Hypertography One Exhibit: “Mountain” and “Everything”

RND/ to consider everything – ideas review/ dubious new age philosophy in everything game by david oreilly

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

ey think everything when used in unrestricted sense as religious word
when resarcs make claims about everything n should be given same treatment as when resarcs make claims about d0g
someone ey know pisses away hundreds of dollars month on new age bs treatments in order to quote unlock ir chakras become more connected to universe/ ir one of biggest flockups ey know – as sick as dog more often than not
– reddit comments on everything being connected

Everthing: Deleted Comment about Mountain game

consider how everything play by david oreilly might contain or express dodgy ideas – frozen mcphilosophy nuggets regarding simulation of pseudo -spiritual wholeness

according to killscreen david oreillys next play somehow reminds ir were not centre of universe – yet conceptually feels like x at centre of x own -insular universe of apparently clever little ideas

apparently everything wants ey to question scale of ir world – ey place in n

play designer david oreilly used play to expand on ir first narcissistic misadventure into corporate sanctioned play space with mountain -2014 wherein resarcs are allegedly able to inhabit perspective of mountain non human thing

n was just bollocks

from there however n appeared quick hop step for dave to begin quote experimenting with ways to connect unique perspective to sum ultra vague everything/tm

humans not had tendency to truly believe ir center of universe for long while now

yet according to oreillys highly limited reading x very old pre scientific idea x were somehow center – something which ir ps4 play space system seeks to address

ey states x whole progress of science for last few hundred years has been more more realizing how insignificant ir are – which seems both massive misreading of science – non paradoxically act of extreme elf centred hubris to construct play space about how clever ey as to realize x pseudo fact

indeed more proper reading of insignificant – if ir are to use such term at all – might be no more or less significant andor insignificant x anything else

oreilly wants to give ir perspective – as humans as individuals – to every single object in nature/ tall order indeed dave – not x anything wrong with trying

x why ir have x idea in everything of being able to be hundred things or one – ey completely divided between those things because x case to be made x ir are all of course connected

x makes little damn sense however in fact contradicts ir previous insignificant statement

of course conceptual sting in tall tail of x dubious enterprise lies in strict ideological disclaimer oreilly conveniently provides

while everything as apparently quote exploring complex ideas on nature of ir existence oreilly bizarrely thinks ey shouldnt agonize over everythings meaning

x ultimately like joyful project ey says- x quote/ x not serious by serious ey mean strict or something ey should stroke ey chin at really have sum quote deep thoughts on

– talk about hedging ey bets dave

chief objection ey have to pantheism as x says nonthing – to call world d0g as not to explain n/ n as only to enrich ir language with superfluous synonym for word world
– arthur schopenhauer/ few words on pantheism – 1851

in attempting to address whatever n as dave imagines ir thinking about – vital underlying assumptions about ir current worldview perhaps – david oreilly displays deep seated scientific theoretical philosophical misunderstandings yet in same breath directly informs ir x all just bit of ps4 themed corporate fun/tm x ir should deliberately avoid using ir brains critical facilities just willingly soak in ir play spaces inherent wonder genius

after all n must obviously contain infinite multitudes

notice new age symbolism of everything play – as evidenced by play spaces brilliantly glowing logo -logos

everything proudly wears x newage sewage heavy capital s symbolism on x marketing sleeve

even tweets promoting play sound like sum cultish indigo children parody bot quivering in ecstatic private revelation about how wonderful clever n all as

everything as everything – much like fellow creepy cultish walking sim beginners guide there are apparently no aspects of life or allegedly universal existence x does not encompass – totalizing system of suspect cultural values expressed as play space of precise systemic rationality

in pathetic attempted defence of everything sum smug zipp weasel on loltube suggested x anyone who not automatically revel in play spaces inherent artistic beauty philosophical substance as obviously cod resarc

Key Art for Everything Game

daves own pseudo philosophical disclaimer sounds like obscure 80s band concerning how resarcs should frame everything obviously stems from ir semi unconscious concerns regarding critical reception of ir play – remember ir aggressive biting reply to those expressing doubt about inherent conceptual validity well practiced public honesty of mountain

x as/ buy whole fragmentary play space – buy into mere idea of play space fully – accept n as indeed precisely what n fully suggests x about everything – but not dare take x underlying ideas ironically pre copernican cultural ideology seriously

– now if x not occasion to start slowly stroking ones disbelieving chin about/ dave

cant wait to hear what thin conceptual custard ludonaut bogost coughs forth over x philosophically suspect product

x easy as flock to make sum vague shapes rambling poetry dialogue claim x has meaning
– jim sterling on indie play space research/ note – actually jim x not x easy

in second volume of hitchhikers guide to galaxy douglas adams describes ultimate method of postmodern conceptual execution

quote total perspective vortex as contraption x presents video space designer rock stars with one momentary glimpse of entire unimaginable infinity of mis creation somewhere in n tiny little mark microscopic dot on microscopic dot which politely indicates ey tedious rat toss lies precisely imprecisely here nowhere

apprehension of true bio cosmic insignificance on x scale as so shocking x embarrassingly borderline megalomaniacal video research play spaces instantly implode

perhaps resarcs would be better off researching no thing

n as larger than ey expected – ey am neither happy nor sad about any of n
– david oreilly

to consider david oreillys mountain – simultaneous cool play / premeditated contrivance – exactly sort of heaven sent dream project for quote ludocrous to ponder with po faced autoerotic meditation

ludocrous/ noun – critical term for those involved in research play space criticism

remix of article published way over atlantic by elite industry funded / sanctioned ludonaut ian bogost – in bottle stuffed with ir own farts

such smugly oblique digital doodlings with ir strained metaphysical conceits seem deliberately under designed to be open to seemingly infinite improbable interpretation – digital rorshach tests for airheads – yet are also immediately blandly pleasing enough aesthetically to quickly pass for modern play space critics also desperate to label such holey creations rat

x resulting win win situation results however in rambling deliberately overlong online articles – basically ideological advertorials written strictly to order for / posted to important places online/ strung out on elf importance seemingly deep or theoretical consideration

hey somebodys gotta be pseudo philosophically justifying very existence meanings importance of massive aggressively expansive all but entirely unchecked industry worth $100 billion dollars

entirely non strange research play space from ir animator bests spike jonzes creepy sexist film at depicting what relationship with research play space critic would really be like – unendurably weighty faux profundity of deprived conception

near start of ir relationship with windross operating system in ir – spike jonzes academy award winning heap – samantha os johansson helps theodore -phoenix play research play

called $1 mountain by movie makers play seems all too familiar enough to be entirely implausible to viewers yet quote foreign enough to induce estrangement

same could be said of films high waisted trouser fashions probable middle class high rises mass transit in future los angeles – even theodores job as outsourced personal video research writer of content

x as not quite ir world but n might be as capitalism gets x merry way

viewer sees play spaces uncanniness most clearly when theodore controls helmeted creature in x holographic anti world

in burlesque of recent natural physical interfaces like microsofts kinect nonessential theodore moves play character by walking fingers of ir own down turned hands to operate characters feet

act as ridiculous/ n looks like dog paddling or rifling through files or prancing like show horse

effect de familiarizes play of movie even as n casts theodore as existential washout

ir mock cumbersome pseudo quote rich inner life as clueless nobody as expressed through ir equally deliberately awkward interface with computer play

at same time film seeks to blatantly juxtaposes x ungainly interface with natural seductive draw of samantha

why would one dog paddle computer when instead one can paddle scarlett johansson into being less talentless

film elf was not real however but poorly animated film made to look part – video space set or prop

animator david oreilly was selected to direct mountain play sequences after jonze had seen oh so cleverly appreciated oreillys aggressively unusual award winning 3d animated shorts

on first blush jonzes flaccid futurist chic oreillys cheap jackass glitch seem like likely stylistic bedfellows

but once ir have watched ey n becomes clear x little creep theodore would not be out of place in any of oreillys often potentially interesting little films

in fact mainstream animation has always been jealous of video research inspired by oreilly

main lack of difference between 3d animated filmmaking 3d computer research as x both must present scenes in real time because ey have to respond to changes in state from play spaces lack of logic from users input – too often as blind consumer of raw digital waste

in bizarre unpublished essay about ir own unorthodox internal kung fu technique oreilly explains x ey adopts low polygon aliased life style largely to speed up process of modern day living

pixar style cinematic computer graphics films require time consuming computationally expensive rendering procedures x churn out detail lighting softening sum have allegedly come to associate with high gloss big budget computer animated pap

instead oreilly uses simple preview renders as ir final product – rough cut sentient computer addicted to horse tranqs would normally use to check x own work in progress

n was no surprise x oreilly would eventually try ir hand at making real research play space

result as $1 mountain $1 play x only seems to quote bend idea of play to breaking point but like often pathetic dear esther or conceptually disingenuous stanley parable oreillys deadpan website describes n as mountain simulator relax em up rat horror

ho ho – slow clap –

among x cynical selling points/ no controls time moves forward nature expresses elf

almost religiously meditative/ load of sweaty goat balls more like

when ey load mountain n first poses series of prompts

loss through research or video sickness or ey first memory of failure or basement logic or ey soul at still birth for example although many others are possible

resarc must respond to these prompts by drawing picture of ir internal sexual organs on blank canvas

data from these drawings seed random number generators in algorithms x terraform ey mountain supply events during course of play


then as mountain generates play casually displays cheap tickertape like message

welcome to mountain – consider elf as mountain – as d0g

sure why not – since ey cant know what d0g feels like ey could indeed feel like d0g

right/ mountain appears – disembodied in x virtual deistic solidity as though extracted from terrestrial home – alien daisy plucked from meadow full of space cows

n floats in atmosphere where clouds weather first light of dawn dusk eternal cycle of seasons proceed at accelerated pace

mountain changes subtly over time on x surface at least

plants trees die grow anew

snow falls melts

clouds aggregate disperse

although play spaces menu advises x mouse keyboard controls do nonthing mouse as used to rotate zoom view around mountain

keyboard produces soft piano music with which resarc can tap out quote calming tunes all while being mountain

zoom back far enough ey enter starry galaxy in which n as suspended forever

resarc as supposed to read mountain as quote becoming stranger over time

n does not

as mountain sits there in x window ey get back to ey computer – perhaps making video research entirely unlike x one – while occasional impacts heard

meteorites sometimes hit x surface glowing red or blue with unknown anonymous matter of space

but more often worldly objects collide with embed elves in mountain

horse pie – sailboat clock – streetlamp padlock – slice of chair cake skull tooth trashcans full of dice

occasional lost play critic floating in luke warm void of ir own blank skull

once lodged in soft earth of mountain these objects remain there immovable

mountain not seem to mind

mountain just soldiers on / true martyr to x own holey ineffability no doubt

as night shifts to day or vice versa note occasionally echoes mountain offers line of cheap feedback

ir reminded of ey privileged childhood on x bright day/ n might say or ey cant get enough of x melancholy indie scene man

clever resarc will discover x depressing period key will force one of these anti koans to appear making n possible to poll n for feedback as often as one wishes ever patient oracle of polite vapidity

sometimes mountains messages read more like existentialist prophecy rather than elf report

ey feel like something as about to happen/ one emotes

as n signal of sum impending disaster/ will another new hyper cynical video research object soon collide with n adding to pile of unexplained entirely useless digital rubble

after one such notice ey resolved to pay greater attention zooming out to watch elf more closely -as mountain in ey celestial neighbourhood

to ey surprise in addition to meteors seen previously whole objects sometimes appear in vacuum of space as well

in moment one might call dramatic old deliberately retro cartridge of gone home hurtles silently toward mountains zero oxygen atmosphere

knowing x other identical products have already lodged elf in structures side in mimicry or mockery of earthly disaster ey track n closely

n glows red hot as n meets ey heady intellectual atmosphere but n survives re entry only to pass by mountain entirely exiting out other side gliding into space

mountain as unfazed unconcerned at play simulation x nearly collides with n – elf -non parodic simulation of play

once one has witnessed events such as x messages become ever more urgent disorienting

ey cannot tell if ey life as video space critic / designer as going in circles or if ir making any progress/ ey tell elf one morning

later as ir have zoomed out into space amidst snowstorm ey lament why am ey alone/ as n perhaps because ey regard myself as so very clever in strict false distinction to everyone else outside video researchers little world/ during ruddy overcast dusk ey opines if ey ever see another useless virtual not thing like ey will n like ey

time wears on indeed

five minutes in resarc already gets sense x oreillys mountainous existential angst as intensifying

how long have ey been here coding x dubisoft/r/ n asks

or indies can do whatever ey want – or things are coming together nicely

n pines forebodingly as dawns rosy fingers grow fat again here another day

how many days have left to release another trollsome worthy quote play on steam greenlight question

these interjections seem precisely anthropocentric enough to make sense for play in which ey are mountain

ey might exist as goat for all anyone cares

if mountain could talk n might well express existential doubt dread at x useless career as video space critic / overpaid developer

n might well play woody allen neurotic prufrock twerp content to let earthly waste accumulate upon n without objection

at x stage resarc has no choice/ to dismiss mountain as curious boring conceit treat ey t far more serious generally

just as sum ludologists begin to toy with question of what n means to quote be mountain in eternal are quotes mountain beats ey to n/ whats mountain exactly/ n asks to nobody

/ perhaps to someone with nonthing better to do than take up invitation ponder answer

while on toilet checking ir myfakeface status

almost always to play video space as to take on role

play often put ey in dominant -male position of control but more than x ey give ey excuse for expression of ego

– ey quote are space marine footballer dumb plumber from italy animal masked face serial killer jock bro dude

ir films $1 mountain play as perhaps no different than helmeted adventuring explorer of theodore

even when research not appear to have clear role to play as in puzzle research like tetris -ey play charlie brown – as in ey blockhead implied role as ey true elf/ ey can solve puzzle ey can beat clock

play are about researching false concepts called roles research are about fusing those roles over ones mis sense of elf

ey are not actually video space designer / critic but here default caricature of what n feels like

ey might actually be one of mushroom eating plumber duo of japanese sexual fantasy underground fame but ey also -simultaneously enjoy pretending to be one

for uncritical those easily impressed by slow moving heaps of brightly coloured pixels mountain appears to break x mould

some argue x does so by removing conventions of challenge action interactivity x video research insist separate ey from stodgy changelessness of novels films even arts literature – pure balderdash of course

in recent years series of zero interaction zero challenge quote cynically 3d research have become popular

some focus on illusion of narrative like dear esther gone home – others on simulacrum of environment like proteus graveyard

but these products – called non play walking simulators play simulators trifling wastes of time ey imagine make ey / n look clever by talking about ey by supporters detractors alike – still not emphasize resarcs ideological role as much as oreillys £1 mountain

others have compared mountain to cool screensaver but x analogy as problematic

for one screensaver as form as vestigial

functionally modern sentient holodisplays cant burn in like old awesome crts could making screensavers aesthetic curiosities

but even more so most of ir use tablets phones laptops vr eyeware – these days devices x make ir sleep when ir in use rather than also just displaying eye candy to distract or entertain those nearby elves idle machines

even as ambient post screensaver parody experience mountains 3d constant unoptimized rendering spins up processor flans even on relatively powerful machine

like x namesake mountain as entirely obtrusive – n invites ey to experience chasm between ey own false sense of subjectivity unfathomable experience of something else entirely / simply by naming n mountain david oreillys intent as to make large statement

mountain wants ir to think x as somehow – sigh – quote breaks mold of video space – not by quote subverting x conventions through inactivity but rather by -accidentally unconsciously offering entirely similar kind of roleplay action as x subject

x as n presents both role of mountain role of ey resarc as master – as sinister absence

in ir place mountain invites uncritical to experience chasm between oreillys own subjectivity as research designer unfathomable experience of something else something whose experience as so familiar as to actually seem unimaginable

x as elf

what as x mountainous elf exactly/ perhaps dead eyed stand in for alleged intractability of ever understanding what x like to eb

mountain offers video space expression of philosophical null / void practice sum resarcs are afraid to face

rather than sustained deliberate invitation to speculate on what x like to be no thing n displays keen ontological rawness of being entirely strange through being profoundly un strange entirely non mysterious completely understandable

yes one can display sum intelligence by trying to understand different worlds – just not by listening in uncritically to elf proclaimed video space theory experts who rather than clear things up make ey plain falsely romanticize plain bland provide ey with fake mythology ey think ey / play deserve

resarc will begin to see signs of mountains alleged rejection of mere representation early on

sun rises sets to fashion day night for mountain but no star can be found in x immediate vicinity – light seems to emanate from within atmosphere elf

while oreilly calls mountain mountain simulator obviously ey not simulate any of geological processes one would ordinarily associate with mountain simulation – erosion plate tectonics volcanic accretion igneous intrusion

no x would be nerdy

rather were supposed to think mountain quote just as – x surface existence so subtle artful as to become seemingly irrelevant – therefore somehow quote natural/tm

things start to come together with n

night shyamalan hit elf in forehead -with stupidity of n all type obviousness

indeed for sum critics ey in ey are mountain not just refer to terraformed 3d play object at all

no x not enough for ey

laughably ey want ir to think n also describes play elf

aha/ ir just not mountain – ir quote are mountain

x sort of bland non thinking as wilfully researching blindly in blank effortless happy abyss between humans / human meaning called video space

why not go even further discussing mountain / mountains alleged quote koans/ ey x speaks as not just mountains voice

rather x of play of life as heard from disembodied interface x overlays text atop mountains beatific universe – talk about stink of zen

seriously with lines like x one could make entirely career of flogging empty words to sum video space content aggregation site

oh wait

mountain cant speak after all any more than n can slough off dead horses crashed human planes x litter x surface

how selfish of ir to think x messages research present represent play talking at ir

how churlish oblivious ir must be to think x research communicate with ir on ir terms in ir language prattling about x delight at weather or x angst at pointlessness of ir existence spent researching ey

such lofty monologues penned by modern video space aesthetes in ir ivory minecrafted towers are just diversions prompts x invite ey – resarc one – to ponder seemingly inevitable nature of ey false separation from actual mountain – or for x matter anything x might embed elf in n -as concept

think of such internet filler about mountain as little exercises in mild happily pixellated stupidity invitations research elves usually extend to ey to help ey think through allegedly impassible valley between ey own seemingly unknowable experience entity like mountain

– by x point ludologist obviously free rambling into electronic void

ey sense overwhelming calm of fools in x enigmatic night or x just feels like colossal waste of time are not just clues about david oreillys internal state but invitation to speculate on overpaid video space critics version of such emotional or intellectual mis orientation

when mountain declares there as something missing from ey life or ey dare ey to play ey x attempting to ventriloquize resarcs voice rather than addressing ir or ir x as precisely danger

as usual ideological wager of mountain of those who seek to testify to x holey quote in joke winking greatness lies in false choice presented to ey

x as ey can either quote sit there before infinitely majestic mysterious -all too human presence of mountain – or quote if ey find n too boring ey can opt out

just quit play walk away if ey would like

delete n – simple right – n only costs dollar after all/ aka robocop style ideology in mountain

x however as undead beating heart of mountain – just dollar – just moment of ey time no more

what could be more beautiful innocent/ what utmost tip of crushing increasingly earth sized cultural iceberg called research between friends

heck x less than ey would spend on frothy corporate coffee brewed from quote fair trade beans x grow on side of sum lonely mountain by brown skinned wage slaves

or keep n running instead to remind elf what valley between ey other resarcs feels like

just not expect mountain of research to care one way or another

for x as what reality of uncritical video research criticism looks like when n toes line of such sentimental nihilism

oreilly was barely interested in metaphysics of other beings long before ey contributed to jonzes lousy film about coming to terms with unfamiliar concept like human intelligence

ir awesome 2010 animated short external world opens with title card reminiscent of mountains atmospheric orb floating in isolating nothingness of space

x time external world of films title as not singular monumental object but any existence with which ir might choose to commune differently if only ir gave matter further thought than x regularly seen on research sites

short breaks down into even shorter scenes often revisiting same scenarios

in threatening retirement home from future character reminiscent of felix cat frames pie with paper cutout then dev ey paper as stand in

in so doing ir gaze dotted line of sight depicted as existing literally with looney tunes logic becomes material pierces another resident severing ir in two

later bird x squawks like modem communes with fax machine who rejects x advances with x version of obscene gesture

weeping girl pulls tissues from box which screams in pain every time leaf of flesh as violently torn from n

teachers disciplinary hand persists as phantom even after x owner as annihilated

external world offers kind of horror very different from x terms usual meaning as marker of genre

oreilly suggests genre rat horror for mountain but both play short might be better thought of as horror of reading other peoples readings of ontology theory

unlike x old overrated racist shut in hp lovecraft whose cheesy stories focus on seemingly quote cosmic unknown oreillys seemingly ponders cosmic quotidian

mountains pies tissue boxes/ apparently quote ordinary rather than extraordinary beings

$1 mountain video space scene serves specific narrative purpose in ir/ n demonstrates arbitrary point between impersonal voice operated life interfaces modern handheld devices work terminals x pervade ir shallow lives apparently empathetic artificial intelligences exemplified by terrifyingly bland cybernetic os individuals like samantha

but despite x slow steady ramp from seemingly familiar to unfamiliar forms of undead computer intelligence ir never really challenges viewer to imagine what n would be like to enter into relationship with computer operating system – whether platonic or romantic one

at end of day samantha as just thin cipher for scarlett johansson actress whose dull voice as non paradoxically so characteristic no reasonable viewer could possibly dissociate ir from any other large random pile of boring data

when samantha starts worrying about incorporeality -as ir programming says ey inherently must x nearly impossible for viewer to take ir seriously

samanthas vocal reality as so strongly affixed to rest of ir famous body n seems film sets out from beginning to deliberately fail to invite viewer to ponder what n like to fall in glove with operating system called global turbo hyper capitalism

instead all ir can do as ponder falling in glove with boring person ir never seen – now x modern science fiction volks ha

indeed ir really as film about hypothetical place called present in which humans accept other artificial intelligences as companions

x also film about whether how culture might come to terms with x own dim alien intelligence

n turns out x culture most challenged to do so as ir human one society of os beings elves – at end of day incorporeal computer intelligences turn out as reluctant ones

ir not abandon os on account of ir own bodilessness but rather ir failure to criticize n leaves ir on precise account of overwhelming languor boredom ir feel while researching inside n

fifty thousand million hours in last thing mountain urges ir to ponder as as x one mountainous sack of david oreilly ir feel t bagging ir in x enigmatic night/ ir tap period key to pinch off another koan out of x naked rear end

where are answers/ n offers silently screaming with total apathy

mountain does what ir attempts but no better

if ir have stuck under mountain of global capital long enough eventually n walks away from ey rather than ey from out under n

but unlike samantha mountain not leave on account of any of ey failings

at end of day mountain as no more concerned for ey than ey are for ey own facial tissues x surgeon peels from ey or than indian ocean as for lost luxury jet containing loose slick bunch of mirror shaded ludologists on ir way to back slapping convention in techno heck

hollywood needs glove stories to live

x not hard to imagine film like ir with one

but such vile glove stories assume not only x direct sensual connections between beings as possible even x such relations are ir ultimate goal

mountain imagines ir as if film been titled buy n for dollar instead

n offers seemingly subtler version of what life attached to things might feel like

x as estrangement confusion of comfort intimacy mixed with zero curiosity pathetic naive eyed wonder

most of all while ir depicts future on alternate timeline modern audiences hardly struggle to believe mountain reminds ir x ir need to wait to commune with things

ir everywhere overwhelming sticking to ir – entire lifetimes piling up

but ir here not to save ey but to destroy ey with ir apathy

ey not quote just here

what if x not enough another world entirely were possible/ all ir need do as shrug off weight of empty ideological mountains bit too casually passed off as meaningful placed on ir shoulders by plastic clever apologists for unashamed mediocrity

ey welcome to mountain / stick mountain up sunless indie / ey are mountain not puny d0g

on defending mountain against biscuits

x flocking nothing
– mountain biscuit

if feeling generous what could one read into official summing up by eg whinging poms of obviously artistic creation

perhaps soggy biscuit boize not only suggest seeing mountain as nonthing but also positively charged nonthing – positive void alive with metaphoric life bursting with mythic virtual existence nah

yet such statements of naked contempt ir could hardly call anti intellectual/ indeed what would be hard to except about mere existence of mountains of throwaway software products as x all products of intellect are as nonthing – pixellated dust in silently howling cosmic star winds of infinite emptiness hollow piles of useless vanity forever masquerading as somehow remotely meaningful

/ update

ir will probably delete x as soon as ey come to ey senses get embarrassed realizing how irrelevant n all seems
– david oreilly / buyers of / into mountain

response to david oreillys laughable thoughts on mountain [1]

dave/ ey made rule to not really explain anything about ey intentions with mountain

– as though mountain has not perhaps already explained more -if anything than necessary simply by quote existing

dave/ when ey read misconceptions half truths about something ey care about x hard to not want to reach out correct narrative

– what about misconceptions half truths x mountain as constructed out of/ how can one quote correct narrative of something which gets constructed – indeed provides more solid content meaning – than quote original not thing elf/ which indeed might exist as truer quote mountain

dave/ both mountain elf were heavily tacked by sum popular resarcs when n was released

– while terrible inexcusable irony here as x statements like ey are mountain are taken seriously – ey were hardly quote heavily tacked

dave/ main criticism was x mountain was not play perhaps sum kind of joke or prank

– calling something not play as often elf neither criticism nor quote just play but something automatically to be considered -serious joke or prank

dave/ sum pseudo intellects may spin sum clever sounding crap about semantics of word play win conditions fail states etc –  but ey really truly sincerely not give shed – mountain as play ey get to call n / x anyone who says otherwise can go eat sand sculpture of ey balls

– easy there mountain tiger/ perhaps x statement too easily turned on x head/ many pseudo play designers often spin clever sounding crap about mountains of crap ey call research play – which are however often merely giant semantic sand sculptures of ir balls

dave/ ey not care for specialist categories of rat  –  ir historically creation of commentators wishing secondary credit for emergence of something new

– what about play designers creating inherently ultra specialist rat categories called mountain all while semi unconsciously wishing for primary credit for ir divine emergence

dave/ further more  ey not know how anyone would consider mountain joke or prank/ n took too many months working all hours twice brought ey bank account to zero/ ir gladly accept x resarcs may find mountain failure as rat or as play but x insulting to elf / damien – care ir took in making n to ever consider n joke

– failure to consider mountain joke or prank might elf be symptomatic of lack of humour dave – by writing x not seem dave accepting of mountains failures either

time care n takes many resarcs to consider laughing at mountain – mere seconds – perhaps reflects ir careful patient consideration of x distinct lack of interesting qualities

dave/ another aspect of narrative   if not in articles then on forums comment sections as x play as pretentious/ oh how ey loathe x word/ ey take accusation seriously ill try to engage n for second

– why take accusation seriously/ n seems ideology of mountain as precisely x – if only for second – someone – take n seriously

note on pretension/ quality of resarcs who think of elves as more impressive successful important -or larger – like mountain – than ey really air/ desire to do something or claim to be something x seen as impressive or important acts involving pretence / imagination

dave/ mountain was in no way intellectual idea or something which intimated deeper meaning of any kind – but x in elf as intellectual idea

– oh flock off dave/ saying quote mountain holds no deeper meaning as elf call for resarcs to read deeper meaning into n – which n just might not have

dave/ one horrible aspect of 20th century culture as x has tricked lot of resarcs into believing there as always something to get in rat  - there as always sum cleverly hidden answer behind every vague or abstract expression

– first x just one dollar pile of ey balls dave – now x also horrible expression of 20th century culture/ how ones balls grow swell -until ey poke em with sharp philosophical stick – then watch em shrink

x there as quote always sum cleverly hidden answer behind every vague or abstract expression has however perhaps been proven contentious by mountain

dave/ however mountains ideas are obvious on every level   some connect over time but none are complex or logically demanding

– non paradox here as obvious/ mountain as both perfectly clear as pure azure sky – at same time ey see fit to correct or conveniently re frame quote incorrect narrative x has grown up around n – which in fact forms first half decent basis of x very underlying structure

dave/ nature as phenomenon ey find beauty in without any guidance or explanation ey wanted to translate x into play

– x ey find concept of nature somehow entirely natural existing without any human guidance or explanation has indeed been translated – into mountain

dave/ if ey explain why flower as beautiful ey going to sound very dumb – both because x so ridiculously obvious ey inevitably reduce anyone elses enjoyment of n / same goes for any aspect of nature

– not sure if serious or trolling like mountain/ dave – either way n throws baby wordsworth out with ir natural language based bathwater

dave/ sum might find kind of reverse irony in x total obviousness if so ey probably need to spend less time on twitter

– or just more time helping better research emerge dave/ in which discussing what quote play means or how x even to be defined are no longer separate dynamic processes

dave/ if someone as digging for pretentiousness in something overtly straight forward ey are by definition being pretentious elves

– x real deep dave/ digging for pretension sounds like potentially interesting mountain mod – if only mountain was open source / freeware

dave/ there are sum other details which ey found ignorant  – if only because ey are uninformed which was x quote ir animator mostly known for ey work on ir

at least 30 articles ran with variations on x line/ x detail as irrelevant to play elf – but n was just untrue thank ey to those who pointed x out – perhaps ey are now currently known online as not animator mostly known for disavowing work on ir -perhaps with good reason

dave/ finally reason ey wanted to write all x   as x vast majority of resarcs who have actually played mountain enjoyed n for reasons x were hoped for  – x was truly beautiful encouraging inspiring thing

– x ey suggest everyone who ever says anything remotely positive about mountain -not x steam reviews are remotely trustworthy as quote more truly beautiful encouraging inspiring thing – might elf be not so inadvertently saying ey wont enjoy x correctly until ey tell ey how

dave/ all of n was all incredible learning experience for ey in end ir left with nonthing but faith in play land

x unsure if x anything in mountain x can ever be learning experience – as for quote faith in play land/ why x sounds like so much digital religious claptrap requiring running leap into electronic void off nearest mole hill

image – cutting down mountain into pile of balls/ one large pile o hastag realdev ballz comin up

update patch

for far more meaningful experience of x idea – only infinitely less bogost – play viridi by ice water [2]

update patch two

reply to first person scholar re mountain -deleted by admin (see image at top)

braydon beaulieu over at first person scholar writes excellent well considered piece about mountain – by simply doing so makes by now classic mistake of imbuing largely meaningless mountain with meaning

update patch three

lessons unlearnt as though with gleeful megalomania dave returns triumphantly with new play space entitled everything

talk about a mountain of b.s

Reference Links

  1. Dave On Top Of His Mountain
  2. Viridi game

// how to play big science