RND/ To consider a painting of the ‘People’s Communist Broadband’ – featuring hero Karl Marx surfing the Tubular Interwebs.

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The People’s Communist Broadband

Ideal / Idealized price for such a concept: £120,000 – contact Bob for details

Considering a telecommunications engineer once told me parts of the UK are still using copper wire covered with waxed paper, it’s doubtful either side of the same cosmically incompetent single party system could roll out a trolley of reasonably priced cucumber sandwiches – let alone a cutting edge, multi-billion pound internet network remotely capable of dragging this laughably obsolete backwater island into the 21st Century.

That scheming, spanner dumb blonde shit weasel Boris can go fibre-twist in the wind; your average Tory loon wouldn’t recognize a ‘crazed communist scheme’ for faster internet if a sysadmin called Lenin dropped an entire server room on their heads.

Heck, the whole of the UK is the goddam ‘last mile’ – an obsolete electronic backwater.


> Robert
> I wonder – actually, I seriously doubt – whether superfast internet is at all desirable, culturally and ecologically. Somewhat related – these days I find myself more and more sympathetic to a post that reads, quote, “i think eradicating electronic games is going to be an important part of the culture-wide psychological therapy necessary to heal the mental damage caused by capitalism, and an important part of any successful strategy to save the world ecology from total collapse”. Curious to hear your thoughts on this.
> Regards, A

I concur – superfast internet merely seems the endless unchecked spreading of global ludo-capital’s digital tentacles.

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