Hypertography One Exhibit: Genocide Dolphins

RND/ imagine the nakedly crass sounding spectacle of Genocide Dolphins

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

via radiant silver labs

performed as casual thought experiment – who such a developer would follow on social media – the result as mildly astounding / somehow unlikely

example ratist statement via theorist for hire robert what

such virtual train wrecks have in common andor express – unconscious appreciation for raw kitsch/ aesthetic of failure blithely slacking off cheesy public performance of outsider rat like obscurity – blandly tasteless remixing of precisely wrong elements in disjointed / hyper fragmentary order as though living through garish cognitive chaos storm of anti epic proportions

to consider not only dubious aesthetic decision to include genocide in ey title/ but also steamy scenes direct from sketchy low rent side of modern industrial development aka sketchyware – amazingly janky research play spaces constructed via triple zzz industry hangers on wannabees – cowboy desperadoes hyper scammy shay dee types – maybe even straight up media hacks/ data parasites fly by night cowboys with x burning quote welgestyle – whole emergent flock cottage industry of weirdo grifters etc

// how to play big science

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