RND/ to consider jonathan blows witness wallpaper / ideology

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

in which ey wonder where braid falls on resarcs length expectation bell curve between expensive aaa play quote means longer / indies must be as luxuriously long -padded as aaa titles – but still cost nothing

The Witness: A Dismissal (Kinda)

x braid had time as core mechanic yet faces complaints about duration proves ey armchair thesis x ironys being outlawed

x no coincidence how sum research feel quote timeless – specifically in x ir allow resarcs to -temporarily transcend or suspend time bound notions of elf

like playing cheng 37 step tai chi chuan fa / sex – or indeed any play with stimulating mechanics ir get quote caught up in

ey doubt there were many who genuinely enjoyed braid yet still honestly complained about length

as artfunkel says above – constructing quote mr whirly inside research / development mod was brilliant

to what extent time usable as factor when ir having fun as great question

personally ir hoping for more open -paida research space like experiences allowing creation of garmeplay suited to immediate tastes

sweet model for x – david oreillys amazing external world animation

just keep on truckin jon/ henry

phil raptor – posted november 30 2012

hello jonathan

ever considered brian enos theoretical quote generative music approach for making unique sounds – or indeed entire islands

thing about specific graphical aesthetic or overall look as x has -obviously changed over time

but then final result can be seen / read as arbitrary

yet if x case why not use enos generative approach where instead of building pixel by pixel one sets boundary parameters of interdependent code systems – eg shape scale colour density – which then interact in unexpected / nonlinear ways

to say/ ir sublime little island looks quote organic enough to have been grown / procedurally generated by computer – so why not let computers try

near examples of x approach regularly seen in awesome amiga / pc demoscene where entire landscapes / accompanying soundtracks explode forth in realtime from mere 4kilobytes/ difference there unlike with enos approach all modular sub systems quote locked down – demos / music usually same every time

basically n would feel neat to see aspects of island evolve in small delightful ways/ despite x puzzles ey think ir play as whole – seeks to – symbolically display wonderful lack of telos/ n appears open ended – something lot of indie research seem to share unconsciously

anyway just thinking out loud

l8ers/ phil raptor

robert henry dylan – posted november 28 2014 at 3 am -deleted

much in same way one may arrive at more finely granulated measure of irradiance ir staring at x image trying to intuit how to arrive at aesthetically meaningful calculation of overall quote interestingness for any given scene from given -playable vantage point

such measurement would eg take in overall number of light sources average object density colour field complexity etc / generate quote heat map of visual interest

n might also place tiny virtual cameras around island for dev to look through in order to view poorly composed -designed scenes – much in same way coin operated telescopes placed in certain key tourist hot spots of visual interest

from another angle/ rhd

in which ideology of witness partially viewing by repeatedly pressing f5 on front page of witness dot net

there series of delightful thought provoking quotations appears hand picked from select cultural heavyweights – meant to send potential resarcs on private reverie of intense philosophical meditation – though always in strict relationship to image of johnnies play space displayed above quotes

consider however how exactly on terra infirma ones not only supposed to relate -read into such quotes in actual context of selling another hot digital product as sony corporation ps4 exclusive

– thus shall ir think of x fleeting indie world of video play space rnd
– plastic star at dawn / egotistical fart bubble in stream of dead data
– flash of lightning in summer cloud above factory of forced labourers
– flickering lamp developer phantom / thin bad dream
– just with few nut bustingly dull environmental puzzles thrown in

perhaps johnny blow might not seem sum conceptually untouchable indie research buddha – another officially unofficially anointed saviour of video research / digital rat

rather to view witness as just another ultra privileged rich pink male gaze confounding obsolete classically romantic notions of nature / what natural/tm with concrete material restrictions governing production of virtual worlds in modern global information economy – in such seemingly nice neutral non place / alienated dislocation ir all immigrants

despite or rather precisely because of all pretty col ey / fluffy drifting clouds witness smells as 100 percent artificial as ir come – no offshore breeze wafts from x mystical island puzzle lifestyle to relieve foreheads sweating in electronic labour camps

rather bear witness to whole project as n exudes heavy cloying atmosphere of affable innocent charm masquerading as thoughtful engagement with cultural – cool domain of ironically detached blowhards everywhere [1]

theorist robert what on pretentiousness play

one way to think about pretension in research – x play spaces often emerge out of imagination pretence

so what are johnboys ideas about ir own play

where ir -failed attempt to answer ir critics regarding quote pretend aspects of braid

phrase/ one of criticisms x ey have heard about braid as oh ey didnt understand story / so author failed

well let x look at another genre x people take seriously like novels – novels are not genre but cultural format for presenting narratives

also idea x quote people take novels seriously might elf be non serious notion

very few people on planet earth could tell ir x ir understand finnegans wake but x considered to be one of great novels

– quantify very few john/ implication here – x quote very few could recognize inherent genius in joyce – clever clogs like blow being one of those few no doubt

therefore one needs to be one of very few smart ones to recognize innate brilliance of blows digital oeuvre

phrase/ something like gravitys rainbow as very well respected very complicated book x very few people understand but x as part of value of medium

tolstoy in anna karenina said x respect was invented to cover empty place where glove should eb

– as for quote value of medium what x johnny – $60 / season pass

note how blows statement about n quote not being about money precisely echoes x of high cube lord ubu notch

phrase/ x so much to x not all there first time ir glance at n

if ir interested ir dig into n / ir understand more / more

ey think x very valuable thing / ey think x if ir can do more of x in research n would be nice

– perhaps x actually very little to n john very first time one glances at n / or any number of preceding times

perhaps x no quote value in digging deeper especially if developer seems consistently keen to – unconsciously – hint x realer reason ey makes so much nice dollar value because ey keeps repeating same ideological suggestion – x quote x so many deep layers of inherent meaning in ey ideas for those -intelligent as ey – who dig ey/ dubious position of considerable hubris indeed

brian eno on play – ambient design by indie scenius: consider x phrase – brian eno – as intelligent answer to most interesting questions still unasked by modern play designers

– system
– scenius
– ecology
– dynamic

incidentally here ol brian eno on video play space/ 404

vast majority of video research at least as ey currently understand ey simply bore ey to tiny clear dry plastic tears which fall silently at irregular intervals on sticky beige carpet of sealed room full of endlessly elf congratulatory undead nerds smelling slightly of wee/ whole idea of wasting irreplaceable life time pseudo interacting with any parasitic system of soul calcifying ego reinforcement x sucks untameable creative impulse from whole generations seems abhorrent / pathetic / desperately tragic/ ey would rather let casual part time lover play with ey flute than feel played as fool by sum stupid video play space – though ir never know ir might get more intelligent sum day/ more intelligent than ey at least
– beno circa quote 95 unknown – cover missing – new york underground rat zine

witness space japanese woodblock print

based on screens from witness play via jonathan blow

example rnd statement via robert what/ vertical screen banners from witness play spaces official site were placed together / tweaked in gimp

– banners were first arranged horizontally in rough order of brightness one each side before being resized
– then ir relative brightness was flattened out / sum of brighter light sources in each banner inverted
– film / anti aliasing / chromatic aberration filters were then applied
– finally add wikipedia reference to japanese woodblock prints -quote moku hanga – as well as page about polyptych paintings – were retro fitted to ir design to suggest possible imaginative / aesthetic context

on jonathan blows dynamical meaning

to consider storytelling in research as too often merely just another cynical marketing tool used to sell resarcs brand – ie play elf

jonathan blows idea of dynamical meaning – allowing quote potential for meaning to arise through interaction rather than through traditional storytelling – appears to be sublime nugget of video research truth expressing simple idea x all play rules / systems express ideas

concept of dm as important for play space design since n cuts through quote stories often desperately / cynically / ham fistedly bolted on by play designers

theres immediate / direct emphasis on fact resarcs time as important / x ir intelligence as respected/ x every single thing ir do in research space system space as quote meaningful – x play contains zero frivolous elements

problems with dm might include meaning of quote meaning as somehow still as nebulous uncertain / dubious as n was before with triple fps quote brown play starring square jawed meat heads

yet what if even these zero frivolous elements play spaces are elves frivolous fragmentary -cultural artifacts

in ir talk from 2008 jonathan blow talks about quote ludonarrative dissonance in bioshock – glaringly awkward gap or quote conflict between play spaces -largely bad story / standard substandard mechanics

but perhaps there as no true quote gap – perhaps sum total of whats being presented / played may be quote meaning of play – as though ludonarrative dissonance has long since been industry / cultural standard

x as though resarcs want / need quote stupid or quote badly told stories / near arbitrary garmeplay mechanics -mindless running / shooting etc because x in elf as truer meaning of play / perhaps all research – ie mindless escape

to illustrate x consider difficultly of setting up play with dynamical meaning in which one of more possible meanings as x playing computer research as complete waste of ones life / time

even if one infers these quote coordinates of meaning / receives sum kind of oblique insight via rules of research system – one – still – might be wasting time / should not be playing in first place

perhaps research need people more than people need play

problem with jonathan blow suggesting humans should make more research x -somehow address human condition as x large part of x quote human condition consists of entirely avoiding every opportunity to directly confront / change elves – who are largely inhuman/ violent often wilfully blind endlessly attuned to pursuit of infinite trivialities / brainless amusements

one wonders how rod humbles marriage would change if ey stopped making video research / paid more attention to quote ir wife

n too often seems x just by playing video research everyone becomes -or just defaults back to duke nukem

thus typical outburst by duke/ ir face – ir arts – whats difference

in x -seemingly quote dynamic context becomes – ir waste life playing play space

whats difference if those research are quote meaningful

video research not need to quote grow up quote evolve or somehow be quote deeper/ maybe ir cant

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