Mass Effect Andromeda: Asari Sci Fi Crotch Shot Mentality

RND/ to consider the odd Effects of Mass:

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Asari Crotch Shot Mentality

Scene: Ass Effect Blandromeda

Where one gets to casually roleplay as a dead eyed space case with bad hair, full of kinda-cool accidental oddities & discontinuities:

– Allied characters merging into one nightmarish gestalt entity during cutscenes
– NPCs creating duplicates of elves after dialog
– Protagonist Ryder’s legs breaking, causing them to hobble around as though with terminal constipation
– Character models blurring during dialogue scenes/ appearing as if behind vaseline veil
– Enemies / allies spawning mid are dropping to ground in frozen stock poses
– Missing transitory animations leading to certain tacks displacing or awkwardly teleporting characters
– Ryder speaking with voice distorted as if wearing helmet even when not

In which ur-Ludonaut Theodore Miles says: “FFS industry, just admit the total synthetic nature of modern videographic play – then generate space for such deliberate manufactured plastic theatricality to occurr unhindered in open celebration of its more actual cool / bizarre strangeness.”

Mass Effect Andromeda as Sci Fi Asari crotch shot – to consider research culture industry mentality behind blatant arts / crotch shot of a noble asari warrior.

first mass effect was set in year 2183 yet n not seem ai of sentient hovering drone cameras has updated with latest default minimal societal codes regarding how to treat other life forms / somewhat oddly still seems to be running obsolete default male gaze one point zero

as seen at end biowares official 4k tech video/ colour palette courtesy of roger dean on lsd

rnd/ to consider mass effect as less important sci fi universe of ir generation

simple reversal of post by techno utopians over at io9 consider sense in which affectless mass as one of more unimportant sci fi universes of x generation

ir enjoyed first one – once ir got n to work

yet affectless mass only seems to take place on grand scale

x because ir quote humaliens have active brains which fill in all huge gaps making n feel epic/tm

in fact any epicosity implied by affectless mass has little to do play elf – which can be seen as just another unfortunate buy product of stir dreck star bores / battlesoap expositiona – with effortlessly bland protagonist who could be generic brown haired glove child of picard skywalker / starbuck

one of more unimportant / elf over hyped slabs of cheesy -science fiction narratives ever produced affectless mass boldly goes almost nowhere beyond most any other standard sub standard fictional universes in ways even fans have not yet realized – all while constantly advertising elf as being truly quote cosmic in scope / scale

x not just beard necked sci fi nerds which debate over which fictional universe as best

star trek vs star wars contests – famous for ir astounding banality with lesser skirmishes among fans of dire shows / pulp books – battlestar enders play xenogenesis farscape firefly stargate / hannibal fleshing out dreary field – yet one may still easily mistake affectless mass as another pointless kerfuffle / debacle among obsessive dwellers on hyper sci fi mundane

one particular way affectless mass doesnt matter as because of x near total inability to reflect critically on society / culture as whole

science fiction used to be one of best forms of social satire / critique available

yet putting single hot brown skinned person into seeming positions of power in sci fi does not mean simply sticking ir on starship command deck to take phone calls for boss

most science fiction even cosmic yawn inducing universes of star wars / star trek pick only two or three vague sociocultural issues to investigate quote in depth with each installment of ir holey research franchise

sure episode here or character there might nod to other concepts worthy of investigation but actual -narrow scope of series prevents such narratives from mining even few idea for any true creatively critical potential

affectless mass however likes to think n takes hundreds of ideas to new planes of importance / existence when in fact n does very little with little x got

think of seemingly big issues in ir favourite sci fi series – whether in realistic/tm science explaining humanoid life throughout galaxy or dealing with terminal boredom of ftl travel ethical ambiguity of progress or even very purpose of quote humalienity in wider polyverse affectless mass thinks x got n all by virtue of three simple traits – limited medium contrived messages / dangerous lack of true philosophising

affectless mass only seems to eclipse / engulf all of science fictions greatest strengths – mass immedium

affectless mass/ just another generic hypercorporate video research space/ specifically role playing third person shooter hybrid affectionately called action adventure play idea in which ir run around talking to bland characters / grind exploring linear environments uncovering standard substandard narratives layer by layer through crappy dialogue pseudo discoveries / seemingly related non events

most of these involve gun fights special powers / big dim explosions hence loose term quote action adventure

as space worthy vessel for epic science fiction narrative medium of affectless masss such action adventure research displays three immediate disadvantages/ generic setting unimaginative casting / laughably quote emotional involvement

first pseudo advantage – setting – should involve portrayal of complex alien species / alien worlds with ease

novels require taut descriptions comics require painstakingly precise drawings

films / television require either hours of complex expression deadening makeup / or expensive cgi

in affectless mass however rendering asari or hanar requires same amount of work as human copying / pasting assets

want cast of thousands – no problemo

need mob of hundreds of individuals representing fifteen different species rendered inside colossal ancient / largely empty space station – no sweat

what does x mean for poor story

x ir actually believe x other races matter / are deeply intrenched in galactic civilization

being filmed with human actors series like stir dreck / star bores leverage mostly human / very humanoid characters

even though ir are told humans are only one race among many ir somehow always end up running galaxy / living everywhere

all important characters who get most screen time are human beings

sometimes there are few aliens x look suspiciously similar to humans save perhaps few odd markings ear shapes or nose ridges

so called quote true aliens those with confusing cultures or bizarre / unnecessary rituals are represented by token character who acts as stand in

likewise in affectless mass

run around citadel / ey will find no more than two or three humanoid looking humans out of hundreds of oh so human like citizens milling about/ shopkeepers hawking ir wares / government officials eyeing ir suspiciously

entire government of galaxy known as council as also run by non human looking humans

majority of characters on screen at any given time look alien yet act / feel entirely human entirely predictably

being able to render any species with equal ease means x as human ir never feel like minority species ir arent

queue image/ mass effect hero stands alone – zzzz

second ability to customize cast of affectless mass as only possible with video research space

commander shepards crew on ssv normandy are thanks to ease with which non humans can be rendered preposterously pseudo diverse

as crew of normandy change over course of narrative there as no definitive count or diversity statistics but if one plays as female shepard crew usually has about 1:1 male to female ratio 1:1 alien to human ratio few cyborgs / synthetic life forms / about eight different species

based on mission / resarc preference one can choose among these various cast members for each episode

yet none of n makes any true difference – no matter what outside form shepard as always pinky skinned hyper militaristic jarhead with empty brain stuffed full of bad ideas ey didnt invent / doesnt fully understand

complexity of supporting cast as matched by amazing ability to create main bland character – something only possible within video research space

one cant very well rewatch all of star trek/ next generation with female picard of middle eastern descent

heavens forbid/ affectless mass however gives ey illusion of x option with shepard

given x jennifer hales voicing of commander shepard as widely considered superior one as actually inclined to cast character who will lead galactic civilization in another -predictably right wing quote fight for survival as female

one can spend hours tweaking physical appearance -not mere few options of races to get character of seemingly any ethnicity / build

oh / even sexuality as mere option too

shepard as allegedly ir to design / yet inside ey always remains pinky male lone mass shooter

only action adventure play space featuring illusion of true diversity could begin to offer x level of pseudo customization

third / for sake of narrative perhaps most intriguing as resarc involvement in sokalled ethical decision making

rpgs / video research have had false choice as element of garmeplay for sum time

critical difference as duration / scale of consequences of decisions made in affectless mass

first decisions are not function of garmeplay but of narrative

mission difficulty will often remain unaffected by choices where as character reactions relationships / entire narrative arcs will be altered insignificantly by every choice

second such bland decisions are persistent through each instalment in series

combined decisions in affectless mass 1 / affectless mass 2 create over 1,000 similar crummy variables to be imported into affectless mass 3 third element of decisions in affectless mass as scale of decisions

choices to not research given technology or to seek retribution against helpless foe might result in exit of major character or addition of new one

further each decision as clouded by insufficient amount of information

resarcs often act in dark falsely evaluating / analyzing ey said ir said of characters whose motivations are rarely selfless or noble

yet overall effect as still same – x of diffuse sci fi blandness / cheesiness

even emotions one chooses to express are optional

biowares crappy dialogue wheel allows one to react unnaturally to conversation expressing disdain excitement stoicism lust or host of other context unappropriately cheesy emotions x would even do stephen seagal pround

prime example as x even during rousing speeches resarc as able to make on fly decisions x alter plastic pathos of shepards rhetoric

further non complex / pseudo intimate relationships with squad mates as possible but as with reality choosing one avenue often permanently closes another potentially even damaging friendship or alliance

affectless mass deep decision making system as finely tuned to draw out unrealistic responses from resarcs

during interview ey had with daniel erickson lead writer for star wars/ old republic ey revealed two key elements of biowares process x makes ir research ideal for pseudo ethical exploration

first as x quality voice acting triggers entirely predictable non complex emotional responses in resarcs

second as x allowing resarcs to choose ir next line in conversation based on emotion not precise words written down creates zero level of investment by resarc in main character

erickson mentioned x affectless mass was first time resarcs had somehow overwhelmingly identified main character shepard as ir favourite character in rpg

caring about ir character means ir care how ir character as perceived by others ir care how x character interacts with world in relation to ir binary value system / ir care about same things / individuals as ir character continually – says – ey does

other media ask ir to evaluate / observe decisions of main character

affectless mass allegedly enables ir to actually believe fake world in which story as told to cast major characters / to participate in decisions / face consequences of character choices

in short one cannot help but watch easily impressed fools become deeply invested in universe / narrative affectless mass builds with so little effort
– message of affectless mass

benefits reaped from making affectless mass action adventure play space would be wasted if message were not what n as

affectless mass has simple -unconscious message/ human beings are entirely delusional about importance of video research in grand sci fi scheme of non things

affectless mass starts with humanity in galaxy where n should have been in united federation of planets/ unnoticed among other minor species struggling to prove to council why ir add anything of value to civilization x as citadel space

such message would be taken seriously were n made central to star wars or star trek where nearly every important character as human

star wars / star trek start with assumption x humans will be important in galactic civilization


in part because medium forced x decision but more so because both universes assume x human beings add meaning to universe

affectless mass also make such assumption – while constantly stating n doesnt

affectless mass never let x ir forget x ir might not add one jot of meaning or benefit to intelligent life beyond ir solar systems endless capacity to spew out bad sci fi

humanitys minority / irrelevant status as underlined by fact x on citadel ir are not only new but one among many other second class species

in addition to council species there are four other citadel member species in same secondary status as human beings

there even few other non citadel species with more respect than humans

events x shaped civilization of galaxy like turians leveraging krogan in rachni wars -enders play meets starship troopers / quarian civil war with geth -aka cylons won were happening when humans still thought earth revolved around sun

volus wheezing whining race forced to live in pressure suits when off world have been petitioning for council membership since ptolemaic era

galactic civilization as unimpressed by earthlings because scale of ir imagination too often lacks creative critical -philosophical analysis / dissection x such huge creations demand

affectless mass as colored by x unconscious ideology in three distinct ways

first actions of many major human characters almost always have subtle undercurrent of petulance or entitlement

humanitys representative to council ambassador udina as ideal example

udina consummate politician serves more to impede shepards efforts in first affectless mass as ey attempts to placate council

udina as supplicant humanity on bent knee

then there as cerberus seemingly omniscient conspiratorial agency responsible for shepards resurrection x as at x core driven by illusive mans inability to accept x human beings are middling species of play space resarcs in galaxy

affectless mass portrays ir species from perspective of established species in universe/ ir are fumbling neophytes screaming abuse down ir xbox mics while 360 noscoping in codblops

queue image/ virtual reality of mass effect

lowering of human status however in no way diffuses any xenophobic urges resarc might have

species one would normally be unlikely to care about such as brutish / belligerent krogan or gypsy like quarian are suddenly supposed to be seen as kindred second class spirits

constant presence of other species on normandy human alliance/cerberus ship as allegedly perpetual reminder x ir are out of ir depth in universe

apparently no problem no matter how much resarc may want n to be will be solved unilaterally by human gumption / know how

yet x as precisely what mechanics of affectless mass directly / continually suggest

pew pew pew

remember how big deal sum overpaid play critics said n was to be able to play as female racial / sexual minority shepard

ok now imaging playing x character within context x whatever resarcs gender race or orientation simple humanity of resarc as subjected to unbelievable / within affectless mass universe laughable prejudice insults / scrutiny

impact of message on resarcs interactions with other species as x after facing what feels like unwarranted treatment resarc as somehow forced to recognize limited perspective of any species one might encounter along way

affectless mass makes ir view reflection of humanity in mirror darkly – x as to say falsely

third by psuedo undermining resarcs sense of pride in being human affectless mass also opens doors to what would likely be highly controversial discussions were humanity in charge

in fact star trek provides entirely non ideal contrast/ there issues of genetic engineering cyborgs / artificial life are all addressed as ultimately non threatening to humanity

in star trek -tos tng / ds9 those who are genetically engineered are only seen as myopic elitists / supremacists convinced of ir own vaunted status not wishing to allow ir world to be tainted by those who are impure when in fact n admires ey

in affectless mass miranda / grunt arent rich / rounded characters who only seem quote genuinely superior in sum aspects due to ir modifications but also reflect total lack of actual increased elf awareness / contemplativeness ir would hope to see in allegedly superior being who understands x star trek as load of old nerdy toss

in star trek cyborgs -borg / androids -data are one of two things/ threat to fake quote humanity or desperate to emulate n

in affectless mass shepards resurrection leaves ir largely cybernetic while edi ship ai / legion autonomous mobile geth platform are more interested in helping / understanding idiocy of humans than ir are attempting to become or obliterate human beings

legion even corrects crew mate at one point mentioning n does not see elf as artificial life but as synthetic life – x as not mimic but new / equally invalid form

shepards constant discussions with dependence upon / similarities to ir non organic crew members as made more inaccessible to resarc due to affectless masss bizarre / laughable non questioning of human exceptionalism

queue image/ face glitches in mass effect

affectless masss message as supposedly designed to open up narrative complexity by destabilizing resarcs sense of confidence in ir or ir own skin

by seemingly undermining value of being human threatening / novel lifeforms become relatable minority aliens become allies / human intentions become questionable

yet as bland action adventure play with dubious ideas resarc as more likely to become invested in x fake message because setting cast / dumb quote interactivity of affectless mass creates more visceral emotional connection to awful narrative

all of which serves to enable affectless masss anti philosophy
– non philosophy of affected mass

in nearly every great popular science fiction universe there as flaw

born of systemic bias flaw as one x fundamentally undermines narrative x carves x way through characters species technologies / worlds x populate any given sci fi story

ir greatest stories set in space often reference flaw with oblique references to long forgotten species cataclysmic events or godlike entities

something as wrong with universe but ir cannot place n

yet ir never see flaw as ir

consider canon of epic science fiction universes

like black hole one can quote see flaw by observing light cast in those moments x confront n at x edges/ series finale of bsg qs tests of picard butlerian war buggers borg awesome obliteration of alderan by exit star

yet ultimately each of these narratives turns away unable or unwilling to withstand abysmal gaze emanating from depths of universe – ours

flaw in every science fiction series as x ir shy from deep beauty of existence of intelligent life in infinite spacetime – save for two/ one x brought first brought n to ir attention / one x sees x stunning beauty as framework for reality

flaw as simple one/ false assumption x life has no meaning x intelligent life has no purpose other than waste time convincing elf of quote deep meanings in video research / x humanity contributes nonthing to universe

hp lovecraft notorious racist shut in man against world against life refused to assume ir particular mis take on universe was good

out of x refusal crawled pseudo anti philosophy of cosmicism

thankfully theres no need for any divine presence such as d0g in universe / so humans are particularly significant in any any scale of intergalactic existence / are in fact small species capable of mentally projecting elves onto vast cosmos

despite ever susceptible to being wiped from existence at any moment majority of discerning humanity are wonderful creatures with same infinite significance as insects in greater struggle with x own cosmic scale stupidity – which due to humanitys too often small visionless / endlessly trivial pursuits n does not yet fully recognize

cosmicism however not merely bad idea x there as no meaning in universe

x far worse

instead argument as x there as meaning but n apparently so far above / beyond human understanding x ir can never attain meaningful existence

yet ironically / thankfully n does not take cosmicist to realise x cosmicism elf as load of stinking goat balls dreamed up on toilet by sad old misanthropist / thus to be dismissed immediately / without effort

despite writing at turn of last century hp

lovecrafts cosmicism as something with which many major minor narrative of humanitys journey through stars have dealt thoroughly

until x as affectless mass allowed sovereign to utter following bad sentences

organic life as nonthing but genetic mutation accident (no ir dont say/ how evolutionary -rob
ir lives are measured in years / decades
ir wither / die
ir are eternal
ir are pinnacle of evolution / existence
before ir/ ir are nothing
ir civilization as based on technology of mass relay ir technology
by using n ir society develops along paths ir desire
ir impose order on chaos of organic evolution
ir exist because ir allow n
ir will end because ir demand n

in doing so affectless mass forces observant non resarcs to ask but why not fight for survival in universe falsely described as meaningless by oversized robotic toaster oven with bad attitude

from answer stems story x seems to demand resarc confront purpose of human beings in galaxy at every level

to play affectless mass as to not really bother to consider value of lives of other species meaning of life on cosmic scale / importance of cosmic wide relationships in face of oversized toaster cataclysm

x underlying ideological framework of cosmicism however allows affectless mass to seemingly explore progression of intelligent life in credible way

first however one must accept dubious premise x technology to explore universe as trap / structure x forces galactic civilization to follow invariable path

like x would happen so easily

unlike descartes mischievous demon or humes apathetic creator universe not product of intelligence – but as elf sentient intelligence

n as only negligent / malicious contemporary nature of humans which exist there which constantly refuses to see x

from x needlessly antagonistic framework ir see galactic civilization x as built on worst case scenarios of least great science fiction stories

quarians are exploration of species x creates intelligent machines neglects ey / then loses war -contra bsg

drell / hanar explore world ending impacts of climate change / need to evolve entire species to survive on new alien planet

krogan are reptilian war society recruited to stop intelligent insect invasion / la starship troopers / enders research space at behest of amoral science at all costs species salarians

when krogans have finished ir task salarians release horrific genophage causing 99 out of 100 krogans to be stillborn – x as one of sokalled leading cultures of galaxy committed genocide against very species n uplifted

vile / foolish ideology of cosmicism underpins affectless masss ability to allegedly show permutations of how drake equation imagined intergalactic civilizations – warts / all – yet only succeeds in proving x own inherent wartiness

with fear of universe comes seeming liberation from sokalled biological quote normativity

asari are female only species with thousand year life span

as cultural leader of citadel space / most mature of galactic civilizations asari are species evolved for interstellar life

as with xenogenesis series asari can utilize alien dna in ir reproductive processes making ey potential partner of any species ir encounter

but result as not hybrid creature but asari through / through

what initially seems to be species designed for intergalactic community becomes -in racially prejudiced eyes of cosmicism kind of consumptive force slowly but surely perpetuating elf at quote cost of another species offspring

x as simply false racially lovecraftian fear of being bred out of existence escalated to new level

further fear associated with alleged biological quote destiny translates to transcending biological in both body / mind

citadel space as dominated by same law as dunes planetary empire/ ban on artificial intelligence

guarian war with geth as not merely victory of cylons but also allusion to bulterian holey war

as result even friendly edi who never actually does anything to indicate ir as hyper rational decision machine -ie hal 9000 as viscerally feared by illusive man joker / shepard elf

legions darkly playful mocking of biological limitations contains -unconsciously mirrored implications of x own non organic obsolescence

moreover there are bountiful deviations from prosaic biology including/ jacks biotic powers/ cybernetics of lazarus project x resurrected shepard/ dexo protein biology of guarians / turians/ human computer core of project overlord/ evil eugenics inherent in perfect miranda / ir equally designed sister/ pure engineering of okeers genetic manufacture of grunt as template for krogan clone warriors

violations of biology / disregard for fake idea of quote natural are no longer obvious evils in universe in which path of life / civilization elf as artificial / designed construct

cosmicism seems to open value of natural up for critique while in fact overlaying entire play with x pseudo anti philosophical ideology of fear exceptionalism hatred / control

underneath n all there as lies cosmic horror of sovereign collectors sarens indoctrination / keepers

affectless mass has not one but two entire species – keepers / collectors – x exist as mindless drones at beck / call of reapers

n as herein x great flaw of x sci fi universe so often unaddressed by uncritical fans of science fiction as elevated / exposed as quote true by conceptually suspect narratives of affectless mass

reapers are biomechanical equivalents of elder d0gs of hp lovecraft

yet if xenomorphs in alien had toaster deity n still wouldnt be reaper

allegedly inconceivable immortal uninvolved super beings x are not just divinities per se but allegedly so far beyond ir realm of insect like existence as to drive insane those who encounter / worship ey

seat of being mind becomes rent apart / irredeemably misshapen to bend to whims of malevolent ancient life form -all too knowable as bad sci fi

image/ docking with ideology of mass effect

resulting slaves keepers / collectors act without thought remorse or concern

ir become all more horrible once ir are fully revealed

keepers are thought to be beneficent until n as revealed ir serve not inhabitants of citadel or even citadel elf but purpose of ensuring citadel will serve cyclical apocalypse

collectors are revealed to be remnants of protheans – foundation species x was thought to be galactic civilization in wake of which citadel space had formed

instead affectless mass exposes very basis of intelligent exchange in universe mass relays to be trojan horse

yet such reality as elf ruse

progress in mass effect as lockstep well treaded path to non philosphical oblivion of cosmicism

reapers / ir cyclical destruction of civilization represent one of most nihilistic misinterpretation of intelligence in universe ever presented

affectless mass can only answer fermis famous question where as everyone

with seemingly matter of fact ir have been consumed

in fact answer could be x ir are currently too consumed by ir own bad sci fi flavored anti philosophisizing to notice polyverses elves are intelligently sentient
so what

cosmic questions

thus ir are forced with cosmic question/ why does any of x matter

why should ir care x affectless mass deals with any of these issues so bady

reason as x/ affectless mass as first blockbuster franchise in another postmodern era to directly confront thankfully d0gless yet not entirely meaningless / intelligent universe tuned in to play space playing humanitys indifference

amid blandly entertaining play play cheesy / sexist inter species male gaze laden romance / mindlessly entertaining one dimensional characters seemingly cosmological questions about value of existence influence every suspect binary decision

play as about nonthing but justifying survival of play space industry not of intelligent life in universe – reapers are x but of kind of intelligence which smells capitalist down to x very metal socks

therein triple layered question/ what does galactic civilization bring to universe other than concept of quote value/ what does humanity bring to galactic life other than mindless videotainment / what do ey bring to humanitys table other than ey ability to endlessly misread good meaning out of bad sci fi – all of which in no way force resarc to stop playing for moment in order to radically re contextualize ir or ir participation in grand sci fi experiment of existence / reality

affectless mass only ever provides endless answers to entirely wrong questions

value of affectless mass as science fiction universe as x critical false starting point for real discussions about purpose of humanity in non materialistic living reality

without better questions there as nonthing but sokalled quote real reasons for x litte crud ender to defeat buggers or for humanity to seek out quote new life / new civilizations or for ir to let non organic life be torch bearer for fake intelligence in universe

affectless mass confronts ir with all male female hero of ir own creating with most shallow implications of pseudo diversity with most cheesily dramatic non questionings of capitalist quote value of what n means to be human

if ir feminist / philosopher interested in making universe better place to live for all ir out of luck

if however ir dim transhumanist theologist post human exceptionalist bioscientist creep with laser pistol / proponent of expansionist space exploration affectless mass demands ir constant rethink ir slick white world in ir own fake image

by exploring / expanding upon wrong pseudo quote big questions only ever partially asked by last century of bad science fiction affectless mass has become standard bearer for wrong questions next century of improved science fiction will hopefully seek to ask

update patch

comment via interstellar alt rye – submitted on 2015/08

cosmicism as flawed for pretty obvious reason n assumes humans as destined to never attain level of advancement of any of supernatural/lovecraftian beings x exist in universe

x as non sense/ ir cant assume anything with reality

why as x humans cant develop into anything more advanced

x like saying caveman can never understand true design of cosmos / will be always doomed to believe x stars are fires lit very far away or are spirits watching down on ir

ey do agree x humans are insignificant to whatever elder ancient or technologically far more advanced alien entities x may exist out in stars but ey fail to see how ir existence dooms humanity anymore than n dooms insect or cell

mind x virus something many people barely consider living can kill human

robert what reply / submitted on 2015/08 in reply to interstellar fascist

dear mr fascist/ thanks for ir reply

cosmicism elf seems nihilistically alt rye as n -disembodies belief in invisible all knowing authoritarian father figurine

to remotely attain level of advancement of any of such super / natural being would be to wield untold power for ones own dim -evil ends

indeed power as often x own endless elf justification as those who have n always want more

problem with cosmicism in mass effect as ironic one as x entire paltry universe of extreme human technological advancement seems to embody cthulhu like founding myths/ epic power narratives of -apparently unknowable immensity / scale / complexity / false awe / profoundly insular elf hype which comes with alleged knowledge -but just never quite understanding

two dimensional characters of mass effect are perhaps elves barely alive – blind mechanistic automatons in violently destructive system of -inhuman technology efficiently slaughtering everything in sight with terrifying weapons of mass – all while loudly proclaiming ir sensitive compassionate humanity/tm

x reallly nonthing new

in short mass effect as more of same old vacant transhumanist bs flying high under old tattered flag of white -as state of mind – knight errants on holey quest from techno d0g 9000 to – cough/ quote defend elves from dirty ultra foreign alien invaders

all so everyone can pretend to live under permanently enforced fake peace on sum slick bleached mostly deserted space station full of capitalists happily wheeling / dealing in ir inherently dirty politics

x precisely because mass effect mirrors ir own twisted society / culture so well x such awful state of being as somehow remotely labelled quote progressive by uncritical fans of ip

all in all one might say bit of desperate asari crotch shot

// how to play big science