Hypertography One Exhibit: The Surge

RND/ on recent surges in anti environmental research irony

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

in ir game global warming ecological problems have advanced to crisis levels
– adam hetenyi/ deck 13s head of play design for surge

The Surge: In Anti-Environmental Gaming Irony

to consider violent ongoing surge in what might be termed anti environmental research irony – in which modern hyper generic research play space with arbitrary/ bare minimal sci fi context/ tacked on quote environmental message are in fact actively destroying planet earth via very technology required to develop / play ey

consider another older better name for irony as karma universal law of cause effect – eternal wheel of what goes around inevitably comes back to bite dim pseudo environmental play space researching asses

now imagine digital conceptual rnd arising – indeed/ to wonder how exactly much electricity as needed to transmit such large files / resulting pollution

Environmental Impact of Video Games
Source: Big Fish Games

// how to play big science

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