Puke Milkshake: Alt Right Ricky Gervais, Fuck Right Off

RND/ To consider poor old obsolete Ricky Gervais. With that eminently punchable mug and clueless hyena laugh. Just another sad, toxic media sphincter lamprey, always desperately seeking attention for crude acts of mass public ignorance.

In which the only detectable talent such boring, un-flushable TV turds seem capable of expressing seems sociopathic self regard for their own alleged, unceasing funniness.

Consider Ricky the perfect name for some shit eating mutt; “Here, Ricky!” Go quietly chase a ball over the edge of the nearest cliff.. One could almost look up Roy Batty’s classic existential question in a modern encyclopedia – “Pleased with yourself, little man?” – and find Rick Deckard’s picture replaced with that of Gervais, beaming out at all the invisible cameras gathered like toadstools to greet a super-inflated ego. (A grossly distended sense of self and self worth that makes even Dan Dare’s comic book nemesis The Mekon feel humble by comparison.)

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Puke Milkshake (Alt Right Ricky Gervais Fuck Right Off)

What’s decidedly (non) ironic of course is how the two Venn diagrams of Pseudo Atheism and Alt Right Social Injustice so neatly intersect in the confused, low watt brain of a pathetic troll such as Gervais:

Pseudo atheistic.. because the underlying, convenient misunderstanding of society and their place in it, simply means devolutionary jerkoffs like Gervais see themselves as gods, speaking and punching down from the holy media mountain to spread the terrible news to their ditto-headed fans in the idiot’s choir – that “Acting like a tosser is OK, you guys!” (After all, nobody understands a fellow dickhead quite like a fellow stiffy.)

Alt right social injustice.. because making the direct, false Trumpian ‘both sides’ bullshit equivalence between the act of emptying a mere milkshake over disgusting, murderous and all too real fascists – and one’s apparently innate (ultra conservative) ‘free speech’ right to regularly insult and humiliate those marked out as lower than oneself, is typical of such wilful ignorance.

Note the snugness with which Gervais fits Right in with other media piss weasels like Sam ‘Islamophobia’ Harris, Jeremy ‘Fucknuts’ Clarkson, Louis ‘Me Too’ C.K., all with successful careers in apparently telling it straight and white – liberal, postmodern snowflake commie whatever torpedoes be damned.

One also simply has to note just how many outright fascist and conservative shit nuggets crawled out of the rotten internet woodwork to wholeheartedly agree with Gervais and his sour milkshake tweet. Heck, he and King Of The Derps (Pewds) should team up and do a ‘It’s Just A Joke *Wink*’™ comedy skit together.

Dear little Ricky, please remember you’re not being violently oppressed or remotely clever – you’re just a foul mouthed gobshite. Have a whole, healthy, free puke milkshake container’s worth of Fuck Right Off, courtesy of.. why, anyone with a remotely functioning Modern, Default Evolved Society Gene.

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