RND/ To consider a highlights list of ongoing Research & Development Projects.

“I’ll play it first, and tell you what it is, later.”
– Miles Davis

General Notes re Project Research technique:

  1. It’s an experience
  2. Do it better first time
  3. Rapid-prototyping: Start small, end smaller – release sooner
  4. Keep it open at both ends
  5. Creative dynamic use of preexisting technologies + collaborative social networking
  6. You can see the joints: ‘live’ holographic transparency (?)

“Our task is to liberate potential artists through the arrhythmic hallucination of the wor(l)d and the variable inter-relationism of supersubjective polydentity, making them aware of the wider potential scope of their their spiritual enterprises and of their conditions as ‘Humalien’ guardians of the fantastical alien present”
– Resident Internet Theorist Robert What


  • How To Play Big Science: Cyberpunk Theory-Fiction” – Conceptual novel code
  • The Best Of Alien Fiction: Web Writing Collection & Videogame Critique
  • RANT vs ISCA (fiction)
  • “Million Penguins” remix
  • “Poetic Syphilis: A Critique Of Simon Fucking Armitage”
  • Retrofeel: Tales From The UK Amiga Demoscene Underground
  • Rollins – “Black Spot”, “Alien Man: The Iron Philosophy Of Henry Rollins“, rewrite of entire works as Deathdealer ‘Vincent’ (as yet untitled, possibly New Void Amerika)\
  • Hemmingway remix – “The Old Man And The Information Sea”
  • Conversion of Robert Smithson works to a H.R.S Hyperballard Research Space ‘condensed novel’
  • “Gold Coast II”, Remix. ‘Masnavi’ superhighway tech: ie. Emergent A.I. anomalies in biomagnetic dimensional superfluid megahighway tech (the anomaly being A.I. itself – resulting in amongst other things perfect, emergent data=traffic transmission)
  • “Extreme Deep Ultraviolet-Invader Beyond” – Hardcore Theory-Fiction compilation
  • “How To Stop Being A Writer”
  • “How To Stop Being A Martial Artist”
  • “Satiated With Irreality”: Theories of writing
  • “Neuropink” – huge collection of Post Cyberpunk fan fiction
  • Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Critique
  • “Cyber City Oedo 808: Extended”: A return to the now expanded world
  • “Your Dad’s An Asshole”, “Your Parents Never Loved You (And Why It’s OK To Leave Them Behind”)
  • “An Endless Cup Of Tea” – The collected Everyday adventure logs of The Wolverhampton Aqualung Society
  • “A Darker Moon Rises”, “The Streethawk”, “North American Scanner Underground”, “Wilder Palms”, “Kane & Lynch: Cyberpunk Heist Logs” – extended world Novelizations
    “Prisoner Of Annexia”: Writing reports for The City
  • “Grand Dimensional Inquisitor Arrash Zule and The Solar Temple Activation.” – Mandy’s ‘Seeker of the Serpent’s Eye’ (overwritten Dungeon Master narration)
  • “The Bukenaski Profile” – A Virtual Forensic LARP
  • “The World’s Best Selling Self Help Book For Chickens”
  • The Boredom Factory: An English University Life

‘Electronic Meditations’

Theoretically extended, near frame-by-frame speculative movie analysis, including: Subway, Akira, The Conversation, Brazil, Tron, THX1138, Heat, Death Machine, Dark Moon Rising, Max Headroom, The Parallax View, Videodrome, Scanners, Crash, Ghost Of Mars, Escape From New York, Escape From L.A., Apocalypse Now, Safe, Manhunter, Terminator, They Live, Two Moon Junction, Repo Man, No Country For Old Men, Sicario, Wild Palms, Fight Club, Dune, Night Of The Living Dead, Paris Texas, Final Approach, Blade Runner, Sex Lies & Videotape, Nine And A Half Weeks.





  • “Upright Bike”