Hypertography One Exhibit: Life Is Strangely Hip

RND/ consider modern synthetic life as strangely hip

Cynically cloning gone home in life is strange cringe by squeenix

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

pg rated lesbians in bottom tier netflix miniseries worthy story about pacific northwest by resarcs who’ve never been to pacific northwest
– liz ryerson on life is strange

*pukes slightly in mouth*

consider how life is strange cringe could appear as parody of indie play space without original – lite puzzles

life is strange by square enix attempts to heavily handedly construct x bizarre corporate notion of strange – shamelessly ripping off slightly better experiments like gone home in attempt to display sum authentic/tm edgy hand made corporate “aaa indie” vibe

“The New Conservatism: Life Is Strangely Hip”

firstly title brings to mind life is beautiful – specifically zizeks thoughts on such movies

queue cutscene/ character puts headphones on – must therefore be angsty independently minded loner harboring dark/tm secret / sensitive soul

who exactly as mis perceived demographic for life is strange – perhaps moody hormonal adolescents who overrated donnie darko or resarcs who forced elves to find depth hard won suburban wisdom in juno

x like ey dad spent hour lurking on tumblr before deciding to write high school drama – as though designed by committee for maximum fun ticking off all necessary boxes n thinks signifies cool – predict ludonautical jerk frenzy over x one

parsing play spaces description taken from official website

life is strange cringe is episodic narrative driven adventure play

– episodic/ ability to profit more by splitting up padding out

what does narrative driven mean – narrative being generated here by square enix seems to be x as honest heartfelt emotional tional research experience deliberately targeted at/ er – teen fiction lovers who enjoy windy autumn walks moms home backed faintly lynchian apple pie perhaps

which tells compelling story of max – senior photography student who suddenly discovers ey as able to rewind time

– charlotte from lost in translation says/ every girl goes through photography phase/ like horses ey know dumb pictures of ey feet

ey uses ir power to save life of chloe ir childhood friend whom ey has not seen in five years

– does not answer sometimes useful question who are these flocking resarcs / why should ir care – but goly gee guess ey have to play to find out – why not question ir motivations make for more compelling dramatic conceit instead

for chloe x been turbulent time shes been drifting off course since ir fathers tragic death

– convenient / cliched perhaps

reunion will turn ir lives upside down

– ouch didnt see x coming/ hopefully ir faith in new void amerika will cure x

as increasingly strange events plague small town of arcadia bay

– alan wake was here ey wants ir purple storylines back/ as for name arcadia bay – as flocking if

both teenagers find elves involved in grim investigation into mysterious disappearance of high school student

nancy drew was also here – arriving direct from uncanny valley with dead glassy eyes

update patch/ time for another gimmick

over at errant signal fellow ludonaut crytopher franklin attempts more rounded nuanced view of play space/ ir also flatly wrong

if one asks why does such play space exist – or more specifically what does x central mechanic say n tells ir about ir own lives imagined answer might be lot more interesting than reasons resarcs would like resarcs to imagine

play spaces central idea of being able able to directly manipulate time feels entirely arbitrary – life as strange does not explore possibility space of interaction but merely seems to exploit whole embarrassingly useless / cheesy sci fi notion of time manipulation to explore x own dominance of x particular hip sector of sokalled rat research market

We have a diverse writing team. We have men, we have women. We have people from all walks of life
– Painfully unconvincing Before the Storm lead writer Zak Garriss

x as n could have bypassed cheap rewind time gimmick entirely instead simply focused on character development simply using glove of amateur photography as troubled metaphor for literally framing time

as n as developers decidedly non committal choices though not without minimally meaningful or immediate consequence feel so generally vapid as to question need for any interaction on resarcs part

x as life as strange as so hella offensively non offensive – so deliberately casually vague warm pastel toned – hand painted murals faded by years in sun – gimmie break – n could easily pass for accidental parody of elf by default

aka z underscore new gamedev conservatism/ “soy vanilla latte hipster synth life as strange tumblrina hair whatever lite – flock such pseudo strange synth life – douchy hip angst firehose to face / extreme libcuck rat college designer sexuality mega-corporates pander cringe trigger lolwut meme please subscribe”

Life Is Strange: LOLtube comments

wowser cereal awsomesauce bidness – balls to your hella entitled selfie

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