P.A.N.I.C.S. – Open Crowd Sourced F.E.A.R Game Screenshots

RND/ to consider P.A.N.I.C.S. – An Open Crowd Sourced F.E.A.R Game. In the sense of an Eternal Return.

From an idea by Roosterteeth. Images via Zero Hour game (Steam Community screenshots), 1920 x 1080:

It is 1984. You are Frank Custom, rookie member of Brav0 Squad, a special military group secretly formed to battle ‘supernaturally weird’ enemies and save survivors in the disturbingly empty city of Fairport.


Featuring the following conceptual elements:

  • Overwhelming emphasis on Atmosphere and ‘cinematography’.
  • Smalltalk at (somehow predictable) odds with the wider immediate (action-adventure) context.
  • A spiritual successor to F.E.A.R. An ‘otological horror shooter.’
  • Has as bizarre style / Unlife of it’s own.
  • It’s all about actively avoiding being Killed, Mutilated or Possessed by Dark Strange Imaginary Forces – and the shocking social consequences if you are, eg. no longer being invited to parties.
  • Intense, camera-never-pulls-away-scenes of ‘People behaving oddly’.
  • No gore, just Gut Churning Dread.
  • Takes place in Fairport, also known as Ghost City; turns out the entire city is a mass virtual grave and it’s very reality is Haunted (ie. no supernatural events per-say take place.)
  • “It Was Supposed To Be A Routine Mission”
  • You Imagine It’s X But (It’s So Much Worse), aka “There’s something very wrong with this place.”
  • Having to work at some point with the Perps you’re fighting in order to survive
  • R.D.S Radical Desimulation Scenario aka “Zero Hour” – ‘all these dimensions are starting to collapse’.
  • “There’s something weird in Room 302.”
  • “There’s a perfectly logical explanation.”
  • “You need to be thinking about the system.”
  • Helmet ‘Chuck’ noise.
  • Secret code word “Corduroy.”
  • “Wild-ass freaky shit.”
  • Fearing totally cool team mates Spoon, Herzog, Vapor, and Wizard with PhD’s in Badass Mother-ology.
  • Frosted cinnamon Danishes.
  • Charged electric skeletons.

// how to play big science