Phil Collins Painting: “I Took The 80s For Granted”

RND// To consider a conceptual digital painting based around an amazing LOLtube comment underneath official Genesis video “Throwing It All Away” (seventh track on their multi-platinum soft rock album Invisible Touch, 1986.)

Genuinely affecting [..]
– Stevie Chick, The Guardian (2014)

4018 x 4630 .jpg

“I Took The 80s For Granted”

Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept as this: $14M – contact Robert What today for details

In which the comment / LOLment “I took the 80s for granted” fascinates in the context of such a violently superficial, spiritually bereft era – the ultrabland, American-Psycho-cornball, ‘lite’ soundtrack of which Phil And The Gang did so much to define. Thing is, that context appears to have radically mutated – even for those old enough to have actually experienced it (that is, there’s the sense even they see The 80’s through the modern, postmodern lens of what I term “The Near Future Retro 80s” – the 80s, not only as a unique spacetime in itself but also a rising #Aesthetic potential. Now, Global Videogame Capitalism has successfully invented ‘instant spray-on 80s’, anyone at any time can experience ‘the 80s’ in all it’s hollow, garish neon-tinted glory.

What I can say about Phil Collin’s solo career, is, yes, he did have some overly polished, pop-throwaway songs – but he also had some really great deep cuts that are never talked about, or given the respect they deserve.
– Mock-worthy Dancing with Ghosts, When Did the World Turn on Phil Collins?

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