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Codblops Blackout: “Cod is dead”
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/ the insanity of hyper nerdgasmic ‘black ops 4 sucks / is hot garbage’ loltube rant transcripts

I already know exactly what Im gonna hear its just a beta once the full game releases itll be much better theyll fix all the issues dont judge a game by the beta no its not and no they wont this is a demo not a beta they call it a beta every single year so people will say exactly what you just did in order to try and defend this game this is exactly what you will be getting on release day mark my words so lets go ahead and talk about blops 4 if you read the title of this video I think you get a general feeling for what my thoughts are on this game blops 4 in my mind is the worst COD game I think Ive ever played now thats not to say I havent had fun with the beta because at times I have blackouts 4 has its moments but the negatives far outweigh the positives in this case going into the beta I wanted to keep an open mind I was genuinely interested and excited to try out this game for myself and the hopes of finally getting another great COD game on the same level as games like Cod 4 modern warfare 2 and 3 blops 1 and 2 however when I played the game almost every single one of my concerns that I highlighted in my previous video talking about this game leading up to the release of the beta was confirmed this game is a drastic and I mean drastic departure from every single COD game that has come before COD has in the past tried to change things up and tried to adopt different industry trends surrounding first-person shooters the games have always still felt like a COD game at their core well that was the case at least until blops 4 I think this is the first time I can honestly say that COD no longer feels like a COD game and its completely lost its identity it focuses so much on trying to adopt ideas from other games it completely forgets why COD is such a great game series in the first place what you have here is a mix of overwatch Rainbow six siege blops 3 and destiny blops 4 takes so much inspiration from other games that it feels like a ripoff in some form of nearly every single popular first-person shooter you can think of thats released in the past three to four years change is definitely a on us is that a good thing or a bad thing well thats up for you to decide but what I can tell you is that after playing the beta for well over 15 hours at this point I think I am more than ready to give my honest opinion on this game and yes it will be mostly negative but thats just my personal thoughts and preferences I know Ill already get the comments saying that I wanted this game to fail that I just hate COD or I wanted to cash in on the hate surrounding this game think what you will but I still plan on telling you exactly what my honest thoughts are on this game I have no vested interest whatsoever and whether or not this game succeeds or fails other than as a gamer who wants one of my favorite franchises to pull itself out of the gutter and once again be a game I look forward to and enjoy every single year with that said lets go ahead and tackle the biggest problem with blops for the gameplay I know not a good thing to get wrong in the game with only multiplayer to fall back on the gameplay of blops 4 feels clunky and slow-paced both Activision and Treyarch have been on record saying that they wanted blops poor to be a quote/unquote tactical teamwork driven experience and as a result of that blops 4 feels and plays different than any other game in the series the result is that you almost feel penalized for playing the game alone this push for Treyarch wanting you to play as a squad and use teamwork is made evident by the fact that now an assist counts as a kill just like an overwatch but this focus on teamwork undermines what CODs experience has always been its been a game that you could pick up and play and have a great time either by yourself or with your friends this emphasis on teamwork is only made worse and thrown even more in your face with the changes to the feel of gameplay when youre playing it almost feels as if youre wearing 200-pound weights while trying to move around even when youre aiming down sights it almost feels like theres a weight shift in moving the reticle trying to lock on to your target which hinders your ability to target other players the aiming in this game just feels awful the best comparison to this clunky and weighted feel I can think of is Rainbow six siege at least on console aiming is slow and deliberate unlike previous games where it was all about quickly locking onto your targets and getting a kill within the next second this new feel of gunplay makes your reactions much harder to pull off say youre engaged in a point-blank situation normally the thing that most anyone would do is try to get a quick hipfire kill on that person well if you were to do that in blops 4 it would be completely disastrous because even if you spray someone at point-blank range and empty an entire mag chances are theyll still be alive thanks in part to the clunky movement and aiming but also caused by the extremely high time to kill which brings me to my main complaint with this game time to kill is way too high the health either needs to be reduced from 150 to about 125 or 100 or weapon damage needs to be drastically increased in those cases you have to fire at least half your magazine just in order to pull off a single kill unless your targets just standing there motionless you will have to be extremely lucky if you ever hope to hit a multi kill in blops 4 unless youre great at consistently hitting headshots youre an expert sniper or youre using an LMG in fact in any situation where you just so happen to be in a 1v2 scenario its almost impossible for you to stand any sort of chance whatsoever but it doesnt stop there this has only made 10 times worse by the fact that health does not auto regenerate you are forced to manually heal yourself after taking any amount of damage and it just further slows down any flow to gunplay because rather than focusing solely on killing other players you must constantly be checking your health bar to see if you need to heal or not after every firefight this was a completely unnecessary and just annoying addition to the games maybe Im alone on this but the last thing Im thinking about after I just finished an intense gunfight is to inject the damn shot of heroin into my jugular Ive died several times because Ive forgotten to heal even though I was out of combat for upwards of 10 seconds its an annoyance and I have no clue why the hell this was changed did I miss the groups of people advocating for the removal of automatic health regen it just seems like such a dumb and unnecessary change that makes this game feel even slower and frustrating I cant tell you how mad Ive gotten whenever Im locked into the stem pack animation and I get killed before I can even raise my gun out of all the things wrong with COD health regen was not even in the top 50 the scorestreaks in this game are also terribly executed it takes six kills just to get a UAV and given time to kill youre barely going to get any good scorestreaks unless you plan on getting kill streaks of over ten and youre just constantly capturing objectives the score streaks themselves are good for the most part but earning them is far too demanding I wish that COD would just go back to the basic kill streak system but that seems too far gone at this point the specialists are back and worse than ever their abilities range from extremely overpowered downright useless this is where the game feels even more like overwatch and Rainbow six siege each specialist has their own unique set of combat abilities not just a particular super or ultimate ability this gives off an obvious overwatch vibe to the game also you can only have one type of each specialist on a team at a time and that is something I personally cant stand I could maybe understand if they restricted the specialist to one per team and maybe like the ranked game modes but this is across all of multiplayer with the only exception to that being chaos team deathmatch which you can have two of the same specialists on a team which is better but still annoying specialists honestly just need to be taken out a COD for good they were a sad attempt to mimic destiny another Activision IP when they were first introduced in blops 3 that only serves to patronize terrible players and they only disrupt the flow of gun based combat the specialists are a copy and paste job from blops 3 with a few new additions none of them are really that interesting and it makes me wonder why we just cant make our own character and equip them with whatever ability we want to the game modes a blops 4 are exactly what you would expect from a COD game but with one major unwelcome change every single mode in the game with the exception of chaos TDM is now 5v5 there are times where youll just run around the entire map for minutes just looking for someone to kill only to have someone spawn behind you and kill you this change is not helped by the fact that the maps themselves feel rather large and empty at times if anything they should have added more players because the larger Maps this game has take a long time to traverse without any sort of advanced movement system with the exception of ruin who has a grappling hook over all the maps as a whole are just ok a lot of them feel like infinite warfare remnants with none of them really being that great as of right now Im completely impartial on what map I play on none of them are necessarily awful but at the same time none of them are memorable the guns and blops 4 feel like a mixture of advanced warfare and blops 3 and so far theres not a gun that Ive used that I dislike and thats a good thing they all feel very balanced and good to use with my favorites being the ICR and DMR the problem that I have with the guns and blops 4 is that the SMG and AR classes as a whole feel like it just takes way too long to get a kill but I think the fault with this lies with the time to kill itself and not necessarily the guns because once they actually crank up weapon damage maybe lower the health a little bit I think everything will be perfect and the guns for the most part will be very balanced and good to use so on that note the weapons in this game are fun to use and overall they feel very balanced so it does have that going for it the graphics are exactly what youd come to expect with any COD game the game visually is identical in every way to blops 3 so much so that I was still trying to double jumping wall run for the first few hours while playing the beta take away the UI and you would be hard-pressed to even distinguish the difference between the two games and that is in no way a compliment considering theres a three year difference between the two the COD engine is a relic from another age and Activisions refusal to upgrade or replace it makes this game already look dated games like Battlefield one in battlefront 2 on EAs frostbite engine look like a generational leap when you compare it to the dated look of blops for the only reason why this is the case is Activisions downright complacency with their dominant spot in the market with COD and should not be excused now this is not to say the game necessarily looks terrible but it does look the same as every other COD game youve played this generation going back as far as ghosts keep in mind I was playing on the ps4 pro version of the game and Im not really sure if there were any enhancements present in the beta so Im not really sure if that would have any influence on what I saw but overall the game was just unimpressive in terms of the graphics the textures are blurry theres a lack of detail and theres almost a fog in the distance every time you look across the map the graphics are acceptable but nothing more overall this game seems to perform well though Ive had the zero network issues whatsoever I havent timed out and Ive barely run into any lag whatsoever this could be attributed to the fact that Im playing on gigabit Verizon FiOS Wi-Fi so my speeds are definitely not the norm but speaking for my experience the network seems to be functioning very well which is a surprise especially after COD World War 2 s terrible Network issues during the beta and at release even to this day blops 3 still has Network issues as well but in my time with blops 4 Ive had nothing to complain about the framerate also seems to be very stable Ive not noticed any substantial frame drops whatsoever then again Im playing on the ps4 pro so given the more powerful Hardware over the base ps4 it could be that the pro version just runs much better so I cant speak to the performance on the base ps4 blackouts for run smooth just like you would expect from a COD game so in that regard the game has that going for it overall the game performs as it should on the ps4 Pro but the graphics leave much to be desired Activision step up your game its 2018 we arent playing on the Xbox 360 anymore in 720p as things sit right now with blops 4 it is by far the worst COD game I think Ive ever played out of the entire series it deviates so much from the core gameplay mechanics to the point that this game feels like it could have been an entirely new franchise it feels like a ripoff of every popular FPS game you can think of the gameplay is clunky and slow the time to kill is ridiculously high the graphics are bland and look the exact same as blops 3 a three-year old game the maps are not memorable whatsoever the specialists are the same as blops 3 and the list goes on and on the only positives I can really think of surrounding this game are the fact that Ive had no issues with the network it runs well for the most part on my ps4 Pro and the weapons all seem pretty balanced thats about it this game feels like it was thrown together in a couple months and to me confirms the rumours that the original blops 4 was a super futuristic overwatch clone that Treyarch had to can a couple months before this beta actually came out blops 4 to me seems like a pitiful half attempt to scrap together game assets from blops 3 and whatever they could salvage from the originally planned blops 4 right now my only hope for this game whatsoever is the blackout battle royale mode since I really have no interest in zombies whatsoever its never really been my thing my expectations are definitely non-existent at this point given the trash heap that this multiplayer for the game is the blackout beta is in September and that will be the absolute deciding factor on whether or not I have any interest in this game whatsoever as things are right now Im strongly leaning towards not buying this game because in its current state the game is just not fun to play and that to me is the most important part of a game like COD I genuinely have no desire to go back to the beta and continue playing and that is not a good sign at all this so-called tactical gameplay that Treyarch seems obsessed with and this continuing push for eSports is not at all why I buy and enjoy COD I want a casual pick-up-and-play experience I dont want every match I play to feel like an MLG tryout where if youre not working with your team you will get destroyed even in team deathmatch Treyarch has a long road ahead of fixing this disaster of a game they need to listen to what the community actually wants and make the appropriate changes or this can and most likely will go down as the worst COD game ever released COD blops 4 absolutely sucks anyway thats just my thoughts on the blops 4 beta let me know what you think of the game if youve played the beta are you planning on picking up this game once it releases or is it a hard pass for you this year Im very interested to hear your thoughts in the comment section hit the like button if you enjoyed and subscribe for future videos like this one and make sure to click the bell for notification so you are notified every single time I upload a brand new video join my discord the link will be in the description that is a great place to come and hang out you can talk to me ask me questions I try to do my best to be very active in there so if youre interested in joining go ahead and click the link in the description also follow me on twitter at griffin underscore gaming or click the link in the description for that as well quick little update Im going to be out of town for about a week and then I actually have to move back up to college so upload may be few and far between for the next week or two but after that it should return back to normal and I should be back to uploading videos on a pretty regular basis so just keep that in mind I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I will catch you guys next time

Whats up everybody this is the act man here and today I feel quite disappointed now I like to maintain a decent amount of positivity on this channel but it just so happens that around the times of III theres a lot of controversy and a lot of great things coming out for the most part this years e3 was one of the best as I talked about in my previous video at this point though it kind of seems like every time we hear something new about COD and blops 4 if flocking sucks its negative could be my ears arent listening to everything thats out there but what they did pick up on and what plenty of you asked me to talk about was the blops for season pass hybrid thing let me just say I want to go back to talking about why modern warfare 1 & 2 were awesome and some of the older games I want to play blops 2 for the first time Cod fans need a bit more positivity but they aint getting that shed from Activision or Treyarch right now theres a lot of frustration a lot of fatigue and plenty of exhaustion in the COD community and thats for plenty of reasons but the main one is these issues plaguing the blops 4 past are just the latest in a series of shed fans have had to deal with but who would have guessed it would get worse after all this time you know 10 years of making blops 1 2 & 3 you ask yourself where do you go with this now right I have a bad feeling about this but first what is the blops 4 pass well its an even worse version of the same thing Activision has been selling gamers since blops 1 8 years ago its your typical promise of future content and asking fans to pitch in before they even know what theyre getting now why are fans so upset about this particular season pass what makes it different why are people spamming this hashtag on the COD twitch channel well for one the rumors surrounding this game though obviously just rumors are not credible raised peoples expectations and gave the false hope of a free DLC plan second theyve designed the season pass in a way that locks you out of the DLC completely its a one-way street no deviations no single purchases no just buying the zombies stuff no buying the game and then deciding later you want the season pass no this is a flocking all-or-nothing deal or no deal thats what Im reading I thought this was fake it first I honestly did and Im still skeptical Im not convinced this isnt just a bait and switch cuz holy shed its like Activision and Treyarch dont want you to buy blops for you already lost credibility in good faith and a lot of fans when you decided to cut out the single-player campaign and chill out for Battle Royale but now this come on man how hard is it to just offer a good deal or give people this stuff for free so what it actually is according to Activision zone website the season pass includes a classified bonus zombies experience for new zombies maps not available at lunch 12 new multiplayer maps and exclusive blackout characters specialists blah blah blah this pass and all the DLC is only available to you let me make that clear the DLC is only available if you spend upwards of 100 dollars and its all or nothing no I like money what inspired you to lump all the future DLC into a single package that can only be purchased with the game and not separately money one of the biggest issues with this pass is the timing of it were in a period where most companies have been phasing out season passes from their monetization schemes because I think they realized how damaging it is in the long run especially for multiplayer games like like honestly what new game coming out has announced the seasons pass whatever the new Assassins Creed is going to be thats all I can think of so it makes blops 4 look worse in comparison to other games coming out because they still havent ditched it for free DLC people eat that shed up but what they dont like eating is a scheme of DLC that costs way too much doesnt show you what youre buying and fractures the community of a game with an already short lifespan since blops 4 isnt doing this in this scenario Activision and Treyarch are painting themselves like the consumers are expendable who cares of a bunch of people leave cod in the dust and dont buy blops 4 yeah maybe well make money well make money either way it just doesnt come across like they actually about the fanbase because they keep doing the same shed over and over when theyve been told hey this is not what we want but then again the cod community sends very mixed signals so I dont know whos the villain in this scenario but its broadly Activision and another problem with this pass that ties into the franchise fatigue I talked about is theyve been doing this for 10 years 10 years if Im not mistaken theyve sold a season pass with every single mainline COD game for the last decade do you think thats enough isnt it time to evolve what about doing things the blackops way every COD game has pissed me off in this regard because 75% of the time if I want to buy DLC I just want the new flocking zombies map yet they insisted on tying that in with the multiplayer maps the greed is unreal because theyre still charging format packs and blops 1 in world at war it just make it free the monetization schemes never stop you got Cod points pre-order bonuses early access deluxe edition digital deluxe edition digital deluxe enhanced edition Pro Edition microtransactions loot boxes supply drops blops pass season pass playstation timed exclusives it just never flocking stops its almost like COD is just a cash cow thats there to make money at any cost and it yeah that sounds spot-on actually COD is just a cash cow and it hurts to say that because I remember a time when the series had a soul when it felt like they cared about the fanbase and Im not saying we arent an entitled bunch sometimes but come the flock on dude youre charging upwards of 99 bucks for this shed I cant buy DLC multiplayer maps on their own Ive never been able to do that with a COD game I cant buy zombies maps on their own having convenient spending options for your consumers shouldnt be so flocking difficult this all gets worse when you look at tray X comments on blops 4 in the season pass and this year just like arrogance or the cluelessness ultimately boils down to almost this simply hey this is a game made for blops fans and the things that they most loved about playing blops games and its more of that and thats it yeah this guy I think hes actually serious let me elucidate what hes trying to say hey there fellow blops fans do you love zombies yeah do you love Rezanov in the single-player campaigns yeah do you love when we replace the campaign with Battle Royale no no do you love $50 season passes no do you love a fraction community and multiplayer experience with certain playlists that died in population leaving you with content you can actually play but already paid for no you flocking idiot I get it you got a shill for the game pretend like things are all good and its all just a facade they dont give a shed to be honest I do find the gameplay intriguing and card World War two didnt scratch that multiplayer itch for me but it doesnt matter if I think it looks cool because whats not cool is having Activision stick their dirty ass hands down my pants trying to fish out my wallet I do like the idea of slowing the gameplay down just a bit and offering more tactical decisions along with a revamped health system thats something I think Cod is needed to do or at least try for a while and theyve been acting like what theyre doing is revolutionary thats how theyve been painting blops for this whole time forget what you know doing things the blops way redefining the way downloadable content is introduced into the franchise and this might just apply to me but I really dont care about specialists or whatever these community events they are theyre talking about to try and downplay this issue I dont care dude I just want fun gameplay great customization for Gods sake wallah team app design and I dont want to feel like Im being ripped off or exploited what blows my mind with the whole shebang is flocking get this theres now a worse gaming company than EA at the moment let that sink in EA has made more ethical choices for their consumers than Activision and Treyarch although to be honest Activision has always been just a mirror of EA but still hard to believe theyve dug themselves into deeper shed while EA and dice have been digging themselves out COD arguably and then the eyes of this humble Reporter has the worst track record when it comes to the treatment of their consumers you could go down the checklist down the rabbit hole as far as youd like the tide really started to turn with infinite warfare and the way they treated Modern Warfare remastered COD has been the front-runner of first-person shooters and video games in general for a long time but I first see a decline not huge yet significant enough to raise eyebrows COD is just going to get beaten out by the competition for not adapting for sticking to archaic models and clinging on to them for so long why would people go to blops 4 when battlefield 5 is gonna give them more for their money I guess the hardcore card fanboys will always be there but that only gets you so far if youre not bringing in more people than youre losing eventually thats gonna come back to bite you in the ass people only take so much shed before they decide to jump ship and right now theres far too many reasons to jump ship off the COD boat its sinking fort night is free-to-play pub G is very popular totally accurate battlegrounds is hilarious and battlefield 5 is gonna have free DLC so this might result in the blackout mode falling flat on its face because Activision needs to milk you for everything youre worth theres just theres so many great games that just offer a better deal Starcraft 2 recently went to a free-to-play model Smash Bros ultimate is gonna be the greatest thing ever doom eternal is around the corner Gears of War 5 crackdown 3 the division 2 will have free dlc battlefront 2 is getting free Clone Wars dlc anthem could blow up and be incredible halo Infinite is on its way theres so many more all these games Im mentioning are giving you more and better reasons to play them and invest your time with them then blops 4 is and thats because all those other companies and games are evolving where Activision isnt in the end you could boil all this frustration down into so many different things so much is led up to this field of resentment in the cod community dissatisfaction but trying to list off every transgression for the last 10 years would take too long its a lack of evolution a progressively greedier sales pitch year after year after year COD lost it so long ago its a cash cow now and I didnt think it would get worse but what do you think are you unhappy with the blops 4 pass the way the game appears to be headed or are you excited maybe youre apathetic to the whole thing but whatever your thoughts are leave them in the comments below like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to the x-men for more awesome content alright everyone thats all I got for today this is the act man signing out peace

Hey guys drifter here today I want to criticize the blops 4 beta I did a bigger review called blops for the good the bad and the ugly and my general opinion on the game hasnt changed that much since then however getting the beta out into public hands playing it in a home environment you know off of land away from alpha with real normal gamers there are some new issues that have come to light that I want to talk about and I just want to focus on the bad things today pretty much nothing good in this video I only wanted to focus on the things that I think Treyarch can improve either before next weekend or before the final game launches the gameplay youre going to get to see is me using the core night with its special operator mod unlocked which gives me a 600 round magazine as long as I dont let it overheat Im also going to be going to town on kids in the beginning of this video my experience with the beta was kind of like an emotional rollercoaster and it was just up and down I loved it and then I hated it and I loved it and I hated it and one of the major issues that would force me to swap back and forth between love and hate was optimization at home I play on a Playstation 4 regular Im on a launch day PlayStation 4 because I never believed that PlayStation 4 Pro was worth the money I dont play on a 4k monitor I didnt use psvr as much as I thought I would and it just didnt seem like a very good investment well Id only ever played blops 4 on PlayStation 4 pros either at Treyarch or at e3 or somewhere else and I got to tell you the beta never ran as nice on my playstation 4 as it did in those environments in Treyarch or another big events it was especially rough on launch night launch night was pretty brutal to me after about an hour or two I started realizing that I was getting about 45 to 50 FPS every single game that also came with screen tearing and some other frustrating issues thankfully the very next day Treyarch dropped a hotfix that fixed about 90% of these issues apparently there was a bug in the game that was forcing players into a lower frame rate than what they were supposed to be having and I was getting that so after that hotfix my experience got way way better but it still did dip down to about 55 FPS every now and then and I did get some frame skips on occasion and even when I went back in Sony Vegas to edit through my videos the capture software did capture some framedrops and skips so thats kind of spooky for me and its again its better but its still not good because COD has is more or less put enshrined that 60fps gold standard on console and literally anything less than 60 FPS for a COD game is not acceptable and its very very frustrating a very similar issue that made thee that I guess it compounded on the first one is that it felt like blops 4 was dropping frames every time I got shot especially the first night or two until I got used to it but every single time I would get into a gunfight I just felt like I dropped frames like crazy I felt like I couldnt see my enemies I felt like I was losing track of everything I thought I was blind maybe Ive become quadruple colorblind I thought I was going crazy but after the first two three four or five hours of gunfights I started just getting super mad and losing my mind because it felt like I couldnt see people then later that night I went back in Sony Vegas and I discovered that the new flinch mechanic and darkens your screen almost to the point of being black when youre shot and yes I said that correct so this game like every COD game has flinched great were fine with that and as far as Im aware theres no perk that reduces flinch which is fine by me too however every time you get shot it literally darkens the screen around you and causes a very big visual distortion for several frames and what I was feeling as a frame drop or a frame skip was actually this visual distortion and it wont make its color blindness or well you guys will see it in a second it was just so hard for me to see enemies I just thought I was dropping frames lets just go ahead and go over to example time so you can see what Im talking about so to give you a really good example or two of what Im talking about here is me getting shot while I slink around a corner you can see profit in the background and Im in Sony Vegas right now I can go frame by frame every time my character moves thats exactly one frame worth of data you can see the guy shoots you can see the little red indicator pop up so Im taking a hit and now BAM that is my screen thats a lot of visual distortion but this continues for one two three four five were pretty much clear in about six frames and then 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 were clearing up again that is a lot of frames a visual distortion again look how dark that gets I can barely see the wall in front of me perhaps a better example is one actually in combat if I can find where it was I had it kind of time-stamped here let me scroll through and see if I can find that particular moment ah I think it is this one right here I move out of the spawn Im chasing firebreak around and let me go ahead and get to the juicy part Im doing this exact same thing Im gonna engage in a gunfight this guys getting it worse than I am because Im actually killing him but Im gonna come around the corner and I take one shot from behind me as you can see on the mini-map one of the bad guys is behind me but I get shot and that is my visual distortion at this point for me its very difficult to see fire break its difficult to see my environment around me its difficult to see my gun but lets see thats 1 frame 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and about 10 frames its finally cleared up now taking three shots instead of one but that is a lot of frames of not black screen but very dark screen theres another one of dark screen it just resets it again and I die so lets say Im playing aggressive and I want to push the hard point Im still kind of coming into this one frame at a time and I turned the corner and theres some dudes here were gonna start shooting each other at about the same time he actually got first shot in on me or if he missed a little bit I was like I got first shots in on him but then come on look at this look at this it just immediately darkens my screen I cant see anything you can also actually see a frame drop here happen to have a frame drop on a dark screen so thats really really frustrating I mean look how dark this is mm-hmm thats just a little bit too much for me I really really dont enjoy that in general I dont mind flinch I dont like when its random and lucky and enemy gets a head shot on me or something and it doesnt really bother me that theres no flinch for action perk either cuz then everybody would run it its nice to have an even playing field but this level of visual distortion is just too much for me I find it very frustrating I it makes its almost an entirely subjective thing and its its also like a historical COD thing that players complain about flinch and this part its not the fact that Im flinching but rather the fact that my screen is darkening that really really throws me off similarly the sound when you get shot is pretty shocking too its very loud its cracking its popping its impactful and it pretty much seems like everybody shoots cannons in this game the hits cans the smoke the sounds are all super loud so when you get shot theres a huge audio-visual distortion and its very hard to overcome coming up next connections were not consistent at all again they generally did get better after launch night though launch night about especially like two or three hours in when lots of people were getting online was brutal for me when it came to connections some games people would react insanely fast and they would melt me after I would start shooting him first I would shoot a guy like six times and hed shoot me three times and then I would die instantly and I think that meant almost tilted me off of the face of the earth I was just going crazy there was a lot of shoot first die first then that drives me insane in video games especially in COD and especially in a game like this one or we have a really long time to kill and again with a short time to kill I figure like maybe he got a head shot maybe there was a little bit of lag and we kind of shot each other at the same time but in a game with a time to kill this along if I start shooting you and I get like three shots in and then I get turned on and died instantly we have problems again whatever the hotfix did or whenever the COS server stabilized they got better but it was very very frustrating up first I dont have any good data on this I turned off my net Douma filtering and the hosts pinging and pretty much everything because I just wanted to play on a normal connection I wanted to see what a normal blops for beta experience would be like instead of getting a nice catered guaranteed dedicated server every single time though the dedicated servers were probably most of the ones Ive played on I only was able to go off my experience in my fields but my fields were that the connections were inconsistent there were other games where I felt really really godly and case this one I dont know if you noticed what my enemies arent reacting as fast as they probably should be some of them might be potatoes and then others might be just be getting some sort of connection disadvantage Im not sure but it was never the same game from game I couldnt really pin down a feel for it for the most part the next issue on todays list is armor and I think Ive seen more reddit post and Twitter posts about armor than anything else in the game but Im with the community on this one normally the community and I do not see eye to eye on all game balance issues we have different tastes and wants but in this case armor literally drove me up a wall especially during my first couple days playing armor is essentially just free hit points just extra health for the first fight or maybe two its kind of like a retool juggernaut or painkiller and Im not exactly sure how theyve changed it from alpha so Ill have to be Ill have to look into that one but it was very very frustrating for me to start a gun fight against an armored user and just accept the fact that Im gonna lose I would turn a corner and I would see a guy and hed see me and be like alright its gun fight time Ive got good aim confident I aim down sights and then I see that little armored icon pop up next to his name and I just gave up all hope and I was just immediately in that fraction of a second think okay I just have to accept this death thats great he had armored and I didnt and I lost this fight because I engaged I suppose the only way that I was consistently winning against armored users is if I could get in a guaranteed not first shot but a guaranteed first two shots or sometimes in case the other guy was just an idiot like if the other guy was just a new player he didnt know how to aim or he couldnt reposition well and I was hopping around like an idiot with a shotgun or SMG then maybe I could have some kind of advantage but most reasonable players that had armor would just beat me hands down even if they didnt aim as good as I could it feels like armor just allows all the little Timmy no thumbs out there to choose one easy kill and get a participation ribbon Im not super sure how the mechanics work exactly Im not sure if armored only counts for one life now or if it is a simple first shot negation or if its a damage reduction from shots incoming or how much damage you have to take to break the armor before it doesnt come back I wasnt able to test it because again its a beta and I cant like load up custom games or anything but it was frustrating and in general the AP rounds do seem to counter armor I again wasnt able to test that so I dont know if they counter it and that they negate the armor if they penetrate the armor if they break the armor so you cant reach in past it or whatever but I would run AP rounds on just about every single weapon that had them and with the exception of the OGG I generally avoided weapons that didnt have AP rounds I needed AP rounds to be competitive against armored users so that was frustrating as well I think if I had a single crutch attachment or perk it would be the AP rounds because armored tilted me that hard and I have to be very clear and plain and blunt that I think that armor should be removed like seriously when players dont have the same amount of health that is a serious vertical to overcome and yeah they can run acoustic sensor so they can hear footsteps or they can run gear charge which I did so I can spam my abilities or you know something more like stim so they can heal fast but none of those make any difference in a gunfight like armor does armor just guarantees you a couple of free shots in a gunfight which is just a free kill and that was just not fun to play against another thing that wasnt particularly fun to play against though it was fun for you to use is that there was too much boost sliding and bunny hopping in this game it didnt really feel like a particularly grounded experience you can do a lot of the same old blops 3 or infinite warfare tricks like jump up to a Ledge and then boost slide off you like fling yourself really far on the map I enjoy speed I like going fast in games I dont like going slow so having the ability to boost slide feels good when Im doing it its satisfying when Im doing it but there are some its its frustrating to play against especially because you dont have to build up much momentum to do it you can enter sprint for like a half a meter just so long as your character is technically sprinting and then you get the boost button and you can immediately boost slide so I would turn corners on people that were just walking and they would just hit sprint boosts live super fast and they were just like take off on jet packs on their knees and that was kind of annoying most of my gun fights were like this theres a lot of just slide in hipfire SMG most people that have this or shotguns were just sliding and hip-firing me and I felt like I was living this soccer commercial like it was basically this soccer commercial but with guns and people were just sliding around constantly shooting the jump height out of the slide is a little bit high – theres definitely been some screenshots on reddit about it but you can get some pretty impressive height on people just with your regular jumping and I dont know if Treyarch can really fix that because we fixed the jump height then theres lots of climbing points and jump and climb points on the maps that probably wont work right a lot of advanced pathing that wont be as functional but in general if I could I would tune down the sliding and the jumping just a little bit it doesnt need to be removed because it does add a nice kind of satisfying speed mechanic to the game but it just needs to be a little bit more within the realm of sanity and speaking of sanity lets talk about the radar in general I like the ideas behind the new radar I like the fact that you can share it with your team that youre not always on as a red dot when youre shooting the fog of war the vision except I really dont like the part where they can see behind you Im not sure if this was an alpha or not or if I just maybe didnt notice it but as of right now you get a perfectly spherical of vision area that you unveil as you walk around every single thing thats in your line of vision in front of you and oddly enough behind you is revealed and tagged on the mini-map kind of like a blackbird that dot is just there and it is perfectly tracked the problem with this is it really punishes people that flank and makes it super hard for me to sneak up on people because if like some guys like head glitching and holding a corner and I sneak up behind him the very second that I see him because we have a line of sight each on each other its immediately gonna tag me on his radar so hes just gonna turn around and shoot me there was a whole lot of moments where I would just scream how did I like how did this guy know I was here how did he know how did he know to turn around how could he react so fast there was no way he could have known I was there well its simply because he was staring at the radar and the moment I turned the corner and saw his back he could see me out of the eyes that he has in the back of his head and he just turned around and hosed me that was that was inferior infuriating Im losing my words thinking about it infuriating I just I hated that it made it it didnt feel advantageous to flank people and that makes no sense whatsoever also it Auto scans so well and so fast that in this game I stared at my radar a ton the exact opposite was true when I was playing an alpha for whatever reason I used the radar for tactical advantage but in this one there were so many people being tagged on radar so many red dots so much scanning so many things I probably looked at my radar more than the actual gameplay and I would just bumble around ignoring the game world looking for the red dots on the radar to show the way the best way I think to fix this is I had this exact same idea but a reddit user explained it better than I can his name is you slash World War two er but basically the best way to do it is to have your radar scan kind of like a flashlight like flashlight field of vision like Metal Gear Solid bad guys thats its kind of a standard thing in any stealth game and that human being see and a little cone around them but not on the sides or behind and I think that changing the radar to be like that instead of spherical would allow people to feel rewarded for flanking and it would make a lot more sense I do totally get that they want some sort of vision behind you because in real life youre gonna hear fire breaks stamping around with his big suit and hes not gonna be able to walk up and touch you without you noticing so my suggested fix to world war ii err suggested fix is maybe have the traditional cone in front of you and sort of like a small little insular bubble around you the one that you have now is probably about seven to eight meters maybe even ten lets just tune that down to like two or three we can cut that down to about a third of where it is so if people walk up within like shotgun range melee range is really really close to you youre gonna see them but you dont get to scan them from super super far away the last big issue I had was spawns spawns for control and TDM were just fine hardpoint and dom were pretty rough for me I felt like I was spawning way too close to the action a lot of the times in the case a hard point it felt like it made more sense because I could spawn and get close to the HP and can test pretty fast though it did make controlling the map really hard but dominate was rough domination spawns were definitely very very rough for me I got spawn killed and spawn trapped just on normal spawns quite a few times but more so in spawns I have to ask Treyarch why did you break the spawn beacon it seems like they tried to buff the spawn beacon in some way because when I played an alpha the spawn beacon activated nearby spawn points and it was often kind of far away for like safety reasons you would put your spawn beacon down and it would just turn on like five or ten spawn points that it was close to and you would spawn somewhere within like 20 meters of the beacon just kind of wherever it was safest however in the beta it seems to be much much stronger than that Ive made me that theres more spawn points on the map maybe it tries to put you as close to the beacon as possible but youre basically spawning right on top of Seraph spawn beacon which is kind of like a team tack insert and its just like wTF is going on here why are so many people spawning literally in front of me the spawn beacon is by far the most powerful specialist ability in the game it makes pushing an objective super easy if your teammates hide it well it makes defending an objective nearly impossible if the enemy team gets their spawn beacon in a good location if you have an idiot on your team that picks Seraph and puts it in a bad spot its just gonna get you killed a ton because theyre just gonna sit there and spawn kill you off that beacon because you can accidentally double tap X and spawn on the beacon the spawn beacon also allows Sarah after respawn in search and destroy which is disgusting all I can just say that just know you shouldnt be respawning a search-and-destroy thats not a thing but in general I get the impression the Treyarch decided the spawn beacon needed to be stronger and they they buffed the lets say the distance to the spawn beacon where you can spawn so it really is more like a tack insert and it was incredibly frustrating the way that it needs to be fixed is not changing the timer its not causing it to cost more points or whatever but rather it just needs to go back to how it was an alpha at least perceptually for me or if you put down a spawn beacon you spawn to kind of soar to somewhere close to it and not literally on top of it all the time or put a limit to how many times you can spawn on it cuz right now it just sits on the map for a bit of time you can just have it like well the spawn beacon allows you like five spawns or something like that but as it is now you can just team tack insert and Ive really really hate that some more minor criticisms razor wires too much hit points lobbie times too long the load times are oddly too long and inconsistent not sure why and Nomad is annoying again I hate his stupid mines and I hate a stupid dog that comes in bork bork bites and I die and that is my criticism of the COD beta there are good things I can talk about I like the gun balance I generally like the team play I hate when Im on Team potato but in general when you have a good team playing against another good team is really fun and really satisfying in this game like almost any hero hero shooter should be and you know theres lots of quality of life improvements lots of good attachments and lots of interesting perks and combinations lots of valid gameplay strategies I think the specialists are overall less frustrating in public matches than I thought they would be theyre playing fairly well in my opinion but the things that I listed are things that I think Treyarch could with a relative amount relatively small amount of effort adjust or fixed they would significantly improve the experience for everybody else when the final game comes out well guys thats all for this video I hope you enjoyed it and you learn something useful if you did dont forget to Like favorite and subscribe drift her out down

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and today were back here on the blops for beta this past weekend was a lot of fun get to experience blops 4 for the very first time but now the weekend 1 is over and were all anxiously awaiting weekend 2 of a beta I thought it would be fun to just sit down and discuss one of the biggest bits of criticisms Ive personally seen levied against blops 4 as was Treyarch and that criticism is blops 4 is the laziest COD game ever made because all Treyarch did was recycle content from their previous games now before we get too far into the video I would like to say that Im going to do my best to try to present the case fairly from both sides and then give you guys my honest opinion towards the very end this has been a hot button issue in the community ever since blops 4 was first revealed so I thought you would be interesting to do an entire video exploring this topic though I ask that you guys listen to the entire video and look at all the evidence before you make any snap judgments or any quick reactions so is blops 4b play you see is called to the game ever lets begin by taking a look at the multiplayer maps that we found here in the beta one of the first bits of criticism that I saw this game was first revealed via its trailer was that the graphics look exactly like they did back in blops 3 and for comparisons sake Im showing you guys the blops 3 multiplayer trailer right next to the blops 4 multiplayer trailer with no editing no color correction none of that and I think its safe to say that they do indeed look incredibly similar unfortunately we dont have any footage of a blops 3 map is returning for blops 4 because if we had that footage we could do a proper side-by-side comparison but even though thats not possible as of right now I think it cant be concluded that the graphics between these two games are incredibly similar if not identical at some points with blops 4 may be looking a little bit better here or maybe looking a little bit worse there now from a narrative perspective it actually makes a ton of sense for the graphics to be similar because blops 4 is technically set in the time period between blops 2 in blops 3 therefore it would not make a ton of sense for blops 4 to look much better than blops 3 if its technically going to be a prequel to that game a great example of this would be what we saw happened in the borderlands franchise long time fans of my second channel nears Lets Plays you guys know them a huge Borderlands nerd and in Borderlands we have the very first game in 2009 we had the second game in 2012 and then we had the pre sequel in 2014 the pre sequel was set in the time period between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2 the whole goal of the game was to basically fill the gap in the story between those two games and therefore it had graphics that were nearly identical to Borderlands 2 and they even used a lot of the same assets and a lot of these same weapons and it seems like were seeing the same thing happen here with call to the blops 4 because they set the game before blops 3 it seems like they have this magic shield in front then that protects them from all criticism because if its a prequel to blops 3 then it cant be crazily better in terms of graphics because that would not make a lot of sense from a narrative perspective so is that lazy game development Ill look to hear your thoughts on that down there in the comment section below but while the graphics themselves through look incredibly similar so do a bot of the weapons so what we saw during the blops war beta was a select handful of weapons that are going to be in blops 4 but of the ones that we saw above them are very similar to guns that we saw back in blops 2 and blops 3 first up we have the ICR which is incredibly similar to the one that we saw back in blops 3 next we have the rampart 17 which basically just looks like a scar from previous COD games here we have the KN 57 which is strikingly similar to the kn-44 the Spitfire bears a striking resemblance to the Vesper the swordfish looks a lot like both the m8a1 as was the m8 a7 and the titan light machine gun looks an awful lot like the LSAT that we found back in call for the blops 2 now those are just the weapons that I personally picked up on you can definitely make the case for some other weapons here in blops or looking like they were carried over from blops 2 in blops 3 but for the sake of a video I want to focus in on just these ones because I think pretty much everybody can agree that they were indeed carried over from the previous blops titles in total the blops where beta had 16 primary weapons and at least six of them were carried over from the previous games and speaking of things being carried over lets take a look at these specialists because we had ten of them in the beta and the six of them were carried over whole cloth from blops 3 you could make the argument that seven of the ten were actually carried over because while technically recon is a new specialist he copied out writers vision pulse ability so is he really a brand new specialist but at the same time you could make the argument that Nomad should not count as he carried over specialist because while he is the same character that we found in blops 3 he has completely different abilities here in blops 4 so is he really the same specialist by the way however you look at it more than half of the specialist we saw in the beta were carried over from blops 3 and it does get worse when you look at the perks because Ill be 12 perks that we saw during the beta which how many can they really have in the full game 11 of them were carried over there was only one completely unique perk in blops 4 and that perk was teamlink right the rest of them the other 11 were featured in either blops 2 blops 3 or in some cases both of those games and the same is pretty much true of all these score streaks this one is a bit trickier than the others because we do have the gunship which is basically the ac-130 and the ac-130 has never been in any Treyarch game though it was featured in a couple of modern warfare games which were made by infinity board so does that count as they copied killstreak Im not really sure but we do also have the strike team which is somewhat similar to some previous streaks that we found here in the COD franchise but it does feel somewhat unique here in blops 4 by allowing you to command these two armored soldiers and tell them where to go or have them follow you it feels somewhat unique and then you have the Mantis which appears to be new but it could be argued that the Mantis is basically just the Cerberus from blops 3 but instead of having two fire modes it can only fire missiles so either way you look at it at least nine of the twelve scorestreaks that we found here in the beta were copied over from blops 2 in blops 3 and now you guys can see why so many people are calling this the laziest called to the game ever the graphics are pretty similar the blops 3 almost half the weapons were copied over from the previous games more than 60 70 % of these specials four copied over from blops 3 about the streaks were copied over almost all the perks were copied over you can see the argument of why people consider this game to be incredibly lazy but when youre playing blops 4 and youre dealing with the new health mechanics and the new specialist abilities and youre learning all the new maps it doesnt feel like this game was so heavily inspired by the previous games but when you take a good hard look at everything that was in the beta its clear that Treyarch decided that they almost wanted to make this game like a best of blops game for all intents and purposes right by incorporating some of the best features from all their previous games into one game alongside a bunch of brand new features with a nays does that make this a lazy game I suppose its going to come down to personal preference and whether or not you believe but leaks I came out a couple of months ago so for those who dont know there were these leaks that came out about three months ago which mostly came from a guy by the name of Matt Harris I know about you guys dont believe anything that comes out of Matt Harris his mouth because he hasnt been confirmed to lie and exaggerate about a couple of things but its important to remember that these leaks in particular were also backed up by Charlie Intel and theyre independent industry insider sources right so its not all coming from one source its coming from multiple sources and theyre all saying the same thing and that thing is that blops 4 was initially going to be very similar to overwatch more so than already is like initially kill streaks were not going to be a factor they were going to revamp the entire perk system and blops 4 was really going to be more of a hero shooter than a COD game but once that game was presented in front of play testers again according to this league taking all the pinch of salt but apparently once playtesters got their hands on blops for this brand new hero shooter it fell flat they hated the idea it was not a traditional call to the game its not like it whatsoever and as for assault Rarick has been backpedaling this entire time to make their game less like overwatch and more like call to thee which is what we now see of course with the blops 4 beta its important to remember that call T developers have a pretty tough task in front of them they begin work on their games three years before they are released so essentially they have to try to predict what fans want three years in advance overwatch came out seven months after blops 3 which was right at the beginning of when they were developing blops 4 so I do think its entirely possible that they want to make their game as similar to overwatch as possible because the hero shooter genre was on the rise its still pretty popular to this day but again all that information is coming from leaks and industry insiders and none of it is confirmed so if you believe all that then you can definitely see why people who do believe all that think the blops 4 is the laziest game ever right because you can basically boil it all down to Treyarch wanted to make a hero shooter it fell flat with playtesters Activision told them to make it more like COD again and as a result they have been scrambling to rebuild this game from the ground up which is why they decide to recycle so many features from blops 2 and blops 3 even going as far as to copy the entire art style this would also explain why theyre playing so much more effort into multiplayer in zombies this year because they dont have time to actually make a proper single-player campaign because their hero shooter was not going to have a single-player campaign theres definitely about we can pull from this I want to make it very clear once again that were talking about a conspiracy theory here were talking about leaks and industry insiders and now this is confirmed but it all makes a lot of sense doesnt like all the pieces fall perfectly into place but on the flip side of things to play devils advocate Treyarch has been saying this entire time that they want blops board to be the deepest and most expansive multiplayer and zombies experience that weve ever seen here in the call of the franchise theyve also said that they plan to support this game for many years to come more so than any other call to the game and theyve also said that they want blops for it to be the most quote unquote blops experience possible and as a result they are incorporating a but of throwbacks alongside all of their new content including the remakes of nuketown summits jungle slums and firing range and here we are how long into the video we havent even talked about the map remakes we talked extensively about how many guns are bringing back in perks and scorestreaks and specialists but theyre also bringing back a pile of multiplayer maps into blops 4 and thats of right now we have 11 confirmed maps for the game I imagine there will be many more I definitely hope that they learned their lesson from sledgehammer games releasing 9 multiplayer maps with COD one or two but so far of the 11 confirmed multiplayer maps for blops 4 5 of them are remakes right once again nuke town summits jungle firing range and slums all those maps record be coming back to this game which again its just another reason why so many fans are calling this the laziest call to the game ever but on the flip side of things Im seeing a lot of other fans saying this is the most excited theyve ever been for a call over to the game because in principle this sounds like it could be the best call to the game ever I noticed some of you guys that makes no sense whatsoever so allow me to explain traditionally call to the fans loved throwbacks thats why every time they bring back an old map as DLC people just lose their minds and every time we find an old gun and a call to the game that gun tends to be one of the most popular guns in the entire game because lots of fans already bugged that gun they have a ton of time invested into it they have a bunch of memories associated with it so theyll use it regardless if its actually good or not right and so here in blops 4 we are going to see about those throwback guns were going to see throwback score streaks were going to see throwback Maps old-school COD fans love that stuff right as long as the game actually has a bunch of new content as well a bob old-school fans dont have a problem with throwbacks so long as the game isnt completely throwbacks right like thats why I personally dont think the blops 4 is quote unquote the laziest Cod ever at least as of yet based on what we know so far now if the game comes out in October and like 60 to 70 percent of its weapons maps perks and streaks are all cut from blops 2 and blops 3 then obviously my opinion is going to change and were going to have to revisit this topic but so far it seems to me like they want blops were to be super expansive and part of that is combining original content with throwback content as a nod to all the old-school calls to the fans if thats really the case then Im personally all for that because outside of call to the online we have never seen a proper best of game in this franchise despite the franchise itself being nearly twenty years old and I understand that doesnt seem like Cod is really bad old especially for those of you who just started playing over the course of the past couple of years but the original COD game came out in 2003 its now 2018 its been a pretty freakin long time and weve never seen a best-of game outside of cod online but that does seem really count because kulfi online is only available in China so if Treyarch wants to make blops for a combination of new content and old content then Im personally all for that now as you guys know I have been super critical of blops 4 so far and I will always be super critical of the game I always keep it 100 cents with you guys and when the game first came out I hate it I cant even my I freakin hated blops 4 because it felt so much different than like any other Cod game before it but once I adjusted my mindset and I realized that this is not going to be like any other call to the game before it despite all of the recycled content I then started to enjoy the game a lot more I start playing more control I started using a bunch of different specialists and trying out different things and after playing the same five Maps over and over during weekends one I started to wonder how would control play in order called the games how would these specialists play in the order call to the games and then I remembered that firing range is coming back and jungle is coming back and summit is coming back and that got me even more excited to play blops 4 and I know above other people feel the same way right because were excited to see what the new content is going to be like alongside all the old content its going to be a really fun year for the call to the franchise in my opinion and so thats why Im personally so excited for it why I personally dont think its the laziest cause ever I know Bob you guys dont like the idea of old content like anytime a matpat comes out and they reveal that their remastering a map people say they hate remasters they only want new new new but if theres one thing Ive learned over all my years playing the call to D franchise which has been over a decade at this point its that new content does not always necessarily mean good content right now every map they release is going to be the next high rise not every gun they release is going to be the next mp7 or the next ACR there are lots of duds out there lots of really bad guns lots of really bad maps and thats why I bobis get excited when they decide to bring back maps from previous COD games because 9 times out of 10 its going to be a good map sometimes there are discrepancies like for example when they brought back resistance which Ive loved back in modern warfare 3 and they put that map in COD World War 2 I suddenly didnt like the map anymore because its just did not play well in COD World War 2 as compared to modern warfare 3 so occasionally that will happen or sometimes they will bring back a map that just does not make a lot of sense like for example in advanced warfare they brought back the quote-unquote fan-favorite map pipeline I could promise you guys pipeline was nobodys favorite map back in COD 4 or back in blops 2 they decided to bring back the quote-unquote fan-favorite map courtyard over actual good maps like hassle or dome it didnt make a lot of sense so obviously there are some discrepancies out there but by and large would they bring back old content from a previous game its usually some of the best bits of content that have ever been created in the long history of the COD franchise so thats why above us are excited for the rehash content that were going to find in blops 4 though keep in mind toward nobodys fool like if this game comes out and like 70% of it is just recycled then everybody in general is going to be upset with Treyarch and Activision because thats obviously a lazy way of going about things there needs to be much more new content and blops 4 as compared to throwback content but I dont necessarily think that all throwback content is bad content if that makes any sense so I know above you guys still think a blops 4 as a lazy game and to an extent I actually agree but I tried my best in this video to try to present both sides of the argument theres definitely a lot of discussion to be had here and Ill go to hear what you guys think down there in the comment section below but keep in mind as well on top of all this that one rehash content is not super new in the call for the franchise and to blops 4 is the fifth game in the cops universe at this point like for those adult no world it bores a single-player campaign tied in steep blops one single-player campaign therefore blops four is technically the fifth game in the sub series which means Treyarch has been working on this universe for ten years now that their 10 year anniversary is coming up this November which is pretty cool I think theyve earned the right to use some throwback content in their fifth game in the sub franchise and even other franchises like the Modern Warfare series theyve been doing the same thing for years like people dont talk about this but when modern warfare 3 came out of the 34 weapons that we found in the base game 16 of them were copied over from cold 54 and modern warfare 2 and thats just kind of part of what makes a good series a good series race having that continuity like if blops 3 had nothing to do with blops 2 whatsoever it wasnt really felt like a blops game whatsoever right the same is true of the volume warfare games I think a big part of why these sub series have been so popular over the years is because they always have that make some new content and throwback content that makes everything feel grounded and within the same storyline like for example do you see anybody out there making comparisons saying that Modern Warfare 2 is similar to blops 2 because I feel so those games are night and day different but on the flip side of things you take a game like modern warfare 3 and compared to COD 4 and even though they were made basically by different Studios and made many years apart theyre still pretty similar right because the map design and the flow and the time to kill and just everything else in general right so thats what makes a series a series without that theres just basically a sequential group of games with a similar name and I know this has nothing to do with Cod but I think its a really good example so how many of you like horror movies how many of you have seen the Halloween franchise thats been going on since 1978 this is the horror movie franchise that stars Michael Myers and it usually involves his hometown of Hatton field every single film which is over 10 of them at this point has involved him or his home town with the exception of Halloween 3 season of a which for some reason this movie released it had nothing to do with Michael Myers it had nothing to do with Haddonfield had nothing to do with the rest of the series as a whole which made no sense whatsoever for all intents and purposes Halloween 3 season of the which was basically just a separate movie that used the Halloween name for brand recognition so that it would do better at the box office do we that happening in the call of 2d franchise like do we want modern warefare for to come out and have it not tie into the previous modern warfare games whatsoever because I would personally hate that like if theyre gonna call it modern warfare for Captain Price better be in that campaign the mp5 better be involved the m16 better be there i best see some sort of a remake of high-rise or terminal i best have an intervention and then for the a3 in there like if theyre going to be making a new modern warfare game i expected to feature content from the previous modern warfare games to make it feel like part of the series and so far thats were getting here with blops 4 though it could be argued that theyre overdoing it a little bit because face on what theyve shown us so far it seems like roughly 50% of the game were going to be throwbacks and that may be a little bit too much but of course theres still a lot more weve yet to see about this game we dont know how many maps are going to be there at much youll know how many weapons are going to be there or perks or specialists or kill streaks or anything like that so theyre still thought to be seen but so far thats the current situation we have here with blops 4 and Ill go through what you guys think about it down there in the comment section below do you think this is the laziest game ever like do you believe the rumors that Treyarch failed at their original vision they had the basically scrapped together a best-of game as fast as they could or do you think this was their intent right from the very beginning because theyve been working on this series for 10 years now and they wanted to do a best up call to the game I dont think theres any right or wrong answers as of right now until we learn more and thats what makes this situation so interesting but ladies and gentlemen thats all I have for you guys here today as you guys can no doubt tell my voice is completely shocked Ive been recording so many videos as of recently and I wanna thank you guys so much for all the support on the recent videos as well its been a lot of fun playing blops 4 and getting to know the game and introducing my videos to a whole new audience at the same time thats been a lot of fun but of course we still have weekend to right around the corner and then of course the actual launch of the game in October which is going to be freaking thats a long side I suppose we keep forgetting that the blackout beta is coming out in September as well thats gonna be a pretty big deal so I hope you guys all enjoyed this video leave your thoughts and feedback down there in the comments section below and I hope you guys all happy wonderful day (Music)

Oh my goodness I really did I really wanted to like this game I went into this with very high hopes for this game because honestly Treyarch has never really really let me down with a COD game before until now please keep in mind that this is the beta video Im gonna be talking about the beta and this not the full game obviously we dont know what thats gonna be like although I dont have extremely high hopes for that either anyways before we get started with the video I do want to let you know about a platform called worth it which approached me about this video as a sponsorship opportunity its a platform where I can interact with you guys you it can actually ask me questions I can give you answers I can charge you to ask questions but I chose not to so theyre literally paying me to answer questions from you guys free of charge actually so if you wanted to go ahead and ask me some questions I will leave my profile link down in the description for you to go to you can go ahead and ask me something Ill respond to all the questions and theyre gonna support the channel just by you guys doing that so make sure to check that out and unfortunately if this game stays in the state that it is right now I think this really might be my least favorite COD game of all time so let me explain to you why I think this beta sucks okay why this build of the game is complete garbage and if it launches in this state which honestly I think that it will launch in a similar manner this will be the worst COD game of all time and Treyarch I really hope that youre listening to me Im pretty sure you guys have seen a few of my videos before I know people have sent them to you so hopefully you are watching this and if you are please understand I have been playing COD since literally the PlayStation 2 okay I have been playing multiplayer for well over going on eight years now okay I have been a very huge fan of this franchise for the longest time this game has a solid base but as being executed entirely wrong the biggest problem with this game is the time to kill it is ridiculous it takes like six bullets to kill somebody in this game I mean there is absolutely no reason that this time to kill should ever be featured to COD game it just its horrible it can take like half a clip to kill somebody just if youre spraying or youre trying to maintain aim on them as they move around theres no reason that this time to kill should be this high it needs to be short and I say it needs to be cut probably about in half but as it stands right now its ridiculous I dont really like many of the weapons that Ive played with thus far I played a couple of hours of gameplay so far Ive my favorite gun probably honestly is the ICR assault rifle I mean its pretty good but I think the reason that I dont really enjoy the guns thus far is number one because the time to kill is so ridiculous and to because I dont know theres the game feels weird to play it to me it feels clunky and thats across the entire board like literally the menus are so terrible I mean this game is on console right Im playing on a PlayStation 4 and theres a cursor for the menus I cant use the d-pad to get through the menu I have to use this cursor which I use the thumb stick to navigate and I just I dont know why they thought that was a good idea the menus are ugly theyre hard to navigate they just completely turn you off for the game create-a-class is okay I guess it looks decent I mean its still hard to navigate because its laid out really weird its not laid out in the traditional sense of things hopefully these things should be somewhat easy to fix so if they do fix them in time for the launch I think that its gonna be a pretty solid improvement cuz as it is right now these menus and things are just theyre garbage gameplay wise this game would be really good if I keep mentioning the time to kill I know but that is a huge issue right now I think thats probably the biggest issue I have with the game if the time to kill was better and the weapons felt more effective I think the gameplay would be a lot better maps or you know there here and there I guess I mean theres some decent Maps theres no really great maps that I played thus far which is weird because usually in the beta they give us what they think are gonna be the best Maps or the most enjoyable maps for us to play on and I mean I just havent found a map yet that I really click with honestly a lot of these maps feel like theyre inspired by blops 3 but designed to buy like Infinity Ward right this I dont think they can really fix because the map designs are pretty much final once people play on them and become accustomed to them it would just be weird for them to change this I feel so I dont think were gonna be seeing any changes to the maps but hopefully the other maps in the game arent gonna suck because Im just not thoroughly impressed by many of the maps and there is this map that youre seeing on the gameplay right now its okay its somewhat enjoyable but its not great so however the specialists in this game are so there is literally the after core which is a specialist that can kill people through walls it can completely clear objectives literally all you have to do say youre playing hard point right three enemies are on the hardpoint they dont know youre there you just run up against the wall you put this thing down and you can kill all three through the wall off the hardpoint just because hey guess what your ability is charged up you can press r1 you dont really need the gun skill or anything to get these kills like in great COD games you dont need to use score streaks to wipe the entire thing it just you just go up and press r1 if youre running pretty much any of the specialists fire break is really overpowered I would say the purifier just completely destroys people the reactor core can kill through walls and it its just ridiculous then one of the characters has this big barricade that like gives off radiation and it slows you down when youre in front of it which is already bad enough that theres a shield because they can just sit behind this thing theyve got pretty much a head glitch on wheels they can just destroy you pretty much anywhere especially on objectives and then not to mention youre being radiated and slowed down so youre taking damage slowed-down super vulnerable you cant really fight back the specialists are really in need of a nerf because theyre just gonna completely dominate this game for the game modes control is okay although Im still a little bit confused on it I need to learn it I havent played very much of it but I want to know why domination and hardpoint are not in the game as standalone modes you have to play the mosh pit series to get these on the different map I just I dont understand why they thought that was an acceptable decision to make all the matches are 5 V fives which I kinda didnt like at first but Ive started to get pretty much used to it because I mean honestly theres not that much action taken away by having less people Ive noticed I havent really lost any engagements I feel like Im still getting the same amount of gunfights and things like that that I do in other games I mean its still decently easy to find action in the game so chaos team deathmatch is stupid in my opinion because its literally just team deathmatch ported from the other game modes and theyre trying to act like its something super innovative when the only thing it really has is hey its 6v6 and you can have two of each specialist on each team which honestly thats nothing so just to kind of recap why I think this beta sucks and if it currently launched in this state it would be the worst COD game of all time the time to kill is completely destroying the game the weapons all feel weak because of this the menus in the UI a super clunky hard to navigate and overall just confusing theres not any really great maps that I could identify from any of my playtime I mean theyre all either really good or really bad but none of them are great theyre not combine from blops 3 theyre not raid or anything from blops 2 theyre not Newtown I just dont think we have any classic maps on this game at least that we know of right now the maps just dont feel like Treyarch maps they seem to have lost a little bit of their style and influence that they usually have they seem inspired color wise and aesthetically from like blops 3 or infinite warfare or ghosts depending on the maps but overall it just I dont know Im not digging the maps too much the specialists are completely destroying the game for me at least I I think its ridiculous to think back to lets just pick any of the great COD games blops 2 ok you didnt have this crap where if youre playing hard point you had to worry about someone being on the other side behind a wall and just putting down this random ass ability that the game gives them litter simply just for being in the game realistically and it just completely radiating and destroying everyone through the wall in that game if you wanted to get a high amount of kills you literally had to run and actually have gun skill in this game there the time to kill is just ridiculously high the score streaks are great actually I think theyre pretty good so that actually gives me a little bit of hope I think theyre a bit hard to obtain because once again the guns and stuff like that feel weak and its honestly harder than I would say any other COD blops game any of them that were Ive really ever played to get score streaks but the ones that I have gotten are pretty effective I think that if there are any more score streaks that they actually add in post-launch or anything or that we havent seen in the beta that theyre probably gonna be pretty good too so thats one thing I do really enjoy about the game Treyarch never really seems to have a problem with the score streaks though so I kind of expected the score streaks to be good overall this game is so far just not in a very good state it seems like all the rumors about how this game was in developmental hell the multiplayer was extremely inspired by games like overwatch and Rainbow six siege raw true this game seems to try and force tactical gameplay down your throat which is nothing that COD has seen literally in its history and unfortunately for fans of the series like myself this is something that I dont enjoy I dont mind the whole self-healing system I think that thats okay I dont see exactly why its necessary I think if anything it should have some game modes that are kind of like classic COD where the health just regenerates as you play the game instead of you actually doing it yourself I think that would help kind of bridge the gap between players who are split on that but this game is just inspired by every other game it seems like honestly I feel like Activision kind of pushed a lot of these changes through to try and make sure that they could get COD to compete with other games and unfortunately I think thats really taking away from the core values of a COD game we all really know COD for the great creative class the fun high paced high action gameplay the great score streaks the iconic maps and just fun multiplayer but I think a lot of these things were kind of ignored during this game the maps are not great theyre not iconic in this game the time to kill is ruining pretty much everything in my opinion this game is just extremely bland boring to me it might match up with something that fans of like Rainbow six siege or overwatch really enjoy but Im not huge on those games so honestly guys I think CODs done and thats gonna be a tough pill to swallow and I hope that Im wrong Im hoping that changes are made to this game that really make it good but am I gonna sit here and hold my breath no at this point I feel like COD is too busy trying to chase everyone else instead of innovating like they used to instead of making great games like they used to they feel like they have to make a game thats just like every other game on the market Activision is way too involved in the process of making the games now that will to be just like every other game even games that they have some sort of ownership over has completely destroyed this game for me I dont want to say CODs dead because this is still probably gonna be the top selling game of the year and theyre still probably gonna be a lot of fans of it but personally as a longtime fan of the series this beta is complete garbage and I hope that the game makes changes obviously I mean its gonna have to because I mean I streamed right hundreds of people were in there watching the majority and I mean the vast majority nobody seemed to enjoy it except for select for you and of course their excuse is oh youre just bad at the game thats why you dont like it which is the classic COD fan excuse I mean Im pretty decent a COD Ive been playing for a long time this game is just Im so disappointed and Im just kind of honestly shocked that they would actually put this game out they would put a bait out in staged honestly I would much rather not have a beta if that meant that the game would be better at launch because they focused on actually developing the game which a beta is intended to be a developmental tool to see what they need to fix and issues a community has and stuff with it but I honestly dont know if they have time to fix it two months another beta next month you know I just hope we dont go down the world war 2 train again and this game becomes good eight months after it launches and the next COD is already being hyped up I dont know how often Im gonna play multiplayer in this game I think if anything its gonna have to be black out in zombies so that saves this game guys multiplayer is not gonna do it thank you guys for watching if you did enjoy make sure to leave a like subscribe if youre brand new around here were almost to a hundred thousand subscribers on the channel feel free to tell me how much you hate my guts for not liking CODs blops 4 if youre a fan of it down in the comments but hey if you actually have some reasons that you think the game is great please leave them below Id love to see what you guys think about it and if you think the games good maybe you can change my mind maybe the game can change my mind you know follow me on Twitter at sub to optimist ruin the discord below go leave me some questions on worth it for me to answer I will be answering all of them you literally can ask me questions for free you get a guaranteed response and you can actually help support the channel through the sponsorship so anyways Ill leave that down below and until my next video guys this is optimus wondering what went wrong with blops 4 and signing out

The COD franchise is one that evokes memories of when everything was better just six to ten years ago back when despite the whole recession hitting you could still come home from school down another Mountain Dew and play video games with your friends on Xbox Live and maybe make some new ones by playing online its when social media had an optimistic outlook when it was what the kids used to keep in touch and then when Facebook came around its what everybody used to keep in touch before it would show itself to be the ruination of society and as a way of trying to control people its when you could still get excited for new video games and you would actually feel more like that $60 he plopped down on the new COD would be worth it its when you predicted your adult years to be moving out going to college gained a nice job not staring at the decay of society as you work as a burger flipper or shelf stocker for $8 an hour or worse jobless is you live with your parents at the age of 23 with a beat-up car and no skills other than well video games and whatnot youll turn the TV on youll see them talking about how oh there there there are all these new jobs and youre like where the hell are these jobs going to its when you could look at adults older than you and see them going places I mean I have some family members who are like distant family sure but theyve gone on to work some nice nice jobs and like for example one of them works at this major tech company designing like electronic devices and whatnot and thats when you could look at adults older than you and see them going places not being bugs who sit around all day in front of mass-market video games like the Nintendo switch or Marvel movies and waste their money on expensive gadgets oh I gotta get the new iPhone oh I gotta get a SmartWatch well I gotta get an Amazon echo so the government can listen in on me during that time COD was a sales machine selling millions of copies every year similar to the business model employed by sports games and pokemons but eventually that business models been physically now and COD is no longer the game that middles schoolers or high schoolers or that guy at the cellphone shop play nowadays called duty has been a complete joke ever since the Xbox one and ps4 came out with cracks showing in the series with modern warfare 3 and maybe as early as modern warfare 2 with the whole infinity ward staff thing were pretty much all the staff quit go sucked advanced warfare changed the series too much for an audience expecting another modern warfare 2 or blops 2 with the new movement system blops 3 tried another movement system that was a failure and topped it with an online filled with quick deaths bad maps and campers infinite warfare was a reskin of blops 3 nothing more nothing less and world war 2 is blops 3 – the movement system but hey it did have a multiplayer with no swastikas and multiplayer maps despite being a world war 2 game and you could play as a female soldier and you could set the transgender flag or the asexual flag or the bisexual flag to your um profile like background so you could be a Nazi in World War 2 whos also a female trans women god I love diversity and yeah take that big its called Duty is its woke COD blops 4 isnt even out yet and the series is really crumbling blops 4 tries to shift the franchise into a full-on multiplayer only game with no 5 hour campaign and yet it doesnt take notes from the current business model of even Activisions Blizzard division or any other big publisher really doing the same thing by offering free content updates like free maps or free weapons instead of instead actually Activision is locking all the DLC behind a season pass and only the season pass he cant just buy the DLC separately its locked behind the season pass oh and theres a battle royale mode because even though that genre will be about as uncool as motion gimmick games or Pokemon go in a few years they gotta add it anyway because thats what the cool kids are playing the multiplayer beta is locked away behind a pre-order unless youre playing the PC version this is the version Im playing now blops 4 on the PC has been marketed as a return to form from the series on the PC after the series is slow decline on the PC first from the modern warfare 2 port lacking dedicated servers and Activision trying to shutdown modders adding dedicated servers back to the point where i w4x is hosted on tour of all places next from a series of bad pc ports and finally from the fact that modern pc gamers being nintendo refugees and now rich kids are very apathetic about COD preferring to play csgo siege Minecraft and fortnight so what does blops 4 do on the PC to make itself become the new PC game that all the cool kids want to play well first of all its being developed by B NOx you know the same people who made the the amazing port of blops 3 to the last gen consoles and its also being released only on battlenet instead of steam and balidaan thats the same service that hosts the Blizzard games in destiny to moving modern warfare 2 to steam in an era where multiplayer games to run with game spy and server lists with dicks disk checks being the sole drm was controversial and now as pc gamers normalize steam instead of keeping it on steam where anyone could buy it they just decide to move it to battlenet which is their own surface I mean it failed for EA and ubisoft with origin and you play respectively so why not do what failed for them and got them a lot of hatred from internet gamers by putting blops 4 only on Activision zone service I mean what could possibly go wrong its not like PC gamers are just gonna ignore it because steams like the de-facto storefront for PC gaming when you download the game about net youll get tons of ads saying to pre-order now while youre downloading the beta because activision needs more money and even though their CEO is probably rich and flies a private jet you know they need more money when its done you can start the game in them well you can experience disappointments when I went into playing blops 4 I was already in somewhat of a shedty mood after struggling with the failed tech repair that arm-chair geniuses told me was fixable even though it had nasty corroded chips and bored corrosion that might have gotten to the ICS after realizing that Ive been fed delusions of being a computer genius just because everyone in my town struggles to use their computers just because well theres a lot of reasons I say that but thats the mentality in America nowadays if you can reset a router youre a computer genius and after seeing shed online that genuinely unnerved me and made me think that giving kids tech at young ages was the worst idea since oh I dont know the American education system that tells these same kids that theyll be astronauts and computer Wizards when they grow up but in reality trains them to be good little consumers who worked as fry cooks and desk clerks working dead-end jobs that they absolutely hate on minimum wage so after drinking a mountain Dew and ripping a few vapes I decided to go on blops 4 and see if this was any good like the COD youtubers who likely take money from Activision are saying it is and the first thing I noticed is that they decide to throw the user interface out the window and try to create a new one and even in the beta you can see that COD adopted the same mediocre cookiecutter multiplayer menu scheme other titles too where you just click play game and you get coddled into a game with a bunch of other random people instead of gain a nice easy list where you can choose what mode you want to play that shows every aspect of the lobby right in your face like older titles did theres all the multiplayer modes seem to be crap crowded up into a few playlists which I saw for several modes and instead of showing every aspect of the lobby right in your face like older titles did including who is in your lobby what part of the menu Iran and other important details they decided to throw out this and they flocked it all up I mean Ill give you a little 3 that game still has some of the best multiplayer menus in any game how is it the games from 2007 which is like 11 years ago have better features than games made in 2018 I mean what the flock is that logic all right theyre getting lazy and theyre shedting the multiplayer of blops 4 is well theres only one mode and because its multiplayer and lets just say my expectations were extremely low and somehow these bottoms them out of it the first thing is that the game is badly optimised on PC now Im playing the default Saints and it looks alright I guess it actually looks somewhat less blurry in the footage I recorded but you know thats just what its like using OBS for the first time in trying to play with the settings a bit because you know OBS is a bit far from it just works click up button and get a recording and keep in mind the only reason I did this was my capture software which Ive used for a long time action actually caused blops 4 to crash this is the first time Ive seen this happen with any game Ive used mind you and for just about any other game Ive played actions been my go-to software due to its ease of use now despite the alright graphics that look ok I guess for a 360 game the game has massive performance issues from framerate drops to straight-up freezing and I got disconnected from lobbies a few times there were fewer of these when OBS was not running but even though I know his framerate issues and sometimes freezes furthermore when I had the game running fullscreen I was only able to play the game letterboxed on my CRT monitor and when I ran the game in windowed mode to record I noticed that my CPU usage and task manager was spiking and I dont have some shedty Walmart laptop I have a Dell T 7500 upgraded with dual hex cores and 64 gigs of ram and I got this thing for like a hundred bucks from a surplus sale and yeah lets talk about the game playing call for money camp hops for so when camp pops for Treyarch decide to listen to the number one gameplay complaint with the series from the die-hard fan base as of late which has been boots on the ground only and so you get that you can move fast but there are no EXO suits or jet packs or anything like that specialists probably one of the worst features of blops 3 make a return as you choose your class when you begin each map I got special equipment which you can use once it recharges or you play the map long enough just like an Activisions other hit shooter over launched the map still feel ripped out of blops 3 R were to have her and theyre small and he end up in quarters with enough nooks and crannies for campers to hide and and kill you instantly and thats what youll end up seeing in blops 4 cappers cappers and more campers oh look you just got killed by somebody you didnt see right behind you and you also die really quickly and this is compounded by a major design decision Treyarch made with blops for seeing blops 4 trailer decide to mess with the core mechanics even more than the other titles did with advanced warfare for example the core mechanics like running shooting aiming down sights and whatnot were identical to previous COD titles youd get a variant of a pick 10 system to create a class and for the most part it was similar to older titles besides some character customization and a lot of items and the supply drops were items you could add to your character – change of clothing its core gameplay was near identical to blops 2 with a few of the better features from ghosts around 2 b 3 added in like support streaks or the ability to neutralize points and domination oh and there wasnt and there was the uplink mode and that was fun as hell blops 4 on the other end tries to mess with a lot of the core mechanics yet again even more than blops Sweden and it doesnt feel great to play regenerating health is gone and he now need to press a key to heal up and it can also feel like it as a wait time you know grenades one of the things you could use as a defense against campers and whatnot theyre gone unless you choose a specialist that has them and he cant equip them anymore and theres a recharge time even after you die so you die as quick as you would in blops 3 or mw3 but at least its boots on the ground thats what I award give it to me after vision the multiplayer maps are the usual COD cliches except theyre not fun because the poor map design theres a jungle area next to an icy area theres a nice beautiful rural city area that you can only move to if youre rich or that likely only ask jobs in the tourism sector of that theres a private villa theres a torn-up city thats a warzone theres a military base and theres probably a few more maps in the COD cliche like that are there as well if I could like either find them in matchmaking or theyre probably in the full game the art direction on the maps is alright even if it has that sterile tech demo or benchmark feeling and its let down mostly by the bloated engine the fact that youre still playing a shedty 60 dollar multiplayer only game or you die quick its frustrating its buggy and all that fun shed heres the thing with COD its gonna be dead in a few years at the most like what happened with Tony Hawk and guitar here I mean shed look how everyone who streams Guitar Hero plays a free wet freeware clone of it instead they all play clone hero now and why did they choose to clusterflock the multiplayer of menus I mean this is called a duty after all one of the whole reasons the older game sold so well was because you could just pick them up and play without having to read a manual you dont get any more because to save the trees and quick pretty manuals and because they didnt flock with the core formula too much even advanced warfare like I said so as many of the core pieces of the core formula of COD in the game and blops 4 is another shed show and a franchise thats more identity confused than a middle-school internet addicted teenager who brags about wanting to die everywhere they go online and decides to make it reversible body changes even though there are only what 14 or something like that age because at their school its a new subculture like Goths emos and UFC fans who wore Tapout shirts to class every day or more accurately its as identity confused as one of the specialists you can choose in the multiplayer who looks just like those people theyre trying to add an overwatch style specialists theyre trying to add in a battle royale mode because I mean all the kids are playing fortnight now and you can play as the average US military soldier in the Year 2070 were the only people who still fight in the wars are people who look like fast-food employees and thats whats gonna happen blops work its gonna die out thats the thing its going to die out real quick youre gonna see copies this piling up the game shop and the only people playback ops four are going to be the kids who play the zombie mode and COD because thats what a lot of kids love is the zombie mode and COD that thats gonna be the only mode people play just like what happened with blops 3 its gonna be a dumpster fire it will be a dumpster fire people are gonna quit playing blops 4 not long after it comes out theyre gonna go back to fortnight theyre gonna go back to a siege theyre gonna go back to maybe csgo if theyre a PC gamer all right if theyre a PC gamer theyre not gonna pick it up theyre just gonna play csgo all day like they always do and thats what blops Forge gonna be its gonna be another dead game mark my words but you know its gonna at least its boots on the ground this time I guess I mean thats what all the caught kitties want so yeah blops Wars gonna be a piece of shed game and this is just the beta this isnt even the final game its like how many months its its August probably three more months before this game comes out I havent looked up the release date but spry in November I guess cuz the last ten or so called Duty titles were released in November so yeah dont buy blops 4 its another piece of shed game thats gonna die off in a few months and thats all that has to be said dont waste your money on the scar batch please dont

Ah yes COD blops 4 did anyone even remember this game came out I sure didnt I only remembered this game came out three to four days after it came out when I went to target after being put on SSRIs by a doctor and then Im in the middle of buying some stuff at stores and then I see this game at Target Im like oh right this pile shed finally came out I forgot blops 4 even existed its easy to forget blops 4 even exists especially when the mainstream gamers are either playing for tonight or placing on the pre-order dollars on Red Dead Redemption too now ruksar likes to take their sweet time and they release a new game and this means that their game releases are seen as huge events worth spending $60 on and then they sell for years afterwards while COD is a yearly multiplayer franchise that has been on a decline ever since the Xbox one and ps4 came out ghosts just sucked advanced warfare was a good game hampered by the fact that the COD player base just wants another modern warfare 2 and everything from blops 3 to World War 2 has just been the same brown of mediocrity with a new coat of paint on it there is modern warfare master but Activision tried to tie it to a higher priced version of infinite warfare and it lost a lot of sales due to that and it wasnt always like this because back when COD was big it was Gaineys high budget ads such as the famous live action trailers that tried to show average Joe is feeling the fight like they were in a war zone and there were tions with lots of products like mountain dew and whatnot it was a consistently a top seller every single year and everyone played COD now you cant even place a blops 2 online anymore unless you play the PC version because Activision doesnt want to patch a 6 year old game with more security exploits than Windows XP I mean shed you can act blops 2 online now just by going and watching a video in the theater mode yeah thats how you can cheat on blops 2 and Activision doesnt even want to bother patching it so is it any wonder I completely forgot blops 4 existed but hey at least it has a battle royale mode this time right I mean all the cool kids are playing fortnight when theyre done working their McJob or gain and doctorate in schools they end up with no skills other than how by the newest games and complain with tax time comes around or when theyre out of money because their Cavaliers transmission blew up again you know I really could have bought a better car if I save the money but man I gotta buy a Nintendo switch and some games for it and after all every industry I know seems to have this mindset of copy the leader except most of them do it too late or poorly which means that the end product sucks and they alienate everybody in the process and COD is not the only offender just look at how every cell phone nowadays is trying to be the new iPhone anyhow when you put the blackops fourth disc into your Xbox one you have to grab a 49 gig update thats right a 49 gig update now this is certain to kill your data plan if you have a shedty ISP that caps your data but who cares you just want to play COD right now theres a reason for that see thanks to new Xbox one updates you can see how much is installed from the disk and from the internet and well blops 4 only has two hundred Megs on the disk thats right despite the game shipping on a 50 gig blu-ray nearly all the data is stored online and its downloaded to your xbox meaning that youre spending all this time downloading something that could have been on a disc the disc is essentially a glorified licence dongle that grabs all the data for the game from the internet what a waste of plastic it really is a waste of plastic the user interface is one of the worst Ive seen because it basically does what destiny did it uses a pointer for the analog stick but if you move the d-pad you can select each item like you can normally by moving the stick and other COD titles so why not just use the stick for everything instead of just a d-pad like I dont get this whole stupid user interface idea by throwing out years of user interfaces that just worked all for this stupid fad gimmick whatever I dont get it but Im not one of the geniuses at Activision Im just Im just a nerd in my moms basement so what do I know now blops 4 uses the tried and failed model of offering a $60 multiplayer only game after all since so few people played COD single-player and actually beat them they decide to eliminate it and focus only on the you play hermos meaning that for $60 youre bidding only the online mode self COD so much for offering the ultimate entertainment package II only get zombies multiplayer and you have to spend money to play online unless you play on the PC because yeah and the battle royale mode called blackout which which sucks now when you install this game the first thing that installs is the battle royale mode because they really want you to play this mode dont they I mean they want to sell this game to the Fortnite crowd so yeah so the battle royale mode is what youd expect its the most boring ass game ever you walk around and you try to find someone to kill and hide in half the lobby only to get killed super quickly by a bunch of campers because whoops your gun sucked and someone else got lucky and got the sick power weapons and yeah youre dead and and you gotta just back out and find another game and if I wanted to wait at play game where I wait after lobby I just go play counter-strike or something I mean thats pretty boring too but you know at least at least theyve been playing that for years so whatever now the thing thats fortnight sucks too and you couldnt even kill it you couldnt even pay me to play fortnight unless you were going to give me like a nice e36 m3 or something and then Id ask to make sure you werent bluffing or bullshedding me into a gotcha I made you play fortnight moment like a lot of friends who used to be my friends used to do theres a reason theyre former friends after all the only thing CODs battle royale mode offers is quick deaths and how we look look at us we made the maps based on COD maps because the battle royale map in this game is literally just a bunch of COD blops maps spliced together into a great big open area with some grass here and there to space out the asset flips unless you obsessively play for and now you wont care for this and trust me the only reason you like would play fortnight is because your stupid friends didnt want to spend five bucks a game stop for a better online game out of the use bin millions of people play fortnight sure but thats what doctors also say before starting you on drugs that will flock you up or drugs its black box warnings about killing yourself and thats the thing I think a lot of people buying games like COD did so because they want – consistent experience and because the friends played it not a game from a series struggling with identity harder than a 15 to 25 year old social media addict that most importantly none of their friends play but what about the main multiplayer mode well the main multiplayer mode is pretty bad – its a dumpster fire its the same dumpster fire you played last year with world war two or before that with infinite warfare or blops 3 except this time its boots on the ground and it now has features from overwatch like play the game or making remains and whatnot locked behind some build up meter and specialists are now classes only one player – ty can choose but hey its boots on the ground this time right I mean I mean theres no jetpacks or anything no no no its boots on the ground so at least theres that and thats probably the only criticism Activision listened to the maps are still a dumpster fire like they were in blops 3 your infinite warfare or world war 2 being cramped corner corridors that you just walk around and get shot by some camper and in domination it shows as he spawned in the same area in a vertical corridor map where all three points are front to back there arent many more open Maps and blops 4 like and some of the older Cods just some of the worst examples of the corridor math philosophy campers are everywhere in multiplayer and its worse and domination see campers will be around every nook and cranny in blops 4 and its made worse by the broken spawn system that puts you in the same spot over and over again rewarding spawn killers the health system requiring you to use health packs yes they added health packs in this game and thats the only way your health heals the bad map design which Ive mentioned earlier and the removal of things like grenades and whatnot you could use to town or campers and this leads to a frustrating multiplayer game thats nowhere near fun and its made worse when you get killed at the spawn point by a kill streak now blops Force graphics are very hit and miss and it dips below 60 frames a second especially on blackout now some maps and textures might look nice but others will look worse than the 360 COD title like you look up close and itll be all blurry youre like man Im playing an xbox one game Im not playing a 360 game why are these textures so blurry now blops 4 is everything I thought it would be and yet its somehow even worse its a disappointing game another example of the bland mediocrity of the COD franchise on next-gen consoles and something thatll make you wish 2012 was still the current year man remember when blops 2 is new yeah those were some fun times at least still play upon the PC if you go to that one key site and buy a key cheaply there why is it that everything that was good years ago turned to shed video games YouTube videos music movies weird animators on the Internet hell even degenerate art was better years ago and now its all shed oh well at least all I can do is take medication and pray to the gods that I can focus enough to make better games in this turd so yeah blops 4 is exactly what you expect its a waste of your money and if you actually wasted money at this point after getting let down by the last few COD titles and after playing that miserable open beta well at this point you kind of got what you deserve the piece-of-shed game because the warning signs were all there tell the leaks were coming out because the play testers were just disappointed at this game so yeah thats all it needs to be said thanks for watching and subscribe for more gaming videos people

Man what in the world is going on with COD blops 4 you know which is really really really weird to me I just made a my review video of multiplayer like the other day and then you know I said that the game was it wasnt good but it wasnt like completely bad you know its what I expected out of COD nowadays like you know you know that the game is just gonna have issues but the game didnt have as many issues as I thought it was gonna have although I did point out a lot of glaring things after playing the game for about you know the first day the first six hours but then the past couple of days Ive been playing it mmm I have no idea what I am actually playing so its like the whole entire game has just changed like its like the game has just flip-flopped like everything in the game is just flip-flopped at like the flop of a switch have you ever guys see have you guys ever seen that movie vampire in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy from the 90s it was one of the greatest movies of all time its one of my all-time favorites theres a scene in there man where the dude was talking I know what Im just gonna play it right now thats the kind of stuff that is going on in this game right now a whole bunch of flip-flopping you dont know what is going on so anyway lets go ahead and talk about it what is going on YouTube the assist man Im coming back at you guys with another YouTube video and the side of this video Im not gonna bring you not just one but Im bringing you two gameplays and these gameplays were recorded a couple days ago when for some reason the game was running like fine like the graphics looks good you know the lag decent the hit detection was good and then something happened a flip flopped and I started noticing this the other day and a lot of people have pointed this out the graphics started looking terrible the framerate started looking ridiculously I mean everywhere Im walking on my screen its flickering Im just chopping everywhere the whole nine and Im like theres something going on Im shooting people first and they are not dying but Im dying instantly in like 0.5 seconds people talking about this came as a high time to kill high time to kill 1/2 a second because it seemed like every goddamn time that I was dying I was dying with like two to three bullets in about 0.4 seconds so I dont know what is been going on but then it was a couple post made by people saying that COD actually degraded their servers they degraded their servers and their servers are not running at 60 Hertz theyre only running at 20 Hertz and it makes a ton of sense to me and look at this gunship from the care package and Im gonna let you guys in on a sneak peek of the two-game place and Im bringing you in this video in two games I only died one time in this game I actually go flawless I go flawless in this game and in the next game only died one time so its not like I wasnt having good games and not like I wasnt beasting and feasting on COD like I usually do but it was what happened before everything happened so I guess somebody uncovered that their servers were running in 20 Hertz which makes absolute sense cuz it felt to me like the game was running in like 2-1 either 25 friggin frames per second I mean I was chopping everywhere I was lagging everywhere I was playing with my friends and we were all complaining about the same thing were like man what is that with all this choppin what is up with all this lag what is up with constantly shooting people first and dying first and it just seemed has gotten it has gotten worse and worse and worse almost every single day this game has became worse in the beginning I tried to give this game a chance lise thinking okay the game will actually get better because theyll start making some changes to the game to some coding they even brought out a patch and ever since this patch rolled out the game has went to shed I mean I dont know what the hell they were doing the game was running in a pretty stable decent fees until that patch came out the other day and then everything started flip-flopped but I dont know maybe its the 20 Hertz server thing maybe its the coding maybe its their bad terrible net code that they always have every year you guys know me man Ive been a catalyst for talking shed about CODs for years man for years but you know when I bought this game I already said it straight up Im buying the game for the zombies really the multiplayer is this gonna be something I might play and I said in the in the video review that I did a couple days ago that Im probably barely gonna play it but then I started playing it and it wasnt that I wasnt enjoying it or I was enjoying it it was just all right to me and I started wanting to play it more and Ive played blackout and the same exact thing I mean dude blackout is just a constant lag fist its like blackout good not really I mean its not bad but at the same time COD blackout to me feels like pub G with better graphics I mean I really wanted it to be better than fortnight but at the end of the day its better in some aspects than fortnight its not like as childish you dont have to build stuff and stuff like that but at this end of the day it just feels like blackout to me just feels like pub G with better graphics but the problem with blackout is that its just too much chopping going on too much framerate drop the game just runs so poorly its not optimized correctly theres so many times where were just running in the games just skipping and chopping everywhere but lets go back and talk about multiplayer I mean multiplayer has got some serious freakin serious issues right now I mean not only is the game damn near unplayable just because of how bad the framerate drop is just because how bad the lag is but the game is damned theyre unplayable for not just that reason but a multitude of other reasons and I brought this up in my previous video but man it has gotten worse and I was expecting it to get better the spawns in this game absolutely are garbage is the worst spawns Ive ever seen in a COD game in my life in my life the spawns are terrible it seems like every single time that you die you either spawn right next to an enemy or an enemy spawns right next to you I was playing on slums I was 100 points away from getting an attack chopper I went to the back of the map through my care package down I wish I was recording this but I did not have my software open at the time unfortunately but I swear to you Im crouched down in the back of the map in the corner and they literally spawned a dude right next to me like Im sitting there crouched down looking at my care package marker they spawn a guy in enemy about 6 feet away from me right behind my back to the side of me he just looks at me and aims his gun at my head and shoots me and kills me instantly blew me off my scorestreaks speaking of the games that was a pretty amazing game that game as you could see I went flawless in this game yes absolutely flawless so lets get into the next game coming up here in just a moment but going back to what I said man its like not only is the framerate bad not only is the lag so bad now but the time to kill and the hit detection in this game is unbelievable and I think that has a lot to do with how bad the frame rate and the hurts of the servers are running but my god people are saying all the time to kill is so much slower what are you talking about Im telling you I constantly get killed in a half a second and the crazy part is is 90% of the time I shoot somebody first I get tons of hit markers on them first and I still die in two milliseconds when they shoot me that doesnt make sense thats not supposed to be happening and people are saying that they acknowledge you know about the server issues and theyre gonna fix it soon and that they said that they lowered the the the servers in the framerate because of the amount of players in the game and they needed to fix things but what this isnt no budget free-to-play game this is COD this is a triple a title $60 hundred and thirty dollar two hundred dollar video game owned by one of the richest if not the richest freaking gaming companies Activision in the world youre telling me they said they had a lower the servers because of the amount of players what this is COD not been the biggest game or one of the biggest games that mote from multiplayer that people have played over the course of the past friggin ten years over the past decade and youre telling me that because of the amount of players you needed to what come on man modern warfare 2 so like 20 million copies blops 2 sold like 30 million copies you know that theres gonna be tons of people playing this game and I know goddamn well that this game didnt sell anywhere near a couple million or whatever and like the first few days so theres not nowhere near as many people playing this game as there was in the past lets get out the wait we all know that we wish COD would go back to its hating back to its glory years back to its time man but its not its not there anymore they did too much bullshed to alienate away most of their core player base and core fanbase and those of us that are sticking with it nowadays man its just like you know were all were already on our last leg on our last thread with this game but my god youre telling me that you lowered the framerate of your servers because of the amount of players playing the game that you need the fixed stuff blah blah look dude first of all even if okay even if you did do something like that why didnt you tell people why didnt you tell people ahead of time not make people think for an entire couple days like why is the game feels so shedty why does the graphics look so terrible why is the frame rates dropping why am I getting so much lag why am i shooting people first constantly and theyre not dying and this game I was shooting people they were dying in the game before this I was shooting people they were dying but for the past two days man has been all messed up why wouldnt you just tell people hey were having experience of some issues right now were gonna scale back some servers blah blah blah the game might become a little bit on stable might not look as good for the next day or two were sorry about this were working through some kinks nah they just dont know what the hell they doing and they would have never even have said anything or even made a statement about it if multiple people didnt actually find out and do their own due diligence and own research if they didnt get called out they would have never said anything about this at all I know this and you know this but now the game man to me is just like unplayable because not only is the framerate so bad not only is the time to kill so crazy Im caught Im look man Im tired of constantly shooting people first Im constantly tired of shooting people first every single time now and dying dying Im getting hit markers shooting them first and Im dying in a half a millisecond come on man this is not hardcore Im tired of it Im tired of the spawns havent you noticed that for some reason people in this game not only do they spawn and weird inconspicuous places but havent you noticed that in a lot of games when youre fighting somebody youre always fighting like a pack of two or three guys at a time it seems like when somebody dies they keep spawning them like within 5 feet of each other impacts youll go out youll kill two guys three guys take it all that much got a double triple kill then also in the game well just spawn another two or three guys right next to them and then another two or three guys its like what the hell man its like they just keep spawning everybody in the exact same spots and the spawns keep flipping like no tomorrow how many times me and my friends were playing we had a whole control over the back half of the map were killing people left the right thing else in the game makes them spawn right behind us like literally right behind us and kill us and were like huh and then we die we spawn we spawn right where we just died man it dont make no sense like look guys I was expecting kind of this kind of stuff to happen thats why I said look you know me well COD I really just bought the game for the zombie mode Im gonna dabble with I wanted to try out black out to see how it is black outs not really cutting it for me am i playing it yes am i enjoying it I want to but the problem is I cant because it just seems like every single game I play the hit detection and the lag and the choppiness is so bad and how the hell that I just get like five people right there and only kill to make no sense but anyway man I want to have fun playing this game the zombies to me is a lot of fun I like the zombies even though they took out a lot of stuff and they changed a lot of stuff that I talked about in a previous video that I made on my channel Im not gonna go in and talk about it again but my god is this blops game right now broken I mean this shed completely sucks Im sorry I am absolutely sorry this game pulled a complete flip-flop in the beginning the first couple days the multiplayer ran pretty good well I probably give it a 6 out of 10 7 out of 10 now its like no BS of 1 out of 10 I mean it is so unstable it is so bad I dont know what theyre doing I have absolutely no idea what they are doing with this game if the servers are the netcode that hit the 2 everything is just off everything is off and when you got bad spots you got the SMGs in this game are pretty terrible outclassed by all of the freaking assault rifles and other guns in this game when you have very when you have guns that are so overpowered like the ICR every single person is using it you have all that compiled with terrible spawns theyre always spawning people in – in groups of two or three it seems like you always have to get in a 1v3 battle every friggin time it seems like youre shooting people first constantly youre dying instantly all kinds of shed aint working today how was that game than fun how would you want to play that to me right now COD black out for is in an unplayable state its like I want to play it I want to enjoy it cuz its new but I cant I spend more time raging and complaining and and being pissed off in games me and my friends every freaking 10 seconds me and my friends are like how the hell did this guy kill me this guy just spawned right behind me its like its constant it never stops I might have the livestream it just so you guys could see how crazy it is and how we all are just constantly complaining about it but I know for a fact that most of you guys are probably complaining about the same exact things and youre probably sitting there be like man I know I shot that guy first bla bla bla its just out of control as currently goes right now like I said when I made my blops 4 review video I had only played the multiplayer for give or take four to six hours and I said it was decent I said it was good but it had a lot of issues and it was bad at the same time it didnt completely suck but it was like you know kind of there but now after playing it for the past couple days man and seeing whats going on oh my god this game is terrible its gotten to the point where its so bad the multiplayer and blackout but specifically the multiplayer is so bad I dont even want to play it anymore man its been a long time since Ive really did a for-real rage rant video on COD so I hope you guys did enjoy this one but I just had to get everything I just said off of my chest cuz you guys just need to hear it Im tired of it in these games I spent way too much money on this game and I didnt really care because I was really buying it for the zombies but still my god this game should be running better come on man stop using the same damn servers the same damn freakin game engines youve been using for the past ten years now its out of control you guys should have learned from your mistakes I want to like blops 4 but I cant unless they change something so hopefully they change something soon cuz until then Im not gonna be playing this game at all anymore Im literally not playing multiplayer its not fun its unplayable maybe I play it on stream just for you guys so you can just sit there and watch me go nuts and want to kill something so anyway man I hope you guys did enjoy this video man leave leave a comment down below let me know what you guys think man how do you guys feel about the time to kill how do you guys feel about the spawns cuz theyre absolutely garbage how do you feel about always shooting people first and dying first and absolutely how do you feel about how bad the hit detection and the frame rate in the graphics are with this this inconsistent service and thats the main thats to sum up this entire rent I just went on it is completely inconsistent one game its like youre going there you feel like youre the god of war and you just mop it up everybody like mr. clean in a goddamn kitchen with a white t-shirt on and then the next game you go in there and you feel like youre playing with four goddamn fingers and you dont have thumbs and you cant kill anything it doesnt make sense so anyway man I hope you guys did enjoy this video if you did go ahead and hit that thumbs up like share this video on Facebook anywhere with your friends let them watch it as well and if you have not subscribed to my channel man please go ahead and hit that subscribe button man and tell your friends about me so they can subscribe to my channel they can watch my videos and then you can help a brother out so anyway YouTube this is the assist man and until next time I am out

Yoga’s was good avoid blank online and this is the next episode in the hot garbage series and what this is is a new series I did I thought you know what I’ve made so many videos talking about the broken things in the game I’m talking about the garbage things in the game I might as well just put it all into one series and this is the official start of that series and we’re gonna start it off by talking about how blops 4 is freakin broken not done individual videos talking about server spawns weapon balance stuff like that and I wanted to compile it all together and add in some new stuff that I found out about the game and then just talk about how the overall game is just broken so we’ll be talking about spawns and servers because as of the 1.3 patch some of those things are said to have been addressed but haven’t been addressed some more things have been broken and well let’s just get into it so we’re gonna start talking about matchmaking and matchmaking in blops 4 is broken and I’m not sure if a lot of you guys have noticed this but it’s I don’t understand it so if I’m solo queueing and I’m playing solo we’re not not in a party it’s it’s okay like I I get into games but the fact that I’m prestige 3 right now at the time I’m recording this video I just get into the worst worst compiled teams like it’s so bad like just because I’m prestige 3 doesn’t mean I can’t carry a whole frickin team against a whole other team of prestigious and high-level 50s you know what I mean and I don’t know if you guys experiencing this as well but for me personally I’m experiencing games where I’m in a team with just myself and then a bunch of level 20s and then I’m racing a whole team of prestigious and level 50s and that just doesn’t make sense I understand how Treyarch does the matchmaking and the team balancing in this game say you’re in the party of three and then a party of three joins on in the lobby as well so you have two parties of three which means another four spots need to be filled so two on your team in two on the other team TRAI if your team has more the ages and high levels then shark is gonna put the lower-level people that join on your team if you have more prestigious and all of that compared to the other team of three then your team is gonna get the lower level players which doesn’t make sense so okay it just doesn’t make sense why the team balance and the matchmaking in this game is so bad what did you match make look much make lower level people with lower level people wouldn’t you do a decent mix and have some lower level people some higher level people and then even if they’re in parties you mix and match you put like a higher level in the lower level and one team in a higher level in the lower level on one team don’t put both lower level people on one team and then put the next level up on the other team just because one team has higher levels than the other team it doesn’t make sense which is why matchmaking in this game is freakin broken servers are so best servers the servers in this game are disgustingly bad Treyarch I we talked about in yesterday’s video downgraded the server’s from sixty Hertz in the beta to 20 Hertz in the full release and it doesn’t make sense and you can definitely see it in the game as of the 1.3 patch I’ve been noticing more and more server issues and I’m not sure if the 1.3 patch downgraded the service to 20 Hertz or if it’s always been at 20 Hertz but as of that 1.3 patch I’ve been experiencing so many server issues host migration random lag spikes just players dead-ass popping up in front of me and killing me which doesn’t make any sense how can someone teleport in front of you and kill you I’ve experienced that so many times playing this game today and just didn’t make sense servers are garbage party are garbage how can you not join a party I understand all this crap about NAT type but all it takes is restarting the game and then you can join the party again so it’s not a NAT type issue it’s a server issue and it doesn’t make sense hit detection in this game is another issue and that plays into the servers as well so if servers are running at a slower speed the refresh rate for all the players in the game is going to be slower so you’re gonna think that you’re shooting someone dead on accurate but they’re not gonna experiencing that thing so you may show your whole clip into someone but the player that you’re shooting in is two seconds either either ahead of you or behind you so on their screen you either haven’t shot yet or you’ve missed all your shots because they’ve moved away from you shooting which doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make sense why hit detection has to be this bad and we’ve had hit detection issues in a lot of the COD’s previously so the one in particular is blops in another trailer game which hid detection was really bad in and it’s the same here for blops for and I’m a hundred percent sure that is because of the server issue and just affecting the hit detection is so bad in this game it makes the game so frustrating to play weapon balances well weapon balance in this game is freakin broken SMGs are retarded they’re so bad it takes it’s a seven shot kill I killed someone using 20 bullets of my gun all 20 bullets giving him markers what kind of logic is there what kind of weapon balance is that and I understand that in the beta people cry and then people complained about the smg’s being overpowered in the game but I didn’t understand that it was gonna be this nerves like the MX 9 in the beta was so overpowered and they just nerfed it into the ground here for the full release and now it’s so bad it’s honestly I’m thrown off trying to get diamond camera on the SMGs because it’s so bad every single kill I get I feel like I have to reload because I end up having ten bullets left in my clip what kind of it is that I’m losing gunfights to assault rifles when I’m in touching distance of them they could have an IC R or a rampart 17 and I could have an MX 9 or a G KS and I’d still lose the gunfight even though I hit all my shots just because the pure fact that the assault rifles do more DPS then some machine guns which makes no sense assault rifles are disgustingly broken in this game the I cr7 has no recall no matter if you use grip no matter if you use grip to the ICR as no absolutely no recoil and it’s super easy to use and it’s super easy to be dead accurate with that gun and it does so much damage all the assault rifles do so much damage every single sword rifle in the assault rifle class is a good assault rifle and can absolutely dominate the game but the AI cr7 in particular is particularly broken in this game the spawns are still broken in blops 4 even there’s one p3 patch supposedly fix this born issues in free fall and domination I play domination all games today and I can tell you that 80% of those games where I lost the game I was getting spawn tracked I can a hundred percent confirm that I was still getting spawn trap so easily in this game it’s so easy for a team to just capture a capture B and then came as camp the enemy spawn and see and the game doesn’t think to spawn the players had a different work at a different spawn point and on the altercation that the game does spawn read a different spawn point it spawns the enemy at that same spawn point which doesn’t make sense I found myself getting spawn trap – then spawn at the other enemies fly further when I spawn at the enemy enemy’s flag I get killed from behind because the enemy spawn right behind me this doesn’t make sense I don’t understand how Trier can say we fix the spawns and yet they just made the spawns the same adding different spawn points in button adding of the different spawn points made the spawns worse let’s talk about the freaking bug the no mad dog is stupid it’s ridiculous it takes two clips to kill that stupid dog it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make sense why a dog is that strong and I get it I get it it’s a specialist ability it has to be somewhat stronger than everything else but it’s a freaking tank it takes so much bullets to kill maybe like one clip to kill the dog not to one and a half not to cut like seriously how have they not addressed the issue of the dog the dog is server powered like it can run it can run through your team so easily cuz it has that much health and the dog is freakin broken the shield the Ajax shield is freakin broken how come how come the shield can’t be broken how come the shield can’t be damaged every other shield in COD previously had the ability to be damaged – then damage the person using it so how come this shield con just because it’s a specialist ability doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be allowed to be broken if you get enough shots on it the glass is gonna break the shield is gonna break it’s not like it’s Captain America shield the Sun how come when you’re using a ruin and you gravity slam a shield it doesn’t die how do you counter that shield other than sliding around like a lunatic trying to shoot it from behind and the final thing that I found broken after playing the game today is create a class now if you haven’t played code before I haven’t prestige before in any cold duty every single quality since I can’t even remember maybe modern warfare 2 or a COD 4 I’m not I’m not too sure but every single COD has had the ability to unlock extra creati class slots when you prestige so every time you prestige you gain one extra credit class slot that you can use for whatever you want unfortunately those extra creative class slots here in black goes for or broken so every single created class lot after slot 7 cannot be used and this ridiculous it’s absolutely ridiculous house how easy is it to allow players to use a credit class slot multiple credit class slots try a cast on it in so many COD’s why couldn’t they just do it in this one it’s it’s so frustrating because when you’re hunting for gold camera you want to use a different class setup for the same guns so if you wanted to do the 50 kills with 5 attachments and one optic you’d have a class for that if we wanted to get the 50 kills with no attachments you’ve had a class set up for that and once you finish one challenge you change class and then you go to the next one and it’s super easy to do but in blops 4 you can’t do that because creative class is broken after sloth 7 it doesn’t make sense i I don’t understand if you guys know what happened so after sloth 7 so say you’re trying to use a class in slut 8 it just doesn’t it just doesn’t work you just use the clip created class in slot 1 in thinks that slot 8 slot 9 slot whatever anything after sloth 7 is slot 1 which doesn’t make sense and hasn’t even been addressed it’s been an issue since the launch of the game and it hasn’t been addressed yet so that’s all of the things I found broken in blops for today that’s all of the issues I had this game today and that’s a long list that’s a really long list for a game that was patched yesterday and for a game that had a game update today that’s a lot of issues and I don’t see try addressing any of these issues besides the servers what about matchmaking what about hit detection what about weapon balance spawns the dog the shield credit class all of these things are so broken and it makes me so annoyed because I like the game I like blops war but it’s all of these issues are just piling on and it’s making it so that I don’t even feel like playing the game anymore anyway guys let me know what you think in the comments down below let’s get this discussion going live like if you enjoyed this video click subscribe for more videos just like this one click on that Bell for Lois make sure you guys are following me on Twitch it’s twitch.tv slash blank on live we’ll be doing some live streams later on when Treyarch gets their shed together and they fix this game because it’s it’s broken right now have you guys enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out

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