Jubilee: Modern Mental Slavery (Conceptual Art)

RND/ To consider some conceptual art for the Jubilee.

Yet the real reason why we continue not simply to tolerate her but, in many misguided instances, to worship her, is because of atavistic attitudes of our own, which we find it hard to abandon.
Will Self, Queen Mother profile (Independent)

Featuring an (all things considered, eg. the rising cost of living) absolutely bug-fucking insane fluff piece of raw ideological jackboot-licking from The Daily Torygraph. Reposted here for satirical and historical archiving purposes.

‘Beacon of light’? Are you on fucking crack suppositories? Some people in this backwater county, let me tell you. Their contempt for the actually living, for those in society who truly need help knows no bounds. God save us from bunting-brained flag shaggers and the utterly freakish Modern Mental Slavery required to keep them all waving perfectly in line.

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