Misc Image Studies Gallery

RND/ To consider a miscellaneous conceptual image study gallery:

Fiver From A Good Samaritan

Satirical remix of soul suckingly self righteous article in The Daily Torygraph [1]:

A Fiver From A Good Samaritan

Profits from this art to be shared with charities for working mothers.

In which some pompous stranger on a train who condescendingly praised a mother with a fiver for quote ‘good manners’ is revealed as Middle Class Twat.

The enquiry in England is not whether a woman has talents, genius or is kind – not that this might even be the right question to begin with – but whether they’re truly passive and polite – a virtuous ass obedient to noble men’s opinions in art and science – who bow gratefully before men’s overwhelming fiscal potency and unthinking pseudo generosity. If they’re a good little woman of the stove and bedroom – if not, she must be starved via passive aggressive male acts of suffocating plastic kindness.
– Paraphrasing William Blake, poet painter and visionary

Catalog World

Catalog World

So welcome to Catalogue World; where quality digital watches, pewter tankards and grainy images of ‘fit’ 70s modelling talent blend into a visual corny-copia of hyper consumerist paradise.

Cronenberg 1664

“Cronenberg 1664” Beer

Sit back and relax with smooth clean hits of Cronenberg 1664 – the only beer featuring a tiny chewy psychedelic Mugwump inside, providing the unusual flavour of Western Rotting Underbelly.

Donald’s Anthropogenic China Misconception

The apocalyptic ignorance of Donald Trump and his supporters astounds; each day it constantly threatens to make George W. Bush look like Noam Fucking Chomsky
– Example art statement by Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What

A digital conceptual painting based on yet another cosmically default stupid social media outburst by everyone’s favorite orange dotard.

Donald’s Anthropogenic China Misconception

Background graph courtesy of FRED.

Dr Doom ABST0

Consider ‘ass bit set to zero’ – abst0 – by default:

Dr. Doom: ABST0

ABST0 – ideally useful measurement or social consideration. While ABST0 commonlyand/ simply implies avoiding being an ass, it’s actually closer in mercurial meaning to a variable, as yet undefined human metric – a default friendly dynamic / relationship state – one of:

  • Sharing: spirit of free /gratis / libre non quantum participation
  • Helpfulness: accessibility accommodation consideration symbiosis
  • Nondoing: harmony non contention
  • Entropy: all non things considered unequal impossibility of any reliable measurement of uncertainty in random variable /eg ABST0

In which non quantum participation means holistic human channelling of fluid processes un-splittable into ass bits; co creation beyond concepts of ‘worth’ or ‘value’.

While ABST0 is only ever an ideal or virtual state one is unable to clearly set, measure gain or reliably use – it might nonetheless seem an undecidedly (non) practical heuristic.

To set ‘ass bit to zero’ implies not doing anything to flip bit to one, yet any attempt to actively set bit to 0 flips it automatically.

Public ABST0 declaration as follows: “Apologies if I seemed ass just then – despite or even due to my best intentions; this is merely to signal an already complex state of (human) affairs.”

The figure most associated with ABST0 is Doctor Doom – whose classic failed attempted to set or reset ‘ass bit’ is now legendary.

Though Richards tried to warn him about the flaw in the machine, seeing his calculations were few a decimals off Victor continued on – with disastrous results.

Economic Recovery Shopping On The Never-Never Bridge

Economic Recovery: Shopping on the Never-Never Bridge

Don’t worry, just keep blindly strolling along, merrily shopping – it’ll all works out just fine. You fucking dolts.

Escape From Trumpverse

Escape From Trumpverse

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity
– Martin Luther King JR

RND: question – can fellow ‘Big Scientists’ escape in time from the Trumpverse – a psychotically unstable dystopian dimension of stable genius, so actively hostile to all forms of sentient intelligence it will eventually implode.

– Note on death by distinct non irony; humanity itself voted in said melted waxwork with a trash can fire behind eyes instead of a soul.

German Light Box

Virtual Art Experience:

German Light Box

Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What: overcast shopping day in Heidelberg blue.

Muted belief system with golden nerve wires exposed.

Seeking simulation in urban blandscape finding only simulation layers.

Storefront outrage in arcadia; plastic reality of everyday existence.

Plexiglass emotion, dummies on parade.

Languid / imprecise with everything still to loose.

Global Shareholder Meeting

Global Shareholder Meeting

To consider a digital conceptual painting of an officially recognized bloody global annual shareholder meeting.

Megan’s New Apartment, 7AM

Megan’s New Apartment 7am

Quiet, cool and empty – admittedly a little like her attractive young head.

Mirror Gorilla Xavier Hubert Brierre

(Paraphrase) We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. A single world – our own – suffices, but we cant accept it for what it seems
– Stanislaw Lem, Solaris

Mirror-Gorilla: Xavier Hubert Brierre

Example Artistic Statement via Theorist Robert What: In which idiot photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre, his human cohorts and ir minds of dim silvered metal invade the endangered jungles of Gabon to set up ugly, hyperreal mirrors – of themselves – which (despite allegedly being some kind of cognitive test for the poor animals encountering them) is in fact a simple litmus test for extreme hubris, which only ever reflects innate human stupidity.

Sespite what such space apes automatically assume, we do not get to witness (startled, afraid and confused) internal reactions of animals, but rather only ever get to blindly watch our own dim reactions to such cruel “Reaction Videos”.

At some point in the video some wild bird crashes against mirror, no doubt injuring itself. The mirror seems an outward projection of certain ideas, ideals and assumptions regarding who sees what – and from what alleged perspective.

Everything’s endlessly hilarious and viral in the dead deserted media desert West; where violently exhibitionist colonialists need ever more distant vulnerable lands and locations to spread their reflectively innocent hilarity – life as just another thing to laugh stupidly at.

Self and other reflected limitation superficial surfaces, split aspects of self at infantile mirror stage. Imagine the silverback in question tore the mirror out of the ground and smashed it over the ideologically fractured skulls of humans who stick them there. The human stain in vain feigned acts of vague ethological interest.

(Paraphrasing): Mirrored sunglasses are symbol of the policeman and similar outlaws
– Preface to Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling

Pointless Jobs

Pointless Jobs

File Under: Common Public Secrets

Resident Evil Retribution In Five Images

Resident Evil Retribution In Five Images

Bob’s quick visual capsule summary, so there’s no need to watch this POS.

Arguably incredible new emergent form of entirely character / plot free hyper stylized cheese, consider Uwe Boll Simulator Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) in five images / states

– Action
– Confidence
– Incredulity
– Deadpan
– Trauma

Scenes From Modern Visual Computing

Scenes From Modern (Visual) Computing

No more or less.

Strobe Renata

Based on old Quantel Paintbox manual / video synthesizers:

Strobe Renata

Example Artistic Statement via Theorist Robert What: Commencing Strobe Map 2. The search for traces of Renata continues in main floating database.

Locking down all outside feeds – all ‘Big Scientist’ Researchers standby for Trap Gate tf16.v micro core initiation.

We are on the outside of the outside. To consider signal as interruption – glitch as central missing statement of design. Global tilt pans diffusing issue rapidly reconfiguring notions of scale / aesthetic intent.

Renata – electrosoul darker than vantablack stands cool / alone in their bioquantum flux trap of dislocated memory / fractal prime time desire.

The Price Of Knowledge

The Price Of Knowledge

RND/ in which fellow Researchers of ‘Big Science’ consider the monopoly of academic publishers.

To imagine digital conceptual paintings arising.

The Stack (Benjamin H. Bratton) cover by Robert What

To consider an alternative cover design for “The Stack” by Benjamin H. Bratton:

The Stack Benjamin H Brattan

Rob tweeted said covers to Benjamin who said he really dug ’em.

Thinking About It

Thinking About It

Wait for it – any time now (while developing that Root.)

UK Google News: “I feel safer already.”

UK Google News: “I feel safer already”

Fuck ‘The News’. What about what’s happening?

Vitalize Yourself Now

Vitalize Yourself Now

Pay synthetic attention, citizen!

Zombi Night At Scarfs

Zombi Night At Scarfs

It was Zombi night at Scarf’s house. Feet up on cheap rented furniture, cheesy snaxx dust on belly. Something moving behind the thick curtains. Suddenly feeling heavy retro computing heeby jeeby vibe from playing oldskool retro horror wares.

Ideal / Idealized Cost for such Conceptual Work: £850K – contact Robert What today for details.

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