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Philosophy, art, writing. Nothing too fancy:

You could spend an entire week reading RW’s website. Perhaps, you should.
– Matteo Bittanti, Gamescenes

Fascinating, rambling, deranged
– Reddit

Greetings, fellow shut-ins. Welcome to the fictional website of Robert What – ‘Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist’. As a skint, unemployable non philosopher, non writer and non conceptual performance artist, this is my vaguely artistic escape attempt from the super mundane – from the terminal boredom and existential depression of everyday life on backwater Brexit island ‘Endland’.

Along the way I’ve witnessed the emergence of what I term “Big Science” – a ‘strange imaginary game you pretend to play’ set in the dark, neon tinged ‘near future retro 80s’ hyperreality of late stage global Videogame Capitalism (aka Ludocapitalism): “You are a brilliant, troubled research scientist hired by a mythical near future hyper-corporation to work on ‘advanced R&D projects’ with biocosmic scale implications.”

Ideal for zero to infinity players, ages 18-80 only.

There are many ways to play Big Science: this site showcases my take on absurdist, satirical playthrough / worldbuilding, expressed via bricolage; remixes and mashups of interesting digital artifacts found online. These images and post Cyberpunk ‘theory-fiction’ fragments are a record of my odd minor adventures and discoveries within The Game.

So how do you play B.S?

Theorist Robert What

If you like whatever it is I think I’m doing and would like to say Hi, or would like to collaborate with / hire me for my unique style, approach and-or mind: simply contact bob at robertwhat dot com today. Politeness & intelligence reciprocated. Please expect two to three working days for business replies.

My long term plan is buy a well insulated house, fully retreat into “Big Science” and eventually help fellow ‘Researchers’, forming a cool Alternative Artist Collective where we can play in an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and artistic freedom and interdisciplinary cultural exchange, working without interruption in a supportive environment.

In the meantime however, I must Earn A Living™. This fact is treated as inseparable from my daily Digital Labor Practice / ‘Art (as) Work’. Please note all content on this site is free, as in Beer + Freedom (“Zero Copyright, No Licence, Maximum R&D”) and exists for the purposes of philosophical critique, and sociopolitical commentary / satire / parody.

Site in lowercase to engage with notions of authorship and professionalism. Also currently under extensive editing.

I am Diogenes the Dog. I nuzzle the kind, bark at the greedy and bite scoundrels.
– Diogenes of Sinope

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