Pseudo Liminal Kenopsia In Videogame Spaces: PC Screenshot Photography

RND/ To consider some noclip videogame screenshot art / virtual photography of Gmod:

In which you prepare to critique the ideas of ‘Liminality’ and ‘Kenopsia in videogame spaces.

3440 x 1440 .jpg

Toward A Possible Critique Of Liminality

First of, one might say: balls to that loose internet jive about teh ‘AESTHETIC’, whatever it is. Such discussions bring to mind the phrase “I know I just changed my aesthetic yesterday, but..” This basically means you’re stumbling around with an ontologically unacknowledged light head injury. That lame 90’s Tumblr shit now longer flies quite as high as it once did, if indeed if ever got off the dusty digital ground. *sudden low sobbing noise from unknown nearby location*

Secondly: Most pseudo (ie. Internet based) discussions about ‘liminal space’ actually refer to the unique, eerie and forlone atmosphere existing between the ears of ‘netizens’ who, upon hearing about something as deliberately obscure as ‘liminal kenopsia’ latch onto it like someone drowning reaches out for a life jacket – only to discover 30 seconds later they’re flailing about existentially in the shallow end of a drained swimming pool – along with every other desperate hanger on, gawker and psychotically FOMO-inspired social media sucker of Standard Internet Content. (Also, the The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows feels like some real vegan beetroot decaffe latte sipping hipster bullshit.)

Thirdly: You should here the ‘fan theories’ about Liminal space online. They too often sound like the cringe-induced ramblings of people who have heard of psychology and architecture, but have bothered studying neither because what’s easier than making some bullshit LOLtube video which you hope Sempai will notice and upvote you into social media heaven – casually spouting off the most wrong-headed, vacuous, spurious, ill-informed, half-baked, uninspired, mostly fabricated, ass-pulled factoids opinions and ‘theories’. As if the mere fact you’re able to share such gullible nonsense with other saps is the only metric anyone needs – “I share horseshit, therefore I Internet Expert.” As if anyone has ever seriously walked around stating “Golly bobbins, what an unusual and distinctly liminal space this is.”

This isn’t to say that there aren’t actual existing spaces and architectures which aren’t pretty damn creepy, lonely, forlorn, darkly dreampoppy, weirdcore, etc. But rather that the Internets itselves should be more seriously considered the prime dislocation – a transition between two others, or states of being – these being (for example) ‘mass stupidity’ and ‘terminal boredom’. What we (perhaps deliberately) fail to notice when talking so freely and carelessly about dubious notions such as Liminity is that we are online, talking about them – and that it is the Internet speaking about reality, rather than reality itself. To paraphrase Pablo Picasso, we do not see architectural space as it is, we see space as the Internet sees. The internet is the most liminal space around – and anything else we assume is also liminal might just be the internet extending its