On Virtual Rifts and Corporate Reality

RND/ to consider virtual rifts caused by corporate reality

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ all american vr dream demon

Virtual Rifts: All American VR Dream

mommy / daddy / baby / ey -trapped in virtual re al itay

/ donald palmer vr shitposters

coming back to hotel after appearing on bill mahers republican convention special x week on hbo man stopped ey/ mike ey said ir have to vote for trump/ ir have to shake things up/ x was n/ x was enough for ir – to shake things up/ resident trump would indeed do just x good chunk of electorate would like to sit in bleachers watch x reality show
– michael moore 5 reasons why trump will win

et voila – heres sum dead eyed trump supporting morlock doing great impression of having all rich inner life exacting intellectual discernment of stuffed sofa left by side of dystopian superhighway

Virtual Rifts: Donald Palmer VR Sh1tposters

nsfw or play -404 even bottles of soulless bleach dislike captain fart noise

playful call response to palmer luckey who – quelle surprise – helped fund current king orange shed pig

background landscape from exit stranding

with unctuous reptilian duck lords like these x no flocking wonder aliens never land

talk about living in ey own rich private ideological vr

/ loading human preorder

Virtual Rifts: Loading Human preorder

ir sorry x content cannot display

/ do not trust vr playdev

sounds like plot to low budget movie x somehow made n to big screen starring nicolas cage
– loltuber on glitchers

Virtual Rifts: Don’t Trust The VR Gamedev

post cyberpunk sci fi/ while sum resarcs idly fret about quote negative effects of vr generally consider not trusting virtual reality effects of often ideologically sinister garmedevs

/ modern ocularity  Рon ocuface/ three stigmata of palmer luckey

mashup of official statements by palmer zuckerberg / mark luckey

term/ ocuface – look of freshly minted corporate sellout

Virtual Rifts: Modern Ocularity

in which palmer quote cool billions lucky as likely sounding character out of phillp k dick global supermarket checkout novella – where everything as already going predictably to plan thanks

ey was living in world of make believe
– wet wet wet

headline/ fakebook swallows ocublock whole

well quelle bloody surprise

ocu vr started with -dubious vision of delivering incredible affordable / disturbingly ubiquitous virtual reality consumerism to world

ry come long way baby/ from foam core prototypes built using apple esque quote ye humble garage innovator myths to unfortunately all too credible community of active developers with more than 75000 development kits ordered by fellow cultists

in process ey defined what virtual reality consumerism needs to be / what x going to require to deliver n

few months ago anonymous suits mark chris / cory from fakeface team strolled down to offices of ocu vr see latest demos / discuss how everyone could work together to bring strictly corporate vision to millions of technology blinded people

as ir talked / occasionally high fived ir discovered ir two teams shared plastic vision of creating new platform for illusionary interaction x allows billions of fools to connect in ways never before possible

today ir smugly pleased to announce x ey joined evil forces with fakebook to create best virtual reality platform in world/ ocuface

at first glance x entirely obvious why ocuface as partnering with fakebook – company focused on connecting peoples big data with investors investing in internet access for newer whiter wired world / pushing open computing platforms for closed ends

but if one considers n more carefully ey also culturally aligned with focus on innovating / hiring best / brightest – x as ir believe sentences such as quote com drives new platforms/ ir say ir want to contribute to more quote open connected world

of course ir see virtual reality as next step

most important fakebook understands business potential for vr

mark / ir team share vision for virtual realitys potential to transform way ir -whoever x as learn share play / communicate

fakebook as another massive evil faceless hypercorp x believes x anything truly sinister as possible with right gang of greedy zipp weasels – apparently ocu vr not agree more

x partnership as one of most important moments for existing global capitalist virtual reality/ n gives ey even better shots at truly changing world in ir image

n opens doors to new opportunities / partnerships reduces risk on manufacturing / work capital side -ala fox con allows suits to publish more made for vr content/tm / generally let x ey focus on what ir do best/ solving public perception challenges spinning agendas / delivering ir future -like b52 – x as vr

meanwhile antisocial narcissistic personality disorder posterchild mark sugarborg as excited to announce x hes agreed to snatch up ocu vr current leader in virtual consumer reality tech

markys little mission as to make world more open / connected – to big business x as

for past few years x has meant building stunningly dull mobile apps x help ir share unwanted data with other egotistical people ir pretend to care about

ey has lot more to do on mobile but at x point feels ir in position where ey can start focusing on what platforms will come next to enable even more allegedly useful forever dimly entertaining quote personal experiences

x as obviously where ocuface comes in

ir build virtual reality technology

when ir believe in / inside ey ir re enter exact same completely immersive computer generated environment -of global morphing superliquid hypercapitalism – but in new/tm way – x as as zinga mobile play bad movie or other cold dislocations far away where nobody loves ir

thing about technology as x ir often feel like ir actually present in another airless non places with other clones

people who try n say x merely different from anything ever experienced in ir shallow lives as desperate consumers of inherently boring information

ocufaces mission as to enable ey to experience impossible – maybe even world where everyone gets fare share -only kidding

technology only ever seems to open up ever more business possibilities of completely new kinds of old entirely fake experiences

immersive research will be first step / ocuface already has big plans x will be changing to fit investor needs / x ir will soon accelerate to lethal velocity

rift as perhaps dangerous modern mind space highly anticipated by largely uncritical -eg research communities / x lot of interest from developers in building for x rich -business platform

ir going to focus on helping ocuface build out ir product / develop partnerships to support more crappy play/ ocufake will continue operating solely within fakeface to achieve x – but x just start

after research ir going to make ocuface platform for many other pseudo experiences

imagine enjoying court side seat at ir own trial studying lifestyle management in classroom of fakebook worshippers all over world or simply consulting with ir porn doctor face to arts – just by putting on goggles in ir bright home of near future – x not really new com platform

by feeling truly present ir can share seemingly unbounded spaces / useless experiences with people in ir effortlessly happy virtual life

imagine sharing not just myfake moments with ir online pseudo friends – but entire experiences / adventures good ol marky sets out for ir

trust ey – ir virtual
– mark sugarborg

these are just sum of potential uses/ by working with developers / partners across industry together ey aim to build many more

x kind of immersive/r all encompassing augmented -corporate reality as already firm part of daily life for billions of people

ir just want to make sure n stays x way

virtual reality was once merely another science fiction nightmare

even internet was also once bad dream

yet now computers / smartphones are everywhere plastic trash rapidly poisoning planet

pre built future as coming again / people have chance to deconstruct n together/ to think seriously about events like ocuface – of bringing ideology of such predictable virtual realities to attention of world / to unlock real spaces for all free of sinister corporate bs

future as social vr -as imagined by fakemark – in which palmer lucky prances around like tit on front cover of time magazine – bland leading blind leading brain dead/ fat prancing oculus tit

/ my happy luckey vr goggles

Virtual Happy Luckey Goggles

when inherently sinister hyper-corporate vr equals death

/ virtual corporate reality

Virtual Corporate Reality

brain dead electrospace hooked up prosumers – profoundly un-profoundly unaware ir deep in techno heck [1]

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  1. V.R Void

// how to play big science