Consider the world-building, roleplaying adventures of Robert What, self styled “Freelance Amateur Postmodern Internet Theorist.” *


Contact / Hire today: bob at sitename dot com – politeness & intelligence reciprocated

Expressed via conceptual-digital art and post Cyberpunk literature or ‘theory-fiction’,  here Robert showcases odd ideas, and chronicles his artistic struggles and discoveries in a ‘strange imaginary game’ – the dark, global Capitalist hyperreality comprised of ‘advanced Research and Development’ recently identified as “Big Science.”


Example Reference links

  1. How To Play Big Science: A Novel
  2. Cyberpunk Is Dead: A Study
  3. Robert What on Flickr
  4. Unsatisfactory Europa: DMCA and Fair Use in the digital arts

* In daily reality, Robert White is a skint, unemployable, UK based philosopher current residing in a cramped, often cold and slightly damp rented shoebox in the middle of nowhere; in order to avoid Slow Death By Terminal Boredom, he’s looking to earn money from art, buy himself a decent house to live in and support fellow artists. (That he will succeed in his quest seems unlikely, but he’s determined to have fun in the process.)

// how to play big science