Hypertography One Exhibit: Chris Roberts Plays Star Citizen

rnd/ to consider chris roberts playing star citizen

Part of the Hypertography One Exhibit

re: archiving loltube comments on chris roberts playing star citizen

there are sum frauds so well conducted x would be stupidity not to be deceived by ey
– charles caleb colton

theorist robert what/ oh to appear andor not exist as just quote serek d’mart enough to consider star citizen as digital worlds most expensive virtual play development funding platform

loltube on chris researching star citizen/ aka absolutely flocking wretched to watch

rnd/ chris roberts star citizen factory

full capacity big science

on dream vandalism/ right wing old flock gary oldman senate speech video pope admiral roberts star citizen parody

consider star citizen crowdfunding play simulation video squadron 42/ bishop senate speech almost direct -semi unconscious response to increasing public scepticism about star citizen – another cynical empty marketing hype -war campaign from dull project with little truly interesting to offer other than offensive marketing offensives

rather than sum quote innocent dream of better research world or heaven sent developer vision under tack from visionless crab like entities intent on bringing n / everyone down star citizen appears as current pinnacle of roman space empire esque money plus hype equals right -wing

maybe n needs little dream vandalism to keep n healthy bring n down gentle peg or 100plus million

announcer/ ladies n gentlemen – x awesome emergency session deliberately called to order

pope admiral roberts with loud mike/ wotcha – for over two hundred development cycles ir have battled vandals x would disbelieve in ir holey crowd funded empire of smoke / mirrors

ir have called these tacks raids skirmishes or incursions

but ey have been sent here for higher purpose – to tell ir x ir are at war for public perception of ir holey software entertrainment product

ir once human systems of propaganda have all but been abandoned in face of doubting enemy

vandals of ir dreams are at ir gates ir weapons of rationality bared while ir hide / cower behind plastic faced overactor gary oldman retreating while ir burn / decimate everything digitally fake around ey x were trying to flog to unsuspecting saps

ir cannot let ongoing tragedy of derek quote dark side smart happen again ir – single crystalline tear comes to eye – cannot give these dream escapist vandals any more ground

to defend ey private empire of oversized ego wish fulfilment ir must go on public relations tack / ir have to be seen as committed to x tack whatever development costs

ir have to rebuild ir fleet of fanatical early adopter cultists ir have to continue to explicitly abuse power of human imaginative innovation / inherent elf delusion in order to help others help ey convince elves in ir righteous cause / holey vision of pc master race – to recall these filthy socialist naysayers / strike back at enemies of future of leet 4k at rock solid 60hz research

x will not be easy fight/ n will cost ey – ir resarcs – even more than ir originally pledged elves in ir own kickstarter

new resources new – slightly muffled – credits -credibility/ new lives

well sum of ir may be asking why undertake such small boring thing / ey – another single crystalline tear of pure marketing hype comes to eye – ey can tell ir in one word – victory/ victory of greed over need for transparent public accounting/ victory of well reasoned expectations for humble well made research software projects delivered on time / on budget/ victory of mass public delusion over individual incredulity/ victory of one talentless fat mans massively overinflated ego over by ir own personal lack of actual play development skill business acumen or personal style / ever growing call for public accountability x falls on willingly deaf ears

well x one thing such dream vandals have taught ey – x without embarrassingly bombastic soaring strings / aggressive war like victory rhetoric over exacting logic / common philosophical doubt there can be no survival for dim foundationless dreams x should have been politely / unceremoniously strangled at conception – muah haha cash powerrrr – cough – quote sorry – whispers partially off mike/ right enough of x where are ey coke / tarts

repetitive space injury/ mass crowdfunding cult psychology of star citizen

x as play x moves as ir play
– less than zero by brett easton ellis

consider troubled mass crowdfunding psychology of starcitizen only real play going on / x chris roberts x prime visionary developer jebus cult leader come to dimensionally transport ir space faith based followers to new hot virtual land of leet pc master race domination

indeed consider – as concept as hazy cloud of carefully stage / hype managed expectations -smoke mirrors sticky tape loo rolls / bullshots – star citizen appears already fully complete in / of elf -x own elf sustaining illusions / need not ever quite appear released quote in full

standard star citizen reality wish – please let x be real please let x be real

backers did not / do not throw vast sums – continue to throw vast sums – at star citizen because ir clearly think or understand x best thing since solid weasel dust play space butt plugs

rather ir idly throw ir overstuffed wallets at screen when chris roberts dim smiley face appears on n precisely / simply because everyone everyone else doing exact same thing

x why far more easily pleased eyeballs go to loltube since x where big numbers hang out – dubious smell / lure of crowd

consider however star citizen very definition of amazingly under ambitious middle of road ultra generic space hi jinx copypasta with nary single original or conceptually engaging idea under x frigid wings

indeed consider space as new minecraft clone/ everyones getting into space – both resarcs / devs – because space seems as infinite as wide eyed greed of modern developers / perfectly symbolizes endlessly expansionist colonial capitalism – for quote loveable rogues who makes ir merry dim way across crowdfunding galaxy – milking whales as ey go

sounds like mr roberts has found ir slick niche – shovelling cold cash into deafening silence at dead mechanical heart of ir cheesy big schoolkid project

explicitly stated central – surface – narrative of ideological play space called star citizen/ deep seated psychological need to willingly feel overcome by allegedly quote epic/tm music while mostly pinky manly men in tight space suits strut across deck of manly space craft with awesome destructive gung ho capabilities

almost like top lazor gun never went away – or those dog awful fascistic / operatic space mill sci fi novels for oversized man children x make battlefield earth look like flocking solaris

in space nobody can see ir squeeze ir cynical backside through nearest portal / pinch off another bland turgid triumph of deep space pew marketing hype

beautiful – soulless/ rinse / repeat/ if by year 2942 inhumanity still shooting each other like space cowboys / indians n will feel little but another sure sign progress was always just another cheap expensive lie

image/ hello ey nigerian prince of sci fi play development

indeed very problem with star citizen as millions n has – forever spent / wasted on x old aaa polish – consider shiny surface of x polish / what n promises in terms of uncritical belief in chris roberts brand futurism as star citizens central feature

yet no amount of indelicately splashed crowd cash can cover up experience without core without much human meaning / without much of point other than because everyones -currently into n/ more money n gets more x elf selecting crowd of true believers needs to convince elf in almighty product – aka deep space soul sunk costs fallacy 101

obsessively funding star citizen merely for something to do between shotgunning esports energy drinks as more actual play in town being sold / played – stand alone space complex – to paraphrase viral mass psychology term from ghost in shell anime

as far as helping people convince elves in hyper militarism myth / raw pc research marketing hype star citizen appears totally feature complete – religion research space of empty novelty already completely surpassed every hand rubbing expectation of x passionate/r founding saviour pope

chris roberts as founding pope of holey star citizen funding ecult

ey not want to build any old research space/ ey want to build universe
– chris quote angel wings roberts

cheap space yoke/ what do ir call someone who cant stop talking x sweet jive about star citizen / indeed ey could in fact consider x most ardent fan / promoter

answer/ serek d’mart – deadpan ba dum tish

update patch/ smart star citizen derek -imaginary research space

from miscreators of freelancer comes another hot -conceptual banger – escapist starcitizen dereck smart – in which standard scummy research industry -media greed hype / spin meets semi unconscious fan manufactured rumour half truths mass consumer psychology / quote aaa indie developer egotism head on

cynically tacked on backstory / context for sscd

largely unknown starcitizen / fellow shameless elf promoter derek quote not2 smart escapes to embarrassingly insular / dramatic parallel micro universe where equally unimaginative permanent alpha play simulations / millionaire industry figurines pathetically compete in greasy lightly soiled public arena of forever delayed unlikely sounding promises hyper unrealistic expectations demanded apologies litigious retractions / effectively zero accountability while bug eyed bunches of barely interested internets rubberneckers look on in mild disinterest -ir running commentary jive forming truer bulk of actual research space

result as deliciously unhealthy implosively bizarre procedurally -crowd emergent distributed online postmodern meta narrative / mind melting pseudo controversy clickbait storm where inverse barbra streisand effect rules / hashtag popcorn as virtual currency of choice

how to play “derek: smart citizen”

  • actually help monitize feature creep
  • inconveniently convenient ever shifting goalposts / metadrama
  • imagine sscd already exists / thousands of resarcs already -role play n
  • there as no rule 2 – x play just not x deep
  • style as important/ keep n – cough – classy
  • shed ir can always wait for hl3 in mean time
  • “well at least x something rite” ¯\_/ツ_/¯

New metagame logo of Derek now available

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