Hypertography One Exhibit: Glitch Art / Theory

RND/ consider videogame glitch art / theory

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ console commands logo

Glitch Art: Console Commands Logos

another component in elf organizing narrative reality consider such exploit theory resarcs utilizing elite quote console commands to work ir glitch based magic

to consider lo fi logo of such conceptual consoles

/ zcat find glitch

Glitch Art: “Zcat Find Glitch”

another part of experimental toolkit/ image of ceiling cat reimagined as zcat – virtual creature terrifyingly good at finding / exploiting glitches

/ sky ocean rain glitch

Glitch Art: Sky-Ocean-Rain glitch

aesthetically impressive research play space/ if only x were virtually real – if surging videographic skies did look like x

/ jimmy fizz: glitchkyd

Glitch Art: Jimmy Fizz, Glitchkyd

glitchkydz project/ introducting jimmy fizz

conceptual outline for glitchkyds – movie / virtual discontent mode / semi philosophical framework / play service

based on/ impractical ballardianism / fight jacking skate 3 / inspired by quote vanoss style play with aesthetic emphasis on naturally artificial/tm / de constructablity

describing jimmy fizz

introducing jimmy quote underscore fizz – open source fiction / character concept – archetypical glitch kyd / all round suburban smart arts with semi secret superhero power of detecting exploiting / even generating -often seemingly sentient glitches in / of ir immediate daily postmodern hyperreality

following mixed descriptions of jimmy fizz taken from large random sample of urban bypassers / conspirators / victims

jimmys features

– looks awkward / out of place
– features smeared sausage lips
– looks slightly too old to be skating depending on viewpoint
– optional receding hairline – n randomly swaps between
– often seen with black eye / unlikely looking 70s quote pr0n moustache
– sports urban casual dress sense / general quote skuffed appearance

glitchkyds terminology – x small list of glitchkydz terminology to eventually form wiki:

glitchkyds – skaters virtual andor otherwise who regularly subscribe to practical ballardianism/ precisely because of ir puerile collective tab glitchkyds few mention n

what glitchkyds entail in play:

glitch – opportunities / potential for unusually intense nonlinear exploration / experience of noize

noize – refers to old slade song/ little else

fnar – for quote no / absurd reasons

skuff – preparedness toughness resilience – ability / willingness to get ones hands dirty to fully engage with immediate reality / appearances whatever ir form or substance

terminal awedom – unwillingness to give in to awesomeness combined with street samurai resolve to seek n out with total irrational commitment

way of glitch – there not one/ so invent n

noe – tendency towards apophatic negation caused by dry dusty heat / time pressure of artificial environment

glavek – any skateboard with power to return to users hand by force of biopsychic attraction / will

stat – statistics suburban static default danger levels level of potential glitch

spoon / spoonerism – to perform slick urban ninja actions with slickness

suburban surrealism – potent combo of los angeles school style urban theory with internal not kung fu techniques of old masters

shenaniganning – serious ludonautic freeplay

freeplay – often dangerous hybrid technique of action reply / freeway

cc – concrete version of gg good research space – something ir not just cry about n but skate on n

avoidance – finding exploring / exploiting voids / other interstitial / null spaces

on responding to awkward circumstances

wreckx – x as not necessarily with style or grace

gf – garmephail state – of mind

jank – jankiness/ almost drug like

fizz – refers to odd research space physics aka phizckx

mayo – pull back shot usually establishing entire wrong / arbitrary context

mattrix – quote glossy matt surface style / mode / something to aim for

something to aim for – aspirational lifestyle / target

skyditching – diving down – not up – into sky of data / raw liquid television

hello! / lovely / silly – t shirt idea expressing very mood / tone of glitchkydz

get patched out – when opportunities for glitching suddenly – temporarily – disappear through accident naturally artificial change or short sighted / willful re misdesign

entirely sensical – referring to limited / naturally artificial nature of modern senses

flimmage – process of warping body image

au fait mother -afm – someone faking familiarity with way of glitch/ x non ironically includes all glitchkyds – sum of which might actually display familiarity

kaposhnaroogle – any improvised strategic approach / term by glitchkyds / practical ballardianites

l shaped room – room shaped like todays letter – usually l – as in not for life

floorkward – feeling deadpan awkward eg while smacking floor hard

section – radicalness measure of distance/ usually into units of 8 – like ba gua

spout – process in glitched reality/ often media induced hyperflexia

maz – musculature particularly x of bruce lee/ referrs to posing with loose fists -as if displaying pecs after particularly epic quote stat

x was not kung fu – statement of something featuring inverse not logic appearance or quality of whatever one means by kung fu

yeah/ bruce lee – state / statement of ones taut urban readiness potential eg as glitchkyd

bluesat – any kind of oversaturated / yves klein blue

do ir know ir shapes – legit question under any circumstance to which l one possible answer

pokipskie pick – any quote regular impossible trick

daft tagging – having unlikely resarc names in / for ir tight rnd crew eg vacated monkey / ankle lint / carbon smacktalk / lady murasak1 / magiquation / juvenile approach / litesnaxx / spoonerism / raspberry scorpion / breath of innocents / grim reefer

if x was ey – ed be crying / disoriented – typical statement of understatement as result of often painful recent failure

/ hang on x sky has corners

Glitch Art: Hang On This Sky Has Corners

freeverse/ on skyboxes:

little jack horner
was surprised as ey oughter
to discover ir sky featured corners
well bless ey blue socks – ir live in large box
x when everything changed
– resarc henry swanson/ from “hang on said jack”

/ glitchkydz tshirt jimmy fizz

Glitch Art: Glitchkydz Tshirt (Jimmy Fizz)

featuring entirely sensical slogan on front – hello! lovely silly – orangy banana yellow in colour with smart odour neutralizing / tear resistant materials / image of ur glitchkyd jimmy fizz on back

/ exploit theory glitch team

Glitch Art: Exploit Theory Glitch Team

near future scenario – need for zero degree cool ultra professional quote exploit theory crew able to both deep dive understand / willing to exploit / escape inherent gaps inconsistencies anomalies in contemporary virtual hyperreality matrix of global turbo videogame capitalism

// how to play big science