Quake Enhanced: Dimensions Of The Machine Noclip Virtual Photography Screenshots

RND/ Consider 1440p noclip Quake Enhanced screenshots – .zip available:

It’s quite remarkable what a title from ’96 can still yield in terms of intense architecture and gothic aesthetics. While I often found the game itself repetitive in terms of its dim enemies, the setting could not have been more evocative of – as Brian Eno puts it – ’emotions without names’. Something to do with the fascination of megastructural strangeness and the discrete retro graphical charm of (as I call it) The Video Real.

In the near future, artificial intelligence will simply need to glance over these maps and instantly upgrade their textures and architectures with real world samples. Of course (for example) ‘Unreal Engine Is Not An Aesthetic’ but that potentially interesting modern takes on old classics could occur.

Exploring such odd spaces – particularly with noclip – should of course be the central mechanic of a new kind of digital experience and gameplay. Such places should of course be procedurally generated in realtime, entirely destructable and growable and effectively Infinite.

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