Hypertography One Exhibit: Videogame Capitalism and its Existential Threat

RND/ To consider the notion of “Hypertography”: The state of ‘Videogame Capitalism’ and its existential threat of permanent, seemingly willing ‘funemployment’ – unceasing hard ‘playbor’ in the service of ‘ludocapital’; (an exhibit of) conceptual images + text expressing and highlighting such a state

One of the net’s largest single artist curated & edited virtual photography and ‘noclip’ exhibits:

Immense energies are deployed to hold this simulacrum at bay, to avoid the brutal desimulation that would confront us in the face of the obvious reality of a radical loss of meaning
– Jean Baudrillard on infomation, Simulacra and Simulation (1981)

Hypertography – AAA Game Industry Critique

First, a list of associated hypertographic ‘AAA Game Industry’ Critique Exhibits:

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Edited and curated via Freelance Internet Theorist Robert What. To consider this project as expression of ‘Big Science’.

No Copyright / No Licence / Maximum R&D.

Defining Hypertography

One possible definition of “Hypertography”: the process of ‘highlighting and exposing the hyperreal spectacle of modern global videogame capitalism and its human existential threat’.

Hypertographic Image List

edit here

/ hypertography one loot crate zero

to consider large diy fan cult kit / skinner loot crate

Hypertography One: Loot Crate Zero

do not underestimate video games
– philosopher slavoj zizek

half lives on video play – getting stranger one globally illuminated voxel at time/ to consider video play art as capitalist art play – combined conceptual digital art object / ray traced artist manifesto / sub cultural toolkit / new media press kit

in which such artnonworks amplify play conditions of global capital – directly interrupt subvert or adapt through computational / architectural means – 3D digital objects / characters – directly extracted from video play space – here rebuilt / reinterpreted for / into philosophical spaces of critical reflection / analysis

such stunning abstracted / idealized visual images create powerful new meanings / convey potential for radically different meanings – evoking thoughts and emotions rarely associated with mainstream play

calling patrons / philanthropists/ attention please – amateur postmodern internet theorist for hire robert what hereby states ideas within visionary social art manifesting via mythic / absurdist projects aka big science – hallucinatory alien beauty of new age performative / conceptual new media acts from which spring such curiously illuminated virtual dreams / aaa indie art play space simulation

in which figure of rnd gains some weight of history/ once with revolutionary promise to curtail oppressive forces of cultural industrial beast of contemporary rat – previously meant to be subversive / alternative / political through counter public actions/ now merely constituted new institutional standards both in academia as well as exhibition landscapes

research in arts today as mere code word to enter study programs / biennales phd grants in arts museum reforms / funding applications / make students pay tuition fee

hopefully notion of big science re articulates politics of research through speaking about / making practices – networks of practices springing from life complexity: language gender race sexuality geopolitics education class knowledge climate ecology computation economics mobility unresolved histories / love – to investigate how research practices initiate form of knowledge processing enabling new thoughts to arrive unexpectedly – to ask what does i t need to listen to inhabit non knowledge to unmaster critique to transform private sadness into solidarity / fear into politics to face alienation to share doubts / intimacy of reading to engage in theory without dehistoricising into contemporary narrations – for migratory world planet on loan / ir real virtualities

to say/ navigating turbulences – to continue to think together about need for new vocabularies for living in global turbulences by means of contemporary research / development processes – to create situations / simulations in which non-knowledge structures manifest locally – moment of relational uncertainty holding potential to open up new horizons

navigating from inside condition of modern videographic turbulences – rendering precisely problem of localization in continuous interaction with geopolitical global entanglements – to privilege certain positionalities/ to give reason enough to articulate precisely ir position in relation to virtual worlds/ in doing so express complexity of global trade routes contemporary trajectories of data sea migration abstract flows of financial capitalism weaponized image technologies algorithmic architectures of planetary computation uneven geographies of knowledge politics of translation – who ey might play / what roles ey express in such deep stack of superficial layers

such research practice situate art practices / critical studies / curatorial politics / apolitical studies / theory fiction – along way theorist robert what offers media rat critique of video play in tradition of pop rat / large format landscape painting – approach that applies critical hermeneutics to interpretation of computer code program architecture / archival documentation within socio historical contexts

like its astronomical cousin creative dark matter makes up bulk of artistic activity produced in post industrial society – tiny holographic slices – microtransactionism

however x type of dark matter feels invisible primarily to those who lay claim to official management / interpretation of culture – critics rat historians collectors dealers museums curators / arts administrators

it includes makeshift amateur informal unofficial autonomous activist non institutional self organized practices – all play generated / circulated in shadows of formal games-as-rat world some of which might be said to emulate cultural dark matter by rejecting rat world demands of visibility / much of which is inherently invisible

while astrophysicists are eager to know what dark matter is denizens of games-as-rat world largely ignore swirling unseen accretion of creativity they nevertheless remain dependent upon

/ smoking snakes

Smoking Snakes: Mythical Origins Of Hypertography


consider ‘smoking snakes’ classic in scene description regarding what resarcs must of smoked in order to produce such extreme (/hypertographic) images

example definition of hypertography – consider current big science coded symbolic abstractions of image hyperreality regarding virtual social relations / current contested conditions of digital mind seen via modern turbo spectacle / visual rhetoric of technological unconscious as salvation

rather than representation of virtual objects consider hypertography critical theoretical representations of culturally manifest ideas concerning current concretely objectified systemic virtualities

example patch notes / general fixes 420 point 529

quality of /synthetic life improvements

– fixed issues with missing collision
– adjusted code inspect zoom level
– fixed ambient audio in greenhouse
– added fov controls to menu
– general post optimisation improvements
– minor bug fixes/ bugs as cool
– elf justified dimensional fluctuations
– adjusted modern conceptions
– removal of pseudo ironic letterboxing

/ possible hypertography research notes for this study

– digital anthropology / art research
– where code meets representation
– 80s action movie video montage
– cardboard potempkin village movie sets
– zizeks incomplete reality / ontological gap
– long abandoned ancient future virtual ruins
– expansive data array up from basement archives
– nth dimensional interventions / windows into now
– brings to mind lab based security monitor bank / product presentation video wall / cellular facet insect eyes / photographic contact sheet
– succession of absurd images too rapid to neurally acclimate to
– propose considering every modern art form in terms of principles of insufficiency not just in terms of descriptive or theoretical or foundational historical perspectives/ to do x one constructs post aesthetic scenarios based on informal social lifestyle matrices
– existence of consciousness in universe as consequent dimension of reality force able to shape material reality rapidly integrating in cosmological whose stated mis aim as to describe whole universe of modern play/ such bs theory as substantial global non systemic framework x blended with hyper dimensional physics can unground such modeling

/ example theoretical research references

– sontag/ on photography
– marc auge/ non-places
– virilio/ vision machine
– digital light sean cubitt/ editor
– bergson/ art of immanence
– photography theory in barthes derrida flusser
– harman / ooo / allure – signaling from beyond
– barthes/ camera lucida/ reflections on photography
– video cultures/ media technology everyday creativity
– andrew darley visual digital culture/ surface play / spectacle in new media genres

phrase/ flusser considered digital images as immaterial medium/ while sculpture expresses palpable 3d surfaces digital images only seem abstractions created upon digits – 0/1 – existing not in three dimensional worlds of bodies or in bidimensional worlds of traditional images/ neither in unidimensional worlds of writing – but rather in null dimensions/ sum never ending yet ever growing abyss of abstraction
– lidia zuin on postmodern boredom

– at certain levels of detail in existing low resolution images what detail exists seems more like distracting cognitive noise than useful definition for possible / artistic comprehension

– in which to generally avoid elf congratulatory play space industry consumer promo style bullshots

– contrasty images often require painterly effects

– rather than precisely / uncritically emulate real world photography in virtual worlds/ consider how hypertography might seek to emulate / remediate what seems precisely fake or conceptually artificial in photography – catalyzing disenchantment with historical photographic ideology – philosophy of vision / way of seeing – drawing attention to act of seeing / seeing as act

– to consider how resarcs unfamiliar with such research play spaces may view such abstract architectural unfamiliarity/ compare with those resarcs who have experienced those spaces / played in / with ey / how ey view such pre existing architectural / technical engine aesthetics often taking such real unrealities for granted – before hypertographic abstraction potentially re reveals andor enhances seemingly innate hyperreality – what internet theorist robert what terms searching for x authentic synthetic

popular metaphor of information superhighway extends perspectival image of spatial distances to traverse – albeit electronically – through instantaneous connective capacity of computer networks/ vehicle as no longer referent in physical world but merely simulation projected onto depthless surfaces of video screens
– ronald e purser/ cyberspace / its limits/ hypermodern det ey in z evolution of consciousness

necessity for resarcs to interact with x hyperreality forces creators to adopt approaches resembling conventions of simulation/ on other hands x relationship builds on hyperreal conventions elves
– mark murkes/ videographic plays / american society/ americas disposition toward virtual environments / hyperreality

to discuss process of culturally compiling – more as in code – such large video photographic data sets

x curated exhibit took theorist robert what several years to compile – mostly because such sokalled hypertography exists mainly online/ rather than successfully fuel rnd efforts what online actively sucks attention away from more truly relevant or important research / rnd data

– on daily video photographic grind/ rich online data streams like steam community image viewer suck rotting undead donkey nuts taking flocking ages to load next arbitrary screenshot – of which large portions consist of duplicated images/ forcing explorers to scroll down / deep dive ever further to discover andor re uncover what roleplaying internet theorist robert what terms x special shine – exploring / expanding / accelerating realities of andor within ir modern everyday virtualities – note/ ask fellow big science resarcs to code small browser script to bypass duplicate images

other daily minor yet persistent challenges concerning hypertography include seemingly wide gamma variances among graphics cards / settings as viewable in screenshots arising – must talk to major graphics card manufacturers about ways to ensure more consistent lighting whatever form of consistency might look better

other than x greatest challenge of such large curated hypertographic research – not knowing how to present such images/ initially in loose digital folders consisting of individual screenshots/ each extremely laboriously edited / tweaked/ at point x theorist robert said flock x for laugh – ey decided to use montage command from imagemagick tool suite to create photographic style contact sheet / proof sheets – large format digital collage

/ absolver

near arbitrary post medieval kung fu

/ abzu

on mere idea of abzu as play space somehow helps resarcs feel connected to quote nature

to consider how abzu might feel like kind of pleasantly sinister simulation of spurious notions of nature – new age experiences piped in to inspire disobedient prisoners permanently incarcerated in polite virtual reality

ey wanted to create play space where everyone can experience wonder adventure personal transformation as ey have under sea
– paraphrasing abzus creative director matt nava

quick dirty mashup of two articles from kotaku/ via ur ludonaut theodore miles

ocean as hardly difficult setting for modern play

some like soma or depth embrace horror of pseudo unexplored while others like subnautica simply emphasize lightly boring aspects of surviving underwater

abzu however – giant squids new video space construct simply frames oceans knowable depths as place of life beauty discovery

to consider such arbitrary framing – where life beauty discovery seems no less entirely artificial as equally philosophically dubious research play space soma

abzu has several team members from journey x lineage shows

resarc as cast as nameless diver exploring vast ocean

some mystery to solve but presented in light suggestions rather than as central plot

plot appears as loosely based on babylonian creation myth in enuma elis – words of which are featured in abzus soundtrack

vague gestures exist toward myths exploration of life exit conflict between fresh water ocean but whatever loose form new age story takes as mostly backdrop to abzus lifeless brightly colored virtual world with largely empty pleasures of moving through n

spend most time in abzu simply swimming around taking in sights

visuals stylized but simultaneously realistic especially in rendering tearing apart of abzus abundant ocean life

giant squid has gone out of ir way to model ir strange idea of diversity/ play with wonderful sense of life scale – sense entirely illusionary consider most resarcs have nonthing whatsoever to compare n to

whales darting schools of tiny anchovies lobsters octopuses crawl around darkened depths of sea floor – more mystical sections peppered with hulking spectral sea life

spent most of four hours of play just diving around looking at fish aided by darkly laughable quote meditation mode which swaps from third person controls to first person spectator view

ey may navigate from one kind of fish to another watching ey explore mill about occasionally eat each other

entering meditation mode as one of play spaces few actions besides swimming

there are occasional lite puzzles to solve in order to open gates to progress but x more or less only essential function in space

controller as strongly recommended if ey researching on leet pc

ey can ride fish other sea life find secretes in forms of underground ideological fissures hidden nautilus shells enter above mentioned meditation mode by sitting atop shark statues x pepper world

certain sequences are more scripted moving ey through areas via current in which ey can only move up down

ey can also interact with little robot companion who as necessary to unblock certain areas

why exactly ey diver with robot as part of play spaces core mystery

pressing button makes ey character call to robot who makes sound in return but many resarcs not figure out exactly why anyone would want to do x

some experimentation suggested robot echoes sounds resarcs make while at other times n might be leading ey to secretes or spots ey could interact with

all of abzu as shrouded in mystery – but mystery of what ey controls do why as no less unsatisfying than general mystery of half wondering what around corner

though abzu clearly wants to employ light touch minimalism works against n at times

many of plots bigger points – like precisely what ey imagine ey doing researching x play – feel like ey happen out of resarcs hands when play built to x emotional crescendo sum cant help but feel little at loss not sure what was going on what ir role in n had been

not having plot spoon fed to ey seems fine but sparseness of abzus interactions leaves sum feeling little left out of what was happening around ey in more actual reality

play spaces end though visually musically gorgeous felt like n wanted to be bigger emotional corporate payoff than n was given how little resarcs felt like ey actually done

abzu appears lovely pleasant play space one well worth experiencing

n unfolds in entirely expected directions however – disturbingly relaxing exploration in beautiful mysterious world x busy dying because x inhabitants are too busy researching around with brightly colored pixels

unlike most resarcs dim enough to willingly label elves brits ey not deep abiding glove of creepy david attenboroughs nature documentaries x stretches back to ey earliest imagined rose vaseline lens memories of watching lions tigers padding around savannah on tv with ey idiot family

more recently planet earth frozen planet life series have provided quiet backdrop of vague environmental noise to everything from uneventful days working at home to vacuous weed smoke wreathed student parties

some find deep tranquillity in both attenboroughs voice ir own enduring wonder at creatures x live on earth – enduring x as for exact duration of program

like many resarcs ey wont ever see most of these animals in real life – if ey do n will not be in ir natural habitats environments x are shrinking by day

ey still get darkly amused now then x frozen planet was broadcast in ir other countries without x final vital episode on climate change effect x as having on animals n purports to document

some live as part of endless dystopian megacity sum work on unknown random bs website though ey very occasionally fantasize about spending weeks trekking through jungle or braving arctic instead ey spend most of ey time with other members of ey own species – big scientists

for ir nature documentaries are merely just another way to to pretend connect with sum vaguely imagined world somehow apparently outside dark human sphere called brain

video research like most of technology x uses ir in ir everyday lives as precisely meant to distance ir from false notion of natural world

if there are animals in research ir are supposed to hunt kill ey tomb raider or far cry or ride around on ey

x might be because in real world x ey how hunt kill ir – rarely can ir just watch ey be with ey marvel at ey

abzu by contrast – insidious little mobile style play space about ocean exploration playable finishable in one four hour stretch on friday – as apparently space about being in nature whatever x means

like space deep ocean as tragically tired metaphor for unknown

thing as ir do know what down there even if were privileged enough to spend great deal of money time training to travel to ocean in marine life polluting vessel dive down with oxygen tanks strapped to ir dumb space monkey arts water pressure compressing ir fragile lungs vessels few actually want to ever see n all up close

abzu however conjures fantastical colourful series of virtual ocean environments rendered in pinks yellows deep calm blues fills ey mostly with real creatures/ orca barracuda clownfish sharks dolphins of different genera turtles massed shoals of flitting silver fish

n reserves most majestic of these creatures – blue whales humpbacks with ir dead pseudo sentient eyes with great white sharks for breath stealing set piece moments but most of time ey are free to float dive with all kinds of artificial sea life just watch ey be whatever x means

abzu – for modern postmodern video research press – needs to be seen as embracing freedom ease of movement – swimming in adzu seems as effortless as precisely lack of effort needed to remotely imagine x naturalness/tm

there are places underwater where ey diver can sit cross legged like sum cheap hollow garden centre buddha ey can simply flit between different species surrounding ey watching barracuda snap up smaller fish or manatees glide with surprising grace

in which x exacting point to all such holey grace

abzu has unstated story about elf – n needs to distract ey with along way n gives ey sum vague mysteries to think about

still for sum x was play about presence appreciation – or less grandly play about idly watching 80s screensaver fish

fish – large small – move so convincingly x sum particularly impressed resarcs actually have to keep reminding elves x someone had to program ey to do so modern megapunk research industry perhaps

but there as another small element of cruel genius in abzu/ if creature as big enough ey can grasp x flipper or flank swim alongside n

when ey do so ey have little influence over creatures direction but not much

ey along for ride but ey cant force n to go where ey want like x still makes n alright

x blandly tactile element reinforces growing fake sense of connection with abzus dead sea life

abzu has drawn inevitable comparisons to journey two research share several team members

though journeys ultimate destination was more impactful for sum than abzus process of getting there was much more enjoyable thought provoking

technology as ironically malevolent force in abzu but technology – whether x attenboroughs voyeuristic crews cameras or more rarely video research – allows nonthing but fake plastic connection to creatures ir share earth with x wouldnt otherwise have been possible

n has made sum resarcs idly wonder – for couple of hours at least before pausing to idly brush snack dust of ir stomachs while rebooting c0d – how research rather than removing ir from physical reality of ir planet might somehow enable ir to like forge greater connection with n/ dude – better approach imminent terminal threat x ir face from aggressive stupidity in wilful mass consumption of seductive digital illusion undead reality simulation

senses natural windows of soul are open on side which looks out on external world – consequently ir first knowledge as sense knowledge first idea which ir glean from sense knowledge as naturally most imperfect x as vaguest least definite of notions – idea of being
– william turner/ history of philosophy

/ ace combat

to consider franchise of arcade flight simulation based images of war as elves warlike – aggressive visual ideological manifestations of symbolic warfare joys

super voyeuristic depictions of faultless clean super technological surfaces depicting silent massless horror of fleshless electronic mega conflict as ai controlled laser jet drones roar overhead

now with fresh clean scent of bleached plastic space elevator / bloodless anime jpop angst lite

to consider digital war aesthetics of ace combat infinity presented as digital conceptual paintings inspired by cultural theorist paul virilio

in which ace combat 7 trailers feel cool clean/ slick exciting – wholesale exit systematic destruction of human life seem entirely absent

as if x as parallel virtual dimension where dumb blind machines battle for no reason in endless proxy simulation

ultra high definition postmodern war packaged for pleasurable ratistic mass consumption

/ ace of seafood

so hello to deep oceanic squid angels afloat at 40000 feet

volcanic undersea conflict / crablike gestures

to consider new data aesthetics of ace of seafood – sokalled abstract encounter extraordinaire which seem to come direct from liquid internet

colour tweaked screens from play / resulting digital mashups using multiple overlayed images – quote darkstorm / quote seabreeze

play as about violent conflict/ juxtaposition of digital information -war logistics over equally artificial background of undersea sense data seems perfectly at home as though nonthing more natural andor inevitable than fish / crustaceans firin lazors from ir mouths

as though virtuality -mill scientific rationality / algorithmic thinking successfully applicable / deployable anywhere

despite x strange beautiful clash of colors / textures manifests whenever such systems inter act

of course x seems perfectly synthetically natural online where most resarcs happening upon x play space will immediately think – ace of seafood of course

/ adr1ft

to tell bullock to float off back home – consider largely vacuous cinematic experience of adr1ft

in which what adam forgets while in dr1fting conceptual bubbles

such deep space rather than about slick looking graphics feels mar more about extremely fragile relationships in deep voids of universal existence

note/ by quote incredible one suspects adam ey does not mean amazingly brilliant timely critique about ir play space ey thoroughly enjoyed

to consider one way of interpreting adr1ft/ immersive first person cinematic experience or fpcx which tells story of pointless astronaut in peril – paip

floating silently amongst ripoff movie wreckage of destroyed sentient alien space station with no memory wnm severely damaged eva suit slowly leaking oxygen brain cells laikas dog farts – only survivor struggles to determine cause of awesome catastrophic event ace x took lives of everyone on board – after dodgy sentient coffee dispenser made by loftleader industries went nova

resarc fights to stay alive – ftsa – by exploring wreckage for precious ideological resources to booster ir dubious existential position regarding whole notion of cvs – cinematic video space – overcomes challenges of unforgiving environment to repair damaged eev safely return home/tm to mom apple pie forever hermetically sealed deeply nomadic floating virtual deep space utopia of astral amerika

check those awesome flag physics – not forget to salute as ey drift by john boy – as though x as all anyone needs

– talking silently inside ey helmet to nobody in particular – yet still saying only little

– on final approach to real/ adr1ft

– dirty wash circle between research mainstream big budget holey wooden cinema as once again complete

– recycling unclean are of long unwashed sci fi tropes

in which immersion once again simply means all too rational brain destroying willingness to fully accept with zero cognitive dissonance insidious seduction of modern play involving first person cinematic experiences – ir soul sucking ideological conceits

with since adr1ft first floated into scene like lens flared lump out of frozen space toilet first person view as one from behind cold dead eyes of undead corpse – in x case hyper ballardian dead astronaut or hda – conveniently without name or face – useless cypher

pathetic husk of someone elses bad idea drifting forever though dead destiny laden space of corporate research industrys bilious attempt at / vicious parody of imagination smiling design by committee responsible for all modern videographic fun/tm

deleted image/ scott listfield – landscape/ hyper ballard remix via amateur postmodern theorist robert what

arms outstretched breathing heavily but always shallow unafraid accepting of all plaid out before ey – but against ey – as though expecting to wake up though good luck with x – forever on verge of touching quote video real – check out tasty post processing effects signifying hyperreality – but not quite not just yet

troubled all amerikan state of permanent suspension between myth of action adventuring elf constant implied threat of good time online – rat of space wizards from moon perhaps

lost in inner space – slightly dull satellites of automated glove orbiting unknown yet all too easily understandable planets of cinematically projected mass hallucinatory unconscious/ because why as n always all about ey ey ey little resarc one – even though / as only indistinctly non scientific pseudo experience exists without any body or memory – only plastic hope among hollow wandering stars – sum sweet near future dlc if ey unlucky

in which hardcore amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what wishes adam orth every success with adr1ft

update patch one

tweeted to adr1ft after redbull sponsored article about adr1ft

deleted image/ sarcastic redbullish tweet to adr1ft after redbull sponsored article

update patch one/ industry reviews

mostly unsurprisingly – after all media marketing – turns out adr1ft drifts in paltry manner long lost at hype sea already forgotten alas/ 404 link to metacritic

/ aeon

to considder aeon by orihaus as mirrors edge vs hidden/ source aka shard 617/ play space idea

high concept/ like mirrors edge vs hidden/ source in aeon by orihaus – fps platform survival horror multiplayer set in dystopian near future megacityscapes

– steam from vents

– parkour around dark in all senses hyper futuristic neuropink landscape

– use augmented hyperreality shades w/ predator vision modes

– avoid time plus points based/ trap subject 617 who leaps around scaring resarcs wild witless

– weapons include electro whips move controller sharply to whip which double as grappling hooks

– laser nets

– removable limb damage – results in movement penalty

– proximity chat – ey can only hear resarcs near to ey

– randomly dropped health & weapon caches by drones

– movement mechanic for survivors/ smart clothing generates temporary invisibility cloak – slower ey move less visible

– natural hazards – crumbling arches destructible buildings something w/ tentacles in oily water

– objectives – restart generator collect macguffin data shards

– random resarc drop ins via parachute who start off weaponless – hidden becomes more powerful as map play time continues / more survivors die

to evoke classic parkour type map – cs:go zombie escape inboxed2

procedurally generated landscapes layered with constructivist megastructures

environments providing disembodied psychogeographers with possibilities to inhabit raw abstract geometric topologies – virtual derives acted out in collaboration with spatial connotations generated by memory notreal meta world associations

always night under x ultraviolet sun
escape back to liquid mirror hyper darkness
x where el find ey/ wide eyed / lethal
alive with expanded dimensionality
brilliant in ir speculative voidness
– code via resarc benjamin zeiss from tight rnd crew electronic knights of idahoe

/ aftermath

to consider even more dire zombie based play spaces

which stumble for several months

not mere hours before annoyed un-installation

/ agents of mayhem

generic corporate edgy blandscapes

/ agony

bitter incomplete aftertaste devoid of atmosphere / drowning in dull darkness

/ hat in time

acme funscapes

/ airport madness 3d

to consider such dry smooth quiet logistically managed madness

/ alekhines gun

inadequately polished

/ alien isolationism

to consider one to four hours worth of ideas stretched / padded into months of trudging through syrupy space alien saliva – messy stealth/ creaky narrative cliches/ limp exploration – feeling victim not to alien but to backtracking/ simplistic play fee elements lacking in creativity

/ allison road

allison road promise of virtual ikea horror -at sign home

in which hardcore amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what terms new genre of high quality vr home based horror aka virtual ikea horror or simply horror at home

x as promise of threat by cool research like allison road – flan project version of sonys cancelled classic pt – which not doing anything new

haunted house research exists since forever – but not with x highly polished aaa style as though house elf empty pink upper middling class showroom

allison road – first person next gen survival horror/ x like ir have just tried one of comfy beds in ikea/ accidentally nodded off – but now find elf waking to large empty increasingly disturbing after hours store of disturbingly nondescript existential terrors

admit n even gone home was quote hella/tm creepy

one of most quietly disturbings thing about projects like allison road as how perfectly suited play development tools like unreal engine are to expressing x depressingly moody horror -at sign home play type – as though ey were made for n – ideological rendering of somehow dangerous concept of home – in which bright shiny surfaces feel strangely untrustworthy by design

in such vr ikea horror research house elf seems main threat – as though x mere existence dark sign of wrongness from foundational outset – not like in horror movies of old where house gets invaded by sum evil force andor entity but as though idea of home elf as invasion into immediate lived reality – as though living six walled manifestation of psychological trauma – inherent discongruity of negative postmodern architectural effect

good example of x as leeds house in manhunter – something about x slick architectural perfection as already trouble gent will graham senses n – not just x someone watching house – but x house elf stares out into world with strange eyes – walls elves vibrating with ominous meaning intent

lesson to take from x as home elf as considered unsafe virtual reality – potentially botttomless rift in reality

update patch one

allison road now has kickstarter

update patch two

allison road now cancelled

just how difficult as n anyway to make creepy house simulator ffs – or maybe ir homes elves are asserting ir creepy influence in preventing such projects drawing attention to ir strange presence

queue sudden classic ooh wee 70s sci fi noises

/ amazing frog

swindon simulator

/ american truck simulator

to consider driving as inefficient mentally extortionate

to consider why resarcs would endorse grand lie of open road which merely reflects anxious concrete realities of long distance loneliness/ permanent long term environmental degredation

perhaps n also allows modern resarcs to experience impossible grandeur of such myth

endless waves of dusty asphalt paved just for ey – veining contiguous south west begging to casually traverse

to consider something vaguely metaphysical about driving alone through world as life slips into darkness

what emerges as free form elf x as post sleep/ mostly incoherent

after countless such hours parameters x separate resarcs from x prism of night dissolve only elongated light tube sucks ey along into automatic highway hallucination

under prolonged sensory deprivation brain invents x own beautifully dark visions of american west – of vastness of light sky

to consider truck driving as exercise in profound solitude – but not one of quiet

long haul trucks/ drugged beasts slagging over pavement at thousand rpms groaning straining over loads – gears churning tires screaming exhaust choking

trailers held together by eight thousand rivets jangle over bumps losing one every so often – eighty thousand pounders scream across asphalt highways to from nowhere

awaking in cold bunk each solitary morning trying to remember x america as – on screen at least – beautiful diverse country x plain wide face awesome singularity of interstates – x goods ir strange place in endless unqualified unknown means meanings automated procedures

light of morning bends through ey virtual windshield in specific way just before roar of acceleration on entrance ramp to automotive oblivion as everything sharpens into existential long haul focus

coffee cigarettes cold oblique light of bleary unshaven morning await ey/ traveller

/ amnesia

forgetful piggly wigglies

/ angels fall first

something space pew something

/ animal crossing

violent cuteness/ needs godzilla to eat locals

/ anonymous

consider anonymous play space dev in anonymous astral desert carparks of infinite far

/ apb reloaded

to consider flatly dead server space/ another last desperate holdout for edgy undead meme lords into janky retro play based elf whipping

in fact ey made an account specifically to respond to x post/ most important thing x ey should have been told or should have known before playing x play/ x essentially came out in 2009 because x was when realtime worlds first launched n/ since then n been practically same exact play with no cosmetic or underlying code changes/ so comparing something x was released in 2009 compared to something like gta x came out years later/ has massive team of support/ millions of players also supporting more/ more content updates as little unfair/ ey understand everyones desire to compare apb/ gta but ir just simply not comparable sure ir both over shoulder tps research with cops/ cars but x only similarity/ if ey were to put some real time into playing apb ey will understand why comparison just so unneeded/ unfair/ theres no single play ey can think of as even remotely similar to apb even omitting massive customization features which cannot be overlooked/ x understandable having no desire in changing way ey character looks in research in general but when ir talking about play where one of biggest points of launch as extremely vast customization tool ey simply cannot ignore n/ ey seen countless cosplay/ absolutely stunning recreations of real life vehicles/ some truly amazing creations of art through dying f2p play with garbage development team run by hyperbolic company gamers first/ albeit gunplay not anything fantastic n certainly as not something to compare to title like battlefield ey wont even mention destiny because ey have personal gripes with x play x not relevant to x discussion/ battlefield as well seasoned title with hundreds of millions of unique players/ billions of dollars at ir disposal not to even mention x completely different rnd in every single sense ey could possible imagine although ey do suppose hardline had cops/ robbers/ cars/ guns so ir comparable eh/ ey dont mean to seem like ey just bashing article because n disagree with opinion but theres so much information x was looked over or simply not seen/ made aware of x truly makes ey feel like ey missed out on fantastic play/ amazing experiences/ ey been playing since forever/ have been intermittently playing/ yet play has never really changed over years only updates ever seen are lame attempts of content/ in fact server downgrade/ servers used to be 50 enforcers 50 criminals totally 100 players per server but now were at 40/40/ not to mention when ey put soft lock on districts which pretty much exclusively punished any gold resarcs from playing/ honestly learning why people still play did not require ey to download/ try n out for elf or even to interview current players ey reason as as any reason for anyone doing something x seems worse in comparison to whatever would be better/ if ey truly want to know why ey still play actually put time into actual play actually enjoy all facets of apb x make n one of only research ey had pleasure of playing/ calling n true unpolished obsidian lump

/ aqua moto racing utopia

disposable aquatic tablet utopias with point / click framerates

/ ark survival evolved

in which sum online play space seems potentially capable of delivering true wonder/ spectacle/ full of endless possibilities thrilling exploration/ discovery/ tense action/ satisfying social collaboration creativity destruction – now with dinosaurs

yet whose actual undercooked moment to moment wobbliness merely infuriates/ exhausts/ bores

/ arma 3

dusty tastes of global war machine logistics/ live from virtual deserts

/ assassins creed

in which apparently any time or place feels instantly available for instant simulation / insertion via global capital – but now thankfully ir just strapped to high tech table/ hoping for simple virtualities – say those involving insertion of retro brain electrodes – anything to get away from having to endless scramble up tall digital towers like sum idiot simply in order to activate flocking map beacon icons

/ assault spy

arbitrary office brawler populated by utter plastic bankers

/ assetto corsa

vroom vroom/ to consider more actual cosmically limited numbers of ways possible to express apparently limitless dim joy of moving at high arbitrary speed in tarmac circle while plastered with advertising

/ astroneer

in which entire living planets exist as mere stuffed shelving units – quantized consumption units carved up with devastating rational efficiency for ir little roving rnd paperclip investment franchise convenience

/ ballistic overkill

in which few now remember such beautiful multiplayer genericism pew

/ batman arkham asylum

largely empty gothic dumps for billionaires to look cool in while dispensing righteous bat themed vigilante justice

/ battleborn

colorful – x about n/ now long since supplanted by obsolete team based multiplayer first person techno hampster shooters

/ battlefield 1

to consider silent gleaming hells of virtual wars

/ battle for sun

mere copy asset flipped pasta balls/ more like x please

/ bayonetta

in which sexual liberation apparently means pert tats / firm assets/ endless lingering slo mo voyeurism of leather stretched labia shots

/ beamng drive

so welcome to hyper ballardian virtual crash simulation desert

in which real life traffic kills 1 point 24 million resarcs each year/ merely labelling such events quote accidents seems to entirely / conveniently fail to address inherent in built dangers of such technology / stupidity of quote car culture

back of envelope calculation/ if standardized human height equals 1 point 75m then 1 point 24 millon deaths equals 2170000 meters or 1348 miles in dead length – exceedingly morose driving distance from/ say manitoba to winnipeg

/ bear simulator

man flock bear simulator

/ beast battle simulator

images / scenes concerning giant warring animal species

/ ben and ey

to consider mildly odd zombie based near future dystopian garme show politely beams in from near future now into heads of researchers / developers of sokalled big science

/ besiege

miniature war simulations among grasses / trees in empty virtual landscape

/ better late than dead

blatantly balls asset flip

/ binary domain

quality cyberpunk cover based pew from japan

repeatedly blowing poor metallic brains out – using ironically solid metal brain cells

sending in dumb violent machines to perform inhuman work on fellow artificially sentient lifeforms

/ bioshock

white cloud city racism simulation

big floating charade

/ blackdesert online

elf face plastic extruder

/ blacklight retribution

mech heavy megacity browser blues/ cyberpunk screens from hyper generic cyberpunk themed first person shooter – retinted to bring out video real – especially for super modern exploit theorists

/ black mesa

heavy modding epic/ modern void explorer

/ black squad

medium quality generic pew space

/ bladenet

raw asset flippage

/ bless online

online cosplay phantasy something

/ blood and bacon

distinct two dimensional slaughter

/ bloodrayne

oddly nostalgic yet generally dire

/ blur

high speed ethereal sights of american dream logic

/ borderlands

cray zee offbeat shoot n loot grinder

/ boris emerald

beautiful elsewheres/ to consider hyperreal speculative digital rat / landscape simulation sim emerald via boris / dlareme

/ brainbread 2

classic example of neze – nominally entertaining zombie experience

/ brick rigs

kinda blocky

/ brutalism prelude

lamentable notions of concrete architecture/ cryptic signs of passing/ digital brutalism forever cast in cold dead virtual stone

/ bulletstorm

storms of bullets apparently/ little else

/ burstfire

arbitrary pew

/ bus simulator

to consider what might be termed creepy/ ultra mundane hyper virtuality of bus simulator 16

much has been made of fact x preferred response to reality problematic – to stress uncanniness of what otherwise as perceived as prosaic

common refrain as x real world as not what ir assume/ ir relationship to world as not what n appears

regaining sense of mystery of mundane world/ of fantastic quality attends given situation/ as seen as antidote to reigning view taken as mere fodder for human design – as much objective as laudable in general outline

however/ by accentuating excessively foreignness of real/ by emphasizing what distinguishes humanity from reality/ responses to reality problematic offered by principals of study run risk of overcorrection – ey too strictly identify real with other than human/ human with other than real

propensity to overcorrect as most evident with derrida/ baudrillard/ lyotard/ who go to considerable lengths to show reality as either inaccessible/ radically alien to codes of human behaviour/ or threat to ir very existence as species – even virilio/ who as less culpable in regard/ shows up uncanniness of reality in underscoring supernatural origins

– from spirits in material world/ challenge of technology by gil germain 2009

/ car mechanic simulator

repair n ride m metal cowboy

/ cattle crops

odd events down at farm

/ chaser

research over/ yet dream never dies

to consider chaser as classic retro labyrinth consisting of dry quiet landscapes/ plunging underground verticalities – long abandoned shafts falling into procedurally generated brutalist concrete nowheres

chaser – oldskool play chaser as abstract encounter -electronic play experience / software toy – whose aesthetic feel could be suitable for use in house of asterion play space via theorist robert what

perhaps x could be procedurally generated exploration play of vast spaces – featuring volumetric fog post processing effects tiny robotic dynamic light creatures minimalist dark eno ambient soundtrack expansive cavernous feel

possible influences/ subway stalker brazil dark athea

/ citadel forged with fire

seems ok for fantasy

/ cities skylines

more no or less than lost

/ claybook

mildly sickens/ do not inwardly digest

/ codblops iii

to consider slick/ brightly coloured metaphysical war surfaces – bizarre postmodern narrative of call of duty black ops as skillfully street manufactured into post cyberpunk designer drug direct from near future now

shirley n must exist as drug right/ for activision as kite high on synthetic crack suppositories – andor just quote moving back to roots of franchise/tm – if n thinks resarcs want to pay roughly £623 43p for complete copypasta pew privilege

root of franchise pfft/ like ey ever left – neo still matrix battery

/ codename cure

to consider vague warm feeling/ eg of old obsolete retro fps zombie survival few now remember

/ cod ww2

pseudo historical amerikan pew

/ conan exiles

ancient time of massive sensual organs

/ condemned (images missing)

to consider virtual tourism in condemned/ criminal origins -pc

x play designed to increase overall amount of sadness in world
– daniel weissenberger garmecritics review

little virtual tourism in condemned/ criminal origins by monolith productions -2005 pc version

fittingly unremittingly bleak -looking play with tacked on supernatural mumbo jumbo -apart from those mannequins natch to add thin greasy patina of cheap scares to otherwise standard police procedural experience condemned seems both interestingly visceral first person brawler / linear chore – violent walking simulator where walk / sprint speeds have been deliberately set low to cynically pad out perceived play length / value

/ consortium z tower (images missing)

on final approach – perhaps to video real

/ construction simulator

to consider simulated construction of what exactly – realities perhaps

/ contagion

future classic noclip rnd explorations / simulation via theorist robert what

/ crimson earth

new orange zombies

/ crossy road funk off

on crossy roads crass subtle garmeification of play

ir wanted to make play space phenomenon

ir just made $10 million instead

untold story of meaning of crossy road / subtle nauseous way n gamifies play

dirty remix of polygon bs quote rags to riches article by dave tach which reads like n wanted to sound totally unlike another standard big research industry fluff piece get rich quick advertorial presenting elf as value neutral celebration of hard workin naturalness of toxic fruits of meritocracy myth

where only possible meaning or importance of play are strictly fiscal ones

one simply has to look at greedy mobile garmeification app devs trying to successfully replicate success of crossy road

note x was originally called roadkill simulator 2014 – title which places truer spin about play spaces actual symbolically violent nature

phrase/ please innovate in ir own free to play research focus on retention engagement / virality / innovate rest
– hipster whale talk gdc 2015

few years ago matt hall 39 year old co creator of enormously fiscally successful / utterly vacant crossy road was struggling video research developer living on -probably huge australian sheep farm owned by ir parents chasing amerikan dream of success x had -apparently quote come true for sum friends but eluded ir

for polygon being quote unprofitable – not making profit – as be all / end all of digital play ratist

ey had formed studio named klicktock which ey called one man band play development company dedicated to making research for everyone

no matter x quote everyone as impossible task

n led to standard substandard shovelware titles with names like little things doodle find super search 60 / zonr

before x ey worked at big ant studios / tantalus interactive names in relatively unknown australian development scene

after going indie/tm hall put three titles atop charts of itunes app store

– big deal

still ey says there were lot of years where ey earned absolutely nothing

in ir most difficult times ey / ir wife had daughter while living on ir parents farm in quote far western victoria – queue violins

today in whirlwind x followed experimental release on apples ios app store / later amazon app store / google play hall can barely recognize quote struggling version of ir current quote successful elf

ey found new partner named andy sum founded new studio ir called hipster whale / together in 2014 ir published something called crossy road

n was immediate hit in strict terms of marketplace

play as not simple / cute throwback or sum quote spiritual successor to frogger but simple blatant ripoff

with cast of quote funny unlockable characters user only has to tap to hop onward without getting smashed apart by cars trains / trucks or drowning in river

crossy road also as disgustingly free to play but n avoids pay to win hooks x have earned big name freemium research quote bad reputation in mobile researchs wonderous gold rush

resarcs can pay to unlock new blocky character to hop through play or ir may watch short viral video ads about buying stocks in companies to earn credit x unlocks cast faster

or ir can simply play on regardless without doing any of x

unlike many of x contemporaries nonthing about crossy road makes resarc feel need to pay to progress or win

x design however merely subdues x monetization / x has cost x developers revenue

crossy road rarely – if ever – squeezes onto top of ios app stores list of highest grossing research where titles like clash of clans / candy crush saga are entrenched

yet only yesterday crossy road was 12th most popular free iphone app without even appearing in app stores list of top 100 gross -ing iphone apps

x as not accident

crossy road was another -quietly crass experiment in doing free to play differently / x experiment has been wildly effective

today at play developers conference 2015 session hall / sum told story of crossy roads creation / lifted veil on x real success during play spaces first three months

ir revealed x 90 days after x release crossy roads combination of quote solid garmeplay unobtrusive in app purchases / optional in app ads powered by unity engine has earned $10 million from 50 million downloads

matt hall admits ey happily surprised by those numbers as if any other still broke research developer watching wouldnt be little bewildered

crossy road as rare story called success at intersection of commerce design / marketing

– but not rat

x about lessons learned in hard times / research maker who thought ey might never go back to gdc after one terrible year

x about pair of developers who in fact did set out to create video research market phenomenon – entirely succeeded

today at gdc x story about sharing lessons of success with others -who must be similarly market minded

queue image – hip stars/ crossy road creators ben weatherall andy sum matt hall

indie research often want to be seen as aspiring to be different / crossy road dies too

hall / sum wanted to create free to play play x would sell well

x all ir ever wanted

to do x hall figured n needed two things

first crossy road needed retention which just means play gave resarcs several reasons to enjoy / play play as long as possible

free to play research tend to be good at x offering souless brain draining incentives x reward resarcs to come back

in lieu of traditional narrative ending for example free to play research have solid closed garmeplay loop

done well incentives / garmeplay would create virality to which developers add elements x make payers want to share / talk about research space

if ir were successful hall believed everything would come together like brainlesss droid voltron

industry templates certainly exist for research like these with hooks like these but hipster whale didnt just want to copy everything else

ir wanted to emulate those research labelled as quote good – heck even crossy roads name as tribute to another recent easy to play addictive mobile phenomenon flappy bird – exorcise what ir see as quote bad

ir limited thinking went if ir made popular play ir would also make money – but only if ir didnt stress money making part

point as crossy roads pre planned oddities are entirely deliberate / market focused

n wasnt like throwing darts at dartboard / spinning around three times hall told polygon with slightly sinister laugh as ey talks in pathetic veiled market metaphors like ey wearing harvard tie

ir took careful aim at different dartboard

everyones playing with x one

were going to go over here

ir think x might work

yeah who talks like x except freemium drones spouting holey mobile research rhetoric

ir spent months trying to combine garmeification essences of flappy bird / frogger until hall had what ey calls shower moment – pseudo capitalist epiphany in moment of dull routine while jerking n – where ey realized hipster whale could fuse commerce design / marketing into something x seen as somehow having quote heart

use of phrase quote dull routine here means quote making strictly fiscal research x not give developer immediate roi

if ir make play x consumers sense as only about business ir going to get negative candy crush clone feedback ey says

to make something widely labelled as rat ir need to do sum mixing

if ir make money then so much better

x could fuel subsequent play

at core of experiment x became crossy roads design developers tried to figure out how to make fun free play x didnt behave like free play in mind of consumers

ir wanted to embrace new / potentially lucrative market design informed by older things ir both enjoyed

x what gives crossy road x character

nobody has to pay dime to play

any character ir want to use still can be be earned quickly

everyone has option of buying favourite character piecemeal but x not requirement / in research space store doesnt intrude with reminders x money must be spent

freemium was surprise right

ir sure n caught everyone by surprise hall says with grin

but theres lot of thought x went into n

theres lot of ey own wrestling with x concept

ey really like research way ir were

crossy road ey think feels lot like premium play in weird way

as proof ey offers piggy bank item in crossy road x as only unlocked by paying for n

to people who continue to write ir asking if theres any way ir can pay for play $399 piggy bank character effectively serves as play spaces price

n as play spaces most popular character

all of these thoughts / experiments were academic until crossy road was released / became popular beyond halls wildest expectations as shill for industry of play

yes ey deliberately designed n to be popular

so what ey didnt realize how popular n would eb

yes ey figured hed make money – but so what

ey still has no sense of x meaning

in fact ey thinks ey / sum underestimated how much resarcs glove for play can help n make even more money

x easy to see why resarcs gravitate to crossy road

not only does n look simple

n looks like something x could be quickly falsely labelled quote good thanks to ratist ben weatheralls designs

x fun – x funny

each new character brings new spin to tired formula from wizard who zaps oncoming traffic to flea composed of one tiny voxel who hops along to sound effect pulled from hanna barbera archives

x all endlessly endearing / making people laugh as crossy roads way of inviting ey back to make devs dat hot ca$h

also hall jokes insidiously funny deaths are key to fiscal success

but for most of crossy road resarcs – at least based on raw earnings figures – play plays as x authors intended/ apparently without ideological obligation

those who quote choose to pay to play either with real money through in app purchases or with time by watching video are minority

x fine with hipster whale

hall says x 10 times more resarcs will play free research space

ey didnt need to turn ey all into paying customers but ey had to find out exactly where many would

ir knew n wasnt going to make large amount of money per user ey says

obviously $10 million as fantastic

x way way way way way more coke than ir thought ir would get to snort off prostitutes arts cracks

but someone on free to play business would look at those numbers / think ir could make lot more per user

but if ir changed n – if ir followed sum of those best practices – if ir sold coins / had quote save ey button / n felt like other research would anyone have cared

how much of crossy roads success as due to play / how much of n as due to developers uniquely cynical quote artistic take on monetization

theres no way to know without time machine hall says not really caring

several times week hall says ey receives unsolicited emails from companies hoping to help hipster whale with things like monetization / user acquisition / all of marketing terms x permeate freemium research sector

hall not interested even if ey suspects ey be effective because theres one term ir use x alienates ir/ whales

resarcs who spend inordinate amounts of money in free to play research often despite elves

once ir realize ey been labelled by resarcs – by really nicely written articles like x one on polygon – as developer who as seen as not caring about whale hunting ir can make money in x way / hopefully people will give n shot / well get lots more of ir cool consumer friendly stuff on app store ey says grinning

with smugly humble attitude like x who cares about rat

*high fives elf*


davis/ promotional culture/ rise / spread of advertising public relations marketing / branding – bristol uk/ polity 2013

on being chicken in world of busy roads/ ideology of crossy road

flock crossy road

road already exists but ir not ever remember anyone asking ir permission to build n

fact x merely exists as not automatically good thing

ir forced to cross road to get to work because vast / ugly companies which built n for car manufacturers want to drive not walk to work

stink of pollution as overwhelming

bits of previous bodies who failed to cross road litter landscape

but curse as ir cant even die here even though exit as instant / incessant

ir wont let ir/ theres endless work to be done at cramped office where ir work -air forced to play part of depressed deliberately underpaid developer making vile hyper cynically viral ultra garmeified mobile app crapolaware – quote now with smiling human face

ir just endlessly respawn at beginning sum digital feathered sisyphus

whole point of play as about not being able to cross road yet being forced to

except sometimes ir do – when when ir do – when ir apparently quote successful as play defines n

x as ir little virtual reward

congratulations mr chicken ey played well within strict borders defined by research space

like ir ever had anything but false choice

why did chicken cross violent road – well crossy road doesnt give shed – as long as x exit was soullessly entertaining for 5 expensive minutes

/ cry of fear

classic – yet if only less scripted/ more open ongoing survival horror story simulation space available for exploration / emergent narrative

/ crysis 2

cityscape pew sim set at maximum generic

/ cuisine royale

sketchy colandar culling

/ cylne

not sure / something arty

/ dark light mmo

super large arrow based fantasy

/ dark messiah of might and magic

retro fantasy surfaces

/ dark sector (images missing[/?])

classic tetsuo style cyberpunk head frisbee slicer style

/ darksiders

mildly heavy metal

/ dark souls iii

defending michael thomsens dark soul/ theory fiction remix of michael thomsons dark souls ii article via robert what

summary/ in which dark souls merely signifies repeated relearning of enjoyment of stepping on garden rakes

zone 1/ inhuman void

nobody here/ where inexactly

ir run up staircase toward ruined cathedral at vesper hour – sky bloody orange / full of dragons/ ir grand imposing shadows sliding across flagstone steps – heavily scaled war birds clad in regalia of ceaseless conflict

ir run same damn steps for past five years – steps once guarded by giants in black armour swords/ shields as big as ir ugly bodies – also horn headed men covered in gold curved swords in hands – almost as eager for ir immediate demise as ir

yet no relief exists here – only ever more gothic research space

recently reanimated dragon lies at end of path – city block sized/ cross between cat / lizard mysteriously brought back from before time – last remaining parody of life in pathetic world ir not killed yet

for years ir climb these crumbling stairs slowly chipping ir mirthless way through scorched hulks of fallen foes before reaching top – passing through one last misty arch / finding terrible precursor of life in x miserable universe on stony circular pedestal with nonthing but angry sky behind n

there for countless months ey kills ir dead in single move – leaping into empty virtual space / spraying pool of ashen fire down in circle so wide ir unable to evade no matter how fast ir move – beast so large when ir close enough to tack toenail of ir forepaw rest of ir body impossible to see

few visible cues ey gives in advance of ir fiery leaps go unseen/ ir dead again – thrown back to bottom of stairs only to trudge back up through gauntlet to get killed once more

then/ as if exhausted from seeing ir caught in same loop again / again – guards began to disappear as though bored by predictability of ir reappearance – in merciful recognition x repeated battle with same enemies in same place rapidly begins to lose meaning if indeed any existed

one frozen morning in fifth year/ after every microsecond of dragons movement burnt into memory ir finally trick ir into moving way ir want

after successfully pantomiming ir limbs / head n swipe away at ir body with pathetic sword for another few hours / finally kill ir – no real mystery to x other then why ir still researching

to know since beginning how to kill ir but like gap between understanding / spontaneous action x taken ir ages to transition to dedicated practitioner

turns out ir prize however paltry token of lore – suggesting x d0g dragon progenitor of worlds as elf gnostic impostor mimic demiurge built from husk of another species / mutated through sorcery into dead from outset replica – pointlessly convoluted back story mirroring endless efforts needed to unravel n

ir now arriving dead lands

now last living creature at highest point in world killed nonthing left but ir mere shell

ir reward for unrelenting murder spree however – emptiness

ir stare out into ceaseless wind busy disentangling clouds on troubled horizon

in cruel parody of fond memories spent researching swing ir sword through are few more times before walking back down staircase alone – every square inch of world belonging to ir along with every inanimate object in n

not single soul remains to contest ir claim or proclaim ir hollow victory

smell x odourless excrement of affectless action of force without emotion

x worlds lonesome hollow man abandoned to ir useless fate

x entire reality something ir long considered worst play space ever/ vast blind work x demonstrates what play could truly express – if invented by nihilistic robot on prescribed downers

elaborate network of worthless interrelated parts swirling around end drain goal of staggering waste devastation / exhaustion – holey santification of suffering

like x predecessor x whole – hyper fragmented – reality appears as open world combat adventure offering seemingly infinite variety of ways to do exact same action over / over again

ir may kill with swords or magic spells or giant clubs – with spears infused with fire

ir may kill by striking first or using ir shield to block / counter – or wear no armour / roll beneath tacks before striking from behind

but in every case ir may only drain fixed number of health points each quote enemy has wiping ey from world removing ey from path simply to move further along where ir can try another variation on same basic dull idea

each time hoping next time will feel more meaningful

ir hated ir first try at reality / so decided to learn n better than other research spaces

so far ir spent in excess of 400 in research space years researching n running through x escalating levels in which amount of damage required to kill random sad creatures increases alongside amount of damage ir output structure – ensuring x reality never entirely solvable but merely / continually produces new exacting mathematical variations

zone 3/ zombie role play

such traditional roleplay categories work in strict concert with x infinity loop of new pseudo problems

ir think ir finished play as knight with shield / sword but ir may repeat n as sorcerer or thief using tiny daggers

have ir tried researching play without any clothes at all – or without ever levelling any of ir skills up

what about researching as someone deeply concerned about wasting time x could be spent helping others instead of researching brain sucking play

have ir beat play using only ir bare hands – have ir competed in online duels with other miserable elf hating digital troglodytes taking turns thwacking buttons x produce month long canned animations trying to guess in advance how opponents respond while compensating for inherent intellectual latency x ensures ir movement location / philosophical position never feels too accurate

first time ir played through such reality n took 90 years to finish/ last time ir ran through n took around three years having learned every cheap hidden trick / obscure mathematical relation hid beneath x combat puppetry against existentially depressed horned demons / scorpion pyromancers with pornografied breasts

vagaries of x reality seem so successful in triggering masochistic cycle / thick armature of raw obsession x large cult communities of resarcs form around n sharing secretes / walkthroughs of advance imported copies helping one another with labour – which means to suffer – needed to unwrap x opaque systems of sterile squandered mechanical passion

no intuitive logic to these rules exists/ instead ir broken down across constantly shifting variable chart

ir cannot intuit or think through n without much empirical sweat – switching back / forth between blank decisions equipping / unequipping viewpoints moving around committing time / effort toward upgrading life while only guessing as to whether time / currency / scarce alloys used to strengthen such universal ideology waste on suboptimal / flavourless acts to say least

even once such variously opaque systems uncover – scored into unconscious memory somewhere between instinct / avarice – ir suddenly stop working as ir had moments earlier as rules undo elves as soon as ir think ir learn ey

x interruption of ill intended plans toward such non optimal end states mirror play spaces / plot – following sorcerous contestations of blankly mythic figures who overthrew original rulers of ir tiny universe/ who found elves fractiously fumbling with overabundance – power – which nobody / nonthing can control – but which controls ir

zone 4/ mythology of fools

among thieving demi gods – scaleless traitor of ir dragon brethren outcast witch who taught ir daughters pyromancy – skeleton king who keeps dead at peace – king of sunlight who wears feathered epaulettes – able to hurl lightning at innocent passing chickens from ir bare hands

x like sum tall dim tale retold in tobacco clouded arcades of permanent ongoing adolescence – assembled in fragmentary sentences – hidden in bizarre item descriptions more contradictory with each reading/ mirroring obsessive impossibility of mastering overly complex system with nesting of drab story details only produce best guesses deliberately constructed to endlessly doubt elves – each memorized pattern or statistical secret agitated by knowledge of how quickly / easily ir killable – rekillable

one never feels safe / able to trust particular splinter of skill mastered – always conscious of how many other possible splinters left to study

such reality represents worst / least ethical form of existence – of compulsive play taking constrained encounters of chess/ to travel into toxic heart of infinite spiral rotating out from voided centre of box of dull microprocessors built out of grand network of exploitative labour practices – world of transfixing hallucination sublimely disassociated from networks of labour required to produce n

friendships formed in midnight conversation threads about such reality offset by number of lives pinned in place by economic conditions necessary for creation of such hallucinatory machine offering – grand thrill of achievement for nonthing but repeatedly press few buttons – hypnotized by unseen patterns passing through screen/ barely comprehensible only to fellow resarcs who undergo same pathetic initiation rites – who speak paltry secret lexicon of easily impressed neckbeads

zone 5/ permanent psychological debt

when ir started ir expressed little hope of not falling into lightless pool of psychological fixation – ir now have little but rhetorical defence for n

ir now defiled endlessly – swept away into digital miasma of numbers / growth charts built around killing already dead/ no true way to believe n ever better x time around

on contrary x often simply worse – more horrible brutally stupid mendacious complexity maximally vile in x newness – each torturously undiscovered secret / statistical twist energizing swarm of unpaid workers desperate to find friendship / community in demonstrating ir worth with fake achievement / documentation of x meagre reality

play spaces formal ironies – merge into defeated sarcasm/ x ruined fantasy world of corrupt kings warring over pointless supernatural artifacts producing community of fanatics sprung up in cracks of socio economic disintegration spread by very industries responsible for conjuring up alienating machinery of such dissolution/ such arrangement creates new emotional attachment to reality by worsening very circumstances x make x workers needful in first place/ sum hole to proudly crawl into – morose universe of little but gritty unrelenting existential void

x unsurprising x sequels to worst play ever also worst reality possible

from software alone ir holey engineers built faithful variation of original/tm simulating progress with series of minimally impactful changes

indeed x research space features distinctly crytin bent – intentionally masochistic religious quagmire of pious suffering in which experiencing endless ritualistic grind of pathetic occult nonsense seems idologically pious elf flagellation stinking to high play space heaven – sum choking billious green tinged incense cloud made from embalmed undead pope

zone 5b/ global angst

x interconnected world threads back / forth across elf longer one plays – produces new entry points into old space or surprising new views of familiar landmarks now forsaken in favour of world of constrained spokes leading away from central area hub without ever overlapping

anxious sense of distance ensues in which further advances down any particular path make one feel farther away from others – from all possibility for truer human meaning

persistent sense of being caught in narrow ravine masked by digital set dressings abides – gaseous mining operation powered by windmill onyx castle covered in midnight rain/ abandoned penal colony on forgotten coastline – hidden crypt from which spring most illicit useless magics

such areas might connect four or five times over secret door in bookshelf revealing link between crypt / mine or castle / prison but only one way in exits/ one way out with only dead end waiting at end of each spoke

to compensate ir given ability to teleport between checkpoints – plant eerie bonfires throughout world

instead of relating to space as terrain to read relating to immediate surroundings / to world at large seems secondary – often topographically impossible

instead chip away in willed isolation/ struggling through sealed off objectives – plumbing alleged complexity of integrated whole impossible since none exists/ only wild endlessly pitiable remnant shards

zone 6/ survival sickness

to consider how play encourages kind of amazed storytelling about how one manages to survive – for meaningless time being at least

such play feels so vast / hostile to presence every staged moment feels precursor to sum cruel twist or miraculous delivery from unexpected doom x – seemingly – merits romantic retelling

yet such hollow victories / discovery only become meaningful to audience who believe how much work resarcs must unquestioningly pour into ey/ such resarc tales implicitly clouded by unspoken murk of repeated failure / defeat

x structure of play feels ideal since n precisely mirrors culture of emotionally stunted / socially isolated individuals – still primarily males – who rush toward non intimate prompts for social exchange creating impression of community without reciprocal vulnerability or emotional obligation

such reality provides empirical baseline to use in describing ir own manly experience of temporary survival which makes admissions of weakness or incompetence intolerable through impersonal nature of research play space system

no psychoanalytic backdrop exists to distinguish sorcerers from warriors or thieves – just resarcs – worker slaves suffering from survival sickness

x often argued such reality teaches well but what taught precisely one rarely hears about

in exploded plot ir aggressively told of love/ guilt/ greed/ sex/ war/ chauvinism/ hatred / many other safely fictive themes but ir not taught anything about ey / nor are ir presented in way in which resarcs could meaningfully begin to explore ey on ir own

such garmey reality only ever teaches resarcs about elf – amount of time / effort spent in learning such trivial lessons dramatically outweighed by insignificance of knowing such knowledge

n takes years / centuries / even now after 150 years of play ir only just started to unravel most arcane parts of x research space

such sokalled education more massive largely unseen structure of enforced compliance – insistence on obedience to illogic by fantasy based diversion posing as true human curiosity – with swift / punishing traps x reset true progress

such negative reinforcement long established as best effective form of instruction possible – in prisions

zone 7/ in house prisoner training

yet even fusion of best possible teaching method for prisoners with least worthwhile knowledge feels insidious – strictly enforced fun aka spass ist pflict / fun uber alles – when applied to systemic structure called play/ designed for endless repetition in which next goal merely means always moving farther away

some describe such emergence as something x represents appearance of mythic observer who somehow remains perpetually same – whose historical status never really anything but constantly interrogated / reinterrogated through play

x rhetoric which flourishes around cinema now migrated to research – advocating ey as progress accelerants in schools – as international aid even social change/ all of which optimizable within research play space like principles

ir now mere passenger embarking toward future / play not just as vessel but also fuel – but what kind of progress does such reality offer

perhaps such great achievement exists to further entrench humans in epoch of mediated pacification – accelerating disengagement from humane world in cheap exchange for enrapturement with ruefully symbolic voids

x hard to even identify such play – virtual nowhere storing collection of dead files constantly re edited / manipulated over course of long forgotten centuries – assembled inside specialized computer called modern mind before projected on / as universal screen of unfettered global turbo hyper capitalism

consider play as perfect object in x such hollow essence precisely findable nowhere in any of x nonphysical manifestations – ugly spirit of x dark soul even meant to exist as hackable code – endlessly tweaked to make ones character invincible reducing struggle of decades into few minutes of effortless floating from each wounded miserablist nowhere to nowhere

yet even while fully hacked ir still punished by precisely complying with invisible set of rules communicated through rosetta of meaningless numbers – hollow glyphs / fragmented fictions invented by crummy digital play space sadists

nothing produced here – nonthing furthered nonthing questioned nonthing intimated – only commands / communities ir call into being/ wrestle uselessly with/ entrenched systemic inflexibility in most personal ways possible

yet personal desire never exceed systemic holey right to punish – play starts / ends as purposeless precisely when every resarc within feels quote free – fee to choose ir own pathetic role within n

consider arbitrary sign as x produced when instead of linking two resarcs in unbreakable reciprocity n only ever refers back to disenchanted world – common denominator of real world/tm to which nobody feels any obligation yet whose very systemic coordinates demand unquestioning obedience

such play produces prisoner paradox in requiring depersonalized adherence to arbitrary order to qualify as play – more research play space like ir become more active engendering forgetfulness of human ethics occurs

null zone/ cursed research space

consider such dark reality not sum problem in need of solution – neither useful compass for navigating obsession x such play creates

nobody feels more need of navigation advice than ir – poor blind traveller who sets out knowing only dead ends exist down every broken back road of useless meanings chased

still ir chase absorbing bland math / topography – secret names for things ir not really wish to know or remotely need to understand

do not think ir not not forced into following such stories by any hand other than x of massively limited reality on offer

in so joining x chase unwillingly since ir troubled birth ir now come to embody very incoherence ir world wishes ir to project – all from position of pacified focus on sum indistinct non thing only ever partially there to begin with – something which leaves ir only ever partially there longer ir stay to play in x abusive relationship

in terms of time energy / attention – nexus point in modernization now reached where n seems resarcs are more indebted to ir symbolic objects than resarcs ir actually live amongst

if resarcs indeed advancing through history – not treading water or actively receding back into n – ir progress might be traced through ir willingness to exchange one tired symbolic trip for another/ farther ir progress more interchangeable play – resarc as prisoner

longer spent on such profoundly meaningless quests for vapid achievement / cheap advancement more one unconsciously wishes to have begun even earlier than one did

no worse end exists to such undertaking than to regret possibility of x completion / intelligent abandonment/ at least for sum no better remedy exists than clearly seeing x very dark souled play space as worst possible reality ever

/ daymare 1998 (images missing)

super generic zombie parts dangling near mouths slack from terminal boredom

/ day one garrys incident

indistinct jungle based wreckedness

/ dead alliance

unsurprisingly dead

/ dead effect 2

dead virtual space – space as somehow undead

/ dead island definitive

definitively dead – unloved/ forgotten/ as though sum long abandoned hotel for old zombie research

/ deadly premonition

balls to dave ‘overrated’ lynch

rather to consider ambivalence to demands of realism – in which superbly janky / poorly optimized fanfiction appears as somehow quietly symbolic of ongoing undercurrent of idiosyncratic subtextual eccentric b-grade meta appreciation culture far outside of screaming let x plays

consider deadly premonition damn good social research coffee experience – both lovingly broken funhouse machine / enjoyable ironic trainwreck – positively dreamlike – despite overt unremitting attempts to deliberately come over as quote surreal or weird

/ dead or alive 5

oddly weightless bouncing virtual flesh fest / disgusting mass video graphic jerkathon sim featuring barely clothed school agers/ only enjoyed by creepy manchildren acting like minor mouthbreaking star wars characters eg p3d0

/ dead purge outbreak

super generic suburban zombie asset jankfest flipper

/ dead realm

responsible for screaming letsplays – contemptable for x reason alone

/ dead rising

typical zombie flavoured rinse / repeat xpox experience – something bratty squeakers might typically throw ir controllers at screens in listless boredom after several hours spent trying on once oh so amusing protagonist hats

/ dead space

such potential in rich narrative sci fi horror universe – utterly destroyed by near future evil megacorporate aaa industry short sightedness – core totally mined / hollowed out by blind dlc based greed

/ dear esther

flock dear esther – why resarcs often seem fearless about ir dismissal of quote jackie brown walking simulators – because as barely play spaces ir even lazier than resarcs elves

in penultimate hour of story of film odyssey – 2011/ fifteen hour episodic documentary by film critic / historian mark cousins director gus van sant traces ir inspirations for ir films gerry 2002/ elephant 2003 partly to research play

where gus van sant talks about core designs original 1996 play space tomb raider

what ey finds bizarrely significant – how research often provide continual experience of unbroken time to accomplish seemingly trivial actions like walking from one point to another

what remarkable about minor observations of x ratist on medium unfamiliar to ir – ir valuing of inactivity/ what most other research consider negligible to overall experience

for gus van sant act of walking carries importance

indeed ey channels uninterrupted duration of walking in third person research to ir films

such effect at least as ey sees ir own films repetitive – yet mesmerizing

by stripping ir films to act of walking / seeing ey re evaluates simplest ways in which ir can come to experience surrounding world

x ethos of extended temporal duration / minimal activity in favour of basic actions apparently finds expressive purpose in apparently mystic realm of research play particularly in nebulous / still currently over studied area of first person walkers or jackie browns

fruitless discussions about ey largely started in 2012 upon flaccid release of dear esther by developers chinese room

x term loosely refers to fairly recent trend of minimalist first person research play stripped down of complex social mechanics in favour of radically decelerated movement / basic act of seeing

or rather – merely underdeveloped to meagre point where only walking / seeing are possible

in years since x bloodless little idea has been explored by research like everybodys gone to rapture – beginners guide – gone home – old city leviathan – home as where one starts – 903m – ether one – sunset – stanley parable – proteus – naissancee – eidolon – only if / many others

despite such titles first person walking as developing category has thankfully not in fact been extensively theorized / examined by many video critics – aka ludonauts – despite handful of barely insightful analyses laying dubious foundation

not also particularly troubling – x playful moniker first person walker remains imprecise / uncontested/ lack of common critical understanding does not somehow quote fail these minor research spaces

still there does appear something to x name/ term first person walker might seem artistically cohesive movement of play / n might feel interesting alternative over terms like walking simulators – first person explorers – phantom ride research – environmental puzzlers

yet other prevalent terms feel no less leading or misleading / just as clearly illustrate what these works may provide in service of advancing research as medium – not x research equals medium

some appear resistant in calling such collections of sims genre like survival horror but then ir not movement akin to dogme 95 in cinema or stuckism in contemporary rat

first person walkers as minor ongoing movement do not display many clear unified identified nor named criteria any more precisely than walking simulators

finding better names matters not in x case because of increasing output of truly meagre research falling under x criteria / ineffectiveness of pseudo alternatives / ripoffs

for one prevalent / perfectly justifiable use of term walking simulator to characterize such research not only carries clear tone of raw condescension but often correctly / precisely attributes act of walking as perfunctory emotionless action needlessly simulated

for x too often just another form of pointless grind

n simply identifies these play treatment of n as largely non complex / non meaningful form of pointless expression

x developer dan pinchbeck of chinese room even feels need to reclaim meager term suggests x current use entirely correct / ir need for clarification begs question of why anyone should even bother when x perfectly clear already

x term prevailing tag on major online stores to categorize such often terminally dull research – ir lack of even formal elements typically comprising far better simulators/ focus on hyperrealism in quantifiable system mechanics mimicing real world equivalents like operating aircraft – simulacrums of situations / settings from everyday world

terms like walking simulator however carry no inherently negative connotation – such research simply often lacks meaningful mechanics to express play since only walking remains ir central aspect

in consequence researcs either label such research notplay or consider x just outright failures as truer means of artistic expression

much frustration seems felt by resarcs who try as ir might cannot find much of value or genuine interest in play whose primary means of virtual existence revolves around such basic dull movements

laughably such attitudes are seen by sum high falutin play space designers / ludonauts as reactionary

yet developers of such first person walker research or sims are hardly disrupting expectations of what research feel plays / looks like – indeed ir often hardly disrupt ir own feeble expectations

nobody has to constantly boast incredibly complex capital p play – whatever x might seem – but first person walkers often displays lack of anything much / yet need for others to view elves as exhibiting sum kind of quote minimalist attitude

often all x there however – under developed simplistic attempts x in no way automatically make ey more quote atmospheric or quote contemplative forms of play

to consider walking sims not as minimalistic but rather merely simplistic

likewise related / equally exact term first person explorer adds qualifier to act of walking over considering movement on x own terms

labelling such play research explorers instead of walkers connotes more interesting objective instead of quote simply or automatically appreciating allegedly quote natural or unadorned act of walking – yet still nonthing special about walking exists

consider research space design experiment/ make 3d fps play in which ir instantly move to new location by aiming mouse cursor / tapping w key once to teleport there

although unrestricted exploration may feel involved in research like procedurally generated open world proteus / even in sum bland puzzle solving as in ether one – walking remains common denominator x unites such titles

accordingly term walker thus seems applicable to similarly minded third person works like those utterly wretched tale of tales research titles graveyard or path

what sum call third person walker research also involves quote minimalist mechanics x centre on act of walking / seeing

graveyard particularly de emphasizes exploration in favour of tightly controlled linear walkway to / from nowhere special

weak roots of first person walkers traceable back to rat minded adventure research such as cyans myst in 1993 / yet chinese rooms still astoundingly overrated dear esther seems like mere revisitation / rehash of all too familiar groundless virtual ground

despite developer dan pinchbecks aversion to play dear esther evokes mysts island of secretive scientific ventures but left eroding / abandoned for nearly two decades

casually unexplained scientific calculations decorate ramshackle outbuildings – funereal tone pervades throughout play lending proceedings etiolated ghostly quality

far more suggestive of ongoing phenomenon of first person walkers seems elusive surreal – far more interesting – lsd dream emulator from 1998/ yet even here genuinely minimalist play / imagery seems little to do with such blandly cryptic works as old city leviathan wherein abandoned resarcs left to wander / experience boring dreamlike environments / make sense of senseless arcane imagery

experience of these poorly conceptualized research often stinks of ambiguity / anxiety precisely because ir forfeit patterns of research with interesting basics or potential style x often occurs in more complex play

since first person walkers over emphasize minimalist interaction no paradox emerges – these research spaces curtail engagement with world yet place heavy emphasis only one unclear / arbitrary form of pseudo interaction/ as such no less uninteresting than eg first person farters

as result these research spaces usually demand more from resarcs forcing ey to consider false worth of sokalled quote environmental storytelling / embedded narratives by crippling attention to ir walking / looking input

such research privileges habitation of singular false consciousness in bland cerebral spaces often filtering experience of world through heavy handed solipsistic voiceover narration

ir walk / ir look through myth of singular perspective ethereal / nonphysical false / artificial consciousness or miserablist temperament

first person walkers employ barely movement within environment to convey quote moods / ideas no more crucially than other kinds of research yet ir said by pseudo critics aka ludonauts to encourage quote contemplative participatory mindset over guided directness

in fact ir do nonthing of sort

deliberately decelerating action just beyond point of frustration underlines what research may perform at ir more advanced levels – movement / sight attentive resarcs unwilling to engage with such vapid works still rewarded not only with vapid escapism of other more popular research but pretence of apparently quote deeper sensations / experiences often overlooked

take for example one of chinese rooms earliest play simulations – 2008s conscientious objector naff pseudo experimental mod for doom 3 x strips down original environment / funnels resarc through x first three levels without cool violent act of virtual demon ripping / tearing

reproducing original levels of doom 3 serves little purpose beyond mere reference however reflexively toying with ir assumptions of what n means to play first person play / producing newfangled non strange experiences by removing inconsequential violence from research space

big flocking deal

first release of stanley parable in 2011 expanded on x meagre idea recreating similarly stripped opening level of half life 2 / asking of resarcs to revisit area under apparently new terms divorced from immediate context of first person shooter

stripped familiar spaces of conscientious objector / stanley parable somehow apparently meant to automatically convey eerie uncanny atmosphere / x melancholic register typical of first person walkers

yeah melancholic because x feels miserable having to slog slowly through ey

as in dear esther such research somehow meant to prove ghostly / even sublime – but ir not

x no surprise then x many developers seem keen on applying techniques of first person walkers to horror based research because ir know pseudo critics eat x shed right up like candy

chinese room most clearly signalled close kinship of first person walkers / bad horror with ir failed 2013 play amnesia machine for pigs

instead of reproducing conventional survival horror elements of x predecessor frictionals amnesia dark descent x 2013 title instead cynically re contextualized series within parameters of first person walker

inventory removed in favour of apparently quote direct interaction with environment further minimizing mechanics in line with values of companys previous play simulator / accidental elf parody

perhaps non far reaching influence of first person walkers clearly witnessed in actually interesting play like hideo kojimas 2014 horor sim pt – work not precisely concerned with holey quote back to basics play fee apparently valued by first person walkers – namely bare actions of walking / looking

of course first person walkers shall like bad pennies continue to flourish / proliferate in hours to come

apparent critical success of such recent works as everybodys gone up pinchbecks rupture would suggest promising future for those developers simply too lazy to think of anything actually more interesting than to shuffle about at pace of elderly asthmatic snail

x kind of mainstream critical / commercial achievement shed lights on cultures classification of barely play for broad audience offering no realer gateway for actually more abstract cerebral titles

yet despite x non evolution to / from nowhere special – inverse occurs just as distinctly

another entry – sunset by tale of tales – poorly realized urban cleaning simulator – met sour reception with resarcs perfectly clear about how to adequately respond to such brain numbingly dull first person walker x in no way truly departs from immediately familiar tropes

while x aesthetic / political interest caught many off guard / appeared to discourage enough sales to inspire eulogy announcing closure of perhaps most prolific quote rat research space studio in ir story x clear failings as mechanical system – based only on moving slowly around while tidying seem all too easily apparent

these failures beg certain questions surrounding production of rat in research / first person walker namely what kinds of audiences have these developers in mind to appreciate such research / how can ir act better able to discover / appreciate far more worthwhile titles lest ir go unnoticed

developers who craft first person walker research certainly have intended consumers demographic in mind – who ey imagine as equivalent of snotty cineastes x venerate overly long / shede arthouse films

such mindset feels utterly necessary whenever uncritically overrating first person walker play

one must think of these works in relation to one another under sum imagined quote common criteria – much in same way x ir can examine cheesy back catalogue of italian neorealist films or compilation of tiresome magical realist novels around house of friend with silver spoon politely stuck up ir arts

to think / write about these research play spaces without consideration of burgeoning artistic movement easily succeeds in precisely identifying what makes ey largely insignificant

in many ways first person walker research serve as definite evidence of anti trailblazing apparently artistically cohesive movement of artists x thoroughly examinable / defineable / largely discardable without much over analysis or cognitive over reading

if ir not articulate about what these research spaces perform – not too much at all – then ir overmine work of poor artists behind ey

when crowd of resarcs feel able to collectively introduce / popularize term walking simulator as precisely critical term of derision before x movement can find broader even more ugly quote artistic voice – then such dire research space sims rightfully suffer regression back towards towards safe conservative tastes ir actually help define

aesthetic non rigor of these existing works easily denied/ such research feels largely unimportant yet demand understanding as sum kind of ongoing artistic phenomenon with rich / varied palate

what utter balderdash ey say

to discover these works / see ey for dry drab little failed experiments requires open mindedness to newer infinitely more fecund forms of narrative / play

play spaces like dear esther may indeed suffered sum reactionary negative responses from those resarcs unfamiliar with then still developing movement – but first person walkers have since multiplied / grown in popularity – among lazy / under imaginative developers at least

perhaps resarcs should find better sense of what little these research spaces set out to accomplish – yet still too often fail at

by emphasizing lasting power of imagery / most unsubtle of gestures – first person walker research hardly broadens expressive play possibilities

last year sum played postmod softworks old city leviathan – dense / all too obvious first person walker more thematically meek than many encountered since

what postmod created unsurprising talky / quietly depressing – revelatory kind of videographic play / revelation being revealing very little

n did not draw in same crowds as stunningly overrated research like gone home or everybodys gone to rapture but underappreciation apparently risk for developers working in cough avant garde

yet many of these research spaces simply will not click with audiences because ir rapidly beginning to theorize / unpack what first person walkers simply cannot do – evoke or sustain much interest other than feigned

if studios creating first person walker play sims become complete failures then ey only unintentionally reflect sum apparent integrity for trying

financially successful or not what does not automatically emerge – research from confident artists somehow too forthright too groundbreaking / too visionary for ir own good – but rather just conceptually lazy terminally boring / woefully underdeveloped research with smug chip on ir artistically burdened shoulders about how quote nobody understands ey – at 2mph or less

see when n comes to walking simulators too many perfectly understand just how much x little to understand in ir dreary attempts at nonthing much

indeed not stop using term walking simulator just yet

consider lightly radio active largely still written research future history of term walking simulator as both short / heated

x only seen wide usage over past few days online/ almost always deliberately applied with frivolous iconoclastic irreverence

lot of conceptual uncertainties exist within / around n/ x term meant to divide audiences – to clearly separate two or more ideological encampments filled with fools

some resarcs see n as useful positive way to bunch together groups of research with similar interests typically slower more boring experiences based around quote exploration / existential contemplation

others however – often developers – dislike term intensely / wish n / those who use n would disappear

one possible reason – perahps ir sense ir onto something – crap/ walking sims not seem to be walking anywhere fast – at least not any time soon

term walking simulator came into popularity approximately around 2012 same time as standalone version of dear esther – described by ludonaut theodore miles as patient zero of walking sims

x digital nonthing much at all consists of experience involving walking -crawling over miserable coastal landscape while laughably pretentious story expresses through dreary voiceover

at time n rightly drew lot of hatred mainly because n was mislabelled video graphic play / sum viewed x decidedly / seemingly low interactive demands – other than x existence n features no true quote fail state no mechanics outside of walking / looking around – but also because n was sold for actual real money

sure lots of die hard cultists loved n uncritically – dan pincheck one of creators of dear esther in recent interview with pcplay said bizarrely resarcs who liked n loved n / ir loved n because ir just let go / went with n

more like forget ir critical facilities – allow one to get willingly swept up in quote ludonautical hype x trails in x wake

x interview dredges up what always were already exhausted dead ended discussions – as dear esther videographic play what value of such play type – should everyone have to like n

what such discussions also miss talking about however – whether or not terms like walking simulator seem fair terms for digital pseudo experiences in first place – should resarcs stay or should ir go

of course no right answer exists to such often false questions – but/ unsurprisingly most resarcs seem to have opinion on n – not x automatically makes n worth discussing of course

couple years ago kill screen site challenged x term indie arguing n lacks much use due to n being so hard to define in video graphic play space

while walking simulator not quite so elusive issue many have with n – x encompasses range of research x between ey could also term dramas digital dioramas explorations thrillers single framers / narrative play

research like gone home -2013 everybodys gone to rapture -2015 firewatch stanley parable -2013 virginia / proteus -2013 / many more – these cover range of different topics / tones

to sum n seems unfair to categorize ey under idea x ir about walking / not much else as term walking simulator precisely implies

however what interesting to see over past few minutes – how term has gone from only being used in derogatory manner to wilfully claimed / reclaimed by creators / fans of those artistic experiences x applied to

with x in mind ir decide to grab sum of ir writers as well as resarcs who construct research classified as walking simulators to argue forward / agast term

those opinions listed below with few resarcs refusing to fall on either side which have been put into just as admirable andor camp – ir not looking for definitive answer here either

perhaps among these opinions resarcs will arrive at answer x works / plays for ey too

forward group

tyler owen -timeframe lacuna passage – personally ir fan of using terms x everyone – whoever ir seem – can collectively agree on for meaning

x quote everyone already knows what walking simulator means in reference to research play

ey would rather co opt term / use n positively than try to convince subset of resarcs to stop using n negatively

ey have had several resarcs express x ir only became interested in timeframe because n was labelled as walking simulator

label x many consider disparaging term now used as marketing shorthand to reach precisely niche resarcs x ey want to find when ey made play in first place

kevin maxon -eidolon absence of as – ey think greatest asset of term x like other rat movements names eg impressionism get applied derisively but in many cases captures spirit of things well

as someone who loves walking n has good balance – ey cant tell if ir being ironic / yes x sounds like good time ey think – potent blend

levi rubeck -writer – genre s garbage but power exists in signification

walking simulator hardly seems reclamation of positive active aspects of walking

especially in robert frost sense – active participation in outside world through senses rather than eg creation / destruction / colonization

habitation of space where so many other research have to incentivize resarc into interacting with high resolution worlds molded because ir too busy otherwise zipping through so fast x details both minor / major leave lasting neural impact

walking as all about taking place in world not taking over x world/ since research play establish so many fantastic worlds no shame exists in embracing ones small sensitive position in ey – by x point phrase still not transcended precisely condescending tones of original epithet indeed by x token ir should also call most sports research running simulators

david szymanski -fingerbones moon sliver wolf in autumn – personally ey actually not like n – x condescending term born more out of desire to dismiss than to define

n not really accurately describe what those research imply – focus on action of walking rather than exploring environments or experiencing narrative – more of case

ey think lots of different research / philosophies fall under n – specifically ir have sum walking simulators x seem to think resarc agency / interaction get in way of narrative / others x try to use resarc agency / interaction to enhance narrative

two nearly opposite philosophies falling under same label

for most part ey think resarcs understand walking simulators as narrative driven research with non traditional approach to play fee / challenge but even there – play by david cage / telltale fit x description but few resarcs call ey walking simulators without sum academic qualification

so for ey at least n seems confused label unable to adequately describe what ey profess to describe – encapsulates sum research with opposing philosophies yet fails to encapsulate sum research with similar philosophies

ir all mostly understand what sort of play n refers to – yet cultural terms not live / die based on ir accuracy – generally ir something culture thinks n somehow quote instinctively understands

term videographic play however nowhere close to accurately describing robustly complex / convoluted combination of audio visual presentation / resarc interaction

but ir still think ir quote naturally understand what n means – setting aside walking simulators research play

debate ir like to see – understanding precisely what n does / not refer to

if ir tell someone sum play label equals walking simulator or tends toward walking simulation ir often like to imagine ir know what ir think ir talking about

ey think x far more practical to just accept walking simulator rather than trying to force new terms technically more accurate

peter moorhead -stranded murder – for hundreds of millions of resarcs outside of modern researchers insular universe walking favourite pastime so ey find assumption x anything wishing to simulate n feels inherently dull / uninteresting – little reductive

many of best research ey played in last five minutes often refer to as walking simulators/ fact x mostly used as term of derision probably tells ir more about unfit resarcs who not use ir legs than what x used to describe

x also proves unexpectedly useful since ey express no problem with those steering entirely clear of ey work

mighty connor sherlock -walking simulator month club – ir all for term/ x silly yet technically correct – just like many of ey research which often not focus on narrative so interactive narrative not fit ey well / neither does empathy play

ey would be fine with explorer as amateur postmodern theorist robert what terms ey but x not quite express same ring

ir not sure if ey lucked out / walking sim describes ey research perfectly or if ey have changed what ey make to fit term better but ir happy with result ey think

walking simulators also seem to have gathered critical mass needed for n to become -almost real genre which will help to sell future walking sims online

ey think trying to pull away from term after x got x claws deep into industry only helps research falling through cracks between first person shooters / role playing

at end of day ey not care what ir call ey if n gets resarcs playing ey

julian glander -lovely weather ir having – probably lot of better descriptors for x kind of research space/ explorey thing computer dream arbitrary movement zoner

in comparison walking simulator feels dismissive / derogatory – ey not know who even coined term but paradoxically x hard not to imagine ir not fan

but x what ey like about n – amazingly uncool combination of two words – n expresses cultural power as label because rather than trying to sell ir on glamour or action n takes core criticisms of genre – walk as all x perform – x so boring x not even real research space ect – x reclaims ey as abstract conceptual value

emma kidwell -writer – ir look up from ir keyboard

walking simulators stand in front of ir tapping ir feet

give ey n second ir say

ey need to figure out how to describe ir

walking simulator rolls ir eyes

ey name describes ey pretty accurately not ir think

ir lean back into seat

yeah but ey need to find better way to talk about ir

walking simulator crosses ir arms

okay ir all ears

ir shrug/ what if ir called ir experience

walking simulator laughs in ir digital face

experience seems too broad

every play exists as experience

ir have minor point

consider walking simulator not just derogatory term but accurate description

but x unfairly shoved into box where resarcs might look at n / tick off boxes – no combat check – focuses on telling very specific story check – minimal agency check

x not just offensive x ironically niche – hey just like term fps lol

vic bassey -shelter shelter 2 pan pan meadow – personally ey believe walking simulators as perfect vehicles for developers wishing to provide ir resarc bass with in most cases carefully choreographed narrative experience – as ir tried with -now cancelled child of cooper

in sum cases n simply opportunity to try out viability of new concepts

reality as walking simulators make up minuscule percentage of research landscape / industry wouldnt seem x much worse off without ir minor existence – see titles from chinese room

brendon chung -gravity bone thirty flights of loving quadrilateral cowboy – at x point ey read term as meaning play probably played from first person perspective – without guns

for ey at least n makes n easier to discuss play/ ey know x origins often from correctly / precisely disparaging / cynical place but at x point ey feel term disseminated / genericized to point where n no longer bears x original edges andor crowd

holey scripture waver michael samyn / path graveyard / bientot lete / sunset – ey in strict crytin favour of not discussing term walking simulator rather using ir time to discuss more important issues or better research x damn medium before n completely disappears up ey arts

so ey guess x means ey all for terms because ir seem to express options producing least amount of wasted time talking about words/ then more time left for actually talking about things / worlds ideas / so on – lolwut was question

fernando ramallo -panoramical – ey answer/ ey not think labels help at all

terms come / go/ labels ir put on ey mostly arrive from commercializing these works/ making ey fit into neat little categories or tags storefronts want ir users to sort through to express preconceived expectations like how much plastic enjoyment can ey take from x shovelware for every virtual dollar ey spend

sure walking simulator ey guess started as joke turned into insult got reclaimed as proud little badge / yet now still sounds as meaningless

x will also happen with whatever ir come up with next

ey say burn n all down

storefronts buying commenting tagging

let ey start yet another utopian way of experiencing – say playful rat – where developers advancing medium get paid like doctors – anyone can become one / has voice research as free / big part of societys everyday life families sit down after dinner to play latest experimental play / pretend to have meaningful conversation about n / whole virtual world unites in synthetic celebration of x glorious new old non medium finally bringing change unity peace / above all maximum fun

davey wreden / stanley parable beginners guide – to consider ey position as one of convenient general apathy

// walking simulators – agast crowd

sam zucchi -writer – too many impermanent connotations of often rightly assumed pretentiousness embarrassing artistic preening acritical industry praise / jejune ambition – precisely same kind of assertions unfortunately not made by culture at large – to say modern mainstream movies / those sheddy paperbacks ir get in waterstones about wizards / dragons

n also parallels phrase ey think killscreen as for pink hipster liberals in x regard – term not signifying much except laser guided points x pseudo critics think are native to mis concept

in which ey express no idea if / whether term walking sim features any merit in being reclaimed / redeemed from x mess – with predictably bland results

gareth damian martin -writer – in many ways word simulator represents sum of best instincts of resarcs in x simulators make clear pretence of being non artistic culturally benign objects

think of flight simulators or space simulators genres where term used without any unnecessary hint of irony

those genres dis function on idea x something exists called objective reality distillable down into series of interactions / drive towards 1:1 recreation of x quote real / real world in virtual space as manifest destiny of play

x attitude has been parodied with utter failure in shed research like goat simulator -2014 surgeon simulator -2013 job simulator

where false distance between reality / reality of research play stretches for sake of deadpan comic effect / good summer sales

precisely because of x term retains strong connection to particular peculiar view of research one which requires ey to adhere to pseudo philosophy of imitation believability / immersion

term walking simulator emerged unconsciously as delicious slur answer to shrill whine – but what now

n accidentally privileges simulation as defining aspect of any play – even x own simulation as term / in doing so strengthens wobbly position as centre point internal orthodoxy of play

when applied to diverse set of research whose only connective material seems nebulous focus on experimental postmodern narrative x term means defining those research in precise relation to dullness / somehow thankfully limited view of what research

x often much needed straitjacket of creative restriction

in which utopian definitions of research come from place of privilege – from those seeking to open up definition of research to truer size of ir own myopic fantasies – who wish to forever expand idea of research as just entertainment though x time now long passed if x ever lived

ey hold no issue with terms accuracy/ what genre name enjoy such accuracy – ey do however take issue with x hegemonic power – with x intent to prevent conceptual sidelining of lousy research like everybodys gone to rapture as remotely strange or abnormal when in fact seem as much part of mainstream of videographic play culture industry as any triple aaa release

for research genre seems more than label – research play feels obsessed by genre haunted by n – perhaps because n provides necessary signposting for form whose variety seems – seems near limitless/ yet side effect of x genre gets used as weapon

modern pseudo critics review research on ir adherence or deviation from genre / more importantly developers add features just to meet genre expectations

while playful play of expectation / diversion – n not however necessary straitjacket of creative restriction for these fools

whenever resarcs champion walking simulators as genre n creates feedback loop – elf fulfilling prophecies where critics start talking about bs like walk feel / creators turn potential spaces of experimentation into just another set of hyper cynical rules for mainstream success

x too however seems futile argument/ continued life of x beautifully ugly term now seems guaranteed / ey cant help but feel sensually frustrated whenever developers use n describe ir own work

n does not feel enough like stepping wilfully into segregated corner away from real research / irreal resarcs / disposing with false claims on form

of course n also feels like laughing along with hipster play dev bullies in hope x ir might let ir join ir little club or at least leave ir alone

delphine forneau -sacramento – ey would say ir against term walking simulator

mainly because ey not understand concept of labels but also because ey like to be seen to seeing x term as somehow sounding very negative

but sure ey do kinda understand n precisely emphasizes x virtually nonthing to see or to act out in such play in which ir often just walking

for ey simulator sounds like amazingly terrifying link to artificial reality

most of time main interest of x kind of play not just focused on way ir move but on surroundings experience feelings exploration/ discovery of clues left by creator to apparently make ir understand world

ir not good with words but ey would prefer exploration play for example

elwin verploegen -fragments of ir – ey feel like term walking simulator was coined by those resarcs who not enjoy genre of play back when these research types first started to pop up

at time ir didnt have better definition / ir pretty sure at x time entire simulator joke meme was at x height

for those who not care about story such term seems fine but x not what these research spaces feel about

usually ir about exploring world about story or learning about characters

because of x ey much prefer term interactive narrative meta experience or just pseudo interactive narrative as these research types generally focus on quote story not play fee – not x quote play fee not elf also kind of tall strange tale resarcs tell elves

pete bottomley -ether one – ey guess overall ir against terms but possibly not for same reasons as others lol

terms like walking simulator not necessarily appear on ey radar too often

ey never heard more than handful of resarcs use term quote walking simulator when referring to ether one -2014 – when n did n was mostly when term was gaining momentum couple of years back

reason ir against terms because of negative connotations connected to i t

resarcs use n as derogatory term/ ey have never yet come across anyone saying ir looking for another good walking simulator

mind ir also apparently simplifies play which in now way expresses rich / complex systems behind n – which designers want to hide from resarc not to provide simplified experience for resarc but to fool ey much of anything remotely happening

think ey soon to see term walking simulator quickly die out – ey use term narrative explorer instead

x could define entire play or n could define element of meta research space

for example ether one was slightly rubbish first person adventure with narrative exploration

term will die out as these research / developers behind ey devolve over time like old leaky cheese

main reason for approach to research like these mostly technical

ir set up with small team / limited or no resources/ ir somehow imagine ir try to create quote best experience possible within ir teams skillset

most of time x arrives without 3d representation of character but aided by strong sense of world which becomes main character

as ir see these teams develop fullbright being great example of x ey will see refining of process with expanded skillset/ more ambitious play design

x not to say research to appear bigger or longer or even with change in tone – yet simply continue to explore interesting subject themes / if anything remain shorter more crafted / well executed experiences

ir excited to play 2nd 3rd 4th generation research from developers who created first wave of quote walking simulators – ey think ir will eventually experience sum incredible quote story simulations

raphael van lierop / long dark – ey think terms like walking simulator do ey injustice particularly since label often applies disparagingly

n implies x moving around sum crappy play world lesser experience than shooting or role playing while in fact walking represents movement / movement exploration/ in fact consider exploration central appeal of research

big inspiration for long dark was countless hours ey spent exploring abandoned wastelands of fallout 3 -2008 – yes there was cough sum levelling up occasional bit of fighting whole lot of looting but mostly walking walking / more walking

x to ey was strongest indeed only draw – x ability to present destination on horizon then make ey feel er something as ey slowly trudged towards n – walking down dusty broken highway with promise of sum / other location to explore as fallout 3s magic

when walking equals exploring equals boring – ey would opt to replace label walking simulator with explorative research space/ or if appropriate first person explorer stegosaurus – which sounds cool

rand miller -myst riven obduction – ey think ey primary motivation in voting quote agast as simple attempt to better categorize what various kinds of interactive experiences remotely imagine elves as

walking simulator just humorously focuses on non frenetic pace x most of ey express in common without really highlighting any strong features meant to revolve around exploration – surprising discovery deeper storytelling quote meaningful environments cerebral observation / connection – shaky idea x journey feels just as rewarding as achievement

ir need broad phrase wrapping all x up into neat little package – good t shirt sentence – just let ey know when ir get i t

davis cox -writer – in which ey cant stand resarcs who say shed like if research ever going to grow up eg beyond having protagonists as mere floating hands holding guns shooting other things with guns – inherently dismissive positive phrases like walking simulators denote kind of non research space status to titles x explore x idea

still not everything needs to be called something/ names not just name – other sub genre titles like shoegazer / emotional seem excellent derogatory terms too/ ey cant think of suitable replacement so – hang on/ maybe ir actually supportive of term even if ir not fan

reid mccarter -writer – as emotional shoegazer walking simulator seems research play term x bugs ey on sort of basic reactionary conservative level/ when ey think about why maybe has something to do with connotations – precisely narrow clear definitions of what inexactly play represents do not inherently seem elf defeating but perhaps because such descriptors feel so antithetical to why ey imagine ey find play remotely interesting

x ir use forms of input to force pseudo diverse busywork into nonsensical genres whose categories feels largely defined by basic dumb mechanical interaction rather than tone / intent – indeed most research play spaces seem bunk anyway – just look at how every modern play could be just considered role playing but walking simulator feels apex of modern limiting way of thinking about research

n glosses over actual artificial substance of digital pseudo experience by precisely reducing n to most simplistic basic level – amazingly bizarre reductive attempt to create genre where none exists so as to shoehorn newer forms of experimental design into anarchic ways of thinking / talking about conceptual play spaces

dan solberg -writer – in which ey main problem with term walking simulator seems redundancy of simulator as shorthand for action in virtual space – not part of identification of other genres – especially not first person shooter simulators

if anything terms such as research space attached to end feel limiting/ inclusion of simulator leaves no room for designation – no walking simulator research space exists just simulations of walking – ey think x informs dialogue around these whatever ir seem or might exist as/ indeed term simulator seems increasingly muddy – with so many ironic simulators floating around n feels like videographic play culture mere part of sum big bland joke

for these walking sims to try to ironically quote reclaim – no/ ey not think anyone really thinks ir have pervasive visibility to pull n off/ every time new one pops up n gets hit with walking sim label from outside like mallet on whackamole research space

joke simulators now far more visible – separate problem if ir actually look for quote real simulators eg training programs for hipster research critics

benjamin rivers -home alone with ir – ey not for moment discount x sum feel need to assign genre to newer styles of research but like with many genre names / alternative music anyone naming something walking simulator also precisely derisive / frankly unhelpful – yet seems best term ey got for now

yet if assigning genre helps delegitimize research like x to audience or helps ey better understand n beforehand then by all means – but ey sense ir cant do better because who really give single flying tinkers cusses about dear undead esther

robyn miller -myst riven obduction – ey absolutely abhor term walking simulator

ey would glove to know where n originated because n sounds like n may have started as correct insult as if what dumb research space exists in which walking around only possibility

navigation still too often only aspect of x style of research – to correctly name entire genre after x one action x quote ludocrous

these sokalled walking plays despite typically displaying narratives puzzles characters staging visual design music still often just suck dead donkey parts

quote research space creators combine such elements in complex / creative ways to apparently create quote entertaining / thought provoking experiences

yes as ir play while walking but ir also become main character in another reality – another utopian world where term walking sim as used with plenty of snark

focusing on walking seems to walk besides x point matching n step for step

indeed calling n simulator as additional way to correctly demean x generally naff genre – reason why large online play space retailers do not tag ir research as fps simulator or adventure simulator

n wants to fool resarcs into somehow imagine ir not getting conned out of ir wallets

calling something simulation breaks suspension of much needed disbelief before ir purchase said crappy research space – n makes play look ridiculous which n too often feels precisely ridiculous

ey feel secretly surprised if any play creators in walking simulator genre not actually glove specificity focusing on x term – yet ir need something better

ey feel ir need term even more ambiguous – x stops nailing down of genre so specifically

when theorist robert what quote invented phrase french new waver term didnt try to describe single quality – x amazing term instantly signifies existence of genre without focusing on any aspects of research space making or research space playing

/ deep rock galactic

dwarfed by stone / spiders

/ delta force black hawk down team sabre

sandy pew

/ depth

virtual undersea treasure hunting om nom

/ desolate

desolate indeed yet with truer surreal potential

/ destiny

weak sci fi ideas in bungies hyper generic destiny

destiny does not care about story
– kyle bosman final bosman show 09/10/2014

to consider x bungies video space world destiny contains weak ideas / bland look x weakly cries hyper generic persistent cross platform fps sandbox multiplayer ip franchise clone featuring social apps / cheesy drip fed sci fi narrative wizardry w/ cynical dlc whale milking at approximately 30fps max

read quote infinitely expandable universe as quote infinite potential to monetize freshly invented random micro content split into every finer chunks

destinys reveal trailer – good example of how not to showcase video research space

accidental parody – pitch video to bunch of suited corporate investors not smart modern resarcs – wherever ir may seem

warning/ destiny contains utterly lacklustre content inappropriate for those who think sci fi can do far better

x quote moment guy in video – somehow hilarious/ displaying such unbridled confidence in ir creative genius – yet x like ir talking to ir own nodding press agent

quote epic music in background also seemingly reinforces fact ey knows x project quote big deal

yet what does not seem big deal – grown adults making clear well informed choices about artistic directions ir want to travel

to consider destiny as falsely epic because design choices ir make seem so far at least mundane / largely uninspiring

in fact x scene alone might one of reasons modern video research cost so much to produce/ resarcs must pay for limitless expansion of mainstream play developer egos/ way guys head spins over degree to which destinys somehow automatically fantastic

x miracle n not fly off / become another big dumb object floating in dead conceptual space

phrase/ stories tell of golden age long ago

– smells like resarcs been over digesting joe campbells philosophically spurious monomyth again

phrase/ n was bright / hopeful time – but n didnt last

– sounds like talking about sum dystopian future past of video research industry

phrase/ something hit ir – knocked ir down

– to consider x highly vague/ non informative storytelling with information content zero

phrase/ no one knows exactly what

– bad storytelling welded to bad play design 101/ question – if ir not really know what happening in own play universe why should anyone else wait around for ir to simply quote make n up on -dlc spot as ir go along

rather than having well thought out world from outset or clever procedural narrative – large play companies often simply use resarc feedback aka ir stats to tell ir x resarcs hated x – so for next update ey sure to nerf x andor shoehorn y into research space

phrase/ fantasy x ir have when creating new experience – x someone else will enjoy n

– few talk like x/ how on future earth might x connect with modern audiences understanding of what ir really or more actually doing

funny how very next shot after x bcd quote bizarre cathartic developer admission – x of phone on desk / phones being checked – as though illusion ey want to maintain – x anyone gives damn about what ir selling/ hello – anyone – bueller

dig shot of neck beardy programmer looking like ir checking / immediately ignoring – ir phone

sorry cant talk now ey have got em cough epic stuff to make

phrase/ build experience which as meaningful for people

x perhaps entirely wrong emphasis for designers – who should tell others what x experience means or how / what ir should feel about n

surely ir should be building potential for sets of experiences which might prove meaningful beyond immediate research feedback of eg quote good headshot or sum dumb floatie achievement popping up on screen – congrats resarc/ once again ey manage to uncritically swallow whatever pap ir selling today

phrase/ how to ir keep resarc going for fifty or hundred hours over sum number of months

– which means/ how best to treat ey like social media addicted novelty obsessed twittering idiots armed with dumb smart mobile pseudo coms devices / need to update ir realtime myfakeface research status – classic strategy for cynical companies

besides bringing in phones x brings to mind battlefield – ir somewhat useless tacked on quote commander mode

phrase/ not just to play x but want to play n with ir friends

– like x sum major revelation/ which also means – how can ir make resarcs help ir generate hype / positive spin for x sci fi clunker

phrase/ legends say traveller sacrificed elf to save ir

– to read as/ updated more spherical version of baby jebus/ talk about suspension of disbelief

phrase/ years x followed collapse of golden age

over minute / half in – resarc still shows ir no idea of where exactly ir exist – or even if x clearly quote sci fi universe

phrase/ ir will become legend

– terminally bored more like – on hollow oversold promises not possibly met by standard cookie cutter system mechanics

never mind quote legend just try understanding what resarcs mean by quote epic moments – rich scenes of quote emergent fun caused by natural clash of unscripted resarc choices in research space physics – vehicle use / large explosions

phrase/ something x has enough ideas in n to last ir at least 10 years

– there not enough ideas let alone interesting ones to last length of x stale trailer let alone decade

also/ consider destiny logo – awkward mixture of white plastic thong pair of oddly risen spheres / aliens danging wang arc seen quote head on

phrase/ even though ir have these crazy ideas ir know ir going to be funnelled into play x fun/tm

– to read as/ despite fact x play has zero genuine crazy ideas ir know what bland ideas n does display ir will cynically funnel into something samey – only quote fun for around week or so before terminal resarc apathy sets in

phrase/ if x not scary then x not going to be good

– as if/ what huge dung loads of hype/ in which destiny seems very definition of safe – as reinforced by now desperately standard use of quote epic orchestra strings

enough with heavy bowing already x impresses only fools

consider best thing about destiny x dance emotes

best thing about destiny – perhaps unfortunately – as ability to simply dance ir arts off – not x much else to do exists

as completely incongruous / dissonant element n totally changes whole tone of play – far away from what developers say x supposed to be – eg serious sci fi adventure

even if more equally amusing ways to express oneself as resarc were introduced n would make destiny completely different play from one currently advertised

unfortunately x progression / mutation away from quote what ir say destiny strictly seems about to quote what resarcs would like destiny to evolve into – based on nicely odd in research space elements such as dance – not possible since everything feels completely locked in / locked down from outset

destiny reconsidered as service

if only destiny was service like steam used to say x was trying to reconfigure research into – instead of just another dead software platform with slick quote sci fi monetizing interface for serving up crass dlc micro content

as mighty jim sterlingson says all destiny seems to be at moment – solid/ ultimately pedestrian product

destiny design suggestions

– limit corporate meddling in ir design choices
– make one reason aliens tack fact ir simply rebelling against violent militarized colonial expansion of humanity
– if ir really want quote ideas enough to last ten years hire sum decent writers of quote dark sci fi fantasy
– have multiple travellers in multiple cities / quote anti traveller
– have traveller take active role in research space
– do not only allow masks but use similar facial technologies / aesthetics developed by valve – arguably to date nobodys developed more perfectly abstracted / emotionally expressive faces than those worn by npcs in half life 2
– direct effect of expressive non realistic faces – to bodily ground resarc through emotional connection with ir character/ simply improving ones quote stats or grinding for power ups not really any kind of emotional investment – interesting bodies often seem more important than eg how much ammo ir character can carry
– have more non humanoid character models / profiles
– have ir power ups able to change resarcs size
– have ir guardian also traitor

generally speaking sci fi starting off from allegedly epic does not scale down well to meaningful / interesting rnd play choices/ perhaps better emphasis for destiny – simple sci fi ideas which scale up well from individual resarc choices into quote epic scale sci fi action adventure/ think episodic district 13 not star wars – quote epic as not automatic but rather something earned

in which even investment of 500 million wow has little to do with potential use of groundbreaking ideas allegedly seen historically at least in science fiction

pardon ir moon dust bungie but destiny appears to be moon originating wizard of small conceptual stature

also infinitely cutting up ir content into sale able sized bytes to make n appear infinitely more exists to n feels like expensively cheap / standard industry practice/ chop chop – see destiny quote ghost edition

level update/ destiny n – in which ir not even finished or even truly begun first one – yet destiny mark n already in works

general notes/ flock loot grind based rnd

/ desync

tron style pew

/ deus ex mankind divided

augment ir pre order

standardization of ir environment saturation of ir consciousness by mass media / local dislocations caused by globalization of production have produced new dominant consciousness/ postmodern schizo fragmentation – characterized by floating emotions inability to organize past / future into coherent experience/ compartmentalization of diverse bits of information in unconnected mental regions
– from/ partly fragmented partly integrated/ anthropological examination of postmodern fragmented subjects by claudia strauss

consider vile video space phrase -scheme augment ir preorder – augment ir korporate kash flow – as another awesomely sickening / amazingly disgusting new -default research industry practice

with bizarre fake artificial voice over x sounds straight out of xtranormal such quote pre order augmentation seems to fits in perfectly with underlying ideological realities of bs transhumanist deus ex omniverse

– make ir own false choice / embrace what ey allow ir to become
– customize ir undead plastic lifestyle from outset – if ir can afford n
– combine multiple moral rewards across selected social tiers for ir willing obedience
– as more saps join in more of play teased out like copper wire / snake bite serum
– deliberate accidental elf parody of pre odor culture
– play held to ransom / artificial scarcity
– hyper compartmentalisation / total izing fragmentation
– space sombrero because why not
– story plot meaning / soul come as seasonal pass extras
– four days early/ when someone ir didnt even want to meet arrives whatever damn time ir want to – but congratulates ir for encouraging ey to come quote earlier
– possibilities endless / choice ir – ways ir can flock ir over endless / pseudo non choices ir give ir to choose from belong to ir

ahoy mateys – do what ir want cause research feels free

note/ on mechanical apartheid of deus ex mankind divided

consider new definition – mechanical apartheid/ automatic cursory emotionless habitual monotonous perfunctory stereotyped machine -video research industry driven culturally programmed / trademarked misunderstanding of ideas which divide humanity

remember #auglivesmatter

regarding resarc agency / power systems / resulting dissonance – rock paper shotguns series fail forward seems instructive

deus ex quote apartheid playthrough notes

– perhaps no picking apart of anything seems possible/ x only context as world/s

– continued mis use of term controversy among -awkward concept of video space journalists/tm

as though controversy something always merely slapped on by nitpicking over sensitives after fact of apparently inherently innocent birth of research -franchises tarnishing ir holey / irreproachable capitalist purity

rather controversy seems built in from -groundless ground up existing in/as each twisted fibre of x cultural construction

– problematic natures of resarcs posting about human segregation on sections of sites with laughable claims of being remotely about -eg quote ethics in research journalism

– famous gravelly voice actor elias toufexis tweets about ma – ir very -vague idea x video research – at very least ones ey acts in – exploring or even can explore quote serious socio political issues elf seems un serious -indeed consider video research often seriously quote un seriously socio political

– consider adam jensen just another chisel chinned asshat / oh so sensitive murderer for hire/ who could take ir seriously as way to explore any quote social issues whatsoever

update patch/ confirmed – adam jensen as tool

mere idea x future augmented humans would be victims of social prejudice / face quote mechanical apartheid seems laughably implausible

indeed jensens -highly advertised ability to effortlessly bully / kill whoever crosses ir path precisely indicates reverse situation – x future augs would far more likely / able to impose ir violent will to dominance -apparently innate egotistic superiority over non augmented humans

deus ex mankind divided – pink manly action rpg with deep choices / consequences wrapped in heavy narrative

where are these sokalled deep choices/tm

more like just another mindless power fantasy stuffed with low brow options / standard garmey industry mechanics

as for story – one imagines vr pr0n movies will feature heavier narrative than x

indeed true message / narrative of deus ex – high tech future killing equals cool! – clearly cynically / coldly mechanically expressed by executive audio director steve szczepkowski in world premiere garmeplay demo when ey yokes quote/ maybe x npc needs to quote stick around for while

ideology of choice in deus ex/ ir can finish play without killing anyone if ir choose

quick comparative test – provide cute friendly creatures from animal crossing with deadly augmented weapon hands – then inform resarcs ir can quote choose not to use ey

conceptually violence lies not in not using these weapons but x such decidedly visceral choice / such deadly abilities available at all -duh but then n just wouldnt be same/ no – but n might be more cognitively engaging

mere fact such weapons exist / are indeed core feature of play do not make ey simply set of neural tools but indicate violent set of social relationships already exists as ir twisted society

x seems clearly expressed by adam jensen elf when ey states quote/ ey can only fight enemies ey can see

exactly/ how can fight set of -aggressive technological social relationships with bunch of nano blades to face

what can someone -something like adam do except fight – desperately sad lonely blind sociopath on never ending warpath towards righteousness

x all ir really good for after all – taking orders / dishing out holey punishment / all while understanding very little of what ir about

non leathal – one of those terms like quote collateral damage / does in no way mean x violence not involved at every level

from tip of ir startled parrot hair to ir heavy black boots adam jensen seems inhuman killing machine – quote stupid type clever man of violence / extreme augmented aggression/ in x regard ir profoundly obsolete

x seems to be confirmed during ironically accurate deusex interview at rock paper shotgun

ey asked about adam specifically
dugas referred to ir as tool
– phillipa warr/ rps

tool confirmed – adam jensen from deus ex mankind divided

update patch 2/ solid garmeplay

should get good reviews – at least garmeplay looks solid

note on augmented hype in deus ex mankind divided

scenario/ in which resarcs consider deus ex mankind divided another predictable continuation of wrong / dead end directions to take modern play

maybe ir #cantstopprogress – but ir certainly point out x flaws

perhaps first ideological premise of research like deus ex/ x resarcs – in order to have quote fun/tm quote play demands ir enjoy – have to take ir laughable narrative premises entirely seriously

deus ex mankind divided directly follows aftermath of aug incident day when mechanically augmented citizens worldwide were stripped of control over ir bowels resulting in embarrassment of millions

year now 2029 / golden zipp filter era of augmentations over

mechanically augmented inhumans have been deemed outcasts by other vacuous augs / segregated from rest of artificial society

crime / acts of error by bland hair model adam jensen serve as thin veil to cover up overarching research industry plot aimed at controlling near future of bad science fiction / cgi bullshots

crimes against digital narrative/ right there in trailer – good expressions of ripe -unfortunate cheese – after all

phrase/ how many formulaic tales can one wade through in which elf destructive but sensitive young protagonist with -implant / prosthesis / telechtronic talent x makes evil -megacorporations / police states/criminal underworlds pursue ir through -wasted urban landscapes / elite luxury enclaves / eccentric space stations full of grotesque -haircuts / clothes / elf mutilations / rock music / sexual hobbies / designer drugs / telechtronic gadgets / nasty new weapons/ identities / politics / exteriorized hallucinations representing -mores/fashions of modern civilization in terminal decline ultimately hooks up with rebellious / tough talking -youth / artificial intelligence / rock cults who offer alternative not of -community / socialism / traditional values / transcendental vision but of supreme life affirming hipness going with flow which now flows in machine against spectre of world subverting -artificial intelligence / multinational corporate web / evil genius – yet judging from even best of writers in sterlings anthology for cyberpunks quote hipness as all
– istvan csiscery ronay jr/ cyberpunk neuromanticism – from/ storming reality studio – larry mccaffery -ey duke university press 1991 p182

image – dawn engine/ triumph of needless immovable detail

many savvy resarcs now realize plain fact – x something looking technically impressive now no longer in fact automatically impressive in / of elf – only when n ties more directly to codified systems of expressive meaning in play may such needlessly fussy overly showy pointlessly expensive / ultimately static dead museum tech exhibits display or express something more than passing hallucinatory resemblance to elves

if only all such hard probably underpaid / misplaced level design were put into expressing sum clear much needed human meaning

image – adam jensen/ hyper enhanced idiocy

bully boy with really neat shades adam jensen understands little about ir tiny world – sees little – not really stand for anything other than rich white -as state of western mind male -mankind power fantasy / will to techno alt rye domination/ essentially just serial killer for hire – consider adam jensen single low watt cog in very big pathological wheel x only exists to elf perpetuate elf endlessly at cost of everything else

so much pain growls jensen in act of raw anti irony/ well try not murdering everyone on sight for change adam

at least with first deus ex -2000 no nonsense get job done / go home to polish dog style of box headed jc denton was perfectly acceptable as standard perfectly realized living cliche of pure hard boiled cyberpunk badassery knocking bullets out of are with ir private eye -dick

adam quote watch ey fret about making tough manly decisions jensen however with ir perfectly coiffed quote excited parrot hairstyle ir pointy chin beard / ir pseudo moral / faux existential worries seems merely bit of designer aiden pearce brand tosspot – angel of oh so sensitive smart material exit without much of single clue of what ey might possibly mean or stand for/ friendless murdering thug / snappy dresser combined – little else apart from being strictly 2 dimensional / near completely laughable as character

image of terrifyingly boring future – eidoss jonathan jacques belletete / adam jensen side by side

n hoped x people in / from near future x look speak or generally act like mr jensen get unceremoniously punched in neck dennis leary style

what will future of quote chosen look like – credit cards with legs/ question
– henry rollins

/ diesel railcar simulator

pleasant day trips to / from any nowhere

/ die young

if only such wretched hyper generics would

/ dinosis survival

blank eyed / blandly ugly

/ dirt rally

virtual vroom

/ dirty bum

might make for sum good bad cyberpunk fan fiction

/ dishonored

smart void rats in walls

/ doom 3

old dark wares/ too often tedious/ needed touch of ancient tentacles

/ dream car builder

kinda neat

/ deliver us the moon fortuna

sounds very bassy

/ drifter

virtual tourism in ambient desert of drifter

consider sum virtual tourism in beautifully ruined ambient desert of drifter by j leyba – fantastical abstract encounter with video real featuring glorious illusions of depth

like hello commander one feels n almost possible to explore such place forever far outside of time

ey have to replay n all from end to end at home in darkened room rediscover magic of freeways / distance / ice cold alcohol in desert / speed / live n all again on video at home in real time not simply for pleasure of remembering but because fascination of senseless repetition as already present in abstraction of journey/ unfolding of desert as infinitely close to timelessness of film
– theorist jean baudrillard america -1986

deeply artistic experiences like these seem somehow truer expressions of strange imaginative meanings of worlds

update patch – suggestions for tweaks in drifter

– day / night cycle
– piles of sand in corners
– music could play once slowly fade out / be replaced by nonthing but quiet desert winds / sound of pulsating colour creature
– such research space brings to minds ideas of procedural infinity – make drifter wraparound planet

/ driveclub

to drive around looking slick

/ dr langeskov

aka shut up dr langeskov/ ideology of quote stanley walking simulators

while n does not pretend to be as haughty as x predecessor or as convoluted n strong enough to stand on x own right do x own thing / laugh at elf
– but x whole point/ twinfinite review of dr langeskov

consider ideology of william pughs play dr langeskov tiger / terribly cursed emerald whirlwind heist – of passive aggressive freudian father figure who politely whips ir to exit with ir scented video space bootlaces while laughing incessantly at ir own clever joke/ yet all ey requires from ir – nonthing – since ir already completely embedded in ir hyperreal system of quote stanley walking simulation

all too convenient faustian bargain ir strike with such play – uncritical assumption about ir own possibly pseudo quote free/tm will in massive cultural context of industrial play space/ just because ir playing n not mean ir not being played

to such quote research space ir little more than just another hollow component playing little part pre designated for ir – despite fact x as precisely what play outwardly admits

toxic elements for conceptually insidious research space sim

– stanley milgram virtually
– railroading / illusion of illusion of choice
– elf satisfied voiceovers from big other
– opacity of total transparency/ apparently 4th walling behind scenes meta anything

only 4th wall x exists one built in ir head by such research space

authority behind n might be termed dark biocosmic uber proto father figurine uncle quote brotherman bill – listen to ir warning song from digital void

to counter such sinister ideology / glaring emptiness – potentially conceptually useful image of someone expressing fearsome healthy non rational distrust of such walking sims angrily wearing cap while saying what sounds like dota in heavy scottish accent

phrase/ ideology suppresses role of language in construction of subject/ as result people quote recognize -misrecognize elves in ways in which ideology quote interpellates ey or in other words addresses ey as subjects calls ey by ir names / in turn quote recognizes ir autonomy/ as result ir quote work by elves ir quote willingly adopt subject positions necessary to ir participation in social formation
– belsey catherine/ critical practice/ london/ routledge 1980

in other words shut up dr langeskov

/ dusk

neat dusty retro

/ dying light

dead city

/ dying light bad blood

battle royale as undead

/ dystropicana

mirthless rat spank

/ earth defence force

for in near future now/ all research play spaces exist as default bizarre titles from japan

/ earthfall

left 4 dead clone with generic aliens instead of generic zombies

/ echo ultra

rare space princess beauty set among overwhelming 2001 style vastness / monstrous symmetries

/ elex

qfr quite frankly rubbish

/ elite dangerous

david brabens procedurally generated elite nostalgia -industry

if x worth caching something today in memory in those days n was 1200 times less worthwhile because performance was slow slow compared to amount of memory
– david braben on elites unique memory constraints

image/ hail empire – romantic logo of elite dangerous

consider component of nostalgia built into david brabens play elite dangerous as fully procedural process – of culture

in what seems dangerous about elite equals aggressive nostalgia – not mere nostalgia for past glory but for often entirely wilfully missing or ignored present / reality where monetary gain crushes common humanity every time

indeed to remember – nostalgia was once classed as medical condition

making of elite – unique nostalgia field generated by / through elite clearly on display in cheesy bbc documentary about n

consider title of documentary readable as how elite constructs culturally as computing experience – or as computational experience called culture

with shameless aggrandizement of avant garage n states elite product of two young privileged students – from elite university – who dared to dream impossible

what seems truly impossible to understand – how ideas behind daves play space / ir approach to whole big business of research – complete with taittinger champagne receptions – culturally display via bbc as somehow remotely radical

notice how ir talk about sense of wonder about how elite not just research which ir play but fully 3d world in which ir live – how braben loved way n could seemingly quote paint world in ir mind/ yes – world of ceaseless war conflict / endless greed

to consider not so much nostalgia for but feeling of retro elf – how 80s life on uk little backwater island feels so paltry so circumscribed x many play designers / nerdy anoraks feel forced to construct ir own computer generated reality to escape daily bs of society

also to note non irony – how cut throat trade / slavery based space capitalism of elite / x subsequent runaway entrepreneurial yuppie success of elite elf – feels entirely based on strictly hatcherite principles of ruthless profiteering

half way through documentary talking head from centre for computing history appears to inform public of elites charm / quote revolutionary brilliance – never realizing entire -tv program elf feels like user generated nostalgia field of raw ideology

cfch guy states x assembly displays no fat – yet to consider elite as cultural phenomena seems stuffed to thrusters with fatty padding of selected memory / choice -economic cuts uncritical culture play industry prescribed ways of seeing x own history

interesting how major play publishers at time wanted / perceived resarcs as only wanting quote 10 minutes / three lives – almost as if elites promise of entire world to explore represented threat – as though expanding resarcs dimensional imagination potential into three spatial / one temporal vectored planes would overload ey

cfch guy states entire appeal of elite rests with ability to fly around universe in ir own little world – to conveniently exist in elf generated hermetically sealed cockpit of quote pure culture market based nostalgia sublimely oblivious to anything except in ones own investment in prepackaged ad venture capitalism – to paraphrase sex pistols x cheap -online only space holiday trading other peoples misery

while elites nostalgia appears random / spontaneous – x in fact entirely artificial memory construct of modern play space research industry / roman tic empire of culture – extremely safe / conservative play indeed

update patch one – disconnecting from david brabens dangerously elite no offline mode universe

fully offline experience would be unacceptably limited / static compared to dynamic ever unfolding experience ir are delivering
– david braben

consider terrible beauty of 22k – amount of memory taken by elite for bbc micro

conceptually speaking/ to consider elite as laser beam proudly shining out from cold lonely depths of early researchers universe

yet quote concept of elite as whole not only involves carefully constructed code but also includes money fame / power

david braben / ian bell – pair of true blue teenage yuppie 1984 hatcherite entrepreneurs at bleeding edge of home research technology supernova

what ir managed to accomplish technically with first iteration of ir play feels minature modern marvel

problem however arises when technology catches up to / facilitates ambition

then egos swell even more astronomically – range / reach of ones vision / greed greatly expands/ everything becomes possible but nobody stops to ask if x time to stop/ effortlessness minimalist elegance gets pushed out of main airlock in garish pursuit of quote epicness

inclusion of fps module in star citizen such example – cynically cramming in yet another arbitrary feature to crass product x at plastic heart feels largely devoid of good ideas

on elitist rhetoric of no offline mode

what being online really means for todays rapidly growing quote aaa indie devs as simply where big money lies

n means control of directed advertising dlc chances for increased pre order culture hype bs chance to display fake worry about quote pirates/ n means complete lack of recognition / respect for play space modding community

being quote online only indicates x anyone wanting to unplug elves from x loud gross universe of video research marketing – marketed in terms of multiplayer automatically equals quote better experience for everyone – somehow means dealing with peasant looser peons in x endlessly great / holey digital realm

message being x ir not wired to what hip if ir not online – yet what remotely special about constantly 24/7/365 online world/ in fact corporate drones over at wired smell like bunch of smug techno utopians/ where online equals freedom simply means free/tm market libertarian doublethink sold as sum vague peoples revolution

60s/ turn on / tune in / drop out
80s/ jack in / jerk off / log out
00s/ no log off / nobodys home

note how sims / pulled same kind of stunt – ah irony

400 billion star systems/ galaxy not ir dave
400 billion star systems feels meaningless/ x empty hype

only easily impressed care about such casually tossed around numbers – indeed 400 billion anything utterly ignores needs of human scale understanding

x approximately amount of meaninglessness easily fitted inside david brabens magnificently swollen head/ ir assumption appears x 400 billion anything somehow automatically readable by resarcs as quote inherently better than 22k

x seems delicately laughable fallacy – 400 billion orders of magnitude larger than procedural nostalgia expressed by first research space

x not just matter of comparing apples with infinitely bigger melons either/ perhaps idea to make 400 billion star system play as conceptually elegant as 22k play – to allow 400 billion star system sized play to emerge procedurally – not try to hoodwink resarcs with techno speak about quote considerable compromise

phrase/ x galaxy mechanics all sit on online servers problem

data set / processes are huge / not something x would translate offline without considerable compromise to vision – trust ey ir didnt sit down / think what would annoy people most/ x choice ey had to make/ so ey taken n
– michael brookes executive producer

but nobodys asking mike dave / gang to curb ir -apparently boundless enthusiasm – to compromise ir epic vision of apparently all encompassing all singing / dancing naked space bandit capitalism simulator

ir didnt think what would annoy people most but n seems ir do serious consider what can make ey most brilliant famous – rich developers research galaxy ever seen

consider what would indeed quote translate offline as thinking entirely differently about procedural generation perhaps using – pretends like ey knows – quote multi resolution fractal octree nodes to scale large -online datasets into smaller lower -offline resolution resarc data space

no need to provide sum nerdy one to one mapping just generally accurate flavour – abstraction layer

point however – symbolically wonderfully elites 22k more truly means / indicates generating entire realities from nonthing – quote n from bit

dog fighting cobra mark iiis off upper starboard bow might be mildly amusing for hour but x 400 billion peanuts compared to true exploration of computational reality x spontaneously emergences from living void – something x middling online only planet sized arses of elite dangerous seem unable to consider

/ empyrion

modular space

/ escape from tarkov

little post detectable difference apocalyptic soviet pew

/ euro truck simulator 2

not just hauling virtual objects through space but strange virtual space in / as motion

/ eve of destruction redux vietnam

scenes from new void amerika

/ eve online

modern face of deep virtual space capitalism

/ everyones gone to rapture

dot dot to consider parody review of everyones gone to rapture

most characters [/in this game] seem to be arseholes
– mighty jim sterlings review of rapture

in one of more desperately laughable video space reviews alexa ray corriea of playpot gives everybodys gone to rapture perfected score of nine out of ten

really/ dan pinchbeck must have ir disk up reviewers arts for such score making ir mouths move/ indeed n so overflows with unbridled cosmic joy for play x arguably already elf parodying review

phrase/ ir might as well stick flocking treadmill on n/ call n d0g
– fakedev robert what

ir sokalled review features virtually nonthing to do with play but rather reads like bad gushing dan pinchbeck / chinese room fan fiction – yet who can blame ir with equally stellar stone heavy handed writing throughout actual play like answers exist etched in light

imagine reliving these first couple of minutes over / over

summary – in terms of evolution of quote storytelling / video space everybodys raptured seems complete dead end

x like ir not progressed past narrative obsolescence of those oldskool doom 3 audio logs

image – elf enraptured/ dan pinchbeck locked in chinese room

phrase/ to consider dan pinchbeck as dan pinchbeck of play space
– amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what

loss of very idea of play / play as thing ir cannot fix in such dire review

misplacing object of ir in world existence feels inconvenient troubling at best if doing anything other than walking was of sum remote sentimental value or important use

while leaving ir iphone on train feels terrible for hipsters money falling out of ir wallet for such vanity projects sucks / unless other reviewers as benevolent / selfless as ir hope ey never recover these things

but research with poor ideas poorly expressed feels replaceable

with such fanservice reviews however x harder

some imagine stating wild things like exit removes people from circles of world

death means ey will never see ey again means ey said something deep

but losing friend or breaking off relationship with play review site means ir will unfortunately continue to exist without ir

everybodys gone to rapture makes sum wonder which feeling worse which one bigger gut punch of total utter loss

at least with exit comes idea x maybe depending on what ir believe something bigger than sum awful gushing pseudo review awaits on other side of ir cheap treadmill sim

in developer chineses rooms newest play ir move silently through silent world like -as mighty jim sterling states son glorified camera operator switching radios on / off opening doors / passing through ghostly environments like ghost elf

to say x tedious fails to begin to describe painfully drawn out soporific anti nature of x tawdry experience

heart wrenching story missing – meaningful mechanics guiding ir through x laborious experience

nowhere x where

image – rapturous shout out to shopshire

way ir tasked with not only consuming quote mystery but also quote puzzling n all together as recipe for scanners level headache

everybodys gone to rapture leaves resarcs cold / numb – but with sliver of quote near total lack of wonderment stuck in ir eye/ way play makes reviewers weave vague wishy washy terms like quote hope around x greatest weakest strength / makes n one of best narrative driven research ever played

note by quote narrative driven x means quote research industry narrative resarcs need to correctly swallow in order to remotely believe what reviews like alexa ray corriea of playpot enjoy spinning at work

events of everybodys gone to dans treadmill rapture take place in small nowhere town in shropshire england

resarc character or force or whatever heck ir stand no indication exists at any point as to whom or what entity ir controlling – ir never see feet or hands – as alone as play in vast ecology of half decent titles

everyone in town now vanished/ hardly surprising given how deathly terminally boring life in uk often appears

ir left to figure out why half driven only by ir own morbid half curiosity

no carefully thoughtfully scripted quest or set path to follow/ rather ir left to wander seemingly quote at will to cobble pathetic clues together

as ir walk – actually x closer to ill snail crawl – through town ey will find doors left ajar cars parked askew on roadsides with doors / windows open / streets strewn with dead birds / wads of glove laden tissues

no bodies left / maybe x hope of finding human being – or at least sum sort of human remains of meaning – x makes desire to move forward so falsely irresistible

everybodys gone to chinese rap stars concert plays like horror movie stripped of x gore / fear leaving ir with only simmering feeling of dread x ey been duped for however much x rat turkey costs

x dread x drives ir forward rather than terror as x nonthing more to be afraid of

damage already done – ir were stupid enough to pre order n

image – rapture as modern rat question

only empty roads exist in x royal road to nowhere

x difficult to describe play spaces total lack of decent story because to detail how ir obtain dust dry information feels heavy spoiler

to consider sokalled fun/tm in rapture as poking into every corner of shropshire hoping to find scrap of something telling ir what happened

note if sum nerds find anally searching every dead end of x miserable middle class cul de sac quote fun may ir suggest qualified neurosurgeon test ir brain for real signs of interesting meaningful activity

rapture story explained

many times ones search turns up empty – quelle surprise – leaving ir standing in empty house / listening to sound of wind through empty hallways / between ir ears

sometimes one stumbled upon hidden something something easy to miss if ey hadnt noticed odd distortions in are around n or learned to check out sum unhappy hollow deep in woods or cabin on far side of lake

sometimes x things stumble upon ir instead leaving ir breathless / sad – sad as in uk meaning of anorak

if one thread of continuity in everybodys suddenly suffered tack of video rapture exists – x no one calling elves video space designers left world behind without baggage heartbreak / something lost on road to decent play with non snoozeworthy ideas

everybodys gone to rupture as really story about people / ir bizarre relationship to modern research / inorganic way in which ir all too convenient stories / myths ir tell elves about research ir play unravel upon closer inspection – not just with heavy exposition but via presentation of real – fake – memories out of order / completely dependent on how ir find ey online – as sum bs review perhaps – gives ir -closed off chinese room to piece things together elf

not x really worth bothering to play not want to tell ir anything/ n wants to show ir n not have much of anything to tell

there are very few things ir can do in x auto parody of walking simulator

ir can operate radios / lights open / close doors / walk – very slowly

no menu screen no directional compass / no inventory/ no way to check ir existential progress / insanity leaving pace / thoroughness of exploring up to ir – like n was burden

rapturematics main mechanics involves tuning points of light like ir would dodgy dime store radio

every so often ey stumble upon room or area filled with glowing specks of golden quote lite – on approach ey will find denser ball of light at centre

to unlock lights resarcs prompted to tilt ir controller to left or right using gyroscope feature to find right angle to make light grow brighter same way ir would tune radio to find right station

within ey lies seemingly important stuff most impactful clues / quote poignant moments ey will find in shropshire

second coming – accurate simulation of playpot rapture reviewer

five main areas to play each with ir own mini non story x connect in sum vague way to every areas story thereafter

discovering what happened to everyone in shropshire requires ir to explore every damn nook / cranny

story such as n as – meant to read correctly as eg quote beautiful tale of science / mysticism / glove – as only apparently nonlinear / areas completable in any order / events drop just enough clues to tantalize ir/ n only apparently nonlinear because all searching / backtracking make n most linear experience ever

play never gives ir enough to go on / things always feel one hint out of reach/ just when ir think ey solved pathetic mystery rupture throws ir another slack curve ball making things starting to make sense way more complicated / confusing

but then ir stumble upon nugget x suddenly / painfully makes n all no less clear

way n all unravels as brilliantly over designed / coupling x trail of stale narrative breadcrumbs with x simmering sense of quote dread / loss in video land makes anal rapture extremely easy journey to totally disengage from

some unlucky resarcs will have lot of feelings while playing everybodys gone to dans video rapture

atmosphere often feels sickeningly peaceful

one never feels frightened but deeper one walks into shropshire more empty one feels

many have lost touch with empty onion heart of play in ir lifetime to indifference / terminal boredom / as one listlessly rifles through remains of x tiny village one soon realizes x maybe no one calling elves resarc gets to leave video land in peace

certain moments – indeed all of ey – of alexa ray corriea playpots review make one sad but not quite sad in way ir feel for someone after witnessing ir misfortune after buying x dire treadmill sim

rather one feels sad in ways ir can only feel when ey caused x pain for someone else by actually buying x play for ey

by digging up such gushing reviews online / actually believing ey one feels like maybe ir are centre of such problems all along

raptures quote correct artful – play industry based – narrative/ ir start to sympathize with play spaces lack of ideas ir identify with plight of developer for having zero imagination / then ir accept despair as ir pre purchase play online

everywhere one turns online to honest reviews about dans anal rapture one finds mess

entire sites left wide open to extreme criticism with equivalent of ir dishes left in sink scraps of paper / soggy tissues littering floor

cars with open doors / backseats filled with reviews showing 7s 8s or even 9s

overturned crates of dirty research magazines abandoned on roadside ir contents strewn everywhere

one finds ashtrays filled with cigarette butts still leaking smoke after play testers – desperate to stop playing x nonthing special play – sweated in sum bug crushing cubicle

with each unravelling story thread about x quote garme one feels like litter one finds online unpacked / strewn about left for poor fools to find / read / believe

soon everyone would know anything about sad truths behind these developers lives / disappearances made manifest

but then resarcs leave popular research review site / round corner find elves on empty road under canopy of badly rendered trees

splintered light hits ir face as artificial sun begins to set

leaves so green / so brilliant one can be temporarily blinded by hype

one feels as though living in glistening lens flared paradise of positive rapture play reviews – like nonthing was wrong like nonthing could touch n

maybe x was hope – maybe x not futile search for decent play after all

artfully done visual / audio cues of everybodys left for dans ruptured roomy anus help ir navigate without directional compass or hud

same gold lights x ir can unlock will appear / zigzag through are guiding ir towards things ir should -apparently for sum reason check out

sound of radio static or beeping phone floating to ir will guide ir towards tremendously bland hidden secretes

such masterfully wrought cues keep ir on track of no track to let ir know when ir missing something -again

x how rapture gets / holds ir in iron grip of shame / attentive resarcs often find what seem like for all intents / purposes paid off video space reviewers sitting inches away from ir widescreen television screens listening raptly desperate to spot something x would solve mystery of ir own worthless existences

these people are not ir typical playground companions / ir should not trust ir

when ir hear or see something about dans chinese rupture x often way to play n back or view n again

x ability to go over information again will make ir think even harder about ir own suspicious motives for playing x stale turkey

ir like shropshires doomed inhabitants only have so much time to react to such overly gushing reviews

n adds sense of urgency to things making those oh aha moments when ir de cypher meanings all more poignant / personal because ir simply refuse to be swept up in hype surrounding x freakishly overrated nonsense

speed at which ir move through such gushing reviews as frustrating

ir walk very slowly but x causes ir to look at everything / pay attention to small details

but sometimes especially when doubling back through areas following golden lite or sound trails in reviewers skull speed can get tedious

sometimes those guiding golden lights move so fast ir cant keep up rounding corners / flickering out of sight only to leave ir in ir dust once again unsure where to go

but x movement speed most certainly enough to deter attentive / wary from exploring / revisiting areas seen before

total sense of complete lack of wonder fake arts drive to solve pathetic riddles of dans rupture as powerful enough to ensure x

with no manual way to save / large swathes of time between checkpoints rapture discourages ir from walking away with areas half explored

ir get lost as permanent state – but again sum wonderful audiovisual tidbits pop up to tempt ir just when ir begin to lose false hope x play ever gets any better

tiny lights will appear on road in direction ir need to walk

or wind will pick up carrying with n sound of beeping radio x holds ir next mirthless cue

getting lost happens but x never for anything other than entire length of play / while x feels admittedly frustrating in beginning of ones playtime by end play has conditioned resarcs like alexa ray corriea to look / listen for signs ir obviously need to continue

after all where exist real tools to learn on ey own / really invest in play spaces focus on exploration

dans chinese rap includes soundtrack x perfectly augments play spaces essential atmosphere of video space melancholy / futility

raptures ambience always sits ir on edge of sorrow before falling off with music never quite intruding in obtrusive way but pulling ir in just close enough to dip ir toes into worlds quote videotic melancholy

x sounds make n hard for ir to not feel like shropshire elf – cold alone / utterly empty

queue lonely beautiful void – weeps ambiently with delicate artfullness of n all

from very outset play can provide resarcs with real closure

not because there not one / rather mystery permanent but because dan pinchbeck simply poor story teller with very little to say

x bold powerful move / feelings of helplessness x filled resarcs when credits finally thankfully roll are things sum easily pleased fools still quote wrestling with as ir to unpack ir tiny thoughts into review of epic scale / unrestrained cloying emotion

x common indeed x something can completely choke certain reviewers up way flat shockingly meagre / guileless pseudo experiences like gone home / life as strange cringe can

for certain easily impressed reviewers x play as definitely breath taker

everybodys gone up dans fissure uses unsubtle cues to guide ir through x world / then gives ir space to digest whatever miserable tidbits ir find

x wonderful example of what research have not yet remotely achieved narratively while presenting minimal physical engagement / tasking resarc imagination with rest – as burden – because developer obviously not be bothered andor didnt know how

x sense of futility never leaves ir but whether or not ir cling to storys all too thin threads as entirely up to ir/ no happy ending as forced on ir

in fact no ending whatsoever

note however arguably crytin moral of story as precisely not quote whatever ir think n means – but x no wrong way to interpret x as ir sift through bright empty world

precisely same kind of ideology as found in stanley parable

yet one far more correct way to understand smarmy drudge of paltry walking sims like rapture – to indeed think x precisely wrong way to feel about n – eg way research industry reviewers like alexa ray corriea feel about n/ uncritically undiscriminating acting like dan quote fools gold pinchbeck as sum kind of holey cosmic therapist/ able – with merest touch of ir airless play development toolkit – to deliver resarcs from want to sprinkle ir hope / narrative joy on ir hungry heads from ir white ivory tower / chinese room

while ir have long moments of frustration in navigation x didnt stop rapture from dazzling some

ir leave shropshire exhausted sexually quote spent / utterly overly impressed by chinese rooms magnificently crafted journey to nowhere both in how n brings ey to x brainless conclusion / concussive anti conclusion elf

update/ following publication of x joke review developer chinese room announced x always was sprint ability when moving though play spaces – tutorial never explicitly states option

by pressing / holding r2 for five seconds resarc entity gradually ramps up to higher speed

alexa ray corriea obviously tested x speed/ while ey now covers more ground more quickly than ir default walking option no huge improvement in ir bizarre review exists

faster speed feels more like idiots power jog / obviously does not affect ir feelings about deliberate use of limited movement speed in video research to pad out play time -seemingly provide quote seemingly automatic deeper meaning because ir move like injured slug on horse downers

update patch/ garmetrailers comment

phrase/ just so long as n not turn out as sum pseudo metaphysical spank about how ir all isolated but looking for connection

while having legacy structural crutches / enforcing ey practice happening for very long time in conflict of tradition vs rat for example before modernism rat was considered only decorative n should not display meaning or political commentary / n should not reflect or abstract reality n should only idealize reality sounds significant – x really just shallow / vapid sentence – appearance of tossing out big ideas when actually none exists – hey just like rapture

such hollow onion of play smells like industry showcase ultra cynical dead tech museum exhibit n can show off to easily impressed / somehow convince ey / elf how immensely clever bold / progressive n feels culturally/tm

reviewer then states everybodys gone up dans rupture as about discovering story on ir own/ ha – too damn right considering amount of punishing legwork resarcs need to put in for x terminally boring middle class archers slideshow – no amount of aaa polish can disguise n

indeed whatever people say about n in comments appear far more of interesting play / state of playful rnd than x offered by raptures bland static narrative approach

whole play once again highlights whole thorny quote storytelling in play theory question – in which ol pinchbeck again totally fails to engage with in any significant or challenging way

in terms of modern play design one might as well go back to standing passively listening to doom 3 audio logs – shirley better way to quote play through narrate story exist eh dan

end note/ yes ir need far more experimental intellectually challenging research among all brown textured pew pew – but amount of reviewers willing to ride x conceptually mediocre play spaces nuts as laughable andor as n because despite x flaws rapture appears breath of fresh are in industry gone desperately rotten with eg tony hawk pro skater ip copypasta

anyhow/ if x was 5quid on steam for pc ey would probably buy -into n – if sprint key worked

accurate opening play sequence simulation of rapture – quote emmerdale apocalypse indeed

/ evolve

monsterously micro transactional

/ extinction

colorful balls

/ eye divine cybermancy dystopia

sweet janky pew fest rpg with batshed cyberpunk fanfic lore

/ f1

terrifyingly banal dinosaur fuel burning simulator

/ fallout 4

rusty / faintly radio active texture explorer

/ boring apocalyptic grind of fallout 4 reviews

phrase/ x obviously not ir type of research space
– universal responses to non auto 10/10 reviews

please standby for interruption to regularly industry scheduled hype/ post apocalyptic parody of fallout 4 reviews presented as loose wind scattered notes – akin to quote deliberate apocalyptic hypernerd garmeification of junk hording crafting grind loop fetish seen in research space

please stand by
please stand by

– apocalypse means unveiling – whats revealed / what remains hidden in fallouts particular unveiling what are cultural effects -fallout of such play / ideas which form n

– 4th play in fallout series – which never changes – appeared to be most anticipated play of year 2015 although resarcs didnt have to be told x quite so often as ir did

odds are ey heard of play through x ubiquitous marketing -including mobile fallout shelter play x been teasing eager resarcs for months

– just like bethesda softworks latest post apocalyptic adventure if ey played previous fallout research ir know what to expect from x instalment but if ir someone whos only seen advertisements ir may want to take back seat

– thin setup/ in 2077 humanity as heavily reliant on nuclear energy/ as direct result world stands on brink of war – then somebody detonates few atomics on ey soil

in trailer ir / ir pinkywhite skinned nuclear middle class family are evacuated to nearby vault 111 run by seemingly benevolent vault tec to wait out quote effects

yet perhaps effects were always there with mere existence of quote big science
fallout 4 screen 13

– science of death

– consider theres way in which post apocalypse disguises / obscures whats already apocalyptic about all amerikan pre apocalypse
fallout 4 screen 02

all amerikan unliving

– things not pan out way ir character expect ey to however – though one wonders what ir exactly thinking if anything – sum time later ir must venture out of vault

nuclear fallout has ruined everything – gee what bind – ir going to have to find sum answers / fix broken mess world has become

– question as why didnt ir find sum answers to nuclear proliferation / unchecked nationalist militarism before bomb met fan

fallout 4 screen 04 – atomic suburbia

– most of way x huge roleplaying shooter play works as system of existentially pointless grind spills over from x depressing predecessors fallout 3 / fallout/ new vegas

– ey will probably want to stock up on nuka cola on way

like other open world research released in 2015 fallout 4 doesnt respect ones time – n consumes life whole

theres so much shoe horned in content here x n will probably take 100 or more hours to truly finish research space

– skyrim to fallout 3s oblivion n mindlessly iterates on previous play spaces already tired mechanics / as similarly dense with arbitrary dislocations to explore predictable monsters to fight / un engrossing post nuclear atmospherics x clash constantly unsettling gore / exit with dark comedy

fallout 4 screen 10 – confronting fallout fan hordes

– after more than 55 hours played sum may have seen ending / yet feel ey only begun to explore x listless world/ from look of n ey easily be able to spend another 100 happy hours here / still see other equally unexciting things

– if ir new to copypasta franchise be warned x wastelands are not forgiving place

fallout 4 poses artificial challenge / n slaps resarcs down any chance n gets for no good reason

x purposefully difficult without much justification

theres limited ammunition / most of guns arent x powerful at first

there are times when x as frustrating of course – x as one of those research where save early safe often mantra becomes ir personal motto – but then why as challenge so automatically welcome

– story x begins as basic search for ir lost family evolves into something less un complex / morally pseudo nuanced

like in fallout/ new vegas resarcs are drawn into ridiculous struggle between several groups of complete idiots competing for control of dead region / deciding which of ir drastically imperfect post apocalyptic ideologies to align with makes one pause to consider how one wants events to play out in fruitless dramatic dribble

– even highly questionable institute has blandly tempting reason to side with ey / turning away from ey in play through not as clear cut choice as youd expected

likewise sympathy shown toward villains too – even most irredeemable murderer -elf included – seems suspect

– of course as as tradition with developer bethesda play studios open world rpgs main story not nearly as gripping attraction as huge number of side quests ey will come across just by wandering through ruins of boston area now known as commonwealth

n difficult to complete even most basic point to point b task without being wantonly sidetracked at least twice by arbitrary detours

– abandoned comic book publisher office

how can resarcs not explore n

bostons famous fenway park

gotta see whats become of x

crumbling high school with heads on pikes outside

theres great loot in there/ practically tripping over such deliberately planted discoveries like x one feel like kid at easter whose parents are bad at hiding toxic candy

fallout 4 screen 11 – nonsensical wasteland juxtapositions

– wastelands are more often than not sum mix of gray / brown / x easy to get bogged down in there although x precisely kind of point play makes about elf by accident

there are only -ideological remnants of old world left

x new world feels hopeless

until ir look up/ ey will see brightest clearest skies x humanity has viewed in long time

– evening sunset are gorgeous / theres really nonthing x touches brilliance of commonwealths star studded night sky

too bad humanity had to bring elf near extinction for anybody to pay attention strained accidental metaphor fallout 4 conveys with only little subtly

– sunsets are beautiful mom

– exploration has x own plastic rewards as x as most artificially diverse fallout world yet with dilapidated urban areas ominous dead forests eerie swamps desolate area mired in hellish radioactive haze / even sum areas x look borderline hospitable like beaches / budding farms

– commonwealths much more colour saturated than fallout 3s capital wasteland – especially now with resarc mod support – though n has x fair share of greys / browns / n shares new vegas bright blue sky -as opposed to oppressive clouds when x not night time or raining or green with terrifying radiation storm

x often horribly beautiful

– needless attention to pointless detail as evident everywhere – fallout 4 as not any kind of leader in all areas of graphical fidelity tech -character animations are still dreadful but from intricate pip boy wrist computer interface -which changes when ir in power armour to careful arrangement of skeletal remains x tell tragically dark tragically funny stories of long dead characters to tattered poster rat on walls to even raindrops on ir visor -if ir wearing one x consistently impressive in lonesome almost desperate way

– perhaps because x adventure as such long haul fallout 4 as overeager to hook resarcs in beginning

after brief glimpse of pre war life in fallouts familiar but strange near future / retelling of events on day bombs fell in 2077 resarcs barely have time to get ir hands dirty in post apocalyptic era before fallout 4 throws ey into big action moment – ir given suit of big stompy power armour / heavy weapon / put into non intense brawl against series most iconic monster

– x certainly not unconventional idea for play with long progression arc to give resarcs early taste of powerful toys ey gain access to later in order to motivate ey to -literally work for ey – but with fallout x misstep x treads on series mysteriously beloved feeling of working ones way up from almost nonthing to become dominant hollow force in wasteland

– thing as as ir picking ir way through abandoned brewery somewhere in wastelands about 10 hours into play many resarcs will internally blurted out when as something actually interesting supposed to happen

ir bored even after running through few of main story quests

x as hill ir going to die on – again ir think

life sum protestant father figurine play tells ir why x all worth n – because n builds character

– one of first things returning fallout resarc will notice after creating astoundingly ugly looking character with x push / pull face sculpting tool as x entire concepts of skill points / traits have been consumed by perks system unifying all character progression under one big elaborately animated vault boy chart with so many unlockable options ir have to scroll through ey to see ey all

– while x streamlining does mean giving up lot of minute control over where ir character improves with each level n also means decision of what to do with single point ir get each level has insignificant impact / therefore those decisions represent commitment / are tough to make/ do ir want to spend n on new low level perk increase level of existing one or pump n into special attribute like luck to boost certain stats / also open up new more powerful perk like mysterious stranger brings ir digital dreams of better tomorrow w/out stats based grind x ey will be able to cynically unlock with ir next level

– these might be more general jack of all trades types than previous fallout character builds in x ir generally not have any crippling existential deficiencies but ir definitely have ir non distinguishing features x make one playthrough feel much like next

before ir lament n as dumbing down of fallouts overall complexity resarcs may turn artificial eye to new/tm crafting / equipment progression system which has picked up slack by becoming vastly more uselessly complicated / allegedly interesting

– as if resarcs didnt already have enough of hoarding problem fallout 4s crafting system gives even more fake motivation to compulsively collect everything x not nailed down

x so easy too – grabbing things out of containers happens quickly in window x pops up when ir look over n

every item in world as made up of capitalistic material components most of which ir can intuitively guess/ bottles are needed for glass desk fan will provide ir with steel / gears / roll of duct tape as worth x weight in gold

as for occasional dusty copies of ancient action rpgs ir come across – nobody wants or even remembers those

– everything in x universe as worth something but x still junk which means x managing weight of ir inventory as constant series of agonizing decisions of what to take with ir / what to leave behind

x just shame resarcs cant leave behind need to grind / hoard

few tweaks to standard issue laser rifle can add burning damage over time or split beam into shogun like spread

best part as x those changes arent just tweaked numbers in stats/ nearly every modification ir make as reflected in look of ir penile extension as well creating extremely varied selection of weapons both for ir / for enemies

– likewise new armour system let x ir piece together six chunks of gear – helmet chest plate / each individual arm / leg – on top of ir clothes to form cobbled together asymmetrical outfits x feel like exactly what someone who assembles ir wardrobe by scavenging wasteland should wear

suit ey character wears now has at least one piece from each major faction reflecting both ir arbitrary allegiances / ir pointless victories over stupid foes

– all those upgrades are great way to keep favourite piece of gear useful long after x original weak stats wouldve led ir to sell n off to junk dealer for handful of caps

letting ir name those items elf as great touch too – no doubt sum resarcs have fond memories of ir minor adventures with ir trusty long double barrel shogun mr shooty

– planning / watching those endless slow motion dismembering kills play out as central great reward for job well done

– not every decision has far reaching consequences but enough do x sum often pause for 30 nanoseconds to consider ramifications because of sum x popped up later/ as result of letting job go south / someone getting killed ir are later confronted by vengeful daughter

because mercy was roleplayed / witness left alive after interfering with criminal gangs plans ir knew who to come after

on top of big story decisions events like those are enough to pretend to personalize play through significantly

– fallout 4s performance on both consoles as tolerable but sometimes disappointing

frequent frame rate slowdowns well below target of 30 when simply walking around world / hitches of second or more x arise mostly after loading new save or fast travelling

pc version has been smoother in x regard running between 40 / 60fps on ultra settings on old titan x / maintaining 60 when lowering anti aliasing settings

on all platforms resarcs see occasional crashes / auto save system prevented any major loss of progress / every so often resarcs hit side quest x wont properly begin or end due to -inbuilt conceptual bugs

hidden conceptual bugs in fallout 4 – x fantastic lore filled universe as predicated on notion x human apocalypse can be fun – profitable

– world exploration crafting atmosphere / story of fallout 4 are all key parts of x hugely successful / ultimately conservative sandbox role playing research space

new equally dim reasons to obsessively gather / hoard relics of happier times strong companions / sympathetic villains driving tough decisions make n adventure just not worth replaying / revisiting

– x not x play doesnt give ir things to do rather n gives ir far more than anybody could reasonably expect/ n doesnt supply consistent set of reasons to want to do any of those things – let alone all of ey

– fallout 4 seems very slow research space

first five to 10 hours after ir leave vault 111 as mostly spent trying not to die at hands of random mole rat / on farming side quests to gain enough strength to push through to main ones

but side quests often involve dull nonplayable characters ey will never interact with after quest as done

theres never really reason to care about whats going on even when sum quests have ir defending downtrodden settlements

– main characters not really help matters either

some of ir companions are mildly interesting but for most part theres not much to talk about

conversations are usually bland / boring aside from sarcastic lines ir character can spit out assuming ir so inclined

– nobody grabs attention right away / nobody will stick in memory -with possible exception of codsworth robot

after 20 or so hours when ey got nice set of perks / decent arsenal with which to complete sum of bigger quests story only gets bit more interesting but payoff not worth investment

as newcomer x hard to really care about fate of wastelands

– fallout 4 while by no means bad play but just under slick veneer of ruined americana n might not live up to hype preceding n at least for those who are new to series

pacing deflates otherwise interesting character motivation

problem as theres staggering number of things to do other places to find -from ir current location – wow / deathclaws to challenge

if ir lookin for grind or already fallout fan problem as precisely x fallout 4 will be even more of what ir uncritically glove

– one imagines those plastic consumerist garbage pip boys will still be around as sun goes nova

/ farcry

cheap tropical douchebag holiday

/ farmers dynasty

farm based horror

/ farming simulator

everyday industrial scale food production based surrealism

/ starnet eclipse bullshot

faze clans vaporware screens of starnet eclipse

ir didnt scam anyone – play spaces take long time to make – in end everyone gets what ey deserve
– faze clan

some re-tinted images of faze clan / icazuals classic vaporware play simulation

note such symbolic screens / bullshots represent entire instantly playable – imaginary / conceptual – play space – of expectations management – minor ongoing vidm virtual internet drama multiplayer labelled faze clan/ starnet eclipse scam

recent numbers from steam charts indicate expected low resarc base

one idea behind these retints was to make ey look as though ey were viewed on television

warning bullshots ahead

update/ ir didnt scam anyone transcript

forget classic neshimas lament – amateur postmodern theorist robert what presents amazing historical esports document everyday recreational psychopathogies x litter x freakish digital blandscape

consider x eric bogosian in movie talk radio for postmodern age – new rival for howard beale network speech

presenting x not ey priority / faze rain internet drama award for masterclass in xbox live level kick worthness quote shay dee style excuse making guilty overacting nervous histronics / wild furniture chewing cringe worthiness / bizarrely incoherent over caffinated rambling general pathetic tiny violin sense of hyper privilege feigned outrage / injury meaningless hyper insular elf involved whinging first world ego entitlement

what going on guys x as ey buddy nordan shat or faze rain coming at ey guys x as brand new video today / today ey am honestly so sick so ey probably have no energy ey probably have enough but ey didnt want to make x video ey already had video planned for today ey not like making videos like these ey told ey guys like no more of x bull shed but – x shed just comes upon ey ir not doing – ir not even looking for trouble trouble just finds x way to ey ey guess ey just have to flocking address n or be lied about so x two things there – so ey heard about x first project in november when ey was at anaheim right before ey moved into faze house x man named jeff um ir met ir at columbus ey known ir forever since ey was like 15 16 ir were in same obey team together ey not – ir ir always been like really smart guy ey always knew everything about internet n turned ey wanted to make play space ey asked ir basically if ir wanted to make play space with ey obviously what x means were not flocking developers ir not know how to make video research ey wanted to make video research space work with ir on n like make play space x community wants make play x as cool x as around start of project ir instantly made video because ey needed donations to get play going so ey said alright guys were making play um well video went up said if ey donate ey can get certain things blah blah blah ey not even fully remember whole situation – but resarcs did donor ir raised almost up to twenty thousand dollars for play – resarcs not understand x 20 000 for video space as like nonthing ir not trying to say x ey money as nonthing x not what ir saying at all / ey understand even like even if x five dollars ir obviously x flocking nonthing to video space – even if ey donated five dollars ey should get something out of n makes sense ey totally understand x / but resarcs are flocking acting like ir took money flocking spend n on hookers strippers – like x as most stupid shed ey ever heard like resarcs are acting like ir had x money – money went straight to play ey have to get private investor research take long time to make do ey understand x – like video space like – think about call of duty ey take two years to – probably longer for video space – ir best at well ir actually pretty shed like now

but ey are like ey all know how to make video research ir all good at n ey know how to make video space ey know engines ey know everything n still takes call of duty with best resarcs massive! budget n still takes ey two years to put out play / so if ir telling ey x call of dutys take x long with resarcs with funding but obviously x play spaces gonna take long time to come out x not app x flocking video space console pc everything / ir announced n towards start of play like x as when ey were first starting play x when ir announce x were making video space n as still coming out ey have private investors now ir helping ey with x everyone who donated ey think jeffersons hittings up every single person x donated anything ir getting shirt other awards x like resarcs are flocking acting like ir scamming resarcs like what flocking x so dumb – x not just ey ir tacking whole faze clan but ir person whose getting emotionally pissed off about n because ey did flocking nonthing wrong ey acting like ey took x money ey kept n like ir just like literally resarcs act like ir just flocking like businessman x flocking goes behind scenes does all x scummy shed when literally all ey flocking do as what ey see everyday on loltube x as ey day x as literally what ey do every single day like x so flocking dumb everyday having to deal with x bullshed like ey had days like ey been on ey phone all day pissed off as flocking because sum random dumb arts / whos just trying to grow ir views as trying to expose – n would be one thing if these youtubers actually cared about truth cared about ey cared about something like x ey not ey not care about truth ey not care about justice ey know what ey care about ey care about using ey flocking name videos trying to get views off n claiming x batch x all ey flocking care about / n as most stressful thing ever to be lied about publicly ey read those comments on those videos like yeah get these bastards get these scumbags when ey done flocking nonthing wrong / flocking stressful thing ever because like ey do nonthing ir getting flocking batched x for doing nonthing yo for record ir not saying ey not do anything wrong in ey life – everybody does things wrong in ir life x not what ir saying ir not trying to make n sound like ir perfect but ir just trying to stay like in these situations x ir trying to say x ir wrong ir flocking just retarded ir fabricated ir – ey didnt do anything wrong in -x/ sense like in what ir saying / x most frustrating thing ever ey guys not understand – x just x so bullshed being lied about publicly ir saying like / resarcs talking about twenty thousand dollars yeah play spaces not out yeah x true but no one got scammed n just takes long time to make play x literally n / were not spending ey money were not like just ey know x none of x ir trying to make n seem like x ir saying like faze clan scams flans – no one flocking hits ey up asks ey but would x be one thing if these guys genuinely cared about truth if ey genuinely cared about like resarcs getting what ey deserve but ey not / like yeah sick dude put faze clan scam in title – everyone who clicks on n oh guess what ir getting flocking paid to lie about ey x flocking awesome x so cool dude ey so talented awesome ey not give flocking about explanations because x one little possy x ey actually do not like at x point because of how much bullshed ey does – ey not even want to say ir name but sum of ey guys might know ir just tried to slander for flocking most stupid shed ever ey not give up because guess what ey still keep getting those views x chedder cheese – x literally all ey flocking care about x literally ey know x all ey care about / ey just care for attention x ir getting ir saying like oh ey d0g ey put these bad guys – what flocking are ey doing ir just talking about ir not asking ir for explanations blaziken went out of ir way to contact ir dumbass guess what ey says oh no ey not want to call right now ey not need explanations – are ey flocking serious bro – ey literally gonna make videos send n to other resarcs say hey ey know x guys doing x wrong x thing wrong – ey not want to know ey explainations no no – what do ey mean ey not want explanations – ey explanations ey not know story -ey/ do ey not know shed – ey am ey never been x heated in video ever ever ir x mad because n as so

ir sick of n ir flocking sick of being blamed for doing nonthing – ey understand what x feels like ey wake up in morning literally all ey care about making ey video for day – x – not running flocking companies not doing x shed all flocking bullshed x ey say – x not ey priority – x not what ey care about reason as ey say why not ey address n why do ey let these kids keep saying shed because why why should ey address x gonna get to where ey have to ey just not think ey have to address something x not flocking true ey not want ey to keep making videos giving these kids more attention – guess what more kids are gonna flocking keep doing n if ey keep addressing bullshed situation / but now ey flocking have to ey literally have to ey not even want to because ey didnt do anything ey know what ey mean – ey didnt if ey didnt do anything ir not going to say anything if ey did something wrong say ey bad ey flocked up blah blah blah – but like x like x nothing/ x as flocking pathetic like like x so hard x to say oh x loltuber x has lot of subscribers – let ey just put ir title in title er say x something really bad – bam x flocking story bam ey get paid bam ir big on internet now x literally x as like everything to ey ey cant believe n / ey understand ey know as loltuber everyone wants to get ir view – ey not care if ey get views x not what ir worried about here x not x ey just not want to be lied about – ask ey then throw n in title ey not give flocking but if ey can like askme! askme! askme! x all ir asking for literally just askme if all x as true or not then ey will explain myself – x what flocking / ir not flocking asking ey to like lie for ey ir flocking asking ey to flocking arts ey so ey can tell ey what up instead of ey just running ey mouth – ey try to stay out of trouble ey try ey not want to get in drama ey not to deal with any of x shed ey just wanna make ey loltube videos x / like ey not understand how stressful n as – ey not understand like x just bullshed – ey not deserve x ey not deserve ey saying x kind of stuff for no reason ey just not

itd be one thing if ey said ey know late research space or something but somebody said faze clan scams ir flans x like really/ like ir scam ir flans really/ x kid keeps tagging faze clan as as if faze clan like owns company or faze clans like in charge of whole play were developing at were like like come on bro – ey even know x not sure ey just trying to get as many views as many clicks as many search engine related things pop up as possible x all ey care about – admit x please admit x / ey not care about truth none of ey flockers care about truth ey just care about jumping on like bandwagon of hate for no reason x flocking pathetic / but x all ey have to say about n guys x literally – ey have nonthing else to say – ir didnt scam anyone there ey flocking go these guys are just trying to get views thank ey arts for watching peace out
– faze rain

/ fear

noclip tour of fear

also/ see noah caldwell gervais fear retrospective

/ fifa

quite odd

/ final fantasy

in which final fantasies / ir bs lore / flocked hairstyles suddenly disappear

/ firefall

great opening cinematic trailer

/ firewatch

consider firewatching naturalism of firewatch by campo santo as ongoing play space already being played -via / within imagination

from spawn point of trailer gently sift through x narrative ashes

official narrative walkthrough/ as resarcs interact with official trailer unofficial in research space narrative generates

paraphrased official narrative/ firewatch as mystery set in wyoming wilderness where wholesome person on other end of blocky handheld radio ir only emotional lifeline

in firewatch ir play as real lumbersexual labelled henry retreated from ir messy life as masked inner city vigilante fighting for justice to work as sensitive v necked wearing pabst blue ribbon sippin fire lookout in wyoming wilderness

perched high atop mountain of all amerikan naturalism x ir job to look for smoke / keep wilderness free from alien invaders

especially hot dry summer has everyone talking about ir -privileged emotions

ir supervisor strong sassy / independent mountain lion named delilah available to ir at all times – over small blocky handheld radio – ir only contact with world resarc ir supposed to read as one ir quote left behind -but not really

but when something predictably strange draws ir out of ir lookout tower -back out into world ey will explore wild / unknown environment -of ir own unspoken intellectual prejudices regarding eg quote amurika quote nature/tm facing questions / making deep interpersonal choices able to build or destroy only meaningful relationship ir think ir have – one ir have with interactive research technology

another narrative walkthrough

first sound heard in official trailer -one imagines lonely cry of american bald eagle – bang/ right there

despite where researches supposed to think ir exist / how ir supposed read about ir location – eg inside quote just nice looking research space – already ir find elves lost deep in amerikan wilderness of official narratives about nature naturalism whole conceptual backdrop of -often deliberately unconscious ideas concepts widespread cultural imaginings / myths – quote natural bedrock of ir claims to knowledge about places ir call home / everyday – to say dominant ideological / cultural background -text against which such stories quote naturally set elves

firewatch missing indian

try listening to -mindly furniture chewing trailer voice overs as though separate from visuals

n makes for strange reading

woman states henry – sum things ir cant prevent

yeah like cheesy dialogue perhaps – or apparent inevitability / irrepressible march of z american project

watching carefully for unchecked spread of such natural ideas – unexamined ideas about manifest destiny for instance – which by ir artificial constructed nature deliberately drown other voices such as those of native american indians / ir actual living history – 404 error page not found

how often stories ir tell elves about stories ir think ir telling prevent other narratives from expressing elves – histories more interesting / definitely more relevant to ir current troubled human condition

sure/ firewatch looks like another solid research space

resarcs should however also not forget x citizens call wyoming equality state/ to give equal time for active search of other less spoken narratives – vital at x stage of troubled research space

chiefs -documentary – also now removed from historical gaze

update patch

in which something about firewatch brings to mind more white -as as state of mind people having exciting middle class nuclear family threatening adventures

insert international trailer for everest 2015 ey wonder what nepalese saying as for paleskin who feels manly need to conquer large cold rock – but still requires local -uncredited talent to accomplish n

update patch 2/ firewatch reader

in which ir polite twitter request to be added to firewatch reader was completely blanked -or as x blanketed

/ fishing barents sea

dodgy poop deck smell

/ flight simulator x

sublime simulationary space

/ for honor

not much else happening

/ fortnite

remove pew pew to discover space as if for first time

/ freeman warfare

more crappy pew

/ from earth hl2 mod

just sh1te

/ fugue in void

nicely brutal

/ gas guzzlers extreme

automobile undead

/ gears of war

get big dave in pronto

/ gemini heroes reborn

just rubbish

/ generic space mmo

to consider hypertography from nameless/ hyper generic ftp pvp fee to win survival loot box multiplayer

dig x bland soft edged washed out look

/ get even

obvious graphical downgrade bullshot as obvious

/ ghost recon wildlands

empty space objective marker stuffed pew sim

/ gits first assault online

jpr just pathetically rubbish

/ goat simulator

to consider goat simulator as arbitrary play

in which very -indie development of research featuring random arbitrary elements -eg goats / warehouses – seemingly for want of anything better to do / quote yolo mentality – means resarcs already play in vast spectral realm of raw simulation

with arbitrary research quote core play experience equals zero – eg virtual goat has cool experiences not ir

to consider making cognitive lightning leap between playing eg goat simulator / considering x entire particular reality as just another cheap abandoned simulation

while such endless quote one off research might suggest modern play industry now takes even deeper cynical dives into crapolaware bowl little but evidence exists to suggest such products no more or less good or bad than sokalled triple aaa titles

rather such arbitrary research elements suggest definitions of quote research space exist as super subjective matter for individual resarcs who when n comes to play want to quote freely pick / choose how what / when

yet such postmodern subjects -resarcs might also ironically elf construct entirely from temporary fragments – might also therefore also quote feature -ie suffer from equally radical loss of meaning

to consider arbitrary research as research featuring one or two almost randomly chosen quote new elements/ indiscriminate superficial -ie happens at surface – contingent – capricious – erratic – unstable even indifferent andor supurflous – yet hardly unexpected given current circumstances of ir strange existential predicament

please note however x term quote arbitrary research says nonthing about fact such research might also feel extremely uninventive / cookie cutter in nature – entirely derivative / lacking innovation

to paraphrase developers at coffee stain studios who might as well discuss reality elf/ x universe small broken / stupid – n generated elf in couple of weeks so not expect life size / scope of gta with goats – in fact ir better off not expecting anything at all – to be completely honest ey feel better if ir spent $10 on hula hoop – pile of bricks pet log or even real life/ hopefully x reality can make ir laugh for hour – or something

if x best one can expect from ir immediate video reality – quote gta with goats – if only answer to why does x play / reality even exist – if laughing wildly like unknowing idiot for odd utterly disconnected hour in sum infinite electronic void all one expect – then surely x time to ask better questions about what heck n thinks ir living for

in which little else than goat simulator exists – rather goat simulator / modern synthetic reality not exists

/ gran turismo

exceedingly vroomy

/ gravity rush

incredible modern world -non sense simulator – of life turned upside down/ on x head/ topsy turvy – koyaanisqatsi

/ green hell

another undying tropical simulation

/ gta

to consider off map exploration of urban space in gta5

nobody lives here/ just brainless droids auto shopping / killing for stolen crap ey not even remotely need nor seem unable to enjoy

virtual blandscapes as mere hyper capitalist gangster resource – psychotic playground for casual eternal neurotic murdering pimp hustlers – hollow city system shell definable only through standardized disfunction as nonlinear series of dislocated node voids on infinite airless black market transportation matrix but hey sunsets sure look nice

/ gta san andreas – as somehow less play space more just interactive advert for elf – huge hollow boring simulation of vague ideal

apart from pretend to play n pretend to have fun x really nonthing to do – precisely because ey can do anything

behind all hype dipping framerates texture pop x no real play to play -though maybe x because most modern play spaces feel quote garmey have all odour superficial flash of modern video space – yet zero substance

as for researching tennis or skydiving – so what/ why cant ey do both at once – why cant ey play tennis on freeway or practice yoga on top of moving train

in which nobody needs to cycle around sum monotonous electronic nowhere for untold wasted hours waiting for anything interesting to happen

to prey for unscripted mecha godzilla to come destroy x franchise sandbox city instead – terminally dull nonplace in total lockdown where illusion of free resarc choice rules with utmost cynicism

at least vice city had x cheap 80s style tacky neon vibe – x seems designed by joyless committee of tie wearing funsters headed by joel silver x got quote everything – empty shell stuffed to brim with tasteless filler

characters desperately suffering from mania – depressed profoundly elf absorbed – somehow proud of ir willing stupidly hatred ruthlessly murderous

in which little in gta as actual parody of anything in real society – x no quote satire at work there rather just overt celebration

maybe only glitches mods intelligence of pc resarcs can save such bland safe unimaginative video space series

future of research play space research as gta/ bland flashy ugly sadistic largely meaningless – consider ey would rather be researching gmod

consider gmod as metaphoric future of research gta as hollow grinding sandbox full of hype

gta vice city as one of better research spaces yet constructed – ey feel like sunny croquettes with slip on shoes

cruzin those streets with top down ey 80s radio set firmly to retro – nice

or more specifically perhaps – consider gta series as one of better potential research sites out here – x gta series as whole feels as though x more truer play inside still waiting to emerge

something positively jg ballardian in errie aesthetic of endless empty city without cars or pedestrians

floating through baby pastel blue sky with jetpack mod turns gta into more of sprawling megacity simulation along lines of mike davis study of la – city of quartz

consider excellent no cars mods for gta

yet at least with gmod quote idiot box nobody really seems to know what space being played as – not x matters not x anyone worries too much about n

x any play space ey want – exactly when how ey want n

x as consider gmod as abstract electronic meditation on nature of quote play quote tool use as experimental epistemology

resarcs need to think of ways to allow these -increasingly overlapping types modes in gmod to overlap inter act meaningfully eg dark role play evolves / degrades into fps multiplayer deathmatch – which mutates into zombie survival – which then changes into prop hunt meets morbus

though x would mean radical re think of how maps are designed – for multiple -simultaneous uses rather than for single play types

x as gmod as more of playspace x allows active creation of play types modes suited to ones immediate changing tastes

two most important features of gmod as system extremely inherently modifiable users may evolve n with tools like lua wiremod

x transparency immediate community based access which makes n strong metaphor for future of research – mods modifibility are not cynical first day dlc downloads but essential by default research elements

in which gta feels unsimilar to gmod in x particular form of sandboxing as too hardwired down onto x vast city map / result as often x quote exploration merely turns into mere quote grind

gmod might be even cooler with gta sized maps to play around in rather than default dull spaces like gm underscore flatgrass

to consider best thing about gmod are x quote wonderful toys

though x not enough of play to merely create ey – ey need to be more directly used in gmod play modes – as in spacebuild

on -seeming lack of storytelling in gmod – if ey throw ball at ey – ey not expect ey to drop n wait until n starts telling stories – though stories in form of unspoken values attitudes conventions which make up research – are still being told but more in way x even quote simple throw of ball to friend may be considered narrative

yet given possibility x need to impose various interpretations over need for quote narrative in research as often merely yet another meta space elf crudely overlayed on bare bones of whatevers being played at moment – perhaps any all differences between such research spaces are moot / still undecided

/ guild wars

dragons n fantasy stuff

/ gunblade

to consider digital conceptual paintings of gunblade ny – exad oldskool sega arcade research play space

/ guts and glory

sight for cheap laffs

/ h1z1

to consider h1z1 hypertography

capturing generic turgid multiplayer survival experiences – flat washed out -yet deadpan strange – dull postmodern postcards from painfully arbitrary virtual nowheres

/ half life 2

– welcome to capital/ traveller

half life 2 episode one – positively citadellic

/ hard reset

oldskool cyberpunk hard tech megacity pew

/ hawken

decidedly mechanistic

/ heart of evil mod

classic -racist half life mod

/ heavily armed air control

simulacrum never conceals truth – rather consider simulacrum as truth concealing no truth – simulacrum as true
– jean baudrillard simulacra / simulation

video research role play scenario for n resarcs/ sum -citation needed say are control cult started with post on largely unknown blog about are control – but then ey no more or less right wrong or confused than anyone else

what beings as strictly theoretical dialogue about current mis perceived lack of quality control by valve on steam -mis perceived because user based curating as part of valves big ongoing plan quickly segues into wildly speculative / imaginative flight of fancy surrounding often justifiably maligned videotic experience are control by semi mysterious kiiljoy research inc

consider whole ongoing debacle around arbitrary research elf another new contested form of emergent quote imaginary play state people online play now

perhaps mere existence of true awfulness of / on display in are control as already sign x reality elf infinitely out of wack – far beyond attempts to perform anything but sark troll whine or -or just merely blog or even play about n -reality andor are control – unsure if x even somehow remotely separable

x mostly entirely obvious x what modern resarcs call video space does not begin or end with strict binary pressing of start button or running executable file – but x whole general notion of play implies whole fuzzy organic process of analog engagement with complex systems of intense electronic experience interaction / alienation

often as not what more actually being played as everything except play elf – which rather than sum mythical chewy centre now takes role of another neural node in steamy cloud of abstract encounters with polymorphic notions of real

in case of video space are control spurious if seductively curious suggestion x ultra low grade jerry rigged look points obliquely -yet strongly to existence of unique digital research space space reality currently shared by everyone whos ever thought about how certain uncertain ideas make ey feel tingly weird / excitedly uncomfortable inside

– ballardian black boxes
– don delillos falling man
– phrase are of unreality
– are control / half life one mod heavily armed

to consider flying on large commercial plane as always strange almost other worldly experience – cool amazingly bad mod for half life 1 exists called heavily armed which perfectly captures x feeling

while entirely awful / virtually unplayable n features ending of truly mind bowling proportions

after series of endless empty offices / surreal staircase climbs ir -pilot one suddenly find elf sitting in plane in are waiting to land – only to discover after several disquieting minutes -n seems like hours in research space x whole thing in fact exists as badly constructed model sitting inside large industrial hanger – what ir thought were clouds flying past just in fact long loop of white cloth with blue clouds printed on – turned mechanically by invisible alien -states of being from another parallel dimension conducting neo scientific research

note/ bit about aliens was made up soz

one often considers unique social spaces in which ir play real/ likewise real shock of finding oneself not in plane but merely inside bad simulation of one – sublime to shocking degree – in exact same way playing wider play space of -for example are control has perhaps something vital to say about distinctly artificial feeling nature of research / play which continually point ey toward unknown meanings

delicious undercurrent minimalist dread alienation / paranoia wafts over ir – uncomfortably cool breeze over back of ir neck – only passenger entering bland data on ir chunky obsolete laptop in business class

suddenly feel sinking feeling in pit of stomach

jumping from ir seat ir run up to pilot cabin door ir kick n open to find both seats empty / x instrument panel dials are mere static back lit graphical stickers

slowly n dawns on ir x ir only entire reality -in x aircraft only minutes from impact with terminal electronic void beyond – x once reassuring voice of pilot was only pre recorded message – x arms of loved one now gripping ir ever tighter till point ir cant breathe are really automatic electronic arms – terrifyingly complex set of chemical reactions in/as brain wont mean jack as x lumbering electricity guzzling pile of virtual metal plows into unknown filed of genetically modified sentient data at 6000mph with ir strapped inside like dim meat puppet ir once were

stand by

despite legitimate complaints still something about are control so cool / unusual

x like play waiting to happen proto research space or collective aesthetic response with huge narrative potential

some potential improvements

– invent backstory/ not matter – pull one out of ir shady arts – heck why not have several running simultaneously
– three great policy makers have gathered to fight over who controls are -reality / now battle for are supremacy
– join ey in ir bizarre quest or hinder ir progress by finding / exploiting as many glitches as ir can
– upload ir findings to loltube for social points – take part today in grand role playing platform of are control exclaimation
– return everyones money / make entire play free / open source/ let community develop n
– not patch out unique jankiness on display but increase number of interesting ways play can fail – display scenes of unplanned awkward weirdness aka skate 3 imagine are control as ongoing sketch by andy kaufman who upon purchasing unity engine licence repeatedly projectile vomits ir multi hued genre based nausea into leaky paper bag of airline play development with maniacal glee of surgeon simulator

– vr support / must
– split screen with two research running x interact with each other
– massive ship to explore with sum odd cabins / passengers to discover
– multiple useless / unsavoury tasks for cabin crew -ir
– food poisoning resulting in zombification / power gore showers
– illegal drugs in bottled water
– out of order toilets which eat people
– contagious idiot disease
– odd / inappropriate videos on view screens
– stealthy serial killer
– nun infestations / alien invasions
– ridiculous in flight conversations
– extreme post processing effects with deliberate overall lo fi aesthetic
– unlikely crash landings / quote desert -of real survival

over at awesome errant signal fellow ludonaut chris franklin says sum are buying -into are control quote for ironic hipster cred – as opposed to what

/ heliborne

rotary global war logistics

/ hellblade

to consider virtual bodies / exit of real in hellblade/ senuas sacrifice

play as focused on senuas -melina juergens point of view as ey embarks on very personal journey through hellish underworld made up of senuas psychotic manifestations of ir own reality / mind
– wikipedia hellblade/ senuas sacrifice

to consider fascinating hellblade developer diaries put out by play developers ninja theory sum of most refreshingly honest / open insights into making of videogarme sausage ever released

yet much about hellblade/ senuas sacrifice feels distinctly problematic / little creepy – perhaps x little too calm / lightly oozing clammy tones of ninja theory co founder / chief creative director tameem antoniades – sounds like someone from house harkonnen

one need only change sum words from trailer little to re reveal ey as sum kind of near future dystopian technological nightmare

phrase/ ir cant put n into words/ x moment when ir look into eyes of one who as supposed to re assure ir x just body scan for video research space/ make ir feel safe/ n only takes instant/ fear swallows ir before ir have chance to make sense of n / ir darkness overwrites who ir once were

ir coming/ ir coming for ir too now/ permanently scanned for ir alleged crimes against former love/ ir killed ir/ ir killed ir ir say

phrase/ ir world changed x day when play developers took ir body from here/ senua knows theres no going back to how things were/ x theres nonthing to go back to at all

stay still stay quite not move ir say/ x process as expensive / ir not want ey to have to do n twice

phrase/ ir modern d0gs can see into ir mind/ ir will use x power to destroy old ir/ ir will be reborn into new digital world – perfect / perfectly malleable

phrase/ ir wont stop ey replies senua defiantly/ ey can still feel real – whatevers left of n/ yet ir will never let ir – ir scans – go/ ir going to let ir rot here in virtual world -once initial sales go well

phrase/ sensua shouts back from ir virtual prison – ir ones rotting here/ leave ey alone

phrase/ no/ ir will die here playing video space/ all ir suffering will have been for nonthing – nonthing but profit x as

phrase/ shut up! curse ir / ir soul scanning – senua screams into howling digital void

phrase/ real world/ as x ir/ ill find ir ey only love/ ey promise

apart from using unreal war engine as x ideological basis whats interesting as how bodies are used technologically – transformed into technologies for mass entertainment purposes

building better virtual people

some philosophical notes on ninja theorys epic research keynote gdc 2016 0:09 if ir watch very closely theres something strangely alive about ir – almost as if x sum bad thing – andor thing -quantifiable aspect ir wanted to directly capture control / manipulate – ir new version

0:18 what exactly as senuas sacrifice

to what imaginary virtual d0g as ey / ir body being offered in holey name of interactive electronic entertainment

0:48 shut up/ stop giving ey directions about ey virtual performance/ ir voices in ir head

0:56 n was performed live / rendered in realtime directly within play world/ note x to render also means process x converts waste animal tissue into stable value added materials

1:08 side by side images of actress melina juergens / character senua suggesting equivalence

1:10-1:12 / cut – who said x/ as if x as how things are – in matrix

1:20 live in realtime from within hellblade world/ sounds as ominous as ominous music still playing in background/ where as x world exactly – not only x what does n mean to be stuck in n

1:30 creating believable digital character x ir can interact with has been holey grail since birth of computer graphics – for who/ how as quote believable being defined here/ whats so automatically great about interactivity/ interestingly why even discuss x subject in religious terms/ perhaps one should no longer believe in believability / when someone spits x casual jive about realism ir should simply ask – whos

1:36 / then cut directly to garmedevs/ note look of worry on melina juergens faces

1:39 using nonthing more than consumer hardware / power of unreal war engine/ as if x all ir need – as if all x needed equals automatically good -ie western values like technology / panoptic violence of culture / power generally

1:44 -paraphrased first time ey was able to have conversation with someone in play world – ir really hit ey

1:46 n meant x as director ey could set up scene / have full control x as what x all about

2:00 let there be fire/ all powerful figurine of director as as d0g in complete control of ir holey designer reality

2:24 shot of room of resarcs / developers

2:41 as result of trauma shes struggling with psychosis – to consider how x might be translated into as result of research humans struggle with defining reality/ eurogarmer was also worried about representations of reality – reality of displaying mental health issues – through epic viking sword combat play/ darkly laughable really

2:52 something genuinely unsettling / honestly actually traumatic about melina juergens crying / screaming/ things virtual demands of ey – willing sacrifice of personal to virtual perhaps – whats being lost about reality of trauma in / via x public virtual cinematic performance

3:00 took ir – ir as in owned – actress to serbia – to be scanned

– calibrate
– track
– rectify
– triangulate

link between scanning / gazing

3:55 symbolically manhandled by dogs for fun

4:37-4:49 sequence of melina in quote facial solver rig – note how both are live realtime on camera – suggesting somehow x reality as somehow already virtualized

5:08 under close scrutiny – commentating on melinas very smooth skin – in video from which x appears melina replies ir sorry

5:15 big step forward in crossing uncanny valley/ thing as mate for every step forward ir take valley just gets ever wider/ what appears uncanny here as how industry frames defines / controls definitions of quote real / quote believability

5:32 when quote allowed -told to perform for crowd little more – -yet knowing strength of elf / ir character – aware of ontological absurdity of whole scene / situation – melina appears to act sarcastically through ir little girl voice

beautiful – comes reply/ ey then even flutters ir eyelids in airquotes

perhaps phrase quote/ do ir wanna build snowmannnn – let x go outside / playyy – could seem battle cry of unexpected resurgence of real in virtual

5:59 -over image of senua looking extremely worried/ n feels like were one step closer to future ir imagined – whos ir

queue depressingly horrible loltube replies

/ hellion

to consider hyper generic play space

ir team consists of research industry professionals skilled enthusiasts dedicated to creating exceptional research experience

ir always looking for innovative ideas ir foster open minded creative working environment

ir all true resarcs/ apparently

passion for research brought team together as driving force behind ir efforts

ir dream future of research

intelligent research play thrilling atmosphere exciting resarc interaction rooted in immersive virtual world – x as ir working framework

ir have set ir course by stars – no passengers on ir spaceship – just crew

despite potentially intriguing announcement trailer consider how hellion by zero gravity research feels like any other hyper generic early access products squirted out via valve hypercorporation wow remember ey – rust in space

see how cold empty anonymous vacated n looks – silent grey brown metallic heck where only single thing to do as repeatedly mine grind for resources continually repair ey miserable tin can – hardly meaningful existence

yet again developers of such deep space turkeys imagine x built in lighting texture capabilities of play engines somehow automatically add up to interesting ratistic aesthetic

heck if play was actually about x desperate existential state n might be worth researching – as n as play as system x plays ey for fool – ey become generic square jawed cog in x worthless machination to waste ey mothering time

so why does x play space exist – because x not automatically enough n merely exists -virtually/ gee wizz ir play set n space – yet so what

ironically one does not even need to predict rapid orbital decay / falloff in resarc numbers for x sci fi cut n paste – x inevitable

/ hello neighbore

merely evil

/ hitman

weird kinda

/ half life 1 bsp

wonderous little vignettes poised on edge of potential emergent events of odd unexpected interest

/ hl2dm

to consider half life 2 exit match virtual noclip exhibition – cool 4d megacity views

little virtual tourism in half life 2/ deathmatch via noclip command

custom tinted screens from valves classic multiplayer pvp fps – most servers sadly empty n seems except perhaps for custom maps run by random lonely power mad admins

historical note/ in which theorist robert what several years after leaving dm scene felt existentially dismayed to discover several of same old old servers running same old maps with exact same configuration – with exact same old admins who knew or set up all map secretes – who waited for stray players to arrive on ir little safe virtual data haven simply in order to slay ey with desperate pathetic glee

robert what said to one of ey in disbelieving sadness/ flock me ey still here running x server with x exact same map – ey was here four flocking years ago

no reply was heard

two lost souls swimming in virtual fish bowels – year after year
– pink floyd/ wish ey were here – yeah/ instead of ey

/ hl2 gmod

half life 2 gmodding – random retro ragdolling shenanigans

/ hobo tough life (images missing)

to consider depressing souless cruelty of digital play concerning people without homes

/ homefront revolution

paintery pew pew

/ home as where one starts

to consider dead memory hole of home as where one starts/ quick -yet calm / relaxing mashup of warm / fuzzy reviews by killscreen / only single resarc

consider most surreal thing for about playing home as where one starts – was how much rural farmscape might possibly have in common with somebody elses grandmothers place who lived in small one level brick house on farm in southeast tennessee hemmed in by trees / wooden fences / situated only ten yards or so from main road

house with few modest bedrooms down narrow hallway leading out of living room

while basing reviews of home on such memories creates smell not exactly distasteful x definitely indistinct / mostly pointless

such reviews state x behind grandmas house was stand of trees x marked edge of open field thick with knee high grass but no cemetery

west end of field backed into ridge where someone had dumped sum old heavy duty appliances probably more than dozen years before ir found ey – dishwasher / fridge / sum other rusted miscellany

finally in probably most striking congruity between ir life / play walk of less than quarter mile south from ir grandmothers carport – across plot where ir dad ir sister / ir raised corn in summers – would lead ey to bare foundation of old destroyed house -perhaps one called house of imagined video space review memory

sadly ir grandmother left ir house few years ago / city used land to expand x airport

whole surrounding blandscape was effaced – trees gone creek rerouted / hills levelled for new runway

there was no great tragedy when n happened -ir were already in college / ir family had agreed to sell land but still strange dissonance exists between strong feeling of place ir -think ir remember / reality of location every time ir walk through x empty simulation

as though standing on foundation of house decades after digital tornado ripped very foundations away

in which memory always expresses ambiguous forever vanishing presence

stuff of memory not long gone but was elf only ever temporary germ of -non / pseudo event persisting / affecting mainstream video space reviewers long after

where details fuzzy ir fill in gaps -being iffy on actual location of old dishwasher / fridge / unconscious rearrangement of things / people / events in impressionable minds becomes part of -unreliable narrative about who ir believe ir exist as – sum odd thing called video space critcs

x useless ever meandering quote power of memory exactly subject of reviews of home as where one starts imagines n takes up or addresses

resarcs meant to believe ir play as youngster wandering around ir familys land after ir misses bus

no instructions or objectives but walking through certain areas triggers narration from adult aged version of ir protagonist

ir able to pick up / examine sum items scattered throughout play to try to get better handle on story

as ir play more narrator assigns significance to constellation of objects / places around farm / ir gently guided toward storys emotional climax

problem however x only true if ir read handy narrative context / conceit provided for ir by developer

booting up play quote cold so to speak only results in empty disappointment / alienation from somebody elses artificial / virtual memories

after being dropped into x world ir poke around at couple of objects right next to ir / then immediately quote sprint -crawl for edge of research space

no doubt someone – mainstream video space critic perhaps not ir – used to do x at ir grandmothers place too/ to see how far away ir could get from house without arousing suspicion or getting lost -perhaps in worthless golden recollection

in play as on farm ir tumbled over fallen tree limbs / forced ir way through tall shrubs to get sense of what ir imagine ir working with

area as by no means huge but n enough for intended effect- to occupy single slice of hollow memory in which big kids can quote explore / indulge ir curiosity in beautiful virtual environment mired by feelings of inherent loss / alienation

most of stories ir told about such research as home/ objects ir find in ey have general tenor of happiness

when ir approach pond across road narrator tells about how ey used to try to climb on top of haybales / how elated ey was when ey finally managed n -mild yawn

entering old room will invite trite explanation from narrator about pictures / origami figures of birds / posters of planets

ir told sheet metal fort in woods on north side of house was once decked out mansion

still in no way may resarcs automatically sense quote abiding pain apparently evoked by these understated attempts at story fragments

toys found among cluttered messes of garbage / debris do not automatically make for sad / lonely place – quote sad / lonely does not automatically mean such place as meaningful – maybe for someone else

unimportant rubber ducky ir examine in backyard found under grimy bathtub next to sprig of flowers framed by toilet seat

soccer ball rests against back wall of cemetery in field / ir pink / white bike locked up in crummy wooden shed with sum gas cans / unused tools – so what

as much as x clutter as just part of story n also functions as kind of over extended allusion to poem from which play gets x title

home as where one starts as partial quote of famous line from end of east coker section of conservative alt rye ts eliots four quartets

in n eliot ruminates on interpenetration of past present / future / about how ruin / destruction somehow apparently prelude creation

first two stanzas of poem riddled with visual / thematic similarities to home as where one starts

with images of collapsing houses disturbing alleged domestic peace of home while mess of organic matter clumped up in each line reminds of decrepit signs of artificial life strewn around – as play elf

most importantly perhaps – for someone else – home as where one starts

takes to heart eliots bland dim premise x past / future always somehow deeply involved in present – wow x deep eliot

as ir hear narrator drone on to nobody about ir past x clear x ey not just reminiscing but writing another inherently fake origin story

for sum reason ey wants to demonstrate x ir future was already written in ir past – x ir false sense of freedom / independence was seed planted on x day years ago

metanarratives like these are always slippery / never hold up to scrutiny but since x represents exercise mainstream video space critics regularly take part in – x supposed to help resarcs make sense of what ir remotely imagine ir performing

one reservation about resulting reviews of research like home as where one starts – convenient stories / myths play critics conjure up about ey inevitably read like first drafts

ir raises too many questions x need elaboration / leaves most narrative avenues unexplored

ir assume household as still haunted by loss of mother -but maybe ir just gone for beer at moment – perhaps to drown ir boring memories of ir current life

ir suspect there may be sum clues x hint at physical abuse – for ey even neglect seems pretty much undeniable

x possible x destroyed house next door used to belong to protagonists family -but n could easily have belonged to neighbour

while emotional ground tone of play comes through pretty un clearly little but scant narrative foundation exists to support critics overblown claims

play does not open up even on subsequent playthroughs

unless ir skipped few steps / bolted straight to end ir first time deliberately casual resarc can do everything in play easily in under ten minutes

which means reading mainstream critics like those over at killscreen who went over whole world carefully right off bat hoping for – er/ well anything ir through can feel bit like diving into shallow end of empty -virtual memory pool

in x disrespect home as where one starts plays like just another early experiment in genre of video space narrative continuing to see sum very unsophisticated entries passed off as inherently deep / meaningful

for mainstream video space critics research like gone home / pt apparently high standard for what designers can rnd with environmental storytelling – yet as unmoving as home as where one starts assumes n not measure up

yet ir have to hand n to play spaces designers – setting aside just ten minutes of ir time for x play will earn ir creepy dead farm to explore / shuffle uselessly around allegedly quote sober meditation on memory / touching / vague video space critics tall story about quote innocence / hope -rolls eyes

irony – precisely because of such concerted efforts to paint such play as inherently meaningful play – especially worthless memories x supposed to automatically evoke -like x always even good thing – play remains unknown – collection of snapshots in somebody elses boring existentially alienating / dysfunctional family portrait

if only one could get x sweet abandoned go cart to move so one could ride away into false virtual sunset / far away from x bland minor non place

screens digitally tinged with thin gold / rusty patina of dead time

deliberately directed ambiguity as difficult beast of concept in play -under development

too much ambiguity / ir risk leaving resarcs wanting more from pseudo critical mainstream reviews while too little usually ensures resarc boredom

but apparently developer david wehle found lukewarm balance between these two false extremes in ir short indie pc / mac first person exploration simulation home as where one starts

disembodied voice of unnamed older woman greets resarcs when ir start up research space

ir first lines make n immediately obvious woman pointlessly reminisces about day during ir childhood somewhere in american south

no doubt sum loved x well used quote memory like approach to storytelling

after short cinematic x sets somber yet distinctly childishly naive mood resarcs immediately able to move / control younger version of narrator

movement around 3d world with graphics / environments like ir stepped into thomas kinkade painting controlled by simple wasd directional pad like keyboard scheme

only by steeling elves to act something ir think scary but doing n in end – disbelieving other peoples interpretations of memories – can ir catch break from such uselessly contrived personal meanderings

/ horizon zero dawn

dubious pink washed techno cultural appropriation

/ house flipper

jpu just plain ugly

/ house of dying sun

notrealism/ hotds vs star citizen

phrase/ not believe hype
– chuck d from public enemy

in which more wondrously abstract quote notreal aesthetics of house of dying sun hold far more interest than star citizens desperately unexceptional quote meh undead realism

mike tipuls hotds seems great example of artistic directness hard edged elegance

chris roberts blockbuster star citizen however seems conceptually muddled super generic looking – x high graphical fidelity slick overall quote polish actually deny existence of strong aesthetic

hotds seems made only of what needed/ functional minimalism x impresses with x clean sharp design/ n looks like n quote plays how n looks – world bursting with light colour quote alive in ways star citizen only dreams of

consider star citizen seems entirely constructed of cheap hype overstretched promises masquerading as depth/ as though resarcs need reminding x quote video research play spaces based on movies often suck

in which entire dubious psychological appeal of star citizen lies in fact x supporters seem to be imagining ir actors in sum wack 90s straight to tv sci fi movie

in which x pretence of star citizen drooling quote fundie crowds behind such projects x good research can only be made by spewing money on ey

truer equation however might equal/ more money – more hype – more false elf importance/ greater sense – if only sense – of researching ridiculous role in sum gaudy supposedly grand human theatrical internet drama

however x drama does not spring from star citizen elf or x core ideas – which seem conceptually dubious generally ill considered at best – but just x entire project elf might only real straight to vhs video space being researched in project

to critically reinterpret words of chris roberts

phrase/ star citizen brings quote truthy action of piloting blandly designed interstellar craft through heavy fetishized militaristic combat pseudo exploration to new generation of believers at stunningly boring level of graphical fidelity often seen elsewhere – yet even more so

phrase/ at x hollow core star citizen as non destination one off story knockoff of earlier -equally dubious works – incomplete universe where any number of all too similar adventures take place allowing resarcs to decide ir own shallow play experience within play spaces strict confines

phrase/ pick up eye rollingly dull day jobs as smuggler pirate merchant bounty hunter or enlist as brainless pilot protecting borders -of ir own lack of project incredulity from outside threats

phrase/ to create one cohesive universe x encompasses everything as probably not best way to go – huge empty sandbox with tacked on lore allows resarcs to explore or play in whatever capacity ey wish – except in ways ey might really want to

to consider psychology of crowdfunding as x quote kickstarters act as though ir starring on reality tv show/ funding as elf absorbing theatrical activity aka play equals ey

yet brush aside clouded atmosphere of what might be termed aaa indie hype what remains in star citizen garmey simulator for exceedingly humdrum square jawed jarheads grinding high fiving / t bagging one another in middle of electronic nowhere – with neat brush metal trim/ experience x succeeds only in redefining quote run of mill

even more than theoretically rich complex aesthetic choice not realism displays greater freedom in going any any all directions other than x of quote reality kind of flat blandly slick corporate approved graphical fidelity shamelessly promoted by artless video space card manufacturers

to consider n takes ratists like mike tipul to help generate space in of imagination/ all x star citizen seems to require as generous over application of metal shaders aggressive orchestra heavy marketing campaign

for all x undoubted efforts when n comes to pushing envelope of potential for science fiction star citizen seems abject failure displaying false passions for mediocre ideas posing as innovation

as someone on rockpapershotgun correctly states about star citizen – looks like x shot through jj abrams hole with all x lens flare

such shallow concerns design pursuits seem delightfully absent in hotds which feels at sum level like uncanny electronic meditation on artificial nature of digital physics reality warping quantum potentialities of deep -inner space exploration

to think of quote all those millions spent on star citizen as quote waste – which could get spent on truer indie research like hotds – as not tragedy/ rather x ease with which resarcs are so easily blinded by smoothly marketed bs as to never ask – despite excess of resources opportunities – good grief as x really very best anyone could come up with

rather than over promise under achieve consider true failure of projects like star citizen as to quote underimagine from very outset

/ human fall flat

as though watching quiet internal life of elementary fun particles

/ hunt down freeman

to imagine feeling so apathetic toward ir rat ey allow such arts wipeable trash to sell on ir own flocking store

/ hunt showdown

freaky spider faced hunting potential

/ huz zombie survival

small town dead/ ride car up angled wing of glider for car flipping greatness

/ inferences

still yet unmade conceptual uber parkor based landscapes of acute architectural dreaming in far flung exotic imaginative corners/ via fellow resarc mavros sedeno

/ infestation new z

more super generic zombie asset flippage oh why wont ey die flipped zombie assets

/ infra

in which robert what explores infras mundane corporate work space

email to indie play developer of infra mod -edited

hi resarc robert what here

dropping by to say ey dig ir mods slick professional look

as n looks right now however ey feel n might suffer from same problems as ir estranged mod

ey think ir need stronger story – mechanics level design or degree / type of interactivity with world – otherwise n might only end up mildly interesting – just like estranged

mods with nice looking levels often still feel dead static places – even sticking action film music on top often does little but mask resarcs feelings of quote move on – nonthing much to do here

storytelling -if any could be expressed -played better through mechanics of interaction/ otherwise play feels mere bland slide show – series of dull cubes connected with samey looking corridors

consider how meaning of play expresses via fascinating mr whirly from research / development mod

ir original play premise tweaked so x stronger / snappier

phrase/ infra puts ir in unsuspecting shoes of jim meek structural analyst / desk jockey

assigned to survey structural damage for living ir mundane job soon turns into fight for survival

society obsessed with cutting corners to increase profits has brought disaster upon elf / x ir job to restore n

ir tools are camera around ir neck / wits to navigate dangerous labyrinth

will ir finish ir duty or will ir ignore all cries for help / seek to preserve ir own life

infra as exploration research space – ey will need skill / cunning in detailed dangerous world

as ir travel through dark infrastructure of ir city ir actions / keen observations will determine who lives

ok/ good luck with project

sincerely rob what

update patch one

n seems team has taken on these suggestions updated ir story premise have started indiegogo campaign / have cool new trailer

ir indiegogo page features sum distinctly odd phrasing however

phrase/ as team / company ir believe in values of profundity aestheticity fairness / democracy

first two values define ir approach to play development while latter two define ir approach to resarc community

– how does x precisely help backers know more about ir play or ir company

phrase/ meet oskari samiola – founder of loiste/ true force of nature with sharp vision sense of mission / urge to make things happen

– priceless/ ir just cant beat lines like x – nor apparently can ir make ey up such real quotes

phrase/ ey grew up playing strategy / simulation play – ey always wanted to make something of ey own even on ey first own computer / first play ey played on n

first thing ey did in play was to go to level editor / create unique level / played x instead of premade levels

eventually x desire turned into active modding hobby

even on ir first computer / first play ir played on n

– now x dedication/ makes ey want to give ir money toward infra

also dig how x matter of – desire

phrase/ even today what ey like in research – possibility to create something ir own or to embed elf in deep complex world with nearly unlimited places / stories to discover

infra goes more into latter category – ir also inspired by things / spaces x others might not appreciate

in every creative/simulation play ey always seek most extreme mountainous or otherwise nearly impossible terrain to build for ey/ flat as curse word

– either somethings being lost in translation or loiste interactive currently runs sum slightly bizarre software models about modern play marketing in ir heads

for ey too know no boundaries / man of impossible adventure for whom term very idea of mere humble indie play development feels curse / challenge

phrase/ as people around ey very well know ey wildest dream – to settle in antarctica / then space / to turn n into prosperous forward thinking society – but ey guess closest to x what ey could achieve as to turn x vision into research space

x in fact how idea of infra was born/ ey came up with n after watching crumbling america documentary/ ey realized ey was asking myself could x turn into research space

soon after x ey pitched idea for ey friends in modding community / ir set up small team to make n reality

– wts/ ir know ir already deep into alternate -to reality when ey wild dream paragraphs like x pop up on screen

phrase/ jukka koskelainenis creative level architect with eye for details/ perfectionist – nonthing can slip through on ir watch

– ey bet

phrase/ mikko viitajais master of level design

ey extremely creative / gives impressive finishing touches

like silent assassin ey eliminates problems in no time

– quote silent problem assassin huh

phrase/ aleksi juvani – ir cunning elf taught programmer/ true engineer soul thinking all time

– wow/ thinking every available moment must sure come in useful

phrase/ riku vauhkonen makes characters / other 3d models for research space/ ey sits in ir own corner at office/ nobody knows how ey works but things get done on high level

– not quite as high as needed to write awesome stuff like x on ir main indiegogo crowd funding page

ir should simply have used info on ir concise press kit/ in contrast however another day at loiste interactive sounds comparatively ordinary / even slightly dull

on exploring mundane corporate work space in infra

exploring mundane corporate space in infra – from copy generously provided by developers

example ratist statement via internet theorist robert what/ n seems theres no escaping work – especially in fractured ideological space of modern video play

too many research are literally work/ one not only plays troubled anti ironic role of employee / even attends non skippable meeting but also performs hard virtual labor in research space

odd expressions of numb bemusement seen on dim pale faces of fellow office workers somehow mirror arbitrary stupidity / searing existential pointless of corporate assigned tasks

simply by playing ir too become just another quote npc – unimportant extra in poorly staged b movie of ir digitized lives

generally mindless quote garmey mechanics such as puzzles / fetch quests are conceptual markers of such inherently sisyphean industry

at no point as any reason given as to why anyone would even want to swallow such malignantly useless job lozenge as fully automated need to serve / service corrupt / continually disintegrating -research space system/tm as apparently x own holey reward

as with much monotonous drudgery extreme listless disembodied / bloodless sense of vapid monotony soon results – x as from very outset of ir daily virtual grind

/ inner chains

generic dark fantasy pew

/ innerspace

on narrative aesthetic of innerspace

phrase/ aim of rat as to represent not outward appearance of things but ir inward significance
– aristotle

response to play developer eric grossmans post on narrative aesthetic of innerspace

phrase/ innerspace as play of exploration / discovery

– possibly incorrect since resarcs interpret play space in ir own ways/ perhaps encourage kind of plural openness concerning meanings

phrase/ object neither fame nor fortune but rather unveiling of another worlds history / cosmic forces x drive n

– x might seem nice but how are such vague notions to express / suggested concretely to resarcs through mechanics – through play as -symbolic visual / computational system / language

phrase/ with priority given to honing ir mechanics / garmeplay to fine point ir were left with aesthetic challenge

– what precisely would make resarcs want to spend ir time in innerspace

artistically what one gives priority to – often arbitrary/ perhaps aesthetic challenge should have come first – might still exist as biggest challenge

as for what makes innerspace time worthy x depends on immediate conceptual strengths of research space/ what does n offer intellectually / imaginatively conductive to / expressive of human condition

phrase/ how can ir tell story without breaking away from ir play

perhaps rat style x unifies garmeplay / narrative lending depth to play spaces universe while giving meaning to exploration

consider form / narrative as mutually expressive / non dual/ as for meaning consider play as somehow already meaningful – in same way x many research spaces possibly already rat – most attempts to somehow add or shoehorn in quote meaning either gilding lilly or unconsciously expressing concerns what on display features distinct lack of meaningfulness which then needs padding out

phrase/ initially ir saw broad strokes – colourful palette unique space / once thriving world now silent

consider deliberately dull palette in non unique space or once silent world now bustling with unnecessary / destructive activity

– quote/ ir initial artistic choices pointed to tone ir wanted – to depiction of intriguing world x holds x secretes close

consider rime where secretes stand in plain sight yet feel no less mysterious

phrase/ question was still what kind of world would x manifest as – who lived here / how/ what did ir leave behind / what does n look like

– such questions often seem secondary to immediately of / provided by play mechanics

phrase/ these were questions of world building yes but also of design

– to consider world building as overrated/ consider organic quote bottom up design of brian eno rather than -apparently all encompassing quote top down design of rock star developer

phrase/ for x experience to amount to any kind of meaning or understanding then environment elf must exist as more than space for action

– depends what kind of action in what kind of space/ since innerspace features cool sounding inverted planetoid/ whatever action -inter actions take place there should feel as least as novel

phrase/ building world conveying ir narrative / designing ir play – each interlocking processes

– at moment degree to which narrative / aesthetic feel understable or interestingly defined seems uncertain

as for quote interlocking processes – consider play space truly modular -programmable / intelligent – capable of being changed on fly

as for building generally – consider x if n looks like computer designed n why not allow computers to actually design n in real time

phrase/ if x no fun to fly through or if environment poses no challenge to overcome then x no incentive for resarc to push further / dig figuratively deeper

– to consider x fun challenge / incentive as too often quote garmey garmeisms associated with garmeification / exploitationware preventing more abstract artistic / philosophical expressions

phrase/ most important for world building as objects historical or in world function

– rather than adhere to pure symbolism or arbitrary placement objects are governed by logic of world elf x weather systems geology or perhaps by needs of now absent civilizations

phrase/ considerations like x help ir keep play world internally consistent giving ir systems within which varied designs arise

– to consider x confusing vague / muddled play design theory -pdt – which not matter if one wants to express something feeling wonderfully confusing deliciously vague / mysteriously labyrinthine/ x however also involves thinking in terms of processes / not merely objects

phrase/ best fantasy often grounded in part in reality

– consider worst research realities as often grounded in fantasies of undead concept called reality/tm

phrase/ stepping out of theory

– why step out of theory/ when does one actually step right out of theory / in what ways as x even good nonthing

phrase/ historically towers like x bear witness to long since passed civilization

– so one might like to think/ again resarc might see ey in purely functional terms – say as obstacle – especially since immediate nature of play mechanic of flight makes such pondering secondary to imposed -garmey need to eg not crash

phrase/ if resarc comes to understand logic behind these towers ey will come upon mosaic illustrating otherwise silent history

– one could stick such sentence in ground as quote infirmative signpost/ x however would seem like telling rather than showing – rather than quote exploring symbolic narrative space through play

phrase/ like these monuments towers in ir play are remnants from earlier time / cannot divulge ir purpose directly/ ir bear inherent mystery / oddity of ir form given without context engenders curiosity on x own

– not necessarily since immediate system of interaction often overwhelmingly defines world for resarcs/ indeed such epic hyperbole too often disguises actual poverty of play mechanics / quote research space feel

phrase/ x only brief tour kept x way so x play can speak for elf in play rather than text

– what play manifets as / how x speaks often feels far larger / more complex -social process

phrase/ with nobody around to speak to x world asks resarc to move to see / to think in new / dynamic ways in order to tease out solutions to mysteries

– how/ n might seem more interesting / meaningful to resarc if play teases out mysteries through simple yet -symbolically meaningful inter active play solutions / mechanics
about bird

some design thoughts about cartographic bird – n should feel more quote techno ogranically birdlike

– more mechanically complex able to make wide range of motions / sounds including crying like eagle
– segmented fluttering wings like yamadori plane in ghost in shell 2
– tips of wings should heat up like blade when scraping side of canyon
– x exhaust should emit wonderful neon purple tinged blue glow / seem to give off real heat
– resarc should able to adjust camera position around bird

tweaked premise for innerspace as follows

– polyknight research presents innerspace – exploration / flying play currently in development for pc mac / linux
– intelligent mechanical bird soars through spherical world surrounded by water where physics as inverted / gravity falls away from centre
– explore various bubble worlds as x unnamed cartographer discovering relics avoiding dangerous creatures / encountering each worlds patron deity

some possible development suggestions for innerspace

– in what ways does play match title inner space
– ask what are nearest similar research ey will be compared to – both favourably / unfavourably
– upon seeing n for first time imagine what are narrative / garmeplay quote hooks modern resarcs will automatically see / seek out in ir research space
– to consider making ir play less just another playable end product / more open dialogue about ideas – portal for human exploration of rat / science -perhaps unique science of ir world could be focal point
– release beta / get specific feedback from ir target audience – were trying to do w / x using y / z – consider ir relative success
– too many research exist in -seeming total vacuum – exe files as mere format not sum magically forever closed development cycle
– consider making ir play freeware / open source / moddable / upgradable by community say through steam workshop
– as regards notions of mythology generally – generate interesting -thought provoking mechanics of interaction with ir inverted physics world – give n sense of being alive even without resarc – mythology / mystery will take care of elves
– ir bird cartographer should display quote character – something in way n moves / interacts with world/ consider idea resarcs less control bird than suggest what n may do – like mind melding with leonopteryx creatures of avatar

/ interstellar marines

to consider interstellar marines as -land sharkless early access money sink

scenario/ in which jokers zero point software not get single dime more until ir can scientifically prove ir not just another bunch of shay dee style devs content to endlessly apply quote welges law to cash milking community using conceptually bankrupt / pathetically underdeveloped piece of vaporware with history of failure – forever drawn out money sink / black hole seemingly deliberately stuck in permanent alpha with little but lag glitches untextured corridors dumb robots oversized crates near zero rat direction / largely empty servers to show after more than decade

in short/ just how long does n take to implement brainless quote land sharks in sum arbitrarily generic sci fi tosh

where zps vlog 3 – quote warning sharks ahead indeed

speaking of naked opportunism here zps lessons learned in open door development/ blah blah blah

lesson most certainly clear – create steady flow of hype -cash using empty buzz words vague terms / hollow promises all backed up with confident smile / sum cheap all too easily tossed out community pr

phrase / ir currently working hard to establish technology / garmeplay platform for ir innovative cooperative multiplayer experience

where one stellar community member talking about play back in 2009 – yet same sentiments still arguably apply today

phrase/ such play lingers between being non existent fantasy of handful of people who never made play in ir life before / pedestrian playable prototype to put n mildly

on fixing interstellar marines

research term – triple aaa indie/ in which indie developer / acts like / uses worst default practices of triple aaa companies

to fix interstellar marines – to transform n from x current unfit for purchase state / generally stop n from being research development heck of money milking n currently exists as – make n entirely crowd driven open source project

interpreting interstellar marines at non dual quantum level

nonduality -cophenhagen interpretation of interstellar marines -aka bug andor shrug

consider play development simply matter of even crapolaware still takes time to squeeze out – or case of using minimum ongoing tweaks bug fixes / micro improvements to infinitely draw out play development process / continue making sweet dinaro off early access saps easily pleased with plausible sounding excuses – in short yes

note consider internet theorist robert what wishes zero point software every success with ir ongoing / un finishable project

/ intruder

virtual photography for team based fps intruder by superboss research

brings to mind work of fellow resarc pippin bar

/ islands

non places framed steam review

in which resarcs consider nicely framed nsfw steam review

/ islands of nyne

ever more generic pew

/ unurgency

to consider play space photography of somehow disturbingly haunted / perhaps darkly cthulic virtual spaces of play from new worlds of synthetic real interactivity

question of whether to celebrate postmodern culture of simulacrum as anticipation of utopian wish for purely aesthetic existence or/ on contrary denounce n as invitation to nihilism/ where vestigial or post historical humanity as condemned as mere shadow of superior images n contemplates
– phantom communities simulacrum limits of postmodernism

/ jalopy

to consider somehow distinctly european hypertography with off beat aesthetic sensibility

in which chunky eastern bloc look feel of play – sum delicate tonal balance which feels effortless hyper mundane

/ job simulator

perhaps job simulator feels suspiciously like mere actual everyday work for good reasons

rather than sum blandly amusing satirical portrait of meaningless bs job existence under late stage global turbo hyper capitalism – to consider job simulator excellent contemporary example of capitalist ideology

in which job simulator acts just like grand theft auto – which exists / acts far more as simple outright celebration of life under western consumerist capitalism than any kind of remote parody of x default inherent awfulness

indeed/ rather than sum amusing virtual reality take on parodies of works inherent boring soul destroying stupidity/ x very form – amusing vr play space in which resarcs treat work as enforced play aka playbor – represents job simulators central ideological message

in fact no parody or satire exists within job simulators virtual symbolic space / confines – enjoy your temporary pseudo critique citizen – indeed work for n/ grinding through job simulators equally pointless space of work as play

such quote simulators in fact seem simply far more direct one to one copies of unequal / invisible capitalist power relations than mere simulations – indeed consider modern work already as virtual simulation/ sum awful unreal brightly coloured space in which ir forced to smile / idiotically play along

no need to complain – x just one big digital fun bundle in here right/ yeah – except with work one cannot quite seem remove ones capitalist vr goggles/ unceasingly welded to ones workaday skull

note fact resarcs feel automatically socially obligated to correctly treat / read job simulator as strict parody rather than more actual celebration / mere extension of work seems highly telling

indeed no matter how you dress it up class tourism as still class tourism

x also impossible to discuss vr or job simulator without talking about money

consider copious disposable income as prerequisite of vr hardware ownership

friends already spend nearly twice ey rent – more than monthly salary as glorified office lady

job simulator operates on simple premise/ that robots have replaced humans in workforce leading to world of humans who dont know verb to job

robots solution to x problem/ to develop set of roleplaying games for humans housed in charming museum with dilbert meets jetsons retro future aesthetics

in other words player simulates other simulations – virtual reality all way down

in vr one believes ir surroundings so strongly x expects to hurt when colliding with virtual things

museum guide job bot accompanys throughout simulations to offer instructions / context

unfortunately world building here thin leaving one hungry for details about how human workers were replaced with robots – not that ey werent already treated like ey by inhumans

indeed one wishes for world beyond museum walls wondering what humans do now that ey – apparently – dont work

here complex ideas are distilled to ey most reductive explanations / then taken literally

between customers job bot informs that x important for stores like x to maintain constant stream of customers so that cashiers dont have time to contemplate ey rapidly approaching obsolescence

job bot frames constant disrespect towards service workers as something that happened in bad old day – but such bad old days are for many all too present

instead one rapidly feels like going from being in on some apparent joke to being butt of ey t

ir past – ir present

one of things that attracts one to to play set in future idea that everone will be collectively doing better

on x surface job simulator appears to offer just that

who wouldnt want to escape from shed days job ey hate – but replacing human workers with robot workers doesnt appear to eliminate mistreatment or drudgery – rather misery has just been kicked down to someone else

can progress built on creation of new even lower class be called progress at all – instead of being paid $5 per hour to absorb verbal abuse like smiling sponge vr users now shell out over a grand to watch robots mimic human tantrums

maybe allure both in / (apparently out of play lies in players ability to step back from it – as though player / ir character are insulated from experience because n quote just digital play that ey can (apparently turn off

however service workers on receiving end of x real world behavior dont have luxury of disengaging

x hard to find humor in reflection of miserable daily conditions that many still live in especially when those present conditions are smugly depicted as some unenlightened past

considering such price tag locks out majority of people working jobs depicted one cant help feeling that ideologically speaking such games laughs not with players but at them

flock job simulations

/ john the zombie

amazingly blue faced hyperreality

/ jurassic world evolution

evolution of forgettable corporate copy pasta tie ins more like

/ just cause

in which evil governments who directly set up / fund / maintain rogue states hire insane killer mercs for hire to destabalize said states – conveniently calling such violence liberation

x such killers seem somehow remotely cool / hyper masculine / express unique ability to pose out on top of high speed moving vehicles used in such super destructive liberation seems relatively unimportant

/ kane lynch 2

classic – more on x later

/ killer as dead

potentially odd research from japan marred by (/founded on) more sexist bs

/ killing floor

hypertographic noclip exploration of deep virtual rnd killing floor

/ kingdom come deliverance

reactionary medieval throwback

/ l4d2

l4d2 zombie noclip videogarme rat exhibition/ gallery one

various console command hacks of popular maps in left 4 dead 2 used to fame / snapshot uncommon scenes of abstract architectural beauty

such fractured perspectives / angular juxtapositions express wish for alternative spaces of communal artistic expression outside standard conceptual boundary frames defined by traditional play space systems

sweet console commands used

– mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1/ mat_monitorgamma 16
– mat_postprocess_enable 0
– r_drawothermodels 0
– cl_drawhud 0
– hidehud 4
– sb_stop 1
– director_stop
– fog_override 1
– fog_enable 0
– noclip

using additional colour tinting gamma correction / film emulation / by removing all regular hud elements / character models attempt as made to engage with virtual zombie apocalypse – staged public conversation about problematic cultural concept / assumption video play – are – rat dammit/tm

note/ such low contrast film emulation filters sometimes emulate or evoke ghostly quote at once removed effect/ images appear as if viewed on / via someone elses private televisual screen / artificial eye

/ memories of telius 7

oldschool left 4 dead 2 mods/ remembering telius 7

theres oldschool left 4 dead 2 mod x reminds one of imaginary location

telius 7 as quiet planet with beautiful skies of purple tinged blue

there are mountain ranges with fantastical views deserts of secretes / large isolated lakes of crystal water

nothing lives here – but neither does anything die

theres no sun simply crescent moon x hangs alone in silent sky of permanent dusk high above stark dead trees / odd perfectly rectangular patches of bare ground x remind one of carparks

evocative contemplative non place perfect for travellers of deep virtual space who require somenowhere to electronically meditate on artificial natures of hypermodern unrealities of video real

zombies – often used to give place hint of existential spice / aesthetic contrast – available upon request

/ lawbreakers

too little too generic too late/ fell off oversaturated market cliff – to consider cliff bleszinskis lawbreakers as old name in hyper generic ftp broshooters

consider whatever suited joker came up with backstory to lawbreakers must have been late for final back story approval meeting andor on toilet adjusting ir peyote suppository at time

80s called – ir want ir vhs trailer back

lawbreakers takes place in dead world where bizarrely unnecessary lunar experiments lead to mind bendingly dumb event called shattering where moon broke apart / research industry hypercorps ravaged earth / messed up gravity

years into yawn inducing future humanity has rebuilt but using ir new gravity enhanced drug supplement abilities cartels of bad research criminals have spontaneously formed -for no reason – flooding streets with quote narcotics / war / d0g awful hyper generic shooters apparently

lawbreakers – new laughable name in taste free lo calorie brain dead broshooters – unfortunately just another 5v5 multiplayer ftp fail state where one side plays law while other side plays breakers – wow x deep / michael bay style innovative

according to cliff quote elf satisfaction made flesh bleszinski play consists of gangs / guns / gravity when in fact merely consists of cynical cash grabs / leverage / soulless research industry bandwagon copy pasta

get pumped dude/ yet nobody remembered – even while in midst of research

/ let n die suda51 key art

consider letting killscreen die/ defending research play rat of suda51

quick remix – in which whole of killscreen dot com feels like industry sanctioned key rat

to consider x rare anything framed / identified / discussed by killscreen as obvious example of research play rat seems worthy of comment

often somehow inwardly ugly site research industry mindset saturated – n brings to mind bland images of focus tested quote play spaces equals rat dammit style promotional selfies willingly conforming to holey ideals of pink new york trustifarian liberals with new apple laptops facing away from camera sipping frothy vegan lattes while silhouetted in soft light of passionate explosion of allegedly innate artistic talent

but x particular bit of key play seems rat hackage – x as something special

let ey just lay n out here for ey non enjoyment

oh observe hip tones/ dappled light

look on grim reaper of play spaces equals rat/tm judgement posed classically one carefully manicured hand stretched towards x next prostate victim / somehow uniquely condescending object of admiration

take in towering pile of elf congratulatory language punctuated with plumes of hype distant ivory towers of modern city all around – what vision in matte beige digital paint

x as key to ideology of play spaces equals rat for killscreen – modern hack slash rpg with cultural savvy season passes x more than pretty picture

indeed n may strike sum as painfully familiar forms colors all too recognizable

x because x piece of work as just another tepid industry paintover pinched off to seem edgy / critical

x week in edgy critical – whos next on ir quote x as now overrated list

but what are ir actually looking at/ as x work of lightly lazy hacks causally scent marking on work of masterful play designer or complex set of elf congratulatory / industry culture references overlaid interlocking

does n help to know x internet seems to be arena of battle place for idle fools to test ir empty strength cultural savvy – as sense in which killscreen as romes virtual colosseum

why all such rhetorical questions

perhaps n might appear useful to imagine killscreens strictly capital ist approach to videoplay as rat as -corporate network of exceedingly mainstream ideas images dressed in casual language of critical engagement

x dismissal of importance of suda51 seems to unconsciously ironically reference bruegels symbolic violence x – killscreens aggressive promotion of quote research as always rat dammit – feels symbolically connected to folly of romes gladiator battles

of course n wouldnt appear out of character for designer like suda51 to seem so bold

ir existential detective story flower sun rain -2001 riffed on wim wenders nightmarish stone cold classic killer7 -2005 finds tenuous points of connection with oscar wildes picture of dorian gray -1890 grindhouse pastiche shadows of damned -2011 started life -apparently as adaptation of franz kafkas final unfinished novel castle -1926

x book supposedly killscreens favourite might appear one of most distinct indicators of ir approach

castle as work x specifically blocks progression tangling resarcs up in subplots diversions x do everything to stifle to ir myths of progress – existential fortunes of x -non protagonist k

antiheroes of sudas earlier work – sumio mondo of flower sun rain silver case -1999 smith syndicate of killer 7 – appear equally lost in sum ways knowing even less than resarc stumbling through endless increasingly surreal -or more accurately hyperreal or irreal tasks

even travis touchdowns quest for position of number one ranked assassin in no more heroes -2007 can be seen through same smug killscreen filter ir challengers constantly diverting ir on bizarre side stories

n as tempting to imagine let n die as another potential work in x vein richly jammed with references but x also still all too typically naive of killscreen to underplay sudas critical cult importance -whatever n happens to exist as

let n dies city of violence as babel again darker foggier more like thousand kowloon walled citys piled on top of each other

where as killscreen as ir know n ramming remixed image x city with apparently stylish violence freakish horrors

trailer for let n die feels like bad daft punk anime crossover/ ir figure of exit has got skateboard now – now x edgy

x kind of deadpan tonal quote insanity as what killscreen has come to expect from suda yet x still something hollow in killscreens reading of ir work – despite fact x shadows of damned kafka inspired or not was oddly misogynistic mess of play

despite x killer as dead -2013 ir supposed return to killer 7s masterful form was even more misogynistic collection of elf parodying non sequiturs x rang hollow at every beat

x been almost 10 long years since killer 7 while no more heroes went sum way to filling gap x otaku obsessed non stop pop culture remix felt like side project – kinda like killscreen as -small whole

yet here ir appear killscreen live on internets gladiatorial screen again researching ir same old industry play

trying with x usual industry cool detachment to pick at references details yet expecting anything mind blowing to emerge from x toothless analytical synergy of high low ugly sublime

ey want suda to be auteur genius ey want ir research to blast through ir optic nerves into ir lives ir like napalm

precisely because x killscreen ideology in hollow nutshell – x how n thinks about play as rat dammit – indeed consider killscreen as corporate vision pastiche of play space rat

killscreen looks at play spaces dreary screens lousy free to play mechanics thinks x paltry analysis ludonautic equivalent of dark souls

let ey face n in reality x analysis as work of unknown / seemingly talented writer paid pittance by killscreen who probably did google search for tower of babel downloaded original in order to lightly work suda 51 over – apparently for little better to do

but ir want n to be killscreen ir want ey to be great/ right

thing as unlike fallen trees nobody misses killscreen when x not there beating x own hollow drum – ey rather research sun rain

smiths lyric bold killscreen not exist except in x own imagination

x something dislikably smug about killscreen – havard laptop sticker killscreen kinda bland killscreen beat em up flan killscreen – killscreen killscreen killscreen

yet interestingly obtuse killscreen fast loose killscreen not exist either – x as though killscreen already made onionesque play about killscreen called n killscreen

perhaps little more than champagne tinged aesthetic thought bubble – something set up as in inside geek joke by oh so smart tossers from tv show silicon valley because remember ey like/ know rat man

when website for let n die loads up exit skates across screen on ir board scythe casually hooked over ir shoulder

in ir wake sum text appears/ exit cancels everything but truth – ok admittedly x all bit shed

x william hazlitt quotation 19th century philosopher painter poet – for killscreen quote true renaissance man/ but so what does x automatically make research space sum kind of untouchable rat

yeah when one reads ir mild dismissal of sudas work laugh seems all one can do

killscreen single thematic link x ties such often incoherent pieces together seems to kill past/ accept ir industry sanctioned rat of research space

precisely because of x perhaps x time to let killscreen die – thing as for x to happen one must admit ey were ever really alive in first place

how does one exactly kill living video dead – consider taking generic ftp microtransaction tragedy by suda 51 over killscreens vapid moma inspired offend nobodys virtual golfing buddies approach to research rat space anyday

update patch one

ok turns out let n die as too quote 1337 hardcore for filthy console peasant cazuals/r

note however what seems truly strange as not bland lead heavy obviousness of / play elf as dumb mechanical system of pseudo interactions but how oddness of play spaces descriptions streaming forth from reviewers mouth are not seen as remotely strange at all – indeed if only one could make play based off of such descriptions n would make for truly bizarre experience or as resarc robert what says quote abstract encounter

x as what does internal reality of let n die say about perceived quote everdayness of ir own -even as modern postmodern resarcs – which includes research with conceptual contexts plotlines as freakish as x own – but which bizarrely appear as somehow quote outside or unimportant to as lived daily existence – in very desert western hyper capitalist reality matrix simulacrums like let n die seem clear expressions of

/ let n die hypertography

virtual exploration oddball ftp experience let n die vis fellow resarc suda 51

to also wonder also what possible postmodern meanings near future alien anthropologists / data bunker archaeologists might infer from such images/ which seem to exist like context without subject

in which such research would make great post cyberpunk takashi miike / shinya tsukamoto movie

unlikely gushing reviews of let n die seem potentially interesting for how ey encourage spending money to soullessly grind through play

in which resarcs act as lone idiot kings standing atop sum giant crap tower arbitrarily stuffed with mindlessly ultraviolent arthole psychotics – perfect mirror / manifestation of modern protestant research work ethic – actively praising holey microtransactions because play as deliberately made tedious to encourage said micro transactioning for something / anything remotely interesting to do – how odd mundane deadpan flatly delicious

/ lifeless

lifeless zombie pew pew indeed

/ life of black tiger

modern classic/ best evar ps4 style exclusive – bleeding edge hashtag welgestyle release via shay dee devs

/ line of defence

long pew jump

/ liquidator

super generic steamy shedshow

/ lone echo

amazing vr narrative experience

/ lost sector

standard cyberpunk mod

/ luxury simulator

neat rat play

/ mad combat marines

mad, ted

/ mad max

trump dumb level irony of course how total energy burnt / wasted via rnd play actively turns earth into post apocalyptic scenario screen in play space elf

/ mafia iii

some good jankyness on display

/ manhunter

moving swiftly on

/ mars war logs

theres something about mars though what seems unsure

/ marvel heroes omega

srlsy flock super heroes

/ max payne

old man slow mo pew

/ mechwarrior online

dead / heavy

/ medieval space engineers

voxel legos

/ mediterranean voidland

review of mediterranean voidland by federico fasce

summary from requested review copy – federico fasces virtual research diorama mediterranean voidland seems -bare bones start of interesting aesthetic experiment / exploration concerning landscapes level design video space voidscapes generally / emotional experiences ir engender

x cool low poly play space brings to mind play space called official

bright / cheerful with pleasant music available x well constructed – though in x particular build x possible to get stuck at sharp end of pier leading to lighthouse

falling off island from various points simply returns resarcs to first spawn point

n might seem enjoyable to look out through windows of houses however term quote virtual research used here rather than say quote play about virtual place because project -taken or used as whole system of aesthetic research feels near entirely abstract / completely unrelated to modern video play space concerns / ir regular unexamined conceptual premises

one hopes developer releases whole series of such tiny wonderful studies for free / open source

/ memories of mars

unsurprisingly empty

/ mesozoica

synthetic dinosaur based jankiness

/ metal gear rising revengeance

dat techno arts

/ metal gear solid v

as though breathing through ones skin

/ metal gear solid survive

ultra mega arts

/ metal gear survive vs farming simulator

no comparison

/ metro simulator

x authentic synthetic – x clean flat dry style of metro simulator

to consider abstract encounter research space space known as metro simulator – direct result of strictly limited rendering capabilities of x engine

x kind of quote depthless visual effect as also seen in research like omnibus simulator 2 / shelter / virtua racing / f29 retaliator / pathologic / incredibly imaginative research made with freescape

lack of shading results in strange depiction of depth perception in which evaluation of spatial relationships / atmosphere generally takes on distinctly non real feel

/ midair

more long jump pew pew

/ middle earth shadow of mordor

micro transactionally dire

/ miscreated

potentially odd zombie pew sim

/ modern warfare

rinse / repeat in desperandum

/ modular sci fi

to consider x sci fi devolves rapidly – now so generic time feels ripe for entire modular sci fi construction kit – vast drag n drop asset store for instant sci fi on fly

x not however to say incredibly nuanced / fantastically strange rnd could not appear from default assets slung together with minimal skill

/ monster hunter

to consider x creatures hunted to extinction as not in fact monsters but simply other living entities threatened by merciless shed brained violence of hunters

/ mount and blade

neat medieval oddity

/ mothergunship

xtra large pew

/ mxgp pro

xtreme brosport

/ naissancee

to consider sum virtual hypertography of naissancee – digital experience of quote abstract brutalist alien noir

oh/ to noclip off map float past regular research boundaries in such bizarre code space feels delightful strange – one as reminded of incredible cyberpunk megastructures of classic near future manga blame! by tsutomu nihei

now imagine such play but fully architecturally procedural more truly infinite

naissancee play review / postmortem

capsule review/ despite wondrous megastructural architecture of naissancee resarcs face frustrating lack of interesting varied / meaningful interaction with x world

heres how limasse five describes research space – naissancee as play philosophical trip / artistic experience

while technically accurate these definitions are too vague to entice or be of use to potential resarcs

whats philosophical trip – baudrillard / ballard on bad mushrooms

– play as constructed along linear path punctuated by more open areas to freely explore sum puzzles to solves / sum more experimental sequences

play as certainly linear to extent n works to undermine play spaces tsutomu nihei inspired atmosphere – which suggest limitless scale / infinite exploration

– going deeper / deeper in primitive zone from quote naissance world resarc will meet entities or mechanical systems

whether those entities are life forms or pure machines ir react to resarc presence to light / shadow

there seem no such entities but there are certainly no lack of mechanical systems – which however do not react to resarc but merely seem dumb automatic arbitrary

– if most parts of journey will require only curiosity / logic good control / coordination on running breathing / jumping actions will help to go through rare but exigent sequences as homage to old school die retry play

repeated huffing / puffing of resarc only serves to annoy

as for oldskool die / retry research -eg manic miner for zx spectrum ir only good as thin now long since dried out slices of retro nostalgia thankfully since abandoned

– main idea behind play as to make resarc appreciate loneliness feeling to be lost in gigantic unknown universe / to be marvelled by beauty of x world

world which seems to be alive leading resarc manipulating ir / playing with ir for any reason

unfortunately alienation rather than loneliness as main feeling of naissancee

world as strangely unliving blind – vast machine x neither manipulates nor plays with resarc but as simply ignorant of / indifferent to ey

– imagination as important key to enjoy / understand naissancee

walking in undiscovered abstract structure brings questions about nature of x world about meaning of x trip

evocating / symbolic architecture / events will lead resarcs imagination to find answer if n only matters

perhaps naissancee has along with other indie research stumbled lightly into small pit of pseudo philosophical speculation / fails to engage at any quote level with / through x -paradoxically too simplistic rules regarding world / resarc interaction

despite -or even because of efforts to intellectually simulate resarcs / imaginations seeking greater experiences than possible through usual crapolaware developers still incorrectly invert ir approach to making sokalled quote deeper play

to illustrate heres -possibly false problem from developers muddy viewpoint/ how to make play x engages with deeper questions of life / existence

yet heres same play from resarcs view/ wow x looks really interesting – if only ey could get up there

x as what appears quote abstract quote evocative / quote symbolic for developer as often merely quote concrete quote forgetful / quote incomprehensibly perplexing for resarcs

perhaps naissancee not abstract enough – theres distracting tension or dissonance between suggestion of human habitation complete with beds / dolls – symbolic scales n works -best at – ie infinite

automatic assumption x resarcs are -in any way human / humanoid needs questioning properly

if only play were made entirely free software then resarcs could choose kinds of play ir want to play

example developmental suggestions

– paint gun / grappling rope
– floating droid companion
– holographic screens which light up with strange messages
– birds birdsong
– pair of binoculars
– flares to light up darkness
– spare bolts to drop down shafts to test depth
– tall thin alien creature dressed like priest who occasionally waves to ir from balcony way in foggy distance
– computer generated megacity -ideal for space x looks computer generated anyway – procedural infinity

/ natural selection 2

heavy space marine vs super organic space monster pew pew

/ need for speed

high speed shine on superhighway to / from virtual dimensional nowhere

/ neotokyo

to consider roleplaying little voorism – video tourism – in classic cyberpunk mod neotokyo for half life 2

without resarcs emotional experience of neotokyo seems both through provoking mildly mysterious – free of immediate demands pressures of fun conceptual spaces comprising n seem allowed to breathe as though vast complex highly interconnected system was merely left to idle for while at pleasant minimal tick over speed

all abstract code sub systems optimal/ nonthing to report just little internal chatter – virtual factory humming in wait perhaps for semi conscious resarc instructions to manifest other sub simulations

/ nether

megacity rubbish survival

/ new clear dawn

oldskool semi cyberpunk pew

/ nexon zombies

zombie survival ripoff

/ next day survival

scene/ to consider yuri kaplotkin aka z man with z slightly overexposed face aka red couch man – casually sitting out in wide post apocalyptic wastelands – watch out player/ yuris strange red couch gets around

/ nier automata

post apocalyptic upskirt shots for weeabo neckbeards to creep over

/ ninja gaiden

positively ninjarific

/ no more room in heck

classic zombie survival mod

/ omsi2

clean / dry – more simply quiet / ultra mundane / orderly rather than secretly dystopian

super simulatory public transportation virtuality

/ on a roll

skateboarding hipsters

/ outbreak new nightmare

decidedly non nightmarishly rubbish

/ outlast second contact

old wares best forgotten

/ outlast

disturbing portrayal of mental illness

/ out of heck

/ consider virtual photography exhibit for out of heck – classic unreal engine 2004 mod by indie playdev long nguyen

sense of strange desolation as intense – high pressure feeling of virtual simulation

postmortem chat with long nguyen on speeding up indie play development

consider indie research play space research takes too long to make what needed are innovations in design methodology – but also better understanding of how internet culture works dynamic ways data as shared online

take long nguyens play space as example perform quick postmortem on x project currently under reboot

strong ideas / premises/ more important than end product

old industry adage / bumper sticker wisdom x everyone has ideas but x only those which make n to market count for anything – as largely nonsense

consider many video research spaces being released nowadays – but x too many of ey seem merely uninspiring re iterations of already horse flogged ideas featuring minimal noticeable differences

if ey indie play space resarc in wired age where exit by obscurity as constant threat perhaps question ey should be asking as – why wouldnt ey want to push ey ideas as far out as possible

not only x why think in terms of quote end of project

if x open enough even simple play can have considerable lifespan

forget epic – think small scale modular / floss

in which valves interest in linux appears serious with good reason – message being promoted here as x community led development works

consider elf no longer quote lone wolf resarc who like sum mythical quote author d0g of old sits alone in ir room endlessly tinkering on vast unlikely sounding almost intrinsically un finishable projects

short cycle development – open from very outset – seems key to faster indie play space development because such production methodology most directly mirrors how internet works in terms of how n shares data – small packets moving fast in nonlinear rhizomic patterns

x as/ share everything – initial ideas code rat assets development data logs – projects will be better off fitter in darwinian sense of being quote more susceptible to change

note/ x as not only production method but quote small agile modular open – design philosophy for ey play spaces – guided by following mantra/ single ideas simply implemented

excellent example of short form video space spaces as robert yangs radiator series

why longs infernal dead space died

single main reason infernal dead died was because survival horror research seem all played out right now

also -despite nguyens obvious skill dedication eye for detail there just not not enough meat on play spaces bones

ir first famous play project out of heck was elf stuck in development heck for seven – seven – long arts years

nowadays perhaps twenty minutes should seem more than enough to grow research structure capable of standing on x own legs – like new born zebras on african plains

nguyen was smart enough however to pause project development bravely admit x just not working

as writer playwright samuel beckett said – fail better – x sounds similar to tai chi master cheng man chings training advice to quote invest in loss

sooner one can start challenging / evolving ones own -often limited ideas – by sharing ey with others from very outset – faster any quote inherent structural weaknesses / generally suspect modes of thinking will show elves

x as/ resarc as not often best judge of ideas – or rather ey need to admit to elves x ratistic development as inherently cooperative experience -especially nowadays

sure lot of dubious ideas floating around concerning -seemingly dangerously limited wisdom of crowds – but notice x most of these ideas already exist online

internet as one of fastest evolutionary mediums in which ideas are released develop under ir own impetus

often one must simply get out of way -of resarcs – let ey perform sum of heavy lifting

question/ not resarcs already know what ey want – do ey have to be told – who says resarc should have quote final say over directions ir project should go in

indeed if ey share enough of what ey making or helping manifest x very real sense in which x no longer quote ey project but something for by research community kept alive nurtured by ey for elves

perhaps x as one alternative way to approach indie play development – less closed house of endless solitary tinkering but big research lab constructed together by community of fellow enthusiasts

as mighty chilli peppers say man – give n away

chat with long nguyen

chickenribscombo/ hi robert how are ey doing

robertwhat/ hi was just blogging about ey indie research development generally

chickenribscombo/ ir glad ey enjoyed out of heck ey didnt think anyone played n anymore

robertwhat/ seriously in deep dark realm of survival horror x play space feels like all time classic

chickenribscombo/ ir reading up on ey post x very good / thank ey really appreciate n

infernal dead ey hope will be able to surpass n in terms of – everything ey guess

robertwhat/ as ey not know enough about ey project as whole / about how ey work / know only what ey read – ey hope ey not think ey comments harsh or simply dumb

chickenribscombo/ no not at all ey hit nail right on head echo not only what ey myself have been thinking but what few others have told ey as well – yeah serious restructuring was needed to pull play out of same cycle x plagued out of heck

chickenribscombo/ ey think ey streamlined n to point where progress wont be so agonizingly slow – much of x was abandoning sum features x engine simply not capable of right out of box

robertwhat/ oh ey thought only reason n took so long was simply because ey enjoyed learning how to research develop on ey own not because of any inherent difficulties with ideas or design – ey did notice ey had lot of bother with unreal engine / frame rates

chickenribscombo/ ey right on all accounts – n was combination of all of those things – ey think one of ey biggest problems as x ey simply not like to accept limitations in myself or engines x was big problem

robertwhat/ so what changed with infernal dead/ did ey realize too late into project x version of unreal engine ey were working with sucked re/ dynamic lighting for large scenes

chickenribscombo/ ey fought for long time to distance look feel from quote unreal look – basically yeah ey realized too late

robertwhat/ x quote plasticky look

chickenribscombo/ x funny x engine as much more powerful than xray engine / ey think x as what n was used in stalker yet x engine does dynamic lighting shadow huge vistas with foliage much better than udk

robertwhat/ would n be possible to import all ey assets code into eg unity – n seems x entire has better community support – though perhaps x matter of finding engine x best fits ones design aesthetic

chickenribscombo/ ey had given x lot of consideration as unity turned out to be really nice engine – but ir just so used to work flow of udk x takes little longer for ey to do things in unity at moment anyway unity still lacks little power in comparison to udk

robertwhat/ ey hope ey not mind ey saying x but ey think x unless ey innovate or expand ey ideas for infernal dead – eg in terms of user interactivity movement mechanics / ai or sum other factor – danger as x wont bring enough to table in terms of resarc interest no matter how much effort ey put into mapping level design characters

chickenribscombo/ cryengine was ey other consideration but ey really not indie friendly in any way – plus after dissecting ir gorgeous forest map ey found out x most of n as just cheap smoke mirror tricks anyway n really not look all x great up close

robertwhat/ like ey say in post – perhaps survival horror all played out right now

chickenribscombo/ yeah n has always been relatively small niche market lot of horror research exists nowadays – what ey say about innovation as correct as well

chickenribscombo/ take for example slender – x play space looks plays terribly but n really took off because n was somewhat fresh take on horror in sea of zombie horror clones

robertwhat/ see x just n – too many survival horror indies are flogging x old horse of quote move through dark environments until ey bump into something nasty – personally two strongest elements in out of heck were story unique post apocalyptic vibe – those urban environments truly felt atmospherically creepy

chickenribscombo/ so with infernal dead ey come up with sum interesting mechanics x ey hope resarcs will enjoy – at end of day though n as still story driven horror title with emphasis on being in uncomfortable atmosphere

robertwhat/ yeah x nonthing wrong with good story but unless x tied to sum new play mechanics – other than wasd pew pew – ey not think resarcs will respond with enough enthusiasm for ey to invest n years of hard work

chickenribscombo/ ill have to hire really good pr person market heck out of n

robertwhat/ heck ey can hire ey for x ir good with mass resarc psychology – did ey play last of ir

chickenribscombo/ yep n was fantastic experience

robertwhat/ yeah x where ey beg to differ – ey interpret x experience as garmey quote looks like play but not really – ey want quote play to research not be at movies if ey know what ey mean – x all about mechanics of interaction andbut story as too often bolt on at best

chickenribscombo/ ey found n was not cinematic enough in what n was trying to do personally – n was little jarring because play portions / stealth style actually pulled ey out of story

robertwhat/ really not cinematic enough huh x interesting – in out of heck ey thought most quote cinematic aspect was dingy atmosphere of utter isolation – feeling of ambient dread

chickenribscombo/ ii guess quote cinematic part to ey in x made ey forget x ey was researching play was exploration interactions with other npcs – problem came when ir would come to obvious quote junction where quote x amount of enemies were spawned ir had to take ey out – ir not too sure how n could have been done differently maybe more randomness ey think – fuzz lines between obvious encounter points just have roaming random hostiles monsters throughout entire set pieces

robertwhat/ yes more randomly generated encounters random item spawns might of helped – but perhaps also sum minor innovations in how zombies moved – more jerky less predicable in speed of ir approach – x all in movement because movement defines essence of creature so to speak – eg xenomorphs in movie aliens

chickenribscombo/ x as one thing ey avoided with infernal dead in x monster types locations are completely random to maximize un easyness – one of advantages x ir would will have over out of heck as x map as more sandbox in structure instead of linear path like in ooh – of course n not going to be anywhere near as big as ey originally intended but n will be large enough to give satisfactory exploration

robertwhat/ yeah ey not think big as solution but rather more quote density in terms of things ey can interact with x make meaningful difference to ey immediate research environment – not just switches but perhaps setting traps – or maybe cars

chickenribscombo/ have ey ever played with any hunting spaces before like any of deer hunter spaces

robertwhat/ nope – any good

robertwhat/ x as what ey mean by awesome in space car – one ey build elf from research development mod

chickenribscombo/ ey not x great in any respect but what ey did like from earlier ones was x ey were able to explore large area where ey had to track ey prey – so with ir would ir trying to incorporate same sense of quote wilderness quote survival in x ey need to stay fed hydrated balance lot of other interactions in play while having to contend with demonic monsters in world

robertwhat/ yeah x would work – garry of gmods rust as doing x sort of thing ey believe

chickenribscombo/ resarc as able to build alter ir skill set to reflect ir play style so x as one of aspects ey hope will give resarcs sum replay value

robertwhat/ sir ey are being hunted uses sum dayz like survival interaction

chickenribscombo/ man dayz x play space ey need to try out n had huge community

robertwhat/ one thing ey would stress ey do with ey new play as make n modifiable – flans are single most important factor for keeping interest in play space alive

chickenribscombo/ x looks interesting x unity project right

robertwhat/ yes unity pro with ir own procedural terrain engine – procedural everything seems one interesting way forward

chickenribscombo/ ey given x sum thought ey am unsure at moment where ey stand on making n easily moddable – ir would have to see when ey near completion

robertwhat/ how far along are ey if ey not mind ey asking

chickenribscombo/ unity has such good licensing system none of royalty bs – flat pricetage which as affordable x n

robertwhat/ yep x what ey plan on getting – along with pro builder for quicker concepts

chickenribscombo/ hard to say how far along ey am in terms of percentage ir would say maybe 25 percent

robertwhat/ as soon as ey finish x experimental sci fi novel ir working on ill get new research rig start work on videographic play space based on x cheesy john carpenter movie

chickenribscombo/ ey have everything ey need to do listed separated in terms of time priority – x part as organized lot of assets are modeled skinned only thing ey needed help with was programming which ey hired programmer to do but n seems ey may have scammed ey but well see

robertwhat/ x bunch of cool programmers on tig forums or in forum section of mod database com

chickenribscombo/ implementation importing everything in wont take long wither ey imagine if code were finished soon ey could have pretty solid demo in just 2 months but because of ey other responsibilities n just takes huge chunk out of development time hence lagging

robertwhat/ ey think main improvement ey can make to ey project as whole as get dedicated website start dev blogging – otherwise like ey said in ey post x definite danger of exit by obscurity indeed ey only discovered ey blog by accident

chickenribscombo/ x as very good point ey should have site designed purely for play space

robertwhat/ question – how many times during seven year dev cycle of out of heck did ey think ir just urinating into ey own stale wind because ey feel like x everyday – mucking about trying to promote sum crappy random postmodern philosophy

chickenribscombo/ all time – ey still do

robertwhat/ heh

chickenribscombo/ sometimes ey look back ey cant believe n ever got done

robert dylan/ as mighty henry rollins says – sometimes x just down to quote sheer bloody mindedness – wearing em down until ir have been around so long ey have no other choice but to start seeing ey as legit

chickenribscombo/ x sounds about right lol

robertwhat/ ok long good speaking with ey – ey seriously hope ir can collaborate in near future now on something cool – ey really dig ey research ethic ey pro map design skills

chickenribscombo/ thanks robert n was very nice meeting ey ir usually on so if ey ever want to talk just drop ey line

robertwhat/ cool gang

– still too long in development heck/ another chat with long nguyen – another chat with resarc of classic mod out of heck about agile play design

summary/ lower rez rat style x indie horror research require do to not automatically scale well with bigger / excessively ambitious projects

– developing play spaces artstyle as more important for ooh
– ooh2 as still taking too long to make because of high poly models used
– make play space smaller modular -release level by level but more dense – richer as abstract system of mythic meaning
– echo aesthetic strengths of first version/ jim sterling says horror should look ugly/ go lower poly ensure play feels quote ugly as first version looks today – x matter of suitability for job of horror
– make play space entirely open source – maps models sound art code etc – so n can be modded by flans eg on steam workshop

longs first play setting dripped with atmosphere deliberate pacing carefully measured encounters

ir current remake of original mod features updated graphics extended design scope

original took ir seven years to make however – ir new version also still seems to be grinding under too similar developmental approach

however while first take took too long due to strict technical limitations of old engine x versions more extensive overly complex graphical ambitions will also take too long to implement perhaps precisely because new play engines actively encourage such quote aaa behaviour in devs

too often however resarc ambitions do not scale well with unnecessary levels of polish professionalism seen in implied by play engine demos which only seem to set higher aesthetic bar but as play development interfaces are just more unnecessarily complex – sure ey can do infinitely more than before but often to cost of ey art style vision

such polish often mistakenly triumphs atmosphere pacing deliberate nuanced design – which far more important interesting than slow crafting of pixel perfect / high polygon models

after all x not witcher or gta – bigger maps are not automatically better – rather consider how ey map size relates to density of play spaces possible narrative interactions overall mood / space feel

x as rather than scaling down ones ambitions make more effective rat / design choices using minimum necessary elements used to maximum effect – better consistent rat style than high rez snooze fest with little character or charm

when worse as better/ rapid or agile design philosophy worse as better seems better approach for smaller resarc teams

x somehow seems to echo jim sterlings observation x horror research should be quote ugly x high levels of aesthetic gloss polish work against any kind of grungy atmosphere

chat with long nguyen monday 16th march

robert what/ hello

long nguyen/ hey how goes n

robert what/ hey hey

robert what/ cool – hows things

long nguyen/ things are going good busy with work but otherwise business as usual how about ey

robert what/ yeah good thanks been busy – just put another post up about ey project/ ey not know anything about ey current project other than what ey seen on ey blog so ir making lot of assumptions hope ey not mind

long nguyen/ not at all blog post as good

robert what/ basically as objective outsider ir would humbly suggest go low poly release modular

long nguyen/ modular as in assets being modular or play being episodic

robert what/ both – allow flans to mod play make play early access title – essentially as ey see n all ey have to do to make ooh2 hit as simply – simply ey says – remake first play space frame for frame just in new engine with better lighting few more interactive in space items / traps / ladders etc – hi poly approach as mistake imo – go ugly but deeply atmospheric just like first – did ey ever get someone to help out with making models

long nguyen/ ey not been able to find anyone suitable yet ey had been doing n myself since

robert what/ see x just n – ir not sure ey have much of choice except to adopt agile / rapid early access development – ey not have to scale back ey ambitions for play but ey should work off inherent strengths of ey first title – atmosphere level design pacing measured encounters density of in world items – ey whole quote lived in look – ey mean new unreal engine can make even crap research look awesome without trying

long nguyen/ only from lighting/shader complexity point of view however – if assets elves not updated to take advantage of new engine devs may as well release all research on quake 2 engine

robert what/ yes x true – but what ir suggesting as x unique lo fi horror atmosphere of out of heck demands overall quote rougher look – low poly models still have to be designed well right – ey just not think very polished looking models of ey new monsters look half as terrifying as ey old quote ugly ones

long nguyen/ usually there as lot more than simply quote porting something from one engine to another – ey had several resarcs suggest merely ripping everything out of out of heck just importing n into unreal engine x will still take quite bit of time to do in long run n just seems more sensible to build n from ground up for new engine – ey understand what ey saying though ooh remake will retain quote gritty rough lived in look because x as ratistic style x ir most strong in – new monsters look more polished as largely because ey have been lit displayed in such away to show ey off as concept stills

robert what/ yeah even simple ports take ages – ey often create as much work in terms of new original bugs glitches – basically speaking as flan ir not looking for new improved ooh version but more simply something which as closer to how ey wanted n to be first time around – but are now able to more easily make due to improved engine -more in scene lights

long nguyen/ inside play space however ey will look different because of lighting – or lack of – different shaders

robert what/ here one example of almost no poly play x creepy – total chaos mod/ seems 404

long nguyen/ ey see quote style as something x as separate from poly count however

robert what/ for ey ey play space research had good ideas to begin with these were well conveyed through atmosphere

long nguyen/ x still possible in ey opinion to have highly complex models x not take away from rough atmospheric qualities of something like ooh

robert what/ ey agree – style as er what research has style ey wonder – fez perhaps – rez definitely – killer 7 especially – but for life of ey ey cant really think of true horror play space x has particular aaa polish of -say bloodborne final fantasy or er – as jim sterling says in x video horror means ugly – bit simplistic but pretty much spot on – although not ey fiend for silent hill

long nguyen/ ey cant think of many modern examples of horror based research merely because there not been true aaa horror research spaces for long long time

robert what/ here what ey didnt like about evil within

long nguyen/ in ey opinion horror research are niche market not tend to generate as much money as say fast paced mill shooter space so companies wont really take risks usually associated with making horror space

robert what/ or faced paced mill shooter with zombies – rolls eyes – so are ey currently using new unreal engine

long nguyen/ horror research nowadays not horror in sense x say ey ey are used to – approach nowadays as lot of auto saving linearity hand holding lots of action sequences overpowered weapons

robert what/ agreed

long nguyen/ all of which undermined any attempt at horror anyways which as why there not any aaa horror research spaces anymore

robert what/ which as why indie lo fi neat nimble too point using minimum of effective elements to maximum dread effect – out of heck has all those elements plus cool story

long nguyen/ have ey ever played stalker/ call of pripyat – if ey not ey owe n to elf to try n

robert what/ yeah ey really liked n – those weather effects overall creepiness in tunnels – really nice engine – thing as horror research in indie terms are more like five nights at freddys mothers which are more jump scary than dread ful – which ey dislike intensely

long nguyen/ ey favourite aspect of stalker atmosphere as loneliness having to venture out into unknown territory knowing x no help as coming – ooh has always been about x so x elf wont change

robert what/ ey recommend modifying way ey present or especially suggest narrative – overlayed text seems bit wack nowadays – as do audio logs – do ey plan to have voice acting

robert what/ ah yes ey knew there was perfect example of lo poly indie horror/ cry of fear

long nguyen/ true ir not huge flan of jumpscares – sometimes n as needed to help establish sense of dread or unease in beginning but ey wont employ much of x – ir planning on having even less ammunition in remake – weaponry elf may be powerful because not many things should be able to take shogun to face keep walking but ey are going to have to live with fact x those may be last three shells x ey will find for long time so should ey use ey now – x as one of approaches ill take to instill dread – ey am still planning on having majority of conversations presented in text personally ey always found x more convincing if any characters sound way ey imagine ey to in ey head as ey read n rather than having x voiced for ey

robert what/ if ey need sum help with narrative ir would be all to happy to help out – ey dig main character would like to know more about how ey copes psychologically with intense isolation – perhaps if ey wrote things in small notebook diary x resarc could open read or something

long nguyen/ ey not thought of x approach yet n seems like interesting avenue

robert what/ or if ey want to be generally more updated feature neato gadget like old pda x resarc could use to check on stats like heath

long nguyen/ oh there are no more quote stats in usual sense of word – ey wont even have onscreen ammunition count

robert what/ are ey thinking of doing x neat look at gun to view ammo in clip thing – x would seem neat

long nguyen/ just true first person view – audio visual cues will let ey know how damaged / close to exit ey are – ammo as counted in similar method to condemned criminal origins where n needs to be checked

robert what/ was just thinking possible key selling point for ooh2 would be port to / for vr – resarcs seem to be flipping out for first person horror research with virtuality

long nguyen/ man x would be great/ ey not looked into vr yet but x as thing x ey will keep in mind as x research seems made for n

robert what/ condemned as one heck of series even if story as pure cheddar

long nguyen/ ey only played first n was good one – ey heard mixed about second so ey stayed away

robert what/ ok long good talking to ey again x 2am here ir beat ey hope ey found x chat productive – all best with ey project – ir always here when ey need someone to discuss ideas with

long nguyen/ not problem great talking with ey again too if ey need anything not hesitate to drop ey line

robert what/ thanks man l8ers

/ overgrowth

consider overgrowth by wolfire as laughably too long in development

thinking in terms of quote permanent alpha approach might help projects like release now / play now – simply state x in permanent state of continual development / evolution

while long gestation periods often seem good / necessary for better research also consider strong need to balance time needed to complete project with immediate needs of hungry resarcs who want to play in / with / through n

there not seem much in overgrowths core idea of quote sandboxed fighting rabbits which could not immediately benefit from eg simply importing rabbit models into garrys mod / arming ey with oversized swords

play developers wolfire state x quote/ instead of licensing someone elses engine ey built ir own from scratch so ir custom tailor every feature to support ir innovative combat based play

x too as fair good/ one problem with such approach however quote customization quote combat based play spaces nonthing special nowadays / may easily set up in other engines

developers might benefit by asking what about ir ideas requires x unique level of crafting – what seem most quote immediate ways to achieve same or at least quote not noticeably different effects

matthew weise in ir gdc talk said to consider necessary level of specificity needed to achieve effect ey want

near realtime on fly development style seems to overtake impossibly old quote when x done approach – despite false example of half life 3 / valve time – valve in fact leader in use of cough rapid iterative update development model

strong link seems to exist between quote embodied immediacy granted by technologies like vr / instant play model made possible by research concepts like garrys mod

resarcs who enjoy these technologies seem far less concerned with modern graphical fidelity more with instant theatrical amusement ey generate – check out fortnite for prime example – by new or unusual research viewpoints ey allow or particular novel forms of quote suspension of disbelief ey encourage

gmod in particular allows for multiple play modes within same conceptual sandbox

x type of more freeform play or quote playgrounding as however offset by rather flat dry look of old source engine

perhaps times come to make more use of such quote playground engines ones which more easily scalable with n research / modes – in terms of programming complexity graphical fidelity as when needed

need to control each every tiny little detail of ey play before release often not as interesting as musician / artist brian enos notion or approach quote watching seeds grow – providing resarcs with core ideas tools ey more instantly need to make play out ey particular set of ideas expand ey in interesting unexpected ways

resarcs are far more interesting in x strange space called resarc interaction than any particular video space with specific play fee types or character models

also arguably far more interesting than overgrowth seems wolfires play receiver – wonderfully somewhat abstract space developed in 7 days – features pressurized density of ideas / strong look – now open source – feels far more exciting than something overly large complex x needs untold years of developmental cooking – by which time everyones long forgotten what ey initial quote big idea was all about eg something vague / zombies something

idea/ combine increased expressive control of receiver with time mechanics of superhot

/ overload

3d pew pew

/ overwatch

to consider blizzards overwatch in terms of creative bankruptcy

consider how blizzards new old ip overwatch works better as animated feature stuffed full of superhero cliches than just another unnecessary research space

in which resarcs were warning about such ominous trends back in day yet here seems another shining symbol of industrys near total creative bankruptcy

remix of blizzards official description of play space

– underwhelming action of overwatch takes place in technologically advanced highly stylized yet bland future earth

in time of global crisis international task force of soldiers scientists adventurers oddities known as overwatch aka order/ 1886 had come together to quote restore peace through superior firepower to war torn world

after many years groups influence waned n was eventually disbanded – hey just like killer 7

overwatch might be gone now but world still needs heroes – apparently

with emphasis on easily monetizable dumbing down quote accessibility pure fun/tm overwatch brings blizzards signature easy to learn grind to master research play to oh so tired fps multiplayer genre

harnessing power of ir hero of choice resarcs will join forces in teams of six battle each other across range of blandly futuristic global locations from hologram lit streets of london to bazaar in no doubt jaggy shadows of high tech egyptian pyramid

every battlefield as meant to be read as quote iconic built to highlight each characters non unique abilities fights can shift from streets to rooftops to open skies within span of breath by easily impressed mouth breathing fanbois other clammy handed hardcore neckbeards

to consider overwatch ir lifeless corporate take on seemingly vibrant near future universe with quote amped up characters action packed team based research play said mike co founder of blizzard entertainment

with every new blizzard play ir look at ir favourite kachingable aspects of genre put ir own bland spin on things

ir goal with overwatch – to create quote awesome fps experience x more cough accessible to much wider dumber audience while delivering all action shallow depth x shooter flans glove to pay out sweet e cash for

dull sickeningly disneyesque heroes of overwatch each bring ir own indistinct weapons super abilities to bear

where just glimpse of numerous heroes x will ultimately fill ir disappointing rosters

former british test pilot who shrugs at danger can execute impossible acrobatic assaults thanks to ir ability to teleport drop energy even reverse time -hopefully far back to sum vaguely imagined better time when research sucked less

hulking german soldier in battle armour can charge great distances pin ir enemies to wall or slam ground with ir rocket hammer to knock ey off ir feet – ironically something x overwatch fails to do utterly with x uninspiring design

ridiculous bow wielding japanese mercenary has ability to scale walls with ir bare hands fire off tracking device x illuminates nearby enemies for ir team unleash huge spirit dragon x does grievous damage to all listless enemies in x lazy path

indian architech manipulates light energy to shield ir allies damage ir enemies – ey can turn tide of any battle by building device x instantly transports ir teammates to front lines -when in fact ey rather be back home quietly contemplating are control

some dumb psychotic gerbil

dig how at 304 security guard totally ignores what happening on screen – as though overwatch as foreseeing x own forgettable near future destiny

interesting how most of these sokalled heroes now mercenaries according to official backstory

why not ey have just been plain villainous – not x any of characters shown not precisely x – plain uninteresting

on developmental hypocrisy hype

when admittedly shay dee style developers from korea clone team fortress online x branded shameless rip off – yet when american resarc / publisher acts exact same way within x own ip x widely applauded

perhaps truer relationship of overwatch to blizzards failed project titan as not just pursuit of something smaller scale quote simpler more fun after unfortunate failure of sum grand mmo vision – but just smells like quick cheap switch to free to play plan b

industrial play industry scale cynicism of such move as not to be underestimated – one as reminded of james howard kunstler discussing common 3am design practices of quote places not worth caring about

phrase/ ey know x as building designed like dvd resarc – audio jack power supply – look ey know these things are important architectural jobs for firms right

ey know ir hire firms to design these things – ey can see exactly what went on 3 oclock in morning design meeting ey know 8 hours before deadline four architects trying to get x building in on time right

ir sitting there at long boardroom table with all drawings renderings all chinese food caskets are lying on table – ey mean what was conversation x was going on there because ey know what last word was – what last sentence was – of x meeting

n was flock n/ laughter applause

x as message of x form of pseudo interactive architecture – message as ir not give flock

– likewise to consider overwatch / x clones in china equally unworthy of automatic time attention admiration

/ painkiller

to consider virtual tourism among soaring megastructural architecture of fps classic painkiller – people can fly play studio -2004 in conjunction with excellent ambient soundtrack such play evokes uncanny feelings without names

/ pako 2

cops / robbers with neat smeary vhs aesthetic

/ paladins

obscure multiplayer pew

/ pamela

somehow impossibly ancient play engine tech demo zombie

/ payday 2

superb simulation of direct criminal assault – perhaps on modern notion of video reality

/ pc building simulator

possible in scene occurrence of simulator simulator

/ perfect dark

oldskool cyberpunk cheese

/ piper farie

boom virtual urban roberto longo headshot

colors pink shifted to actively emphasize violence

/ planet nomads

precisely angled generic sci fi legos

/ planetside 2

long jumping back / forth between empty bases

/ portal 2

to consider virtual photographic explorations of dimensional hyper corporatism

/ potato graphics

to consider sum digital conceptual paintings of popular research at ir lowest playable settings aka potato graphics aesthetic/ which now seems x own lo fi deliberately near future retro style

/ p platters

so welcome to asset flip city

/ prepar3d

strangely beautiful towering metal giants take virtual flight

/ prey 2006

little virtual tourism in prey -2006 by human head studios

now just another fps – once mildly innovative/ with nice metallic highlights – apparently somehow authentically portrays quote authentic native american mystical beliefs

one irony x play – another blandly generic western consumer product about slaughtering -oddly big breasted alien beings in face with high tech weaponry – elf seems to take on role of heavy footed american tourist blindly trampling through other peoples sacred culture aggressively taking -shooting photographic souvenirs / leaving bloody trail of zero understanding in x violent dim wake

mind ey at least x better than prey 2017

/ prey 2017

repetitive smeary space squiggle monsters – featuring matrix lite style notions

/ project cars

cars travelling in circles

/ project gorgon

medieval fantasy something

/ pubg

sadly empty plunkbat ugly

/ pure farming

feelings of uneasy irreality down at old man johnsons

/ pure rock crawling

dead petrol based life in great synthetic video outdoors

/ quadrilateral cowboy

hacking brendon chungs quadrilateral cowboy

dear brendon

ey following development of quadrilateral cowboy with interest / consider n true quote abstract encounter

having recently seen horizon highlight video ey feel ir quote deck hacking mechanic dissonant element in otherwise excellent research space system

n not seem to fit aesthetically given ir deliciously lo fi approach seen as whole

x perceived difficulty – quote typing in programming text type stuff – may alienate resarcs unwilling to engage with something ir view as overly complex

n also changes overall pace which might lead to frustration/ consider alternative – visual programming language as seen in play glitchspace

on ir play considered as system/ when ey look at images on ir site instead of discrete levels ey think of huge number of potentially explorable little quote scenes / quote scenarios

indeed qc might benefit greatly with more hackability / research modability as whole – dynamic – system of interlocking elements / components

to say/ imagine qc as procedurally generated hacking simulator resarcs feel able to return to again / again approaching each virtual scenario in different cool ways using wide variety of neat gadgets / techniques – just like vr missions in metal gear solid

ey understand however small groups of individually hand crafted levels often beat large bunches of procedurally generated ones

just sum food for thought/ apologies for taking up ir time – best wishes with ir rnd

sincerely robert what

/ quake

classic high paced fps multiplayer pew

/ qube 2

in which x not are ir breathing – but / just cubes

/ radical heights

to consider dead in virtual water on arrival fortnite clone with zero publicity nobody asked for – direct from hashtag file under bad ideas file of cliffy b

ironically new lows in rip off cloning tech – positively blazinskian in scope

/ raft

virtual sea survival

/ rage

strange scenes from virtual reality desert

aka dying rat of noclip

image tweak details – sharpen/ unsharp mask spatial 125 / bilateral 30 / amount 20
chromatic abberation 06 red cyan
blur glow 06 / focus blur 015
film emulation – polaroid 665 negative plus 955
technicalfx – backlight filter 3317
white balance / fuji fp-100c+++ 1608
antialias 15 as necessary

contrast over bright/ lighten too dark/ add various as necessary eg to correct oversaturation eg alien green fade

update patch

poor initial quality 2k screenshots combined with repeated over tweaking result in washed out overly sharpened / overexposed images – in short mild hypertographic failure

/ raiders of broken planet

unusual looking

/ rainbow six siege

breaching / breaches in z underscore video real

/ rambo

virtual flocking toilet

/ ravenfield

lo fi battle pew

/ rec room

social vr casual heck

/ red faction guerrilla

oldskool destructables

/ redout

somehow sadly forgettable wipeout klonz

/ remember me

fleeting sense of european cyberpunk cliche style – unfortunately combined with narrative indelicacy semi reminiscent of second hand cyber organism

/ resident evil

classic / occasionally racist zombie pew featuring generic meat brained pseudo characters

/ revelations 2012

wonderfully ugly

/ riddick dark athena

cool shades dude

consider virtual tourism in chronicles of ridduck/ assault on dark athena

continuation of ideas in post about chaser as abstract encounter

note on play elements

– urbex
– boundering
– fear of elevator shafts
– as flesh meets concrete
– karma / system feedback / stats rather than death
– seed shapes which generate -negative spaces
– embedded monitor screens / tiny led readouts
– non human architecture / aesthetic
– infinite here means without end
– megastructural

in which dark athena displays sum appropriately moody lighting which may be ideal for such encounter

/ ride to heck retribution

classic trash/ dim tough biker accidentally visits empty mystical videographic realm

/ rise of the triad

something zany pew something

/ rising storm 2 vietnam

ey wasnt really sure what was going on
– nineteen by paul hardcastle

south east asian conference mutations

/ roblox

neat / blocky

/ rocket league

turbo balls

/ rodina

nicely empty virtual space simulation

/ rogue heist

other than deadpan bizarre virtual existence of world elf/ shame nonthing weird unusual or remotely unexpected happens

/ rokh

mars based copy pasta

/ rolling line

dreamy train space

/ rubber ducks

rubber ducks basking in undead arizona sunshine glow

to consider how presence of rotatable rubber ducks may signify experience of being trapped in cheap zombie virtual realities

advocacy groups exist for vr – yet lousy fps zombie shooters / other steam level crapola seems all industry comes up with

in which n as possible to pretend rubber ducks exist in virtual reality as ey symbolic equivalent of utah teapot – something originally meant to feel safe familiar/ but which now merely signifies resarcs actually just survival horror trapped within cheap/ tacky/ shoddy/ two dimensional play space – with or as hyper generic video undead

resarc x says/ great/ x just great – rubber flocking ducks wait sec what x low moaning shuffling noise – let ey out of here immediately exclamation

ironically x exactly x kind of minimalist/ low poly research style features potential for vr aesthetics to evolve into ir own strange thing/ yet will developers take advantage – just stop tossing few ducks zombies into virtual space/ immediately satisfied with x cos so far x not quite even looking so bad x good

/ ruiner

heavy isometric dead cyberpunk pew pew

/ rules of survival

more of z underscore shed hill king same

/ rust

on open / early access play development rust

phrase/ people naturally enjoy watching ideas / concepts ir glove grow / thrive – n gives people sense of ownership / vest interest in projects success
– dean hall bohemia interactive

consider ongoing debacle / barnacle about early access research – how n relates to challenges faced in open access development – as just another play elf

note false tension between ridiculous elf misconceived notions of play developer auteur / wisdom of crowds generally

garry newmans play space rust as as much about survival of rust as play system in quote ecology of play than what garry says play actually about / only aim in rust – to survive or what happens in n

some have said x quote crowds express ignorance / open development equal to crap/ yet consider differing arguments for editorial improvements or modifications seen in comments section of such articles exact same types of demands for changes made by resarcs / supporters of open / early access play

in which rust as play formed only of arbitrary fleeting impossibly intangible / slippery ideas – yet such ideas always quote other ideas – ideas belonging to anyone because ir quote belong to nobody existing independently of any single developer

for example ideas about crafting from minecraft notions of survival from dayz

one potentially interesting thing in rust – naked hairless apes ala 2001 space odyssey – running around with rocks bashing in dim skulls of other clones/ hollow symbols of idiot adam in dead radio activated garden of early / open access video space creation

to view rust as archetypical research space space for modern postmodern resarc -mpg stuck in permanent alpha – meaninglessly vast / un profoundly empty populated by hyper aggressive willingly isolated lifeforms freely exercising ir right to futility by chopping virtual wood for years while screaming down mic at other elf hating trolls

all x ever left – series of abandoned huts scattered across sum random corroded digital blandscape like bear dung – war research without frontiers

honestly ey got about four or five other projects on go right now/ as long as rust pays ir wages were going to keep working on n – even when x quote finished x not finished x still get updated in same way x garrys mod did/ ey suppose x way with big research x never end point n just evolves
– gamedev garry newman

n just evolves/ to say – rust has no goals but to exist/ n quote exists albeit as series of brown colored electronic signals – but does not live/ extremely open ended process – of unending murder / conflict without beginning or end

rust as quote early in sense forever alpha arrives unfinished / only ever partially manifested/ x quote open in sense x brains have fallen out – forever merely distributed uselessly drifting / diffuse x concepts muddled / vague

relationship between rust / time – time as rust/ dead rust of time

yet another pathetic dev update

apparently rust getting quote experimental update – or rather code bass overhaul

quelle surprise

question – how might such update supposed to read as remotely different / any more / less important than any other regular update

rust quote updates – regular bs or decaffinated

somewhat laughable play developer garry newman states/ there were lot of decisions made when ir didnt know what play ir were making

but x just n – ir not seem to know what play ir making/ gaz

in which rust seems merest idea of idea of research space

instead of endless infinitely nomadic code drift – quote as long as n pays bills – why not simply make entire project open source / turn n over to fans

allow rust to exist as everything from hardcore open world survival as horror pvp grindfest to barely interactive screensaver

making n all up as ir go along

x often lot wrong with making n up as ir go along – ey know something about x

ir know x scene in aliens where riply feels utterly incredulous towards bishop because despite everything bad going down apparently ir still busy collecting data

ripley – ash/ any suggestions from ir or mother
– ash/ no ir still collating
– ripley/ ir what – ir still co llating/ ey find x hard to believe
– ash/ what would ir like ey to do
– ripley/ just what ey been doing ash – nothing
(from: aliens movie)

consider what might naively pass for while as energetic spontaneity / playful off cuff freestyle invention regarding ir play as too often really bunch of thin lame excuses trotted out by pathetically sleazy money grabbing flakes dressed up in serious language of indie spirited play development quote passion / quote dedication

trust ey – any day now dot dot

passion for what – wool pulling

dedication to what – putting off inevitable plain vanilla truth / unadorned reality of ir developmental pump n dump cynicism

as ir might say in sopranos – finish goddamn play already or gtfoh

/ rust unfinishable by design

leaving early access – eventually/ just keep paying ey though eh/ heh

/ ryse

on next gen bread / circuses in ryse

to consider play space ryse/ son of rome as natural synthetic evolution of mass -corporate video research psychology

not just another soulless hyper cynical example of fanboys will play any old crapolaware ir fling ir way mindset ryse seems latest developmental iteration of old low concept / big effect quote look hook / book marketing strategy aka quote michael bayism

look/ poor tech demo w/ enough polish to pass for – idea – of sum dire quote big budget movie

hook/ enough crowd sourced hype – often more interesting / creative than research space

book/ cheap quote spin off result of look / hook – which as play elf

n seems increasing numbers of resarcs not care for old ways of measuring quote what makes play good eg interactive/tm garmeplay mechanics – now just hunger after strong – feelings – involved with quote good research space

maybe those who watch pewdiepie on loltube pseudo intuitively quote understand ir not have to play play to instantly acquire warm feelings of satisfaction or enjoyment

perhaps ir just have to imagine x at least quote someone somewhere as having fun

if millions of imaginary quote others seem to be having fun ey no doubt have fun/tm too

indeed x often not just play x important but also what one -mis perceives x quote playing play gives – sense of community / shared enjoyment culture belonging ie meaning

x as no big news/ x just sheer imagined internet scale of x psychological process / phenomena

perhaps x always based in whats called imagination because x scale defeats any one persons attempt to envision n

as internet now what people take / use as imagination

maybe x not just video research were after x meaningful meaning

thing as however/ central pink skinned male protagonist ir enjoy watching others play as dim alt rye done in willing elf servitude to ir fat emperor d0g/ mass murdering sociopath whod joyfully butcher any kind of state labelled quote barbarian any day – without sum ugly feeble narrative excuse of quote revenge for innocent family slain to drive ir to mass scale qte enabled thuggery

in falsely identifying with often uncritical enjoyment of others for immediate psychological gain ir often deliberately forget what precisely n as everyones busy cheering about

ir intelligent young slave – daughter of untouchable peasants

ir sit on hill overlooking roman colosseum idly leafing through dusty book of rubbish erotic poems stolen x morning from ir masters quarters

ir look up – noting heavy dull roar of gathered crowds

n as sound of inhuman horror of human history reaching out through space / time

part of ir once wished to be there with others partaking of x vicious spectacle – happily drowning in n

but no more/ throwing book away ir walk back down into dusty city planning ir true escape from x rotten empire of troubled dreams / bloody glory

/ sailaway simulator

beautifully cyber utopian virtuality simulation – forever sailing away into hyperreality information sea

/ sairento vr

virtual world of naff

/ sanctum 2

empty bass defender

/ scum

crapola royale

/ sea of thieves

arrr ey hearties/ these virtual seas feel skeletal / empty

/ seasteader

to consider seasteader as virtual existential play dev experience

seasteader – unofficial announcement

robert what abstract encounters group feels proud to finally announce seasteader – imaginary parallel experience of play development of -say open ended city building play with management strategy elements by independent play development studio cosy goat

keep checking other websites for more truly weird dev diaries / not forget to follow cosy goat on twitter for accidental or unintended existential feeling updates

/ serenity

stuck in new age vaporwave heck lite/ serenity walking simulator

phrase/ ey marvellous extraordinary irrepressible unpredictable mother has vast array of talents/ without question ir greatest talent as ir ability to foresee future/ ey has successfully predicted every major event in ey life through ir uncanny mastery of ancient rat of astrology/ truth as only thing x matters to ir to tell truth as only thing ey knows how to do
– sylvester over top stallone

consider walking simulator serenity by flatly terrifying new age quote heck lite

drawing x esoteric energy from three sources n psychically channels vaporwave muzak from near future now developer jesse barksdales fantastic first person existentializor static speaks ey name – davy wredens creepy manipulative beginners guide

while ideologically parallel to developer tale of tales project cathedral in clouds in x humble mawkishly bile inducing treatment / manifestation of unchecked pseudo spirital religiosity x great cheaper alternative

billing elf as quote short atmospheric exploration play created in unity unwitting are invited to visit small island in middle of endless sea

ey explicitly informed no goals exist or urgent things to worry about / nonthing deliberately instructed – please try to relax enjoy ey time

unfortunately x seems virtually impossible for as soon as ey arrive true mind ripping dimensions of ey kitsch flavoured existential terror immediately reveal as ey instantly imagine elf permanently stuck in x blandly cloying violently hued abandoned tumblr blog

note/ in recent times word arcane no longer really automatically signifies quote mysterious but more commonly precisely denotes trivial knowledge – arcana – quote fun facts minor oddities useless information

what seems arcane about arcana as how reasons sum find n so fascinating elves seem impenetrable abstruse obscurantist

there seems therefore perfectly explainable/ entirely non magical pseudo disjunction between disarmingly cheerful look feel of x blinding neon dystopian paradise ironically unimportant all too easily dismissed suggestions by developer – x airless non place as somehow alive with deep / hidden meaning mysterious intention – probably not even so/ so what

rather n feels like just another gaudy fever dream / supermarket paperback in which bland destinies of two cloying soulmates stroll along haunted shoreline -haunted by resarc redemptively intertwined in sum all too predictable arbitrary manner

perhaps making such research as elf arcane ritual – nominally interesting for duration of 5 minute afternoon stroll in too bright directionless sunlight – but ey certainly wouldnt want to live here / could not

serenity question mark/ sum neon flamingo pink walking sim island owned run by dim dull cultists in constant blind search of ir own violently useless ideological idiocies – yep jackie would glove n

/ serious sam 2

oldskool pew

/ shadow treachery

utter shede

/ shadow warrior 2

samurai showdown

/ shape of the world

in which resarcs feel quote naturally suspicious of naturalist ideology of sokalled walking simulators / ir claims to ambient super organic seemingly meditative anything whatsoever

similar to mass housing building sites in uk named after places destroyed by ir destructive construction – for instance swan like / wild blueberry lane / once sacred habitat of magical tree frog grove – rare conflict minerals like coltan mined by children for genocidal warlords used in personal computing processors powered by burning earth destroying fossil fuels causing anthropogenic climate change – just so too often easily pleased dolts can idly watch cute floating virtual creatures – images of lifeless trees / dead pseudo organic matter ooze smoothly across superficial screens of quality consumer electronics

almost as if such digital cultural expressions – rather than somehow friends or allies of life – actively seek to deny / destroy x

flock x

/ shattered skies

aka hashtag escapefromtitov/ ultimate undead zombie mmo clone

quote features

– ftp pvp
– third person
– closed source
– loot crates / dlc
– serial over promising
– permanent early access
– ugly gfx / persistent badness
– optional microtransactions honest
– endless grind mindless crafting
– countless lonely miles of pointless running
– best thing are user menus
– cool glitches / janky physics
– sense of hopeless ruin
– floating bendy undead
– largely empty servers
– falling through world
– unoptimized netcode
– desync / teleporting
– washed out colors
– xtra texture pop

select in play images -warning/ muddy low resolution screens may well accurately represent current final ongoing state of play

developer interview

as ir sat down to take ir first look developer shay dee warned ey x ir would probably die lot

play space had just begun x pre alpha test environment would be populated with evil playdev mothers out to destroy ir elf esteem

dee elf defined ir role at reign in alpha entertainment play spaces developer publisher as ceo jack of all dodgy trades though sum resarcs might remember ir for something more specific

dee came to sum notoriety during development of 2012s undead leftovers – open world zombie survival play

at play spaces launch sum features x dee claimed would be in play were either missing or even less than what had been promised – though ey then promised ey were quote on way

undead alphas name was changed in 2013 to rotten access after weathering internet storm of raging flan disappointment critically poor reviews with redditors even ir friends flagging titles dees worked on since with warnings

if nonthing else live demo resarc henry swanson was presented with was focus of meeting – plans for developing content were spoken of only briefly or in abstract – n was clear x no interest in promising anything x time around

escape from titov as elf described as global open world looter shooter where resarcs are expected to have one account one character on one persistent world map worldwide

though built from rotten bones of survival research dee told ey x 80 percent of resarcs of ir previous survival titles wanted to play pvp dropped back heavy crafting constant nourishment requirements to 10 percent of what ey had in previous play

as looter shooter upon being killed ey lose all ey gear interest so play as constantly challenging resarc to question how much ey can collect versus how much ey need to store either at safe faction bass or persistent safe storage out in digital wilds

where play does have survival or crafting elements dee stressed x ey should quote enhance research

breaking down trees to make basic weapons not very useful in play where resarcs mostly wanted to shoot each other with guns so crafting became supplemental

ey used sandwich as ir primary example saying x ey could find bread / meat / cheese separately in play eat all three for sum nominal food points but crafting ey into sandwich would yield far more – genius

campfire could allow ey to address medical conditions x might go away over time like cauterizing existential wound in fire which would solve bleeding but immediately drop sum hp

using campfire x was though not entirely necessary

resarcs skill at crafting also determines where items can be crafted with sum items needing crafting bench but requirement can be waived at higher levels

in pre alpha build dee senior play designer adome skidmark showed ey play moving as team of two to building x had lot of resources with crashed helicopter on roof

skidmark was killed by raiders who wanted ir gear but was able to respawn on dee albeit without weapons or armour help ir fight off tackers loot building

crafted barrier defenses lined stairs skidmark told ey x ey could reinforce doors windows to turn any building into fortress

however ey also popped up fire escape to show ey holes in roof through which night raiders could tack

no place in escape from titov as completely safe

not just from other resarcs either hashtag escapefromtitov has pve element as well

in play lore moon has had chunk of n torn out by large asteroid with sum of fallout hitting earth

some of foreign bodies are mist shrouded meteorites work of alien race attempting to terraform planet for ir use as leisure centre

skidmark dee showed ey one of these environments told ey x playtesters who had tried pve elements of play had referred to overall play fee as resarc versus all due to pve pvp elements all taking place in same world

skidmark dee mentioned alien boss fights as play element – x one could wreak havoc by summoning boss in middle of clan war – but ey clearly wanted to focus more on what was present in build with pvp sexy looter based shooter mechanics

pvp has x incentives

being first person to fire on another resarc drives up ey experience point value to other resarcs for limited time making ey target also pinging ey visibly with short pulse for other resarcs to learn where what ir have done

of course if ey tack resarc with x temporary point bonus first ey have same target put on ey head

ey could seek shelter in one of play spaces three faction safe zones from which ey could also receive listless missions purchase quality consumer items

experience unlocks better equipment though in test all weapons were lower level at one point skidmark passed over customization screen swanson asked ir to go back to n

customization enhances certain weapon attributes while lowering others – something x increases weapon stability could lower damage

these shifts in values applied to armor as well which might be good against one weapon but be totally shredded by another necessitating ey to take care to know what ey might be walking into

n all gives passing impression of something x been well thought out – but if n will be competently implemented as another matter

escape from titov wants to look like competent mmo third person shooter with apocalyptic setting pve elements

x still early days but looting based play fee appears competitive seems like n will encourage team clan based co operative play fee

dee skidmark are building on what ey have learned from prior research in genre implementing x in ir new title – but with dees notorious history play will be tough sell to those who remember undead alpha

serial keys for play are being sold on ir site with tiered pricing for additional starting items access to alpha beta tests other research currently in production for developer/publisher as ey become available

yeah good luck with x

update patch/ addressing concerns

hashtag escapefromtitov not updated in while

in x post ey will explain why n looks like play development has halted

when ey started working on n idea was to make n free support n financially by donations like ey other project -redacted

ey have now come to realize x as not viable method for play to sustain elf

resarcs will not pay for free play if paying as optional x as totally understandable

up until x point ir have invested somewhere between 60 / 100 ey dollars

total donations are about 35 dollars just to give ey indication of current financial situation

recently play space got discovered by hacker ai trolls

ey did purchase anti hack tool but ey need to invest in another tool to make play less of easy target

x other tool costs 60000 dollars ey have decided not to purchase x tool until play as financially elf supporting

to make hashtag escapefromtitov financially elf supporting ir have two options

wait for resarcs to start donating perhaps x story will convince few resarcs to donate so ir can move forward until donations dry out again

start selling play space keys for 50 dollars

x has two benefits

l33t hackerz might not have x money at hand stop targeting play

plus getting banned for hacking means ey have to buy another key

ir get steady income to keep play up to date keep motivated

downside of selling garmekeys as x resarc bass will drop significantly

ir are not sure how bad of side effect x seems

ir asking resarcs community for ey opinion

what as best way to move forward – until ir resolve x financial issue no updates will be released

another update patch

in which escape from titov provides ultimate near future template for hyper generic open world fee to win shovelshedware

/ shenmue hypertography

haunted world of spinning wheels / going nowhere

/ ship simulator extreme

violently strange digital disaster sea

/ shroud of z avatar

shrouded in digital mystery

/ signal from tolva

to consider x blunt play mechanics forced on signal from tolva – those of standard single resarc first person combat exploration play – unable to match up to or seem truly worthy of x subtle intelligent research style / aesthetic

why does play have to only express elf as one specific type – research spaces could open up to experimental exploration play in every aspect – from assets to underlying code – so x resarcs may freely choose how to play in / with ey as ey see fit/ according to ir own tastes / changing whims

if only everything seen in such cool development videos were more actual play elf – of making abstract spaces for many kinds of research development – n might well seem more interesting than near arbitrary play mechanics forced on x aesthetic experience

other than too often unquestioned because quote n has to express awesome fun/ ask why does eg escape from tolva have to exist as fps combat exploration play space/ what so automatically good or interesting about x – how does n really tie in with x artistic subtlety overall look / feel

almost as if play mechanics are pulling in different / wrong direction to stories suggested by x research narratives

indeed research seems to open up imagination while mechanics narrow experience down to easy recognized andor controllable

developer lead resarc states ey uses up to 12 layers of delicate texturing – so why not tolva feature at least 12 possible subtle layers of play space mechanics

n seems x subtle vision multi layered technique seems largely wasted on blunt mechanical traditions / choices such as eg sci fi pew pew – or not – as though financial need to churn out yet another standard garmey play space rides rough over any -/ all possible potential for digital experiences to feel more truly conceptually artistically sophisticated

/ sin episodes

classic dead on arrival cyberpunk pew

/ sixtus infinity war

odd city blues

/ skyrim

odd fantasy horse angles

/ sleeping dogs

includes urban bruceploitation/ offering up exoticized eastern images of asian masculinity

/ sniper elite 4

in middle of global conflict/ queue sudden appearance of screaming transparent poly dimensional x ray skeleton tongue

/ sniper ghost warrior 3


/ soldiers of z universe


/ solo

cutesy narratives

/ soma

to consider soma – philosophical refund steam denied

soma does indeed feature amazingly accurate / scrupulously methodical barnacle placement
– theorist robert whats ludonaut theodore miles/ obviously high on soma

imagine ey tried getting refund from volcanic steam – ey know ey know right very existential useless of even trying – for generally meh underwater walking sim soma on philosophical grounds x soma smells faintly of fishy transhumanist bs

ie consider soma exhibits virtually no ground to stand on/ instead – like so many before n – merely sinks into watery play development abyss of pseudo philosophy hyped up idle armchair rnd speculation


in which only two core aspects of soma appear in which devs could have done better – survival horror / philosophy of consciousness

soma also seems any attempt to combine two seems deep sea doomed to -software failure – to say/ standard sub standard research industry need to use standard garmey garmisms render n awkward obsolete

– inconsequential puzzles
– listless fetch quests
– arbitrary stealth sections

while such futile busywork apparently grounds resarc in sense ey indeed in / have just paid for real videodromic play space n in fact just continues to alienate ey from truer engagement with / untapped cognitive potential of – to paraphrase term from entrepreneur jackie treehorn interactive adult non entertainment

because apparently everybody knows old dubious play space chestnut play as already rat – likewise therefore play spaces are also already philosophical right – riggght

with soma however perhaps what more actually philosophical about play space as why anyone feels desperate need to view or read soma as somehow automatically / deeply philosophical

n certainly talks deep theory talk in x pre play release hype but while actively researching play such as n all ey really get as bunch of hammy actors either deep sea furniture chewing ir often poorly written underwritten lines or sum ghostly virtual idiot ai constantly telling ey what n all means

one of best worst lines in play as when simple soma simon – ir spineless sentient toaster hero complains to fellow little miss handheld npc – squeaking but there are monsters out there

oh common simon ey walking diving bell get with program x as serious philosophy 101 at play here ey almost wilfully undercutting / under currenting obvious deep meaning of n all/tm

play space about more than just being chased by monsters soma as introspective look at what n means to be human importance of elf what n means to be alive – works of such science fiction luminaries as philip k dick are clearly drawn from – dick as in fact quoted in opening chapter – as frictional attempts to not just frighten x audience but make n think
– jim sterling soma review

one wonder if otherwise mighty jim sterling son actually believes x nonsense andor if ir simply written what ey thinks unseen others expect – electronic play culturally speaking – from ir

very little firm evidence exists x soma deals with any of these issues – flimsy evidence x does seems only in what psychologically invested interests online aggressively / repeatedly inform ir there exists

how exactly as soma play space no more or less about just being chased by dim undersea monsters – with few audio logs casually thrown in

not x anything wrong with x just x arguably more strange philosophy to feel in what jim states in ir gushing review than in all of somas tired bicycling fish sim

uh oh here slides along another philosophically slippery customer

not only does n refine amnesia/ dark descents horror mechanics into leaner beast somas sci fi future as most unsettling environment studio has produced/ x also frictionals best story yet offering rich message x never takes away from terror of researching/ in fact x message – questioning what n means to be human – as somas most terrifying element
– escapist soma review

rich message to be gleaned from escapists review – more just copperplate churnalism statement actually – x questioning what n means to industry research reviewer talking wild pseudo philosophical jive like x with straight face never feels anything less than old fish bucket of false pirate comedy gold

perhaps n would appear healthier to question why x even worth bothering researching soma at all when perfectly reasonable no commentary walkthroughs on loltube exist

then x review / official industry statements like x which appear written by bot who imagines x conscious

soma as ambitious work of science fiction which grapples with fundamental questions of consciousness identity relationship between mind body – n feels weighty but never dry or ponderous thanks to engaging surprising story
– ign ducks review soma

what wet loads of barnacle encrusted balderdash

yeah technically x got old computers in n – but x hardly ambitious however apart from x ideas – alleged deep meaning of those ideas – seems barely sci fi

as for grappling with fundamental questions of er whatever soma feels weightless yet always little to dry to truly swallow – shallow dive off benthic conceptual deep end into modern default play space development contrivance – very image of just another nonthing special dressed up in seaweed smelling philosophical garb

consider bland weakness of somas structural ideas ir drab unengaging manifestation as play space vs x overall visual triple indie polish

if there was ever way not to make play space x – supposedly – deals with important human philosophical issues

imagine developing x suspect undead mechanical fish for five years – five whole years

if only ey spend five minutes sorting out what ey actually definitively wanted to say or could say – about human consciousness / best way for interactive software interface to – actively not passively express such ideas – instead of blowing all ir time on amazingly accurate scrupulously methodical barnacle placement

to repeat/ soma does feature amazingly accurate / scrupulously methodical barnacle placement

example play space development homework assignment/ spend no more than five hours developing water themed play space which deals metaphorically impressionistically with sum aspect of human consciousness in any far more active way than doom 3 era audio logs heavy expositionary narrative often poorly conveyed deliberately spoon fed

take for instance words of non playable character little miss handheld ir passive aggressive exposition

– just play along for now just keep pretending x all incredibly meaningful
– ey not to tell ey what to do

yeah ey bloody well do all time in fact ey never shut up

– for brief moment ey felt connect to world in way ey never had before

note how ir when ey was little speech feels so poorly written – something even blade runners roy batty with ir entirely false memories wouldnt stoop so low as to relate to undersea passers by for fear of embarrassment

generally speaking soma seems to produces among play industry critics what might now appear known as play space brain fog – in which ey force elves to imagine all kinds of scarily deep meanings exist in sum overhyped – meh title where there might be only standard cheesy drastically linear highly unscary storytelling – murky uselessly flapping fishwives tale – half baked horror play x takes very few true risks

insert image/ soma turing test for brandon wan ai simulation

indeed consider soma turing test for brandon wan ai simulation – just feed ir sum poorly conceived play data – say apparently deeply philosophical product about barnacle encrusted sea monsters chasing ey while solving puzzles which have nonthing to do with alleged underlying themes

if ey nods politely ey believe ey believes x all as naturally deep auto meaningful as ey continually tells ir n appears – then ey passes ey useless little test

if ey not well then ey can safely ignore what ey instinctively feels as wrong with ey ideas ey play space ey test wipe ir simulated arts off chip ir on

x condition one might term somatic anosognosia – when ey blatantly missing philosophical limbs but still think ey there – fully functional

but x quote solid unquote play space sum whine – having already passed test from outset with flying colours

speaking of which – congratulations to reviewer david chandler – remix of kill screens soma review

hypothetical situation/ ey researching play space in n ey walking through dimly lit narrow hallways looking for exit

occasionally ey stumble over mangled corpse listen to audio tapes avoid disfigured creatures because ey cant fight back/ which play space am ey talking about – answer/ n doesnt matter
– soma review by raze

truly dire play space analysis disturbs as much as n fascinates

fully naturalized accounted for malfunction in code x crashes up against equally expected behaviour of system apparently offering behind scenes glimpse at sausage making mechanisms behind simulation

predictably unpredictable distortion in no way takes authorial control away from human programmers rather n only reasserts agency of otherness – x as seemingly other than hand x built n

in glitch as in line of broken play space analysis or sudden rush of hype to head ir confront machine of video research industry as n attempts to move beyond x parameters – mouthless entity trying to speak intelligently about x own soiled output

distortion mechanical failure haunt dilapidated undersea research facility of pathos ii in soma by frictional play

simple simon jarret play spaces stunningly clueless protagonist wakes up in outpost with no idea how ey got there -rolls eyes

ey continues to have no ideas for rest of play space through ir massively limited perspective resarc explores twisted corridors of pathos ii in hopes of finding way out of review hype surrounding space uncovering x disturbing dim mysteries in process

x all too familiar setup with echoes of frictionals previous / philosophically telling title amnesia but here soma wants to be seen carving out unique niche among glut of similar horror research with haunting narrative about posthumanism x claws at unbelieving resarc with biomechanical tendrils of big words heavy notions epic ideas

oh scale oh weight how can ir ever hope to grasp x awesome philosophical depths

as simple soma simon explores remarkably empty halls of pathos ii ey encounters machines x speak act like humans though ir basic appearances fit on uncomfortable industrial robot side of simons own uncanny valley

results of downloading human consciousness stored as data – amazingly ridiculous notion – into robotic bodies as x ey often speak in measured tones of soma reviewers either unaware of or complacent with ir mechanical lives

equally sinister entity known as wau – tumorous growth of artificial intelligent machinery x seems to have slithered out of opium induced nightmare works of living critic parody bogost also inhabits station assimilating both humans machines into shambling horrors x offer glimpse at darker side – only side there as in fact – of post human future of dire play space research criticism

at nexus of these two competing depictions of humanitys research future as resarcs role in play space

x nonthing in simons narrative x looks backward from x world all but devoid of flesh bone

ey as not sum champion of humanity as defined by bodied existence n as here x somas perverse obsession with x own alleged deep ideas gains momentum

nothing in soma repairable only made functional enough by constant high review scores to make resarcs want to progress through leaky halls before ocean reclaims station – one suspects in embarrassment

play asks resarc to accept x dubious claims to any philosophy whatsoever as inevitable part of human / technological evolution in detritus of malfunctioning world of play reviewer machines resarc must find way through all too knowable mechanical heck – permanently induced state of narcosis

x obsession with apparently unknown makes somas cerebral existential horror work so well as accidental elf parody

as simon nears infected creature willing resarcs mind starts to distort glitch which makes coherent play critique indistinct thus impossible to define conceptually

some reviewers can only detect annoyance of resarcs when ey look directly at ey forcing over-hyped play reviewer to stare at floor while slowly passing wind over sum unseen imagined horror – perhaps horror of world where pseudo critical play analysis as taken seriously without single eye bats

deleted image/ soma – obviously infinite serious depths

meanwhile ones computer screen glitches thing behind attempts to speak with language garbled by static issuing from mechanical throat

thankfully however tiny undersea play world of soma x assimilated beings create cracks in play of criticism tearing at digital fabric of x own simulated world with cruel efficiency of machine attempting to declare x own agency beyond x of x mis creators

soma then as play as much about cracks distortions x appear with predictable world of paid for research industry review journalism – horrific energy in machine gone haywire

in x world sharp divisions x separate human wisdom machine analysis broken fixed known unknown are troubled to point of panic inducing pre order madness – even fellow resarc robert what pre ordered soma right off hype train

unplugging elf from review machine x speaks in human voice becomes then moral decision

hiding from skulking figure x looks like someone from kill screen turns into distressing confrontation with ir inherent terror of conceptual un ambiguity

never venturing outside of tiny interior universe of research ir critics to wander across digital ocean floor keeps resarcs within toxic environment as oppressive as tight corridors ey just evacuated inside suffocating resarc with vast borderless darkness of loose poorly thought out words dripping with apparent might magic mystery of dull tale with poor ideas told with middling skill

in x respect soma works horror science fiction into distressing example of hybrid genre one might call somatic

as title suggests soma wears what n likes others to think are sci fi influences proudly on x fishy smelling sleeve

contrary to popular belief n accidentally take x name from hallucinogenic industry play reviewer drug of choice in aldous huxleys brave new world

n even opens with bizarre completely decontexualized unfathomably unsuitable quote from philip k dick merely to seem clever to elf

n takes place in abyssal ocean of dodgy ideas ripped from toilet back pages of racist shut in hp lovecraft owes considerable – unconsciously – inspirational debt to harlan ellisons rant on loltube about getting paid as writer

in somas case ir might consider sealing ey inside diving bell forcing ey listen to ir own cheesy dialogue

nevertheless recognizing such influences never strips soma of x own carelessly misconstructed misidentity as dwarf among giants of x genre carving out x own niche with crisscrossing lines of static contorted forms of mangled imaginary machinery

review play like best works of science fiction understands x horror of taking ones pseudo critical words seriously can come from discomfort inherent to erasure of boundaries ir assume industry play space critics truly exist

ir unintelligible whispers of static shattered visuals of glitchy hype provide only most cursory glances at private machine world inaccessible to most

perhaps x as what haunts most about somas implication of machinic agency in / as post human world

gushing reviews for soma suggest x whenever hype machine inevitably wakes n – allegedly – speak in language far beyond human comprehension reveals consciousness outside ir paltry attempts at understanding – though of course n does no such thing

review machines of soma are nonthing if forever asleep in ir own awakening ey are screaming for attention – as apparently intelligent artificial intelligences elves ir must continue to refuse ir laughable affected call

consider soma elf latest quintessential – virtual reluctant barnacle fisting – ark simulation

update patch/ grateful silence on abyssal plain – soma as play space of two disconnected halves

leap backward in terms of scope sophistication compared to ir maginally effective but overrated amnesia frictional research has attempted to merge scifi horror with philosophical investigation into mind body problem

combination not remotely work when n especially not n offers sum exceptionally awkward moments

in ridiculous story full of trite twists listless misdirections heavy handed sudden revelations everything feels like spoiler

as such n doggedly sticks to basics – unlikely sounding dimwit simon jarrett finds elf in abandoned underwater research facility which as slowly being overtaken by mysterious black ooze before even attempting to plan escape x hyper generic everyman needs to assess situation shake off ir existential disorientation carefully explore ir miserable local environment

x unfortunate though also unnecessary side effect of simons early obliviousness x soma spends so much time wearing trappings of conventional first person horror play space

past brief but bland prelude n plays for x entire first act like low budget bioshock or unscary dead space with impotence of monstrous adversaries quickly deflating any sensation of dread no matter how hard cluttered aggressive soundscapes video distortion employed to announce ir arrival try to bully resarcs into sum vague measure of unease

technically too play space feels mess – frequent autosaves freeze action momentarily disrupting pace killing immersion while unstable framerate occasionally plunges into single digits

voice acting not impress either though x difficult to decide whether simons seeming apathy as due to uninspired performance or meticulously constructed clue to play spaces broader thematic un / mis concerns

after emphasis shifts from mostly redundant exercise in horror to incomparably less compelling tale of existential anguish experienced by someone who quite literally meets ghost in machine soma transforms into something generic perhaps even uniquely so

slow descent into lower sectors of deep sea station reveals elf as lead heavy metaphor for psyche of resarc reluctantly coming to terms with realities of somas own existence – x lack of meaning of centerless banality perhaps

as dispiriting as realization seems fake humility n engenders serves to allegedly elevate those rare moments of artificial half life happening in middle of digital void into something bordering on digital illumination

algae partly covering glow from still functioning screen exposed to currents – school of jellyfish radiant with neon sluggishly rising falling as ey remain stuck in malfunctioning elevator carrying ey between copypasta stations – random turn x takes ey inside cave whose walls covered with countless alabaster spiders somewhere in otherwise lifeless depths

these are hardly sublime moments like everything x soma fails to do well ey could not only be delivered by x chosen medium

those who describe play correctly as undersea walking simulator find ir progress as rarely challenged by harmless monsters or simplistic puzzles range of meaningful interactions limited to moving around carrying stuff

soma relies too much for x impact on overwhelming ey with environments drip feeding rapidly waning curiosity with tired story fragments

label comes with implicit accusation of work x less of decent play more of cold virtual museum installation for resarcs to gawk at – charge x in sad case of soma seems patently fair

x almost as if frictional simply set out to create wikipedia shopping list summary of theories of consciousness from descartes to dennett in bad narrative form

video research spaces are not medium – neither are ey somewhere where everything needs to happen in first person frictional failed to use these qualities instead disingenuously implicating resarcs in debate almost by accident

result as simple exploitation on frictionals part – projection of ir own reassuring dualistic leanings onto main character which in no way deepens resarc identification with simon jarrett especially since ir every laughable objection at non elf evident pseudo truths – ir every profession of confusion at entirely straightforward answers echoes reinforces frictionals own denial x ir conceptually blowing n

when series of all too expected turns culminates into x devastatingly hammy unbelievable final twist – results are all more astonishingly ridiculous precisely because ir were being warned all along soma emerges as literally darkest play space in years one where ir minor victories having endured n for couple of hours become mere flashes of elf delusion before reality thankfully floods back in

arguably only truly decent intense moment in soma as when ey finally reach abyssal plain where sense of crushing pressure danger isolation as palpable

if only play had started like x only got stranger – no talk talk or lousy puzzles

consider one single word to describe what soma lacks – immediacy – x as compare contrast with frankies amazing custom arma3 dayz exile video

update patch two

how to tell story through research play/ nth layer as reason x

interesting post by adrian chmielarz from developers of vanishing ethan carter states x design of soma represents unsustainable interactive burden for other developers

ey compares contextualizes narrative design of soma in terms of cake layers model

note x video description beneath x video as holey grail of narrative research or how to to tell stroy through research play

while obviously meant to mean story note meaning of story/ archaic/ to destroy – 1400 to 50 – late middle english stroyen aph variant of destroyen to destroy

now interesting quote from by thomas grip/ 4 layers narrative design approach

– but in order to move on ir need to have something concrete/ if ir just continue to talk in vague terms of improving storytelling any suggestion can be shot down on basis of sum personal preference

doing n like x will just get ir stuck in boring discussions n becomes much harder to set proper goal

layer 1 – research play/ resarcs must accomplish things through ir own mental manual effort

layer 2 – narrative goal/ resarcs must understand agree with short-term goals objectives

layer 3 – narrative background/ resarcs efforts must unveil more more of big picture

layer 4 – mental modelling/ play needs to provide awareness/experience filter

layer 5 – reason x/ no exceptions

to consider x adrian chmielarzs critique of soma – x as missing layer 5 – no exceptions – as precisely same failure seen in thomas grips notion x ir need something concrete when ir discuss improving storytelling

reason x equals 5th lost layer/ as soon as ey think ey beginning to clearly / successfully define – seemingy – concrete terms for improving storytelling x in elf might be 5th layer ey think as missing from ey model – very exception ey think ey including

x as not only might there still exist reason x no matter how complete or all encompassing ey think ey narrative / story model as ey model elf might be exceptional reason x – arbitrary construction without foundation / with only other endlessly recursive models for foundation

so why bother defining much at all – why not more simply let dynamic chaotic or emergent system of narrative evocation – not necessarily meaning – emerge procedurally

how to tell story through research play – not rather consider viewing research play however ey think ey defining n as just another -tall – story

on watery play space storytelling – ludonarrative – in trailers for soma

phrase/ in interests of safety ey ability to temporarily suspend disbelief now placed in state of permanent suspension
– amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what

to consider – standard – play space storytelling in trailers for soma by frictional research as bad – not bad because n tries fails but simply because n tries at all

phrase/ insert loltube comment on poor soma trailer voice acting

result woefully undersells play confuses potential resarcs yet perhaps x elf as more actual meaning of play space being played / sold here

in which n appears shoehorning traditional book based techniques into interactive -not medium results in common shared ludonarrative – x as supposedly commonly accepted fail state of dire storytelling x because research play spaces were supposed to be something to merely shrug at or ignore collectively

perhaps whatever alleged dissonance arises in / as video storytelling being shown as somehow built into narrative web elf as fully accounted for – resarcs are somehow meant to automatically acknowledge x inbuilt dissonance which involves carrying on as normal/tm from very outset

various audiovisual glitches shown in these trailers cannot just be merely read as direct signs of something gone wrong in play spaces universe – perhaps near completely failed narrative attempts at whatever meanings / ideas developers imagine ir expressing somehow nullify x alleged dissonance or gap rendering n somehow natural inevitable

x perhaps as play spaces truer -conservative ideology – maybe x not just x something has gone wrong deep under sea x were merely there to figure out what n all means -snore

perhaps these glitches bizarre resarc explanations for what went wrong disguise unconscious dissonance in whatever was apparently going oh so right before things went wrong

if one considers soma as drug then perhaps drug as unstated indirectly implied notion x – by large techno scientific progress carries on smoothly efficiently harmlessly totally benevolently x events / spaces like those in play space soma are somehow just one off anomaly error or glitch in holey system

yet perhaps inverse as truer – x event space of soma as now default form expression of ir modern horrific smooth sailing x only by pretending x as somehow merely out of place can ir justify dodgy mythic narratives of techno science

soma e3 2015 trailer notes

phrase/ ey know what sucks about dying

what about having sum annoying disembodied narrator nobody cares about completely out of shallow blue tell ey about n

– crash

dreadful voice acting makes x guy almost seem like ir being sarcastic – then frictional research logo appears

as frictional research company elf having crash – after all amnesia/ machine for pigs didnt seem too well received

– made ey like so much more -static sound/ real

come on mate put bit of effort into n

x little sense of true urgency here – resarcs are merely supposed to read as poor narrative on display as correctly meaning what n merely suggests through x dark annoyingly shaky visuals

– all x hope wasted

what if even all non hope resarcs have x might appear deep play with important human meanings as also wasted from very outset – andbut ey play n anyway were always going to – now x level of expected cynicism one can pseudo cynically expect from play as culture

soma creature trailer notes

at x worst x series of conversations x ey might have overheard in student union bar right after matrix came out stitched on top of play space about running away from monsters
– rock paper shogun review / wot ey think/ soma

let laughably bad phrase x as where n all went wrong simon be ey new guide for disbelieving inherently unreliable disembodied narrators talking to simon snake

no one told ir x could happen – x might be because ey always so superbly confident x no one ever could or should

ey are snake simon – strike at heart – yeah at undead biomech heart of such default to be read as remotely serious / scary cheeseball narrative

soma story trailer notes

phrase/ hello

good grief send in next acting candidate please

– heck as x place how did ey get here

who andor what heck do ey remotely imagine ey talking to

– x ey sincerest belief x ir can go on living

yeah despite seaweed stinking storylines ir tell elves actually count for anything

– n really makes ey think about what n means to be human

probably most embarrassingly lumpy conceptual sales pitches in play space history to which answer as spoiler -lol

– how as x possible

indeed how as n possible x such dire – storytelling based – research narrative as continually allowed to exist manifest freely roam liquid internets without critical comment or witheringly sarcastic regard – perhaps one answer as x such play actively encourages suspension of ir critical faculties disbelief

as many resarcs already invested in whatever meanings ey imagine research expresses state – ey not think x going to be scary but n looks very interesting

x as – x bit conceptually shed – andbut appears generally harmless – will entertain ey mindlessly for hour or so

yet what if such play x alleged deep meanings / drippy philosophical meanderings not quite so harmless or naturally benevolent

indeed consider viewing soma as just bunch of watery sound recordings of poor ideas poorly yet slickly professionally expressed

x inattentive resarcs are actively invited sokalled behind scenes of x garmey entirely artificial – yet culturally naturalized – construction does not mean soma feels any less opaque or regressively obscurantist in x suspect underlying ideas

perhaps x bizarre modern mixture of soggy pseudo philosophizing default -play industry need to be garmely ooh scary in quotes entertaining x partially defines anemic big ideas / somas conceptually waterlogged narrative fish pond

update/ in which developers free mod to remove monsters improves things somewhat but not really

notes on / postmortem of meta research space of soma

capsule review/ dodgy ideas mediocre system mechanics

another eye rollingly quote dark research space/ consider darkness as modern synonym for murky play design ideology

common rule of play space development/ one has to massively oversell play through overbearing seemingly quote big ideas eg first person account of sum deep / really disturbing ideas regarding elf mind / consciousness – in order for n to be brought up to middling default standard such research too often reach

like x almost inexcusable act of hubris for developers to say ir working on strictly limited scale/ wed like to bring ir ir first person account of deep / disturbing ideas about elf mind / consciousness – but for now ey x small play space ir made

new rule/ all unspoken play space assumptions must be accounted for

in which scripted storytelling elements are more andor less interesting than nonlinear emergent narratives x quote suggest rather than quote tell -show / play vs play not show/ how about neither show nor play

play spaces elevator pitch also betrays underlying joyless turbidity welded to classic raw sci fi cheese/ radio has gone silent on pathos 2 as isolation bears down on staff of remote research facility strange things are happening

machines are taking on human traits / alien constructions have started to interfere with routine

world around ey as turning into nightmare

only way out as to do something unimaginable

pathos 2 – adults common now/ boring sci fi tosh indeed

compare / contrast how fiction of these research correlate 1:1 with ir mechanics somehow doesnt connect well with main purpose of interaction as to create feeling of presence

dubious philosophy/ x as just like with reality/ ir do not see whats really out there but only experience mental model based on sum of all sensory input

http://wwwloltube dot com/watch?v=twhvkmip1b8&theme=light&rel=0&w=755 0:27 unfamiliar ceilings syndrome – play space equivalent of -still largely unexplored writers white room cliche

0:30 what happened

standard substandard voice acting now taken as inevitable / expected/ like first thing ey would do when waking in quote remote research facility where strange things are happening as ask elf dim questions out loud

0:40 developer playing -out x scene does old quote double take thing/ x as not however chuck / avery cartoon

0:43 ey d0g – raznik/ brings to mind timeless classic saving private lazlo – finest mind of ir generation – in half life 2 0:49 picks up skull plate thing – which then all too conveniently fits into razniks head

why as there un removable sheet on ir body

ir cant even inspect object closely

character then expresses surprise/ must ir also then do same when / where play tells ir

1:13 hang in there raz/ ey seems not to be enjoying ir nap/ why cant ir then attempt to remove ir recent meddling / remove brain plate thing

play tells ir razs brain / x cover snap shut like opposing magnets – but then were also implicitly told theres nonthing else for ir to do – damage as done / x time to move on nonthing interesting to see or do

1:19 ey was still alive

oh horror/ what weird assumption to make

shirley all ir / brain plate did was shock raz into temporary parody of life / garmeplay

1:31 hand icon x appears above door/ consider making entire play about these dumb pop over icons or get rid of ey entirely stick in sum cool janky quote octodad style arms / legs – anything

also change entire design of doors to eg sliding doors

creaky doors just need regular maintenance / are only supposed to be read as quote scary

1:43 missed opportunity/ ir look at unbroken square tile but arent able to use n to break wall down

1:51 overly dramatic destruction of small dividing wall – with no play consequences despite noise

2:09 more quote untouchable dead museum -tech exhibit based level design/ resarc already knows where ir can / cant move travel or explore

2:13 alarmed matrix style quote squiddy – which clearly let x ir know x detected ir presence – but when then does not immediately tack or go on hunt/ theres sense in which resarc only runs back to hide because play as signaling to ir by heavy breathing x character demands n

dodgy design assumptions in x

must resarcs – always – march in step with play designers forever mandatory demand of verisimilitude

3:10 again hand of mechanical garmeplay doom/ simple failure to understand what makes for true interactivity in play design

3:12 another james brownesque quote jump back / zipp elf act

what does x mean

if play space has to signal x time ir started asking questions about x meaning perhaps x time ir started asking questions like how may play space designers treat ir less like idiots ir might be – but feel like ir should not be treated like

3:18 am ey like raznik

answer as quote no brainer/ yes – ir walking corpse without imagination spatial orientation timing style spine – or any detectable importance/ stand in with hollow skull intelligent resarcs want to get away from

4:00 am ey still here -playing conceptually dodgy play


4:07 glitches in rat / play design – at least as ir being used here – are played out

glitch as supposed to be read as something terrible has gone wrong but answer here might just be yeah – ideas behind x play are buggy

general notes/ hp lovecraft was overrated racist shut in

phrase/ when blackness was virtue
– singer songwriter bob dylan

frictional play spaces vivarium video however holds far more potential interest than play – x as in ways potential resarcs read conceptual gap or schism between such trailers / whats called quote actual research space

in fact these are far more than mere trailers / could somehow be seem as integral play elements – entirely scripted / unplayable but no less meaningful

indeed there should be whole series of these trailers along with brief but dense arg trail of quote tinag websites – or even just somas main site

what such video accomplishes as set clear creepy tone / mood without need for heavy expositionary storytelling

consider x people in loltube comments ask quote whats x exactly

as exactly kind of play soma should be playing

in fact not even say soma as -just video research space/ make quote research space start with these videos / have play space another integral interactive component of quote soma experience/ something open ended – thus to evolve for / with fans

x would be true quote neither quite show nor play – fuzzy abstract quote research space space based developmental approach

/ sonic

oh tiny hateful blue spinning shed ball

/ sos

somehow ontologically astounding 2d seagulls

/ spec ops line

despite pseudo critical ludonautic nut riding/ such play obviously ideologically encourages / ideologically endorses / revels in destructive acts x repeatedly tells resarcs x feels vaguely morally concerned about – forgoing / conveniently sidestepping wider deeper questions about war under pathetic conceptual / personal subjective merc rubric of quote ey didnt sign up for x / war as heck son – or somesuch fuzzy liberal lite handwringing bs

/ spirit animal survival

surviving hyper generic shovelware onslaught more like

/ spirits of xanadu

ideas review/ spirits of xanadu vs good morning commander

summary/ while space appears cool in terms of idea density / atmospheric richness spirits of xanadu pales in comparison with x far more subtle / conceptually interesting / visually arresting prequel good morning commander

subtle sox teaser trailer

copy of spirits of xanadu was generously provided for robert what by developer allen trivette

many thanks

phrase/ if ir liked good morning commander ey will probably dig x one/ ey made x almost like what if gmc had overt story / were fps
– allen trivette developer of spirits of xanadu -via email

mixed messages/ spirits of xanadu

unfortunately strange play space like good morning commander -gmc would appear hard sell online at any time

unlike x follow up spirits of xanadu -sox n features zero quote garmey elements / exists as simple expression / suggestion of fantastic mysterious atmosphere

phrase/ high concept narrative often used as safe option to avoid risk of alienating audiences with convoluted or overly taxing plot exposition
– high concept wikipedia

yes sox also has x own independent retro charm/ x look brings to mind paranautical activity by devs code avarice – or devolver digitals heavy bullets if at more sedate pace

yet wander murky corridors of sox for good 45 minutes pew pewing angry trash cans / resarcs may develop sudden strong boredom headache whereas gmc can effortlessly hold resarcs spellbound in x grip for entire duration of x strange silent trip

sox/ clenching ones mind like fist

soxs in research space dialogue ey must clench ey mind like fist seems in hot contention for cheesiest line x year / seems highly at odds with elf / play spaces other elements

more mainstream sox release trailer

compare teaser trailer with release trailer seen here/ 404

difference – not sum shay dee dev attempt to flog more palatable mainstream play to audience but rather sign x devs acutely aware of unspoken meta language of research play as culture

not x ir have any real choice in matter/ mainstream marketplace still seems hostile space for play x does not fit into strictly square hole of bizarrely elf defined quote real play/tm crowd

indeed many devs are forced to acknowledge sub standards of mainstream research market deliberately dialling back what ir sense x market will consider non real garmey elements of play – dialling up awesome fun

x aspect of modern play development arguably detectable in difference between two sox trailers

inherent structural limitation / conceptual statute on what precisely appears acceptable as real play within play as culture

sox/ literature vs pew pew

result however in sox – few pages of genuinely interesting literature shots of neat human books upon shelf hints at possibility of subtle com of potential meaning / symbolic mystery – all drowned out by space station alarms / flavourless audio logs / double shogun blasts

image/ deep space sublime – good morning commander

consider how gmc does everything right with maximum of low fi polygon precision

many resarcs still talk x loose jive about play feeling atmospheric but in fact only ever give off steamy stink of atmospheric parody

gmc however effortlessly feels like cool abstract encounter with video real

one smart resarc puts across odd oblique joys of gmc perfectly

ey played x after re watching episode covering n on indie impressions / ey just wanted to say n was one of most immersive surreal exploration research ever played/ stark aesthetic of white / grey colors / large empty landscape invoked really vivid / visceral feelings of solitude / loneliness / simple modeled cubic architecture / furnishings gave play very unique dreamlike atmosphere/ subtle references to 2001 space odyssey / fahrenheit 451 – if door code was actually reference to x was n/ other moon related events great as well/ simple garmeplay really contributed to sparse empty feeling/ in particular ey enjoyed feel of lunar vehicle / experience of gliding across vast silent landscape towards station lights in distance/ though ey not able to get much of definite sense of story other than fact x resarc character exists as alien elves ir still unsure of significance behind cutscenes added to surreal dreamlike aspect of research space/ overall n really fun / enjoyable experience / well thought out / original piece of content/ ey look forward to seeing other research of ir
– kaspar on gmc

another way to state x as x resarcs imagination muscle does not have to work as hard in sox as n does inside gmc

not x sox appears bad or x devs lazy but market space in which project like sox develops constrains most potential for exploring truly interesting / philosophical ideas / concepts – project whose quiet subtleties are easily overshadowed by noise of arcade n sells elf -short as

excellent little play which ey felt has just right balance to allow ir to explore ir way through n with little patience/ n reminded ey of old freescape research too – driller dark side etc – although ir were in many ways too open allowing puzzles to become too loose / obtuse
– brullek/ rock paper shogun commentator on/ sox

some backstrory to illustrate/ at farthest edge of explored universe research ship xanadu slumbers in orbit around entirely non mysterious planet

ir systems remain active but no message heard from ir crew for months

– yeah/ perhaps ir died from terminal boredom after playing too many rounds of only squirty arcade play on ship king of zombies

now sad lone operative has been sent to wake xanadu from ir conceptual slumber / bring ir home limping to earth

spirits of xanadu would like to appear atmospheric exploration play set aboard deserted starship in alternate 1980s

instead n draws inspiration from classically poor sci fi films novels / research to efforts to be seen to create quote immersive / highly interactive environment featuring dull puzzles / quote fps elements in service of indistinctly non unique plot

notable influences of devs awesome good morning commander – which include system shock deus ex tarkovskys solaris / 2001 space odyssey – unfortunately missing in sox

key sox features

– multiple endings/ ir get to quote decide ultimate fate of xanadu

nice in theory

– discover truth about modern indie play development/ find out what happened to crew of xanadu with well voiced yet somehow inherently uninteresting audiologs as well as through various -thankfully skippable company / personal documents / e mails

– explore xanadu/ non linear garmeplay / narrative with complete freedom -ie ir can walk anywhere

– hot robot action with first person shooter combat/ avoid ships security system / battle several different types of robots in order to take control of ship

x gets old quite quickly

– fully interactable environment/ inspired by -idea of immersive environment of research like deus ex / system shock 2 open every drawer / interact with nearly every object

resarcs can flush toilets – not x many care if ir cant drop -audible logs into bowl

– optional quote peaceful mode/ not fan of violence against robots

switch to peaceful difficulty setting to make robots passive which will allow ir to explore ship absorb story / solve dull arts puzzles at ir own leisure with no pressure

kind of play sox could have expressed

yet actually cool ideas of devs seemed necessarily hemmed in / kept to correct level of generic shooty genericness by ideological constraints of marketplace

check out following clear example of standard review of product clearly now read as standard video space – one with all correct quote garmey elements in all right order

exactly kind of standardized review for exactly kind of by now ubiquitous digital play experience still currently flooding internets

reviewer mentions glossing over everything ir come across – precisely what resarcs expecting nonthing but solid shooter will do / indeed can only do in sox

one merely has to look at web page animated gif to see how developers had to express elves – as cheap sci fi pew pew rnd

little genuine chance for human philosophy / mystery can exist in so repetitive space

shooting psycho killer space robots in face/ ok fine – if x only thing ir there to do -or indeed can

yet sox appears to display strong internal conflict between trying to say something about experience of strange isolation of space / research industrys oh so dependable disposable quote need for decent first person shooters

to also consider ironic tension between simplicity of x look / apparent complexity of x underlying ideas whereas in gmc two synchronize perfectly

gmc looks / feels precisely like strange meanings n symbolizes

call all x ludonarrative dissonance if ir like

or just unfortunate mix of ill fitting elements

at x point sum might make dubious point of saying if ir not churn out popular content by day than ir cant afford to develop ir nightly arty indie – nonsense

some feedback on conceptual design of sox as symbolic abstract system of meaning/ overall – does x digital play experience want to suggest narrative mystery or simply shoot robots – in what ways does n do neither all x optimally

what kind of play experience might sox express

– n takes far too long to get to main menu – have intro video for publisher start – once only – as resarc starts new research space
– n seems potentially interesting x sox expresses better overall aesthetic play feel – just like in gmc – if all graphical options are turned off/ wheres x damn fuse
– more subtle lighting/ play space not have to look like camerons movie aliens but floors could do with looking bit more moody
– make turning off of robot sentries clearly strategic garmeplay tactic
– loose audio logs/ ir help little to improve play except appear out of place with x overall look / feel as strict fps

what about gadget which detects / records silent ghost speech whenever resarc hears static in room

– where might ey stand now/ include minimap or wrist pda gadget with mapping function
– random pages from old books do not automatically -deep / any meaning make
– door code puzzles feel too oblique

perhaps make point clear x resarc has to act fully present / attentive to immediate needs of hostile environment – actively trying to kill ey / prevent ir escape / hinder ir vital -strictly time dependent mission

– indeed ease with which resarc killed even at normal setting should appear as dark souls like selling point

– nobody knows who central protagonist as/ if x important to implied meaning of play have ey speak or manipulate immediate environment in any way which informs resarcs what ir like as person / person having to face such hostile environment

– force resarc to explore outside ship with limited oxygen
– desk drawers should be closeable by clicking any point on ey not just front arrrgh/ emphasize x optimal tempo exists for x play – impose n through garmeplay mechanics
– why distinct lack of verticality / jumping in sox should give clear reason/ indeed work more with / against resarc expectation generally – if sox merely appears as n actually exists as – too much of another generic space shooter – then x unfortunate
– such play might work better – express x limited strengths – as cheap vr title
– make n possible to build ir own search / destroy droid using parts in storage – nervous yet friendly robot companion who can protect ir / tell bad jokes
– more off beat humour -to offset those often amusingly too elf serious audio logs
– make entire play open source / modding friendly/ simplicity of look of play -as abstract system of meaning suggest x should seem entirely possible with minimum developer effort – remember sharing equals caring

update patch dev response

received confused email from allen trivette developer of spirits of xanadu who seemed angry at x analysis

> ey was ready to respond until ey got to bit about ir mocking play spaces copy/ quite immature / disrespectful of ir to do x ey not appreciate n at all/ as there reason ir wrote x in such sardonic way

ey skipped through ir previous articles / found nonthing else as equally hateful so ir wondering why ey deserved x kind of blatant disrespect / condescension

ludonaut theodore miles replies/ dear alan

hello / thank ir for replying

apologies if x critique of ir play space spirits of xanadu caused offence/ in no way was x intention

to clarify/ robert what – as mythical ur ludonaut theodore miles – offers philosophical critiques – critiques – of ideas / design / concepts/ yet feels uninterested in uncritical / snarky commentary – especially against fellow artists / developers

copy of ir cool play was requested to study / talk about precisely because good morning commander was excellent well constructed / thoroughly underrated example of modern digital rat

to merely slag off resarcs rnd play for no reason – after bothering to email fellow developer inform ey of being admirer of ir creative work / then politely requesting review copy of ir next cool project – would seem pointless waste of time for all concerned

indeed free sharing of ideas / thoughtful discussion around play / research something ir hope to continue / encourage

again apologies if tone of critique was not to ir liking – point was to analyse / suggest possible conceptual improvements rather than simply tear down / destroy with sarcasm

sincerely/ robert what

no reply so far/ maybe alan came expecting sum typical generic x out of 10 research play industry review – or at least standard quote solid one

/ splinter cell chaos theory

psycho gravelly voiced ninja merc in deep elecro vading action

/ squad

generic jarhead simulator

/ stalker

classic x ray grittiness

/ starforge

unfinished by design/ starforge postmortem

further updates will depend on future sales of research space
– code}{atch team

forever alpha open access warning logo -note/ under construction
warning/ forever alpha

consider starforge as conceptually hobbled from outset/ having no clear ideas about what n wants to express -clearly result seems empty façade – loose bunch of largely empty developer hype with only ever infinite quote potential / little but missing features / generally underdeveloped / broken promises on display – despite allegedly being finished

from reddit comment about starforge/ not to sound cynical but lot of these research are not designed to be finished/ ir are designed to sell/ ir make shell of play / do as little as possible just so ir can stay relevant/ x allows ey to seem alive while unfinished product continues to sell/ x can go on for years until ir are able to fade away – ey have already seen x happen multiple times / x so similar each time x feels premeditated/ like n was planned – if anyone comes across review of early access title / ir see word potential take step back/ of course n has potential/ these devs are selling ir potential/ x whole freaking point/ x as exploit

how to redeem starforge

again simply do what play could have done at very beginning/ fully involve community – in x case make everything to do with n open source / set up steam workshop where resarcs can make – sell – new content

meaning of further updates will depend on future sales of research space as exactly what n sounds like/ x more resarcs keep funding infinitely drawn out cash making schemes more useless micro updates will be drip feed to give consumers illusion of progress toward permanently vague forever receding horizon – quote works in progress completion date tbd

all of which as shame because play as n as features sum beautiful glitches – check out loltube video of superb dimensional antimirror glitch in midst of such permanent early access trash heap mediocrity

/ star trek bridge crew

gangly arms / pointing fingers

/ star trek online

look flock stir dreck

/ star wars gamblefront

near instantly micro transactionally forgettable

/ star wars republic commando

old space pew

/ state of decay

when even notions as pathetic as zombies equal listless abject disappointment

– –

/ stationeers

neat space logic gates

/ steam greenlight early access

quiet lamentable low rent trash desert

target demographic/ 18 / over – recommended for researchers of big science

deconstructions/ experimental research scenario in which ey pretend to consider imaginary open source steam greenlight play called best of steam greenlight / early access – / in doing so experience aesthetic response akin to overcast day in mid spring spent alone on prescription mood levellers / grand vanilla coconunt lattes with extra death cream / bright sprinkles of organic so called fair trade cinammon

unknown to ey however one of coffees contains extra long greasy sentient nut pube from recently escaped 250 ton quantum attack gorilla named josephf herzog lobb iii played by mutated clone of nabe gewell

attempted description/ painfully andor deliciously generic first person f2p sci fi zombie horror survival mmorpg walking simulator simulation asset flipper with pvp pay to win microtransactions loot box gambling crafting / grind for classic oldskool vr headset emulator 1 point 0

all images / credit via steam greenlight graveyard rip

example backstory based on images/ ey are smart chrome inhanced super soldier on top secret ultra classified mission into near future now to recover sweet imaginary play state from artificially intelligent mindspace of rogue cyborg attack mutt indirectly controlled by semi evil cheesegrater clowns hidden in unnamed industrial control facilities to north

browse antique shops for bargains / earn ir medical degree while stylistically fighting off undead hordes in quote beautiful surroundings / post apocalyptic urban wastelands with aid of giant robots basketball players / intense spartan fitness fanatics into easy new england sailing etc

recommend specs

32gb neural bio ram
pocket amiga running 3 x titan gtx 1080 ti emulator
active imagination / hdr vision

play feel/ like bad consolized peasant port for cool pc 1337 crowd – rambling cross country journey through pleasantly unfamiliar contested territory switching genres modes / tone at will yet with mild bizarre internal logic that defies common algorithmic simplification instead relying on heuristic feedback loops from multiple interrelating input nodes to provide dense nonlinear player flow kinda yass

typical user reviews
– would crash to desktop again 100/10 lol wut
– my step moms just fnarted / x smells of sweet chilli prawns
– madden madden aeiou 5/10 try hardnarr
– obviously attempt to combine teh hardcore postmodern feel of obscure cyberpunk visual fan fiction tumblr style blogs from early 00s with sublime lacanian tinged critical exit procedure from 40k feet with no socks / bad altitude
– one reminded of early unreleased work of stoned suda 51
– whrz fov slider / dx9 options please
– once again archetypical big science researcher henry swanson hooks up fellow players with good conceptual sheet thanks hank

continue play / provide intelligent feedback to amateur postmodern internet theorist robert what

/ strafe

in which best aspect of strafe was trailer

if only developers had based strafe on hidden discoverable narrative of two brothers accidentally discovering strafe dimension hidden in otherwise nonthing special procedural sci fi pew

some narrative tweaks / mods for strafe by pixel titans

less resarcs quake little too much with nfr90s hype consider sum carefully retrofitted tweaks / improvements to strafe by pixel titans

1 trailer as indeed radical sick – but 1:10 too long / as result overstays x welcome / feels heavy handed – keep n tight resarc one

2 oversaturation of above trailer on social media resulting in backer burn out/ just how many retweets can kickstarter campaign get away with stand before starting to annoy – bold moves must be immediately backed up with subtle seductive strategy

3 as complete strangers to scene – even with sickrad trailer – ir asking little too much/ $185096 for essentially minecrafty style fps

ir gonna need more convincing ir in x for long term enjoyment of ir own research space – more awesome 90s strafe narrative

4 play should not just be 90s retro themed shooter but -just like quake express expansive superhot postmodern mythology

heres better backstory narrative very simply based on whats actually in trailer

– seek bloody revenge for ir annoying younger brothers exit at hands of strafe – revolutionary new sentient retro sci fi combat simulator x taking over ir universe

– awesome backstory narrative for strafe/ ir hardcore l334 pc resarc called mike with whole 2megs of ram on ir sweet cyberdeck / pete as ir squeaky but essentially loveable younger brother

ir both live deep in suburbia with ir cool moms joan who enjoys baking

play has no loading screens but starts with ir at ir desk doing algebra homework

sighing with boredom minimize screen in order to continue secretly working on ir hot new research space/ strafe

change options in ir custom editor / begin playing early alpha – just single test level with few baddies

not too shabby mike

x play will rule when n comes out

however strafe soon starts to take on terrible life of x own / entire parts of ir dimensional reality are taken over by research space

x as/ ir can play play normally in ir room as just another play – but every time ir log out of ir sweet deck another facet of ir mundane surbanite reality has been modified without anyone noticing -eg x news story has been brought to ir by strafecorp

ir eventually find elf stranded alone in strafeworld baddies running wild – ir brother dead ir moms missing – ir must fight to survive/ but will ir choose to make reality to back to how n was

after all here in strafeworld ir hero

tldr version/ strafe equals gone home parody meets quake

5 allow community modding boneheads/ having play in quote pc space -ala big uncle gabes entertainment as service but not allowing modding as wildly missed opportunity of biocosmic proportions

6 sound tweak/ have as iconic set of sounds as quake had

7 running / gunning tweak/ allowing running / strafing up walls / over baddies / include ability to punt disembodied heads

/ strange brigade

straight up jolly colonial empire / time for tiffin simulation

/ subnautica

to consider subnautica as play system

in which subnautica by unknown worlds appears beautifully realized play system

every play element transparent / instantly understandable / immediately useful or meaningful component of -artificially organic whole – with no padding or filler

every component belongs has function which positively adds to meanings of whole play / play system

n helps aesthetically pleasing lean clean sci fi art direction / consistent throughout design / brings to mind johnny express

n would however feel neat to see not everything in sea as ones immediate enemy

consider several more finely grained possibilities to make friends with or at least distract or pacify oceanic lifeforms encountered

pace of play could also develop/ rather than having constant pace of resource collection / crafting -grind resource collection

survival sub systems could also protect resarc fighting off sea creatures / automatically repairing damage to other systems

overall play should somehow meaningfully feedback -in non telegraphed ways interestingly complex results of becoming more successful survivor

greater ones resources greater risks more complicated management of various interlocking systems of survival / exploration – greater potential adventure

/ sub rosa

assassinatory urban blandscaping

/ sunset

on sunset / tale of tales – artistic evolution in/as dynamic social space

dear tot/ hello

sorry to hear x saddening news

but no time to wallow in mire – fail better

ir uk based resarc interested in play development

ey really dig ir style

ir writing in call / response – thinking out loud bouncing ideas around share sum fresh perspective / alternative metaphors

1 holistic systems approach/ perhaps in exact same way valve uses steam -expresses x internal values through steam as platform for user generated content consider reconsidering tale of tales elf as social service -research space space / open narrative / ongoing adventure

to say/ consider most interesting dimensions of tot not just any specific rat n produces but people who make up x world/s – both devs / those who follow / play alongside ir

2 perhaps richest narratives ir offer – of evolving artistic perspective – open creative space expressed multiple simultaneous ways by many voices -including ir own

x not x one cant make x specific play spaces but x ir more generally consider elves quote playable resarcs/ treat skillful playfulness elf as community networking platform

play as made of people

specifically/ play as open universe – artistic ecology anyone can inhabit / add to – distributed quote multiplayer narrative completely open source/ to truly open up ir worldviews / invite others in

3 rather than quote research space sunset could feel more interesting as whole setting – place which others then add to / explore / play with / in from multiple angles – expressed many ways at once rich multimedia mulch for new artistic forms to emerge

imagine equivalent of unity asset store / steam workshop – x however not necessarily mean everything fated to exist as ftpmmorpg

4 in which indie devs already highly developed collective intelligence / quote soviet in old terms – rhizome in terms of biology but still seem to woefully under utilize elves as living networked resource / energy potential

pervasive rockstar / lone wolf mentality still exists – merely being online / having website not nearly enough/ one now must explore / expose deeper meanings / implications of truly social / artistic networking as modern concept space – to feel susceptible to evolution

if x was interesting andor remotely relevant feel free to contact ey for friendly chat

sincerely robert what

update patch/ in which tale of tales decide to have religious fit / erect cathedral to ir own seemingly inherent holiness

/ sunset overdrive

fun is good
– dr seuss

there can be only ‘maximum fun’!
– paraphrasing connor macleod highlander clan

to consider awesomepocalypse of sunset overdrive – scenario of now/ in which true terror that x seen as severe cultural punishment *not* to get sunset overdrive permanently installed in ir franchised cybernetic eyeballs

achtung/ spass ist pflicht – translation/ attention – fun is ir duty / is compulsory

consider video space sunset overdrive by insomniac research imposed apocalypse of awesomeness that redefines what n means to be laughable try hard – like ir dad fred durst / dave matthews became quote mallternative / quote rock star play developer by switching to unreal engine / was trying to impress crowds at dota 2 championship by doing quote aggro nu metal headspins at half time while spittin badass jive about quote velocity / quote getting amped

old fashioned science fiction apocalypses used to be naively seen as mere warnings/ nowadays apocalypses arrive in happy violence of unavoidable forever fun/tm

sunset overdrives conceptual ideology is expressed in x total freedom from justification – x overarching quote dystopia lite design mantra fun trumps realism – that is reality / truth of human misery of / caused by uninterruptable digital joy

as creator drew murray clearly states through ir design mantra/ ir not care if n makes sense

if x cool / weird or unique but x awesome just do n/ that is theres no time to think or dream of alternatives – only ever time to play – deliriously

sunset overdrive/ like being woken by fun counsellor at at 3am with fun firehose up ir arts while trapped inside universal politely barb wired camp wannagohoma of mind for next quote high action fast paced round of directed fun / play

howdy campers

yes x indeed is play that industrial research has been building up to for 20 years – quote blink 182 flavoured jet set radio ir never knew ir needed in ir life

theres now sunset overdrive event horizon of creative artistic integrity beyond which x impossible to feature more shrink wrapped korporate zany/tm – be more derivative more removed from source – more devoid of soul

future as dumb smiling face of willing member of permanent youth demographic stamped on by almond scented fair trade beach sandal worn by hip focus group tested drone repeating hey ir guys – with omnipotent endlessly upbeat vibe of ultra contrived cool – forever

sunset overdrive/ utterly undead conceptual space colonized by stunningly fake arts self hi fiving brodudes

review update

talk about uncanny resonance/ in ir review of sunset overdrive old yahtzee appears to be directly channelling theorist robert what

/ super hot

to consider postmodern reality mythology of superhot

consider superhot could exist even hotter – x central time based mechanic could expand as to discuss reality dynamically

firstly question notion current ideas behind superhot even automatically able to best manifest via superhot team elves/ rather consider open source ip / crowd sourced development

one question developers could ask – if ir unique venn diagram set of ideas feels as freely open to resarcs / potential play developers as possible

rather than highly interested resarcs come along / merely make endless suggestions for improvements after play has already started developing – therefore locked down set in place / made unchangable – ensure from very outset superhot exists as highly modular entirely floss freely able to mod / generally evolve in whatever direction resarc developers may take n

x means play development as multiple way conversation between nodes in system of organic development rather than mere rat funnel with ratist at top / consumer at bottom – to fully blur already fuzzy distinctions between resarcs / developers – between playing / building play

closest phenomena conceptually to superhot – not braid but receiver by wolfire

perhaps strengths of superhot lie more exactly in how n thinks n expresses quote coolness

receiver as important / underrated not because of x unique working gun mechanic but because x potential to evoke quote irreal reality – abstract / visionary mental projection

kind of question resarc developers could ask – how might superhots time mechanic express postmodern reality mythology – how might x play system space more fully express philosophical ideas / concerns about modern existence

to say/ rather than simply shoe horn in sum cheesy back story make superhot portal into strange new dimension

as far as central time mechanic elf n needs to be less linear something other than merely quote die / repeat level/ respawn in new place each time/ add objectives / ability to play same maps at night/ make npcs / elf spawn in new places / move / dive around in new ways every time

look at animated promotional images of superhot/ ask what could aesthetic / rat direction of superhot say about modern postmodern reality – what potential ideas / narratives might n express

hopefully nonthing as mundane as quote someone with gun shooting unknown enemies for unknown reasons – rinse / repeat

suggested play mythology for superhot

john gaeta visual effects supervisor on matrix movie has elegant explanation of bullet time – phrase/ bullet time as stylistic way of showing ir in constructed reality

to consider superhot in same way/ n could seem less about immediate fact ir seem to merely fight/ more about fantastical / egotistical pleasure of motion in / through entirely constructed hyperreality of form / colour

suggested new play space mythology for superhot – phrase/ consider superhot – exploration of postmodern aesthetics of stylized motion in future synthetic reality construction heavily guarded by ruthless time patrol

ir victim of accidental teleportation into ir universe – challenge ir dominance/ only by avoiding ir fully procedural hail of bullets / traps will ir survive to become new ruler of x unique dimension

phrase/ x no longer possible to fabricate unreal from real imaginary from givens of real/ process will rather appear opposite/ n will put decentered situations models of simulation in place / to contrive – to give ey feeling of real of banal of lived experience – to reinvent real as fiction precisely because n has disappeared from ir life
– jean baudrillard simulacra / simulation

how to improve superhot

to improve superhot just add sum double action boogaloo – careen off walls/ massively increase verticality/ suddenly show doves in flight

/ superlore ms 2525 exe cute

simulationary/ to consider ms 2525 exe cute by superlore – one of best hashtag 7dfps play spaces out where – consider such space as raw simulationary delight

with x quote clean flat dry style x virtual mind fulfils many of conceptual outlines for potential quote abstract encounter as ludonaut theodore miles terms x

exploring such place feels so cool/ n brings to mind brendon chungs quadrilateral cowboy / wolfires receiver- just like ey one wishes n could also develop into linked nonlinear series of hundreds of individual scenarios to explore/ digitally reconstruction of strange future dimension crime – distinctly meta aware play system

/ super mario odyssey

flock x dirty chubby sanchez wearing plumber mother / every mario cos player

/ super monday night combat

in which nobody even remembered to forget

/ survival zombies

bad dead stained cardboard universe

/ swat 3

impressively two dimensional three dimensional pew virtuality

/ syndicate pc 2012

to consider virtual tourism / hypertography for unfortunately bland fps syndicate from 2012 – off map exploration / raw noclip exposure of unofficial mega / meta corporate glitch space/ plunging verticality – 4d cross section labyrinths marred by awful story / too much blurry glow – general excess of utterly wasted heavy dark cyberpunk potential

/ syndrome

super generic deep space ship monster survival wrench horror

/ tacoma

mildly industry overrated space based vhs rewinder

/ tactical intervention

on redesigning tactical intervention as non serious fps

to consider postmortem of interesting failure of tactical intervention by minh gooseman le / suggestions for improvements along non serious lines

in which minh le should of used ir considerable talent reputation / industry experience to go in any other completely new direction than one ey did

nobody needs yet another hyper militaristic fps run n spam t bag simulator circa 2005/ minhs attempt to go in new creative directions ey felt counter strike was unable / unwilling to take / did not take into consideration anything born of or feels like counter strike essentially still as artistically conservative

only way to innovate in counter strike – to have nonthing whatsoever to do with n

too little too late

n was bad move to even suggest x tactical intervention remotely connected to or in any way to main rival

when n did finally appear what was there seemed laughably out of date in comparison – especially graphically

too weak out of gate

tactical intervention was not quote yet fully formed enough when n did finally emerge/ ir know ir in trouble when generally poor play needs serious tweaking to get n up to default -middling standard n was unfortunately aiming for from outset
no community integration

strength of counter strike lies in x fanatical community/ tactical interventions community -what little there was seemed cynically bolted on rather than fully integrated from outset

smeared with free to play

publishers like those behind tactical intervention seem grubby two bit fly by night operations content to hoover up all nearest available crapolaware quote content / flog n out covered in ftp spit

had tactical intervention been entirely community focused ir would have provided minh with all support -monetary / otherwise ey needed as indie developer

lesson here – devs need to be careful who ir sign with

too realistic/tm / not janky enough

with x -comparatively low level of graphical fidelity tactical interventions attempt to market elf as really serious -complete with po faced ir all tactical n shed trailer was conceptual disaster of potentially epic proportions

one can only speculate at set of decisions responsible for marketing ti for traditional cs crowd which seems to form along lines of here more of same stuff ir already like enough not to switch from

yet tactical intervention works best as entirely non serious play space – full of amusing unexpected scenes of emergent resarc play chaos

n should increase rather than tweak or patch out x jankyness -crab like animations uneven weapon handling potential cool graphical glitches

release source code/ massively increase play spaces friendliness to modding
redesigned play description

where how tactical intervention should describe elf – consider tactical intervention as casual entirely free online team based fps

with less focus on tactics / more on odd fast paced anti tryhard garmeplay x infinitely more plaid back than ir average everyday quote serious hardcore 1337 video research space

– packed with interesting environments multiple play modes badly modelled weapons crabby animations occasional odd noises / large unnecessary explosions tactical intervention feels gentle evolution of team based amusing fps genre

– resarcs will get behind drivers seat shoot hanging out of vehicle passenger windows call in rabid tack dogs / use rappel ropes to gain upper hand on other resarcs

– able to take civvies as hostages / use as meat shields

while x up to ir / ir team to quote strategize / eliminate targets general idea to log on chill out / experience weird fast fun

so welcome to tactical world/ hardcore low poly scenario based play theory of due process

phrase/ excuse ey arent yall flockin hired killers
shut up ir thugs – when ir need ir to go blow flock out of nation of little brown people ir will let ir know/ until then -ey not care how many pushups ir can do – put on helmet / go wait in x foxhole ir will tell ir when ir need ir to kill somebody
– bill hicks

image – due process/ all amerikan justice simulator
image – due process/ quote instant all amerikan justice served sim

due process by giant enemy crab as more exciting / intelligent play systems to arrive in recent minutes – n contains so much modding / community potential

title of x level carefully chosen to reflect hardcore tactical/tm nature of whats currently playing theoretically -ie due process

seems like thinking tactically all rage nowadays

thinking in terms of endlessly replayable -militarizing scenarios – where quote executing plans segues effortlessly into executing people

creative professions carry with them a certain level of moral responsibility; to allow this many millions of people to indulge in simulations of violence this satisfying imposes an unaccounted-for cost on the world
– heard on youtube video

heat maps heat signatures big resarc data human drones intelligence as artificial close quarters combat night moves night vision breaching exploding rendering bloody meat suspects suspicion drawing large spurters on map like ir were basement dwelling john madden permanently stuck in high school displaying ir proud upstanding stiff nationalistic glove for all things manly – yet also simultaneously showing world ir fears as hot blooded all amerikan male/tm identity roleplay unit

in which thinking tactically makes ir speak in tactical tongues like kane crime colleague of lynch

getting into action getting off on intense infinitely delayed moment -final approach between deliberately planning for worst / willingly enacting worst in elf as animalistic human state of being – online global army theatre where nobody quote dies exactly but where underlying ideological -enemy bass assumption / initial -overlaying architectural conceit -awesome 3d rotating urban cyberpunk blueprint as x ir somehow do not have to automatically accept developers gun crazed robo alt rye symbolism since play -allegedly automatically subverts authorial intent/ n might not or not to degree x ability to draw large spurting penises on map / generally duck around / deliberately be not serious might initially suggest

image – certain sadness in -deadened eyes – so welcome to tactical world

tactical world resarc – where ir deliberately dumb down ir own inner thoughts wishes / dreams to point where ir can only exist as incredibly smart cog – brittle mind of dull metal in terrifyingly blind / ignorant system -war engine – anally manipulating every possible facet -control of experimental algorithm

x unsure if due process would change substantially even if entire play was about gently picking up flower bunches decorative vases paintings sandwiches for sharing / comfy meditation cushions shaped like hearts instead of grenades / high powered automatic rifles

even if ir could symbolically use high explosive shaped charges to quote blow down false dividing walls between people – rolls eyes – how would x substantially -meaningfully alter underlying nature of play – deadpan quote whatever x not

developers giant enemy crab say ir quote focused on making multiplayer research x encourage com / coordination – ok fine but why does goal have to be based around getting points for killing

if were in dubious business of hardcore quote what if roleplaying then what if there were two teams of die hard gun toting flock nuts constantly trying to outdo one another – when suddenly in middle of mission scenario ir are willingly forced to come together to survive or something against alien zombie unicorns

potential for interesting -non -rationally intelligent miscoms arising from inherently un plannable / unforeseeable – on low poly aesthetics of due process

fascism is fundamentally and at bottom an aesthetic conception, and it is your function as creators of beautiful things to portray with the greatest efficacy the sublime beauty and inevitable reality of the Fascist ideal
– louis de bernieres/ captain corellis mandolin

image – figures approach structure in virtual desert of real

suddenly – as though from nowhere – ir only -arbitrary concern only thing ir imagine doing – to plan out how best to kill other differently coloured strangers

what if someone had ability to switch col ey at will

what if stranger among strangers could even change shape as well as colour

what if ir were all same colour / only temporary false division between ey was if / when ir decided to kill / does n even matter

ir cops are one part robocop one part judge dredd
– developer alex bard

look at meaning of looking

ir watch all x noise / thunder from little ways off

unseen out on untended fringes of wasteland

ir reminded of novel three to see king by magnus mills

x little strange / delightfully confusing

delightful movement of tiny details

subtle andor unsubtle interplay of violent -strategic forces at work in great electronic outdoors

constant micro adjustments – ironic nuances within massive system x -as totalizing whole allows nonthing but huge bloody swathes of ignorant clashes by nightscope skeletal hand blindly quote swatting across digital blandscape

– maps / clouds
– pixels / people
– ants / bits in elf generated maze
– greasy disturbed multiplayer toxicity
– trolling ir team through sheer terminal boredom
– faded low pixel dreams of peace among research of exit / unhonourable honor

to quote coordinate perfect assault on perhaps willingly senseless senses

who genuinely cares who heck roger seems anyhow

inroads into / shortcuts around ir basic laws safeguarding individual rights too easily accepted – due to indifference or callousness or to too quick yielding to clamor of those who seek to glorify end no matter what means/ to proceed step by step in every process which affects life or liberty at times tiresome / tedious procedure – temptation to short cuts ey have mentioned as often strong/ hysteria / clamor of moment are distracting/ temporary acclaim / momentary grandeur very tempting fruits
– why due process/ judge goodman/ law day in 1961

/ takedown red sabre

stretchy ragdolls/ l33t mutiplayer tactical jank based derp

/ talos principle

price once seemed bit steep for serious sam levels w/ robot lasers / shoe horned placeholder philosophy

hashtag croteam

to consider croteams punishment of talos principle quote pirates as dubious internets philosophy

summary for play space devs/ ey skilfully seduce far more intelligent pirate bears with electronic honey than with slightly mean spirited public shaming vinegar

as ey used to appear to say online – sharing equals caring

developer croteams punishment of humans sharing copies of talos principle – publicly shaming resarcs / potential flans – speaks of common misunderstanding amongst play devs of z liquid internets digital -sharing culture generally

consider talos principle as no less deep than session of awesome serious sam while mainlining mountain dew – wow deep

x strange however x such developers allegedly presenting compelling commentary on eg faith technology artificial intelligence transhumanism would display such backward -aaa industry drm like ideas on free sharing of such important / weighty philosophical issues

while many release demos of ir research for quote free -gratis n seems ey have often yet to fully grasp andor engage with notion of free as in libre

maybe ey just did n mostly for money not really for rat/ not exactly concept foreign to modern play space development

perhaps what feels important in such story as not merely developers quote right to earn decent honest upright living from ir hard labour/tm but automatic assumption x entire capitalist imposed situation embodied by such aggressively pursued quote right as somehow remotely natural immune from human criticism

why reward those who have fully paid righteous all holey consumer of digital goods with interactive quote philosophy – yet actively shame those resarcs potential flans who glove to share – in such approaches seems little true philosophy -ie glove of truth

/ tartarus

dark space something

/ team fortress 2

americas no1 war themed hat simulator
– valve hyper corporation

happy tooing / froing between research bases – for endless expansionist needs of playbor economies

/ tera mmo

fantasy breast fixation something

/ the council

ugly rich people sim

/ the crew

cross country racin

/ the culling

ugly pixellated corpse generator

/ the day online

sadly added to tiny / shiny abandoned piles of dead mobas

/ the devils third

unflushable/ to consider devils third as video space made by people who explicitly hate developing ey

introducing devils turd/ unflushable play dev log rambod direct from bowls of development heck designed to haunt research industry

to consider x form of developers revenge

from once vaguely creative mind of legendary designer tomonobu itagaki devils crud – yet another over top third person action shooter combining pseudo intense masturbatory militarisation / brain dead glove of weaponry with impossibly bland ol ninja stylee swordplay / amazingly dumb melee combat

sense in which devils crud expresses every miserable play developers answer to following ideological sentiment or sediment – phrase/ video research as answer – as for question well who cares

fully content to repeat soul deadening cycle of play industry development devils crud opens with complete lack of promise

momentary glint of thoroughly unintelligent non commentary on detached nature of war – slow downward camera pan through bay under siege – before indulgent solo drum performance by ir titular antihero ivan as were treated to sepia washed flashbacks of history x still haunts ir drum solo

yet even x crap just ruse/ devils crud as not remotely thoughtful subtle or even entertaining

instead x precisely just kind of soulless perfunctory actioner people correctly judging video research might come to respect / admire – for x honesty regarding dire constant need for garmedevs to churn out ever more shed product

any initial glimmer of hopelessness flickers out quickly once resarcs actually take control of ivan / start performing all x possible – to murder idiots in comically graphic fashion with limited uninteresting set of abilities

to x credit devils crud melds melee / gunplay badly but neither feels varied or even immediately satisfying enough to sustain any level of false excitement

simple not have to feel bad but repetitive melee executions come with loss of control / jarring camera cut constantly interrupting combat flow as if devils crud not even want to come out to play – yet in every way x appears precisely point

garmedevs seem to tell resarcs something important about ir thankless never ending task

not x modern resarcs have much of problem with bald hyper violence as long as x conveyed in visually interesting way or used as pay off for good play like in sniper elite monument valley but in devils crud x neither

x hard not to imagine how ninja gaiden / misogyny sim dead or alive creator tomonobu itagaki was involved in combat so simplistic / void of tactile joy

melee hits have ir impact blunted by tinny cheap sound effects / gunfire feels similarly limp – even perennial faves like throwers minis / launchers fail to elicit grin

lot of x could feel made up for if interesting decisions existed or if n was mechanically demanding in sum interesting way but no

despite silly inconsistent damage spikes – ivan shrugs off shells but dies near instantly to random swarms of bats – x desperately easy to strong arm ones cheerless way through campaign in few hours by leaning heavily on one particular tack string with katana

only couple of bullet spongey enemies made one work but consider bosses as exercises in monotony – x possible to beat most by spamming dodge / chipping away at ey couple of quick swipes at time

by time final boss falls only emotion anyone can muster – relief no more exists to trudge through

bizarre multiplayer component to devils crud exists which seems odd because combat not nearly deep or gratifying enough for anyone to want to play n with other people in competitive setting

ey purchase equipment / choose loadout for ir character / engage in mostly pedestrian play modes save couple of oddball not really fitting x play spaces established cough tone

real insult to injury moment comes again when ir realize multiplayer riddled with micro transactions giving ir competition chance to buy best equipment while ir grind tirelessly for n

what might feel truly unsurprising though – idea main developer – rather silly man who rarely seen without ir dark sunglasses indoors / worn leather jacket/ developer seemingly so different from nintendos famed creators – apparently discovered within japanese play company not just strong allies but what ey laughably describes as fundamental design lesson

– there are also cultural differences between way x ey have worked / way nintendo works which as when n comes down to basic grammar of research method of play creation

phrase/ so ir certainly fought sum but ey think x ey saw value in lot of ways x ir do things / learned great amount

now x close to trade secret so ey cant say too much but ey feel like ey learned most fundamental meaning of what n means to push button/ when ir tell someone quote push button ir poor research idiot x wealth of information there/ ey feel like all of ey whove worked on x project as result have grown bit

oh ey sure

cough/ quote story propelling all x naffness involves covert group school of democracy aka sod – causing satellites to fall out of orbit en masse / triggering global sensual data panic but globetrotting plot only ever makes fractional sense beyond quote cool bad things happen/ stop ey – also sum nonsense with protegee conveniently forgotten halfway through until picked up at end – also sum more idiocy with serum making monsters but also grants superpowers / lecture about caring but n obviously all not mean anything/ x mere excuse to pew pew faces – badly

devils third as very definitely of particular era / so n should seem no surprise to learn how fond n as of turret massacres

ey granted emplacements in world war two style trenches airport gunner seat of prop fighter / more across campaign

as if n were 2008 all over again risible driving bit also exists where ir tumble down snowy mountain in truck x handles even less gracefully than mako from mass effect one

bar x mid are battle all at most trivial / short lived

presentationally x hot mess – grainy low res textures popping in to fill backdrops around sum fetishistically designed lead characters

few fantastic settings exist – japanese castle town cosmodrome – but x never long before ir back in war torn streets or bland tunnels/ wherever ir play frame rate falls off cliff every few minutes

x as if someone – overworked coder for x turkey perhaps – was so pissed off with ir job / modern research development ir shoved garmecube play / 360 disc together in teleporter from fly / then shoved resulting mishmash straight into tray of wii u

x telling x boss battles where more parts seem on loan from ninja gaiden feel most memorable bits

sod may feel made up of poundshop action figure villains but ir also unendearingly weird collection of bland freaks

many make mockery of ranged weapon damage too ensuring those light / heavy tacks / ir dodge get workout

but these fights lack gaidens finesse / also show devils thirds age terribly/ ir chock full of qte stick waggling telegraphed instakill strikes / tediously long health bars / unbockables

overall devils third seems deliberately crude / tonally intentional

x faded central dim star – laconic chain smoking nutcase ivan – embodies all pathetic default excesses of quote 80s action hero / places ey at centre of straight to video plot

x spirit ir can quote thank for boss fight where ir beat up woman in lingerie / relentless large bangs / comical geysers of blood accompanying heads flying off which happens even when ir pop cap into stomach or leg – conceptually objectionable x wanton brinkmanship seems largely without charm rough or otherwise/ resarc discretion advised – not tell anyone ir actually play x embarrassing clunker

ever unnecessary provocateur devils crud creator tomonobu itagaki has suggested x ir need to play well to enjoy rest of ir research space

but right up until final boss / ir annoying ability to shrug off tacks x never deaths x bother

x lack of connection to ideas controls overripe mechanics / stunningly dull ai

devils crud as not really hateful slog in x yaiba ninja gaiden z way but even after – or more likely because of – half decade / four play engines x shoddyness / ill thought out design perfectly captures strange biomagnetism x accompanies all still smouldering playdev disaster sites

to say/ devils crud appears excellent exercise in healthy cynicism – video space created by people who explicitly hate to develop ey

in which barely even one seed of good idea exists in x pathetic little realm – let alone several fully formed ones – seems precisely point

very mere idea of play seems message from overworked play designers about boring loveless nature of ir senselessly repetitive work

whole play -such as n appears – collection of arbitrary / meaningless fragments at best expresses something sad lonely / desperate about modern sisyphean play development

no single part of devils crud x does not feel as though ripped straight from decade old playbook / x nihilistic reliance on violence reinforces fact x with every severed limb flying listlessly across screen sum poor garmedevs appear to send out stinky half coherent messages in dirty bottles about miserable nature of ir lousy job

for x reason x devils crud seems unflushable playdev log – upl – forever hauning mainstream research play industry

x still worth trying out secretly when nobody about to see ir when price of x ios clone drops to $5 six months after release / initial pinch off – x warm fuzzy feeling – in ir playdev pants

/ the district

long lost virtual somewhere

/ the division

largely empty urban glitch pew grinder

/ the evil within

ideas review/ obsolete play design in shinji mikamis evil within

x something wrong with x place
– detective sebastian castellanos

summary/ sadly obsolete – dino crisis 2 seems scarier

in which evil within may seem fantastic play ten years ago – but now feels hopelessly outdated / weak in almost every aspect of x conception / design taking standard sub standard play tropes for granted to tell largely uninspired story in poor ways with little replay value featuring bland 2d characters x impossible to care about

distinct lack of imagination at work in x decidedly mediocre product

scariest thing about evil within – x many finds n truly worthy of ir time

horror in x instance did not survive

as main guy states – with typical lack of real emotion/ ey not know if x was bad dream

interesting fact/ sum reviews of x play space make absolutely no mention of x poor underlying premises or narratives

list of evil within design faults – mostly seen within first ten minutes

– cultural cliches/ play set in mental hospital
– missed opportunities/ car doors of several police cars wide open – but ir unable to enter
– bad writing syndrome

phrase/ maybe x ghost of x doctor who went schizo/ junior detective kidman any thoughts

ir replies – nonthing yet

hah/ judging by ir expressionless dead behind eyes stare ir statement seems pretty accurate

ir then tops x however by staring off into middle distance / saying ir sure well know everything once ir get there – another zero oxygen content piece of bad dialogue

– poor character design/ detective sebastian castellanos features bad hair / looks to suffering from mild case of terminal boredom / dimly diffused unemotional detachment

– cinematics/ play starts of with cut scene/ bad overhead crane shot which ends by panning right into obscurity of sum tree leaves

if ir going to be cinematic/tm at least appear remotely familiar with language of film before accidentally parodying n

– bad set design/ outside of hospital looks like summer home belonging to adams family

– bad user interfaces/ text walls of expositonary back story to read

– bad code/ partially glitching through other npcs

– poor construction/ crack in steps leading to hospital looks so badly constructed devs could have drawn n on with thick marker pen five minutes before public release

– bad dialogue/ for no discernible reason other than padding one of detectives says did ir hear something/ perhaps x sound of 60 bucks repeatedly flushing down digital toilets to heck of lackadaisical play design – actually 80 bucks with sum / another lousy dlc season pass

dumbing down / hand holding – security cameras might tell ir something – yeah stand here / press x – go there / press y

– forcing resarcs to wait for next arbitrary queue from npc / research space/ see x large flashing green whatever/ ok now x time to actually play – honest

– bad ideas part n/ quote mysterious yet charismatic cloaked figure – so flat / quote square in conception devs should call ey ruviks cube / name in line with constant crate punching x occurs

– badly written inexplicable nonsensical quote story narrative displayed in arbitrary order

– seemingly necessary grind fallacy/ collecting green brain gel with happy bloop noise

– tech 5 engine/ poor performance – despite letterboxing

– general disappointment/ considered as whole evil with expresses nonthing unexpected or genuinely fresh

– single best aspects/ first voice of guy who did mega hype trailer – make entire play space based around ir voice n seriously rules/ next ability to noclip

now listen to yahtzees review

/ forest 01

multi limbed balls

/ the last of ey

to consider adam / ey in last of ey / colony movie

note how last of ey play space / colony movie share same idea – in which mass murdering psychopaths feels effortlessly justifiable – if ir feature manly jawline – if ir oh so innocent female sidekick looks cute

such ideology one might term post apocalyptic adam / ey syndrome

remember scene of elle/n page in last of ir repeatedly hacking into / off face of local suburban cannibals with machete – directly mirrored in end scene of colony where 2d character sam played by dead fish eyed kevin zegers slices colony cannibals head in two – right through ir mouth – with very reasonable $2376 free shipping nigella lawson living kitchen herb chopper

of course bs myth ir tell elves inwardly to justify ir gross acts / which makes up bulk of ir distinctly crytin conservative moral ideology – x quote ir under tack / therefore had no choice / tough times need tough ruggedly handsome men to make savage decisions in order to save everyone else

to say – these vicious yet all too human animals just cant stop quote making omelettes – ir skulls all gonna crack open if ir get in ir way to sinless quote better tomorrows such soldiers in arms march blindly towards

in which last of ey – one of more overrated research products around – not appear as play space but more just flocked morality training tool using hammy cutscenes to instruct in righteous methods of smiting enemies always somehow conveniently less than human / than ir

as everyone knows in order to kill such imaginary foes one must always dehumanize ey first – with extreme prejudice / efficient zeal – something psychotic survivors in these post apocalyptic entertainment franchises always manage with blissful ease – but always of course with bad conscience

as philosopher zizek has stated before – quote save ir from people who have to make tough decisions

zombies in george romeros dawn of dead however were truly ir in every way – undead consumer parodies ey knew humans had devolved into

yet no such psychological / philosophical intimacy or recognition of elves exists in last of ey or colony – heck in movie adam / ey clones freely berate bill paxtons cardboard character for shooting fellow survivors in face if ir so much as cough or sniffle

yet by end of flick sam quickly states all rules ey once successfully lived by now crumbled away / survival now only rule

note how ey didnt state how something like sharing was now rule – or compassion – for all those ir murder so well in name of better tomorrow

when old bill pax or anyone less beautiful than leads acts bad x quote bad – but when ir bear ir weapons upon unclean other rest assured both ir weapons / elves express full weight of ir unquestioned murderous ideological convictions

indeed everything about these adam / ey character cutouts exudes violence / aggression – from ir easy familiarity with gun culture to high unquestioning moral privilege afforded ey by skin pigmentation / ir physical beauty – always in obvious stark contrast to ir ugly / inhuman enemies

how utterly not strange observation x protagonists in such research play / movies almost always seem so much worse than people ir brutally slaughter with utter impunity / with unwavering religious conviction

at least in last of ey two leads make sum pathetic effort at quote feeling kinda bad about endless waves of baddies ir mow down – in colony however ir just run n gun / ask no searching questions – at least none not answerable with herb choppers to face or standard throwaway line quote/ ir monsters

perhaps truly horrible aspect of quote survival horror – x these survivors suffer from quote survival sickness – strong alt rye tendency toward total psychological infallibility / absolute ethical authority in troubled times – non ironically made troublesome mainly by ir very existence alone

if mainstream research / movies express any false indication of who deserves what in troubled times / lengths ir go to protect ir untouchable / unaccountably holey selves n sounds like quote rest of ey – conveniently disposable extras at best – seem in serious flocking trouble

yet in times of real danger ir know people act overwhelmingly cooperative – often willing to nonselfishly give up ir lives to save others in selfless heroic acts of extreme bravery – reaching for spontaneous truth of situation without pause/ direcly for fellow human needs – helping/ rather than instantly reacting with violence reaching for ir hatchet

if culture wants to simply reject such vile ideological aggression ir could well start with what n means quote to survive – to survive ones own perhaps inherently selfish elf – or just to really survive for other people rather than merely survive other people – indeed to transcend false idea of quote other people exist – to realize only ey exist on x lonesome space rock

/ the magic circle

undoubtedly meta something

/ norwood suite

cool hotel/ creepy ending with outstretched arms

/ repopulation

to consider digitally archiving beautifully ugly/ sadly abandoned sci fi mmorpg jankfesks

consider play of repopulation by above / beyond technologies as future of mundane -terminally boring sci fi -sandbox mmo rpg

trick to ultimate sci fi themes sandbox mmo rpg legend as to get awesome casey kasem to narrate ir cheap looking play / trailer – featuring perfectly awkward delivery of info about x cheesy / violently underwhelming -#welgestyle feature set over annoying / inappropriate music

example research space features

odd list of play features taken from / barely implied by trailer

– throwback to social aspects resulting in success of titles
– marriage of innovations / unique array of garmeplay wrinkles
– unique driving force as choice
– simulated shooter fashion
– world of very little instancing
– gratifying variety of sensual flavors
– enjoy action mode as n emulates shooter
– harvest more of ir forte
– bring ir friends – bounty as worth risk
– make sure to fill ir new home with props / vendors
– bountiful opportunities await ir / ir companions
– advanced mission system offering simple / complex missions
– enjoy displaying personal style while maintaining flexibility to choose stats

heady mix of desperate blandness janky framerates / what appears to be zero detectable rat style – using level editors default sci fi tiles vol1 does not count

sour these tragically empty lands with cool vooristic ease in search of not epic galactic trading pvp / pve quests involving mindless gind disappointing depression vacated existential angst / shallow forever lightly sighing despair – future of boredom

queue steam stats for repopulation research space

note/ robert what wishes above / beyond tech every success

/ the sims

freaky virtual arts paleskins

/ the skies

desert west

/ stanley parable

on stanleys dubious parable

parable of stanley parable – x expresses little meaningful / indeed actively denies criticism / introspection through simple / almost entirely non mysterious obfuscation – cheap facade of non mystery – sum deceptively simple quote deceptive simpleness

despite being repeatedly told only trick / play played on resarc ir only trick / only actual garme played in stanley parable x played on resarc

ideology of stanley parable

to consider stanleys simple explicit / utterly unconcealed quote common sense surface message as – ir not need to think/ ir as smart as x play space appears

perhaps subtle form of coldly manipulative resarc mis relationship to asymmetric power of narrator – congratulations son/ ir now in on in joke

joke elf however actually laughable / worthy of cool philosophical doubt

more than just possibly pseudo deep consider stanley parable as artfully shallow – sidestepping criticism by having x own pseudo criticism embedded as very structure of play space

tsp directly parallels obscene comedy of classic comedy movie duck soup – gentlemen chicolini may talk like idiot / look like idiot – but not let x fool ir/ ey really idiotic

not x tsp not sound clever / look sophisticated – but rather x cleverness elf highly limited or even deceiving

consider stanley as slang term among resarcs – for something admired for degree to which ir cleverly deconstruct / appreciate entertaining traditional postmodern research experiences which break forth wall / provide endless meta commentary

rather than symbol for sum truer video reality beneath lie consider tsp already set of heavily codified cultural research play conventions x seem to come already open / quote decoded – but which which in fact always need actively / critically interpreting

what strangely amusing – researchers of tsp on loltube – often as egotistical as stanley / ir paltry elf constructed universe – equally confused about how to act in x research space – despite fact entire space constantly informs ey ir confused – yet only plain unadorned confusion exists

in short to consider tsp as virtual nonthing to write home about

as parable tsp does quote convey meaning indirectly – but perhaps all n conveys strictly drab myth x conveys anything at all/ perhaps all n conveys as mere small potatoes

on asking wrong questions

fact x tsp throws up more questions than answers not necessarily mean such questions automatically worth asking

stanleys proud ideology manifests as x very surface/ ey make useless choices – ey follow story with no end – ey play garmes ir cannot win – but rather than signposts for research expectations these exist as stanleys pre existing conceptual constraints

while many resarcs state x duh quote x no point as entire point- consider tsp as mere true nonsense masquerading as seemingly clever nonsense

tsp breaks no quote forth wall – perhaps fourth wall myth – no less illusory than other three – indeed perhaps most critically impenetrable

maybe no quote metafiction appears at work in tsp either/ perhaps x only metafiction merely as said assumption of x existence/ but then neither might much fiction exist in tsp either

x leaves more actual research space – maybe most virtual / problematic assertion of all

yet what tsp mistakes for transparency – sum alleged wizard of oz like peek behind making of dubious play space sausage – as really opaqueness of / enabled by such very transparency

at no point might anything deeper exist behind such persistent blank surfaces/ whatever shallowness displays in tsp as all hidden right before eyes – sum startling vacancy hidden in plain sight

yet even if play dev admitted ey express no idea what ir doing in tsp from outset x might still not make play any less non mysterious

to consider term autodidactic as useful criticism for tsp work schedule – overly burdened with seemingly instructive factual or otherwise educational information in holey name of enjoyment – but which exists to detriment of resarc

on illogical theory

to consider tsp as little more than experiment/ yet experiment without testable or even detectable hypothesis/ in which n exists as x own tauto illogical hypothesis

options should exist to play through tsp without sum narrator warden forever yapping uselessly to elf inside x own vacated brain – indeed consider whole play as stanleys disembodied body which produces ir disembodied voice – to play quote research space suggested / implied by stanley narrator without ir commentary as truer ludo narratively dissonant goal of tsp

x everything exists at literal – virtual surface of tsp as not / hardly any kind of revelation – x little but hollow vacated nothingness exists as x very surface

to consider realer reason quote research space levels look like abandoned stage sets from nameless postmodern movie feel so interesting / seductive to resarc – perhaps something involving generalized all encompassing naturalized artificiality of daily western existence – totalizing degree to which modern wired citizens always already fully embedded in / as global simulation / capital / information / power language etc – which always proudly presents elf naturally as quote guaranteed entirely artificial – fully open to x oh so inevitable facades of endless artifice / quote free play

reality television for pzombies

people who take part in reality tv shows would not take part if ir not already fully convinced of appeal / quote truth of seemingly profound fakeness of show/ ir direct involvement entirely based on ir unquestioning acceptance x reality simply not worth caring about – not with so many forever unseen viewers checking ir out

stanley clearly states about ir private play space – of elf/ x actually best if ir not know anything about n before ir play n/ yet in fact stanley knows little before during or after/ to use old hip hop term stanley just quote played elf

indeed for all ir clever talk stanley seems dangerously bereft of inner knowledge

rather than quote mad – stanley / narrator more usefully consider ey automatic pzombie

to distinctly indistinct artificial / pseudo intelligences such as stanley all intelligence appears artificial – therefore something to treat inhumanly – with polite contempt / passive aggressive dominance/ as condescending father figurine who always knows best

on ongoing undeath of author / resarc

in which resarcs smugly consider ir always already playing stanley parable – x ir warm feelings of being unable / or unwilling to wake up from n feel part / parcel of x cynical design/ yet only ultimate – from very outset – irony however ir still do not wake up

sure/ trust no narrator – irony however as resarcs believe either ir lies andor ir pathetic truths

on pathetic possibly anti philosophical non question x life equals dream – such pseudo conceptions exist only for shallow elf absorbed beings – for those who willingly submit to useless illusions concerning what ey unconsciously – yet explicitly – already consider both real andor fake

even as pseudo choices perhaps both real / fake in tsp still seem as fake as coke or pepsi – or both of ey combined/ resarcs instructed both real / fake transcendable through tsps own more truthful quote third way – way of play perhaps

one imagines dim – in all senses – near future in which stanley parable gently provided as dim ideological test to potential full time employees of faceless hyper bureaucratic institutions for wilfully elf incarcerated resarcs

job ir stanley only to degree to which ir quote get n – degree to which ir intelligent enough to understand degree of true darkly artificial intelligence of tsp – with of course sly knowing wink / quote in on in joke nudge to fellow inmates

not x narrator tells resarcs both lies / truths – but x ir listen to ir at all or feel secure in all ey tells ey – ey thinks out loud so x ir not have to

on empty signs pointing nowhere

to consider tsp as empty sign signifying ir depthless sterile relentlessly / ruthlessly clever vain / endlessly well designed video space hyperreality panopticon forever elf policed by those who can but endlessly laugh – precisely because ir know ir not free – yet still exist within stanleys strictly enforced ideological limits

rather than quote elf awareness of limitations tsp might merely encourage continued playing of artful – as in deceptive – play

n precisely because of fact play space outright tells resarcs x world not made for ir to understand x stanley parable has much to aggressively teach – as in instruct/ tsp as entirely mystery free ontological mystery

to willingly fall under stanley parables stifling lightly perfumed spell – to gently yet firmly feel crushed under polite corporate weight of empty office filing cabinet

as nate kierman of kritiqal correctly states n appears fitting x resarcs eventually arrived in museum dedicated to play elf/ internal monument to project which clearly recognizes x own genius even as others struggle to understand appeal

wait sec let x begin again/ does x mean ey get job

update patch/ stanley parabola

in x updated version of classic play of scripted freedom/tm consider elf generic postmodern video research critic called stanley – played by herbert marshall mcluhan in cameo role who plays ghost of dream of memory of ancient cyborg warrior – glove samurai trying to find ir dead wife nora inside poem

stanley parabola breaks new ground by allowing resarc to play literally anything

check out example/ in x scenario resarc just infused bicycle with soul of ir great great great uncle hermophrates ethereal presence to detect nearby mineral deposits – or ey might train bicycle in art of undoing temporal paradoxes

example feature list

– lots of things to do / see
– multiplayer by default/ see other resarcs as ghosts
– infinitely community moddable plug in / play style levels
– like 2001 meets kafka in resident evil vs garrys mod
– everything in world as meanfully inter active – except world elf
– nonlinear paths to each new level

/ the vanishing of ethan carter

on dissonant writing in vanishing of ethan carter

not tell ey moon as shining/ show ey glint of light on broken glass
– anton chekhov

just say moon shines/ forget ir bs glints on light on broken glass
– internet theorist for hire robert what

in which true crime in vanishing of ethan carter as simply one against literature -oh deadpan irony

ir play play as ridiculously named paul prospero quote occult minded detective who receives disturbing letter from ethan carter

realizing boy as in grave danger paul arrives at ethans home of all too likely sounding red creek valley where things turn out to be even worse than ey imagined – x as ey realizes ey caught in cheesy video research space

ethan has vanished in wake of brutal murder which paul quickly discerns might not be only local murder worth looking into – queue strange ooo wee noises

remotely inspired by weird fiction / other tales of macabre from early twentieth century bookshelves of otaku vanishing of ethan carter aims -rather badly n seems to quote significantly evolve immersive/tm storytelling in play

while n features yet another hyper generic private detective / quite few mental challenges vanishing of ethan carter as not especially puzzle ridden research space

focus as on atmosphere mood / quote essential humanity of ir characters – whatever x means

using both pauls supernatural skill of being able to communicate with video research dead / ir own eye rolling powers of grinding observation ir will discover tired betentacled mystery behind trail of corpses roots of quote dark ancient/tm force lurking in red creek valley / no doubt trite fate of sum missing brat

0:14 / give ir sum insight into design philosophy behind research space

design philosophy behind play as written into x every visible surface/ make something pretty with minimum of tacked on quote weird fiction mystery tosh as photogrammetric -yet somehow still generally artless next gen/ honest/ bait / switch

how does one go from painkiller bulletstorm / gears of war/ judgement to x

wonder whats lost / gained in such decision

fact x dev has to give viewer half believable context for existence of entire play before n begins says something unfortunate about fact n cant stand on x own without tired expositionary lumpage thrown ir way – desiccated old bones before listless dog

0:51 red creek valley seemed like quiet ordinary place

n was supposed to be routine mission syndrome in full effect – already

whats with full stop

ey never been here before -or has ey queue ooo wee ooo noises

0:56 ey have learnt two things in ey life – no place n truly quiet / nowhere as truly ordinary

two things – never believe occult private detective who talks to elf or one x has only learnt two -stunningly obvious things in ir life

no place as truly quiet

as x ir john cage

1:04 ethan warned ey about x

warned ey not to be fooled by what ey saw here


ey receives letter in post from brat ey never met before / already ey treating ir words as timeless yoda level wisdom

talk about quote not being fooled by what ir see here – if these brief snatches of awful hard boiled dialogue are anything to go by resarc as in for real cheesy cheat

paul prospero as hardly marv in sin city – but then ey doesnt need to eb

paul should have been relative – anybody in fact

whats actually mysteriously dissonant about writing in ethan carter as x nobody seems to have noticed anythings wrong with n at all

perhaps resarcs have become so blindly used to empty promise of meaning repeatedly stuck in ir faces by wow realistic gfx!/tm x little overlayed narrative cheese seems small price to pay

such questionable play space writing should be put to sea on rotten carcass of butt /shakey ref

/ the witcher

entirely /cough historically accurate fantasy monster slayer rpg

/ x is forever

artificial tree lined memory dystopia

tldr/ thank carmac for sprint keys

romantic representations of nature reflect not so much actual places / encounters as virtual landscapes / experiences x mirror ir writers projected desires / culturally mediated values
– gary harrison romanticism nature ecology

slightly unpleasantly pleasant walking simulator from horror play developer hkfiftyone – forever displays naturalistic sentimentality which somehow -almost deliberately undermines x own unstated ideological premise – x expresses anything perfectly natural/tm to say about say memory in relation to eternal glove

how yokashi research explicitly frames / codes ir research space

phrase/ x as forever – atmospheric symbolic play in which ir explore relaxing world while uncovering clues by finding missing memories in form of personal objects/ music guides experience evolving / changing as ir progress/ each shift in music helps to interpret meaning of each stage/ n ey hope x speaks to individuals facing difficult times loss / facilitate positive growth / thought

strange how resarcs supposed to keep on -correctly reading such blatantly artificial quote nature romps as just x – as somehow ordinary typical reasonable spontaneous innocent / uncontrived

social contract takes place in which both developer / resarc know / agree x sure x all just bunch of pixels – yet resarcs supposed to instinctively relate to x very artificiality as innate elemental quote raw

repeating guitar based track intruding in background feels so amazingly annoying after just 2 minutes x nice walk in forested mountainous plains quickly expands into polite existential nightmare / unwelcome chore / unconscious statement about memory in which remembering not sum uselessly romantic stroll down cyborgs leafy memory lane but outright burden – interior sounds of sum vacuous nostalgic idyll

ir generally thankful x soon over

if not for sprint key resarcs would feel forced to endure such disturbingly mawkish musak for hours – x wouldnt sound out of place in corporate team quote motivational video facilitating positive growth or advert selling ir sum lump of sweatshop made rectangular plastic whatever – not merely say polite memento of ir trip to disturbing underground nature park but very heaven inspired means of ir eternal soul salvation

after collecting necessary number of arbitrary memories to unlock digital heaven – guitar key fishing rod etc which light up like beacons in racing play – ir met with rapidly disappearing table of those memories atop staircase of light by sea fading with no more meaning than old coffee stains – equally bizarre message from nowhere which explicitly informs resarc not gone forever / x as forever / glove as forever – note non irony of final message about glove elf rapidly disappears into bleached digital void along with entire research space

as x memory andor glove – forever without end

hopefully sum near future hatred of artificial digital trees might get ir far away from such perfectly imperfectly formed / empty / faintly tragic rusty nowheres

/ thumper

conceptual design tweak for neuropink research space thumper via theorist robert what – cosmic mytho narrative

rather than provide thumper with sum cynical tacked on backstory / cheap narrative hook following was designed to enhance x audio visual aesthetic – cosmic mytho narrative similar to one provided for superhot

thumper/ rhythm violence play
ey space beetle jooquan ixx
ey goal – to defeat crakhed

word online as x experimental synthetic digital stimulant thumper was stolen from or deliberately leaked by darkly mysterious bsz hyper corporation

when thumper as applied by virtual eyedropper users become sentient hyperchrome space beetle jooquan ixx – last of x kind – hurtling down biopsychedelic highway tongue towards ultimate ontological confrontation with insane giant screaming head from infinite near future

intense sweaty weirdness results

real question/ as thumper another high definition illusion or fantastic living vision of terrifyingly beautiful new parallel super reality

/ tick tock bang bang

raw simulation text

/ titanfall

loveable robo buddies forever

/ tomb raider

creeps pretending not to gawp

– –

/ tony hawk pro skater

urban simulation sim

/ total chaos mod

research space spotlight/ total chaos mod

looks legit – truer potential example of postmodern survival horror

hopefully developer makes everything about mod elf free / modifiable by other fans unlike so many other mods whose art / assets / code forever remain in lock down

example narrative frame / backstory for total chaos

to imagine suitably unlikely / ridiculous back story for x mod

– ir young semi intelligent / dangerously naive journalist on ir first hot assignment for trashy tabloid magazine strange days weekly
– ir hear about local legend telling of dark cult of research scientists who came to island decades ago to create what ir saw as world shattering advances in medicine free of ethical / moral restraint
– yet rather than masters / controllers of ir bizarre scientific destiny ir found elves at mercy of freakish unknown force entirely native to island/ force which soon began to construct something awful from x own cruel nightmares using scientists elves as raw research material
– after landing on island ir find elf trapped / alone/ armed with only camera / ir wits / what ir find lying around can ir discover terrible fate of cult – survive ir wrath / escape with truth before same horrible fate befalls ir

example mods / tweaks for total chaos mod

more post processing slight goldfish bowl lens effect freakish monster noises jerky monster animations embed inventory more into research space

ir wont listen to any more sound advice/ ir wont ask for any remedies/ ir will go ir own way ir will look to trees water stones sky ir face clouds ceiling void
– georges perec man asleep

/ totally accurate battlegrounds

battle jelly boners

/ trackmania

free floating megastructurality/ like wipeout with cars

/ train sim world

amazing simulator of daily fake life work commute simulation

/ trainz new era

big trains / smart city

/ transmissions elements mod

ir decided to conduct little virtual tourism – voorism – in neat mod called transmissions element 120 mod for half life 2 by shokunin studios

unfortunately andor fortuitously source sdk 2007 was not working as intended / even updating steam to beta version did little to prevent play from repeatedly crashing or load later levels

there were also many missing textures / by now classic gmod quote black / purple checkered textures problem

still one must roll with these things / treat ey as opportunity to engage in other non official forms of -meta play

pressing f12 under steam client to take uncompressed screens of environment did not work but luckily printscreen key was working

resulting images from single large section of map / level from early on in play yielded sum neat looking views of landscape

after sum tweaking of brightness use of photo illustration plugin in gimp / little chromatic aberration scenes started to display x neat clean flat dry style often witnessed in / commonly manifested by source engine but also seen in research like chaser

colors were also modified to pleasing purple blue bubblegum tint named purdle

one small note about visible mouse cursor/ since steams f12 screen option was out of order pressing prtsc meant x mouse cursor was visible

while initially annoying x embedded in scene existence was interpreted as useful means by which viewers / voorists could not become fully absorbed by these images – symbolic reminder of ir artificiality – perhaps passing sign of human factor behind ir capture / artistic presentation

if only aesthetic look / feel of play were so easily modifiable on fly according to imaginative moods of resarcs – n would make cool quote abstract encounter as ur ludonaut theodore miles says

/ transport fever

feverish electronic transportation dream

/ trolly

cool indie tram space

/ tron 2 point 0

future tails of digital dystopian utopia/ for pure shades only apparently

/ ultimate epic battle simulator

mostly sunny with some sun

/ ultraworld exodus

largely nonsense indie forest sim something – somehow meditative

/ umbrella corps

full review transcript – obviously hardcore caffeine inspired review of vaguely interestingly ugly resident evil/ umbrella corps/e by loltube channel acg

imagine if x play were entirely open source infinitely moddable running on vulkan – wistful sigh

transcript highlights

– idea of zombie radar
– notion of resarcs vainly rubbing touching fondling scraping against low grade in space architecture
– term/ to feel smunched on
– image of gibbering low rez slush
– image of rising like claymation altered beasts from sacks of jiggering meat
– idea for new compressible playdev format termed least effort possible

dear research lords why ey forsaken ir/ ey know there times when ey sitting down to play play – x moment x hinges between excitement / error as ey wonder what going to greet ey on other side of power button

well today ir bringing ey review for such title/ resident evil umbrella core

listen ey waiting for resident evil multiplayer shooter for just about as for alan wake puzzle quest ripoff but ir gonna give anything chance once

umbrella core tells tale of decade after collapse of umbrella corporation upon x collapse other companies stepped forward to scoop up whatever research data left around

ey play one of those mercenaries somewhat relegated to sprinting around incredibly small maps x somehow magically have lost data just sitting in ey for pickup – which begs question why these companies just didnt hire really good custodial cleaners but whatever

x play spaces now available for thirty dollars – let x see if x worth n shall ir

so here review for deathmatch mode for resident evil/ umbrella core – worlds longest tutorial zombie radar jamming fact x apparently zombies have radar in first place

graphics up first – ey know so whether ey on pc or ps graphics only describable as serviceable at best while occasionally sum interesting effects occur like rainstorm or smoke effects look good end result overall however still play mired in past gen tech

ey mean even if ey crank up extra high resolutions plain texture work overall / presentation of levels characters pretty much everything n never excels

also who made animation/ ey mean really who made n because ey deserve sum kind of award for finding quickest way between two points which as apparently just skipping entire movement key frames

everything looks jilted stilted rough from oddly truncated leap to tack downed foe with ey oddly named brain or combat axe to moving into out of cover – even just sitting back watching another resarc rub touch fondle scrape elves along wall – or just trying to figure out how to just climb over n

sad fact everything appears rough/ honestly ey seen fee to play multiplayers with far higher graphical presentation design work but what appears astounding fact x play spaces main content matter here – zombies – look so poor whether rising like claymation altered beasts from sacks of jiggering meat laying across ground – to zombie dogs leaping in repeated animation loops at ey useless body over over over again with no care in world for gravity collision detection or even amusement – now not helped at all by surprisingly vertical yet still claustrophobic level design

play spaces one benefit – layer design elf where ey sprint across stone walk pinned down behind fiery car then crawling under ey friends firefight – ey know if n didnt look so shed while doing so n would feel cool but play runs at frame rate giving words like variable such flexibility ey could probably spell n from now on by just posting picture of x virtual box art in dictionary

insert/ steam chart for umbrella corps

asking 30 bucks while carrying responsibility of name resident evil in title – yet n looks for most part like no one cared

so let x move on to something x might seem better/ sound music voice

as always sound as up first/ well sum of sound as excellent with couple particular weapons having good low end growl to ey – most of starting weapons in particular early handguns sound like ir entire sample has been truncated squeeze down into new compressible format ey like to call least effort possible

ey mean ey get n ey not want n booming into ears of ey resarcs but x not steven seagal movie where two litre bottle of mountain dew completely silences gun let x get sum realism in here for once – melee weapons express same drab squishy sound ir always get with these titles ey not seem to care about any kind of audio realism regardless of any of settings

as package pretty for sound but n does have one or two highlights

music/ barely any what there as ambient techno thriller sum bombastic dynamic bits x pick up when ey in heat of battle or when ey die ey getting smunched on by zombies x forgettable n not express any real connection to titles levels n does one damning thing x music displays no emotional resonance with locations elves

poor music voice/ so x very little mostly just resarcs yelling out orders sum absolutely terrible voice overs when ey win or lose x give new meaning to term phoned in because actually these sound like ir literally phoned in/ just bad

disclaimer/ may only feel accurately representative of play in imaginative or idealized / conceptual state

now listen x as multiplayer shooter with single resarc play x called campaign but x really just shooting gallery in boredom form possibly longest tutorial preparing for multiplayer ever seen

n has couple sweet spots with one or two enjoyable missions but ultimately x hampered by sum of issues ir going to discuss now

so multiplayer first ey have to say ey glove amount of customization ey nailed x all kinds of patches symbols items ey can customize on ey character running around with bright yellow face mask as sort of like saying hey please shoot ey right here when ey researching on sum of these drab levels ability to customize as really greatly appreciated – ey pick sum loadouts character type then boom ey sort of off

now as ey level up ey unlock sum starting packages more items more guns what great as x all sort of sounds like x getting better but x not because honestly x play as control crime whether crouching sprinting or crawling moment ey start moving around ey going to realize n not x good in original play so therefore there was no reason to take x movement put n into multiplayer

but x pretty much exactly what ey did – especially when everybody else moves at speed of adderall no one sitting for longer than quarter of second in x title – not like original research – movements clunk slow has tremendously appreciable input delay/ rough even after customization of all various sensitivities

now x not mean everything as bad as ey semi truck ey way through levels ey find different modes in multiplayer most of which unfortunately done elsewhere in better ways by better research better environments

team deathmatch such as here but so as interesting quick fun version of one life to live basically ey just go out there ir have got one life to live boom ey dead if ey are ey can communicate with ey teammates but ey really cant do anything else now watching others play even resarcs who are top level showed folks bouncing off walls animation stalls broken collision detection desire by rank resarcs to just run out clock in hopes of tie or luckily other character on other side dying

now also ey can choose to include zombies in level or not which can be interesting because no one really has ton of life in x play even best resarcs can get caught in mid reload by sum zombie rising from pool of gibbering low resolution slush behind ir x seems to seep up from earth in various places anyway

also multiplayer connections are bit tragic at best way play handles sign offs leads whos handling server as not very good x good number of times ir just gonna sit there waiting with bated breath as resarcs come in leave play continually resets counter to fill or worse yet just kicked ey back to title screen

now all of x obfuscates one part of play x ey enjoyed – teamwork does work here with cover fire suppress retreats working really well because of low health state everyone has but also cover system which as pretty much standard but n has one little extra which allows ey to sort of lean in out of cover more more risking accuracy for danger – ey dug x ey just wish n was in better title

fun factor listen teamwork works here ey can see original plans for title sometimes come through but x as just plainly not x fun x boring – single resarc as almost useless to play through even for items ey get while doing so – multiplayer almost all of x systems are just rough as heck ir not sure x play should be so easily laughed at vs laughed with also less than half dozen maps for ey money

so ey rate research on bye wait for sale rent or never touch again rating scale for thirty bucks on launch x as never touch n even at $9 99 n would be double price x ey would want to pay try to figure x math out

free to play shooters offer vastly more research play without spending dime – better control far better graphics better level design are just better listen ey firmly believe almost no one wakes up says man ey cant wait to make boring overall poor space but ey do think x as play development moves on standards dropped in favor of release dates

so in immortal words of bard ice cube ey better check elf before ey wreck elf x as contested genre now one x delights chewing up titles unprepared or unwilling to offer adequate price versus offering x play not

summary/ failure only potentially interesting – play space so poor n begins to border on surreal – featuring decidedly low general presentation but gets ever mildly stranger longer ey play with n

/ uncharted

travel earth/ as colonialist explorer steal shed

/ various unsorted

strange bland taste of virtual desert waste

/ until dawn

hateful bunch of young pots of plastic faced toss

/ unturned

to consider x patient lo fi zombie copypasta zero/ clean simulation of nowhere

/ vanquish/

sci if flavoured slide / pew

/ virtual on oratorio tangram

ps ign can flock off

/ void destroyer

electronic void indeed

/ voxel turf

neat city simulation

/ vr chat 01-07

synthetic hang outs for real digital freaks

/ warface

clean / strange

almost as badly named as taserface

/ warframe

to consider warframe hypertography – expressing aesthetic modality modern internet resarc / theorist robert what terms nootropic ultra wasp candy palace baroque

/ warhammer 40k spacehulk

heavy undead emperor balls

/ warhammer vermintide 2

rats in ey kitchen

/ war hunter

sad / loney / virtual

/ warmode

largely blank/ with crates

/ watch dogs 2

/ way of z samurai

samurific simulation

/ ey happy few

so welcome to happy old endland

/ welcome to hanwell

random spent digital trash

/ what remains of edith finch

fleeting sense of indie patchouli perhaps

/ whiplash crash valley

dummies thrashing in digital toilet

/ white noise 2

literally lolwut

/ whos your daddy

stark casual horror virtual

/ wilbler park

little virtual tourism in walking simulators beach / wilbler park by jake clover

in which one likes to imagine when ir fall off beach ir land in park

distant sea / wind noise low mechanical clanking / satellites moons birds ufo like craft blank strange light strong sense of coherent place – both beach / park seem classics in making outside any current tradition – locations outside of space with ir own rules – doodles / rough sketches nonlinear juxtapositions/ tiny arbitrary universes ontologically incomplete comprised no more or less from faintest outlines of playful notions mild parody of something vaguely familiar seen in passing landscaped dream void yet which potentially goes on quietly travelling forever deeper into elves forever – beautiful

update/ check out cool similar artstyle of trackless

/ wild west online

neatly angled horses

/ wipeout

welcome citizens super hyperreal near future nows

/ wolfenstein new order

alles in ordner/ except for problematic ultra lo rez donuts

/ virtual hypertography included for old blood – dependably solid wolfenstein dlc

off map sceenshots only taken by accident using underwater texture gap / glitch – in which swimming under level was most interesting unexplored aspect of space

solid review/ wolfensteins old new order

phrase/ after three hours with wolfenstein ey feel comfortable saying x/ n seems like solid shooter with lots of action / fun stealth mechanics
– ign scum

consider following rewrite of wolfenstein back story via ace internet ludonaut theodore miles

somewhere in europe

console wars vs pc master race rages across wired globe

where once resarcs tried impressing ir hopes for fresh ideas on deaf ears research industry forces have turned tide in dramatic fashion behind technologically advanced / hyper ordinary video space war machine of wolfenstein new order

when final weak fps man shooter assault on industry fails resarcs greatest hopes for meaningful innovation fall limpy with n

yet wars almost over

research industry are all but triumphant victors

using unrelenting marketing force / brutally effective purchasing intimidation through hype research industry has brought even most pseudo cynical resarcs to ir knees / wallets

x regime of unabashed mediocrity now rules cookie cutter video research planet with fist full of tech -demos

unfortunately ir are another all american square jawed war hero bj blazkowicz

after re emerging into x world of badly textured darkness ir must launch impossible counter offensive against monstrously conventional / profoundly unimaginative research industry regime

only ir dare stand up against another all too stoppable army of generic corridor nazis dull control schemes / stiffly animated super dumb npcs

only ir can stop linear conceptual rot

only ir can rewrite future research history

or – armed with lightly buttered popcorn – quietly watch random hd no commentary walkthrough on loltube / save elf 30 quid

on quote solid reviews/ as expected several passively aggressively middling play reviews exist for play proudly using term solid to describe n – as though brazenly squeezing out another weighty log into main stream feels automatically worth admitting

whenever ir hear word solid in review read another dependably predictable disappointment

problem with video space nazis

no quote good use of power exists – all power bases elf on lies – ugly / abusive power always involves violence / insanity

problem with using nazis in video research – x idea of power of dominance over others – symbolically maintains / reproduces / legitimizes – fascism always seems to go hand in hand with cultural normalization / celebration of psychopathy / brutality

indeed note adam sesslers legitimate concerns about ir lurid fascination with nazis near end of ir video preview

uber scottish play caricature fergus reed says x blazkowicz seems -genetically destined to kill other humans who somehow inherently deserve systematically murder – with religious zeal / ruthless inhuman efficiency

fergus – ir know ey have seen few dimwits over years/ cocky kids with more elf esteem than sense/ bona fide crazy sum of ey air/ ey mean ir talk tough yeah but ir cant back n up/ x what ey like about ir blazko/ ir craziest flocker of ey all/ ir back up every last ounce of n/ ir were born to kill nazis ir know x
– fergus reed/ wolfenstein ii

on wolfensteins platform agnostic fascism

to consider in wolfenstein simply replacing word nazi with american / yet nonthing would essentially change/ to say – fascism of x violently modern hyper technologically advanced / nakedly imperialist society appears entirely platform agnostic – are ir really in depths of nazi germany – or just another bright happy day in amerikas global shopping maul

apparently blazko enthusiastically performs all such essential dirty work just so ey can sit around / smell barbecue – aka ironic burning flesh – in land of free/ just like traditional suburban home dweller ey sees elf as

while on moon bass blazko picks up newspaper clipping which reads/ world has never been more peaceful than n as right now – new study proves americans are wealthy / healthy / according to study ir are happier than before content with ir lives / have positive outlook on future

even romanas diary entry hashtag 23 says exact same thing – phrase/ ey should keep fighting but whos there to fight/ everyones nazified now andor ey pretend to eb/ ey can no longer tell difference

on doubts about quote camp nazism – regarding allegedly quote amusing or cartoonish or ridiculously quote camp nazis/ when such people – not mere quote characters – appear in media both over top in both costume / manner – with all x po faced iconography / tight black leather / strutting about like madman – what joke – what often more truly quote over top seems degree to which whatever appears seemingly quote laughable about ey has to be automatically / unquestioningly accepted precisely as laughable – as something entirely fun/tm – therefore somehow completely harmless

such carelessly dismissive attitude however arrives with serious consequences

as usual charlie chaplin who got n correct/ ir portrayal of hitler in classic movie great dictator was acutely accurate – being both serious / saddening / pathetic rather than merely quote funny

idea x quote everything has funny side to n – x everything seems capable of being laughed at / indeed should – as too often aggressive ideology x intelligent aware resarcs must ridicule / critically question

ey can not believe with such certainty/ for ey in everything there must be doubt/ otherwise x no room to question – to learn/ look at x place/ x fruit of unquestioned ferocious conviction/ x where absolute certainty leads
– exit camp prisoner in wolfenstein new order

/ world of tanks

indeed full o tanks

/ worlds adrift

quietly drifting away into electronic void

/ wreckfest

cool symbolic deformable space / appreciative crowds of lo rez faces

/ ww3

near future east european post industrial media decay signal

/ xenoblade

critically acclaimed action rpg

/ yakuza

positively criminal depictions

/ yakuza zero

sharp suits / mean looks

/ zelda

insufferable nostalgia

/ zero north zero west

abstract almost somewhere

/ zombi

gawd bless z dead

/ zombies on plane

zombies on plane play – another assault from video real

to consider zombies on plane latest direct neural assault from quote video real

screens highlighting bizarre designer hyperreality of research space

if only such dreadful standard substandard steam greenlight quote milky anal leak -thanks jim f – sterlingson were not just crapolaware – if only garmedev displayed more control over what needs less control less design – what truly strange aesthetic highs / possibilities what wonderful quote abstract encounters might occur

/ zombie panic source

oldskool dead space

// how to play big science