New Age Gallery

RND/ To consider potential art studies in a new age mode:

Blue Crystals Of Knowledge Emerge From Body Of Sleeping Reader

As Crystals Of Knowledge Emerge From Sleeping Widow

New landscapes for wanderer in search of wisdom; vast megaliths of human information moving over time – neurochemical ice flows on astral narrative plane.

The sleeper awakes feeling existentially lighter yet more solid, bio-magnetically connected to their own soul data accumulation / accretion.

Astral Workspace

Astral Workspace

Inner red eye mountain mode.

Atlantis Zombie Jebus

Atlantis Zombie Jebus

In which to imagine a new age digital conceptual painting tentatively entitled Atlantis Zombie Jebus; a rusted partial reboot of a 70s nuclear family. In the R&D lab background hear some bad tune playing,  eg. In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans, 1969.

Christian Riese Lassen Invisible Newage Dolphins

To consider some more truly translucent digital conceptual research, based around the invisible new age dolphins and fish coral of artist Christian Riese Lassen:

Christian Riese Lassen Invisible Newage Dolphins

To visualize the swell of a wave of translucent colour; a flaming sunset on a horizon or moon reflected on the oceans surface – endless variations created by the surge and pull of the Merman tide.

To see dolphins, whales, reef fish – an amazing panorama of underwater life; just some of the mythic wonders of Christian Riese Lassen is world renowned for recreating in his magnificent, watery art; as though the merest idea of notion of Thomas Kinkade had manifested as an entire, Maui based alternative (/to) reality.

As fellow mythic Researcher Geoff Wode might say – “Surf’s up, Scientists!”

Etched On Geomantic Stone

Although early modern mapmaking was born of the Shogunate’s attempts to impose spatial order on their newly conquered realm, makers of printed maps and their publishers – most of whom were urban dwellers of the merchant class – provided new perspectives and creative energies that fuelled the unprecedented expansion and diversification [/of mapmaking in] the Tokugawa period
– From: Mapping In Early Modern Japan: Space, Place and Culture in the Tokugawa Period (1603-1868) by Marcia Yonemoto – bracketed emphasis mine

Etched On Geomantic Stone

Example Artistic Statement

Theorist Robert What: in which any official human mapping of the landscape is also always a private cognitive mapping of Self as it indirectly mis-relates to the perceived local environment. The critical, ever present distance and tension between ancient ‘scientific’ attempts at figuring out the lay of land, and the personal, often unconscious structuring of the world as one thinks one knows it, results in a unique cartographic sorrow – a panoramic, cognitive melancholy – yet still blessed with geomantic potential for holistic enchantment. A scenario, in which such maps locally manifest to evoke both the ongoing erosion of such Cultural mapping, and the advancing radio waves and neural disturbances of scientific (/geoengineering) modernity. Featuring kanji 哀 /ai – “sorrow”; displays invisible energy nodes and lines.

The Alchemist In Ir Study

A virtual art experience

The Alchemist In His Study

Example Artistic Statement via Theorist Robert What:

Using multiple overlayed textures from the ‘polished’ look of Doom 3; the colours are meant to evoke thousand year old lacquer jewellery boxes from Asia, containing what feel like secret ancient martial arts scrolls on advanced internal alchemy.

Freejazz Bardo

Theorist Robert What: welcome to The Free Jazz Bardo – where legend Charlie Parker blows his LSD sax in the outer beyond; reverberating hard bop echoes form joyous birth pangs of an intense new alien reality.

The Freejazz Bardo

To consider such a design evokes faded Tibetan paper hanging scrolls, or tales of faded magic prayer rugs, reflecting mystical hyper dimensional deities seen in ancient Tibetan Bonpo shamanism.

The Temptation of Saint Martin

The Temptation Of Saint Martin

To imagine an angular visual remix of an in-concert pose of some talentless warbler – so thoroughly bland and beige, even whole legions of Roman cavalry choirs cannot save him.

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £1.5M each – contact Robert What today for details.

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