On Loosing Faith In AMC’s Preacher

RND/ To consider that with each new pathetic episode dribble, watching AMC’s synthetic cult TV series “Preacher” soon became a darkly laughable exercise in near total philosophical / cosmic redundancy – an artistic expression of / for an otherwise captivating story about as narratively effective as mud.

A scene / scenario in which:

  • The actors seem to dial in their affectless performances from the moon
  • The writers generate as much tension as a sun baked rubber band
  • Camera work looks super generic [1]
  • Editing has been replaced with what feels like the painful eeking out of snake bite serum (anime series have had this drawn out filler / padding problem for years)
  • The characters display character – but all of them are so utterly flat they appear totally interchangeable
  • The characters express motive – but their motives feel arbitrary
  • Each episode seems like a half dead voodoo haddock floundering uselessly upon the screen

In short, Preacher appears to exist for no reason – a prime example of going through the motions, of souless deadpan looks, constant eye rolling almost without context, Deep Fried Southern accents suddenly and strangely devoid of symbolic meaning or cultural association – some random plastic twang heard on a Country and Western track, shoehorned in by a dumb artificial intelligence with no taste or remote comic timing.

Sheet son, at this point the producers might as well add a laugh track to the dead eyed proceedings – Kowakian monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb cackling manically to itself as each new two dimensional cardboard scene unfolds with cosmically unsurprising tedium and listless comatose inaction.

Generally speaking: in which you’ve been working up to a total rejection of mainstream entertainment for some years now since no trailers you’ve watched for ages have answered the simple question “Who are these people and why should I care?”

In short – Preacher: the toothless [2] TV series equivalent of amazingly naff comic strips from the past (says deadpan): “Make me laugh, Doonsbury.” [3]

For reference see also: Matt Groening’s rapid, entirely comedy free Disenchantment.

Example Reference Links

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  2. Vulture: Seth Rogan
  3. CBS News: Doonsbury at 40
  4. The Last Of Us Part II: Ellie – Sociopathic White Serial Killer Edition Funko Pop

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