Hypertography One Exhibit: Mirror’s Edge Comic

RND/ to consider a mirrors edge comic

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

ey saw main city like one of those creatures x lays x eggs inside body of another / resulting offspring gradually take over host leaving nothing but husk
– rhianna pratchett

in which first 12 – equally comical – minutes of mirrors edge/ catalyst may read as painfully obsolete / largely pointless – lazily written hack job poorly presented cynically tacked on amazingly cliched / nonsensical – based upon set of quote cool / quote edgy play design assumptions x only corporate drone at electronic arts would possibly consider

transcript of eye rolling laughably dire onscreen action

0:00 why begin like x – as though x best thing for ir research space/ nobody cares about ir stupid story

0:01 right off plastic bat – faith ir scared

glitch effects to indicate something wrongs with normal ordering of hyper capitalist universe of ey/tm – when in fact x merely recognition x constant interruptions exist as default norm

who are these people anyhow – will ir ever find out – how will ir find out -hopefully not through say/ static cutscenes – oh

0:02 yet another shot of single pistol shell casing floating through are – gee not seen x before

0:03 visually annoying blur of too fast flashbacks explaining nonthing – which not even adequately give impression of anything other than being seen to give sum vague general impression just for sake of n -so why bother

0:04 extreme closeup of small trauma witness building zero dramatic tension

0:07 something something said in background over superhot style breaking glass sfx cant quite make n out / too lazy to rewind video to try / catch n

0:09 more too fast flashbacks

0:12 tiny unknown hand held up to light -lite – what on earth x meant to signify

rapture – another bad terence malick flick

also/ ir owe ey lot of scrip faith

maybe so but x scene owes x viewers great deal more in terms of decent scriptwriting

0:15 uh oh x iconic tattoo again

0:20 another extreme closeup

0:21 waking up elsewhere with unfamiliar ceiling cliche

0:26 because nonthing says bright efficient / modern as having corporate logo of company in ir cell/ wow those damn graphic designers get everywhere

0:29 nonsensical sudden shot of faiths back

every new day holds promise

such inane piped jail propaganda worthy of smashing few windows in mirrored city alone

0:36 faith shaking ir head clear of bad dialog shes surrounded by / will probably have to say

0:42 because having just had nightmares of traumatic past events / being rudely awaken would make anyone want to suddenly hop off ones jail bunk / do jumping jacks / other fitness based movements

0:49 key to success lies in unlocking ir inner potential to uncritically swallow whatever hyper generic bs play developers casually slop on ir video plate

0:59 blatant ripoff of putting hands on circles on wall scene from fifth element

consider ey meat popsicle – for even continuing to watch x dross

1:03 ey like x guard – most interesting person on screen so far/ would seem cool to play real no regrets / ey glove ey job / uniformed art hole instead of sum paltry two dimensional emotional sparrow with endless reserves of pseudo inner strength / pathetically unresolved daddy issues

1:27 never mind incarceration – nonthing seems worse than having ir crimes slowly told back at ir in slow bad deadpan delivery style by sum dead eyed machine behind thick polished glass/ should have make far more of x scene

ey myself spent nine years in insane asylum / ey never had obsession of suicide but ey know each conversation with psychiatrist every morning at time of ir visit made ey want to hang elf realizing x ey would not get to cut ir throat
– antonin artaud

1:34 now if n was up to ey -clears thoat/ if ir was honestly suggesting ey would like to jail rap ir then make ir give ir visual up / down once over while saying n

1:49 if ir do not find gainful employment as steam greenlight permanent alpha early access video space crapolaware tester within 14 hours ir will permanently relocate to dayz where ir get stuck on badly placed invisible geometry forever

2:01 unintended audio ambiguity – sounds like guard said dressing rooms to left/ batch

2:06 unintended lingering shot of guard accidentally suggesting ey might actually play important role later andor act as part of resistance or something -now ir reaching rob

2:32 faith looks up / out at megacity as if never seen n before – yet not sigh or say anything so ir have to guess what ey thinks

2:43 unlikely placement of large ultra high quality videoscreen – right in front of jail/ just in case ir come out/ immediately want to check ir myfakeface share price

2:48 no guard remarks on faiths actions / ability to suddenly slide along ground

2:55 distracted guard -distracted by bland uninspiring play design

3:13 suddenly closed doors syndrome -would seem amusing to see faith get stuck between ey by ground sliding

3:23 guards abuse someone/ oh wow what kind of society x anyway – like ir not have guessed / had to remind ey again/ also – check out guard nearest not even looking in ir direction

3:40 exit by lensflare

3:43 in which only hipsters would consider x tosspot good character design with ir gwat worthy sunglasses at night look / ir quote iconic/tm designer hoodie/ in which one can only hope ey dies screaming over balcony while sipping vegan decaff late

3:24 beatlink/ what x/ does ey stick in in ir eye or up ir nose

4:11 oh irony – useless ugly on screen crap ir cant switch off

4:51 as audible alarm – audible to whole city x as – would go off as soon as ir removed ir charmless bracelet

4:57 horrible red ghost detaches elf from ir body / no mention made of n/ perhaps x to reassure console peasant casuals

5:17 noah/ ah mysterious noah/ also – x all ey has to say

10:06 halt submit/ ir still there or what

10:47 seems two years in prison only made ir better at x/ yeah over seven years in development just to churn out narrative turkey – so on n goes

if only ir would all shut up for while / not keep repeating faiths name

rnd/ mirrors edge hypertography

some virtual tourism -voorism in mirrors edge

possible research arising

– all surface all time
– megacity elf as hyperreality system from which inhabitants try to escape / understand
– sodium ark review of mirrors edge
– baudrillards indifference of space
– postmodernism hyperreality / hegemony of spectacle in new hollywood

rnd/ mirrors edge catalyst

– to consider off map virtual photography exhibition for mec

fragmentary notes

– again consider mec kind of play fed in to prisoners trapped in virtual reality dungeon in order to make ir lives worse
– suggested reading/ fictions inc/ corporation in postmodern fiction film popular culture -american literatures initiative
– remarkable visuals for such generic repetitive play largely consisting of stunningly useless fetch quests
– city of glass feels completely empty/ as though sounds of everyday near future city are being piped through hidden speakers
– inherently evil krugersec hyper corporation fails to seem too much which seems bad/ ir experiments in mass control fail to take into account nobody lives in city to control/ as if precisely mirroring x black november organization fails to realize n may flower any building n wants in x bizarre simulated reality – nobody really suffers as result – nobody apart from idiots at krugersec even notices anyhow
– to consider ideology of mec/ lies in what rebecca of black november says to ey while ey busy crawling through sum bland office vent trying to ignore ir/ vague talk about consumerism which considering ir position as enemy – or at very least strong black woman – as supposed to automatically cancel out any remote argument ey seems to make/ which also seems positively anti ironic considering resarcs just payed 60 bucks for fancy running simulator
– if only x hooded hipster icarus fell to ir accidental exit while trying too hard to appear cool to indifferent universe
– in which cutscenes must die/ besides story so laughably po faced embarrassingly elf serious ey wanted to slap x surly look off faiths fizzog
– distinct lack of deafening high altitude wind noise
– weird feeling in ey virtual balls felt whenever ey jump into electronic void while reaching out for metal pipe
– in which there should be particular name given for sound of expensive running shoes on shiny surfaces – sussuido perhaps/ squeak which somehow signifies hyperreal near future nows
– ultra rich mannequins with dead soulless eyes standing around pretending to live
– wishing ey could kick x quote/ hey ey runner over here guy – in face repeatedly
– positive upbeat warning call song by chvrches as so at odds with feel of story
– irony of building sites in forever unfinished megacity
– cosmic stupidity of quote levelling up
– what would seem interesting as feminist reading of faith as ey travels / repeatedly falls through city based on rich pink male power / structure

off map virtual photography exhibit of hyperreality screens taken using nvidia ansel retinted in gimp -titan x pascal at high settings

idea/ to explore expose fragmentary city of glass off map – x ideological fractures nonlinear rhythms inherent conceptual architectural incongruities gaps glitches

result/ sprawling strangely empty megastructure without purpose or destination/ raw computational archaeology simulation of idea of sum flat dead hyper futuristic megacity – precisely dystopian because x so perfect / autonomous – elf bootstrapping virtual entity answering to nobody but x bizarre internal logic

// how to play big science