house in my area that’s not as awful as those seen here. Contact Robert What today for details.

Term – “Rentalism”: such places with their shitty, noisy, washed out, violently mundane, mobile phone lens image qualities – their depressive realism, their miserabalist sense of intense social isolation and panicky alienation, their flat emotionless light, super bland cramped interiors, mold signs.. it all points to a pokey little nowhere in some awful backwater city with no possibility of psychic escape or respite from the two dimensional void of Everydayness – a dead world long left in total limbo.

England utterly sucks for those without the necessary cash.

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