Pathologic Mod For Skyrim

RND/ to consider Pathologic set in Skyrim

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

research space idea/ recreate slow creeping quote strange vibe flavor of pathologic – x flat quote bleached atmosphere of sinister desperation hallucinatory existential horror in skyrim – with ambient wind noise

Pathologic Skyrim Mod

example background story / context

ey called nigel hornswagger mildly dirty yet generally moral humanoid goat being infected with gerpes – goat herpes – who feels guilty for spreading crotch rot among innocent humble yet often oddly acting / looking townsfolk via everything ey touch – even ground

advanced states of crotch rot result in rapid descent into silently screaming insanity result in quote gore power shower explosions

do ey best to find cure for elf ey before townsvolk realize ey source of infection hunt ey down turn ey into thinly nutritious post goat curry

those who ey cannot cure however ey must quietly yet violently dispose of – without anyone knowing

dark twist/ cthulhus head makes occasional appearance ir massive tenticular head filling entire sky

mod details/ mod features deliberate jankiness darkly amusing quote as if badly translated dialogue with overall kafkaesque miasma of vagueness / uncertainty / wilfully obtuse pedantic lore

// how to play big science