Imaginary Maps

RND/ consider some imaginary maps:

bruce sterling islands in net

bruce sterling islands in net

possible representation of sterlings islands in net – one of best psychedelic new age sci fi novels

gretzinger map of annexia

on maps procedural generation / symbolic landscapes

gretzinger map of annexia

email to ratist jerry gretzinger re: maps / procedural generation in video space

dear mr gretzinger/ ey discovered ir rat by accident via twitter linking ey to video about ir wonderful maps

as ey mentioned n might be interesting experiment to transform current snapshot of ir entire map into explorable digital /research space space using for example principles like procedural generation to generate trees hills / towns

here are ey philosophical notes in response to ir rat all based on first impressions of ir fascinating /interior world:

  • ir quote organic surreal nature reminds one of tom phillips humument
  • ir use of playing cards with quote instructions parallels brian enos oblique strategies
  • ir unique aesthetics brings to mind kit williams masquerade
  • ir fine lined technical aspects somehow mirror work of mike wilks
  • ir seem to exude quote landscape embedded narratives akin to w.g sebald franz kafkas prague / poems of georg trakl
  • conceptually such landscapes seem to involve g.ey.s digital physics non places ‘geotrauma’ / existential void seen in movie valhalla rising
  • in terms of video research space like systems /or what ey call quote abstract encounters such landscapes remind one of pathologic / elevated by rgba / love introversion/ dayz / sir ir being hunted

what might be important is to not to simply recreate ir maps electronically one for one but to use ir technical / aesthetic dna as seed box in which self organizing sacred spaces may emerge ie virtual map of symbolic dimensionality psychogeography geotagged with personal emotional responses eg short descriptives pieces / poetry

what might be cool – to see develop realtime in any such quote map digitization project as entirely open at both ends/ process directly involving human consciousness in helping generate such imaginary universes – which n then inhabits

consider human brain elf looks like map as of vital artistic co incidence ie ir maps somehow display non teleological organic forces at play

rousseau in xanadu

virtual rat experience – consider rousseau in xanadu / 256 cols

example ratist statement via theorist robert what: in which rousseau rides ir tiger through distant mystic ranges of lonely xanadu in search of imaginary adventures wild / free

travelling at speed through various eastern plains of existence ir conceptual mapping of such odd landscape merges with varied ancient mountainous realities / exotic flora creating strange new ontological states of being

aztecs map los angeles

aztecs map los angeles

digital rat quadtych: when aztecs symbolically map los angeles using unusual yet precise quartz method – referrering to city of quartz by mike davis 1990

wave ontologies

to consider abstract digital rat painting/ from photograph by clem onojeghuo

wave ontologies

note dimensional skull emerging / manifesting from deep polyversal aether water

when marco polo was lost

digital abstract experience

paraphrase/ n as often in interests of empires for lands ir covert to hover in intermediary realm of reality
– paul williams race ethnicity / nuclear war: representations of nuclear weapons / post apocalyptic worlds/ liverpool science fiction texts / studies 2011 p87

example artistic statement via robert what: in which marco polo finds elves lost in fractured conceptual landscapes extracted from ir colonial imagination

when marco polo was lost

vast inverted tiers of fiery mountains / raging toxic rivers exist on multiple simultaneous layers of imaginative reality exposing nomad soul to dangerous unexplored new vistas of adventure/ emotional defeat/ everything around ir superheated to extreme psychic temperatures causing vital flux fusion of manifested intent / dynamic boiling will to abstracted power

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