No Bake, Cheesecake

RND/ consider the modern phrase “No Bake, Cheesecake” – closer in translation to simply ‘No thanks, sweetie’, than “Close, but no cigar” or “Don’t peek, Applejuice.”

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“No Bake, Cheesecake”

Ideal / Idealized cost for such a concept as this: £200k – contact Robert What today for details.

A scenario in which the cult of ‘no bake’ somehow symbolically resists the existential-cultural imposition of ‘baking’; in this hyperreal universe, everything is cool, does not cook but merely ‘sets’, is firm, a little too (synthetically) sweet, but also ruthlessly efficient; the ideal of ‘no bake’ culture seems to be not merely ‘a meal in a pill’ but an ultra-futuristic ‘life in a pill’ – zero calorie, ideal to share with one’s automatic virtual friends.

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