Painting: Chung Moi Pow – Except For Bots The Net Is Empty

RND/ In which you consider that, except for bots, the nets appear entirely empty and devoid of human life. That it’s ‘bots all the way down”, that the whole web is one big automatic A.I. powered advertisement for itself, continually selling the idea of itself to itself:

3840 x 2160 .jpg – via an edited Youtube screenshot

Chung Moi Pow: Except For Bots The Net Is Empty

Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept as this: $300K – contact Robert What for details

In which an obviously fake (/bot) account belonging to the (now classic) internet culture commentator ‘Chung Moi Pow’ stated only one week ago:

The long-term attempt frequently chew because power regrettably saw save a frequent meteorology. responsible, acid farm

Thanks, Chung! That’s a beautiful sentence, and a humorous statement on the fact that ‘this channel has no content’. That the net’s one big (strange) empty electronic void, populated only by soulless bots, auto-generating meaningless, shallow and homogeneous ABSURDIST CONTENT. (I know a little something about this.) Around and around we go, and what it all means, only BOT knows.

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