Quake III Noclip Virtual Photography: Minima Map By Bengal

RND/ To consider beautiful, dark and strange King Of The Hill Map “Minima” by Bengal:

3440 x 1440 .jpg (low-res; higher resolution files available – zipped)

To note how this dark rusty-red chocolate and grey vibe, when combined with the ‘horizontal data archive-slice’ detailing combine to create a unique section of virtual spacetime.

Why the hell aren’t more videogames looking entirely like this map? Evermore uselessly baroque levels of detailing and architectural styling are only *one* answer. Perhaps gamedevs should be emphasizing the bizarre, abstract, virtual, and unreal aspects of their game spaces. Spaces that look like they were designed by machines *for their own unknown uses and stylistic pleasure.*

An updated version of this aesthetic *puts 10p in swear box* may be found in The Eutopian Factory: An Alternative to the Industrial Exploitation by Jan Kováříček

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