‘It’s time to re-learn how to have fun’: A Response To The Guardian

RND/ Dear The Guardian. Go fuck yourselves (again.) A response to your post, “It’s time to re-learn how to have fun“:

Q: What makes you depressed?
A: Seeing stupid people happy. – Slavoj Zizek

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Fun Loving Cunts. (Wear a mask, dipshits!)

This particular brand of synthetic, corporate ‘Fun’TM that appeals to, and is only really meant for rich white tossers is the kind that makes me wants to punch you in your collective Middling Class nuts. The header image used in your article explains it all; a shower of designer motherfuckers, smiling into the camera void with their diarrhea-for-brains smiles. Forget true social justice, forget the wider and deeper cultural context of extreme poverty, soul crushing inequality, the fact we’re ruled by a bunch of lying Tory tosspots – we’ll just add a dash more ‘fun’ into our stinking, desperate nowhere lives today with the help of some random asshole ‘happiness professor’ from fucking Yale. Right? What a bunch of condescending, time wasting ‘lifestyle’ bullshit. Life affirming? Shit like that makes me want you to hang yourself.

Like ‘fun’ was ever the goddam point, and not the simple Truth. To use a term you wankers would probably find hopelessly quaint – The Guardian are so fucking bourgeois it hurts. If you somehow remotely represent what’s remains of The Left in Endland, we’re right royally fucked. Ashes in the mouth of the working class.

I hate ‘The Guardian’. Your offensively non-offensive little recipe ideas – your appeal to smug fuckwits who imagine they’re earth saving ecowarriors because they get their Filipino maid to recycle their wine bottles – your nice book recommendations – the fact you had to publicly apologize to Chomsky. Everything you touch with manicured fingers is wrapped in lukewarm organic fair trade wool and stinks of hypocrisy and willing self-compromise for a quiet life in a cushy 1.6M quid flat in a nice part of London next to the good schools for little Gerald and Figgy. Your outlook, aesthetic existential mode-of-being-in-the-world are just so fucking White*, bleach looks on and goes pink with embarrassment. What you fence sitting Centrist weasels mean by the little ‘liberal’ stickers you proudly wear is ‘only one step less to the right than Thatcher’. ‘Re-learn to have fun’? Re-learn how to call out dogshit when its dumped in our path to a fairer society, more like. Hopelessly unintelligent articles like yours can fuck right off back to the Cringey Hell Of Violently Unhelpful Advice from whence they spawned.

* As an symbolic, ideological state of mind / will to techno-domination

// how to play big science