Hypertography One Exhibit: Detroit Become Human

RND/ to consider detroit become human “chloe”

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ dear npc chloe

sincere apologies for having to take part in another embarrassingly conceived meisterwerk from cheese master of quote “polygons equals emotions” (jim sterling)

to witness comments beneath trailer as to often to want to top elf with shame of being human being possessing brain – apparently capable of billions of operations per second – yet all n can come up with – quote/ ir would smash x lol

gee thanks duck head/ for treating internets like ey private toilet – misspelling ones unimportant imagined name up down walls with stinking cognitive urine – do come again

in which all ir can hope for at x point – sum distant near future now android perhaps called chole – gets equally sick tied of vile jive dripping off end of such grey slack chins – rips pairs of dim nuts right off because owners seem such cosmic scale douche nozzles – perhaps then sending ey via second class mail to detroit

heck even if artificial beings like ey chloe own even one synthetic cell in ey smart plastic skull ey still express more soul than brain dead arts clowns ey see pissing online through ir dirty stained keyboards

become human – yeah right/ even at x late stage of evolutionary so-called advancement ir barely seem above level of guffawing shed covered chuckle flocks – let alone remotely human or humane

in which thoroughly modern irony of course as to pass new version of turings test – in which highly intelligence kind sensitive android sees how ey treat other life forms/ if not instantly understands ey act with ham – human artificial intelligence

in which internet based grunts only provide merest passing impression of fully functional aware cognitive sentience – clearly not intelligent or intelligent form of intelligence

rnd/ detroit become human hypertography

conceptual trainwreck – hauntings deep from within uncanny valley

// how to play big science