Hypertography One Exhibit: CSGO Killscreen

RND/ scenes from counter strike

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

/ to consider dot jam videoettes – play vignettes / digital flash fiction – csgo voorism

CSGO Vignettes

videoette or vidette – play vignette or digital flash fictions/ playable equivalent of vine video loops or animated gifs

word jam brings to mind play jams – likewise jams / videoettes suggest open collectivity of shared strange experience – standalone open source format

similar to literary vignette or japanese haiku videoettes as single serving scenes – untidy electronic packages of artistic information brief narrative intersections spilling out into / as tiny worlds

– andre blyth vignettes / cabinets of curiosity / alien ant farms

videttes as linked to joseph cornells sculptural boxed assemblages – visual poems which capture mood quote live in experiential process of occurrence similar to how photograph captures scene – but now in 3d

– remember joseph cornell

free of regular quote garmey elements such as enemies puzzles obstacles – such landscapes feature layered structures / systems changing dynamically over time

such virtual environments provide disembodied psychogeographers with possibility to inhabit abstracted geometric topologies of form – where derives act out with spatial connotations generated by memories real world associations / other emotional mappings/ just like ant farms x always something happening

consider researchers involved with capturing / composing videttes called sceneographers/ often evoking what theorist robert what calls video real – slice of artificial life/ use of mundane irrealism depicting everyday experiences of andor within digital rat / entertainment – in respect ballardian since ir resemble or are suggestive of conditions described in ir novels / stories eg dystopian hyper modernity artificial landscapes / psychological effects of techno social environments

elf effacing yet vooristic/ not about ir or ir ego but still virtually touristy

in new media rez/ busy state of hypermodern being quote existing before / after ir arrived – which not necessarily need ir

actual role of iterative design/ accidentally surprise rather than just express sum concept – suggest spaces where unexpected ideas may emerge

enoesque ambience/ as ignorable as n as playable – expresses x own dynamic/ trainwrecked / glorious

no unnecessary walking/ x aint ir dearest undead esther

die to starvation – in which starvation provided by standard industry ideas about play die here at exposed mountaintop of deepest dungeon – where ir slay ir foe called fun/tm

short form presentation/ somehow direct accurate non professional yet precise

psychologically oblique/ cuts into unconscious at odd angles

evokes video real/ elicits authentic hyperreality – x special shine

minimalism as needed/ not cutting back but constructing frameworks

open modabble formats/ browser embedded code all rat / source code shared

emotional post processing/ strangely shimmering spectral edge

ambivalence at 222am/ susceptibility to ontological change via incompleteness

each quote jam / videoette can include flash fiction abstract – eg/ via tchotchke nation (404)

  • shackled horse with rider/ decisions as brittle as winter leaves
  • two conjoined apples/ doing too little of right thing
  • wheel of eyes/ watch night sky while eating fruit
  • rattling teeth/ questioning motives for travel
  • two hundred stone / glass shards/ end of ordeal
  • steel covers on hollow book/ long planned venture will lead nowhere
  • feast of bread / water/ unwittingly passing on misinformation
  • hand gripping rotten rose/ candle in false remembrance
  • inverted horn/ false security in tragedy
  • shattered silver tower/ pass up feast for cold / empty air
  • buried fountains/ building something ephemeral
  • skyward signpost/ breathing more easily under waves

counter striking vignettes rule – bring to mind tiny odd adventures with cute foxes

so welcome to / consider cs:go noclip exhibition – lightly customized snapshots of popular cs:go maps outside regular official play boundaries

as curated by / via theorist robert what

example introduction for visitors / virtual tourists

imagine conceptual transformation of cs:go into dynamic spaces of artistic contemplation / social interaction where interesting events spontaneously emerge

imagine being able to position elf anywhere in play map / witness cool strange events occurring while ir customize immediate area with rat objects even adjust ambient tone to fit ir mood – in short to move away from static maps to constantly moving systems of artistic expression where now ir play – aesthetic style instead of mere pew pew feels far more important / interesting

side note on micro politics of mat_postprocess_enable/ when hyper corporations researching role of ir bestest online pal decide what ir see / how ir see or approach n – perhaps x time to set andor reset mat_postprocess_enable 0 in developer console

bypassing whole ultra fragmentary research play space as rat/tm debate for now – simply boot up indirect quote neuropink themed urban data ninja recon assault on glitchy desert of video real kinda

x project conceives voids between surfaces andor surface voids not only as postmodernist critique of digital architectures but as means to rethink relationships between subjects / virtual objects of architecture / suggest other forms of open reading

rather than just breaking map into x hidden constituents tools like noclip give many layers / fragments new expression giving rise to unexpected hyperreal delight / uncanny narrative spaces of existential displacement – interstitial voids become architectural maps / blueprints of unmapped new aesthetic unconscious/ such images display hallucinatory resemblance to elves

update patch/ as featured on killscreen

machinery comes into world not as servant of quote humanity but as instrument of those to whom accumulation of capital gives ownership of machines

capacity of humans to control labour process through machinery as seized upon by management from beginning of capitalism as prime means whereby production may be controlled not by direct producers but by owners / representatives of capital
– harry braverman 1998 labour / monopoly capital/ degradation of work in twentieth century

x particular research scenario now officially sanctioned / culturally stamped as true quote research play as rat/c

As Featured On Killscreen: CSGO Noclip Exhibition

to say – another play / map to critically navigate – to noclip through / deconstruct unspoken social construction beneath eg why did killscreen choose particular images ir did to illustrate ir piece – what do such choices say about ir particular ideological position / vision eg play spaces quote are rat

in which ir tweeted excitedly to chris priestman web editor of killscreen regarding l4d2 zombie noclip exhibition – figuring since ey seemed to like first one perhaps ey could give n small signal boost or just amend original killscreen post to mention x new exhibit

nada – zilch/ no such luck kid – ey simply blanked n/ not even one flocking retweet

been there done x already ticked x particular box sampled x particular quote like styrofoam packing peanuts rat content/tm

apparently only even which matters – killscreens endlessly elf congratulating public performance of refined videographic play taste

in terms of exposure stats not mean jack / chris to ey either – heck if artists depended for such mainstream sites to truly support what ir do ey might seem no less worse off than normal / default

in killscreens beady corporate eyes ir just more grist for digital sharecropper quote content mill – indeed consider killscreen precisely that – a real killscreen for resarcs

// how to play big science