Police Simulator: Patrol Officers (PC Game Screenshot Photography)

RND/ In which one considers what is violent and violently absurd about real world Policing, precisely because Police Simulator: Patrol Officers simulator game is virtual and a largely empty, stupid universe of ugly, repetitive Jank:

You can’t commit brutality or shoot citizen for smugling drugs, the game is just boring they should rename it Weakling cuck simulator
– Early Access Review on Steam by Rodrigo Duterte

Boring, sterile, soulless.
– False Dmitry

[T]he camera does not simply capture ‘the real.’ What it grasps is […] ‘the [naturalized] world of dominant ideology.’ [..] The function of ideology is to explain away and thus naturalize class rule.
– Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, from Ayana McNair – The captive public: media representations of the police and the (il)legitimacy of police power (University of Southern California)


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