Hypertography One Exhibit: DayZ

RND/ dayz anomalies – various

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ dayz anomalies hypertography

colors gamma quote soft glow adjusted to bring out enhance abstract andor surreal qualities

on problems represented by dayz – robert what via ludonaut theodore miles

despite often amusing conceptual potential of imaginary zombies consider dayz as whole bares unhappy stench of realism

perhaps by more fully utilizing internets / simply continuing to develop ir old wonderfully buggy delightfully janky / hacker infested version dayz dev team might make no less money / fame / resarc interest than willingly dragging elves – perhaps also everyone else – through forever ongoing development heck

in which simple modest hit / run mod / play with few good modest core ideas often feels better than another oversold / under delivered forever delayed quote new version

ir could just state ir project exists -in forever alpha eg make n extra cheap put n out for free – true open source zombie play space development platform

one truer reason for meaning of dayz poor cpu / gpu optimization – inherently problematic / badly written engine which drives dayz – bottlenecked male research community / ir view of video research as ir private boys club

for ir not actually playing dayz ir playing development builds – early development builds

dayz/ currently 11 eons into principle development instead of 3 year standard development cycle

defining or judging dayz by current build so early in development feels akin to judging painting within first few brush strokes – yet even bob ross paintings look crap for first few minutes – until ir realize bob fully realizes what ir makes from very outset

ey unable to promise none of ir favourite aaa play or even resembled final product so early in ir cycles – okay maybe sum of larger titles x push small incremental updates out every 12 months – but resarcs understand those feel more like special one off snowflakes

take break / come back in beta or even full release – early access period of development will have many peaks / low low valleys – such feels synthetic nature of modern software development

indeed to consider dayz feels somehow conceptually bug ridden from outset – n fails to deliver even as idea/ other than something vaguely zombie something related what might dayz seem but inherently weak / time wasting set of ideas

following however works pretty well right out of gate/ play ey aint heavy ir ey undead brother by hollies over top of dean halls thin nasal dayz quote roadmap presentation which could be alternatively entitled quote – even more reasonable sounding justifications half apologies bizarre elf rationalizations / pretexts extenuating circumstances forever badly realized stopgap measures cynical evasions mitigating circumstances plea bargains / general cop outs for continuing to take ir money / time part n

first start hollies playing in lab background/ ok now boot up dean – at 1:41secs dean states x even developmental roadmap for dayz was delayed hah pathetic

roads feel long
with many winding turns
x leads ey to who knows where
who knows where
– hollies

dayz as arguably excellent example of hashtag welges law smirkingly hard at work – for ir dollars/ indeed to consider dayz as moral excuse for digital schadenfreude

consider dayz as too often moral excuse for jerks on cheap roman holiday to derive pleasure from misfortunes of others – overrated essentially mediocre / conceptually ugly play for everyones fascistic inner stanford prison style sociopath whose blind mindless drive to quote exist -not live – at any cost – always to cost others of course – as elf form of zombificatio (queue image of p1ss weasels in dayz poisoning food with disinfectant spray)

regarding resarc vs resarc aka pvp

jogging / crawling over miles of sum barren frozen electronic nowhere for untold hours only to get sniped by internet tough guys in permanent bandito asshat mode

in which requests to remove guns / encourage non violent style of play met with searing hatred/ all such useless empty space – nonthing to do except roleplay particular bad cliched examples of resarcs online – aggressive human -state of being

as though play spaces represent mere survivalist hardon psychosis simulator – just with cheap all too common zombies suffix tacked on

consider common mantras aimed at dayzs critics / detractors – which say lot about what fan means today – grow pears or gtfo / perhaps x play space not for ir then / if ir not like n not play n

consider how such play spaces encourage mass hardcore individualism – collective pathology of being alone – mean / utterly selfish together

x destructive message seems to run parallel to psychological delusion behind most loltube comments – x ey may apparently say / do whatever flock ey want

availability / widespread use of resarc masks in dayz feels important/ like brainless machine like serial killers in hotline miami or worthless horror flick ir next – wearing masks signifies ones full psychological identification with role of killer

n does not hide quote true identity n proudly displays n as n exists – overt violent badge of honor

consider real classic dayz resarcs like frankieonpc – once regarded as quote hero for slaying bandits in face – as punisher style vigilante non ironically also called frank/ who imagines personal crusades for quote natural justice in wilds righteous activity – palatable gift of simple free community service bringing instant spray on holey absolution from murder

yet x as simple / essentially similar to exist as bandit as hero – n merely depends on what tshirt ir care to wear – cos remember heroes eat beanz / bandits eat lead

where philosopher slavoj zizek – taken from documentary perverts guide to cinema discussing masks / psychological realities:

ir fundamental delusion today – not to believe in what only fiction or to take fictions too seriously – but on contrary not to take fictions seriously enough

ir think x just research play space – no/ x reality – x more real than n appears to ir

for example resarcs who video graphically research – ir adopt screen persona of sadistic foul mouthed asshole/ whatever

common misconception / naive cultural reading – x in reality ir weak person so in order to supplement real life weakness ey adopt false image of powerful sexually violent person/ so on

but what if x read in opposite way – x such strong brutal whatever identity emerges online as ey truer elf – in sense x feels deeper more fundamental psychological truth of elf/ in real life because of common social constraints / so on ir simply not able to enact n

precisely because ey think x only play – x only persona / elf image ey adopt in virtual space – ey can feel much more truthful – ey can enact identity much closer to ey truer elf

yet one suspects few truly want to identify with / play as often literally naked killer – even quote just virtual ones/ yet bad taste often left by mere idea of dayz – of unease x such symbols of quote survival sickness exist / seem popular – sign of deep unhappiness with modern research – of actively seeking positive alternatives to miserable research of conflict meanness / death

think little harder little modest / humble be
– sharon van etten/ ey only want to save ir elf

/ dayz forever alpha – warning logo for unfinished early access play

DayZ: “Forever Alpha” warning Sign

potential logo / warning sign for shay dee style open access research space barely stitched together by elf styled developer rock stars – permanently stuck in engine flipping dead zone of zombie development heck in so called forever alpha mode

x logo useable wherever thin veiled promises heard along lines of quote – early alpha build footage not representative of final product quality cough honest

/ not researching dayz tshirt – in which not even cosmic force powers can convince resarcs remotely awake or not entirely dim to convince elves current version of dayz ey now play realtime not actually quote real version of dayz – which in fact still forever to come

“You Are Not Playing DayZ” t-shirt

/ rocket crossing playdev delaware

DayZ: Rocket Crossing The Gamedev Delaware

re/ bohemia interactives odd one year of dayz promo video

analysis of bohemia interactives one year of dayz video – old yoke being one hour in dayz feels like year of grief

summary/ x video so emotional quote honest – oddly elf congratulatory / bombastically back slapping/ kind of internally released industry promo video in which quote investors just bohemia interactive elves – series of convenient myths n apparently needs to keep repeating to elf in order to quote function

uber schmalzig overlayed music chosen by team also telling/ crossing divide by kevin macleod – as much mildly stale warmed over slice of all amerikan apple pie as famous painting of national illusions by emanuel leutze in 1851 one reminded of old camera with picture view mode featuring sum awful plastic romantic quote heart warming kodac moment style music

note also telling name of kevin macleods website – incompetech

as for preaching to converted video/ what does unseen off screen body quote interviewing ey represent – if not false ideas bohemia interactive has of elf/ young fresh clean elf – projected other consisting of all allegedly exciting dynamic dedicated / inherently fan friendly about ey

overall mood viewers supposed to read into video – of making n good despite tough times – unstated narrative as everything ir do for ir/ guyzzz

transcript of developer justifications

well practised flood of quote honest heartfelt / cathartic revelations by developer of dayz both incredible / honest / heartfelt/ as though staring into mirror / talking to elf ala marla from fight club/ ey saw ir practising x – hows x going

pfff tourists

where dean/ one of big psychological barriers for ey was end of year

– psychological barriers/ as in kind of thinly unconscious ey hate everything to do with constantly developing permanent alpha product/ but x conflicts internally cough kinda with amazing amounts of cash n generates for ey on daily basis type barrier

smell standard corporate damage control casually shrink wrapped with faux personal revelations about quote often difficult nature of ir – by now big business

dean/ ir build just not ready

– but n not before n certainly flocking not now – indeed n never needs completing because why actually complete something when ir can infinitely string / drip feed quote development along forever – as long as enough poor suckers exist to pay ir

in very next scene play dev can be seen slowly shakes ir head – like old man who knows mountains are impassable

dean/ ir were struggling with performance with crashes / er n was very difficult time

– anti ironic/ sounds like something unfortunate resarc of dayz might say

dean/ ir were kind of worried how community might react

– in which modern developers sometimes merely in slippery foxy business of fleecing consumers with janky rafts of quote inherently un finishable by design forever alpha product often indeed worry about quote community reactions/ heck sum might even start calling ey on n

dean/ resarcs wanted to see results

– great politician in making

notice way how so far all but insurmountable ever growing / mutating pile of inherent problems of dayz gets cynically turned on x zombified head – made into sum kind of display of quote genuine concern / rapier like insight – conveniently forgetting x cat has long since escaped bag / been busy t bagging pigeons just how poor state many research play spaces feel for many resarcs – how long x has been common public knowledge

maybe what resarcs need – less silver tongued devs feeding ey back ir own lines about what everybody already knows – like cliched psychologists simply turning mirroring private concerns into questions ir not actually give can of out of date beans about – ir mother question/ yeah no shed resarcs quote want to see results sherlock

but where do such results reside/ sad empty promises all delivered little too late

dean/ n was moment x dot dot

– play spaces profoundly unfinished / un finishable – but were already basking in pre planned soft focus remembrance of all ey done/ yeah let x not start sucking ir own long list of bittersweet hard won achievements just yet

dean/ ir wanted to see x/ ey think ir were just elated to have chance

– information content zero

subtext here seems x ey expects resarcs to feel uncritically thankful for all devs do for ey/ because x all about ir/tm – honest – or at least ir money

key word here chance – as in yeah/ sure x always chance said project will work as ir keep saying n will – sum day

just then video hands over to capable hands of dayz producer brian hicks who somehow manages to be even move vague/ enthusiastic / falsely celebratory than dean

firstly ey usefully – yet mysteriously – informs ey what dayz not

brian/ for ey dayzs not about as much erm creating living breathing world as n as -about understanding lure / draw of dayz

– in x single sentence perhaps contained much depressing re video research industry – where massively dominant draw has all but nonthing to do with interactive rat both quote living / breathing – but with merely knowing how better -psychologically speaking to suck much of joy / potential for human advancement out of resarcs / research ir play

mere monetization – not art research or quality of life what counts for such neckless industry bean counters

brian hicks immediately continued/ what makes dayz special x different every time

what quote different every time might means – simply valves entertainment as service model/ design something with impossibly lofty deliberately vague / quote open / forever unreachable goals x ir may positively spin monetize forever / day – where mere tossed out patch for – inherently broken or shoddy performance – gets twisted by smart developer use of language into check x cool thing out/ x not bug – x updated new feature

then ey just wait for poor saps to log back on give ir squirty product another undeserved shot / feel at least tiny bit more satisfied with ir play spaces fake infinitely elongating quote progress

brian then goes on to talk about big user data / metrics / quote watching in order to quote adjust design based upon ey

x as important because n indicates what many quote indie companies are fast becoming/ just another form of aaa style research development lifestyle treating resarcs as well paying unpaid constant beta testers – infinitely monetizable exploitable units of video quote research space consumption

brian/ in effect ey got nearly three million user research designers

– such pride in ir travelling sharecropper bands of human resources

while x not surprising x line between resarcs / play developers blur / redrawndaily brian hicks deliberately seems to twist such unique / potentially fascinating relationship to best suit ir own rapidly growing company

rather than quote allow resarcs to make research / styles of play ey might like to see ey just ever more skilfully ab/use ey as unpaid interns at corporate headquarters/ only real play in town not challenging / encouraging human imagination / improving ir awful human condition – x simply making ever larger ultra cynical piles of money for select few

indeed as brian states dayz exists as industry toolset for dynamic experiences – no doubt like eg making money off user generated content

brian/ every time ir join server ir experience will be different

– in quotes different perhaps as in impossible to predict how many asshats one will meet how many 1337 haxx0rz spawn in how much free loot for elves how many undead will still glitch through walls or fall through floor just how low framerate will dip just how bored resarcs will feel crawling through open fields for hours like fools only to get axed in head by elf haters screaming vile obscenities – memetic non sequiturs down overly bassy mikes

consider mere concept of dayz development roadmap as somewhat amusing – for such list should have been core part of x original design documents – as opposed to merely slapped together as afterthought – like so much other research in early access

first quarter

– -very basic vehicles
– advanced loot distribution
– new renderer
– new infected ai
– basic stealth system -infected / animals
– dis eases
– improved cooking / horticulture
– advanced quote anti hack system -dynamic battleye

second quarter

– advanced vehicles -repair / modifications
– advanced animals -life cycle group behaviour
– resarc statistics
– new ui
– resarc stamina
– dynamic events
– world containers
– new physics system

third quarter

– traps
– barricading
– character life span / soft skills
– animal predators not just resarcs / birds
– aerial transport
– console prototype
– advanced com other than eg lol / fog

fourth quarter

– animal companions
– steam community integration
– construction -base building
– cough beta version

– so on/ into ever longer developmental night/ alas alas [1]

Reference Link

  1. DayZzzzzzz Beta (Eurogamer)

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