What Creative Computer Graphics?

RND/ In which you ask – Robert, What creative computer graphics? — To consider an imaginary play space scenario or virtual oldskool GFX emulator – in which, by simply playing with this idea space, find yourselves actively taking part in an experimental journey to unpack the meanings of “Creative computer graphics.” Note: ‘imaginary games’ are … Read more

H.R Giger studies

RND/ To consider various H.R. Giger based art studies: — Contemplative Xenomorphism 6144 × 3840 .jpg Remix via Zenomorph. — Giger Homage: Passage Triptychon 3195 × 1851 .jpg A different take on giger’s passages series. — HR Giger Money: “Xenomorphic Null” Virtual H.R Giger currency note Xenomorphic Null. 6144 × 2757 .jpg To consider the … Read more

Concept Album Covers

RND/ To consider some conceptual concept album covers: Cockney Voodoo Beaver album: User’s Latest Favorite Colors 3072 x 30×72 .jpg – Another hot theoretical banger from ‘ambient death jazz metal’ supergroup that brought you classics like “Biofreak Removal Operative” (Orloff Records, 1989.) Track List Side A – Sweet Electric Boogaloo Blue/ 4:50 – Terminal Sunset … Read more

RND Collaboration Attempts

RND/ To consider (mostly failed or partial attempts at) artistic collaboration generally; indeed on the Internets it seems everyone knows your a nobody. — Glitched Soldiers (with Ray Ogar) 1536 × 3072 .jpg ‘Big Science’ Researcher Robert What says: in which Ray and I performed this together while back when Ray initially seemed pleased with … Read more

Big Scientist RND Zaibatsu welcome pack (NSFW)

RND/ To consider an imaginary “BSZ Research and Development Shadow Hyper Corporation” welcome / starter pack for fellow ‘Big Scientists’: Big Science As Deflated Balloon Dog 3072 × 1728 .jpg, edited in Gimp Given the arbitrary space of possibilities afforded by computation, is it not somewhat absurd to uncritically reproduce the conditions of physical objects … Read more